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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 11, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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investigation into russian meddling, president trump welcomed the russian ambassador into the white house, and commenting on why he fired james comey. >> he was not doing a good job. >> james comey wrote this, i am not going to spend time on the decision or the way it is executed and i hope you won't either. the sudden decision less than a week after the white house said they had confidence in comey. >> the president lost confidence in director comey and he had been considering letting director comey go since the day he was elected. >> abc news learned days before he was fired comey requested more resources for the russian investigation, and the white house implying there's nothing left to investigate.
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but comey's firing only raising more questions. >> when you have the president fire an fbi director when there's an active investigation going on there are questions that needs to be answered. >> and then the white house saying it's how comey investigated hillary. >> i think it's all about russia, it's not about hillary. >> and even postponing all senate hearings yesterday to make a point, and now at least one republican is considering it. >> more protests like this one in san francisco are planned today in reaction to comey's firing. a crowd gathered outside feinstein's office so she will push for an investigation on trump's team. we got a new look at the
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shooting involving san francisco officers at a san francisco subway restaurant. police showed this body camera and surveillance video of last week's encounter. the suspect walked behind the counter, stabbed a restaurant worker. officer cha shot and killed the man. he also shot and injured a man in january and he is on paid administrative leave. th they posted the video on our website so if you would like to view it yourself you can go to i am following developing news out of new orleans right now. after another confederate monument came down, hundreds turned out to watch the confederate president be taken down overnight. there were protesters on both
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sides, and many people cheered as the statue came down, but people also are upset this is happening. this is the second of four monuments the city plans to remove. workers covered their faces and were wearing bullet proof vests and there have been threats made against those trying to take part in the removal. and then a cal rugby player was paralyzed during the he had to be taken off the field in a stretcher. doctors performed emergency surgery and he's paralyzed from the waist down. a prayer service will be held at 8:00 on the campus. we are monitoring the gofundme page, and it has $100,000 from when we checked it yesterday for you, and if you would like to help we have a link for you on our website,
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happening today tuniversity of california regents are showing janet napolitano took part in misleading budget practices and extravagant spending. auditors concluded her office hid the money at the same time they were voting to raise tuition for the first taoeuplg in six years. they are expected to hire a consultant to investigate the discoveries. ac transit will continue service at least for one more year for the schools. they came up with a deal to keep the $2 million service going, and it was threatened because neither side wanted to pay for it, and both contributed money to keep it running. and oakland schools has a
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new leader. it was a story we told you about through a push alert on the news app. she worked 18 years for the district. they still have to hammer out the details of a contract. and then charged with a charge of child pornography. the 28-year-old hod court yesterday. abc7 news spoke with one of the parents that said hodges offered to baby sit their son. >> we trusted him how to teach our child in deep water how to swim. >> they fear his son could have become a victim, and the
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school said police had no evidence hodges injured any students. and a boy did manage to break free and the attacker is genetic. an adult man wearing a gray hoodie and blue skwraepbgz. pg&e crews will start removing towers. pg&e has completed its inspection of all 46,000 electric towers in california, and 6,000 were found to have some degree of pealing lead paint. they are focusing first on towers in homes, schools and parks. crews will start working on a new expansion project on the downtown san francisco ferry terminal. that's what it will look like.
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several new gates will expanded service, and people are hoping the upgrades will improve wait times there. and the project is said to be completed in 2019. pedal power will rule the streets. it's national bike to workday. one of the most popular biking events of the year, and hundreds of energizer stations will be set up to give bikers snacks, drinks, and the goal is to get more people to commute on bikes. we have a list of the event happening on our website, >> how is it for them to bike to work? >> chilly, absolutely, and cool in the afternoon and a little breezy at times. a 20-mile-per-hour wind up at the top of the sutro tower. and there you go, that's your first highlight in our activity planner. if you are going to be on the water, calmer than yesterday. maybe walking the dog, and sprinkles across the north bay are possible. walnut creek, the temperature
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today will be cooler than average in the 60s once again and watch out for high amounts of tree and grass pollen. burn time, about 15 to 20 minutes. slower than yesterday because of a few more clouds in the sky. san francisco, 51 to 53 degrees in most of our neighborhoods. warmer in the financial district, about 54. you can see low to mid-50s just about everywhere this morning, and the cooler spot, daly city, you are 49. here's what is going to happen today. a slight chance of drizzle at the coast but notice the rain moving into the north bay by 9:00 in the extreme northern sonoma county, a few sprinkles out ahead of that and light showers at noon in the north bay and then maybe a random shower in the santa cruz mountains, and look at the rainfall amounts, just about nothing. we will talk about your microclimate highs when we come back in a minute. here's alexis. no major issues to talk about, just overnight construction projects wrapping up. one of the early slow-down spots
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is highway 17 around the c statues. we had crews out there for s several hours, and it was scheduled to go until 5:00, so maybe 20 minutes ahead of time and we are in the green in both directions so you should not hit any delays. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, wide open across the lanes there so no issues and of course we have a little less than an hour before they flip the metering rights on. and we will check on the central valley coming up next. bay area police officers are buzzing off their hair. this is more than just a style statemen statement, their moving show of support. why immigration critics say it's an accident that never it's an accident that never should have
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>> announcer: "abc7 mornings." all news, all morning. a dui crash left a boy injured in san diego. police say the man t boned another car on saturday. inside the lake family that just left disneyland and were a block from home.
