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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 13, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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. >> this is abc 7 news. >> fire balls like it's raining fire balls. >> neighbors say the fire came from the sky as a large apartment complex under construction went up in flames in emeryville. and it's not the first time that building has burned. hello i'm eric thomas thanks for joining us. we begin with developing news on that fire. it burned quickly and fiercely waking neighbors and force s fire cruise to evacuate nearby homes. building is under construction, a mix retail and living space. the sky 7 shows us the flames are out but hot spots air real threat. and that's not only fear.
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we've been on the scene for nearly 12 hours now. cornell. >> reporter: eric, this fire raising a lot of questions, a lot of suspicions as well. firefighters you can see still on scene of in massive fire, watching hot spots and dousing flairups. and right nought big concern is this construction crane here melted by the fire now in danger of falling. firefighters have backed off a bit because of it. atf agents are also now on seen investigating yet another fire in the very same >> the fire was intense, a fierce wall of flames lit up the early morning sky destroying a million dollar condo complex under construction. very same project that went up in flames last july. >> it's the second time they burn it down. >> construction worker matt padilla in tears seeing the site where he worked turn to rubble. >> it's unbelievable.
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looks like somebody's against us. >> firefighters attacking the fire-alarm infern know from all sides with water. this smot from our camera shows just ow incredible the fire was. >> this was a wind-driven fire. we had embers that were traveling two blocks. >> those flaming embers made it to 36th street where it caught the roof of this home on fire. mandy couch lives next door. >> i had to water my roof because the wind was blowing this way and it's -- the fireballs like it's raining firebalances. >> ewhack wait neighbors were angry they were let back into their homes before it was safe. >> they should have hose down all these roofs and then let us come in. weir just luckitor aluf. >> nost yeara's fire caused $23 million in damage and displaced two dozen people. it was labeled suspicious rare cause still under investigation. as for today's fire. >> we can consider it suspicious, but until the fire investigators come and complete their investigation, we won't be
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able to say. >> sky 7 shows the rubble inside the fire scene, a twisted, crumb' willed crane now in danger of collapsing. >> reporter: fencing is going to be evekt recollect aid round this fire scene so make sure no one gets to too close. they're still not being allowed back home, 400 people we are told are still without power in the neighborhood. read the -- the davis reed the construction company on the project says it is saddened by the fire. they're awaiting more information from fire investigators. firefighters will be on the scene for the next 24 hours. we're live in emeryville, abc 7 news. >> a live look now from our emeryville camera at the fire scene. you can see that they've been periodically putting more water on the fire. the charred rubble and the scorch part of the crane you can
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see in this picture firefighters are expected to be out at least through the night. while it's unclear at this point if the developer will rebuild, here's a look at the building what it's spoekt expected to look like on renders on the developer's website. it's called the intersection and was designed to include 105 apartments and 25,000 square feet of commercial space. holiday development pesk e previously said the building would be a dynamic space for create tich entrepreneurs to work in network. it's on the side of the historic has building. we first notified people about this fire with a push alert for news up date anytime download the free abc news app and hit the push alert for instant know the if i kagsz. a man in connection way string of car fires was arrested in the east bay. it comes after two more cars were burned yet yesterday morning. a toyota suv was torched in laugh yet. investigators say they caught the suspect in the act. >> a 36-year-old man wa36-year-l
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in a residential area and as officers arrived in the area the suspect appeared to have possibly set a fire to a vehicle in a driveway. he was stopped a short dns away and was taken into custody without incident and taken to concord pd for interviews. >> the unnamed man will be charged with 43 separate counts of arson. his bail is more than $3 million. there were seven suspicious car fires this week in the east bay alone. a walk to help ease the pain of lose a loved one to violence took place today in the east bay. abc 7 news was in more reno park for the eighth annual walk for healing sponsored by 1,000 mothers to prevent violence. they issued a proclamation praising the organization for its work. participants know too well about the lurt that never goes away. >> i'm going to be stuck with the pain for the rest of my life because every time i think about it even right now talking about it it makes me all most want to cry. it makes me angry, puts had he in pretty much of a rage because i lost my son.
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>> wunl thousand mothers also advocates for states to provide a source of compensation for the financial losses of all victims of violent crime. san jose was the site of a health and wellness fair today who could really use it. victims of february's floods. abc 7 news was at the roosevelt community center on east santa clara street where they provided pedattic services, massage therapy but ploft of all it was a place to connect. >> people are open and willing to spend some time just reflecting on how we can do -- do better by our neighbors, be a community again and support each other and maybe learn something new. >> san jose was hit by its worst flooding in 100 years in february. coyote creek turned into a river and critics say the city failed to warn residents. president trump has a message today for hisor hisor hh david wright has more.
