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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 16, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on, what could be a new bombshell. did president trump ask former fbi director james comey -- to shut down the federal investigation into retired general michael flynn, the national security adviser who survived just 24 days on the job. "the new york times" reporting moments ago, the president said to comey, "i hope you can let this go." comey was fired last week. also tonight, the white house, refusing to say whether president trump gave the russians classified information. tonight, what the president is now saying himself. in other news, the deadly highway collision in the east, along i-95. several big rigs and cars colliding, the charred wreckage. the highway shut down. the tornado threat as we come on tonight. one on the ground just a short time ago. millions in the path of the storms tonight. and the new caffeine concern.
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the 16-year-old who had a coffee, and several other drinks with caffeine. the coroner who says it killed him. the new warning, how much caffeine is too much. good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we begin with that breaking headline as we come on the air. tonight, our team now confirming a report late today in the "the new york times" that fired fbi director james comey wrote a memo, documenting some of his interaction with president trump and tonight this question, did the president ask james comey to, quote, let this go while talking about the investigation into this man, retired general michael flynn, and russia. flynn resigned a few days into the administration. cecilia vega leading us off. tonight, another bombshell at the white house. abc news confirms president trump allegedly suggested former fbi director james comey shut
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down his investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. a source close to comey tells abc news, comey wrote a memo in february the day after flynn was fired. i hope you can let this go, the president allegedly told comey. according the the source, he is a good guy. i hope you can let this go. the "the new york times" who first reported the memo said it was part of a paper trail that comey wanted to leave behind as to what he called improper influence into his investigation. the times didn't view a copy of that memo. but associates of comey read it to a reporter. tonight the white house is disputing the story. saying in statement the president has never asked mr. comey or anyone else to end any investigation involving general flynn. this is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president and mr. comey. president trump said comey was fired because he was not
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competent. calling he ima showboat. this galvanized many in the fbi. the acting director coming to comey's defense last week. >> is it the accurate that rank and file no longer supported director comey. >> no sir, that's not accurate. >> reporter: but you can't stop the fbi from doing the right thing. >> let's get to cecilia vegetable ga. the white house is denying this. the "the new york times" report, partly today on two people who they say read the james comey memo. part of a paper trail that comey documented as the times put it, improper efforts to influence the ongoing investigation into flynn and russia. >> reporter: they didn't see this memo themselves but they source these two people they say they read it. the action has been has pouring in. they're talking about the possibility, raising the possibility of obstruction of
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justice. that's of course a federal crime. one senator said we may be talking about an impeachment process. this just came in, i don't think we could be stunned anymore given the past week. the same reaction at the white house tonight. >> another long night ahead for you, cecilia. i want to bring if in pierre thomas, who covers the fbi. pierre, you confirmed this evening that comey did write a memo to document his interaction with president trump. the president trump allegedly asked him to go easy on flynn. >> david, the source said he's seen the comey memo. president trump allegedly saying, i hope you can let this go. he's a good guy. david, what you're seeing as a lot of people coming to the defense of comey who believes he's a man of integrity and honor, not perfect. as for the mood at the fbi they're carrying on their work.
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a number of former fbi agents i talked with are extremely angry at how comey was ha's firing wa handled. they're hoping for a new director who doesn't have any partisan ship. david. >> pierre thomas with us tonight, thank you. of course, all of this comes as the white house refuses tonight whether the president gave classified information to the russians. that headline break last night as we came on. our team could hear the yelling behind the walls. the president reportedly revealing classified information about an isis plot. coming from an u.s. ally who had not given permission to reveal it. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl.
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>> reporter: as president trump met with the president of turkey today, he was hounded with questions -- >> did you share classified intelligence information with the russians? >> mr. president, did you share classified intelligence information with the russians? >> thank you very much. >> reporter: but a little later, he touted his meeting with the russians as a success. >> we had a very, very successful meeting with the foreign minister of russia. our fight is against isis. >> reporter: the story is about what the president said when he met with the russian foreign minister and ambassador in the oval office last week. the "washington post" first reported that the president shared highly sensitive classified information about an isis plot to target civilian airplanes with laptop bombs -- secret information, abc news has learned, given to the united states by israeli intelligence. less than two hours after the story broke, the national security adviser emerged from the west wing to shoot it down. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false. >> reporter: this morning, the president seemed to confirm he shared sensitive information
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with the russians, tweeting -- "as president i wanted to share with russia, at an openly scheduled white house meeting, which i have the absolute right to do facts per training to terrorism and airline flight safety. today mcmaster was back, confirming many of the details in the "post" story and not denying the information shared was classified. >> general, when you came out after the story broke, you said that the president did not disclose any sources or methods. he did not reveal anything about military operations. why were you denying things that were not even reported? what the report said is that the president revealed classified information that had been shared by one of our allies in the middle east. so the question is simply yes or no question here. did the president share classified information with the russians in that meeting? >> as i mentioned already, we don't say what's classified, what's not classified. what i will tell you again is that what the president shared was wholly appropriate.
