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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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now at 6:00, breaking news in marin county. the search for a missing man is over. >> we just got word that robert rich has been found. let's get to amy hollyfield live for us in san rafael. amy. >> reporter: hi, natasha. they found him 25 miles from here at his home, hitchhiked from san rafael and got a ride home. this is 71-year-old robert rich. he disappeared last night. his car is in san rafael and they found it along with the keys inside of it and he wondered away from it and suffers from dementia. 21 members headed out to look for him and they were about to call in the second team when they got the call from his wife, and that happened just about 20 minutes ago, that he worked into the door of their home, and he is safe and he is okay. they are not sure what he did all night.
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they have a police team headed to his home right now to interview him to find out more details. reporting live in san rafael, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. let's go over and check in with mike nicco and our weather for today. >> sprinkles are still in the forecast and little breeze today but not like yesterday. 57 at the coast, and the rest of us in the mid-60s, about 65 with sprinkles possible in the north bay. those will fade by 4:00 and those will fade by 4:00 and leaving us at 57 and 68. 6:00, cooler. we did have reports of a collision, the fourth lane from the left and i never spot it on the camera and it was right before you get to the toll plaza, and i think it's clear. looking average through the maze this morning.
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westbound 580, tracy to dublin, we are up to 58 minutes. more on that coming up in a few. southbound 680 bouncing back, so dublin to mission boulevard about 29, and 85, you are in green demanding action after james comey got fired. yesterday protesters chanted outside of dianne feinstein's office in san francisco. and democrats are suspicious about the timing of the firing. just days ago comey requested more money and agents for the investigation into russian interference of the election. democrats postponed all senate hearings yesterday to make a point. >> the decision to fire comey raises questions about the appropriateness and timing of firing the person in charge of an investigation that could -- i
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won't say would, but could implicate the administration. >> despite calls for a special counsel, republican leaders are not budging, and mcconnell says a new investigation would impede the current work being done. filing murder charges after a body was found behind a concord chuck e. cheese's. a man killed a 66-year-old over the weekend and the victim was found at 9:00 on saturday morning. law various remains in jail on more than a million in bail. investigators say a truck hit a 6-year-old in the crosswalk at o'hara avenue on tuesday afternoon. the child got hit in the leg and is expected to be okay, and then the suspect ran a red light and kept going. the car appears to be a ford ranger. if you recognize the truck,
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contact oakley police. and then mourning the loss of a teammate who they called a rising star. he died on monday from an infection he got from a cliff diving accident a week ago. his friends say he got caught up in a gentleman. >> another gentleman jumped in and down the double trail, and stripped down into his underwear and pulled him off the bottom. we put him on my surfboard and took him into the beach. >> the 19-year-old coach said he was a talented player and a fantastic person, and the earthquakes are offering their condolences. right now they are just under $13,000, and if you would like to help we posted a link on our website, detectives say this man shot and killed a 23-year-old man near the contra costa fair grounds. this happened on april 2nd.
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the suspect is described as a white man between 20 and 30 years old. years old. closed. a statement was issued that the store has been cleaned and disinfected. and then a resized budget plan expected about 10:00 a.m., and then a month of private negotiations over the final budget. we will send you push alerts with details on the pwepblget as soon as it's out. and then after school programs could face a new challenge yesterday. the change hitting your bank accounts. the nation's oldest park ranger, and now betty is getting a special honor from a local college. why she says this is a dream come true. a live look outside this
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the cloudiness and delays averaging 54 minutes. those are arrival delays. here's a look at your commute. on the bay, not as breezy today. stray shower possible on the north bay today, and mass transit, cool all day. go most of us in the mid to low 50s this morning. here's a look at what will happen today. 7:00, a few sprinkles possible in the north bay and a little steady rain will continue through the morning commute, and by noon a few stray sprinkles possible in the north bay up until 4:00, and then most of us will see increasing sunshine as we get towards the sunset at 10:0 good morning, mike. i want to head out to the tri valley. we have a multicar crash reported and not many other details and sounds like it's on the shoulder but we are seeing a backup where we typically don't
