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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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bay freeways. >> let it be known there are cameras on the freeway. if you create a horrible act it will be recorded and you will be held accountable for your actions. >> reporter: counting sunday night's incident at 880 and hayward they count eight of the shootings fatal, including the murder of demarcus in richmond in march, now thanks to $2 million in funding from the department of transportation cameras will be installed in hotspots on the highway. the city already has three cameras aimed part of a system of high definition cameras recording throughout the city. >> innocent lives have already been lost and we owe it to our east bay residents to minimize the damage. >> reporter: the new state funded system will be wireless components. shown by droneview7 the hilltop
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interchange in richmond is complex and need to be monitored and it will include microphones and tilt cameras and license plate readers. that said, the answer to freeway violence doesn't rest in technology alone. >> freeway shootings do continue and we have to address this issue. >> reporter: the system is already being designed. the funding has been approved but it will not be installed until the state actually releases those funds, actually cuts the check and sends to it the local jurisdictions. they're hoping for that in the next couple of months. >> aren't there traffic cameras already all over the place. the question is will those be incorporated into this new system? >> reporter: as we all know there are traffic cameras up and down the state. caltrans maintains an extensive network of cameras. we're told those are not nearly good enough and not
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high-reslution. in many cases, most case, they are not recorded, they can't zoom, they can't tilt. all of that will be built into this new system specifically designed to catch criminals out on the highways. >> sounds like a major improvement. thanks very much. laura anthony reporting. we sent out a push alert through the abc7 news app about that overnight shooting that hospitalized two people in hayward. the highway patrol is searching for the suspects happeningalityl the i-880 off-ramp and another veck pulled up alongside and fired the shots. -- vehicle pulled up and fired the shots. no arrests made in this dramatic shootout. it was captured on surveillance video. you can seen see a gun pointed by one of the drivers. officers found several shell casings on the pavement. witnesses say the drivers were
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speeding and ran stop signs. at least one parked car's windshield was damaged by a gunshot. no one was hurt. three people in a major child molestation, one is a brain surgeon and the other a nurse. the 57 doctor is charged with three felonies and lude acts on a child under 10 years old and forcible act under-age of 14. rashel brandon is facing 11 charges with the production of child pornography. >> being affiliated at several hospitals and dominican and brandon worked at dominican and they said they are aware of the allegations and have taken appropriate steps and not comment more because it is a personnel matter. no information so far on the third suspect, coming up at 5:00. police say man ran down andd
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cuddle a m killed a man crossing the street. he took off and came back a short time later. the victim, a 56-year-old man was using a walker to cross the street when he was hit. investigators determined he was under the influence of alcohol at the time. two firefighters hurt after a house fire in antioch. the people who live there could face felony charges for putting the firefighters at risk. amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: when firefighters arrived at this house fire in antioch they immediately shut down the power to safely fight the fire. >> it's a serious concern for firefighters because that's part of the process. once you disconnect the power, you assume you're safe from that risk. >> reporter: they weren't safe. two firefighters suffered from electrical shock. they say the house was illegally wired and stealing electricity from pg&e. >> in the course of fighting the
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fire, two of the firefighters were shocked, one rather severely. didn't cause burns. the firefighters are okay, treated on scene. it was an injury to the firefighters and that is a crime. >> reporter: four adults and four children were living in this home on blythe drive, two residents suffered from minor burns and automatic got out alive along with their pitbull puppy. >> i guess they're in the shelter by now. we'll see how things go. >> reporter: the homeowner stopped by to see the damage this morning. they don't know if the renters or homeowner illegally wired the home. they are still investigating. the home owner told us she had not heard about the firefighters getting shocked or anything about the issue. >> i don't know anything about that so i need to find out about that. >> reporter: those two firefighters are okay. the fire department is considering filing criminal
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charges and tell me the fire started in the back of the home, in the kitchen and started where some appliances were plugged in and the faulty wiring could be to blame. in antioch, abc7 news. the red cross is helping a san jose family finds a place to stay after an overnight fire gutted their home. it took crews nearly an hour to knockdown the blaze that broke out early this morning at 24th and san antonio streets. one bystander grabbed a hose and jumped in to help. witnesses tell "abc news" the home almost collapsed and no word what started that fire. >> it looks like not much has changed. sunny and breezy and cool. mostly sunny skies. let's check out our current wind gusts, up to 41 miles an hour at fso, 39 miles an hour gusts at fairfield, 23 at san carlos.
