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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> matt, thank you. a growing crisis for the white house. democrats and republicans want president trump to tell them what classified information she heard with top russian officials. abc news reporter jenai norman joins us live from the nation's capital. >> reporter: natasha, good morning, the white house is denying those reports, though they're the latest in a string of controversies plaguing the trump administration. the bombshell allegations rocking the west wing. >> i was in the room, it didn't happen. >> reporter: national security adviser h.r. mcmaster denying the "washington post" report that president trump shared highly classified information during this meeting with russia's foreign minister and u.s. ambassador in the oval office. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false. the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries, including threats to civil aviation. at no time, at no time, were intelligence sources or methods
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discussed. >> reporter: according to the "post," the classified information about an isis plot in sierra was give on the the u.s. by a partner and is so sensitive not even other allies have access to it. that oval office meeting was already under scrutiny, it came just a day after the president suddenly fired fbi director james comey and less than a month after trump described u.s./russia relations at an all time low. secretary of state rex tillerson, who was also in the room, saying they did not discuss sources, methods or military operations. but to one at the white house specifically addressing the main allegation in the story, that president trump revealed classified information and, in doing so, may have jeopardized critical intelligence sharing operations. >> that's really shocking. the suggestion that he might have shared highly classified information inappropriately with the russian foreign minister is deeply troubling. >> reporter: the story sounding alarms for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. >> if it's accurate, it would be
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troubling. >> reporter: this morning on twitter, the president not denying he shared classified information but instead tweeting defending what he calls his right to share information about "terrorism and airline flight safety" citing humanitarian reasons and wanting russia to step up their fight against isis. live in washington, jenai norman, the abc 7 news, reggie, back to you. >> jenai, thank you. happening today, the families of 10 people who died in oakland's ghost ship fire are filing a lawsuit against the building's owner and manager. 36 people died in the december 2 warehouse fire. several families have already filed individual lawsuits claiming the building was a fire trap and that the owner and leaseholder ignored safety hazards. the dilapidated building had been converted illegally into a living area. records show firefighters were called to inspect the property but citations were never issued. a mountain view cyber security firm says there are clues pointing to north korea as the culprit in the massive ransomware attacks.
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expert symantec said the code the hackers used is similar to the ones used in attacks against sony and at least two international banks as well. those attacks were all linked to north korea. friday's ransomware attack crippled more than 300,000 computers and more than 150 countries. happening today, the u.n. security council is meeting to discuss north korea's latest missile test. the missile launch happened sunday. it flew for an hour before landing in the sea of japan. north korea claims the new type of missile can carry sry nuclear warheads. the u.s. is working on new sanctions against north korea. i'm tracking big business news. ford motor is cutting about 20,000 jobs, which is about 10% of its global work force. the "wall street journal" reported the plans overnight. they say most jobs will be salaried workers who are not part of a union. that means it won't be the folks who work on the assembly lines, we are expecting ford to confirm
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the news some time this morning so i'm watching for that here at the live desk. meanwhile, back to you, reggie. >> jessica, thank you. a ucsf psychiatrist is pleading not guilty to charges of uploading and trading child foreign. police arrested dr. billy lockhart last week. as a condition of his release, he's not allowed to use the internet, he can't have contact with children or set foot on campus where he is suspended from his position. he was arrested eed along with benjamin martin after police say they found more than 1200 files of child foreign in their home. >> reporter: the family of a man who died after being tased by police is demanding answers. the man is identified as 41-year-old branch roth. police say he was drunk when he confronted -- when he was confronted by two officers outside a motel. officers used a taser to subdue him.
