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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 8, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." now at 5:00 we are getting new details about crimes happening on muni. what a report is revealing about your safety when you ride. president obama gave one of his highest profile speeches since leaving the white house, and what he's saying about health care. and then one family decided to go ahead >> thank you for making us part of your day. >> yeah, we appreciate it. >> it's a little hazy out there but if you like the warm weather we have a couple days of those. normally on a clear morning we
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would have tens everywhere, and that's unlimited visibility. it's just hazy this morning, that's all, not a spare the air day. east bay hills shows you the murkiness. and temperatures, cooler, 48 to 53. 58 to 78 at noon, and then 55 to 70 at 7:00, and even warmer weather the next two days but is it going to feel like fall again in the accuweather 7-day forecast coming up. two crashes to start off the morning commute and the first one in sunol, and it's before you get to sheridan road, four vehicles involved in the crash and sounds like they just pushed it off to the left shoulder and you have a backup if you are coming down from about state route 84. if you are traveling between state route 4 and 580, we have a crash on vasco and it's forming
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a backup and we have those details and a few update on a few other areas coming up in less than ten. we have new details about your safety on mass transit. crime numbers on b.a.r.t. may be up but if you take muni in san francisco you may be able to breathe easier. >> interesting difference. and tiffany wilson is life for us at the montgomery street station. >> reporter: it's a tale of two transportation systems. the crime rate on muni has dropped to its lowest level in four years and we are seeing an uptick in crime on b.a.r.t. that's according to data analyzed by the san francisco examiner. muni measures crime rates based on miles vehicles, and there's a 3.8 crime rate per 100,000 miles travelled and compare that to october of 2013 when the rate hit 12.2 crimes per 100,000
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miles. and the agency told "the examiner" they are making muni more secure with policing and better technology and improved communication with the police, and by contrast, b.a.r.t. is dealing with rising crime, and it's not exactly apples to apples and after three years of decline the rate of crime spiked 2.4 crimes per 1 million riders in the past year. and there have been robberies on b.a.r.t. in the last month, including the flash mob robby, and in response to that b.a.r.t.'s acting police chiefs are saying the police are being dispatched to some stations. and then our media partner reports darryl harris is accused of having a sexual relationship
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with a girl under 14 starting in 2008. he's facing four felonies. harris has been with the corner's office since 2003 and worked in alameda county before that. and the yosmite national park police need your help finding this man that is missing. he is from virginia and he was last seen in a housekeeping camp on monday and he may have taken hikes out of the yosmite valley, and he was reported missing and his car has been found. fremont police are trying to track down this especially equipped van. investigators believe somebody sold it on saturday on blake avenue, and the van has an electric ramp to help her get in and out. it's a chrysler town and country van. van. and the license plate
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a man and woman were picked up in the richmond district and then they pulled a gun and knife and he drove them to a liquor store in richmond. >> a 26-year-old off duty uber drive gave an unforgettable ride to non-paying customers. >> i made it out alive. >> a man and woman got in his unlocked parked car around 20th avenue claiming they used the ridesharing app, even though he said he didn't accept any rides. >> i decided to drive down the block thinking that in good faith it was a mistake. >> as the couple's directions evolved so this their demands. the male passenger pulled out a gun. while the female passenger climb spwaod the front seat. >> she claimed she had a knife and she even, like, threatened
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to stab me in my leg. >> he drove the couple to richmond where they wanted to stop here at cisco market on 13th street, so he could take outmany at an atm. >> when he found the opportunity to escape, he did. and it proved to be a right thing for him to do. >> richmond police and san francisco police interviewed him at the richmond police department. a cisco employee said his boss showed the surveillance video to police, the vehicle that is still miss something a white 2015 toyota camry. >> definitely having the uber hro logo on my car victimized me a little bit. >> the driver happened while he was off the app and is directing questions to police. now a live desk update from "abc7 mornings." >> just getting word this morning of a horrible beating in santa rosa that left a woman
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severely hurt. police got reports of a man beating a woman with an object and then dragging her into a car near the hospital. they found the man in the car a few blocks away on 4th street near farmer lane. the woman was unconscious in the back, badly injured. police say they found a weapon in the car, too, and they won't say what type of weapon it was. the man has been arrested. they say he's a transient. he is charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. back to you. former president obama gave one of his highest profile speeches since leaving the white house and he fired back at trump's efforts to repeal his health care program. obama accepted the john f. kennedy award last night and told the audience that last week's vote to repeal obamacare helps the rich at everybody else's expense. >> it doesn't take a lot of courage to aid those already powerful and already comfortable and already influential.
