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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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quite different weather wise it's tuesday, may 16. >> thank you for waking up with us. this is a bit of a roller coaster. >> we're going to hit the low point and then climb up to 90 degree temperatures but right now everything is quiet you can see the flags unfurled. all of them in the ferry building so the breezes are already develop iing that's putting us into the mid-40s and mid-50s. we stay in the 50s at the coast. low 60s around the bay and inland. an isolated chance of shower -- chance of an isolated shower, i should say, develops around 4:00. scattered showers possible around 7:00. we'll taken a hour by hour look at today. first, how about a look at your morning commute? >> overall not too bad. we have a quiet start yesterday
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we started quiet and ended up with a ton of crashes hopefully that doesn't happen again today but light volumes southbound 101 across golden gate into san francisco, no issues there, that's wide open. drive times looking great you're still in the green. 21 minutes, bay bridge barely in the yellow at 12 and southbound 101 is san francisco to sfo looking good at nine minutes. we'll look at altamont pass next. now to our big story, the fallout from president trump's oval office meeting with top russian leaders. >> the president tweeting he wanting to share information with russia and had an absolute right to do so. he said he discussed terrorism and airline flight safety and that he wants russia to step up their fight against isis. he did not specify whether the information was classified or not. this follows a "washington post" report that mr. trump shared highly classified information from a u.s. ally with the russian minister and ambassador
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last week, abc news legal expert dan abrams weighs in on the legality of the issue. >> the president has the ability as a legal matter to declassify anything at any time the way the classification system is set up is for the president so the president can make that decision. >> the president's national security adviser said the president didn't disclose operations that aren't already publicly known. bay area lawmakers are reacting to the reports. >> some say the closed-door nature of the meeting itself is problem matic. >> the fact that this meeting would be closed to the united states press corps, open to state press for russia and that he would divulge sensitive classified information is yet another brick in the wall. >> congressman eric swalwell introduced legislation calling for an independent commission to investigate russia's involvement in the 2016 election. he wants a special prosecutor
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and to freeze any change of policy towards the russians while the investigation is open. he needs the support of 21 of his republican colleagues for that to happen. a movement is growing to support a san rafael father detained by i.c.e. friends, family and a congressman want the government to release the undocumented immigrant who they say has been a volabaluable part of community. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: there is a petition, letters to a congressman support on twitter calling him an outstanding member of the community, not a criminal. but i.c.e. officials say they won't be releasing him from the jail he is in just outside of sacramento. hugo mejia is a married father of three. his wife says she is afraid to be here without him. his community rallied for him in san rafael yesterday. his wife says he went to a construction job at travis air force base three weeks ago and never came home. >> i can't explain how i felt
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that day. it's very terrible. i.c.e. released a statement saying "mejia entered the u.s. after being previously deported in 2001. mr. mejia will remain in i.c.e. custody pending court proceedings." in 2001 he was caught trying to cross the border. because of that previous offense he is set for expedited deportation proceedings. the u.s. congressman for san rafael is asking i.c.e. to consider giving him due process before sending him away. reporting live from san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. an investigation under way into an attack at the pittsburg bay point bart station. police say a woman carrying a two-year-old beat another woman with a rock after she refused to
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give her a ride. the victim suffered minor injuries and the suspect took off. developing news in the east bay, another car fire in rodeo. look at this van parked at railroad avenue near third street completely gutted. investigators say they arrested a suspect other the weekend. we have made calls to find out more about how the latest fire started. the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy arrested for a deadly dwi crash is facing new alcohol-related charges. on the left is a mug shot following yarenit malihan's 2016 arrest, on the right the mug shot following friday's arrest when she was found on the ground in pleasanton. drunk in public. this is her third alcohol or drug-related arrest. she was pulled over in pleasanton for driving under the influence with her 10-year-old in the car months before the dui crash in san ramon. we are learning more about the plane crash that killed two
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men at lake berryessa. a witness say he heard the plane rev up and pitch upwards and turn to the left before disappearing out of sight, it crashed shortly afterwards, that's from the ntsb's preliminary accident report. icon aircraft owns the plane and the company says the pilot was flying with a new employee on board to teach the person about amphibious aircraft. a second murder charge is being added against a man who was once in a program that pays people to stay away from crime. dewuan rice is linked to a murder that happened days before. rice has been indicted for both murders. at the time he was in a richmond city program called the office of neighborhood safety that provides mentoring, guidance and payment for young men with the goal of reducing gun violence. police say the victims in both murders that rice is connected to were shot to death. a woman is accused of causing $10,000 worth of damage to a south bay preschool. police arrested leticia
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monila. the vandalism happened at a montessori school. windows were broken, furniture destroyed. the damage was so extensive the school was closed for repairs. it's not clear if she had any connection to the school. the newly crowned miss usa is responding to the backlash for her answers on stage. what she's saying about her controversial comments on health care. >> the oakland a's are halting a major sale on tickets. the reason for a sudden change to a popular discount. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza at 6:07. metering lights are on and the sky is getting lighter. sky is getting lighter.
