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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  May 14, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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good morning, bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> thanks for joining us. i'm chris in for carolyn. lisa is tracking live doppler 7. hi. >> good morning. we are starting out with partlyy sunny conditions. even a little hazy here for mt. tam. 51 in san francisco. 56 in oakland and 55 on the peninsu peninsula, east bay hills family showing some fog and 57 in concord. we have a weak weather system.
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brings around a few clouds. we will call it partly cloudy breezy winds. shoreline to 60s inland and we can see a few isolated showers. i'll explain in just a few minutes. >> thank you. breaking news out of fremont this morning. the nobd lanes between the parkway and ferry lane are closed right now after a crash that left one person dead and three others injured. one southbound lane has since re-opened. a driver was making a u-turn when another car possibly ran a red light and hit that car head-on. officials say speeding was likely a factor. one victim in serious condition, the other two expected to be okay. new details on that massive five alarm fire in emoryville. fire crews safely removed a crane that burned at a construction site. it was at 5:00 in the morning.
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the alameda fire department tweeted the crews were able to remove the compromised crane. lisa explains the danger it supposed to the area. >> it's pains-taking process that requires extreme precision. if the crane collapse, it would come crashing down on nearby apartments. >> the crane suffered catastrophic failure with the heat of the fire. the instability of it means it could fall at any time. >> reporter: police forced residents of more than a dozen apartments to advocate. >> nothing i can do about it except get my stuff and get out of here again. >> reporter: this is the seconds time in ten months a huge fire erupted at the construction site of this condo complex. last time it engulfed everything in its path. two blocks over it landed on this house and 400 businesses and at senior housing many
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elderly residents feel unsafe in the dark. >> we can't sleep at night. >> showers of flowers losing out on mother's day business is a huge hit. >> no phone service or licht or power for refrigeration. we lost all our flowers yesterday. >> reporter: the most long term loss is likely this man, the complex developer, july's fire already set the project back nine months. for another fire to happen again in the same place makes rick holiday sure of two things, these fires were intentionally set and he will finish this project. >> who ever is doing this is not going to stop us from building housing. we had two armed guards and 12 cameras. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> a man who worked on the construction cried when he saw the flames. >> that's the second time they
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burn it down. last year around this same, july, fourth of july they burn it down. now, they did it again. why? >> matt told us he broke down because he thought of all his friends who are now out of work as well as their families. the developer has pledged to rebuild. here's a look at what the building was supposed to look like in renderings on the developer's website. it was called "the intersection" designed to include 112 apartments and 175,000 square feet of commercial space. they previously said it would be a dynamic space for entrepreneurs to meet and network. we first notified people about the fire with the push alert. download the abc7 news app. it is free and provides instant news notifications. fire inspectors will start checking fire in oakland hills tomorrow and need to make sure owners remove weeds, tall grass
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and tree limbs that could pose a fire hazard. fines start at a minimum of $300. they have tips how you can prevent wildfires. we posted a link on our website. 9:06 the time. new details following a deadly crash in clayton, identifying the suspect as >> she has a history for felony evading. the vehicle is stolen and also vehicular manslaughter. the whole incident is horrible. officers doing what they do. thank god no one else was injured. >> the 24-year-old passenger in the suspect's car died in the crash. abc7 news reporter lonnie rivera has more. >> it shook the whole house and rattled everything. had no idea what it was.
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looked out the window and saw the smoke. >> reporter: neighbors on myrtle drive and concord heard a crash and then saw firefighters surrounding a scene of this white car. >> i hasn't to see the car alltor up. >> reporter: the wrecked white jeep still had branches on it from smashing in front of a tree before landing inside this montes surrey school. inside it appeared to be stuffed with suitcase, clothes and other personal belongings. many residents wade to see if the driver and any passenger survived. >> i saw them carrying one of the bodies away on a stretcher. she was alive at the time and the other one she had passed away. >> reporter: police spent several hours gathering evidence from the scene. s,s saw a police car chasing the white vehicle which had no tags. they say the car was traveling well above the speed limit, strauk a wall, went airborne
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with this tree and landed in the driveway of this school. >> just to give you an idea about the impact of this crash, one of these center blocks went flying into a yard next door. >> i believe this to be a center block that flew from 50 yards away and flew and shook the house when i was inside. >> looking at the wreckage, he could only wonder what if. >> it's a saturday. no kids over there, thank the lord. >> abc7 news. >> we're learning more about the man arrested in connection with a string of car fires in the east bay. yesterday's arrest comes after two more cars were burned on friday morning. one fire destroyed one in walnut creek, an accura and then an suv. they caught the suspect in the act. >> a 36-year-old man was located in the area of benicia this morning. as officers arrived. he appeared to have set a fire to a vehicle in a driveway.
