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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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several car fires popping up in the east bay overnight. investigators say they are suspicious. >> these are not the only ones we have seen in the bay area. what is this and why is b.a.r.t. rolling it out? we are getting to the bottom of the dirty issue. >> we are saying good-bye to the warmth. nobody said anything. and welcoming another coolin trend. hopefully nobody will be upset with that. >> i will welcome that in. >> a big shapeup in the fbi, james comey is out, and the president is tweeting about it this morning. i will have that in just a few minutes. mike, not looking forward to the weather you are bringing.
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>> can't even look at me when he says it. if you were tired of the heat, that one day, here it is. gusting to 29 in concord, and 33 in fairfield skprbg that's when you know it's back. walnut creek, one of the areas that will be 20 degrees cooler this afternoon. waking up this morning, pretty much the same. temperature wise, mid-40s to mid-50s. only mid-50s at the coast. upper 60s at noon, and upper 60s at 4:00 and low to mid-60s at 7:00. grab a coat if you are headed out this evening. once that sun sets, we are back in the 50s. we are really quiet so far this morning, mike, and i have not had any issues since we started at 4:30 today. the san mateo bridge, still seeing a little haziness as well and really no significant slowdowns all the way around and i will prove that with drive times. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze just 17 minutes.
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and southbound 101 if you are headed to the airport this morning, shouldn't take you long to get there and that's in the green from san francisco to sfo at just ten minutes. >> taking a closer look at the south bay coming up next. fire investigators looking to a string of suspicious car fires in the east bay. >> two fires went newspaper flames this morning on the heels of another one in martinez on monday. amy hollyfield is live with us in walnut creek with the rest of the story, amy. >> reporter: look behind me. this is what is left of the walnut creek car. not much. it is destroyed. you can see it's sitting in the driveway close to the home but firefighters did save the home, no damage there. here's video of it when firefighters were here dealing with the fire. this is at leroy in walnut creek. the call came in at 12:26 this morning. then 15 minutes later, another car fire, that one in lafayette
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on padre street. that's about two miles away and they don't know if it's connected. it sure looks suspicious. here is a look at a car fire from earlier this week in martinez. this is at mid hill that call came at 3:45 in the morning. this car was also in the driveway. it was considered suspicious right away. firefighters have saved all of the homes in all of these cases, and nobody has been hurt. but we have not heard of any arrests being made. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. an investigation is under way this morning into a fire at a goodwill in pleasant hill. contra costa fire tweeted firefighters tossing out burned items from the store as they worked to stop the flames. it started initially in the alley and spread into the store. the big story on the national front this morning,
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lawmakers raising red flags following the sudden firing of fbi director, james comey. fbi director, james comey. jackie speier began several months ago. >> she mentioned march 20th, that's when comey confirmed the fbi was investigating possible links between the trump campaign and the russian government. comey was leading that investigation, and now that he is gone congresswoman jackie speier is calling for a special committee to takeover. conwkellyanne conway is explain the situation. >> he needs confidence in the fbi director and he doesn't have it. >> andrew mccabe is the acting fbi director and president trump will have to nominate a new director and will be confirmed by the senate. >> i have been tracking trump's
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tweets this morning and he has been sounding off about firing comey starting this morning with this tweet saying, james comey will be replaced by somebody who will do a far better job bringing back the spirit and prestige of the fbi. just a few moments ago, comey lost the confidence of almost everybody in washington republican and democrat alike. when things calm down they will be thanking me. i am sure this is not the end of it. he has been retweeting stuff as well, and he will continue to fire back at his critics. >> the speculation of who will replace comey, guiliani, chris christie, and ray kelly and former fbi deputy director, john pistol. moving on to what is happening in flights and on airplanes. new video coming out of bob hope airport in burbank, two
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passengers throwing punches as the plane taxied down the runway. and we talked with a bay area man that jumped in to break up that fight. that fight. >> i realized streaming. >> it was during a stop in pwur bang on a southwest flight. you see two men punching each other. >> i pulled the gentleman on top and separated him and started to move him to the front of the plane. >> the worst part was a flight attendant got caught in the middle. >> i was trying to help somebody down with her bag and i turned around and i saw the shorter of the two gentleman had the other guy pinned up an overhead opinion. >> southwest released this statement.
