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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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still smoldering tonight. >> yeah fire crews are still busy here duecing hot spots, we've seen smoke rising from this fire scene all day long. the big worry right now this construction crane in danger of falling after basically melting counsel in the fire. down in the fire. this fire is labelled as suspicious burned in the second time in the same spot. >> scary mother's day weekend. >> maybes woke up to flames lighting up the sky destroying a million-dollar complex under construction the same project that went up in july. >> that's the second time it burned down. >> construction worker in tears seeing the site he worked turned to rubble. >> unbelievable, feels like somebody's against us. >> firefighters attacking from all sides with water.
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several town homes were damaged in the last fire, burned a second time. >> this was a wind-driven fire. we had em bers that were traveling two blocks. >> they made it to 36th street where it caught the roof of this home on fire. >> i had to water my roof because the wind was blowing this way and it was like raining fire balls. >> some evacuated neighbors were angry they were let back in to their home before they were safe. >> we just lucky to be alive. that's all. >> it caused $23 million in damage and misplaced two dozen people. it was labelled suspicious a cause still under investigation. >> based on that information we can consider it suspicious but until the firefighters complete their investigation we won't be able to say.
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>> he fears the project will never be completed. his livelihood in jeopardy. >> inside the fire scene the twisted crane now in danger of collapsing. >> we're back live with a shot of ad line street which continues to be closed as well as half dozen other streets all around this fire scene. luckily nobody was hurt. about a dozen people living on the back side of the fire won't be allowed back in until this crane can be dismanltled. not sure when that will happen. 400 business some businesses as well without 400 people, some businesses as well without power. we'll be here live throughout the weekend. abc 7 news. >> thank you cornell. we have a building whrenderg
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on the website includes 25,000 square feet of commercial space and be dynamic for creative e ententrepreneurs to work and network. we first notified people about the fire with a push alert. for news updates any time download the free app and enable push alerts for instant notifications. we're learning more about the man arrested in string of car fires in the east bay. this was yesterday in walnut creek. they arrested 36-year-old man early in benicia. the unnamed man will face 43 separate arson charges. fire crews rescue a child in
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a burning building in oakland. the child had serious injuries and being treated at the hospital. it took crews 20 minutes to put out the claims. health officials with more than 95 students teachers and staff have become ill, fever, naus nausea. officials warning students to stay home for 48 hours after symptoms go away to wash their hands regularly to prevent the spread of norovirus. just before 9:00 this morning a deputy and community service officer a pat roll car went off the road, slammed in wrecking crew.
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the alameda horrible week. depuy died early yesterday morning. he was heading home after working an overnight shift at the jail when a charter bus slammed into his car today would have been his 51st birthday. abc 7 news was in berkeley why amtrak slammed into a car, no one was hurt, the train was delayed for more than an hour. in berkeley the latest in the series of demonstrations to get president trump removed from office. refuse fashism held a mock trial
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accusing the administration moving towards facism, listed crimes against the planet and goal is to mobilize people because they say congress is not doing enough. >> we cannot ignore what's going on. the people are the people who need to come forward and stop this. we cannot rely on the democrats to do this. >> among those among the mock trial a man facing already. cyber security. an attack the world. what you need to do to protect yourself. and good news for skis hoping to get in a few more runs this season. >> i'm tracking warmer weather but before that going to do few spring
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cyber attacked have halted businesses for companies, schools and even hospitals around the world have slowed however security experts believe it is just a low before more attacks, right now are working to put protections in place. >> the world held host age. >> this is unprecedented scale. we've never seen it spread this
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quickly across so many contin t continen continents. >> wreaking havoc in 99 countries. hackers demanding ransom to get critical files back on line. >> they were using tools stolen from the national security agency. >> it starts guys a simple phishing e-mail that spread like wild fire, attacking tens of thousands of computers at university and even hospitals. >> a number have reported suffering from this >> in the united kingdom ed ksh kblap the >> it's a heinous crime. they're putting people's lives
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at risk. >> officials say it is time to update old i.t. system. >> whatever updates microsoft is sending out, upload them immediately. if you are already been infected i suggest you reach out to a legitimate cyber security firm and see what they suggest getting the system up. >> microsoft sent a patch to fix the loophole but without it computer he's are vulnerable. >> may take us weeks or months or we may never find out who is behind this. >> abc 7 news new york. for some competitions, wins isn't everything. if your mother's day plans are outside you'll want to hear the forecast. look who is back, for a day anywhere
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well if you're not lucky enough to go to tomorrow's game abc 7 news is where to watch at 12:00 tip off for the game.