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so that leads me to think we have at least one lane down. typical delays out of tracy, 205, 15 miles per hour. clouds and haziness around golden gate, and no major issues if you are coming from the north bay. we will check drive times at 6:20. parents will have to pay for after school and summer programs. the san francisco unified school district plans to charge fees after it lost $3.3 million in federal funding. families will be charged between $50 and $500. what is helping extend lives for h aoeufplt srfpiv. and then getting past locked and then getting past locked doors minutes a
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it's 6:13. take a look at the disturbing video, it shows the murder/suicide from last month. he walks into the school's front office and briefly says something to the office staff and signs in. he told the staff he was there to drop something off for his
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wife, karen smith. a short time later he shot and killed her and killed an 8-year-old student and hurt another before turning the gun on himself. and your water rates may be going up if you are a east bay customer. the 19% hike will take place over the next two years, a 9.2% increase this july and then another 9% next july. there will be a public hearing on the hike at the district headquarters in july. now breaking news from the live desk. >> a warning for drivers in the east bay, for the third day this week, firefighters responded this morning to two separate car fires, both in brentwood. this was on highland way near sand creek road and the other was on hollow brook off of stone wood. these scenes are just a mile
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apart, and we are told the fires have been within just minutes of each other. both cars parked in driveways of homes and they are the fifth and four car fires in the bay area just this week. we had fires in walnut creek, lafayette and martinez. fire officials say the first three was suspicious. a new study finds young people with hiv are living longer thanks to improvements in treatment. they are expected to increase their life expectancy by ten years. experts say there are too many people who don't know they have the virus, and that's true in the developing world where a majority of the deaths because of the lack of access to drugs. a california legislature and the country's oldest national park ranger. >> and now she can add a new
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feather to her cap. she will receive an honorary degree from oakland's mills college. she grew up in oakland and always dreamed of attending the college but never got the opportunity. she is a tour guide at the rosie the riverdale world war iis home front national historic park in richmond. she has been through a lot. we have done a lot of stories with her in the past year or so. >> she was attacked in her home last year, and her presidential medal of honor was stolen, and she is on the mend and achieved her dream. >> she deserves her dreams. >> will she get good weather? >> sunshine and breezy. >> she can deal with that. a tough lady. >> yeah, some of the least she will ever have to deal with. you can see the clouds we talked about, so far waiting for some of the drizzle to materialize
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outside some of the higher elevations. and partly sunny today and cool and our best chance of a spray shower and sprinkles over the neck several hours. bright, windy and cooler tomorrow and we will stay cooler than average for the next seven on eight days. winds gusting to 36, and in fairfield yesterday, and the breezes will be out there in the same spots but not as aggressive as they were. they are aggressive enough to put daly city at 56, and downtown san francisco, 59. mission, if you are lucky, that's the warm spot and you are out there by yourself, around 60 degrees. 66 in oakland, and we'll into the south bay where it remains cool but dry. temperatures from 66, and santa cruz at 69 in san jose. brisk at the coast today, upper 50s there, and mid-60s along the peninsula. the bay side, 66 in san mateo.
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you can see a lot of cloud cover up there around santa rosa and that's our best chance for sprinkles to a stray shower. and coldest tomorrow, and the winds will hang around and temperatures warming a degree or two through mothers day. i want to head back to the south bay, or at least the gilroy area. we are starting to improve a little bit. we had a long-term blocking collision on northbound 101. that cleared about 20, 25 minutes ago. we are starting to see those volumes pick up in speed here but lingering westbound state route 25, you are down to 11 miles per hour. 18 miles per hour on northbound 101. starting to see improvement there. if you are about to head out and use that stretch of roadway, you should be getting better in the next few minutes. 101 off-ramp 680 in san jose,a high-speed crash. somebody was going about 110 miles per hour passing people in the center divide, and fortunately no injuries and that's in the clearing stages.
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and westbound 92, in the green, 17 minutes across san mateo bridge. westbound 84 looks good across dumbarton, you are looking at at nine minutes. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> amy robach is live with a look at what is ahead. >> coming up next here on "gma," new questions on the decision to fire director comey and the reports that the deputy attorney general rosen stein may have threatened to resign over being made a scapegoat. and then a tense situation out of a new jersey home. police engaged in a deadly standoff with a suspect that now has lasted more than 24 hours. one innocent bystander killed and three officers injured. it's graduation day for very special graduates and we will share their stories with you this morning to inspire us all, and it's coming up on gma.