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in this case, it was dan greene to the rescue, motivated in part his son was also on the plane. >> something needed to be done. i figured if somebody didn't do safety but everybody else's safety could be jeopardized. >> burbank police arrested one of the men and is charged with battery. >> and then supporters will continue searching for her body on saturday. here's what is next for convicted killer, torres. in six days the same jury will begin the penalty phase and decide whether torres will be-seconded to life without parole or the death penalty. and despiting concerns their school could collapse in an earthquake, the parents voiced
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their opposition to the school board last night. the board is consider emergency closure. one parent who is an engineer said more inspection is needed. >> the only thing they have from the engineers, the one-page thing without any analysis saying the building is unsafe, and that's totally incomplete to make such a major decision based on an engineer's word without any technical analysis to support it. >> the board is expected on the closure in two and then a week ago stabbed a woman aman and was sh killed. today's town hall meeting will be held owe village starting at
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11:30 this morning. a man said somebody punched him in the face during what police are calling a hate crime at a b.a.r.t. station. it was at the powell street station when a man shouted homophobic slurs at him and punched him in the face. the attacker got away on a b.a.r.t. train. police say he was wearing a black security uniform with a silver badge. let's open up the weather window on the san mateo bridge looking to the west. looks dry. that lens is still full of pollen as alexa eluded to yesterday. same thing on our bridges. winds coming out of the southwest. if you are taking mass transit, a little cooler today. we are starting off a little warmer, about two to four degrees warmer because of the winds and the cloud cover, but that's the same reason why we are going to be cooler this afternoon. so we are in the mid to upper
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50s in our east bay valleys. let's check the rest of our neighborhoods. mid to upper 50s, 56 in san jose. hayward and oakland, 57. we have san carlos, and mountain view at 54. and a cool spot, 48. sea breeze making it all the way to sacramento. 68 in tahoe. 69 in l.a. under a mostly cloudy sky. here's a look at our temperatures today. we range from 60 in san francisco to antioch at 71. hardly any 70s out thereafter being near 90 yesterday. a steady pattern tomorrow, 59 to 71. then we have faster breezes on friday, and 59 to about 70. wet weather is possible tomorrow and again on monday. we'll take an hour by hour look at thursdays coming up in 20 minutes and what is going to happen on mother's day, that's next. so far so good. we are really light still. we are hoping that trend continues. here's a look outside of the
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south bay, we have really light volumes at this early hour. no significant blocking issues so we will take that here. we did have overnight roadwork on highway 17 and they are still r wrapping that up. and then they are having all traffic share the northbound lanes of the roadway and there's heavy traffic side and that should clear up soon. we will look at the central valley coming up at 5:20. and historic changes could come to the giant rainbow flag. >> there are new developments on the city's plan to charge people the city's plan to charge people who use
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earlier we showed you the latest of several ugly incidents that are happening on flights or airports across the country. >> all of us are wondering the same thing. what on earth is going on in the airlines today? here's the first look. >> in this morning's first look. a flight attendant calls out for help and suddenly she is slammed to the floor. >> i see she is trapped in between the seats on the ground and she was being pummeled at the same time the other guy was being pummeled. >> that incident comes a day
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after this monday's meltdown at ft. lauderdale ft. lauderdale it was called a near riot with the cancelation of flights. we have the latest on the chaos in the skies coming up at 7:00 a.m. developing news out of washington state where there are new safety concerns with the reservation where an underground tunnel collapsed yesterday. officials say no radiation was released. crews continue to investigate to determine the extent of the damage. it was used to make plutonium for nuclear bombs after world war ii. a babysitter facing federal
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charges of having child pornography. he worked in an after school program and served as camp counselor and babysitter. they believe he shared images with a man in tiburon, and spencer is due back in court next week. oakland say the arrest of a man in a stabbing. officers later captured a suspect after stopping a fruit veil avenue. investigators believe the items were linked to other crimes like fraud. fraud. donations are one player. he had to be taken off
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on a stretcher and he is paralyzed with limited motion. >> he goes to church on sunday and a great heart and nicest man you will ever meet. >> there's a prayer service tomorrow night on campus, and here's a look at the gofundme to pay for his medical expenses. it has been up for one day and has more than $210,000 in donations. we have a link set up on our website, it's a sad day at the san francisco zoo and for everybody who knew ely, the black rhino. she has died. it was the oldest black rhino in the country and passed away last week because of age-related conditions. black rhinos typically live into their 20s, so at 46 that was a really big deal.