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already a few folks at the beach in santa cruz. of course they're dressed for temperatures in the 50s. on the bay it will be breezy north of the bay bridge. not too hot if you're thinking about walking the dog or exercising. less sunshine than the last couple days most of us in the mid-40s to mid-50s. temperatures today are going to be cool. signs of spring tomorrow, 70s
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inland, warmth, 08 arrives thursday, 90s this weekend. coming up in the accuweather seven day forecast. alexis? >> i want to take you live to sky 7. right around sfo looking great in both directions south of the airport, we haven't had major delays anywhere it's breezy, perhaps we'll have flight delays and we have a high wind warning for the san mateo bridge and altamont pass. we have typical delays westbound 205 and 580. next traffic update at 6:20. >> thanks alexis. nearly a week after announcing the team is offering a ballpark pass, the oakland a's will stop sales. the pass is $19.99 a month plus a $5 fee that gets fans into every a's home game starting next month. 2,000 have been sold since last thursday. the team will stop selling the passes for the month of june tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. because it's reached capacity. passes for july, august, and september will go on sale at a
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welcome back, everyone, this just coming in, the syrian government is "categorically denying accusations of mass killings" at a prison near the
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country's capital. they went on the say the allegations are a "new hollywood plot to justify u.s. intervention in syria." that was the statement from the syrian foreign ministry that goes directly against what the u.s. state department revealed yesterday. they say 50 detainees are being hanged each day in that prison and that the syrian government the using a crematorium to dispose of the bodies. the u.s. launched missile strikes just last month against syrian air bases in that country so this is certainly a developing story i'll keep my eye on here at the live desk. reggie, back to you. >> thanks, dress. droneview7 giving us a look at the extensive aftermath of a fire in emeryville that gutted a construction site there. this fire started in the stairwell, the same location as the fire that burned the same construction site 10 months ago. abc 7 news was on add line street yesterday where crews dug through the wreckage.
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investigators are reviewing surveillance videos to see if this was set on purpose. the owner doesn't understand why someone would do this and says it will not stop him. >> we have to take a deep breath and look at all the needs of the building and what our insurance company says and what the city inspectors say but we'll build it. >> when it's finished, the building will have 105 apartments and be home to several community groups. new details on the firestorm over the newly crowned miss usa. the beauty queen is responding to the controversy over some of her answers on the pageant stage. nuclear chemist karen mccullough was crowned sunday night. during the q&a portion the 25-year-old was asked if she thinks affordable health care for u.s. citizens is a right or a privilege. she said it's a privilege. that response drew a lot of backlash on social media. she says she would like to clarify her comments so here is what she just said on "good morning america." >> i would like to just take this moment to just clarify because i am a woman, i'm going to own what i said. i am privileged to have health
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care and i do believe that it should be be a right and i hope and pray moving forward that health care is a right for all worldwide. >> miss usa is taking more heat after the q&a about feminism. mccullough will respond to that controversy coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. hillary clinton is launching a new political group, onward together hoping to advance progressive causes by harnessing grass-roots opposition to president trump's policies. they will support the opposition groups. clinton has not said how assistance will take place. >> if you want to go to bottle rock, you can go for free if you sign up as a volunteer. people are needed for the green team so that means they're on trash duty. also responsible for recycling and compost. shifts for the green team are four hours and then when you're done, you can stay and enjoy the festival. bottle rock is next friday through sunday, foo fighters,
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tom petty and the heart breakers and foo fighters are headliners. >> so pick up trash, bring a change of clothes, wipe yourself down, and watch the concert. >> wear some gloves. >> you've got it. now where can we find that stuff in here's a look at what's going on. gloves? no, still chilly look look the snow around lake tahoe. sfo, your delays, 1:43, that's the average trying to get into sfo. my a.q. yccuweather highlights, chance of showers, sunshine rebounds quickly and warm to hot this weekend. today 56 to 59 along the coast into san francisco, 62 to 67 for the rest of us. tonight with the sky clearing out and the cold front pushing through 45 to about 52 degrees so about the same, maybe a touch cooler than this morning. here's the hour-by-hour look i promise sod let's plan out 2
6:19 am