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he was stopped a short distance away and taken into custody without incident and taken to concord for interviews. >> the unidentified suspect will be charged with 43 separate counts of arson. bail at $3 million. mourning another california sheriff's deputy caught in a car crash. jason garner and community service officer rachel johnson died on their way to a burglary call. the crash happened in modesto, the car went off the road, slammed into an auto wrecking business and burst into flames, both killed instantly. this comes a day after a deputy died in a credit near 580. he was off-duty on his way home from working an overnight shift at the jail when a charter bus slammed into his car. yesterday would have been ken's
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51st birthday. 9:09 is our time. happening now, crews are working on opening fso today. be sure to check your flight status flying out of fso this morning. it closed its second longest run way for the repair work. airport officials say it should be done by june 5th, ahead of the busy summer travel season. if you're headed to l.a.x. any time soon leave plenty of time. 15 airlines will move to different terminals in the next five day, six more already relocated. the switch should bring fewer delays for takeoffs and landings. one passenger said the heavily advertised move caught him by surprise. >> i suppose if you have enough time, seems like people are nice enough informative enough get along just fine. >> the airport brought in extra
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employees and shuttle buses to help. a welcome sight for dubs fans. coach steve kerr was there for practice in game one against the spurs. it was the first time many players had seen kerr in two weeks. he underwent a spinal surgery 11 days ago at duke university. he was at a coaches a meeting and he remains out until friday. don't forget coverage of the game one begins at noon with tip off at 12:30. stick around for after the game with larry beil, former santa clara coach, mike keating at the oracle arena with post interviews. f lisa is here. how is it looking? >> we are stuck. it's been a while and will be several more days before we're out of it. we're looking for changes for
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the 7-day outlook. 56 degrees in san francisco and 57 in concord and some folk south of us on the peninsula, south bay. we'll talk about your mother's day forecast, cooler than average weather, the coolest day of the week and when it's time to bring out the shorts. also, containing the comey fallout, the president weighs in on the question of loyalty. and
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welcome back, everyone. president trump is facing issues foreign and domestic. yesterday, he attended the commencement of liberty university while talking about his firing of james comey. >> how was your week? >> i think it was great. >> the president is completely ignoring the reasons he initially gave for firing director comey last week. >> is this the wrong time to fire jim comey? >> there's no right time. >> telling judge janine on fox news he doesn't know what the fuss is about. >> the democrats hated james comey, they didn't like him, wanted him fired or whatever and all of a sudden they have these glowing reports. >> reporter: trump sought to dismiss the outrage over the firing as a tempest in the
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washington teapot. >> i have a very strong base of incredible people. >> this should have been a unifying thing in the country and instead, politics is still being played. >> the american people don't have confidence in comey. >> reporter: already he is focused on choosing comey's successor as he told reporters on air force one. >> i think the process will be quicker because they've been vetted over their lifetime. >> you will not fail. >> reporter: the president's advice to the graduates at liberty university. >> do not be afraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures. does that sound familiar? >> reporter: but even in this crowd, some skeptics. this past week he fired the fbi director. what do you think of that move? >> i think it was very ir rationale. >> do you trust president trump? >> not completely. not completely. >> reporter: expand on that that.
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>> i don't trust any government official completely, to be honest. >> i just want the truth and will give him the benefit of the doubt. he has to answer to god at the end of the day. >> about 200 demonstrators showed up at trump national golf course outside los angeles to talk about how they feel about his policies. they spelled out the words resist on the property. they have been calling on president trump to release his tax returns. when they formed the word, they reportedly said, god save america. >> i the move to get trump removed from office came to berkeley as the bayh area chapter of fascism held a mock trial and about crimes against humanity and the planet. their goal is to mobilize millions of people.