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25 at half moon bay. breezy to windy around the area. this is the rooftop camera looking over the bay mostly sunny skies, oakland, 64, san jose and gilroy, 55 degrees and half moon bay, a lovely view looking over the bay. 76 at san jose, pretty mild. 72 at napa and novato, 66. 67 at livermore. for those who like the rain, you might like tomorrow. chances of rain the next seven days are zero row every day except tomorrow. isolated showers and a closer look at that and the timing on its arrival a little later. >> thank you so much. the port of oakland is staking steps to strength -- taking steps to strengthen its competitiveness and installing four massive ship to shore cranes raised as part of a nine
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month project. taller cranes will be able to reach containers on mega ships and the cost is about $14 million. >> there is no let-up in the confusion at los angeles international airport. at least 28 airlines are moving to different terminals causing mass confusion, the worst by far at delta now operating out of four different terminals until wednesday. imagine that confusion? delta employees outfitted in green ask me vests are out enforce helping confused and frustrated passengers. they say the terminals should bring fewer delay force takeoffs and landings when it's sorted out. travel is a hot topic today in court. >> how is a court to know if in fact it's a muslim ban in the guise of national security? >> the white house is taking up the fight to keep the travel ban
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if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. the white house was back in federal court today to defend its revised travel ban. judges of the u.s. court of appeals for the ninth circuit heard the case. more on this developing story.
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>> reporter: trump administration attorneys back in court. >> how is a court to know if in fact it's a muslim ban in the guise of national security? >> reporter: once again they are arguing to save the president's travel ban. the first version was blocked by the courts. the second version also halted. monday, white house attorneys looking to reinstate that order blocking thentry of foreign nationals from six majority muslim countries. >> what the president found he said, look, i find it would be detrimental to let in their nationals for a brief period of 90 days while i ascertain whether the vetting procedures we have in place for these countries are actually adequate. >> reporter: the arguments were had in seattle before a three judge panel for the ninth circuit. in his challenge arguing statements from candidate trump. >> donald j. trump is calling
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for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: proves the executive order at its heart is a muslim ban. >> our point is an objective observer looking at this would have no other conclusion this executive order is trying to denigrate a religion. >> last week it went before the fourth circuit court of appeals. it needs to win the fourth and ninth circuit in order to implement the travel ban. "abc news," los angeles. a judge ordered uber to stop using the technology before he left another company and forces home to return all downloaded materials by may 21th and it was only a partial victory and refused to shut down the autonomous car program.