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but it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm. >> democrats echo obama's stance saying repealing the affordable care act would reduce health care for the poor while cutting taxes for the rich. the future of health care took center stage on sunday. the democrat voted against the republican plan to replace obamacare on capitol hill last week. he tells abc7 news he hopes people will post more on social media how the bill will impact them. >> i think when people hear the personal consequences, that's when the senate will pass something equally awful. >> and then they asked him about russian hacking and north korea's nuclear program. and haze throughout our
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neighborhoods and the monday morning commute not looking too bad on san mateo bridge. alexis will have an update in a few minutes. your commute today, not breezy. but you could have glare. mass transit, lots of sunshine at the stops. let's talk temperatures in san francisco. look at all the 49s. 50 in park presidio. and bayview. about 53 if you are heading to the financial district. we have low 50s throughout the bay, and warmer in walnut creek, and american canyon, 53. 46 in petaluma. here's a look at your highs around the state today. low to mid-80s through the central valley. for us, look at the dramatic drop. 10 to 15 degrees between tomorrow and wednesday, and that
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reason is this, the storm is going to bring rain mainly to the north bay and possibly as the north bay and possibly as far it's gone. a couple issues we have on the road this morning. this is on vasco just pass dire road, two miles to be exact that the backup is significant. this is a smaller vehicle that got tangled up with a dump truck and is blocking two lanes, but if you are using the short cut between highway 4 and 580, you may want to rethink that. and then just before sheridan road in the sunol area, we had a four-car crash and it's reportedly off on the shoulder but you are jammed from niles canyon road. we will see what the route is like coming up.
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that is a 911 call after a small airplane bursts into flames while trying to take off from the san joaquin valley. a crop duster caught on fire, and the pilot barely made it out okay. we hold our sister station in
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fresno something went wrong with the plane's engine down the runway, and the pilot is a 40--year-old veteran and plans to get back in the air as soon as possible. in this morning's "gma" first look, 18 fraternity brothers facing charges after penn state piazza died. he suffered a traumatic brain injury from repeatly calling down the stairs. the injured piazza trying to get up but falling over and over again. four men seen dragging his limp body upstairs. prosecutors allege the frat brothers tried to coordinate a story before finally calling 911 nearly 12 hours later, but one student who is not charged in the death said he tried to help. >> i got told that i needed to leave the room. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., we
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will hear more from the student in an exclusive live interview. 5:15 now. we could learn more about the trump administration's alleged ties to russia. former acting attorney general sally yates is expected to testify before a senate judiciary, and she would like to discuss concerns about national security adviser flynn's communications with russian officials. concord police say an officer's quick thinking saved the life of his canine. a suspected drunk driver smashed into his patrol car on saturday. he was stopped at a crash scene but he saw the truck heading towards him and was able to move the patrol car with the dog inside two feet before the impact.
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neither the officer or the k-9 was seriously hurt. and then making a case to save a reading clinic and it develops plans to student's needs but the district announced plans to close it at the end of the school year. there will be a meeting tonight about the closure tonight coal middle school. and then according to the north bay business journal, wineries say they have to hike up prices to cover the expenses of bussing new immigrant workers from other areas two or three hours away. these new workers are not as experienced as wineries so they are not as efficient. grab your tissues because this is going to bring a happy tear to your eye. >> this is about an ohio family that opened their hearts and homes to children in need.
