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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> we are going to have a special report as soon as the verdict comes in. you'll find it on comcast channel 715 or digital channel 7.2. we'll have complete coverage at and on the go with the abc 7 news app. investigators need the public's help to determine what went wrong moments before this plane crashed in napa county. this happened at lake barryessa. the plane was a single engine light sport amphibious aircraft. lillian kim has the story. >> reporter: ntsb investigators say their first priority is to get the icon a-5 to a security location. the aircraft was only in the air for 20 minutes before it crashed in a remote section of lake barryessa. inside, were two icon employees who died in the crash. the pilot, 55-year-old john karkow and his passenger, 41-year-old kare seaver. >> we don't have any witnesse >> reporter: in a statement, the
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icon ceo said "this was a devastating personal loss for many of us. the thoughts and prayers of our entire organization are the families of both people on board. they were truly amazing individuals. icon's mission is to build planes for fun, the a-5 for as much as $257,000. karkow talked about the joy of flying in a video. >> the most fun you can have in in i sport -- and flying is a sport -- is when the tool you're using is out of mind. >> reporter: industry experts say while the crash is no doubt a setback, icon has been applauded for introducing an innovative aircraft to the market. >> in that regard there's been exciting for those who want to see more. >> reporter: the ntsb says a preliminary report should be released in the next five business days. lillian kim, abc 7 news. happening today, the san jose city council expecte vote whether to approve an
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emergency ordnance against no-cause evictions. the city council passed the law last week but didn't announce when it would go into effect. they'll vote today whether to fast track it out of concern that landlords will rush to evict tenants without reason before it goes into effect. the mercury news reports the measure appears to have the eight votes needed to pass it today. also happening, the advisory committee for lum e school in alameda will present a report about how the school can be fixed. last week it was said unstable soil puts the school at risk of collapsing during an earthquake. more testing is needed before the school is closed. they plan to talk to the board at a meeting at 6:30. a dublin family caught in the middle of a violent mob attack on bart wants $3 million for their ordeal. dozens of teenagers jumped the fare gates and started robbing and beating people on a train at the coliseum bart station. the family filed legal claims against bart yesterday. that i accuse bart of 11 safety
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failures including lax security that allowed the mob to jump the fare gates. >> two individuals jumped on me and started beating me. i tried to cover up, a third individual joined in and started kicking me. at that point my wife fell over on top of my daughter to cover her up. >> the claims are the first step to a lawsuit. investigators have arrested two people so far and they have identified several other juveniles. >> we're getting an idea of how the state plans to pay for the spillways at oroville dam. they're getting $500 million for fixing it and then expect to be reimbursed. water agencies like a t santa clara water agency will be asked to cover the rest. the spillway started to fail in february prompting the evacuation of almost 180,000 people. president trump is using twitter in a different way this time to fight reports his
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campaign was linked to russia. for a few hours yesterday, take a look. the president changed his twitter header to read "director clapper reiterated what everybody including the fake media already knows, there is no evidence of collusion with russia and trump." this morning that message is gone. former director of national intelligence james clapper testified before the senate yesterday about russia's involvement in the election. former acting attorney general sally yates also testified saying she warned the white house that michael flynn could blackmailed because he lied about his contacts with russia's ambassador to the just in the vice president was unknowingly making false statements to the public and because we believe that general flynn was compromised with respect to the russian russians. >> flynn was forced to resign in february after yates' warning became public. exit polls are expected in south korea. this is after a corruption scandal that brought down president park geun-hye. the election is being closely
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watched at a time of heightened tensions with north korea. liberal moon jay-in is expected to win. the warriors headed to the western conference finals for the third year in a row after sweeting the utah jazz last night. >> this is the first time golden state has swept two series in a post-season and the first time the team swept back-to-back series. draymond green had a triple double, his third throughout his career. >> i think we imposed our will on eight games. that's important on the offensive and defensive end. if you can do that with the experience we have, it will be tough to beat us. >> rocking the blush-colored wind breaker to boot. the warriors are tied at two games apiece. the first game of the conference finals could be sunday or tuesday if that series goes to seven games. dub nation, we want you to share your playoff excitement
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with us. use the hashtag "dubs on 7" when you post your fan to social media. just a wee bit of a statement game, wasn't it? hey, cleveland, whatever you can do, we can do better. here's a look from south beach looking at a very quiet bay bridge. we'll talk traffic in a minute with alexis. i want to tell you weather wise what to expect whether you're on the bay or breezy until you get close to the golden gate bridge. dry and sunny all day today and our warmest stop this is week will be your mass transit commute. check out these temperatures in san francisco. glen park 49. most of us -- look at that pretty uniform, 50 to financial district about 55. 48 in daly city. petaluma 47. everybody else low to mid-50s until you get to pittsburg.