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>> thank you, amy. coming up next, a warning about your in-box. michael finney explains what to do if you get a suspicious e-mail. a major california insurance company offering a free ride from lyft to get to the doctor. a live look from the walnut creek camera, and keep on top of weather and how far should pure alpine spring water have to travel from its source to the bottle? ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. take a look at the police chase in southern california. a bit of an unusual turn here, yeah, going into the gas station and headed straight into the car wash and he drove straight through and kept going and the suspect eventually did stop and surrender to police. time to ask finney. today, carolina from daly city asked about e-mails. >> a doctor from canada keeps sending me e-mail and wants me to order meds, and do i need to order or is it okay not to
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order? >> if i understand this correctly, run the opposite directi direction. if you received an e-mail from an alleged doctor who you never met before, it's a scam. doctors don't contact with you with a cure, you contract a doctor asking for a diagnosis. take care and thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your phone and share it on social media with #askfinney. santa clara based inindividuala delivering artificial driving cars. they will be able to whisk people around safely and comebly. it will enable toyota's vehicles to understand the data generated by the sensors on the car and
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handle a broad spectrum of situations. it will become a reality in the next few years. and then prompting an interesting conversation, if you are looking for love what is on the list of deal breakers? >> lots of things, but 40% of adults will not date somebody with bad credit score. surveyed 1,000 people and found women are three times more likely to consider a credit score a major factor and that's 7% of men comparebly. knowing somebody's credit score has a minor impact. how do you know somebody's credit score? >> on their tinder file, they will list their credit score while making duck lips. patients can ask their doctor's office to set them up with a lyft ride on demand or when you schedule an appointment
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and you don't need an app to do this. and the program is only available for patients who have coverage through their employer. pg&e crews will start repainting a lot of the transition towers in the east bay. the serious health hazard they are trying to ae hreuplg nate. a community offering hope and a prayer to a cal player paralyzed in a rugby game, and the tremendous support he is now getting. live images of a terrible school bus crash in missouri. i am gathering details and i will let you know what we know at 6:30. we have had a slowdown all morning. southbound 680 having a tough time bouncing back. we had a crash involving somebody changing their tie that was hit by another vehicle just before you get to niles canyon road, and it's 20 miles per hour. heavy on 580 even getting to 680, and we'll talk more about that coming up after the break. a look at sfo right now. a look at sfo right now. throughout the
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>> announcer: good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is "abc7 mornings." >> welcome to thursday, may 11th. the sun is coming up but it will not warm you too much today. >> it was cooler this morning, mike. >> going to be cool again this afternoon, and, yeah, not going to be as much sun because
6:30 am
there's a slight chance of you can see the cloud cover, but the best chance of reaching the ground right now is up near our sight in eureka. you can see it's cloudy there, and this is one of the areas that could have sprinkles this morning into the early afternoon hours. temperatures running in the low to mid-50s. we will stay in the mid to upper 50s in the coast and all 12 hours of the day planner, going to mid-60s at lunch. grab the sunglasses, you may need them. the temperatures in the 50s by 7:00, and they will be there by the time we get to 8:00. how about the commute this morning, alexis? >> heavy spots if you are cing >> heavy spots if you are cing in from the tracy area, and to 580, there's problems. we have at least onlooker delay, if not folks are slowing down and giving room as well and a
6:31 am
typical commute through the bay bridge toll plaza. a b.a.r.t. delays for oakland drivers. an at risk man has been found safe. police were so worried about him. 7-year-old robert rich walked into his house about an hour ago after hitchhiking from downtown san rafael. 21 members of the search and rescue team along with k-9 units were looking for hitch who suffers from dementia. he left a message that he was at san rafael city hall and he was shopping with his wife earlier but drove off when she went inside. the suv was found later with the keys in it. rich was nowhere to be found. >> officers are on the way to the home, and because his wife is the one that called us we are confident he is home and safe. >> no word on who helped him get home, but we are told he appears to be just fine. >> glad to hear that. a bay area artist says he
6:32 am