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>> reporter: tonight president trump left the white house grounds for the first time in nearly a week. >> we don't need a lecture from washington on how to lead our lives. >> the president gave the graduates at liberty university advice he might welcome himself. >> nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic. >> reporter: it's been a turbulent week at the white house, trump's firing of fbi director james comb michiganmy who was leading the investigation into russian meddling in the november election caused a firestorm. on air force one president trump told reporters he could name a replacement by the end of the week. >> i think the process is going to move quickly because almost all of them are very well known. >> back in washington, that search is well under way. a parade of potential new fbi directors walked into the department of justice to interview with the attorney general jeff sessions and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein.
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>> agent lee, how'd did it go in there? >> comey himself spotted outside his home. they tell abc news the former director is fur yos at the lack of respect the white house showed him in the end and there's that tweet from the president, james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. >> now a veiled threat towards the former fbi director, how far does he have to go? >> reporter: does that mean the administration has been secretly recording trump's meetings with comey? in an interview airing tonight on fox, trump had this to say. >> they can't talk become it, i won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest. >> reporter: not exactly a denial. david wright, abc news, washington. add more computers to the list of those affected in the world's largest hack attack. up next the latest country to be targeted and how it's dealing with the threat. >> this is the orange county
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sheriff's department. >> a group paddleboarding out on the water in southern california gets a warning call to immediately evacuate the water and we'll show you wye. showing the bright but breezy start to the weekend and in the coming hours i'm tracking not only spring showers but you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
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they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] developing news on that huge global cyber extortion attack believed to be the biggest of its kind. brazil reports the attack has hit its social security system, state-owned oil company and foreign ministry. all have disconnected their computers. dozens of countries were affected yesterday by the attack
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that held user's files for ransom at hospitals, governments agencies. its is abobserved 60 sfooen with russian, ukraine and taiwan the top targets. >> attacking a loophole in the microsoft software and exploiting tools that were stolen from the national security agency. >> the mall wear virus is known as want to cry and it starts with a simple fiching e-mail that spreads like wildfire. they making security fixes for older systems and cyberscurity individuals are working on fixes themselves. this is a live look at the airport, if you're flying out of sfo this weekend, be sure to check your status it's closed its second longest runway for the work. it is expected to reopen tomorrow at noon. they say repairs should be completed by june 5th ahead of the busy summer travel season. if you're taking bart today, expect delays traveling through
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oakland. they have shut down service between fruit veil and lake merit stations. they say passengers should expect delays ranging from 20 to 40 minutes. regular service will run tomorrow to accommodate golden state warriors tans. and if you're not lucky enough to good to tomorrow's game, abc 7 is the place to watch game 1 the western conference finals. coverage starts at noon with tip off from oracle at 12:30. the warriors hosting the san antonio spurs followed by after the game mike shumann, former warrior and warriors free and post game analyst carry dakotaing. that's tomorrow right here abc 7. people fed their bellies an nourish nourished their souls during a festival in the south bay. we'll take you to a unique experience of cuisine, culture of south india, next. temperatures today some 5 to 10 degrees blow normal. we do have warmer
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abc 7 news was there for the fest at santa clara fairgrounds. it's an event that celebrates indian cuisine and culture. the festival commemorates india's 70th birthday it achieved independence from england in 1940 zpen. besides dance crew, they offer face painting, jumpers an an essay contest. a drawing will also be held for airline tickets to india. here's one thing you don't want to hear when you're paddleboarding out in the ocean. >> you're paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white shorkz, they're you exit the water in a calm manner. the sharks are as close to the surf line. >>the sharks were so close to the shore in orange county that people with cell phone cameras
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on the beach could see fins cutting through the surface of the water. the sheriff's office that released this video says no one was hurt. there were several shark siektings this week. now your accuweather forecast. >> and in accuweather today it's a great brate start to the weekend but those winds are active and they will stay active through the evening. live doppler 7 showing you've got bright sunshine outside, a clear scan. live doppler seven getting the day off. so a live look from sfo right now showing you the tree in the bottom of your screen, they are moving, the camera is shaking, those winds are actually increasing through the day today. look at our peek wind gusts so fr. the highest right now at sfo at this hour, 45 miles per hour, that's why the camera is shaking so much. nevada clocking 37 miles per hour, san jose 30 miles per hour
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wind gusts today and 28 miles per hour. right now you can still see that wind very busy, 38 miles per hour currently at sfor 20 miles per hour at mountain view, 20 nevada, and 24 at half moon bay. it's all about the wind direction. notice the wind is coming off of the ocean water. that ocean water sitting at 53 degrees. that's having a huge influence on our temperatures right now. we are well below normal for this time of year. right along the coast we're sitting in the 50s. 59 in half moon bay, 58 san francisco, 64 oakland, the same in san jose and right now the warm spot is ante okay at 70 degrees. the call overnight tonight we'll have that breeze with us, mainly clear skies in the north bay, a few puffy kum mu lous clouds in the south bay, but overall temperatures sitting in most sports in the 40s as we get you out the door tomorrow morning. all about mom on your mother's day tomorrow. going to be a nice day looking you see sun and clouds at 7:00 in the morning but it will have that breeze continuing through
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the afternoon. so that breeze is sil going to keep temperatures well below normal for this time year. very similar to where we are sitting now tomorrow afternoon. however, there is the chance of a sprinkle in our hills. a weak ripple of energy is is going to move through tomorrow afternoon. by 1:00 future weather showing you around mount hamilton there could be a sprinkle. then the evening hours the chances in the hills and north bay. pu 99% of the region will remain dry. highs on sunday it's going to be a chili finish to the weekend. 66 oakland, 60 in san francisco, 68 in napa, 60 antioch, and that wind will continue 20 to 40 miles per hour on your sunday. as we get you into early next week there's a chance of a sprinkle once again in the north bay, future weather showing you late tuesday night, 9:00 at night there's that chance right along the coast, but it evaporates as we go into early wednesday morning. and behind that system we will warm up a rather rapidly.