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napa, fairfield and antioch at 88. almost hot in those neighborhoods. winds are have changed. the cooling sea breeze, look at that, 57 to barely 73 and even cooler for thursday, 59 to about 71. quick look at thursday 4. o'clock in the morning, a few showers in lake and mendocino counties, some could dip down to santa rosa. then the weak cold front comes through and bridges us cooler air we'll take a greater look at your micro climates next. here's alexis. >> i want to start you off with road work, that's all we have going on at this hour and it's wrapping up early so highway 17 near the katz statcats statues, opened the southbound side 15 minutes ago but not seeing delays. then on top of that we had another issue about an hour and a half ago in the same area. thank you to ian our photographer for grabbing this on the way in. a disabled tractor-trailer, he
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broke down in a bad spot, right in this correction zone. for a short time we had all northbound lanes blocked around the cats statues, they have it coned off, he is blocking the right lane. so i'm not seeing any significant delays and hopefully they will have this all clear very shortly. we'll look at the bay bridge commute coming up next. lyme disease is so hard to diagnose and treat. now there's an effort in the bay area to unmask the disease a lot of people don't know they have. san francisco's sinking millennial tower the target of a new lawsuit. why 49ers legend joe montana says he and his wife got duped. remember organizers canceled remember organizers canceled the mavericks surf
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always read and follow the package cooking instructions and use a food thermometer. let's see how our winning team cooked it safe and avoided problems. well, i just kept focus on the four food safety steps -- clean, separate, cook, and chill. and we followed the package cooking instructions and took the temperature. can you cook it safe? martin luther king jr.: we hold these truths to be self-evident -- that all men are created equal. john f. kennedy: the torch has been passed to a new generation of americans. barbara jordan: the american dream need not forever be deferred. lyndon johnson: this is the richest and the most powerful country... would you cross a street?
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would you cross an ocean? would you go if you could use your knowledge to teach someone and, in the process, maybe learn something yourself? life is calling. how far will you go? peace corps. welcome back. i'm tracking international news. the united nations says right now nearly 250 people are missing after two ship wrecks in the mediterranean sea. one wreck happened off the coast of libya. more than 160 people are missing. the u.n. says one woman and six men were rescued in that one. there was a separate accident off the coast of sicily when a rubber dingy carrying 130 people sank and 82 people are missing but the good news here is that 50 people have been rescued and taken to safety. reggie, natasha, back to you.
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>> jessjessica, thank you. check out this fire burning near the union pacific train tracks in union city. the fire started at 8:00 last night at a homeless encampment. a person set a fire that got out of control. firefighters had the flames knocked down in about a half hour. happening today, we're marking wildfire awareness week and cal fire officials will discuss how they're getting ready for what could be a busy fire season. despite recent rain, experts say the risk of wildfire is exceptionally high this year once the new grass and shrubs dry out, that becomes fire fuel. cal fire hopes today's event will decrease the number of wildfires by informing the community on how to stay safe. today's event starts at 10:00 at the shakespeare theater in orinda. the famous mavericks surf competition is going up for auction. the companies that manage tbig some of the assets to the highest bidder, part of an ongoing bankruptcy proceeding.