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the family wondered if the officers followed guidelines warning that tasing a drunk person can cause death. >> we see these death cases as a result of an untrained officer using a taser against >> voth troth is the older brot isa roth seen being tased more unanimous 20 times. a convicted felon on probation was busted in the north bay after police found several illegal or stolen items inside a home. several snow ma county police departments teamed up to conduct a compliance check on a home in park medal drive. once inside, officers found six firearms, illegal drugs, $5,000 in cash and two stolen motorcycles. police arrested 25-year-old omar cabrera. he faces multiple charges. happening today, a move that may make some commuters on the peninsula happy. crews will break ground on a new
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multimillion dollar project aiming at easing congestion on a stretch of willow road through menlo park. this new interchange will include eight lanes, widened off ramps, sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes. work is expected to take at least two years. stanford university has reportedly sent $135 million to provide housing for faculty and staff near the campus. according the bay area news group, the university bought an upscale apartment and retail complex in los altos. there are 167 units at that building on el camino real. the bay area news group reports the complex was worth $85 million last year so the university paid more than the building's previous value. tonight the warriors hope to go up 2-0 against the spurs in the western conference finals. >> kawhi leonard is out after reinjuring his ankle sunday during a play involving the dubs. gregg popovich claimed it was a dirty play. >> we're up 23 points in the third quarter against golden
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state and kawhi goes down like that. and you want to know if our chances are less? and you want to know how we feel? that's how we feel. >> i'm not a dirty player. i just love this game, how i was taught since day one. tonight is at oracle arena. dub nation showing its pride as always. send in your photos and video, use the hashtag "dubs on 7" and you may see it right here. it's going to be a late night for some of us, hopefully well worth it. here's walnut creek 680 southbound. using that for the backdrop of your commute. an isolated shower this evening. windy, especially across the northern sections of the bay. mass transit will be cool all day. north of the bay bridge and each
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of the golden gate bridge through the delta communities from 1:00 to 9:00 winds around 24 to 38 miles per hour. that's your small crafted advi y advisory. here's san jose where it's mostly cloudy. high amounts of tree pollen, grass pollen, mold spores low. uv index will be high early and with clouds rolling in it will taper this afternoon. 49 in orinda. everybody else from 50 at berkeley to 54 in hayward and oakland. you can see 44 in santa rosa, 49 in san francisco. low to mid-50s out there. next couple days it will be cool then temperatures start to jump. thursday the transition, though, could mean wet weather today. we have about a 30% chance. i'll give you an hour-by-hour look at that. here's alexis. i want to talk a little bit more about the breezy conditions this morning. i have one high wind advisory for our bridges this morning and that's for the san mateo bridge, chp issued that at 1:30.
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just checked with mike, he double checked the wind gusts, we're around 17 miles an hour so not terrible but if you're in a high profile vehicle, maybe one of those days you want to have both hands on the wheel. we have a crash that started about an hour ago westbound 80 past cummings skyway as you leave the vallejo area. that's on the shoulder in the clearing stages so we're not seeing major delays. i have a mass transit note to pass along, i'll talk about that ne next. it's a pirate shop on the outside, on the inside, a store in san francisco that could be the secret to getting bay area kids to learn. landlords prepare to fight a plan to revive rent control in an east bay community. why they face an uphill battle. we are trying to make this a we are trying to make this a better day with abc 7 news
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and the doctor removed them before they had a chance to turn into cancer! [announcer] no buts about it... this is one cancer you can prevent! if you're 50 or older, talk to your doctor and get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives! . welcome back. this just in, the newly elected south korean president moon jae-in will visit the white house next month. he'll come to the united states for a summit with president trump. he'll talk about how to respond to north korea's nuclear and missile program. moon took office last week. an exact date for the visit is still in the works. reggie, natasha, back to you. happening today, the alameda city council will consider tougher rent control laws. the move isn't sitting well with landlords and a group of them
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protested outside of alameda city hall yesterday. in november, voters rejected a measure that would have limited rent increases. landlords fear the city council will try to impose rent control despite voters' wishes. >> in the election we had a change in our city council as well now we have a more liberal city council and we're looking at more stringent rent control. >> voters passed a measure to notify landlords if they impose a rent increase of 5% or more. the city of san francisco is negotiating two competing proposals for affordable housing. one would be for the middle-class, the other would provide more affordable units to the poor. the board was scheduled to discuss the proposals yesterday but postponed talks so negotiations could continue. they are expected to meet again one week from today. the marin water district is set to approve a revised rate hike today. water rates will go up 14% starting july 1, originally
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officials wanted another 14% increase a year from now but after so many heated complaints they are kicking the can down the road and putting off the second increase until the increases will raise $10 million to pay for pipeline and other improvements. imagine your kids looking forward to doing home work. if it sounds impossible, perhaps not. >> not when pirates are involved. aaarg. abc 7 news reporter wayne freeman explains. >> reporter: it is one of the strangest stores in san francisco. 826 valencia is the address and the name of an establishment with buried treasure that serves with buried treasure that serves as a purveyor for pirates so if i want this -- >> you have to give me a story, a song a dance or a drawing. >> reporter: the real work happens in back when neighborhood kids show up every weekday afternoon.
