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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 12, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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. it's may 12th time for great viral videos right this minute. >> we are hiking. >> a dangerous trek on mount everest leads to the greatest wedding photos of all time. meet the group and the photographer who wasn't so sure at first. >> i was the one that was like oh, all right. >> the crew knows there's no time to wait for backup. >> nope. >> how quick thinking heroes get ahead of a fast moving fire. puppies learn to tackle the stairs. >> i'm a little scared but i'll do it. >> the video we could watch all day. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. we break down the best on the web. including a mum playing a game
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not knowing her daughter has -- >> created her own card pieces. >> if only she recognized what she's actually reading. you heard me say before one of the best things i ever did was when i went trekking himalayas with my dad. you can see how high they are and you see the stunning valley behind them. the cool thing about it, sometimes you feel like you're in the indiana jones movie. going across this rickety bridge. >> oh, my stomach. >> the destination they were going to was legendary. you can see it right here. >> where are we? >> everest base camp. yeah, they spent about three weeks trekking, as you can do, to get to everest base camp. but not just for the bucket list
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item that it is. but so they could do this. >> yes! >> these guys trekked to base camp to not only get married but to get the greatest wedding photos of all time. >> give us the incredible story about this. we have the wedding photographer and james the groom. welcome to the show. where did the idea come from, how did it come about? >> actually followed charlton on instagram. we contacted him to see if he was available to go to the bahamas. he shot us back an idea out of the blue, how about attempting to go to mount everest base camp. i knew she was in love with the idea, concept right away. >> i thought it would be great to shoot a wedding at base camp. >> what was the contingency plan? weather there can be so unpredictable? >> we scheduled days if we need today wait weather out, there was two towns where we spent two nights.
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there was a big storm coming in and we elected to fly out on a helicopter to avoid the dangers of walking downhill on ice. >> even trekking to base camp, altitude sickness is a big thing. people have died doing it. do you have any troubles? >> i have falling asleep at nights y. would wake up gasping for air. i was offered oxygen, that was nice. >> talk about this picture, how long did it take you to compose it? it looks stunning. >> it was cold, it was between negative 5 and 5 degrees. it was cold enough to say get it done. >> i don't know how she got it done with exposed shoulders. >> you take these vows in sickness and in health? >> we had our vows memorized. i had to start over and do it again. i found it difficult. to remember my vows at 17,500 feet your mind is starvic for oxygen.
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>> when you look at the pictures, it's totally worth it. you guys have a one of a kind wedding. >> it's one thing to get married. instead of getting in a horse drawn carriage we hopped in a helicopter and slid off a mountain. in the case of an emergency, you want rescue crews to be there as fast as possible. in this case in summerfield florida, the rescuers were there. they were leaving the hospital and saw a flume of smoke and said we're going in that direction. here's the small problem, this is a rescue truck, paramedics, not that these guys aren't trained. however, they don't have all the gear they necessarily need. >> oxygen masks, two hand fools and that's it. >> no hose. >> nope. not yet, anyway. so that doesn't slow them down, not even a little bit. they get dressed up, grab what gear they can and start heading right towards this house fire. >> i guess the thought process is getting the people out there
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if they're inside. >> that's exactly right. they're going to do the best they can to get in there and start doing a right-hand search. in a situation like this, firefighters know to keep their hands on the wall and follow the outline of the room. >> flames ahead of us. >> and they're poking inspection holes as they go along looking to see where the fire is. has it extended into the attic, the walls. >> heavy fire. >> are there people inside? >> anybody in here? fire department, anybody? >> thankfully these guys make their sweep and don't find anybody. once they come out of the front of the house, there's backup. the ladder truck, and you guys are reacting to how quickly that fire advanced. you can see it in the landscaping out front. >> and yeah, that want it could move over to the neighbor's house. >> while the other guys get their stuff in, these guys can stuff with the hose. >> the guys saw it, they were there in minutes. the big truck was there in four
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minutes and it almost consumed the whole house. >> extinguishing the landscaping, their hoses, it gives them access in and out of the house. ten minutes. >> in case you ever are in the need to know how to paddle through an island. this is how you do it. we're going to go ireland. >> you're going to do the whole of ireland. >> he's going through this channel headed to the mouth of a cave. this is ian miller, we've had him on the show before. he took us to a lake under a lake. this is a theme he's got going on there. >> he's obviously exploring all the crevices of ireland. >> really is going to paddle right through that cave. he shows us exactly how -- this is low tide, obviously, so it allows him to do this.