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this year's event was canceled but the sale may include a permit to hold the contest again. the minimum bid for the june 1 auction is set at a million dollars. may is national lyme disease awareness month. in california that means a push to make not only victims but also doctors more aware. in many cases the symptoms can be confusing. now there's an effort to change that. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman explains. >>. >> reporter: at the age of 18, he's sofa think he has a degree in pharmacology. >> i got pneumonia. >> reporter: his mother has had lyme disease for years and so has he. >> reporter: lyme comes from ticks. the spring grass is full of them. even in california where most of us recognize the telltale bites
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with the target around them but not the more subversive symptoms. that's where wendy adams comes in. >> we want to make lyme disease easy to diagnose and simple to cure. >> reporter: her bay area lyme foundation is creating a biobank of different strains from california. >> only 20% of researchers have the patient samples they need to do research into lyme disease. >> reporter: if you have a tick bite, the foundation may ask you to volunteer a few more vilesalf blood when being diagnosed. kathleen picked up lyme while gardening, nine years later she still suffers chronic symptoms. >> i never saw a tick on myself. never did. >> reporter: louis had it twice. the first time from a tick on his dog, the second while camping. the disease has slowed him down so much that high school has taken five years instead of four. in california, there are thousands of stories just like his. in los altos, wayne freedman, nbc 7 news.
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a bill that would let bicyclists yield at stop signs instead of coming to a complete stop has been put on hold until next year. the sacramento bee reports assembly members want to work through concerns from law enforcements and organizations like aaa. supporters say it's safer for bikers to yield because they can move quickly through dangerous parts of intersections. opponents say the bill would be difficult to enforce and confuse drivers. 49ers legend joe montana is suing the developers of the sinking millennial tower. he owns a $2.7 million condo in that building. a lawsuit claims the developer knew the tower was sinking and concealed it. montana and his wife got the condo at a discount in exchange for making promotional pitches. the tower has sunk 16 inches since 2005. it's now leaning towards a neighboring skyscraper. earlier this year, a group of condo owners announced another lawsuit over the sinking issue. ta refinery in benicia is being fined for flaring that
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released huge plumes for hours. the company continues to burn off gases from its refinery operations. it was nothing like the flames we saw billowing on friday which caused shelter in place orders for the surrounding community. the flaring was caused by a power outage that they blame on pg&e. pollution regulators have siting valero for causing a public nuisance. abc 7 news is told more citations are likely to follow. 4:46. homeowners in denver dealing with the damage caused by an intense hailstorm that forced a mall to close, it broke windows, caused cars to crash, too. the largest piece of hail reported was 2-3/4 in diameter. no one was hurt but shoppers whose vehicles were in the mall parking lot reported broken car windows. let's look at what the weather has in store for you today, the last day of warmish weather. >> i thought you were going to say last day of spring. it feel that way, warmish is a good way to put it, too.
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here's a look from mt. tam. not quite as hazy as yesterday. today our warmest day this week. enjoy the sunshine because we spring back to cool highs tomorrow and mother's day is looking cooler and windier. i overlaid the winds on live doppler 7. bone dry out there and hardly any wind to speak of right now. 80 to 82 degrees, san jose is cooler at santa cruz. cooler at santa cruz. los 75 in sausalito. 84 to 88 in the north bay valleys but your beaches in the upper 50s. 72 in hercules, cool spot. 75 in oakland to 78 in union
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city and fremont. inland may need the air conditioner. 85 to 88 but you won't need it long. open up the windows tonight. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. 10 to 20 degrees tomorrow. . we keep dropping through friday. won't be much warmer. those will be our windiest days. how's the bay bridge looking this morning? >> we're doing okay so far. one issue on the westbound side of the bridge before you get to treasure island. but i'm not seeing a backup. it's being reported as a hazard so i'm not sure if that's a disabled vehicle or debris. hopefully that will be clear and a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. all the lanes wide open and those metering lights usually on between 5:20 and 5:30. we'll see what time that happen this is morning. we'll look at drive times just before 5:00. soap opera heartthrob
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antonio sabato, jr., making a career switch. how he hopes to ride president trump's popularity into politics. and the new bakery opens to fanfare. what makes the business the first of its kind in the city. the rogue drone that led to this ugly cycling crash in a california community. but first this morning's tech bites. target wants to bring household essentials to your front door. >> it's testing a service called target restock that would compete with amazon pantry. customers could have items delivered to their homes the next business day. waze has used lots of celebrity voices for its turn by turn editions. one new one -- mr. t. >> now it lets you record your own voice so you can give directions to yourself. that's part of a new upgrade for android users. hard to improve on an oreo cookie but oreo thinks it can be done. >> nabisco is holding a contest for a new flavor. so post your idea on social media with the hashtag "my oreo
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creations." >> the prize for first place, half a million dollars. half a million dollars. >> but how many ore
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forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis.