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>> i want to be a doctor. >> well, i want to be an author. >> reporter: just imagine, a nonprofit making home work, math and especially writing so much fun that these kids want to be here. >> our goal is to transform students relationship to help them build confidence and pride in themselves as learners and creative people and as owners and tellers of their own story. >> reporter: it's an environment with no computers or laptops, just pencils, papers books and tutoring from one on one volunteers like kristin cosby who reads allowed with marco twice a week. >> i get the satisfaction of watching them learn and grow. >> i'm joyful by having her. >> reporter: it's changing the future a word at a time, a kid at a time or maybe we should say pirating tough circumstances and turning them into hope. and these kids profit. from the mission district, wayne freedman, abc 7.
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the signs are up and you are being warned. expect traffic in san francisco to be a bit of a mess for beta breakers. the race celebrates its 50th anniversary. runners will start at 8:00 a.m., they'll run seven miles west across the city finishing on the great highway by ocean beach. organizers expect 40,000 runners and 200,000 spectators on sunday. >> we were into that story very half empty. this is one of the best events in san francisco and we're like "traffic is going to be a mess." it's an awesome event so let's go with that. hi, mike. >> good thing for those who don't always follow the dress code. it will be warmer by the time we get to sunday look how fast those clouds are moving. today we'll have light showers that will keep us cooler than average, it's a different breeze, a warmy breeze and a
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drier breeze and the heat is on inland friday, saturday, and sunday. here's today's temperatures, mid to upper 50s from half moon by a into san francisco. 60 to 63 for the bay and about 64 to 67 inland. temperatures at least 10 degree below average. tonight, clearing conditions, that means mid-40s to low 50 the storm is bringing healthy rain. looks like for the fifth place in a row places like seattle going to have above average precipitation. the storm track has moved more inside so it will hit the sierra more than us. from 7:00 through noon you can see a stray shower possible across the north bay and then maybe a shower in the santa cruz mountains during the afternoon hours and a little more in the north bay then you can see during the evening hours we'll have our best chance of a shower and that will last until about 4:00 in the morning, then we'll see clouds decrease tomorrow during the morning commute and
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temperatures back in the 70s away from the coast. 67s, 70s and 80s thursday and 70s, 80s and 90s for saturday and sunday. maybe running the air conditioners. alexis. >> if you're lucky enough to have ac, mike. we're off to a quiet start. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. a little stack up in a couple of those cash lanes, that will change as soon as they get a few more booths open. mass transit, no issues this morning but we have maintenance work scheduled on the pier 41 san francisco bay ferry dock today through thursday and that means we'll have changes in service so if you take the alameda oakland departures to pier 41, you'll have to get off at the ferry building. that's mostly just the late morning and middy departure so take a look at that schedule before you head out the next few days. we'll check on drive times next. if you're tired of complaining about the way local government works, why don't you do something about it? san francisco may have an assignment made for you. announcements like this one are
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popping up all over twitter. they're aimed at finding candidates for the next civil grand jury in the city. a big push being made to recruit younger people and minorities. >> we need to get fresh ideas. we need people of color, we need people who are young, we need people who are going into new careers because they've just finished a second education or something so we'd like to have more diversity in our grand juries. >> this grand jury covers a lot of topics including police shootings, homelessness, jail conditions, the commitment is for one year and it begins july 1. if a message pops up on your computer saying you've got a virus, chances are, it's a scam. how the federal government is finally going to help. an east bay school is honored for fighting hate. the incident that forced it to take a stand. but first, this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites, speeding up the airport check in process. >> delta airlines will test a self-service baggage drop that uses facial recognition to verify identity instead of an agent. >> it will compare your face with your passport photo. the airline will test it out
4:50 am
this summer in minneapolis. >> lowe's is trying out a new kpexoskeleton exoskeleton. >> the company says it helps employees lift heavy objects more easily. no word on when it might be used more widely. >> and we have new numbers showing the average starting salary for college graduates is almost $350,000. >> wow. who are these them? apparently a lot of the top salaries are tech related. software developers $65,000, software developers $65,000, scientists and researchers over
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transit officials are hoping the video you're about to watch to talk to your kids about rail safety. it will show two boys crossing a track. the first makes it across safely. the other -- you'll see this here -- narrowly -- and i'm talking by seconds, misses being hit. this took place in houston with their light rail system. transit authorities have just released this in hopes of bringing awareness to a deadly problem that could happen in any city. the federal government is cracking down on so-called tech support scams. the federal trade commission is working with law enforcement around the world on a program called operation tech trap. they're going after scammers who trick consumers into believing their computers are infected with a virus. they could contact you by phone or with a pop-up warning we've all seen on our computers.