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he's mapped out the entrance and exit. he knows what he's doing. he knows what it looks like. >> i'm scared already. >> you should be. if something goes wrong and the tide comes in you're done. >> he has a head lamp which allows him to kind of see. look at how tight some of these crevices are. >> i would be freaking out. >> a short time later you start seeing light reflecting on the water and then you see the light at the e. there it is. before you know it he's coming out the other end to yet another beautiful view. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'd need the buzz word. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by everyone for the ipad mini give away. you see in her back yard she has her towels hanging on the clothes line but they kept disappearing.
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she set up a camera. she has two dogs, obviously not doing their job. if somebody is coming to take the towels, the dogs should protect the property. >> some dogs are just too sweet for that. but who would take towels anyway? that's just silly. >> i'll show you who she caught taking the towels. >> is it burying them somewhere? >> it took the towel to the other dog because they're friendly like that apparently and then went back and got another one. >> sharing and caring. >> that's making the other dog an accessory. they share the guilt. >> you are so right. >> he did it. >> you just got to train the dogs to fold your laundry and then you've got the problem solves. >> you know what? you train a dog to do that send him my way. meanwhile, they've got puppi puppies, little black puppies going down the stairs. they all made it . one of them was able to get
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down, the erest of them were like, i'm out. this was them training leading up to the big accomplishment of getting able to be down. one is like i'll do the side and roll. >> it's something about puppies, anything they do -- >> falling down the stairs. one woman surrounded by 40 potential dates then. >> she started asking questions that are important to her. >> see if process of elimination will help her find a perfect match. >> i'm out, bye. >> oh! and. >> hello there, mr. bird. >> a bird flew on over. >> and all the places to land it picked that shiny spot. >> why this guy's head makes for the perfect perch. right this minute is brought to you by allstate. it's good to be in good hands. but what a powerful life lesson.
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available. icy hot lidocaine. the guys put together this video where they challenged this woman to find her match based on characteristics she likes or desires in a man off line-ish. >> because what they're doing they're putting her in the middle of a room with 40 men that fit the description that she has set. they're communicating via text message. she starts asking questions that are important to her. the first one that goes out, do you like taking selfies. she takes her own, sends it and one of the guys does get up and walk away. >> process of elimination here. >> that's what this game is going to become. >> are they answering truthfully or getting answers she knows she wants to hear. >> i was wondering the same thing except for this part. she wants someone who is nice and gentle and kind but a beast
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in the bedroom. and you will be surprised that someone actually does get up -- >> probably about 15 liars. >> what's a question that seems to cull most of the herd. >> she likes someone who is superfly in the style department. she wants him to look good. >> when she sends this message out baununch of guys are like o >> this is how the weeding out process goes in dating. not this precise. >> now there are only three guys left. she gets to one very important one. do they smoke. >> well, yeah, i'm out, bye. >> i knew i should have quit last week. >> the second one gets up and leaves meaning she's found her match. he's right there, right next to her. >> what do i do now? >> they say hello to each other. >> look how awkward. even after all those questions and they stand up they can
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barely look at each other. >> dating is awkward, especially when you're younger. she seems to be surprised how picky she realized she is. >> again, aren't we all? >> some of that stuff is important. >> someone will come into your life that's going to be a perfect match. you may be able to look at some of your friends and think one of them is that bird brained friend, you know? you got one -- >> don't look over here. >> present company excluded. if you're not sure who that guy is s refer to this video. >> hello there, mr. bird. >> look at the little birdie. >> there's water all around that boat it needed someplace to land. look, this is as good a place as any. >> they're 16 miles off shore in florida, out fishing. this bird, apparently, exhausted, poor little wings, tired. and of all the places to land, it picks that shiny spot right there. >> i don't know where he came from or where he's head.