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the 6-year-old suffered severe head trauma and his parents were not hurt. >> he asked, why am i so jacked up. i told him, you know, he's going to get better, and he'll go home soon. >> doctors expect the boy to make a full recovery. immigration officials say the driver has been arrested twice and deported 15 times in the last 15 years. mail theft is spreading so fast some people are giving up on their mail boxes altogether. and many have lost access to the mail because vandals pride over the doors of cluster mail boxes and they have had to go to the branch post office to pick up their mail or catch the carrier has they are driving down the sleep. they are renting mail boxes because of the fear of identity theft. >> that is pitful.
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later this morning you can pick up a free car flag. >> the dubs are encouraging people to use them tomorrow to celebrate flag friday tomorrow. and curry and company are off today as they wait to see who they are going to play in the finals. if the spurs close out the rockets tonight in houston, golden state will play on monday. dub nation, we want to share your playoff excitement, and use #dubso #dubson7 when you post your pictures. >> i posted my picture yesterday and have not seen it. if you are in san rafael, many officers buzzing off their locks. and this is not just a style statement, it's for a really
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good cause. >> hang around the san you may notice something with the police. >> is this a new look in the department. >> yes, it is. >> as it turns out there are many san rafael police and firefighters who have lost their hair, and it happened right here. >> a huge act of love. absolutely. >> cutting hair in the shop on 4th street in support of officer o'toole who has been fighting breast >> and that is the officer before he sat down in the chair, like at least a dozen others. it's a show of solidarity who is promoting cancer awareness.
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>> officer o'toole has been with the department 11 years and she never expected such an outpouring of love and support, but as she goes this, so do they. >> i feel great. feels a little chilly outside, though. >> and nothing but warmth inside, actually better. in san rafael, wayne friedman, abc7 news. >> i love that story. >> we wish officer o'toole the best. >> looks like she is doing well. let's go over to mike to hear what weather has in store for us. >> they may want to wear a cap the next couple of days as the breezes will get a little extraordinary. that's a great story. here's uplifting news this morning, also. your commute will be quiet weather-wise. you can see 280 and 17. sprinkles possible across the north bay. bright, windy and coolest
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tomorrow and sunny for mother's day. 20 at fairfield. remember it was 35 or 36 yesterday, so not quite as fast as it was. again, not quite as bad as yesterday. 66 in milpitas, and 69 in san jose. your microclimates on the peninsula, mainly 60 to 68. and much cooler and cooler air will shoot through the gap. mid to upper 50s along the coast today and into downtown san francisco. mid to upper 60s, barely 67 in napa, and everybody else around 64 degrees. 63 to 67 along the east bay. and our last look, about 67 to 70 inland east bay. my accuweather 7-day forecast, windy and cool tomorrow and bright and breezy on saturday, a little calmer and sunshine for mother's day on sunday, and showers have been pushed back to tuesday. we are really quiet out there so far today to kick off
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the thursday morning commute and there we go, we have one, two, three, four vehicles coming across the westbound side of 580 on the richmond san rafael bridge. a quick check of drive times, tracy to castro valley, first one in the yellow at 44 minutes. and then 101, highway 85 to san jose airport, 12 minutes. and then looking ahead to the weekend, b.a.r.t. riders, check this out. unfortunately if you are going to be in oakland you face another round of service disruptions because of this, and this is video from b.a.r.t.'s last weekend, and no trains will be running between the fruitvale and lake merritt station saturday and sunday, and a free bus bridge will be in place but if there's a warrior's playoff game on sunday the work will be put on hold. we will keep you updated on that. next update coming up just
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before 5:00. how does a parked car burst into flames? it has happened multiple times even here in the bay area. what the manufacturer says, could you be at risk. 7 on your side joint investigation and that's tonight at 11:00. walt disney's original concept for disneyland is going up for auction, and it can be yours if the price is right. it shows many of disney's ideas for the park that would open two years later. he used the sketch to show investors for the park he wanted to call disneyland. auctioners expect the map to go for as much as 1 million bucks. my birthday is in september, natasha, so if you -- >> i need to save my pennies now. >> it's a quite large amoumap, it's worth the money. and then the dmv crackdown