day. you can see clouds on the increase. a few green dots up across the north bay, maybe drizzle along the coast and in the afternoon you can see higher elevations around the south bay and north bay scattered showers. towards the end of the evening commute, more scattered light showers and those will hang around through 4:00 tomorrow morning. rainfall amounts couple hundreds of an inch if you see anything. 60s and 80s thursday, 70s to 90s saturday and sunday. >> we have sky 7 cruising around today. we don't have major issues for them to find so that's a good problem to have. this is 101 into redwood city. between san mateo bridge which has a high wind advisory and the dun pardon bridge, 101 looks okay both directions. a little slowing on the northbound side but that's typical stop-and-go traffic so we're keeping our fingers crossed hoping we don't jinx it
6:20 am
everything is looking great for mass transit this morning but if you take san francisco bay ferry from oakland or alameda trying to get to pier 41 in the late morning or midday hours, they're doing maintenance so the ferry will terminate at the ferry building and you'll have to find another way to get to pier 41. we'll check on drive times next. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> here's a look at what's ahead this morning. >> good morning, reggie and natasha, up next on gma, reports president trump revealed highly classified information during a meeting with russian officials insisting it was public knowledge, we will have a full team with the fallout and then the brutal attack on real housewives star deena manzo and her boyfriend. the two were sent to the hospital after being struck and bound during a terrifying home invasion. police on the hunt for their assailants. then in shows shocking "dancing
6:21 am
with the stars" elimination olympian simone biles and her partner sasha were sent home even after perfect scores. they're joining us live after flying all night to be here. that's next on gma. >> life is not fair. okay, amy, thank you. up next, breast implants and cancer, the possible link after hundreds of women receive a shocking diagnosis. >> a big change in netflix could keep millions of android devices from accesses the streaming app. what could keep you from watching your favorite shows and movies? >> a live look at walnut creek. abc 7 mornings is the only one that will keep up weather and traffic through the commercial traffic through the commercial break so you're in the know as
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interesting weather situation going on. we're spanning every possible temperature and there's a little rain this morning, but that will go away. live view from sky 7 at 6:24 so good morning to our folks down there. we'll check in with mike in just a couple minutes. >> if you have an unlocked android phone you may lose the ability to update netflix. they don't work on phones that haven't been google certified.
6:25 am
google says it's trying to make it harder to impact videos. analysts think more than 25% of android phones have been unlocked. we have a question from twitter regarding mri services. michael finney has your answers. >> i need to find a free mri. where can i do in the san francisco? >> mris are very expensive. in the bay area you can spend a thousand dollars and more. there are no free mris but you can find a discounted one by going to this web site, save on you choose which service you need and you filter it by price and your location. good luck and thanks for sending in your video. >> i should have mentioned that is nan luma who n
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both know. we love her. if you have a question, share it on social media using the hashtag "ask vinnie" and you might see a question answered here on abc 7 mornings. >> next, the big hack impacted millions of computers around the world. >> and fallout from the deadly ghost ship fire. the action victims families will take today against the people they say are responsible. >> and just getting word of a train derailment in illinois working on getting information for you and images at the live desk. details comingup next. the middle of may but we have a chance of light showers today. here's some areas that possibly could get wet weather around livermore, san jose, mountain view and half moon bay. we also have temperatures in the we also have temperatures in the 50s and 60s today
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now at 6:30, top secret bombshell. reports president trump revealed highly classified information to the russians. abc sources saying they're concerned this information could expose an isis informant. >> taking a live look outside with sky 7 we have a minor trouble spot in santa clara. i have the details on this issue and how long the back up is in
6:30 am
just a moment. >> good morning welcome to tuesday, may 16. mike, i saw you just tweeted out this is the lowest temperature this week. >> temperatures near record cold for high temperatures we have the slight chance of a shower and the where i understand a big factor. nothing going on as far as wet weather so i overlaid the wind gusts. 18 in oakland right now. everybody else a little calmer than we were a couple hours ago. 23 to about 32 miles per hour up on mt. tamm so if you're heading on mt. tamm so if you're heading through the hill s 55 to 61 at noon. isolated showers at 4:00, 56 to 62 and a few more showers. >> this is where we have some trouble in the south bay. this is northbound 101. right around dela cruz.
