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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 9, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, president trump weighs in overnight after a former top official testifies the administration ignored her warnings. we're live in washington with the details. breaking overnight, airport chaos. anger boiling over when several flights get canceled. police rushing to the scene. hundreds of travelers left stranded. many battling each other. the airline now offering its explanation. jimmy kimmel is back to work after taking some time off following his son's health scare. he wasted no time getting right back into the battle over health care. >> hopefully some kind of common sense will prevail. one senator, bill cassidy -- >> plus, we get an update on how little billy is doing now. and caught on camera, a wild scene for a couple of mountain bikers. things get crazy and a little too close for comfort with that
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bear. >> it wasn't one of those cute, little bears. that was a big bear. >> they are no longer fans of the chicago cubs this morning, i can tell you. >> we'll get more on that story a little bit. we start this tuesday morning with new details on what led national security adviser michael flynn losing his job. >> yeah, the former acting attorney general, sally yates, testified that she urgently warned the white house that flynn could be blackmailed by the russians. >> but the president reacted quickly on twitter saying, the russia/trump collusion story is a total hoax. when will this taxpayer funded charade end? abc's janai norman has more details from washington. good morning, janai. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. this is the first time we heard a detailed account from sally yates about her warning to the white house that michael flynn had been compromised, but ultimately yates was fired first. new details about the national security concerns that rocked
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the early days of the trump presidency. former acting attorney general sally yates testifying she met twice with white house counsel to warn that then national security adviser michael flynn might have been lying to the white house and had discussed president obama's sanctions against the kremlin for election meddling with the russian ambassador despite telling the vice president he hadn't. >> the vice president was unknowingly making false statements to the public and because we believe that general flynn was compromised with respect to the russians. we believe that the russians knew this, and that created a compromised situation, a situation where the national security adviser essentially could be blackmailed by the russians. >> reporter: but flynn remained on the job for 18 days after the initial warning even participating in a phone call between president trump and vladimir putin. in that time it was yates who was fired for not defending trump's controversial muslim travel ban. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states.
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>> reporter: monday a panel of appeals court judges hearing a challenge to the travel ban deciding whether trump's past anti-muslim statements could be used against him. >> he's never repudiated what he said about the muslim ban. it's still on his website. >> reporter: and as of monday a controversial post was still on president trump's website calling for a complete shutdown of muslim immigration to the u.s., but within minutes of abc news asking the white house press secretary about that, the post was removed. kendis and diane. >> yeah, our cecilia vega asking that question and getting actions moments later. thank you, janai. and thousands of additional american troops may soon head to afghanistan. senior military and intelligence officials reportedly recommending the expansion to pressure the taliban into working out a deal with the afghan government. the extra troops would offer advice and training to afghan forces. the new policy is also said to be supported by top cabinet officials. it still has to be approved by president trump.
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and today south koreans are voting for their new president. the vote comes just weeks after a corruption scandal ended park geun-hye's presidency and it also comes as north korea is closer to conducting another nuclear test. election results are set to be confirmed tomorrow. and emmanuel macron, the newly elected president of france, is set to take office sunday, just a week after his landslide victory over candidate marine le pen. macron, a moderate, will likely meet president trump for the first time at a nato summit in belgium later this month. and there was a big scare at a busy train station in paris overnight. dozens of police officers started evacuating passengers. the operation apparently focused on a train from northern france. but there were no arrests and police aren't saying what was behind that evacuation. france has been under a state of emergency after a series of terror attacks there. >> yeah, and those kind of incidents the reason that the tsa back here at home is launching a new program aimed at deterring terror attacks. the goal is to protect so-called soft targets, those areas
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outside security zones at the nation's airports and other transit hubs. the new program hopes to integrate all levels of law enforcement to help plug the security gaps. breaking overnight, police say they've arrested the man behind a string of random shootings that terrorized areas of phoenix. 23-year-old aaron saucedo faces 26 felony counts in connection with the shootings that killed nine people. now, police say he randomly stalked his victims, ambushing most of them outside of their hopes and police say there may be more victims. saucedo is already in jail on that other murder-related charge. all right, time now for a look at the nation's weather. that powerful storm system that dumped heavy rain and hail onto southern california did this to coors field in denver. that hail was so thick, the rockies were even forced to
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postpone last night's game with the cubs to a split doubleheader this afternoon. east of denver, this funnel cloud was caught on camera swirling and taking form before eventually dissipating luckily, and noaa says this april was the second wettest april on record for the whole country, nearly an inch above the average. all right, well, our friend jimmy kimmel was back on his show overnight for the first time since revealing his new son billy's heart condition. >> and he jumped right back into the health care debate while talking to senator bill cassidy. the louisiana republican had suggested the senate's health care bill should include a jimmy kimmel test of covering pre-existing conditions, but in a fiscally conservative way. kimmel also made light of the issue. >> so now the health care bill moves from the house to the senate where hopefully some kind of common sense will prevail. and i would like to apologize for saying that children in america should have health care. it was insensitive.