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waymo will follow-up. self-driving technology, this isn't the first such deal. last year, general motors invested $500 million in the company to develop driverless vehicles and the plan is to develop volts with sensor technology. uber to be used to tackle safety and congestion problems and the mayor talking about an exchange between the companies and hopes to use the technology to develop new ways for cars to pick up people and drop them off. the mayor hopes to find a way to stop double parked ride-share drivers. if you are sick and tired of hitting potholes in san francisco relief should be coming your way. >> the mayor kicked off an ambitious project to repave many torn up streets. here with the details. >> one look at this website for
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reporting and complaints to san francisco, you can tell potholes are big problems. look at this one, that one at bayshore boulevard. if you ask any san francisco driver, chances are they have a potato hole horror story. >> i hit one in the bayview district. i just hope that i don't damage my car, you know, those repairs are really expensive. >> very expensive. with that in mind the mayor pledged to spend $90 million to repave streets and repair potholes on 29th avenue and fulton and this year's abundant rain caused many more pothole, not only harmful to pedestrians and buseses but to pedestrians. a 2015 regional survey had the city above average, if you will in pavement conditions. you can see san francisco in
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green there. some cities like oakland and berkeley are in worse shape in red. san francisco wants to do better and giving extra attention to the richmond district with potholes reported by this sunday are guaranteed to be filled in june. if you want to report a pothole, go to our website. >> thanks so much. >> time to turn to our weather. >> a little blustery out. >> perhaps. >> there you go! >> i want to show you the studio and peter, help make things happen. >> you said let's turn. >> 360. >> a very very nice turn. i will stroll while we look at live doppler 7 and showing mostly sunny skies. this is a view from our tower camera. clouds increase overnight. chance of isolated showers overnight. we're not expecting widespread rainfall. warmer temperatures climbing
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into the 90s. right now, we're looking at 50s near the coast and 60s near the bay and 70s in the inland communities. mild but cooler than average. the wind gusts of tomorrow. tonight at 7:00 p.m., gusts on the coast between 20 and 30 miles an hour. it remains gusty on the coast and the bay won't be quite so strong around 7:00. relatively light in our inland areas, and will remain breezy on the coast and on the breezy side in the afternoon hours tomorrow and starts to taper off as we get to a different pattern midweek. increasing clouds, breezy at the coast. low temperatures range midst to upper 40s inland to low 50s near the bay. then, we get into tomorrow. starting 4:00 tomorrow morning, it will be a strange day for mid-may. clouds increasing overnight, pockets of rain developing
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tomorrow and the rain will not be widespread but could be a few damp spots on the roadways. late afternoon to the evening hours we continue to see pockets of widely scattered rain and showers developing. late tomorrow night it starts to wind down. rain should be over by wednesday morning and we get to a sunnier, warmer much drier pattern to carry us to the ends of the week. high temperatures low to mid 60s and mid to upper 60s in the mildest inland locations. let's talk about that warm-up. here's our forecast for high temperatures tomorrow at various locations. we project for friday, notice concord goes as high as 66 tomorrow to as high as 91. that is a 25 degree increase, we expect a 22 degree increase tomorrow and friday, san jose and santa rosa. you get the picture, all
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locations around the bay area will warm up significantly during the four day period tomorrow through friday. here's the 7-day forecast, isolated showers, partly cloudy and dry wednesday and big warm-up thursday and friday, saturday and sunday and monday, inland highs in the low 90s around the bay, mid-80s around the coast and low to mid 70s. wonderful. >> thanks. they lost everything when a tornado hit their home. thanks to social media and one stranger, this texas couple got one very special item back. >> a close win for the warriors but the coach is calling it an unsportsmanlike closeout. what he's saying ahead of us. using our nbc bay area instagram feed to celebrate people making a difference where you leave. sue lee stepping down after 13 years as executive director of the chinese historical society
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of america, the oldest organization in the country dedicated to the interpretation, promotion of c
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the warriors playoff series against the spurs is heating up on and off the court. superstar kawhi leonard takes a long shot and lands on the foot of zaza pachulia. leonard sprained his ankle and missed the rest of the game. they all went on to lose after that. san antonio head coach, gregg popovich stopped short of calling it a dirty play but he's not happy. >> this is crap. because he has this history it can't begin inadvertent. he didn't have intent. who gives a -- what his intent was. >> today at practice, he said he was challenging the shot.
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>> i'm not a dirty player. i love this game and i'm playing hard. >> leonard will miss tomorrow's game because of that injury. >> gregg popovich had plenty to say about president trump before the spurriers met the warriors in game one yesterday. and you go to work and you have your family and you have your friends and you do what you do. to this day, i feel like there's a cloud, a pal over the whole country, paranoid surreal sort of way that has nothing to do with the democrats losing the election, it's got do with the way one individual conducts himself and that's embarrassing, it's dangerous to our institutions and what we all stand for and what we expect the country to be, but for this individual, he's in a game show.