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they have five children of their own, and they made a help the biological siblings and didn't want to have to split them up. >> you feel like you are in a safe place now? >> the best thing about being his sister is i have two sisters now. she is the sweetest sister ever and i love her so much. >> the 11 children posed with each other yesterday for the first time as sisters and brothers. the family started a gofundme account to purchase a 15-passenger van. >> this one is going to take a village, mike. >> yeah, and it would be nice to help them out as they help others. here's a look at the roof camera. the thing i wanted to stress, there's no breeze, and so it's going to get warmer under a
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partly cloudy sky. we are talking way up in northern sonoma county. you will notice the cooler weather coming through wednesday and all the way through weekend as a touch of fall returns to our forecast. clear for the most part but hazy on doppler 7. downtown san francisco, 67, just a touch warmer. look at the mission, one of the warm spots, 69 degrees. along the east bay shore it will be comfortable from 72 in oakland to richmond at 70. if you are down in the south bay today, yeah, kind of had to put that in there, and i notice a lot of people talking about it, everything starting to turn brown rapidly, and it's that time of the year. mid to upper 70s, except for santa cruz. and east bay, just a touch of dry warmth with low to mid-80s and the exception will be pleasanton at 79. concord, at about 80. on the peninsula, light breezes and it will be 73 in san mateo.
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and then up in the north bay, a touch of warmth. 82 in sonoma, and about 83 over in napa. tonight, low to mid-50s. even 40s out at the coast under a mainly cloudy sky. even warmer tomorrow, but about 5 to 10 degrees cooler on wednesday and that continues through the weekend. good morning, mike. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are starting to ramp things up for the morning drive and no metering lights yet but the cash lanes are starting to stack up. we are seeing slowdowns in the usual spots, tracy down to 19 or 16 miles per hour as you approach altamont pass. and a quick check of drive times. looking good on our bridges. southbound 101 across golden gate, six minutes, and westbound 80, 10, and 92, san mateo bridge you are in the green at just ten
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minutes. we have lingering delays on 680, and we'll talk about that coming up next. an advisory committee says an elementary school in alameda should not be closed down. last week there was a report said the ground under lum elementary would dissipate, and they said it could be fixed instead of being closed. the committee is planning to present its report at tomorrow's school board meeting. and then a rescue after a man plunged 90 feet into a utah mine shaft. he was camping out with his family and went out riding in the middle of the night by himself, and when he didn't come back the family started looking for him. he was airlifted to a hospital and is expected to be okay.
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world war ii ended more than 70 years ago, but just now learning about a potentially deadly hazard. crews uncovered undetonated bombs at a construction site yesterday. hours later, concluded the aerial bombs were harmless. b.a.r.t. cracks down on fare cheaters a. new law taking a lot of power away from the agency. talk about a difference-making donation. who just put up $100 million to help fight homelessness in san francisco. check out this time lapse taken in southern california overlooking the sultan sea, and you can see the milky way and venus and an incredible sunrise. as you start your monday, make as you start your monday, make it a more people than ever are making the move to nissan. as you start your monday, make it a ♪ because of rogue, the best selling suv in america. ♪
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are you serious? wait- mama, you're going to be an abuela your face yeah, this is how she tells me 5:23. welcome back. if you are heading out the door, seven things you need to know
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before you go. number one is breaking news here at the live desk. look at this. just getting this new video from a car fire in front of a home in martinez. it happened near mill hill road and ma rel yo avenue. new details on that ahead. a man accused of shooting at officers did it with a stolen gun. one officer fired back at him and nobody was hurt. the man is charged with attempted murder of a police officer. number three, looking at surveillance video to identify a man they say started a fire around the asyrian church. stanford university will break ground on a popular short cut known as scary path. it's a trail near temperature rebounding to
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higher levels than what we dealt with yesterday. what we are going to see, temperatures in the 70s to near 80 degrees, but i have another weather whiplash coming on later in the forecast as cooler weather is coming back for the weekend. the biggest issue so far this morning, southbound 680 and sun sunol, a crash that cleared a few minutes ago but the backup continues to go, and that involved four vehicles before you get to sheridan road, and down to 36 and 14-mile-per-hours approaching this area. nicki minaj is paying for college for several twitter fans as long as they get straight a's. no word on how many took her on her offer. she said she will do it again soon. a light drizzle turned into a hail storm in red carpet and shut down the red carpet of the mtv awards. >> it does not take away from