6:31 am
looks like we've got a couple vans here. looks like they hit the center divide there. i will put this on a traffic map less than ten minutes. >> alexis, thank you. >> the man convicted of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar will be back in court. >> the process of deciding whether he will be given the death penalty begins. matt keller live in san jose this morning. matds? >> this will be an emotional day for the six men and six women serving on the jury they will have to decide whether or not antolin garcia torres gets convicted for the death penalty. he was convicted for murdering and kidnapping sierra lamar. the job of the defense attorneys is going to be a challenge. they failed to convince the jury sierra lamar was a possible
6:32 am
runaway and could be alive. a defense psychologist is lined a defense psychologist is lined up to take the stand about garcia or ttorres' troubl family live. >> this is going to be a difficult balancing act for the defense because at the same time they said sierra could still be alive. the jury rejected that and now the jury believes garcia torres knows where sierra lamar is and it's a difficult showing of remorse if you don't come forward with that information. the prosecution can call up family and friends to make victim statements on how the death of sierra lamar has impacted them. today's proceedings are scheduled to start at 9:00. reporting live from san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. now to a crisis brewing at the white house. a defiant president trump says he had an absolute right to share information with russia. the president tweeted his first comments in response to a report
6:33 am
he divulged classified information in a meeting with top russian officials last week. mr. trump said he discussed terrorism and airline flight safety but didn't mention whether the information was classified. democrats and republicans are calling for an investigation many fear the meeting may have put confidential sources at risk as well as relationships with u.s. allies. those in the intelligence community say this is cause for concern. >> when information like this is provided by a foreign government, it's only shared on a limited basis with people in the u.s. government and certainly not shared broadly with people outside the u.s. government so this is a major major problem. >> legal experts say presidents have broad authority to disclose classified information and makes them virtually immune from prosecution. every other government employee with a clearance would have been criminally charged. abc news chief investigative correspondent brian ross appeared on gma. he says his sources inside the intelligence community are truly
6:34 am
concern concerned. >> they believe this could lead to clues that could lead to the uncovering of a human source inside isis that has been vital in detecting plots. >> the president's national security adviser says the president didn't disclose operations that were not already publicly known. >> the families of 10 people who died in oakland's ghost ship fire are filing a lawsuit against the building's owner and manager. 36 people died in the december 2 warehouse fire. they claim the owner and leaseholder ignored safety hazard hazards. the building had been converted into a living area. records show firefighters were called to inspect the property but citations were never issued. a mountain view cyber security firm says there are clues pointing to north korea as the culprit in the massive ransomware attacks. experts say the code the hackers used is similar to the ones they use against sony pictures and
6:35 am
two international banks. friday's attack crippled more than 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries. the u.n. security council is meeting to discuss north korea's latest missile test. the missile flew for a half hour before landing in the sea of japan. north korea claims the middle can carry heavy nuclear warheads. chemical weapon sticks say that is unlikely. they say the u.s. and china are working on new sanctions against north korea. a psychiatrist is out on bail after pleading not guilty t charges of uploading and trading child foreign police arrested dr. billy lockhart last week. he's not allowed to use the internet, have contact with kids or set foot on a campus where he is suspended from his position. he was arrested along with benjamin martin after police say they were found more with more than 1200 files of child pornography in the home they share. the family of a man who died after being tased by rohnert
6:36 am
park police is demanding answers. police say 41-year-old branch roth was drunk when he was confronted by two officers outside of a motel, officers used a taser to subdue him. he died moments later. the family is questioning whether officers were properly trained or followed federal guidelines warning them tasing a brink person could cause death. >> often times we see these death cases as a result of untrained officers using a taser against a person where policy suggests they should not. >> roth is the older brother of isa roth seen being tased more than 20 times by deputies more than five years ago. the county paid more than a million dollars for that incident. i'm tracking a tragt train derailment in illinois. it was dairying dangerous materials. there's a massive cleanup under way to get this thing contained. it happened in elkhart, a small city in the center of the state a few hours from chicago. it's a rural area but there are homes nearby.