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on the abuse of placards, and what he wants to force the department to do. and exercise could keep you healthy and admiring yourself in the mirror. and a dozen sharks off the coast of california. the lawsuit against online real estate site zillow. the tool which estimates how much the profit is worth, and she wants zillow to remove or modify the assessment of her property. >> and then losing $2 billion between january and march and that's twice as much money as the company lost last year. >> user growth is slowing as it competes with users with video features on facebook. ticket master now offering customers an exact view of what it would looks like from your seat on 100 venues.
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>> it's a sneak peek on where you will sit, and it's available on the website and mobile app. on the website and mobile app. >> but can they
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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>> announcer: now a live desk update. >> announcer: on "abc7 mornings." >> i am monitoring a dangerous situation in trenton, new jersey. there's a police standoff happening now in its 25th hour. this is a live look here at the area where you can see some
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police there walking on the sidewalk still monitoring the suspect that is barricaded inside a home right now. i do also want to show you what it looked like yesterday throughout the day. the man open fire on police as they served a search warrant. he also killed a by stander and injured two officers. they actually sent a robot in to deliver a phone to the gunman so they are trying to communicate to the person in hopes this all ends peacefully. the nearby homes, as we take another quick look at the live image, you can see there's lot of homes in the area and those have all been evacuated. i will keep an eye on the situation and let you know if anything develops during our tpha newscast. back to you. if you want to feel or possibly look younger, and all of us have our hands raised, work out consistently and a lot. a new study out of brigham young university that suggests that extensive exercise may slow the
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biological clocks despite your age. age. study for break down biological. extensive exercise may help your cells young. and then authorities will decide if it's safe to let swimmers go back into the water. 15 great white shocks were spotted from long beach to orange county. crews and boats tried to scare the great whites off, but the sharks did not get the message. they are about five to six feet long and so they are juveniles and are attracted by the food, halibut. and have the hoodie ready.
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dropping down to 54 tonight and a little breezy. i thought we would get a sneak peek at your mother's day forecast. if you are making plans, 7:00 in the morning, 48 to 52. by noon mainly sunny. temperatures 56 to the coast, mid-60s for the rest of us will be comfortable, away from the coast, and near the coast at 60, and breezy in the afternon hours. fur he make sure mom dresses warmer. we are looking good on the roads so far this morning. i did just get one more issue in, and if you are traveling through the gilroy area, northbound 101 near monterey road, getting reports about a three-car crash sitting in the hov lane right now and that's going to be a tough spot for something blocking if it's there for long. and westbound 92 here across san mateo bridge, we are wide open so if you are just about to head out the door you should have a smooth commute. we will take a look at the bay
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bridge drive coming up in less than ten. than ten. a bay area proposing that the dmv will be conducting quarterly audits proposing that the dmv will be the placards. a statewide crackdown last month led to 417 citations to drivers caught illegally using the placards. and even want to conserving water even though we are out of the drought because your utility bill. >> you know the insurance companies would have a powerful lob and would decimate you. >> the town hall over health care escalated real fast and this is one exchange you have to see. can a customs agents take can a customs agents take your phone and go through
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>> announcer: good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is "abc7 mornings." >> it feels like a thursday, and i think you are right, mike, the cool weather it's nice to sleep but it makes you want to sleep in. >> yeah, you want to snuggle up in bed and throw the alarm clock across the room. but you have to get up and go turn it off. and so far no reporting stations of any drizzle out there but the clouds are


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