cannot believe how he was treated when coming back to sfo after an over matt keller a live. >> reporter: the aclu says this is a growing problem, more than 2,000 cell phones were searched in february alone, including one belonging to a local artist and professor. >> it's a very chilling experience. >> in february, u.s. customs and border protection pulled him aside at sfo and had returned home from belgium and he asked him about his art which is about oppressive governments, and he refused to tell them his password and the agents told him they could just take his phone. >> it was an unreasonable sarch. there was no probable cause. there was no warrant. >> the aclu filed a complaint
6:33 am
saying the incident not only violated the government policy but was unconstitutional. and a spokesperson says they cannot comment on pending litigation. matt keller, abc7 news. breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> following breaking news from the live desk, a terrible bus crash in missouri. this is in kirkwood, about half an hour west of st. louis. you can see the school bus went right off the road and down a ravine and into those trees. we don't know how many people are on that bus or if there were any children onboard. we are hearing one person may be trapped. emergency crews are on the scene right now and you can see a huge response there. firefighters using a chainsaw to cut their way into that bus. i will keep tracking the story and watching the live images for you and i will bring you new details as they come in. developing news from the
6:34 am
white house, president trump expected to sign an executive order that would set up a commission to alleged voter fraud and suppression. vice president pence will be the chair of the presidential commission on election integri y integrity. republicans and democrats would be studying vulnerabilities in the voting system and this is after the president claimed wide-spread voter fraud in the election and so far no evidence has emerged during that claim. james comey was supposed to be in the seat until the president fired him on tuesday night. days before he was fired comey requested more resources from the justice department for the russia investigation. the white house implies there's nothing left to investigate. >> the president had lost, again, like i said, he lost confidence in director comey and frankly he had been considering letting director comey go since
6:35 am
the day he was elected. >> democrats now insist a special prosecutor take over the russia investigation and postponing all senate hearings yesterday to make a point and at least one republican is considering it. more protests like this in san francisco planned today in reaction to comey's firing. they demanded feinstein push for a special investigation to look into russia and president trump's team. a prayer service will be held tonight for a cal rugby player paralyzed during the national championship game. he collided with another player shortly after the match began last saturday in santa clara. he had to be taken off the field on a stretcher and doctors performed emergency surgery and he's still smiling in his hospital bed even though he was paralyzed in the waist down. and the prayer service will be held at 8:00 tonight on campus.
6:36 am
we are monitoring the gofundme page this morning and it's up more than $100,000 from yesterday morning to $346,000 out of $1 million goal. if you would like to help we have a link on our website, and then a deadly shooting involving san francisco police officers at a san francisco subway restaurant. abc7 news was at the meeting. can you see the police camera and surveillance video of last week's encounter. the suspect here walks behind the counter and stabs a restaurant worker. this video is from the body cam a police officer is wearing. you can see the officer shot and killed the suspect. cha is the same officer that shot and killed a man in january and he is on paid adm leave which is what happens in these cases. antioch police searching for a man accused of robbing a bank
6:37 am
inside of a crowded supermarket. the robbery happened at 1:00 afternoon at wells fargo inside that safe way on deer valley road in hillcrest avenue in antioch. you can see the police activity outside the store. a woman at the store requested medical attention and it was not clear if she was hurt by the robbery suspect. and then reviewing the findings of a state audit and that audit found president napolitano's office stashed a secret 1$175 million fund and took part in misleading budget practices and extravagant spending. the office hid the money at the same time the regents were voting to raise tuition for the first time in six years. uc regents are expected to hire a consultant to review the audit. and then chipping in to keep the bus service going to three
6:38 am
schools for one more year at least. the $2 million service was threatened because both sides didn't want to pay for it. last night they agreed to make financial contributions to continue the service. oakland police looking for somebody who may have tried to kidnap a child. a 10-year-old boy told police a stranger tried to grab him in the front of his house at 9:00 on tuesday night. the boy managed to break free. the description of the attacker is generic, an adult male with a hoodie and blue jeans. a 28-year-old nicholas hodges was in court yesterday and authorities found more than 600 files of child porn on his computer and cell phone. he was employed at the swim school in presidio and the house of trampoline air park. >> i trusted him to teach our
6:39 am