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weeks of training paid off for some of the eastbound bay for the special olympics regional spring games. track&field and volleyball players who have cognitive and physical disabilities had the chance to compete. they were competing for the medals but not just for that. >> it's not just the medals. our special olympics oath says it all. let me win, but if i cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt. >> donna says she's been volunteering for the organization 29 years because she absolutely loves it. the top qualifiers will advance to uc davis. a fund-raiser to help hundreds of childrens battling cancer. 600 children get to spend the day at california's great america and meet former 49er
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ronnie lott, all part of the american cancer society's courageous kids day. they can go on rides, watch a magic show and join in on the barbecue lunch at 10:00 this morning. >> good morning, everyone. mother's day shaping up to be a nice day. you will notice clouds and maybe an isolated shower. the winds not a factor yet kicking up throughout the day. 53 in san francisco, 56 in oakland with 55 on the peninsula. partly cloudy sky and we'll look for gusty winds again. in fact, they're going to stay with us not only today, tomorrow. it looks like a portion of the middle of the week before things turn around. 57 in novato. 57 in concord.
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livermore, 54 degrees. our tower camera, this is how it looks looking at the partly cloudy conditions. incoming weather system. we will see mid-level clouds over higher elevations, mt. tam, lake county. mt. diablo and they allow chance of a shower today and even tuesday, and then things really turn around. the rest of the day in the 60s. upper 50s coastside and by 4:00, mid and upper 60s. it will get breezy again and quite brisk at the shoreline. there's the fog from santa cruz to the peninsula, and evaporates quite quickly over the higher elevations and where we could see the possibility of a slight shower. won't amount to much or last long but helps keep the atmosphere cool. second system tuesday wants to
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bring measurable rain. not a great chance. after that, this is what happens the latter part of the week, warm and sunny. friday's forecast, in the 90s and 80s across the bay. it is going to be quite warm out there. second half of the week, if we like it cool, today should be pretty nice, few extra clouds, mid 60s in santa clara. on the peninsula, breezy, low 60s again. those winds get quite gusty by the afternoon. only upper 50s in the coast. another day of 60 degrees. notice the extra cloud cover. in the north bay you see an isolated sprinkle and diablo range mid-atlantic 60s and breezy here as well from concord, 69, 67 in brentwood. the accuweather 7-day forecast, little change the next few days except for tuesday we get even cooler then a rapid warm-up, big
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turn around, lots of sun and warm temperatures and above normal thursday and a nice in the 70s, 80s and 90s. >> what i'm hearing, keep the umbrellas and the sunscreen handy for the week. >> maybe not umbrellas but don't wash the car. don't try this with your drones. the company showing off its new technology with a special jump. in honor of asian pacific american heritage month, we're using our instagram feed to celebrate where you live. buddhist realms at uc berkeley art museum from the 12th to 19th
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animals that are permanently disabled, abandoned or displaced need a home like everyone else. that was the purpose of a fund-raiser yesterday in san mateo valley. over 55 wild animals from elephants to alligators. money raised went to conservation ambassadors and deals with what they call a nature deficit disorder at schools. >> kids are not catching crawdads in streams outside and we're often the only chance they get to make a connection with
9:26 am
nature. it's amazing when they get to see the animals up close and meet them. >> the group has two zoos. one in -- -- -- -- -- a plane. a new extreme sport has just been born. how about drone diving. this is video provided by a company that building drones able to lift up to 220 pounds. the drone lifts a man up more than 1,000 feet in the air and he skydives safely to the ground. it's not just for fun. the company says it could also be used for firefighting and rescues. still to come on abc7 mornings, france inaugurates its new president. what emmanuel macron plans to do. the other side of the wine making process. nothing goes to waste. see
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a great time to be with us, i'm chris nguyen. lisa is tracking the weather. >> partly cloudy sky, temperatures cooler in the north bay. seems like we're stuck in this cooler than average weather pattern for the afternoon. 53 in the city and gilroy, 52 degrees. our tower camera, we have mid 50s from santa rosa to napa and upper 50s in concord. it looks a lot like yesterday, a few extra clouds maybe isolated shower in the higher elevation. breezy winds, upper 60s around the bay and a few cool weather systems headed our way before we switch around to our summer-like forecast. stay tuned for our accuweather
9:30 am
forecast in a few minutes. new this morning, france officially has a new president. 39-year-old emmanuel macron was elected one week ago and sworn in this morning. he met with his predecessor francois hollande to discuss issues including the nuclear codes. he is the youngest president in history. we are learning more about the computer security programmers who were able to stop an attack. could there be a second wave coming? a lot of people want to know about that. here's abc's chief investigative contemporary, brian ross. >> u.s. officials are praising the quick work of this computer security programmer in indiana. derian hoss and his counterpart in great britain who stumbled on