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she lived at the zoo since the mid-70s. she had 14 children, and 15 grandkids and even a great, great grand kid. and then the giant rainbow flag began flying above harvey mel plaza 20 years ago. the maker died in march. supervisor jeff sheehey hopes to have landmark status year marking the flag as a simple of the gay rights. time to check in with your weather with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7. i have been watching and tracking, if you will, the marine layer as it gets thicker and pushes more clouds into the neighborhoods and is making quite a difference in the forecasts.
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it's kind of ragged right now but will be thicker the next couple of days. clouds and sun today and a cool sea breeze. when i said it was going to be dramatically cooler, i was not kidding. up to 20 degrees cooler today. we have a slight chance of showers in the north bay. it starts today, no more 80s in the south bay and no more 70s, but close. 62 today in santa cruz. no 70s or 80s on the peninsula, either. and it's going to be a raw day at the coast. breezy, a little sand blowing possible and mid to upper 50s with limited sunshine compared to the last couple of days. 60 downtown san francisco. it's about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. and 63 to 68 in the north bay. 62, berkeley is the cool spot along the east bay. fremont, 66. as we head inland,
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degrees. my accuweather 7 day forecast, a slight chance of showers in the north bay until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. a little cooler on friday and that's also when the breezes kick in and they will blow up a better chance of showers on monday. check this out, mike. this is a look at b.a.r.t.'s new massive weapon against dust. b.a.r.t. engineers say particles were left on the rails and that impacted hundreds of passengers. this new machine has magnets to collect the dust during nonservice hours so hopefully no more delays and i could use one of those in my own house, forget the feather duster, right? we'll take one of those. heading out to the central valley and seeing the typical delays, and down to 10 to 15
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miles an hour approaching altamont pass. nothing out of the ordinary. and no metering lights, but that will happen in the next five to ten minutes here, and if you are just about to head out good chance you are going to get caught in the metering lights. a quick check of drive times, too. delays on westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 47 minutes, and westbound 4, antioch to concord, 16, and san rafael to san francisco, in the green at just scene minutes. new developments on a plan to charge people to drive on san to charge people to drive on san francisco's crookedest the board of supervisors says she's having trouble to charge people going down lombard. she says she wants to look at other options. we have all heard the
5:22 am
figures about the billions in cash apple has sitting overseas and now the cupertino based company is borrowing money to pay dividends to its shareholders. the "mercury news" reports, apple borrowed $15 billion so far this year. apple has about $240 billion in cash held overseas, so the logical question, why would you borrow money when you have all that money sitting there? here's the reason. apple pays few wer taxes by takg out loans than it would if it brought all of its own cash back to the u.s. what a system. a daring dog has quite an encounter with a bear. that's not the only confrontation that happened. >> you have to see this video. >> you have to see this video. >> and ed lee vowing to
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you need to know before you go. a big sigh of relief for renters in the south bay. last night the city council approved an emergency ordinance protecting tenants for evictions without cause that goes into effect immediately. fire investigators are look into a string of suspicious fires in the east bay. overnight two cars went up in flames in walnut creek and lafayette. both right in front of homes and no injuries were reported. donald trump is going to meet with russia's foreign minister at the white house this morning. and this morning's agenda expected to include ukraine and syria. number four, this morning getting off to a rocky start for passengers flying spirit airlines. the airline already has delayed or cancelled 90 flights so far this morning. this was the scene in ft. lauderdale on monday night, a cancelled flight because of a pilot dispute.
5:26 am
20 degrees cooler today and another big story, this is tomorrow's morning commute. drizzle could make it slick for some of us. number six, we will enjoy the drive paymevement and a dry start as well. westbound 580 before the phurpb merge in dublin, cars blocking a few lanes. and shaq for sheriff. o'neal is already a deputy in georgia, the tallest in department history. coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including the mayor's plan to beef up the city's 911 system after a major failure. and the decision that could end free rides to school for hundreds of oakland students. what happened at the fbi? why james comey was fired suddenly by the president and
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excuse me. what happened to spring? get ready to bundle up again because the warm weather is over. here's a live look from the south beach camera facing the bay bridge. >> we have one question from our weather expert here, how low can we go, mike nicco? >> that's a great question. i threw the numbers together for you. about 14 to 20 degrees colder than yesterday. >> eww. >> sorry? >> she just booed you.