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the story combined what was leaked with other information and then insinuated about sources and methods, so i wanted to make clear to everybody that the president in no way compromised any sources or methods in the course of this conversation. >> reporter: the story is political nightmare for the trump white house, especially because, as a candidate, donald trump made such an issue out of hillary clinton's handling of classified information. >> we can't have someone in the oval office who doesn't understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified. >> reporter: presidents have the authority to declassify anything, the question is, why he would share it with an adversary? the white house insists he was soliciting russian help in the fight against isis. the "post" story suggests trump was also trying to show off, quoting him telling the russians, "i get great intel. i have people brief me on great intel every day." mcmaster said the president could not have told the russians the source of the information
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because he didn't know the source. >> the president wasn't even aware where this information came from. he wasn't briefed on the source or method of the information either. >> wasn't aware of where the information came from. john than karl live with us as well. you were in that briefing room. the white house didn't seem concerned about the potential of classified information given out. the bigger concern here in their opinion is who leaked what happened. jon, the initial call -- the initial call of concern to the cia and the nsa you have reported had come from within the white house. >> here's what we know, shortly after that meeting with the russians a top official on the national security council here at the white house placed calls to the nsc and the cia to inform them about what the president had said, clearly there was enough concern here at the white house about what the president revealed that they felt they needed to tell the cia and the nsc. >> all right, jon, thanks to you on capitol hill, reaction
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pouring in on both fronts. the classified information allegedly given to the russians. both democrats and republicans want the transcript now the notes from inside that oval office meeting. abc's mary bruce on the hill tonight. >> reporter: tonight, republicans on capitol hill are alarmed frustrated. >> every ally would be concerned. >> reporter: even the senate republican leader frustrated. >> i think it would be helpful to have less drama. >> reporter: but still standing by the president. >> do you have any worry of the president's ability to properly handle classified info? >> no. >> reporter: still, one of the president's top allies said the white house needs to get its act together. >> obviously, they're in a downward spiral right now and they've got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that's happening. >> reporter: what's your concern? >> a little bit more discipline.
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>> reporter: tonight, both sides of the aisle are pressing for more information about that meeting with the russians. >> if the president has nothing to hide, he should direct that the transcript of the meeting be made available. >> reporter: while other democrats are pointing out what the president once said about hillary clinton. >> how many people were out chanting "lock her up" and trump himself saying she was unfit to govern because of that? and here he is now releasing real secrets directly to the russians. and the irony of that is pretty astounding. >> so let's get to mary bruce with us as well from capitol hill. house members meeting tonight with the cia director hoping to get more on the news of james comey and this reported pressure that was placed on him to go easier on retired general michael flynn in. >> reporter: david the house intelligence committee just finished meeting with the cia director. they were hoping for answers but emerged from that meeting facing
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even more questions. now about that comey memo, the top democrat on the committee reiterati reiterati reiterati reiterating wanting comey testifying. president trump believed in talking with the russians in oval office was talking about an isis plot, the biggest plot to take down a plane since 9/11. tonight, by sharing that information, are live of sources at greater risk, and what about our relationship with the ally that gave the white house the information in the first place. here's brian ross tonight. >> reporter: what's at risk tonight, according to current and former u.s. officials, is the life of a spy inside isis, placed there by israel, providing sensitive information about terror plots against america on the condition the u.s. keep the source secret. >> the real risk is not just this source, but future sources of information about plots against us. >> reporter: the current intelligence from inside isis involves an active plot to bring down a passenger jet en route to
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the u.s., with a bomb hidden in a laptop that the u.s. believes can get through airport screening machines undetected. the information is so reliable that the u.s. is considering a ban on laptops on all flights from europe to the u.s. >> they want to have a large airplane blow up in flight. >> reporter: isis has already taken credit for blowing up a russian airliner two years ago, killing more than 200 people, claiming the bomb was hidden in a soft drink can. the white house national security adviser says that justifies president trump's disclosures to the russians. >> this was the context of the conversation in which it was wholly appropriate to share what the threat was as a basis for common action and coordination. >> reporter: but many in the counterterrorism community say what the president did was a mistake. >> russia is not part of the isis coalition. they are not our partner.