9:31 am
to a kill switch that shut down a massive attack in its tracks. >> i was panicking looking through the code and i realized that, no, weed a stopped it. >> once the kill switch was stopped, the tally could do nothing. >> reporter: it included fedex in the united states, railroads in germany and russia and factories across europe and in great britain surgeries cancelled and others turns away. this morning, law enforcement and intelligence authorities around the world led by britain's new computer secured squad where we were recently given rare access were working to track down who was responsible with russian organized crime considered a prime suspect. >> the digital world give s s s people to think up new ways of doing bad things. >> reporter: ironically, cybersecurity experts believe the attack was carried out with
9:32 am
a help with a program first developed by u.s. intelligence to compromise the computers of terrorists and foreign adversaries. >> they lost it, somebody stole the information, published it on the internet and now being used against victims in the united states and elsewhere. >> as of this morning, officials believe americans have dodged a bullet on this because most americans have upgraded their computers to close the vulnerabilities and quick access of the kill switch. they believe the hackers will try a second wave of attacks without a kill switch and that could come any time soon. brian ross, "abc news," new york. u.s. officials have confirmed north korea has launched a missile challenging the new president in south korea. they say it flew 435 miles before landing in the sea of japan. they're still assessing if it was successful. they say the flight was not
9:33 am
consistent with an inter-continental ballistic missile. the most recent one failed minutes after a launch. a town near the mexican border say they want their beaches back and bad smell gone. it is contaminated and stinks. beaches there have been closed for months after millions of gallons of sewage spilled in from mexico. a border agent secured this video of purplish water from the border. one politics tried to explain why nothing has been done. >> a lot has been done over the years. we're not keeping up with the good both on the mexican side and american side. >> all of them have come but we haven't seen governor brown down here. we haven't seen president trump down here. that's who should come down here. >> city officials are now working to build additional pipes on the u.s. side to divert sewage water. 9:33 the time. you can see thousands of acres
9:34 am
of wine grapes grown in california. after harvest, tons of waste is left behind and now a growing number of companies are finding there is more to these grapes than just a good glass of wine. our abc anchor tells us about the grow demands for wine waste. >> reporter: at the end of wine growing season, vintners harvest grapes at the peak of perfection and for years struggled what to do with the waste left behind. >> for a long time it was a byproduct and we take it athrow it away. >> reporter: no longer. wine growers like this one committed to being the first 100% sustainable wine region. white wine grapes get turned into compost. red wine waste turns out to be a great fertilizer and keep the weeds down. >> the vine is basically feeding itself with what's left over after you made wine.
9:35 am
>> reporter: wineries only need so much. last year they produced more than 100,000 tons of pumice and now turning into cooking flour to cosmetics. >> when you have a vegetable processing waste you sell it off as animal feed. you can't really do that with these skins and seized and stems from wine production. >> reporter: chris simmons is a biological systems engineer and assistant professor at uc davis. his lab is studying how food processing waste products might be used other than this compost in this vine yards and experimenting with ways to turn it into fuel and how to improve your health. part of a growing trend that started about a decade ago. >> the skins in the grapes in particular, the pigment is very rich. these are antioxidant compounds evidence is showing play a role in preventing heart disease and cancer. >> reporter: there's a growing number of grapeskin extract on
9:36 am
the market. it is the seed that peeked jeanette oh gallagher's interest. >> my theory was if i could get into that seed and make body and skin care products based on that, you would have the natural oil inside the seed and this was cool. >> reporter: jeanette was one of the first to see value in wine waist, in 1997 and she has a line of skin care products called nv organics. >> you get a gentle exfoliation and natural oil on the skin. >> reporter: at the mcarthur place inn and spa in sonoma, relaxation comes from the wineries. >> we use local grapeseeds crushed with therapy oils and other spa ingredients. >> reporter: the red red wine treatment mixed by nv organics is a favorite among guests. for $235 you get a red wine
9:37 am
grapeseed bath, body polish and essential oil massage. >> this is my favorite out of all our scrubs. the others are a little more course. this is so refined and nurturing and all of that. i love it. >> and you thought wine was just for drinking. kristen zee, abc7 news. still ahead on abc7 mornings, lyme disease is hart to diagnose and treat. now, there's a new effort in the bay area to unmask the disease a lot of people don't even know they have. first, as we head to break, the time right now is 9:37. a live look outside from our abc7 news exploratorium camera. lisa will
