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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 8, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> and that breaking news, investigators announce an arrest in an arson murder that baffled them for months. it happened in december and took the life of a motherment thank you for joining us today. >> that big break in the case announced just moments ago. the sheriff says the suspect confessed to killing andrea st. john at her castro valley home. he's now facing arson and torture charges. the sheriff said investigators believe he randomly picked the home on grove way before stabbing her to death. >> we believe the suspect went to the residence late in the evening to commit a burglary,
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steal items from the garage, and was con fronted by the victim. at that time, he killed her and burn the residence and structure in order to hide the evidence. >> the sheriff said video ties him to the murder on december 13th. the suspect confessed to the crime in a county jail where he's held now on a separate cri crime. a search is underway right now for a possible plane near lake berryessa that may have gone down. someone called to report a crash, and they are looking in pleasure cove marina, and the sheriff's department is en route. the faa have no reports of missing planes right now. we'll continue to follow this breaking story, of course, follow us on twitter at abc news bay area. >> police investigate a deadly shooting at around 4:30 this
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morning. when police got to the scene, they found three victims, one died there. the two others were rushed to the trauma center, and this is the part you have to know. the gunman is still on the loose. police are asking for anyone with information to come forward. >> develops news in the south bay, a bad crash sends a driver to the hospital and has might bes asking, when it someone going to fix this ongoing problem. matt keller is live for us on south san jose. matt? >> reporter: the posted speed limit here is 35 a miles per hour. now, check out the damage done to the tree where the car hit it before coming to rest in the opposite lanes. now, police say they don't know if speed was a factor in this crash. they have no witnesses. they have no video. this tree in the median in san jose has a giant scar after a honda accord smashed through it around 5:00 this morning before coming to a rest in the lanes in the opposite direction. >> i heard a big crunch.
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then dragging. >> reporter: crews arrived on scene, pulled the man from the car, and dan came out to see what happened next. >> they were doing cpr on him, there was an air bag over the mouth, and pumping him with air, and pushing down on the chest. >> reporter: san jose police say the driver was a man in his 70s, taken to the hospital with serious injuries. westbound lanes closed for about four hours until the on-scene investigation was complete. this was not the first major crash here. sergeant john carr, supervisor for the traffic investigations unit said it is a deadly stretch of road. >> two cars were racing, another vehicle slammed into a tree. >> hit the gate, knocked the gate off. >> reporter: dale says speeders are a problem. in fact, one car hit the gate and wall, and another neighbor had two cars crash into the house. >> people race up and down this street like they are off to the races, and that's how we just fear that we're getting hit all the time, left and right, and
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it's getting to be ridiculous. >> reporter: police say the driver underwent surgery, no word yet on his condition. they were tested for drugs and alcohol to see if that was a factor in the crash. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. pstanford university.ches at first, a man caught climbing into a dorm last night. a student called police around 8:00 after seeing a man outside his room in ooble hall. he was looking in the window with a chain with another man near him. the suspects ran away as the student made eye contact. secure your windows and doors. the second incident reported battery on campus around 1:00 yesterday morning on the east side of campus. palo alto online said a man was escorted from a party when he punched another person and ran off. police described the suspect as 6'1", 20 years old, last seen wearing a red and white cavaliers jersey.