5:30 am
>> she didn't boo me but the numbers. you know i am fragile. 44 to 54, a couple degrees warmer than yesterday morning. 54 to 67 as the clouds start to open to sunshine. 55 to 69 and a little breezy outside, and 53 to 63 at 7:00, so the winds of change are here and i will let you know how long they will last and how much rain they will bring us. how about the morning commute, alexis? >> the only spot where we are slow, bay bridge toll plaza, and looking at the camera i would say the metering lights are on. and typical delays building through the maze. southbound 101, golden gate bridge, 6 minutes. and san mateo bridge should take you 13 minutes. we will look at mass transit coming up in less than ten.
5:31 am
renters in san jose are claiming victory this morning. >> an emergency measure to stop no-cause evictions goes into effect immediately. matt keller is live for us in san jose to affects so many people. >> reporter: tenants were given no cause evictions after this passed last month, and the fear is more would do this before the protections are in place in june so the city council wanted to take action and prevent it from happening. the tenant protection ordinance is now in place protecting them from no-cause notices, and they have to have a just cause like the tenant is not paying and the landlords feel like the ordinance will make it hard to
5:32 am
get rid of those that work the system. reporting live in san jose, keller, abc7 news. raising a lot of questions right now, the bombshell firing of fbi director, james comey. >> he was the man leading the federal investigation into the trump campaign's alleged ties to russia during the election. the white house says the president fired comey over his handling of hillary clinton's e-mail probe, and president trump insisted it was at the suggestion of sessions and the sudden news immediately set off alarms for democrats. >> every american will rightly suspect that the decision to fire director comey was part of a cover-up. >> in just a couple hours, senate democrats will convene on the floor to hear what if anything senate more jaw
5:33 am
had to say. this morning trump will have his highest level face-to-face contact with russia since taking office. he is meeting with the russian foreign minister, lavrov, in the oval office, and it will be closed to media, and lavrov will meet with rex tillerson today and they are expected to discuss ukraine, syria and the issues between the u.s. and russia. take a look at the flames shooting out from the apartment in walnut creek. it broke out about 8:00 last night near sierra drive and walnut boulevard. everybody is okay, and you can see the home is badly damaged. investigators are trying to determine what sparked that fire. san jose state university investigating the disappearance of a student.
5:34 am
jacob greene left in a lyft and has not been seen since, and his family is flying up from orange county to help with the search. the body of a missing yuba college student has been found after reported missing after a month. there was no sign of her with her truck on the river, and a fisherman spotted a body in that area, and an autopsy will help determine how she died. investigators have no obvious leads. happening today a move that could affect hundreds of students and parents in oakland next fall. ac transit will vote on whether to continue bus service to two schools. the school district stopped payments because of a lack of funding. negotiations stalled so ac transit has to make a decision now so parents can plan for next
5:35 am
school year. a staffing shortage at san francisco's 911 dispatch center. mayor ed lee is vowing to close the gap and this follows 911 calls going unanswered during a large power outage that crippled parts of san francisco last month and national standards require 90% of 911 calls to be answered ten seconds within somebody dialing for help, and the examiner reports san francisco is meeting that goal 75% of the time. the major has ordered officials to speed up the hiring of the dispatchers. a bear had quite the adventure wandering in an l.a. neighborhood, and chowing down on avocados there, and then he encounters this little dog who stands his ground, chasing him away there. the bear eventually escapes over a fence and does some pretty impressive balancing on the
5:36 am
fence. the neighbors say that bear is often prowling that area, and getting into trash cans and it spotted a deer, but it ran away. >> to me, was that filmed at a zoo? >> this is just an l.a. area neighborhood, man. >> it's like he was running an obstacle course there for a while. this is as calm as the bay water gets. today we have a small craft advisory for the gusty winds developing this afternoon. expect your ferry ride home to be a lot different. breezy and choppy, and usually pretty good for kite servers. strong caution if you are outside exercising, and it's going to be cooler. won't have to run the air-conditioner in the car, that's for sure. here's a look at the roof camera. see the flags? yeah, pointing off to the east, and the sea breeze is back and the marine layer up to 3,000
5:37 am
feet which means it's climbing over the east bay hills and will touch all neighborhoods today, and pushing high amounts of tree and grass pollen around. and mid to ruupper 50s along th east bay shore. novato, 48. 53 in san francisco, and san jose at about 55. here's a look at the next three days. mainly 60s, a few 50s and a few 70s out there. tomorrow morning, drizzle is possible. just about everywhere with light showers up around by 2:00 they fade away. could be damp tomorrow for the commute. let's find out details alexa smith would like to share with us. >> we have good news for the only blocking issue we had so