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it was offensive, and i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. >> kimmel also showed some new video of billy. he says that he is getting bigger, he is sleeping well, he even joked that billy can read. >> billy is doing well. just a month after being born. well, still ahead, chaos overnight at a major u.s. airport. the new video just coming in. plus, new details in the death of a penn state fraternity pledge. what the 911 tapes are now revealing as one member speaks out. and let's hope your packages don't get delivered like this. someone is getting ready for a big more training. for the thousands of wounded warriors returning from battle, wounded warrior project has developed the warriors to work program, a unique program that helps wounded warriors translate their military experience to the civilian workplace. the warriors to work program
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also works with employers to find the right job for the right warrior. contact wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave.
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emergency crews in houston pulled the driver of this bmw out through the sunroof. half of it was dangling off the third floor of a parking garage. the driver told police she shifted into drive when she was actually parking. she wasn't injured, but she could face charges because there are reports she doesn't have a valid license. eight defendants are set to be arraigned today in the death of a penn state sophomore. court documents show timothy piazza fell several times during a february frat party. he eventually landed face first in a stairwell before the fraternity finally called 911. one frat brother, who's not facing charges, says he wanted to call for help, but he was told the 19-year-old was fine. >> i said, we should call 911, get him in an ambulance, and i'm screaming. i got thrown against the wall, and i didn't know what to do after that. i felt kind of useless, and i felt like i had no say in the situation after that. i was told that i was overreacting.
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fraternity member ryan mccan did eventually call 911. that call came 12 hours after piazza a initial fall. the dispatcher was told piazza was unconscious but not that he had fallen. we're learning some new details about a viral video showing a teenage boy violently body-slamming a woman. it happened at a pool party in north lauderdale, florida. when she asked partygoers to lower the noise, nancy james was grabbed, slammed to the ground and then dragged and tossed into that pool. she ended up in the emergency room with bruises. the teen, a 16-year-old, has been charged with battery. and we're getting a look at another piece of video out of florida. this courier employed by amazon are caught on camera -- see what she does as she arrives with the packages at the customer's fence. packages go right over. amazon responded in a statement saying the woman has been identified for, quote, future training purposes.
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the boxes, by the way, contained bicycle helmets. >> in her defense, it was amazon prime now, so it was immediately there. >> it's bicycle helmets, so maybe she was just testing them to make sure they were durable. >> let's hope they didn't crack. when we come back, we'll hear from the girl attacked by an alligator and fought it off. but first the chaotic scenes from an airport overnight. you can see the anger boiling over when passengers got some bad news. ouch! ♪ skin-flex™, anna! sit! new band-aid® brand skin-flex™ bandages. our best bandage yet! it moves like a second skin. ♪ dries almost instantly. better? yeah. go! good thing because stopping never crosses your mind. band-aid® brand. stick with it™
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and if you're flying, airport delays are possible because of weather in denver and chicago. breaking overnight from florida, wait till you see how angry people got at an airport. the whole thing caught on camera. >> all this happened just hours ago after at least nine spirit airlines flights were canceled at ft. lauderdale's busy airport. that left hundreds of people stranded. security officers, you see there, were called in and a number of passengers were detained as a result. now, spirit airlines says the problem was caused by a slowdown by its pilots. the union and the airline are trying to work out a new contract but what a mess there overnight in ft. lauderdale. and we're hearing some new details this morning in the murder of two doctors in boston inside their penthouse apartment. but while police now have a suspect in custody, there's still no word yet on a possible motive. the man suspected of killing two engaged doctors in their $2 million apartment appearing before a boston judge. >> a plea of not guilty has been entered on your behalf in both counts.