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good morning, everyone. time right now is 9:39 on our
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mother's day. we are waking up to cooler temperature is across the bay area. this is a look outside the golden gate bridge. lisa returns in a little bit with our accuweather forecast. it's been an incredible winter for skiing and will last much of the spring. there's so much snow, squaw valley ski resort will keep its k 2 22 chair lift open through next saturday. it will be the latest closing date in the resort's history. it will operate every week through june 4th and then just weekends through july 4th and possibly longer. a mother's day tradition as dnt alameda gets ready to host its downtown spring festival. it has 150 arts and crafts booths and art and drinks. the business association is offering free raffles and
9:41 am
giveaways and kids' specials and bounce houses and face paintsing and a climbing wall. the festival starts this morning on park street at lincoln avenue. lisa joins us with a preview of that 7-day forecast. >> pretty dry out there. don't want it too warm, right? on the cool side. look at all the haze. a few clouds out here at mt. tam, 57 degrees, upper elevations are cool. low 60s in can ramon. a mixed bag today the next several day, pinpoint your temperatures and talk about a big turnaround coming up next. lisa, thank you. ahead, brandon first big one of the
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welcome back, everyone. a live look from southlake tahoe, courtesy of tahoe tv, a look at heavenly live resort. you can see beautiful conditions, if you're planning to make your way up to lake tahoe later today. lisa returns in a little bit with a full forecast from the sierra to the valley coming up. in sports warriors resumed play with game one of the western conference finals, golden state stakes on spurs. coverage begins at noon, tip off at 12:30.
9:45 am
meanwhile, giants will also be in action at at&t park looking for their third straight win for the first time this season. first pitch is at 1:05 p.m. yesterday, giants beat the reds just hours after their marathon 17 inning victory. here is mike swith the highlights. >> good morning. reds and giants faced off yesterday after a 17 inning affair friday night the second longest game that ended in a buster posey homer. reds again today in mother's day pink uniforms, a pure splash hit all the way to mccovey's cove, 1-0, giants. justin to dead center over the 399 foot sign and into the veggie garden, his first hit as a giant. >> scorches one through the middle and the glove in the right place at the right time on a day they needed it. moore went 7 1/3 and give up
9:46 am
just one run. scooter hits it off the side of the mound, no problem for golds glover brandon crawford. giants win it 3-1, the second time this year they won two day is an row. matt joyce strikes one down the right field line, scores 2 and the as take a 3-2 lead. bull pen gave up four in the seventh. 6-4, rangers and we go top eight. yonder alonzo goes yonder again. his eighth home run of the month. he leads the american league with 12 dingers but as close as as get losing 6-5 they now dropped three of their last four. hard to believe warriors and spurs have not faced each other in the post sense since 2013, a four year drought.
9:47 am
this is this matchup everybody wanted and tips off today on abc7. steve kerr was at practice. good to see him out and about but will not coach series as of now. it's the first time kerr has been around the players in a week but part of the preparations. they are proud to see him but have to prepare for the game. >> we have respect for him and we know we have to be who we are and try to dictate the tempo. i know they will try to dictate it and why both teams are where they are. >> they both play so hard and so locked in to 48 minutes, they're more than a capable team. >> they will get hot and they will make runs. that's who they are. we just have to be steady for 48 minutes. >> when you're done with your mother's day, spend some time with us and stick around if your mom will let you, larry beil, michael shuman. larry keating.
9:48 am
i'm on my way to oracle as we speak, i'm mike shumann, have a great day. happy mother's day to you. we have extra cloud cover in the atmosphere and breezy winds on the road cooler than average temperatures, a live look outside looks pretty nice. 50s in san francisco, 56 in oakland as well as mountain view and san jose. partly cloudy skies and temperatures a little cool er than average, 57 novato a little hazy at spots at the golden gate bridge. winds will kick up again. partly cloudy skies, slight chance of a shower as this next system brings unstable air, heating of the sun and see the mid-level clouds build up throughout the afternoon and
9:49 am
breezy and cool conditions continue tomorrow. by the end of the week we're sunny and warmer and talking about 90s arriving. your mother's day forecast, yes, looks pretty nice, partly cloudy, breezy and still just in the 60s, upper 50s at the coast and the cool evening ahead. we won't have warm evenings for a while and another night of 40s. notice this hour-by-hour animation and see the green bubbling up. higher elevation, mt. tam, diablo, santa cruz mountains and maybe an isolated sprinkle. tomorrow, subtle changes. 70s moving towards the delta. another mild day, another breezy one with winds off the ocean. by tuesday, the next system skirts northern california, slides into the sierra nevada, not much in the way of rain and still partly to mostly cloudy sky the coolest day of the week.