5:26 am
several big moments inside. >> and the winner is -- >> emma watson, "beauty and the beast." >> this could be a really interesting trend if it takes off. emma watson won the first gender neutral award for "beauty and the beast." congratulations to "moonlight." >> they won for best kiss. >> i think it is good to do whatever it takes to tell the story and make a change and this award is for that. >> best actor in a show was milly bobby brown for her role in "stranger things." >> really fun show. we are coming back with 90 more minutes of news, and a special lane for bikes opening this morning. trump finally has his day in court. the challenge to one of his
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controversial executive orders that the justice department is gearing up to fight today. gearing up to fight today. >> we are going ♪
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> i know monday rolls around real fast but we are glad you are here on this may 8th. >> we are trying to get you ready and energized to get out the door. mike, it's nice to have fall back? >> it's coming, soon. a little touch of summer first. >> what happened to spring and summer? >> we are getting the real push and pull as one weather tries to dominate the other. look at all the haze out there. high pressure sinking the air and capping the atmosphere and that's why it's going to be that way all day today, and dress warmer this morning. 59 at the coast and
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enjoy the evening. let's look at the morning commute. what do you have? >> the bay bridge toll plaza starting to fill in. we have not gotten official word the metering lights are on yet. quick check of drive times as well. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, in the yellow at 48 minutes. sub lynn to mission boulevard, that's where we had the crash in the sunol area, and you are at 28 minutes so that's heavy for that stretch this time of day, and more on that coming up next, and 85 from highway 101 to cup kwraour te cupertino, 15 minutes. and then a shooting being investigated around at&t park. it's not clear if anybody was hurt or if officers have suspects. we have calls into police for more information and are waiting to hear back. happening today a stanford
5:31 am
student wins a fight to make her student wins a fight to make her university safe notorious here. >> reporter: good morning. the person behind the fight was a freshman when she first walked down the path and she said she was scared. it makes tense that students on campus nicknamed the path scary path. today the university will begin paving and installing lights on the path and it goes between two tprau turpfraternitie fraternities. she made it her mission to make this path safer. >> so it's basically weaving through trees and rocks, and it's very dark. when you are intoxicated at one of these parties it makes it even scarier to take this route home. >> the junior went up logistical
5:32 am
and environmental issues and red tape from university officials before finding success. her next project is to get more legal help for sexual assault victims and have more cameras installed around campus. matt keller, abc7 news. in another safety stanford university story, police looking for a man in a campus attack. the man was being escorted out of a party when he punched the victim and it happened at a student residents around 1:00 yesterday morning. police say the man took off, and he is described as 20 years old and 6'1", and last seen wearing a red and white cavaliers jersey. if you see anybody like that call police. and charged with attempted myrurder of a police officer. there was an armed man yesterday morning in front of the big 5 store. officers chased the man and arrests him and recovered a
5:33 am
handgun connected to a 2012 robbery. >> he has priors of robbery and assault and priors with narcotics and he does have mental illness history as well. >> this is the third police shooting in san jose in six days. last tuesday police shot and killed a man they say came at them armed with two knives and then on thursday a s.w.a.t. officer fatally shot a man they say who pointed a gun at officers. and then the first time a federal appeals court will hear arguments over the executive order the president signed in march and at issue is the provision that restricts new visas for citizens of majority-muslim countries. a federal judge in maryland ruled the policy appeared to be driven by hostility towards the muslim religion, and separately a judge in hawaii also blocked the executive order and a hearing on that case is set for
5:34 am
next week. and then newly french president macron. he joined outgoing french president at the world war ii memorial. he describes himself as a centrist. he beat out the right-wing populist, le pen. >> finally after brexit, after trump, it's so good and it so great and today i am proud to be french. >> macron is expected to continue the issues the outgoing president.