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the con artists persuade victims to allow remote control of their computers then they ask for money to fix the problem that never existed or they install an actual virus. the ftc says operation tech trap has already stopped 16 suspected scams. san francisco's conservatory of flowers is about to get groovy to celebrate the summer of love. the landmark in golden gate park will light up in psychedelic colors to mark the 50th anniversary of the social movement. check out this rendering of what it will look like. that's pretty cool. the light art installation can be seen nightly from june 21 through october 21. it will happen sundown until midnight. >> pretty neat. here's something else that was neat, last night's game. took one from the dodgers, now we just need to take the next two. it may be cooler than last night, 54 to 55, stray showers possible but i wouldn't worry about it. here's sfo this morning. it looks like it will be a bumpy
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ride in and out of there today. look at the temperatures, summer is back. 15 to 25 degrees warmer between today and friday. from 74 in san francisco to concord and 91. here's alexis. one new issue has popped up in san francisco so we have a crash involving two vehicles. northbound 101 before you get to dubose avenue it was briefly blocking both lanes. we have backups in both directions. we have one lane open at the moment, hopefully going to have this fully cleared shortly. doesn't sound like it's too serious. we haven't gotten word on injuries yet but i believe we will have that fully gone in just a few minutes. drive times looking great so far this morning as well. southbound 101 golden gate bridge wide open, just seven minutes from the north bay. westbound 80 across the bay bridge looks good at eight minutes. it could be breezy across the san mateo bridge. you are in the green in 13 minutes. we'll check in the central valley at 5:00. a national organization is honoring an east bay school for
4:56 am
its successful turnaround following several racist incidents. abc 7 news was at california high school in san a ramon as the anti-definition league recognized it as a no place for hate school. the designation comes after four incidents of racist graffiti earlier in the school year. >> we partnered with the adl to work with our climate on campus along with our students and parents and staff to earn the no place for hate designation. >> the school says it's taken several steps forward to develop an inclusive learning environment that includes forming an equity task force and holding events like pride week. an attack at a bart station, an investigation after a woman says someone beat her with a rock. a teenager with no apparent health issues dies after drinking too much caffeine. the message officials are sending to parent this is morning. plus, the president already busy on social media tweeting about his conversation with russian officials. what he's saying next.
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i.c.e. is responding after a movement gains momentum to free a north bay undocumented immigrant. he was detained at work and never made it home.
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there's our view at 5:00 in the morning. pretty sweet. our exploratorium camera shows us a great perspective of the san francisco skyline. >> but if we take you high on mt. tam, you can see winds whing. we're going through a roller coaster week when it comes to our weather. >> and this is the dip before the rise, right mike? >> yes, temperatures could be 30 degrees warmer by friday saturday and sunday but the transition may be wet for some of us as we have a chance for a stray shower or two. it's quiet but you can see clouds encroaching through most of our neighborhoods. i like the exploratorium camera because you can see how fast the clouds are moving. dress for 46 to 53. we stay in the mid-50s at the coast, low 60s around the bay and in as an isolated shower develops at 4:00. a better chanceft


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