5:38 am
far today, 580 just before 680, we had a couple disabled vehicles, and so it was not there long enough to form any residual delays. bay bridge toll plaza, we talked to chp and they said, yes, the metering lights have been flipped on. mass transit, no delays, ace 1 and 3 out on time today. don't forget we have the weekend track closure, a repeat of what we had last weekend. everybody looking good on the roads with mass transit. we will take a look at drive times at 5:50. identifying a little girl found in a coffin under a san francisco home. the story is now taking a spooky twist. we're seeing more fallout around janet napolitano, and what is happening now what is happening now millions in hidden funds were
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for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. it's 5:41. i have a little ghost story for you, and modern technology helped identify a little girl whose casket was found on the side of an old cemetery in san francisco. we first shared the information about the casket containing a
5:42 am
girl's well-preserved body last year. the homeowners worked to provide the girl with the proper burial. the girl's name is edith cook. >> we were curious of who she was, and does she have any family that is still around? >> cook died just before her third birthday and is now buried under the name, miranda eve, given to her last year. and the homeowner said she heard footsteps, and since that girl and her coffin were removed the footsteps have stopped. and then a boat capsized yesterday afternoon. you can see a tiny bit of it there. a wind surfer alerted the coast
5:43 am
guard and were able to rescue the people that were onboard. and then 30,000 cubin feet per second, and the department of water resources is warning residents to watch out for deeper and faster water. just this week many of the same residents and city leaders told the governor in a letter they don't feel the dam is being operated now janet napolitano is facing a call to resign following the discovery of a secret of $175 million fund. her office stashed the money at the same time they voted to raise tuition for the first time in six years. happening today, pg&e crews
5:44 am
working along highway 17 clearing away storm debris that could fuel wildfires this summer. abc7 news was in orinda as firefighters delivered a sobering message yesterday. it may be green after the wet winter, and that's a good thing, but it left us with high grass and that's a condition firefighters don't like. >> the rains we had this last winter produced a bumper crop and that's the kindling and that's what is going to carry the fire into the bigger and heavier vegetation. >> there have already been 400 small wildfires this year. a man that helped tkpwaoe fight for lgbt rights in the bay area died in march at his home in new york at the age of 65. san francisco supervisor, jeff sheehey, posted to video saying he's among a group that spread his ashes into the bay area.
5:45 am
he sheehey calls him a hero. and then one measure would set aside $3 million for one program. supporters say the timing of the bill is important because of president trump's proposed travel ban that critics say targets muslims. the labor department says there are 5.7 million job openings across the country, close to the record number of 6 million set last july. so on the positive side it means employers are hiring and workers can be confident about switching jobs, but some employers are struggling with finding skilled workers. just when you get comfortable wearing short sleeves, then the weather says i
5:46 am
like your warmer clothes better. look at how thick the marine layer is, above 3,000 feet. that means the clouds are topping the 2,600-foot camera here. a chance of drizzle tomorrow morning. some of us are going to have a little slickness to deal with when we drive to work. light rain possible in the north bay, and breezes are getting faster for friday, saturday and mother's day on sunday. up to 40 through parts of the delta. it's a noising morning for some folks. your neighborhood, 65, to only 68 degrees. that's in san jose. 61 to 67 on the peninsula today. and look at the raw day at the coast. mid-50s there and maybe blowing sand. barely 60 downtown. san francisco, free air-conditioning there. 63 to 68 through the north bay valleys. 62 at berkeley. got richmond, hercules, oakland,
5:47 am
and fremont and castro valley, 66. our last stop, 68 to 72 degrees. tonight, low to mid-50s again and everybody with cloud cover and the best chance of drizzle along the coast in the east bay hills. the fastest breezes and coolest days will be moderate, and a chance of on monday. i want to zoom in on the traffic maps, a couple slow spots. a lot of green, which is a good thing if you are headed out to start your commute. we are heavy on the typical spot along highway 4 between and concord. those volumes are starting to ramp up a bit. one new collision, westbound 80 just past papa traeur yo avenue. potrero. no delays in the area, and sounds like that will remain a
5:48 am
minor issue. highway 4 to the maze, 19 minutes. up to 12 minutes across the bay bridge, and san francisco to sfo, you are in the green at ten minutes. i am hearing about a minor issue in the central valley and we'll check on that coming up next. happening right now, we are getting these images of secretary tillerson meeting survey lavrhra they a they are discussing ukraine and on syria, they are talking about how to de-escalate the violence there, and i will keep an eye on the meeting under way right now. that's it here at the live desk. back to you, natasha. >> thank you.