5:35 am
our media partner, the bay area news group reports firefighters went inside the warehouse but did not report the safety conditions. some of the firefighters attended a party at the warehouse the next day and those firefighters could be demoted or fired for not responding properly. 36 people died in december's ghost ship fire. federal investigators are looking for a man that started a fire at a san jose church around 2:00 yesterday morning at the asyrian church of the east. surveillance video shows a man in a hoodie scaling a fence and setting fire to the storage shed near the building. >> if somebody comes to the house of god and burned that church, either he's evil or he don't believe to anything else. >> investigators in the san jose fire department are looking at the surveillance video to try
5:36 am
and identify the suspect. happening today oakland mayor is going to introduce the city's first protected bike lane on broadway between keith and brook side avenues. the bike lane, some call it a cycle track, will run both directions and is separated from cars by a concrete median. it's meant to improve safety the on the ramp to highway 24. and then the warriors looking to sweep the utah jazz tonight to advance to the western conference finals. >> head coach steve kerr is recovering from a spinal cord leak last week. general managers bob meyers said it was tough to see his friend suffer. >> it's a little surreal. this is somebody that -- one of the best people i have ever met. i picture him -- we talked last night before the game, and, um, i don't know. you know, we all have things in
5:37 am
our live that, you know, don't make sense, and i just can't wait. i will be so happy when he's better. >> game four is tonight in utah. tip-off is at 6:00 and the warriors lead the best of seven series 3-zip. >> dub nation we want you to share your playoff excitement share your playoff excitement with us, and use the like these folks did. we will share them. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. the winds blowing to the west, that way, at about 14 miles per hour, and so there's a little cross wind. not much of a marine layer this morning but it's hazy. on the bay today light breezes, cool to comfy if you are just going to be out and about, maybe exercising, and the beach is sunny but not too breezy but a little chill with temperatures in the 60s. it's about the same if not a couple degrees cooler than this
5:38 am
time yesterday. we will start on the east bay, where the blackhawks are in a cool spot. 57 at pittsburgh, one of the warmer spots. around the bay, 51 to 54 degrees. san francisco, 51. got oakland, san carlos, 52. hayward and san jose, 53. we have 47 right now and pacifica, also in santa rosa. let's take a look from the east bay hills. a lot of tree pollen and grass pollen and uv tkebgs high, the burn factor 15 minutes if you are not careful. low to mid-70s around the bay, and upper 70s even a few mid-80s inland. notice the warmest temperatures are tomorrow from 69 in san francisco to a few upper 80s, like around concord and antioch and napa. and then the wind of change rolls in and we change from 10 to 17 degrees on wednesday. a slight chance of rain in the north bay, but first let's see
5:39 am
how alexis is making your commute better this morning. >> no pressure. if you are coming through s sunol this morning, 680, there was a crash and it has had a tough time bouncing back before sheridan road, heavy approaching for several miles, and then 680 before sunol boulevard, another crash that sounds minor and that's off on the right-hand shoulder, and if you want to skip 680 other routes around that are looking good. northbound 101 at 880. a quick check of mass transit. no issues this morning, and the weekend work wrapped up overnight. a heads up looking ahead to the weekend, the same work is scheduled again this saturday and sunday. breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> just getting more information about the breaking news in
5:40 am
martinez i have been tracking. police are on the scene right now of this car that bursts into flames in front of a home. it happened right near mid hill road and ma rel yo avenue 90 minutes ago. we are hearing there was some sort of explosion before the fire. the car was parked in front of a two-story home and those people lucky the flames did not spread. police called out an arson investigator to try and figure out what caused it and as soon as we get more information wae'l pass that along. b.a.r.t. is taking steps to slow down fare cheaters, just one problem standing tpha their way. loo how far should pure alpine spring water have to travel from its source to the bottle? ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. we're back at 5:43. happening today the alameda county sheriff's office is going to provide new details about a suspect arrested months after a woman was killed and her home set on fire. he confessed to the killing of a woman at her home in december. he faces several charges including burglary and robbery and murder with torture. officials hraplan to hold a new conference on this case. according to the chronicle, a new state law leaves b.a.r.t.