9:50 am
by wednesday, things are trying to turn around with mid-70s for some of you. we are looking at still some very subtle changes the next couple of days. wait until you see the 7-day outlook. breezy conditions from half moon bay to san francisco mid-atlantic 60s for you in oakland. 67 for livermore and san jose. winds up at at&t park, 59, tonight, low 40s. when is summer going to arrive? you see the first half of the week, cool, breezy conditions, below average, anywhere from 5-12 degrees below average. the book looks pretty good and by the end of the week, getting warm, 70s and 80s arriving and westerly winds coming off the ocean water in the 40s and 50s keeps it pretty temperate. it will look nice even when it
9:51 am
gets toasty inland. >> thank you. may is national lyme disease awareness month. in california that means a push to make not only victims but doctors more aware. in many cases the symptoms are confusing but now there's an effort to change that. wayne freedman. >> reporter: at the age of 18, louis is so familiar with these modern medications you might think he has a degree in pharmacology. he knows them for all the wrong reasons. >> i got mono, walking pneumonia, stomach flu, a bunch of colds. >> reporter: a few of the i do bottically deceptive symptoms of lyme's disease, his mother has it, too and undiagnosed for years. >> you either sound like a hypochondriac or -- >> reporter: lyme is the bug we recognize with the telltale tail
9:52 am
after them. >> we want to make it's easier to diagnose and simple to cure. >> reporter: creating a biobank of different strains in california. >> only 20% of researchers have the patient samples they need to search into lyme disease. >> reporter: if you have a tick bite they may ask you to give a few more violence of blood. >> we're getting the same amount of funding as leopracy. >> reporter: the picked it up gardening and nine years later suffers symptoms. >> i never saw a tick on myself. >> reporter: louis got it from his dog and then camping. the disease has sloane him so much high school has taken five years instead of four. in california, there are thousands of stories just like his. abc7 news. coming up, a special mother's day at the s
9:53 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $184 million powerball drawing. nobody picked all six. wednesday night is a jackpot goes up to $204 million. the winning numbers from last night's $37 million drawing nobody picked all six in that drawing either so wednesday's
9:56 am
jackpot increases to $38 million. today, you can celebrate mother's day at the san francisco zoo. moms who go to the zoo with their kids will get free admission all day today. several animals are new mothers this year including flamingos, giraffes and anteaters and they say they have been taking great care of their offspring and it's very important to their specie. it opens at 10:00 this morning. seeing that video brings back memories as a kid going the zoo with my mom. >> of course. >> hope you have a nice mother's day. the weather seems to be going backwards with a few more showers and clouds to the forecast today. not likely you will get wet. another cool and breezy afternoon. 61 san mateo, 65 in richmond and another day of cool weather arrived with a chance of showers on tuesday. monday looks sunnier and still cool and by wednesday we are warming up, quick warming for the rest of the week with numbers rapidly responding to
9:57 am
the may sun that brings more mid-70s around the bay but we'll be near 90 by the end of the week. if you like it cool you'll like the next few days. >> before we go, happy mother's day. i know you have three kids at home. thanks for all that you do. you're kind of like mother bear at the station for us. also, thanks to my mom, who is probably watching at home right now, so love you very much. anyway, thanks for joining us on abc7 in the morning. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. western conference finals under way at noon. spurs and warriors tip off at 12:30 p.m. at oracle arena and after the game by toyota. and larry shumann will be live at oracle for postgame reaction. super bowls 7 news continues and for now, online at twitter and
9:58 am
facebook and instagram. make it a grey day, everybody. great day, everybody.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> welcome to russell's fine furniture in santa clara. i'm henry tenenbaum. welcome to "bay area buys." so may is a very important month for russell's fine furniture. every year, they have one of their amazing furniture parking-lot sales. unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of a -- excuse me, just a second. hey, richard, richard russell, so have you gone into the used car business? because there isn't a single item of furniture out there. >> henry, you misunderstood. >> you said it was a parking -- >> i'm so shocked. >> memorial day parking-lot sale, right? >> yeah, i said because it comes at the end of the month, and we're shooting it very early. >>


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