4:24 pm
everything that happens begins and ends with him. not our people or our country. every time he talks about those things, that's just a ruse. that's just disingenuous, cynical and fake. >> pulled no punches, popovich first poke out against president trump in january after he took office calling mr. trump quote thin-skinned. >> first lady melania trump is making plans to move to the white house. today, she announced her son, baron, will attend a private school in maryland this fall and will attend the episcopal school at the potomac. tuition ranks and they will move after the current school year ends. >> president trump says he's moving rapidly to find a new leader for the fbi. plus -- >> the american people deserve to know the truth just as much if not more from the senate.
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>> the call from the senate for more answers from the white house. the meeting about to get under way as north korea continues testing missile after missile. the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. breaking news in washington, the "new york times" and "washington post" are reporting president trump shared highly informtion about isis with russia and it came from a u.s. intelligence partner that did not give permission to share the information. saying the president shared more information with russia's ambassador than we share with our allies. the security advisor denied the report from the white house moments ago. now, democrats and republicans have actually called this report shocking if it's accurate. senator harris tweeted if true, this is a serious threat to national security. before she heard about the report harris tweeted there must be a special prosecutor to investigate the trump
4:29 pm
administration's connection to russia. the president is dealing with another controversy, his firing of fbi director james comey who was investigating the russia connection. today, president trump said he's moving rapidly to find a we just learned lawmakers will hear from a top justice official this week. megan has the latest. >> good afternoon. that's right. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is now expected to brief the entire senate on thursday. so laying out the back story as a new leader is considered. >> reporter: president trump meeting with the crown prince of abu dhabi ahead of his first foreign trip. asked about the prospects of picking a new fbi director he said it's very good. >> interviews continuing as the white house continues to play defense. >> we have to be very clear the
4:30 pm
reason the president took the actions he did he knew what he did could be detrimental to himself and could lengthen the investigation. he knew it was the right thing for the country and fbi and right thing to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: members of congress are hoping to hear more from fbi director james comey. >> the american people deserve to hear the truth just as much if not more than the senate does. >> reporter: some are calling for trump's impeachment citing his acknowledgement that russia was factor in his firing and that there may be tapes. >> keep in mind it's legal to tape in washington, d.c. >> legal analyst dan abrams says talk of impeachment is premature. >> impeachment is a political act not a legal act. you need the political will to investigate this much less prosecute it and potentially convict. we're not there. >> as for the taste, the white house will not say whether they exist for if the president will
4:31 pm
respond to formal requests from legislators. >> i was very clear the president will have nothing further. >> minority leader chuck schumer said if there are tapes the president should turn them over to congress and if there are none he should apologize to comey. >> what do we know about the candidates in contention to lead the fbi? do we have any names at this point? >> we do know at least eight candidates had interviews with the department of justice officials who are going through this list. we know that that happened over the weekend. we know on that list there are a couple of sitting judges, also a couple of politics, that includes texas republican senator john cornyn, we also know south carolina representative trey gowdy was interviewed. he told the department of justice officials he is not interested in the position. alma. >> live from washington, d.c., thank you. the u.n. security council is
4:32 pm
expected to meet tomorrow to discuss the latest missile launch. yesterday's was the first ever by the korean government capable of landing to california. it flew for half an hour before landing in the sand. three previous tests failed. the u.s., south korea and one other requested for the meeting tomorrow roundly condemned by other leaders. president putin calls it counter productive and dangerous. the mass burials of thousands of sirrials and about 50 each day are being hanged at military prison outside syria's capital, russia, a supporter of president bashar al assad must use its influence to stop these continued atrocities. a lear joyeyeyeyeyet
