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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 17, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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5:00 a.m., no more snooze button and it's time to get up and get tkpwagoing on march -- ? >> going back to the future. >> it's may 17th. >> it's cool, but march cool? >> that would take us way back. >> let's take a look at those waves out there, and that's been the story and it's so windy and that's what kept us cooler than average for what seems like a week now. santa rosa, 10. the rest of us in single digits. we are losing some of the wind and that's why we are going to be warmer today. temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s at 7:00, and as we head through your 12-hour day planner, mid-60s, near 70 at
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4:00 and temperatures 53 to 64 by 7:00. all right. timetable on the 80s and 90s coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. a little breezy in spots out there this morning as well. we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge, the benicia bridge and altamont pass this morning. a little stackup in the cash lanes and we have 20 minutes until they flip the metering lights on. tracy to dublin in the yellow at 40 minutes, andanti concord, 14 minutes. we have a rollover crash and we will head back there in less than ten minutes. a two-alarm house fire and candles are likely to blame. the fire is out right now, but look at those flames just a short moment ago. they are shooting out of the top of the house.
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several feet high. this home was on laurel street near bus avenue, and firefighters got there and they say the garage, kitchen and attic were all on fire, and there was a family inside and made it out okay and the red cross is helping those folks out this morning since the home is severely damaged. >> thank you. >> thank you. happening coming to the bay area. >> and amy hollyfield is live at the stadium about how public transit will be put to the test. >> reporter: as we drove in we saw electronic signs warning about this concert tonight, so the community definitely is on alert that this is happening and is being told to prepare. the stage is set, as you can see from this view from sky 7. they say the concert is sold out and they are expecting 50,000 people to be here, and it starts
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at 6:30, setting up a clash between concert goers and commuters. they expect bono of u2 to exceed santa clara's 10:00 curfew, and at that time vta usually only has one train with one car running and city officials have decided they will need to adjust. >> asking for more personnel to work more hours because we don't have about 5,000 people waiting for our service at 10:00 in the evening. >> so vta decided to add eight trains, and cal trains will add one, and vta says it's expensive and will cost about $65,000 and the agency will try to get reimbursed. those of you that rely on the highways for your evening commute, be aware it's going to be congested. live in santa clara, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. hollyfield, abc7 news. a srvirtual
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charged with this. >> these are 21 pages filled with one woman's accusations against up load and its co-founders. co-founder accuses the group of sexual harassment, retaliation and gender duh gym nation. it's a virtual reality accelerator, and in their san francisco office the plaintiff claims the female employees were also required to clean up after parties. this included whatever condoms or underwear might be left behind. scott is suing for an undiscl e undisclosed amount. >> it's alarming to see so much of this behavior in one specific industry, one niche within tech. >> and one company magically
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settled a sex discrimination lawsuit with a former employee. she covers tech and she sees inexperience getting in the way at times. >> it's a scrappy young company and they may not have the hr department. >> up load vr did not return calls. stphaoeuf investigators arrested a man without incident yesterday and he is accused of killing a 51-year-old mcdonald in march, and no details have been released about a motive. president trump and netanyahu spoke to the phone yesterday, and a senior source of the prime minister's office said the phone call lasted 20 minutes and it comes amid reports that president trump disclosed classified israeli
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intelligen intelligence. the spy provided intelligence about an active isis blog. the prime minister's office claims the only topic was mr. claims the only topic was mr. trump's upcoming and now demanding the fbi hand over all notes and recordings between former director james comey and the president, and comey said he was asked by president trump to end his investigation into then-national security adviser, michael flynn. a source tells abc news the memo was shared with top fbi associates and the white house is disputing this claim. adam schiff said moments ago congress is prepared to subpoena the notes if they are not handed over freely. >> i think there are enough
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allegations now that this needs a very serious investigation just on that issue. >> a source says comey kept his own log of all of his discussions with the president because he was suspicious of the president's motives. the city of filed a suit yesterday. the owner of the building and now pg&e are all named in the suit. and they should have noticed the dangerous conditions. in a written response the pg&e spokesperson said, we have reviewed our records and we have no reports of electric theft or anominees. we are fully cooperating with authorities as they investigate this tragic event, end quote. a lawyer for three families