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for warriors pregame and postgame, that's tomorrow right here on abc 7 news. months of hard work and training paid off in the east bay in pleasanton for the special olympic it's regional spring games, players guys cognitive and disabilities, trained to compete for eight weeks, the goal is for athletes to to their best. >> it is not necessarily about winning although they love it when they get a chance to win but the oath says it all, let me win but if i cannot win let be brave in the attempt. >> she's been volunteering with special olympics for 29 years because she loves, today's top qualifier will move on to final at uc davis.
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in san jose abc 7 news was at the santa clara fair grounds, young women in marvelous costumes danced while others checked out various food and culture. what weather lasting through the spring so much snow that will be open through next saturday, the longest operation in history. will operate every day through june 4th and switch to just weeken weekends until july 4th and possibly longer. nous your foreca foreca for tons of sunshine. bright start to the weekend. winds gusting over 20 miles an
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hour. even i 40 miles an hour along the coast. that will continue over the next 24 hours. look at the forecast through the next day. winds are increasing through the early morning hour on sunday and even is tomorrow the wind will gust over 20 miles an hour and that's going to keep us cool. there's the beautiful san francisco golden gate bridge. winds have been gusting rather high. peak wind gusts 45 miles an hour. concord and oakland 28 miles an hour wind gust. 41 miles an hour at sfo. 24 navarro. san jose 25 miles an hour. that wind you will notice is
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westerly wind coming off our ocean water where current ocean temperature is 53 degrees that's well below normal for this time of year. 57 in san francisco. 63 napa. antioch 68 degrees. overnight tonight plenty of stars in the north bay. few clouds in the south bay. overall it's breezy and cool, temperatures in the mid 40s to low 50s. hour by hour it's mainly sunny day but you're dealing with the wind gusting over 20 miles an hour at times in the afternoon, going to keep temperatures limited into the 60s. a weak ripple of energy will move through on mother's day so there's a chance in the hills, higher elevation. 1:00.
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perhaps mt. ham illton could have a spot of showers but 99% will be dry. if you have outdoor plans you'll be just fine. highs on sunday. kind of breezy. 66 oakland. 67 san jose. 68 in vallejo. tuesday after the sun goes down chance of shower in the north bay late. we not only bring back the sunshine we will quickly warm. bringing it back to the 90s. next weekend bright and warm and temperatures well above normal. >> so if you like it cool or warm just be patient you'll get it. >> now sports. hard to believe warriors and spurs have not faced each other in the post-season since 2013, a
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four-year drought. this is the matchup everybody wanted in the west, it tipped off tomorrow at 12:30 right here on abc 7 news. steve kerr will not coach in the series of now, first time he's been around the players in about a week although he's been part of pregame preparations. to see the coach he gave everybody a lift. >> he misses being around the day to dap routine and practice and games like that, for him to just have the energy and ability to be here means a lot. hopefully he feels better. >> it was great to see him, especially walking around talking to guys, you really enjoy that, he's our leader, the guy that laid the foundation and got everybody heading into the right direction so the more he can be around, it's a better feel that all of us have. >> when yush done with mother's
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day brunch spend time with us for after the game. he hope to see you then. spurt all start leonard twisted his ankle, missed game six in houston. head coach gregg popovich said he absolutely will play tomorrow in game one bad news for the doves but one man doesn't make the team. >> friday's game didn't end until after midnight last night was second longest in at&t history 17 inning affair ended in a buster posey walk off homer. if you missed it, here he it is. >> high drive! that sailed! it is -- out of here! >> the latest walk off homer by inning in giants history, willie mays had 16-inning walk off in 1963.
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a game with month relief pitches. buster posey also caught 17 ingles. well earned day off today. brandon belt. pure slashed hit. bottom second. dead center. 399 sign. his first homer as a giant and they take 2-0 lead. matt moore's glove in the right place at the right time. went seven and third gave up just one run. top nine, derek law on the close. scooter no problem for brandon crawford. giants won second time this year they won two games in a row. time to go to tpc sawgrss. since winning the masters charges up the leaderboard. the coleader when the day began.
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long eagle try on 16. the famed island green. still rolling. he is tied with jb holmes tied for the ally lead. nine guys tied going into sunday. more from the warriors,p gregg popovich coming back where it all started. a california
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i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 a little rnr for dozens of south bay resident who's had a stressful year due to the winter rain. and fire firefighters and crews in emeryville we'll have updates at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc 7 news. well a california family's cat has been found 1500 miles from home.
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found penny the cat just outside oakland city. the family was a on a road trip in missouri. not sure how they made it home. they're working to return the kitty to her family. my theory is penny saw a white castle and had to jump out. you know, you got to get out. >> that's true you don't have them out here. >> so we're talking warriors-spurs. gregg popovich great coach. kawhi leonard great player could they steal one. >> i think they can steal one or two. popovich will get one and might get one at home this might go six. i think the warriors will lutz one not that the competition is less but i think it will be tough. >> you heard it right here. thank you. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00 see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a good one.
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