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two people. look at all that smoke. the airport was temporarily closed. it had taken off from philadelphia. there were no passengers on the plane. forecasters issued a warning about strong winds minutes before it crashed. a bus overturned injuring 25 people mostly children and it was not far from the pennsylvania border. at least one other car was involved in the accident and not clear what caused the bus to overturn. they were from a north philadelphia field trip to washington, d.c. >> four men have pleaded guilty in the death of a new york college student. >> it happened in a fraternity retreat to the poconos. it comes as the family of a penn state student who died during a hazing ritual speaks out. four fraternity members pleading guilty in a pennsylvania courtroom pleading guilty to the hazing death of a college student. >> the tremendous trag dhis
4:34 pm
young man had an opportunity to survive. >> reporter: the 19-year-old died about 100 miles west of new york during a hazing ritual at a rental house. >> afterwards when he was in need of emergency help, they were trying to figure out schemes to hide the information about his attempt to join the fraternity so they could distance themselves about his own wrongdoing. >> reporter: the district attorney calling it a prank gone wrong adding they didn't intend to kill him closely resembling the death of a penn state student. >> he was great, an amazing guyy so funny and smart and the first one to be there for somebody. he was everybody's friend. >> reporter: timothy piazza, a sophomore and pledge at beta pi died february 4th following a fall a few days pry or. several fraternity members accused of waiting 12 hours to call for help. his family speaking out on "good morning america." >> i don't know where their conscience was, the voice in the
4:35 pm
back of their head saying, he's hurt, i have to do the right thing. i don't understand how they could be so heartless and inhumane. >> reporter: 18 members of that fraternity facing criminal charges including involuntary manslaughter and felony aggravated assault. "abc news," new york. the fallout continues from the global cyber attack and how a bay area company kept it from getting worse. and the bike engines roll today. and looking at lots of sunny skies today. tomorrow is a different picture, maybe a wetter picture. the accuweather forecast coming up. let's check our traffic, moving nicely in both
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some of the world's top cyclists are riding into the bay area today. the race started in sacramento yesterday and today's leg takes riders from a hilly route from modesto to san jose and wrap up in pasadena on saturday. sky 7 flew above the race course. a short time ago you see the riders pedaling along some of the steeper parts of the race and organizers call it the largest and most prestigious cycling race. tomorrow, it shifts from the central coast over to morrow bay to the beach.
4:39 pm
running a half marathon is no easy feet unless it's in crocs. that's at what ben did finishing wearing the spongy shoes. he says wearing crocs keeps his feet cool and doesn't cause blisters. >> i have a pair. i don't know how he keeps them on. >> they easily slip off. >> another forecast for the week. >> spencer christian. >> big series gets under way as giants host the dodgers, sunny and breezy and on the chilly side, anti-dodger weather but great giants weather. 57 degrees dropping in throw mid-50s during the game. and we will see an increase in clouds and drizzle weather and dropping in the upper 50s to low 40s overnight and maybe a few
4:40 pm
isolated showers. actually mid-50s at the coast under breezy conditions to low mid-atlantic 60s around the bay and upper 60s inland. speaking of temperatures, check out tuesday to friday, 25 degrees increase over the three day period in concord, 23 degree increase in san jose. san francisco goes from a high of 59 tomorrow to high of 74 on friday. a 15 degree increase. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast, you can see tomorrow. dry spell with sunny skies mainly on thursday and we will see inland highs at or above 90 degrees, 80 degrees around the bay mid-atlantic 70s around the coast. we are getting into summer-like weather in mid-spring. >> very true. >> thanks. >> that massive cyber attack that hit 150 countries is finally under control in part thanks to a bay area company, how they helped find a fix,
4:41 pm
coming up just ahead. 7 on your side. we know people in the bay area love their pets. what about pet insurance? should you get it? we have some answers coming next.