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but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. welcome back. a quick update on the presidential elections that we just mentioned in south korea. we've been watching them closely and i just got our first exit polls this show liberal
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candidate moon jay in as the likely leader. if moon wins, it could change how the country deals with the north korean nuclear crisis. moon takes a much softer approach than the previous president who got impeached moon favors dialogue with pyongyang so we are watching the polls and we expect him to take a softer abroach unlike the hard line approach we just saw. the opening of a small bakery in san francisco getting a lot of attention. nbc 7 news was in the westportal area. the eatery is the first business to open around speedy permitting process. it gives small business owners one point of contact to navigate the permits. paperwork and fees required by different city agencies. >> i bake for a living so i don't necessarily speak that language or know the vernacular,
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know the policy. >> the small business accelerator program is designed for food businesses and so far 100 eateries have signed up. tossing out the staualt sha may not be enough for your heart health. only 10% of the sodium we eat comes from food prepared at home. most of the salt we consume comes from restaurant and store-bought foods. we're talking 71%. and from sneaky sources like crackers, breads and soups. americans are warned to limit their salt intake to about one teaspoon per day. teaspoon? yikes. eight out of ten of us exceed that. reducing your average sodium intake by just 400 milligrams per day could prevent up to 32,000 heart attacks and 20,000 strokes per year. that report was published in the journal "circulation." >> was that person putting salt on top of cubes of cheese? was that necessary? >> that makes no sense. >> all right. drones are not only a problem for airplanes, they can be hazards closer to the ground, too. look closely.
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kato clark captured a cringe worthy moment. a drone crashing to the ground in front of a cyclist near sacramento. a piece of the drone caught in the bike's front wheel and the cyclist just went right over the handlebars there. he does have gravel rash now. the drone pilot is offering him a new wheel and a new helmet. >> that's it? all right. call the repairman because the cute meter is about to go through the roof. washington, d.c. firefighters were called to perform a very special rescue yesterday. they cracked open a storm drain to free eight ducklings that had fallen through the grate. fir fighters safely set the ducklings loose and you can see they waddled back to mama. yesterday i asked what could the a's possibly do after back-to-back walkoffs? they did it again. and another home run. oh, my goodness, what you're missing if you're not watching the a's play the last couple days.
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66 at the coliseum. 5 by the end of the game. doesn't matter if it's getting cooler, the a's get hotter as the game goes on and they did in the extra innings. 75 in oakland. average high 68. after today you barely get close to it. let's take a look at san jose. 82 today, average high 74. after tomorrow not even close and one last look, san francisco average high 66, 68 today. you here in the 50s tomorrow and thursday, possibly low 60s. i'll look at other neighborhoods in the next hour. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. we are looking great. if you're traveling through the east bay, here's southbound 680 through walnut creek and slowly starting to fill in. no significant slowdowns yet. drive times looking good. the one slow spot is westbound 580. tracy to dublin, you're in the yellow. 680 dublin to mission boulevard 16, that was a tough spot yesterday. today we're wide open. northbound 85, 101 to cupertino
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still in the green as well. a man known for his chiselled abs is opening to carve out a new career path. actor, former model and friend of trump antonio sabato, jr., is running for congress. he filed documents to begin raising money. he's expected to concentrate on issues involving veterans, foreign affairs and substance abuse. the former calvin klein underwear model is a familiar face from "general hospital" and "melrose place." wells fargo is back in court for its fake account scandal. new at 5:00, what they're trying to get dismissed. one sentence from a police officer may have saved the lives of two motorists. the proof in this incredible video. and getting word of power outages happening in the danville area. we'll have that coming up at 5:00. another day, another great another day, another great white shark
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good morning, welcome to tuesday, may 9, glad you're here. >> it's 5:00 a.m. we're facing i guess a fine day weather wise. >> warmish. >> warmish. >> yeah. yeah. >> it's going to feel like spring. >> he always has a bad attitude. >> he does. >> she just called you out. >> she's kind of right. >> today will be nice. >> one of these days reggie and i have to have a talk and see if i can get what he likes on the menu. >> i went outside yesterday and i was like "i'm freezing!" >> oh, my god, wait until the weekend when it's in the 50s in san francisco for high temperatures and it's windy. you'll be wearing the parka.


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