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>> it tickles. is he going to stay on my forehead. >> bird is slipping down his dome there so he gets more nestled into his hair. maybe this one needed a break and that guy looked friendly enough to offer a perch. cats, they've ruled the internet for years for reasons ri like this. kitty wants to see what's going on. peeking between the blinds. i can see you. >> oh. hang in there, buddy. >> poor kiddy, a for effort, okay. try again next time. like father, like son. >> they're getting it baby. >> on the next right this minute. still to come, a bunch of mouse traps on a trampoline for one brave stunt. >> don't try this at home ladies and gents. >> i'm scared. >> see the super snappy results in super slow mo.
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promotional considerations provided by -- dry mouth can effect how your mouth feels and how you feel. discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. it's graduation season, when you hit that stage, you've got one moment to shine. these students do just that. everybody has a dance. >> yes, they do. and that's because this is the asu film dance and theater graduation. so these are the dance students and they just come out doing their ballet.
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>> not getting graded anymore, you already graduated but good job. >> now they're just high stepping. >> also, this brother goes by the name of jay morris, you call him #brothermorris. >> james morris, jr. >> a, a, a. >> tag a brother. >> but isn't that how you feel after you've graduated? no more midterms, no more finals, no more 15 page papers. >> yeah, you earned that dance. >> five, six years, go ahead two step. >> student loans. >> yeah. >> well, welcome to real life, folks keep dancing. the music's going to stop real soon. stan has a mouse trap. gav, has a high speed camera. because there's more than one mouse trap. got about a thousand maouse tras
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and a trampoline. and a lot of time. they're going to set up a camera and do something fun with this and all their mouse traps. >> i'm scared. >> the guys say it took them four hours to set all these up. here's why it took so long. >> oh, domino effect. >> bummer. >> all right, we got to start over again. set them all up. now they've got them set up, what do you do with them? >> fill the slot. >> right. >> dan draws the straw. >> it was nice knowing you dan. enjoyed your videos. >> there is a key piece of protective gear they wear that is miss. >> a cup. >> they don't realize it until afterwards no goggles. here goes dan.
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it almost looks like a speaker cone here? >> yes. >> he now starts to rebound as all the mouse traps start to fly up. it looks like most of them went off from the outside in. >> he's on the inside, so i'm thinking maybe he got a couple of snap snaps. >> i'm thinking the freeze frame is upside down should be like his profile picture. >> they got it. it worked. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need a buzz word and be 21 years old. >> head on over to >> enter on twitter, facebook or both. enter on each every day. >> let's reveal friday's
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buzzwabuzz word, it's sword. >> enter friday's buzz word sword. >> good luck, ashley sets up game night to share some news. >> wendy's not catching on. >> you got the last part, keep going. >> literally said it. >> why finally cracking the code makes for the ultimate win.
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i'm on a unicycle. thank you very much. >> stepping through a a lot of us have learned fun, innovative creative ways to break news to our question. and this woman wendy is playing mad gab with her daughter ashley. but ashley has created her own card piece. in this game they take words to create a sentence but not exactly the way it sounds. >> you see it when you read it slowly. >> because your brain and eyes are communicating something, right? got to let your ears catch up. >> wendy's not catching on. >> i am going to be a grandmother. >> you got the last part, keep going. >> i'm going to be a grand mother. >> you're over thinking it, grandma. >> did i just say -- >> at least somebody got it.
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>> i'm a grabby grandmother. >> she eventually said it. >> i'm not getting it right now. >> we are pregnant. >> she's saying it. >> but she sees this video she's like oh, my gosh. >> ashley and mason are pregnant. >> do you want to try this one again? >> she starts screaming. >> i'm going to be a grandma? no? oh! oh! >> aww. runs around the table, hugs her daughter, ashley. >> and i think she gets that she's going to be a grandma. >> pretty sure she figured it out. >> her little heart is going as fast as mine. >> that was without a doubt the best right this minute episode ever. at least until the next one, see you then.
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