son in deep water how to swim, so we thought we could trust him in other instances. >> he fears his son could have become a victim had police not arrested hodges. the swim school says police have no actual evidence that hodges harmed any children. and pg&e crews will start to remove lead paint on transmission towers. in antioch alone 94 towers were found with lead-paint that was peeling. 6,000 were identified to have some degree of peeling lead paint. crews are focusing on towers near homes, schools and parks first. if you take a ferry to crews are working on a new expansion project, so we have
6:40 am
renderings we can pull up what the project will look like once it's complete. just imagine a rendering. there will be several new gates to support the expansion. the project is expected to be completed in 2019. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> i thought they were trying to paint a picture, reggie. >> i was trying to, but my mind skills not polished today. >> you did great. speaking of bridges, there you go. bay bridge mostly cloudy this morning. you may want to grab the sunglasses. biking to work today, cooler conditions and on the way home cooler than average. watch out for sprinkles in the north bay. going to the game tonight to at&t park, the giants and reds, breezy so dress appropriately. temperatures in the low to mid-50s along the peninsula and to daly city at 49. and you can see temperatures
6:41 am
mainly in the low to mid-50s. hayward is one of those that is warmer, 57 in los gatos. you can see the cloud cover over us through the 9:00 hour, and have not heard of much drizzle. and then scattered sprinkles to maybe a stray shower in the north bay. you can see increasing sunshine as we head through the evening commute. not much of a chance, alexis. >> not too much going on on the roads either. we don't have any significant problems, just starting to fill in in the usual spots. here's a live look outside southbound 680 through walnut creek, we have slowing so a lot of folks tapping the brakes as they head southbound. no major issues in that commute. emeryville, a report of a construction beam on westbound 80 around powell. i have not been able to spot that on our traffic camera here but it looks like we have heavy traffic so it could be just beyond the view and that's reportedly in the two right lanes, so be careful. chp does know about it.
6:42 am
a quick check of mass transit. we have a brief delay at the west oakland station for ten minutes and that was due to police activity and that has cleared and should be back to normal soon. taking a look at drive times in less than ten. >> anger over the republican health care bill is spilling over at community meetings across the country. >> it's because you know that the insurance companies have a p powerful lobby and would decimate you. >> that's the beginning of the heated exchange. we will show you you the rest. and why are some officers intentionally going bald? how does a parked car burst into flames? it has happened multiple times, even here in the bay area. shocking videos across the country and what the manufacturer says. could you be at risk? could you be at risk? a
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>> announcer: now breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> breaking news into the live desk, a big change for the boy scouts. the mormon church just announced it's pulling older teenagers from the organization. the church is the boy scouts largest sponsor and this will impact teenagers 14 to 18 years old starting next year, and possibly as 180,000 teenagers no longer able to participate
6:46 am
the boy scouts. the church says it's taking steps to develop its own scouts program. >> that is big news, thank you. a new rule that may impact what you put on your carry onbags including these. the trump administration expected to expand a ban on large electronic devices which is basically anything bigger than your phone, already in place from places headed to the u.s. from the middle east and africa. the homeland security executives will discuss expanding the ban. the original move was in response to terrorists could build bombs into laptops. and then removing confederate monuments this morning. after years of heated public debate and legal battles, recent court decisions paved the way to
6:47 am
relocate the monuments and crowds for and against the monuments rallied this morning. take a look at this medical bill, and one man expressed his outrage as a congressman that helped to pass the new gop health bill. >> when i am drowning and you insist i will pay you before you will save me, that's immoral, sir! completely! you have no legs to stand on. you want to make money off of me! if you are an insurance, you want money off of me! >> this town hall meeting hosted by tom macarthur took place in new jersey yesterday. it was supposed to be a forum where people could ask questions about the bill and it turned into this. the angry crowd barely let the congressman get a word in and he was grilled this way for five hours. a new baby monitor about to hit the market raised concerns about phraoerivacy. it can do a lot of things, and
6:48 am
some people say too many things. it will stream hd video of your child to your tablet or phone and also has a light, a speaker and a sound machine, and the device can turn on soft music if your baby starts crying. and child advocates believe it could replace bonding from the parent and mattel says it has strong encryption features and complies with laws protecting children's online privacy. more police sporting no hair at all. >> police and firefighters are cutting their hair in an act of support for officer leslie o'toole, who has been fighting breast cancer. >> officer o'toole has been with the department for 11 years. she said she never expected such an outpouring of love and support. >> feel great. chilly outside, though.