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>> reporter: brian ross with us now. reported there believed it was israel our ally that gave us that information. lot of people are pointing to the fact if this classified information was give on the russians they could give it to players who are clear ly not friends with israel. >> including iran, also a sworn enemy of israel. >> brian, thank you. we have other news we're following at this hour. a fiery crash on i-95, several big riggs and several cars involve period. the highway shut down in both directions. part of it is still closed as we're on the air. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: the fire caused by this accident was so great you could see it from the skies for miles. it close interstate 95 in both directions near the north carolina and south carolina border. police working the scene tonight say the southbound lane where the accident happened won't reopen until at least midnight. at least four people were killed after a crash involving three
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tractor-trarlts and three smaller vehicles. one of the fuel tanks caught fire. the leaking fuel spread the fire to the other vehicles. the flames moved over the highway into nearby woods. one of the trucks was carrying hazardo hazardous chemicals but authorities say there's no concern. tornado watches in eight states at this hour. ominous skies. at least tornadoes reported. this one touching in mclean, texas. let's get to ginger zee, she's tracking the severe weather threat tonight. hey, ginger. >> reporter: david a tornado on the ground right now in wisconsin, just east of rice lake, you see in the tornado watch there. also, that particularly dangerous situation in western oklahoma and texas, where those supercells already have been putting up tornadoes.
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tomorrow, the threat stay with us. with that, near-record highs in the east coast. >> ginger zee with us tonight. there's still much more ahead on this tuesday -- the small plane lost in the bermuda triangle. the new caffeine concern the 16-year-old who had a coffee and several other drinks with caffeine. the coroner who now said it killed him. the manhunt for an arson suspect. this new surveillance people asking for you help tonight. later this evening drn the surprise from bon juellovi. what this crowd asked for. you won't believe it.
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♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. next tonight here, a new warning about teenagers and caffeine. a 16-year-old student who collapsed in school and died. the coroner now revealing it was caffeine, too much of it. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, killed by
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caffeine. it's unthinkable -- a 16-year-old child dead after drinking a mcdonald's latte, large mountain dew, and an energy drink. >> i stand before you as a broken-hearted father, and hope that something good can come from this. >> reporter: the caffeine causing a fatal heart arrhythmia. >> davis, like so many kids and so many other people out there today, were doing something that they thought was totally harmless. >> reporter: toxicology reports show that davis was healthy, without any pre-existing heart condition. his family says he never did drugs or drank alcohol. the mayo clinic says the most caffeine a teen should consume is 100 milligrams, equal to an 8-ounce coffee or 16-ounce soda. the combination of the three beverages davis drank likely added up to almost six times that amount. experts say what's dangerous you don't know how your body or your child's body will respond. david. >> adrienne, thank you.
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>> the golden gate bridge is on an amusement park ride. it is vital public infrastructure and a symbol of our community. >> a daring stunt by two milwaukee teenagers has the golden gate bridge authority taking a new they climbed to the top last month. thank you for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> i'm alma daetz. the stunt posed a bigger concern. lyanne melendez is with us. you spoke with one of the teams today? >> reporter: that's right. wait till you see the video. this happened a month ago, he told me. and he climbed along with his friend at 3:00 in the morning. now, we found out about it today, meaning the media. now, the golden gate bridge district became aware of that video about a week or so. they were sent a link. now, these two teams are posting this video on social media.
4:00 pm
spring break and these two teens from milwaukee had their sights set on san francisco and the golden gate bridge. >> no, we are going to climb it. once we got there, yeah, we're going to climb it. >> reporter: i spent time with one of them, a senior in high school. they climbed the ropes and gained access to the cable that took them to the tower. they had no safety equipment and peter had a hand held camera. >> it's pretty safe to grab onto the side. i did it with one hand, my camera in the other hand. >> reporter: when they reached the top, you could hear peter describe what he sees. >> guys, we just made it to the top. this is incredible, it's so beautiful to be up here. >> reporter: while this is going on the golden gate bridge bridge authority admits they were completely unaware. none of the sensors or cameras was focused on that part of the bridge. here's their explanation. >> in many areas where you can hurt the brge


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