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the uk cue weather forecast mother's day bright, breezy where are cool. continue that trend monday, there's that chance tuesday and then all about warming temperatures through thursday, friday, saturday. if i were mike shumann i'd take the seventh day off and go -- >> oh, mike shumann. >> he's back. >> i didn't see him in a while. >> actually i had those two days off already. if you didn't see the giants win last night which happened at 12:44 they got about ten hours rest after their 17 inning affair and look who's
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>> now sports with mike shumann. >> believe it or not warriors and spurs have now faced each ojer in the postseason since 2014, a four-year drought. this is the matchup everyone wanted and it tips off tomorrow 12:30 on mother's day at oracle right here on abc 7. steve kerr was back at practice today were good to see him out and about but he will not coach in the series as of now. it's the first time he's been around the players in about a week although he's been a big part of the preparations. >> he misses being around the day-to-day routine and atmosphere and practice and games and all that, so for him to just have the energy and the ability to be here means a lot. so hopefully he's feeling better. >> it was great to see him out here, especially during practice walking around and talking to guys. you know, you really enjoy that
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because he's our leader, you know, and he's the guy that laid the foundation and got everybody heading the right direction and so, you know, the more he can be around, it's the better feel that all of us have. >> when you're done with your mother's day brunch turn it on at 12:30 and watchatch coach carry dakotaing at oracle hope to see you then. he twisted his anc until game five, missed game six in houston and gregg popovich said he will play tomorrow until game one. bad news for the doves but one man does not make a team. >> the giants and reds technically playing two today because the game didn't end until after midnight. last night was a 17-inning affair ended on a posey walk-off homer. it enld at 12:44 a.m. so since you may have missed it, here it is. >> high drive, left field, it it
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outta here. >> the latest walk-off homer in innings in history. a game that will features no relief pitchers, spawn and juan mara shell went the distance. posey also cut all 17 innings to well earned day off for him, so reds again today mother's day pink uniform, bottom first brandon belt a pure splash hit, 1-0 giants. bottom two, just continue ra januaryio, the dead center of the 399 into the veggie garden for his first homer as a gientd, 2-0. now top 7, scorch dollars one back in the right place in the right time on a day when they needed it more than 7 and a third gave up just one run. then top nine derek law on to close. hits it off the side of the mound, no problem for crawford, giants twin 3-1 just the second
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time this year they've won two games in a row. we'll tee it up at the player's championship on the pga tour coming up at 6:00 and we'll see you then. eric. >> all right. thanks allot. still smold ergz fire crews continue to put out hot spots
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coming up, new on abc 7 news at 6:00 what health officials
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blal on an explosive outbreak. the alameda county fire chief is calling this fire suspicious. early this morning flames erupted at an apartment complex under construction in emery ville. this same site burned last july in a fire that is also still under investigation. embers damaged at least four nearby homes. there's also concern tonight that a damaged crane at the site to topple. this is looking live at that crane right now. from fire departments to viewers at home we've been seeing a lot of people share fire images and video on social media. as always when you see breaking news where you live, share it with us using the #abc 7 now we'll have a live report coming up on this at abc 7 news at 6. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. thanks for inviting us into your homes 379d see you right back here at 6:00.
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>> tonight breaking news. the hostage situation inside an american hospital. an inmate there to be treated stealing an officer's gun and taking a nurse hostage inside the emergency room. s.w.a.t. teams on the scene. global hack. the biggest cyberattack ever. the virus crippling hospitals and businesses across the globe and here at home. the hackers demanding a ransom. the race to stop the threat. trump's top cop, the president announcing a new fbi director is on the way. our cameras tracking the potential candidates. inside the inferno. the dramatic body cam video showing authorities entering a house on fire. the frantic rush to save the residence and the fashion icon tragedy, kidnappers targeting


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