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meantime, stanford is taking steps to improve security on scary path, where the infamous sexual assault took place last year. here's what the path looks like at night. if dark, dark unpaved trail between two fraternities for two years, students made it her mission to make it safer. >> so, it's basically, we've been through a bunch of trees, and there's rocks, and it's very dark. >> reporter: today, the university will begin paving and installing lights along the path. the next project is to get more cameras installed around campus and get more free legal help for sexual assault victims. to the story only on abc 7 news. an off duty uber driver was kidnapped at gun point before escaping with his life. he claims he picked up a man and woman in san francisco's richmond district saturday
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night. they pulled a gun and knife on him. he drove them to a liquor store, and the 26 yard told abc 7 news the suspects used the app although he was not accepting rides. they made him start at a market to take out money at the atm. he took a run for it, ands suspects took the car. >> found the opportunity to escape, he did, and was the right thing to do. >> definitely having the uber logo on the car, both in the front and back, kind of victimized me a bit. >> the car is still missing. the license plate is on the screen, 7hqw692. >> new details on your safety on bay transit. the crime right has dropped to the lowest level in four years. abc 7 news reporter is live outside the montgomery street station with a closer look at the numbers, tiffany? >> kristin, they try to keep the crimes down to 5.3 crimes for
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every 1,000 miles. a few years ago, they were more than double that, but, today, they are well below. good news, the transit system is safer today than a couple years ago. >> wow. that's amazing. i don't know what would have changed really. >> reporter: riders didn't notice the shift, but the spokesperson, paul rose, says they made key changes to combat crime including better communication with police, benter video cameras, and new data-driven policies. the changes yielded big results. >> we've seen some of our lowest rates in crime over the last four years. >> reporter: they measure crime rates in terms of 1,000 miles driven. up to 12.2 crimes per 100,000 in 2013. >> our base rate is around five or six per 100,000, and we're below that goal at 3.8. >> while muni curbs crime, bart
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has an uptick in incidents. >> i certainly wouldn't take my son on bart late in the evenings. >> reporter: robberies on the rise, and the mob that swarmed the car received international e it on the news. >> reporter: officers are deployed to the most crime-affected stations including the coliseum and more. officials say it's always hard to practice situational awareness when on mass transit. riders we spoke to said they keep their headphones away and phones in their pockets. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. thank you. hard to do. thank you so much. good news to share with you this morning, a disabled woman's van similar to the one here has been found in freemont. that's her lifeline to the outside world. it was stolen saturday from black avenue. sky7 was over the van moments ago. the van's owners called our reporter, kate larson to report the good news. the vehicle was found on
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parkside avenue, and let's hope everyone is still inside including the victim's electric scooter. a fire that destroyed a home, huge frames, on fraga court and midhill road. it burst into flames at 3:45 this morning. the flames did not spread. witnesses say there was an explosion before the fire. no one was hurt. federal investigators look for a man who started a fire at a san jose church at 2:00 yesterday morning at the assyrian church on east minnesota avenue. there was a man in a hoodie scaling a fence, setting fire to the storage shed next to the building. that fire destroyed the shed. >> if someone comes to the house of god and build that church, either he's evil or he don't believe in anything else. >> investigators from the atf
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and san jose fire department are looking at the video to identify the suspect. oakland's acting fire chief is opening an investigation into firefighters who failed to inspect the ghost ship warehouse after putting on a small fire there in 2014. firefighters were inside the warehouse but did not raise concerns about safety conditions. the report says some firefighters attended a party at the warehouse the next day. the acting fire chief said they could be demoted or fired because they did not respond properly. 26 people died in last december's ghost ship fire. in a half hour, former acting attorney testifies before a senate judiciary committee likely discussing concerns she privately raised with the trump administration about ex-national security adviser mike flynn's communication with russian officials. just this morning, former official with the obama administration revealed that after the election, mr. obama
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warned his successor not to hire flynn. new details on how much the fbi paid to break into a terrorist's iphone. instagram's mental health awareness day, how a hashtag could help people around the globe. best bang for the buck? we just released a list of most reliable cars. check out the picture from south beach, a little bit of haze hanging around. good morning, everybody. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. hazy, temperatures climbing, more warming tomorrow before the weather whiplash makes it feel like fall again. your mother's day
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new details in a san bernardino terrorist attack and showdown to the access of the terrorist's iphone. the first paid $900,000 to break into the locked phone, and the agency didn't say what company did the work. they went on a rampage in 2015 at the coupe health department killing 14 and hurting 22 more. the couple died in a shootout with the police. the fbi's payout ended a court fight with apple, app ale ref e refused to hack the phone. inge grape created a community for more than 700 million users. the media giant took the stand for mental health awareness with the here for you campaign.
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with more on the initiative, here's abc 7's jessica castro joining us live. >> reporter: it launched on instagram, #hereforyou, encourages you to share struggles of mental health, the attempt of the giant to reach its most vulnerable users. >> i knew something was off. i didn't want to speak about it because i didn't want to feel like an outcast. >> side effects. >> people come to instagram to tell their stories in a visual way and images are able to communicate how they are feeling, what they are doing, but we decided to do is to create a video campaign, highlighting the communities of support that exist in instagram, but we feature three community members who are all dealing with issues from eating disorders to depression. >> reporter: instagram is teaming up with "pretty little liars" star for the campaign who
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opened up about her own battle. >> eating disorder is something that you are very well-aware of and are so outspoken that's helped a lot of people. >> once you have an eating disorder, it's something you are always in touch with, and it's a constant journey forward. i have a lot of friends and fans who feel sometimes like instagram is the place in which you have to make your life perfect. you have to show only the best version of the life, only the happy moments, only the highlights, and it leaves a part of the life that's hidden, and in the dark. >> reporter: bella's friends had an intervention to help her through her struggle. she says she was lucky to have a community and believes instagram can connect people not only with friends, but mental health professionals too. the tool flags and disables harmful posts, but they offer resources like professional help and online literature. jessica castro, abc 7 news.