5:44 am
powerless to punish gate jumping juveniles. they don't want for ju a hiker is safe this morning, and you are looking at video from the sheriff's office. you can see deputies being lowered from a helicopter to help a women that broke her ankle on mt. deiablo this weekend. they decided it was easier than carrying her along an unstable trail. one san francisco base non-profit is putting up 1$100 million to help fix the city's problem with homelessness. it's from tipping point and its goal is to cut the homeless population in half in five years. the money will create new
5:45 am
housing and create new homeless systems and it's the largest donation ever for the city to fight this chronic issue. and the streets alive and parks alive festival. it was to promote healthy lifestyles from what people are eating to how they move. there was something for everybody including face painting and belly dancing. >> belly dancing may be a perfect fit to express themselves that way, but we have language classes. >> they hope this year's festival persuades people to take classes at their local rec center. >> passengers who are unhappy, and crowded flights. so what can airlines do to make things better for you? there's a full gym inside a security zone and passengers can lift weights and do cardiowhile they wait.
5:46 am
the $25-per day pass includes workout clothes. it's part of a new trend in airport renovation. there are wellness areas in sfo, including yoga. >> working out is the last thing i want to do in an airport, but good luck to them. and then one of the contestants of jeopardy. right here. >> watch me compete on the "jeopardy" teacher's tournament. go gators. >> i don't know him and i already like him. he teaches in palo alto and is competing against 15 of the country's smartest educators for a $100,000 grand prize and a spot in the next tournament of champions. you can watch it here at 7:00 p.m. that heat wave we had a such
5:47 am
a distant memory at this point. >> it's coming back in slow increments. warmer saturday and calmer, and today and tomorrow, warmer once again and then it gets cool. isn't that gorgeous from mount tamalpais this morning. my accuweather highlights sum the weather whiplash. it will bring us cooler than average temperatures on thursday, all the way through mother's day. here's a look at the low that brought showers and thunderstorms and hail to so cal, especially l.a. saturday and sunday. it had an influence over us, keeping us cooler than average. in between we will have high pressure before this low comes in on wednesday and that will be bringing a slight chance on thursday. mid to upper 70s in most neighborhoods. san jose about 78 degrees. how about 71 to 76 on the peninsula today with redwood city at 75. low to mid-60s along the coast with patchy marine layer clouds
5:48 am
today. about 67 in downtown san francisco. and warmer temperatures, 79 in petaluma. along the east bay shore, you will enjoy a comfortable day. 70 to 75 degrees with your spread and oakland in the middle at 72. and pleasanton, 83. 40s along the coast tonight, and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. still 60s at the coast but pushing 80 around the bay, and inland for tuesday, dramatic drop about 10 to 15 degrees on wednesday. and maybe a 70 on friday, saturday and sunday. going to be tough to get there. taking a look at the roads this morning, we do have a full bay bridge toll plaza. we have had the metering lights on for 20 minutes now but no issues as you make your way into san francisco. we have had trouble in the try valley and central valley today.