6:37 am
union pacific says 18 out of 77 of the train's cars derailed. you can see a big clean up that they have to do there. luckily only two of those cars with carrying hazardous materials so they expect to get it cleaned up pretty quickly. back to you, reggie. >> thanks, jess. a water main break kept crews busy on treasure island. you can see the water pooling up near third street and avenue m creating muddy conditions and closing streets, the san francisco fire department tells us they have cleared the scene. happening today, a move that will make some commuters on the peninsula happy. crews will break ground on a multimillion dollar project to ease congestion on a stretch of willow road through menlo park. the interchange will include weight lanes, widened off ramps, a dedicated bike lane on the overpass. work is expected to take two years. stanford university has reportedly spent $130 million to provide housing for faculty and staff near the campus.
6:38 am
according to our media partners the university bought an upscale apartment and retail complex in los altos. there are 167 units on el camino real. the complex was worth $85 million last year so the university has paid much more than the building's previous value. >> more real estate, steph curry's walnut creek home back on the market right now going for less than the original asking price. it's going for 3.7 million, it's now down $3.5 million. the listing agency says the home was pulled from the market in february so aisha curry could use the kitchen for her food network show. last year the curries moved into their new home in alamo. >> you guys want to go in on that? >> so they're paying double mortgage? >> that's the life. >> i don't think it's an issue. good morning everybody, here's a
6:39 am
look at -- speaking of walnut creek, 680. an isolated shower. during the evening commute it will be windy north of the bay bridge and cool if you're taking mass transit. here's the small craft advisory east of the golden gate through the delta communities. we took game one, how about game two? 7:15 first pitch, temperatures 56 dropping down to 54 and breezy. cloudy, 280 at 17, tree pollen, grass pollen and uv index going to be high. 49 in pacifica, 50 to 52 for the rest of the peninsula, most of us in the low to mid-50s until you get to fairfield at 49. 30% chance of rain today so guess what i'm going to have when i come back? an hour-by-hour look at that. 90s coming up this weekend. alexis? >> we have sky 7 flying around covering traffic for us this morning so here's a live look at 880. just made it through the fremont area into newark on the northbound side. northbound isn't looking too bad. southbound slightly heavier.
6:40 am
if you are starting in the hayward stretch, we have a multicar crash on the shoulder so heavier-than-average traffic before 92 but south of there where we are things are looking great so we will enjoy it while it lasts. this is northbound 101 on the off ramp to de la cruz where sky 7 was. we have a disabled vehicle that looks like that hit the center median and that's blocking the far right lane so we have backup. i know i promised a look at drive times. they're not bad. we'll check on those next. a shocking diagnosis for hundreds of women. now concerns their breast implants gave them cancer. what doctors want you to know. >> landlords prepare to fight a plan to revive rent control in an east bay community. why they say they will face an uphill battle. and the dubs take on the spurs in game two of the western conference finals.
6:41 am
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i'm tracking breaking news in marin county, a search under way for a missing 14-year-old girl in st. anselmo. i want to show you her photo on twitter from the marin county
6:44 am
sheriff's department. here she is. now they say she was last seen -- let me tell you her name. her name is treasure anderson. so if you recognize her and know her name, this is her picture and they are looking for her. the marin county sheriff's department is saying she was last seen yesterday after school, she didn't make it home. treasure was wearing a blue sweatshirt, light pants, tennis shoes and a white backpack. marin search-and-rescue also helping in the search right now. we have a crew heading that way, if you see her or know anything, call authorities. >> we hope she's found safe. thank you. a bay area congressman is the manning the government release a san rafael father. >> friends and family say this man has been a valuable part of his community. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in san francisco's financial district. >> reporter: officials at i.c.e. sound like they are not going to budge but friends and family say they will continue to fight.