5:49 am
we now know when musk will start selling solar panels, and the answer is this afternoon. solar roof orders. and ten hours from that tweet is 11:00 this morning. he said practieorders would stan april, and that did get delayed. the other two won't be available until early next year. undocumented farm workers could avoid deportation under a bill by dianne feinstein. she wants to allow farm workers who worked 100 days in the last two years to get a blue card. they could continue to work in agriculture for two years and then could apply for citizenship after five years. she's helping the looming shortage of farm workers. help alert the new warning for parents about how much benadryl you can safely give to
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how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. if you use painkillers you might want to listen to this. common painkillers ibuprofen could increase the chance of a heart attack 15 to 20% compared to somebody not on the drugs and that's regardless of how much you take them. researchers say doctors and patients should weigh the harm and benefit when prescribing the
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painkillers especially when more than a couple of days. and then competing with alaska airlines. san francisco is one of united' biggest hubs and will use bigger airplanes out of sfo, so consumers like you and me can only hope the increase of seats and flights will decrease the fares. on friday one coffee store will pour you a cup of joe and you don't have to pay anything. pete's will run this from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon, and you can pick any drink you want and any size you want and there's no charge. pete says it's starting summer early with the biggest kickoff ever. >> don't ask for a unicorn frappuccino. >> no, they don't have that, and neither does starbucks, thank goodness. >> three new otter
5:54 am
display at the zoo. mom looks exhausted and is always looking to escape her children. >> she is kicking water in their face. just note that. >> she gave birth to two girls and a boy in february. they are still at her at all hours of the day. they are starting to eat solid foods like fish, and their dad, wyatt, is nowhere to be found and was brought in three years ago from texas as part of a breeding program and needs to help rose out a bit. >> she said, i don't want flowers, just five minutes of peace. the topic of an opera that could be performed right here in the bay area, and its taoeugitle revolution of steve jobs. it's the creation of the santa fe opera. take a look.
5:55 am
>> we're the opera part? anyway, the composure of this music has a phd from cal. the opera premieres in new jersey in july and focused on the relationship jobs had with those closest to him. i guess i was ipad or something like that, but that's not what i got. >> it's like complex layers of competing harmonies. i imagine that's what went on his head, too. all the thoughts in his head competing for his attention. and then the we can wrap up series, a win with a win today. let's take a look at some of our neighborhoods. 68 in oakland. you will not be that warm today
5:56 am
all the way through next tuesday. how about livermore? your average high, 76. nope, as warm as it gets, tomorrow at 70. and then napa, average high, 76, you may get to 70 and 71 saturday and sunday and that's as warm as it gets. a cool stretch, alexis. we are doing okay on the roads still this morning. one minor issue reported in the last few minutes, heavy as ubl getting out of the central value we. we have some type of hazard reported around grant line road, no details yet so working on confirming that and it sounds like one lane is blocked by whatever that is. and we are up to 10 miles of heavy traffic. that could be a little slower. not looking too bad through walnut creek, 680 still looking okay. drive times coming up at 6:00. a teenager from reno has the
5:57 am
most retreats of all-time because of his love for chicken nuggets. he tweeted a celebration, and he asked how many retreats would it take for him to get chicken nuggets for a year, and wendy's said 18 million, which is almost impossible. wendy's says he earned his nuggets. wendy's donated $100,000 to the dave thomas foundation which helps finds home for foster children. and then officials investigating a string of suspicious fires that destroyed several cars. a wildlife rescue in the a wildlife rescue in the
5:58 am
the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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almost 6:00 a.m. welcome and thanks for being here on wednesday, may 9th.
6:00 am
>> warning. do know go out in shorts. >> breezes are out there and the temperature drop and the fact that we are not going to see much sun the next couple of mornings, either. >> good. i hate sun and warmth. >> really? >> yes. i would love living on the moon. >> the joys of san francisco. for the rest of us, look at the winds on doppllive doppler 7. 25 at concord, and 33 at fairfield. here's the marine layer up around 3,500 feet. and changes this morning, we hang at the mid-50s at the coast and 60s at noon and 50s and 60s by 7:00, so grab a coat and once that sun sets we're back in the 50s. we will talk about a chance of rain tomorrow. here's alexis. >> reggie is man he had to put


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