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>> reporter: 30-year-old bampumim teixeira now facing two counts of murder in the gruesome deaths of dr. richard field and his fiancee, dr. lina bolanos. now new details about what happened the night of the murders. >> we just ran in as the shots were being fired. >> reporter: investigators also discovering a book bag filled with jewelry near the couple's front door. while police initially thought the suspect might have known his alleged victims, the d.a. thinks otherwise. >> there is no evidence whatsoever at this stage to conclude that this defendant had a personal relationship with dr. bolanos or dr. field. boston police do not believe there were any accomplices and newly released documents indicate, however, that teixeira worked for a security company that provided services to the building right next door to the doctors. we're going to have much more coverage on the latest on this on "good morning america." now to a dramatic rescue on a philadelphia street. a 9-year-old girl was hit by an suv and pinned underneath one of the wheels, but she wasn't there for long.
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bystanders quickly got together and lifted the suv with their bare hands to free that child likely saving her life. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. we're going to turn now to some wild video from overseas. take a look. dusan vinzik was among a group of mountain bikers in slovakia in europe when this bear comes out of nowhere and starts to take charge after his friend. vinzik screamed and the bear peeled off down the hill. it's not clear why the bear gave up that chase, but i'm sure they're thankful. >> just a scream, huh? >> yeah. and new video of a shocking circus attack. everyone here, we should point out, is okay. you can see a lion locking its jaws around a trainer's throat and dragging him around. this happened overseas in france. now, families in the audience running away in fear, but that longtime trainer was able to get up and walk away recovering from some serious injuries. >> tough video to watch. and we are hearing from a very brave 10-year-old who
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escaped the jaws of an alligator. juliana ossa says she was in about a foot of water in a florida lake last week when that alligator attacked her. the nearly nine-foot gator wrapped its entire mouth around her leg, and she told "inside edition" what she did next. >> what they taught me at gatorland, so i put my two fingers up its nostrils. it couldn't breathe, so it had to breathe from its mouth. it opened its mouth and it let my leg out. >> smart girl. she says other than some stitches, she's expected to be okay, and she had just learned that nostril trick at a gator park she went to not too long ago. >> we're going to have to keep track of that. scream for a bear and the nostril trick for an alligator. time now for some sports. >> the golden state warriors are still undefeated in the nba playoffs, and we get the highlights now from espn. >> good morning, america. he's stan, i'm neil. we're taping this during a commercial break of "sportscenter." >> a little known fact there. we got the warriors taking on the jazz, game four of their
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series, warriors won the previous three, so they had the brooms with them, and steph curry and company are moving on. curry had 30 points to lead all scorers, got that to go somehow over rudy gobert. draymond green helped out. he had a triple-double. the warriors are 22-0 when draymond green gets a triple-double, so you know they won this one. curry and company will wait on the winner of the rockets/spurs series. that series is tied at two game as piece so san antonio will -- i'm sorry, golden state, rather, will get a week's worth of rest as they beated jazz, 121-95 to get the sweep. >> how about a little baseball? the angels playing without mike trout. oakland playing with the low. jed lowrie, ordered the swinger's salad, went yard. third game in a row that the a's have won on a walkoff. take another look. let it breathe.