6:45 am
here is a picture of hue owe mejia. this is him with his wife. the couple has three children. his wife says he showed up for a construction job two weeks ago at travis air force base and never came home. his san rafael community is rallying to get him released. his congressman says his only offense was showing up for work. >> mr. mejia is being detained in prison conditions with violent criminals, he is a law abiding upstanding member of this community. >> reporter: i.c.e. provided this statement saying mejia unlawfully entered the u.s. after being previously deported in 2001. mr. mejia will remain in i custody pending court proceedings." he was caught in 2001 trying too cross the border that's why he has expedited deportation hearings. but the congressman is appealing
6:46 am
to eyes to give him due process before sending him away. a massachusetts school faces a complaint from the aclu for disciplining black students because of their hair style parents say students were punished for wearing braids with hair extensions which are not allowed. the complaint says the school's dress policy is discriminatory because white students haven't been disciplined for coloring their hair which is also banned. black students have been issued detentions f s but the punishme doesn't stop there. >> they've kicked me off the track team and banned us from any -- >> i can't go to prom. >> she can't go to prom. >> we can't go to the sports banquet. >> reporter: the school district criticizes the school's policy and its decision to punish students who express their cultural heritage. >> this morning there is a disturbing medical headline about breast implants and cancer. some implants can can cause a rare form of cancer called anna plastic lymphoma.
6:47 am
in the last six years there have been more than 330 reports of implant-associated cancer including nine deaths. >> a lot of doctors even haven't heard about it. you can consider it implant-associated lymphoma. it's a rare cancer generally treatable. the symptoms basically redness, pain, swelling or asymmetry in one breast. coming up on "good morning america," hear the questions you should ask your doctor if you're thinking about getting implants. that's 7:00 on abc 7. happening today, the alameda city council will consider tougher rent control laws. the move isn't sitting well with landlords. a group protested outside alameda city hall yesterday. in november, voters rejected a measure that would have limited rent increases. landlords fear the city koun shrill try to impose rent control despite voters wishes. >> we had a change in our city council as well so now we have a more liberal city council and they're trying to liberalize the
6:48 am
ordnance so they're looking at more stringent rent control. voters did stay that landlords had to notify the city if they impose a rent increase of 5% or more. one proposal would expand affordable housing to the middle-class, the other would provide more affordable communities to the poor. the board was scheduled to discuss the issue yesterday but postponed it so negotiations could continue. they're expected to meet again one week from today. delta airlines is working on a high-tech service that will let you check in your bags with just your face facial recognition machines are being tested at the minneapolis/st. paul airport over the summer. just tag your bag, pay your fee and look at the camera. only travelers with valid passport cans use them. delta believes it will cut check in times in half. are you a fashion maven looking to stay ahead of the curve this summer? >> yes, yes,ure? this could be the next big thing to hit the bay area and if they are these are end times.