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a fast breaking computer worm that hit major companies over the week was stopped in part by a company in the bay area over the weekend. >> jonathan. >> reporter: proof point has researchers all over the world. it was one of them in france who first discovered this malware called wannacry, had this piece of software allegedly leaked by the nsa to take advantage of computers. and researchers across three countries across both side those of atlantic tried to keep an already damaging problem from getting worse. >> you see ransomware all day
4:45 pm
everyday but not usually in one form. >> reporter: it locks up your files and demands money. what's unusual how it spreads. >> it spreads by an old file sharing mechanism. >> reporter: one using the old office xp operating system and haven't been updated. >> xp hasn't been supported since 2013. >> reporter: and those like jennifer aren't at risk but fedex and the national health system were among the big organizations were hit even though microsoft issued a protection. >> they have had a few months to protect themselves. >> reporter: stopping the spread using a kill switch. >> once the kill switch was activated the malware would do nothing. >> reporter: the kill switch was found by accident by a 22-year-old security researcher in the uk. at first he worried he had activated the malware. >> i was panicking looking
4:46 pm
through the code and realized i actually no had stopped it. >> reporter: one executive warned it's not over. >> this can morph. it can morph in a heart beat and then that code ed switch is null and void. >> reporter: the attackers could come back with a new version or inspire other hackers to install a more dangerous copycat. >> back up your data. for heaven's sake, back up your data. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> good at shares of cybersecurity jumped today on spending more money on cybersecurity. fire eye soared more than 7 1/2% today closing at $15.90 a share. cisco jumped 2 1/3% closing at over $34 a share. >> michael finney is here to answer questions sent by facebook and twitter and e-mail.
4:47 pm
barbara, what are your thoughts on pet insurance? is the long term value worth the monthly cost? >> that's a great question. it depends on you and your animal. there is no standard policy and pet insurance companies exclude different breeds and services so you need to read the fine print. none cover preexisting conditions and you need to purchase it before you dog really needs it like yourself. the cost is 10 to $90 a month but if your insurance is in place and your pet requires medical treatment it can be a lifesaver. that is probably the best reason to buy it. all of a sudden, you're confronted with a bill for thousands of dollars. if you've already been paying all along you don't have to make a life or death decision, the service is going to be there. >> april from san francisco asks, what's the best way to
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approach my landlord about lowering the rent? >> i think you ought to try it. it is tough. you have to really get yourself together and talk face-to-face. let your landlord know you love living there and don't want to leave and decrease in rent would help you stay and maybe offer to maintain premises for decreased rent. your bargaining power depends not only on housing demand, what they want you to believe, not true, but your value as a tenant. landlords want to avoid the hassle of screening applicants and losing rental income in between you and the next tenant. that's what you play off of. i will be here a long time and won't cost you money. >> i bought a washer that ended up not working after the first cycle. i called the manufacturer for the resolution and they referred me to the store. is that correct? >> yes. it's a very good deal.
4:49 pm
if you purchased the appliance new you should contact the store and hopefully within the return policy of 30 to 90 days, just, here's your washer back and give me one that works and you get a new one. much easier. if you're beyond the 30 to 90 days you're probably sent to the manufacturer for a warranty and a huge problem and they send someone out to argue with you and discuss what's broken or not. if you have a question, share it on social media with a #askfinney and i may answer it right here. >> thanks. a texas couple desperate to find a lost wedding ring after a tornado destroyed their home in canton, texas, turned to social media. jessica castro shows us how the kindness of one stranger helped bring back the invaluable item. >> it was needle in a haystack trying to find a wedding ring after it got blown away by a
4:50 pm
tornado. one texas couple turned to facebook for help. >> it wasn't destroyed, not here. >> reporter: they lost it all when a tornado ripped through their home this spring. well, almost all. the couple had been married only three months and desperately wanted to find aerial's wedding ring among the debris. >> the only thing i wanted out of all of it. >> reporter: she had taken it off to do yard work and the twister hit. the couple spent six days searching but to no avail until they asked with a post on social media. >> i wanted to try to come find it. >> reporter: when nathan wright stepped in with his metal detector. and after four hours of searching. >> people probably thought i was going criticize. i hollered out. >> reporter: giving the newlyweds plenty of home in adversity. >> we got this. >> get this, the couple's facebook connection not only found their wedding ring he also