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>> first step, jessica, thank you. making the most of your money and the time you buckle up. can you say that about your car? is it protecting your family? revealing the list of the most reliable cars just unveiled this morning. >> and he's back. jimmy kimmel returns tonight after the big anounsment about his son's illness. his son, billy, is doing well, and tonight, jimmy has a full lineup with bill cassidy, and music from logic after abc
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i have a special treat to
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start our weather forecast. i stumbled out of the blocks there. excited about sky 7 being up and able to use it. look at the haze out there, though. that's going to be rule for the day. sunny, hazy, a little bit warmer today. not only tomorrow, tomorrow's going to be really warm, and then completely reverse that. we call that that weather whiplash wednesday and cooli ii continues thursday through mother's day. look at the moicroclimates already. 77, 72, 69 in san francisco, and 67 in san jose, and about 66 in santa rosa. the winds on top of live doppler 7, the high pressure, sinking air, light and variable winds, cap on the atmosphere, the reason why we have so much space. use that backdrop for the activity planner. light breezes. just out and about running errands, cool at the coast, comfortable inland, up near 80,
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maybe a little warm, and then at the beaches, yeah, sunny spots, not breezy by the beach standards. east bay hill camera, there grass and tree pollen high, that's adding on the haze there. uv index is high. let's talk about more mic microclimates. san jose at 78. 76 in palo alto. check out the coast, lucky for low 60s to mid-60s downtown. 83 today in napa. quite the range in the value e lees up there, mid to upper 50s in the north bay coast, colder there. 75 east bay shore with oakland in the middle at 72, brentwood. warmer tomorrow, may need the air conditioner. here's a look, 280 and 17. good news, 56, up to low to mid-70s. catching up to do in 40 minutes
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or so. 73-78 at 3:00, same at the coast at 6:00, 69-64 elsewhere. comfortable at 8:00. what a way to take the series from the tigers. a walkoff saturday, walkoff home run yesterday, and now angels are in town, 66-59. all right. temperatures tonight will be around 50-56 degrees. tomorrow, bumping into the 60s at the coast, near 80 at the bay, and look at that, nearly 10-20 degrees cooler wednesday into thursday, cooler friday, saturday, and sunday, breezy those days with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. thinking about a picnic for mom? find a shelter from the wind. >> oh, i thought it was the lochness, dark and forboding with the haze out there. >> it was. >> thank you. if you're in the market for a new car, we have information that will help keep your family safe on the roads. consumer reports has released annual findsings of the most
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rideable car brands in america. lexu, and takes the top spot for the second year in a row, then toyota, and buick, audi, and kia tie there. of those, the only one that did not move up in the rankings is audi. they studied half a vehicles, taking surveys from drivers who bought or leased them. the full results are on dog meets sheep because it's exactly what happened. >> indeed. a dog and sheep are now best friends. find out
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have you met someone and just like that, you're instant friends. i'm still waiting for that. >> oh, well these two fur balls know the feeling. this golden retriever and the sheep are inseparable as of a year ago. >> met in a farmhouse in southwest england. the human mom says despite being surrounded by other dogs on the phone, she prefers lucy. >> okay, well, apparently, lucy felt the same, she was not scared when the dog ran up to her, and has the same curiosity for the new visitor. at first when you read the
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story, i thought you pulled the wool over my eye. >> oh, look at you, striking back with puns. >> i'm all out. it's only monday. >> from us here at abc 7 news. thank you for watching. who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> leaving you with this shot of sfo as it clears out. have a good day.
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>> what's the recipe for success on this show? take one contestant, add three lifelines, stir in a million dollars, and toss it all in one big pressure cooker. get ready. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ [cheers and applause] welcome to the show! are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] today's contestant's curiosity led him to this show. he wants nothing more than to see what our million-dollar question could be. from midvale, utah, please welcome steven fehr! [cheers and applause] steven, how you doing? >> good, good, good. [cheers and applause] >> so you're just dying to know what that million-dollar question is? >> yeah, i hope it's a "star wars" question. >> you hope it's a "star wars" question? >> i do. >> you're a fan? >> i am, a big fan. i'm wearing "star wars" socks and underwear right now.


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