6:49 am
they're called romp-hims. that's right, rompers for men. a kickstarter campaign aimed at raising $10,000 got the idea off the ground and it's raised more than $43,000. romp-hims include a front pocket, adjustable waist, zippered back pockets, deep front pockets and -- wait for it -- a zipper in the front to make it easy to use the restroom. >> okay. >> prices are expected to start at $90. >> you know what? i can see this taking off here. i can. >> in the marina. hi, mike. >> i was going to say, i thought my grandfather used to wear something like that. but whatever. good luck, guys, can't wait to see you wearing them. this flag was limp about an hour and a half ago. now you can see it's completely unfurl sod those winds are making it down to the ground now that the sun is up and heating the air and overturning our
6:50 am
atmosphere. bri breezy but warmer and dry tomorrow. 90s later. today mid to upper 60s. low to mid-60s around the bay. mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco. tonight with the clearing happening in the north, you'll be the coolest. here's a look at our storm system taking more of an inside track. you can see the jet stream pushing it more into the sierra than into our neighborhoods but we'll get the tail end of the storm so take it hour by hour, 7:00 through scattered green across the north coast. then we hit the evening hours, you can see a better chance of green developing in a widespread nature. it's only green until 4:00 tomorrow morning which means if you get caught it will be very light with a couple hundredths of an inch. we'll turn the sun on tomorrow, we'll turn the heat on friday and we'll hang out. even at the coast it will be
6:51 am
warmer than average saturday, sunday, and monday. alexis? >> we're going to head back to sky 7 over 880 in oakland past oracle arena heading up towards the maze for the bay bridge commute. we're doing okay. seeing the typical delays in the typical areas. we have one new trouble spot on westbound 580 on the richmond side of the san rafael bridge. a three-car crash is blocking the left lane so they are calling for a couple tow trucks the. two vehicles heavily damaged. southbound 101 looks great across golden gate, just six minutes in the green. 19 across the bay bridge. san mateo bridge a little slower. we'll talk more about that richmond crash next. the signs are up. you are being warned. expect traffic in san francisco to be a mess for bay to breakers, the oldest continuously running foot race in america and people are excited because this year the race is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the summer of
6:52 am
love. runners will start at 8:00 a.m., they'll run seven miles west across the city finishing on the great highway by ocean beach. organizers expect 40,000 runners and 200,000 spectators on sunday. are you a runner or spectator, reggie? >> well, that event is pretty naked and combine that with the theme this year, it's going to be wild. >> fun to watch. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> but our instagram photo of the day, if you haven't, follow us at abc 7 news bay area and you can see more great photos like this one. share your photos and video with the hashtag "abc 7 now." >> you're looking live at 6:52 with abc 7 now. there's the backup on the toll plaza. plaza. pe you're not taking these.
6:53 am
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if you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the seven things to know before you go. number one i breaking news in marin county. a search under way for this 12-year-old girl from san anselmo. her name is treasure anderson. she was last seen yesterday afternoon taking the bus home from white hill middle school in fairfax. number two, a new twist in a controversy over a meeting between president trump and russian officials. an anonymous european official just told the a.p. it might stop sharing intel with the u.s. if it's confirmed the president gave classified information to russia. number three, the sentencing phase for the convicted killer of morgan hill teenager sierra lamar starts today with impact statements from her friends and
6:55 am
family. antolin garcia torrez faces the death penalty or life in prison. an investigation under way at the pittsburgh bay point bart station a woman recovering after another woman beat her with a rock for refusing to give her a ride. she says the suspect was carrying a two-year-old child at the time. here's your day planner for today and mt. tamalpais where it's gusting up to 35 miles per hour. there's a slight chance of a stray shower at 7:00 and noon across the north bay. a better chance at 4:00 and our best chance during the evening hours. don't expect much. it has been a quiet morning, our biggest issue is westbound 580 approaching the toll plaza for the richmond side of the richmond/san rafael bridge. you can see we're up to a three-mile backup so expect delays. cal students cramming for finals don't have to worry about taking a break to get food because this team of robots is wheeling around uc berkeley as part of a new delivery service
6:56 am
called kiwi. a human will be tagging along after the robots for now for safety and to answer any questions. >> hopefully that human doesn't have any finals to study for. >> when i was in college i used to order bread sticks from papa johns because i couldn't afford a pizza. >> you make it work. >> they deliver? >> no, i had to get it myself. no robots back then. that was in the dinosaur age. >> live look from sky 7, make it a great day. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. top secret bombshell. reports president trump revealed highly classified intelligence to russians in the oval office jeopardizing a critical source on isis. the white house now in damage control mode. >> i was in the room. it didn't happen. >> as democrats demand transcripts of meeting and a top senate republican says the white house is in a downward spiral. new clues in that massive cyberattack. was north korea behind the hack? hitting 150 countries and more than 300,000 computers. compromising hospitals, factory, railroads and more own what we're now learning about the ransom. new surveillance video of that deadly plane crash capturing a learjet plummeting from the sky slamming into buildings erupting into a fireball near an airport outside


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