6:49 am
>> to touch somebody, that's why i became a police officer, to make a difference in individual lives. >> officer o'toole is promoting breast cancer awareness and does deserve the round of applause. >> thoughts and prayers for officer o'toole and her family. we have nice weather out there. we will see a little sunshine here and there but the weak cold front will kick up a few more clouds and keep us below average today. a chance of spray sprinkles in the north bay. and friday all the way through sunday, that's also going to spill into mother's day, at least it will be sunny and still cool. here's a look at the low pressure. you can see it spinning off the coast to our north. we are going to be stuck in the bowl of cooler than average air for at least the next seven days. and san jose at about 69 degrees. and 61 in millbrae. you are the exception, and
6:50 am
everybody else around 65 to 68 degrees. look at the coast, mid to upper 50s. will extend into downtown san francisco, 59. and along the east bay shore, about 63 to 67. from richmond to fremont, and oakland at 66. our valleys will be around 67. if you left the window open this morning, grab an extra blanket. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy at the coast. 7-day forecast, temperatures hovering around 70 throughout the breezy and sunny weekend and i pushed the chance of rain into tuesday's forecast, but it's not a great chance, no storm impact scale. taking a look at the roads here we have a crash reported westbound 580 around livermore avenue. we have not gotten details. three vehicles are involved in this and we are up to about a five-mile backup and that's close to altamont pass. we thought it was up on the shoulder, but still a lane down
6:51 am
and i know they needed a couple tow trucks. before we get to that point, typical delays on westbound 205 in twaeusy. in the red all the way up to one hour and 12 minutes for tracy to dublin. southbound 680, dublin to michigan boulevard, all morning it has been slow, and now in the yellow at 26 minutes, and 85, 101 another round of service disruptions because of this. this is video from b.a.r.t.'s last weekend. we will see something similar this weekend and no trains will run between fruitvale and lake merritt stations. a free bus bridge will be there, however if there's a warrior's playoff game on sunday that work will be put on hold. a bay area politician is introducing legislation to stop
6:52 am
californians from abusing the disabled placards and license plates. they would require the dmv to conduct quarterly odd kwreu a state-wide crack down last month led to 417 citations to drivers caught illegally using a placard. >> we are back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> before, your instagram of the day. you can see a lot more great photos and videos like this one, photos and videos like this one, even on a day
6:53 am
6:54 am
these are the seven things you need to know before you go. >> number one, break ing news, man with dementia has been found safe. he walked into his home 90 minutes ago after hitchhiking from san rafael where authorities were searching all night long and he is said to be fine. first responders just pulled the bus driver from a crashed school bus west of st. louis, missouri. 12 students were onboard when the bus hit a guardrail and went into a ravine. everybody has been hospitalized. number three, drivers in the east bay went up in flames in front of their homes.
6:55 am
firefighters responded to three other early-morning car fires this week. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was so upset the white house pinned the james comey firing on him, and he was on the tip of resigning. we still have a chance of drizzle in the next hour or so especially near the coast. a stray shower up in the north bay. for all of us, mid to upper 60s for highs. and it has been an average morning commute. no significant problems at the moment. we heard about a new crash within the bay bridge toll plaza, fourth line from the left so you are slow, back to almost 24th if you are coming on 580. 880 looks quite a bit better. thousands of cyclist will be on bay area roads for bike to
6:56 am
workday. the goal is to get more people to commute on their bikes. who biked to work today? >> this one. >> very impressive. >> we want to mention, there's a poll on our page, where is your favorite place to shop, and safe way is winning right now. >> so many options, though. i don't know who to choose. >> alexis is being totally service. it's one of her hobbies. >> true story. alexis smith is on the go every morning. >> avid runner. >> she's a newly wood. >> her sister's name is marin. >> because her parents lived here. >> true story. >> loves, halloween -- >> and michigan football. >> boy, has her world changed. >> she tackled bay area traffic like a boss. >> it's like she has secret traffic fighting powers. >> it's a better day when you
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking new details about why james comey was fired. sources tell abc news the president is the one that set it all in motion and the new report that the deputy attorney general threatened to resign. plus the farewell letter from comey overnight. deadly standoff. officers facing off with a gunman firing shots from this home killing at least one person. injuring three more. the battle lasting more than 24 hours. an abc news investigation. bmws bursting into flames. reports that dozens of one of the most expensive cars on the road have been mysteriously igniting while parked and even turned off. what is sparking the blaze? brian ross here with the new report. ♪ i need some good news an amazing survival.


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