4:51 pm
found her gold wedding band about 20 minutes later. jessica castro, abc7 news. to a different kind of ring search. an australian man made a necklace for his girlfriend for their first anniversary with a secret inside. for a year and a half she wore it everyday. while visiting a cave in scotland he broke the necklace open and revealed an engagement ring inside the beautiful necklace the whole time. that's really smart. and tweet. >> how did you come up with that and patient, too, to wait that long. very cool. if it's good enough for keith richards, it's good enough for paul mccartney. he tweeted a picture of himself dressed up as a pirate with a #piratelife. while the tweet did not have other information it seems to confirm rumors he will make an appearance in the movie of a jail guard. keith richards appeared in the
4:52 pm
third installment at world's end in 2007. >> which movie are we on? i want keep track. >> there are several. >> keith richards actually looks like that everyday anyway. a non-surgical way to finally lose that weight. >> i felt like i was eating all the time. >> could adding to the stomach instead of reducing it be the answer to weight loss? >> kristen is here with what's coming up at 5:00. >> crews are still putting out hotspots from the big fire in emoryville. for now, they're treating this area as a crime scene. rally over rent control, the push to stop a city from possibly going against the voters. facebook's next up to building your own virtual friend.
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a new procedure to help people lose weight adds to the stomach instead of shrinking it. margo kim tells us it doesn't change anything physical except the weight. >> it's been a couple weeks and taken the balloon out, right? >> yes. >> reporter: diane looks forward to visiting her doctor after she had success with the gastric balloon. >> i found this to be the best choice for me because i didn't want to have surgery. >> reporter: the 52-year-old found her busy lifestyle led to weight gain again and again. >> i had twins in my early 20s. the lifestyle of being a mom in a good work environment i didn't always have the best eating choices. >> reporter: diane admits she had trouble knowing when to stop eating. >> i didn't give a darn to
4:57 pm
portions. >> reporter: a posting on the facebook feed about the orbera gastric balloon caught her eye and sent her to phoenix of fresno. the doctor said it isn't a procedure at all but can help people lose between 25 and 50 pounds. >> it's meant as a weight loss aid. it won't cause you to lose weight. it will help most people in the process of losing weight because they have a balloon in their stomach that makes them feel full. >> reporter: in this information video the balloon is inserted through the mouth while the patient is se dated and filled with saline. >> it is typically left in the stomach about six months about how long it would take stomach acids to start breaking down the material. the doctor says a rupture is very rare but if that happened only the harmless saline solution would be released into the body and absorbed.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: after six months it is removed and the patient eats less and less and gets one-on-one group coaching to adopt a healthier lifestyle. >> this is helping you change your habits. not the answer. you have to a change your habits. >> reporter: one of the techniques diane learned was take pictures of plates of healthier meals so remind herself of balance portions. >> so you can go back and say at one point in time i was satisfied with that amount of food. >> reporter: diane continues to see smaller numbers on the scales. it is not covered by insurance and costs about $8,000 including lifestyle coaching before and after the process. abc7 news. a patient can go through the process dpn if necessary to reach their targeted weight loss. you can be the first to know about breaking news where you
4:59 pm
live on our apps. abc7 news at 5 starts now. >> we are corroborating with the fbi on charges against children. >> molestation charges against this doctor. >> the penalty phase and minute portion they do not want the jury to see. the sun is shining now. shower ma showers may be coming straight ahead. >> good evening. >> we're following breaking news tonight. shock in washington after reports president trump shared highly classified information with russia. >> the "new york times" and "washington post" both reported it happened when the president met with the russian ambassador and russian foreign minister in
5:00 pm
the oval office last week. it is said to include details of an isis plot so sensitive, it was not shared with our allies and the source of the information is a u.s. intelligence partner. an hour ago the white house denied the report. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false. the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries including threats to civil aviation. at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed. the president did not disclose any military operations not already publicly known. i was in the room. it didn't happen. the disclosure may tot be illegal because he does have the ability to


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