5:49 am
if you use vasco to cut between state route 4 and 580, we have had this crash close to an hour now. it's two miles past dire road and involving a double trailer dump truck and they are having trouble finding a tow truck that can haul that. the backup under two miles at this point. westbound 580, trace tkwraoe dublin, 53 minutes. and dublin to mission boulevard, in the yellow at 34. and northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, you are still in the green at 16 minutes. we want to give a better day shout-out to a north bay student. one 12th grader came out on top. >> and first place -- >> and first place -- [ cheering ]
5:50 am
>> she won the shakespeare competition. >> they read and analyze and perform shakespeare. her parents are refugees from nigeria and for them, this win means a whole lot. >> i was so excited. she was like, oh, my gosh, i have been praying for you. she was so excited. the first thing that went through my head was, is this real life? i was so excited and it's so surreal. >> that's how you want to see somebody win, right? so from everybody here at "abc7 mornings," congratulations and we want to give a thanks to kimberly pinkston for sending that in for us. >> my alma mater, by the way. nice. scroll to the bottom of the page, fill out the section to the right and we could feature
5:51 am
it here on "abc7 mornings." >> did you win the shakespeare competition? >> i didn't know that was a thing. so well done. new at 6:00, instagram trying to raise awareness for mental health. how you can take part in a new campaign repealed this morning. and then nasa's two-year top secret mission that just came to an food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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there's hail everywhere. >> this is something people in southern california rarely see. look at that hail, dime-sized hail stones pummeling a city east of l.a. yesterday. the storm brought rain, gusty
5:54 am
winds and lightning and even snow to nearby mountain communities. the u.s. air force secret robotic space plane is back on earth after its longest mission yet. what was the mission? i don't know. it's a secret. here's a closer look at the unmanned version of the space shuttle and has been in orbit nearly two years, and they are saying little what it's designed to use and some believe it's used for spying. nasa is out with the incredible images of saturn rings. the cassini shot the photos in its second dive between the rings. no spacecraft has been to saturn before. a sunken barge is up right after heavy lifting under the san francisco bay. divers had to hook cables to the barge and then a crane lifted it up yesterday.
5:55 am
the barge sank during a storm in april. it will be taken out of the water at a later date. could you have two more exciting games over the coliseum than saturday and sunday's both walk-offs. that was fun. 66 today, and 59 by the end of the game. dress appropriately. we will be warmer on monday and tuesday and pretty much average wednesday through saturday and maybe a degree cooler for mothers's day. 78 today, and 84 tomorrow. you don't get back to average wednesday through sunday. some of the coolest weather, supposed to be 65 in san francisco. you will barely be 60 on wednesday. for mothers day, and some of the inland neighborhoods, it will be the warmest tomorrow. you will be in the upper 60s to low 70s thursday through sunday, so big-time changes coming in the forecast. we are doing okay for the most part. we have one new issue to talk about on westbound 580 before you get to eden canyon.
5:56 am
not sure if this vehicle started with the flames on its own, and we are hearing we have a visible vehicle fire in the area and not causing backup yet but still trying to bounce back. southbound 680, you are heavy due to an earlier crash. 30 miles per hour and 16 miles per hour through that 84 interchange. plan for delays here. and a hazy san mateo bridge. no major delays on westbound 92. we will look at mass transit coming up next. i think this is one of the best stories of the day pap high school student in north carolina took his mom to the prom. >> his mother never got to go to prom so he decided to take her this weekend. he wanted her to enjoy the special moment of picking out a dress and getting her hair and makeup done and dancing. >> words cannot explain this moment. it has been 18 to 20 years and i never thought i would get this moment but he wanted me to have
5:57 am
a high school prom. >> he listens to his mom who always tells her son never to miss out on life's experiences. >> love that. new at 6:00, a break through for people suffering with the lou gehrig's disease. and new details on muni crime rates that could have riders feeling safer this morning. and fashionista, two of the most popular names you recognize most popular names you recognize when most popular names you recognize when how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪
5:58 am
how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
5:59 am
how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. good morning on this monday, may 8th. it's time to start a brand-new week. we are ready to go, i think. mike? >> we have been up for a while, haven't we, and hopefully you can join us and get a look at the beautiful sunrise for you above the haze. look at the visibility on live doppler 7, and normally it's 10
6:00 am
but it's below that because of the haze. can you see the gray haze from sutro tower. yeah, let the color wash over you and that's a great way to start the day. we are running from about 48 to 53. not too much in the microclimates but they will develop by noon. 74 to 77, a little warmer, and kind of calm and hazy this afternoon. 68 to 70 for the rest of us. here's another look at the beautiful sunrise. how about the morning commute, any good news there, alexis? >> we are looking average here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will take a little the shot here. we did get a note from vta, light rail line 900 out of service due to a construction project so you have to find another route in. drive times coming up next. new details this morning ab


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