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take another look, we're still letting it breathe. if you show it a fourth time, we'll breathe still. a's, 3-2, winners. >> anything else? >> i'm staying away from vanessa's candy jar for another week. >> back to you. >> it's addicting, that candy jar. well, up next in "the pulse" -- weird -- how eating oreos could make you rich. plus, speaking of rich, how to get paid to move to italy. the big offer is next. tists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ ito treat your toughy nasal allergies...
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bormida in northewest italy. and, yes, it's nice, but it didn't do the trick of attracts residents. >> so now the mayor is smart offering cold hard cash, nearly $2200 to move there. he says the rent is cheap and here's the selling point, there's high speed wi-fi. >> in case that's not enough, it is 50 miles to the nearest city. less than 400 people live there right now, and one of them admits there's not a whole lot to do but village life is definitely free of stress. >> all right. he's trying to build up the population. it will get there. in the meantime, a man in israel is proving it's all in the advertising and he now has more takers than he can handle. >> instead of placing a regular ad to sell his old suv, he used his skills as a visual effects artist to create this masterpiece. it shows everything his '96 suzuki can and cannot do from driving underwater to cruising with dinosaurs. >> so the two-minute video has been viewed more than 2 million times, and now apparently everyone wants to own that suv. >> so they may not have realized the whole cannot do part of the equation. >> cannot, yes.
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good morning. it's 4:27 in the a.m. mike, it got windy yesterday afternoon when i was out there. >> a little breezy in the city. >> yeah, it was. >> it would probably be the same today. breezy in the city. everywhere else calmer and a little bit hotter today but not quite as hazy as yesterday. it's bone dry this morning. here's a look at your day planner. 49 to 55.55. a little chill out there. we'll stay in the upper 50s at the coast until 7:00 mid-50s. 71 to 78 bay and inland at noon 75 to 83. this is it for the heat, that dramatic drop in temperatures coming up tomorrow. here's alexis.
4:28 am
>> good morning, mike. he and i were just chatting about is it really this hazy on the san mateo bridge or does our camera need some windex. we can't tell. it doesn't look too hazy. we could have a little of that out there. we're looking great on westbound 92 if you are traveling that bridge today. drive times looking great so far as well. westbound 580 out of tracy into dublin just a half hour into the green. westbound antioch to concord 14 minutes. and marin county to san francisco, 17 minutes. we have road work on highway 17. we'll talk about that next. happening today, the verdict in the murder trial of the man accused of killing a morgan hill teenager. >> it's been five years since sierra lamar left for school and was never seen again. now a long trial ends with a relatively quick deliberation. abc news reporter matt keller live in san jose this morning. matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. more than three months ff tor
4:29 am
trial and less than two days for the deliberations the jury will announce its verdict at 9:00 a.m. this morning. antolin garcia torres is charged with first degree murder. if he's convicted, he faces the death penalty. the prosecution says he killed 15-year-old morgan hill teenager sierra lamar, that his dna was found on her discarded clothing and the dna was found in his car. the defense says since the body has not been found this is nothing more than a missing person's case. here's legal analyst steven clark. >> is it possible that sierra lamar could still be alive? if that's the case, that could explain what i think that came back so quickly if they felt the d.a. didn't prove that sierra lamar was in fact dead. >> reporter: garcia-torres is also on trial for the attempted kidnappings of three women in a safeway parking lot. there will be four separate verdicts read. the penalty phase of the trial will be next. matt keller, abc 7 news.
4:30 am
>> we are going to have a special report as soon as the verdict comes in. you'll find it on comcast channel 715 or digital channel 7.2. we'll have complete coverage at and on the go with the abc 7 news app. investigators need the public's help to determine what went wrong moments before this plane crashed in napa county. this happened at lake barryessa. the plane was a single engine light sport amphibious aircraft. lillian kim has the story. >> reporter: ntsb investigators say their first priority is to get the icon a-5 to a security location. the aircraft was only in the air for 20 minutes before it crashed in a remote section of lake barryessa. inside, were two icon employees who died in the crash. the pilot, 55-year-old john karkow and his passenger, 41-year-old kare seaver. >> we don't have any witnesse


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