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suing over the fire shows the ghost ship's operator was deceptive about the building. our media partners obtained this body cam video from 2014 and it shows the operator speaking with officers during an arson investigation. he appears to tell the officers he didn't live there, which turned out to be tpaulsz, and he talked about throwing a benefit there which would have been illegal. we have new details in the terrible car crash that killed a high school senior weeks away from her graduation. she died on sunday morning in fremont. her mom was driving her home from james logan high school's prom when another car plowed into them. fremont police said it will take weeks for the traffic unit to wrap up their investigation. there's a gofundme page set up to pay for funeral expenses and medical bills for her mother. we have a link at
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sounding off on proposed changes to parking and fare rates. monthly parking prices also expected to go up quite a bit, from $55 to 82 bucks. cal train says it's facing a $10 million budget short fall and is holding a public meeting today holding a public meeting today to talk about all the changes. 280 at 17, and a partly cloudy sky in san jose. not as breezy as yesterday. no small craft advisory. temperatures in the 50s there with the breeze and exercising, watch out for the burning sunshine today. temperatures about the same as what we woke up to yesterday. maybe just a touch warmer in santa rosa by 4 degrees. we will start in the east bay in our valleys, 48 in pleasant
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hill. 49 in danville, and everybody else 50 to 53 degrees. and we have low to mid-50s around the bay shore, oakland and hayward at 55, and san jose and san carlos at 54. and 49 in napa. and the next three days, look at this, 60s and 70s today, we're getting closer to average. 60s to 80s tomorrow. 60s to upper 80s on friday, and then guess what is coming this weekend? 90s. i will show it to you coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast, and today's microclimates also. we have one significant blocking issue so far today and that's in south san francisco, and still cleaning up the five-car crash involving a rollover on southbound 101 before you get to airport boulevard. three left lanes blocked and they are calling for several tow trucks. the box trailer landed on its
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wheels but flipped as well. could add five or ten minutes to your commute, and you can head over to 280 if you want to avoid that. southbound 680, no issues here and the rest of the bay area quiet this morning. i will have an update on the drive times coming up at 5:20. an alarming warning from scientist this morning, they say half of the state salmon population will be extinct if changes are not made now. >> one person taking action to permanently stop them. permanently stop them. we found the
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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it's 5:13. more affordable housing coming to the peninsula for the elderly and families. the board of supervisors unanimously approved it yesterday, and where is the money coming from? it's a measure k, a half sales tax. sales tax. the former army intelligence analyst was sentenced to 35 years and president obama commuted her sentence in january. she will remain an active duty unpaid soldier eligible for health care and other benefits. a woman is suing the gas
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station in sacramento county. her family filed suit against valley oak food in walnut grove. she believed she contracted botulism from cheese sauce for the nachos. we are just telling you about the new delivery robots on the uc berkeley campus, and already a supervisor thinks these are too dangerous for the sidewalks. legislation was introduced yesterday to ban the robots of city sidewalks. he said seniors and people with disabilities may not be able to get out of the way on time and he is worried the robot cameras could cause a privacy issue. >> and then being alert after thieves hit five homes in a single day. and the burglary spree started at sunday morning and lasted until four in the afternoon, and the thieves are still on the
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run. the police release add security photo of the getaway car. happening today, google holding its annual developer conference in mountain view. you are looking at video from you are looking at video from last year's event. that guy holding a sword. it starts at 10:00 this morning, and abc7 news reporter, jonathan bloom, will be reporting on the event. renters and homeowners in san francisco will rally for housing protection. they want money to keep immigrants and african-american families and seniors and people with disability in their homes by offsetting the rent. the rally starts at 11:30 a.m. at civic center plaza. new this morning, the town of danville opening up an
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exchange dome for craigslist transactions, and here's the sign. the department says the space will serve as a safe place for craigslist, and the lot is under 24-hour video surveillance. hands up if you have been on a really bad date? not you? not you? okay. i have. one man is suing a woman now because of what happened when they went out. >> i just don't want to admit it. brandon went on a date to the movies and he said the woman would not stop texting during the movie, and so he said that's annoying take it outside, and she did and never came back. so he is suing her for the cost of the movie. he said she is a threat to civilized society. >> what?
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>> he said she made her extremely uncomfortable. what? >> what is happening? >> what a story. mike, you are so lucky you found barbara and you are happily married. >> she loved the dollar movie and the white castles on our date. >> big spender. >> let's take a look now at what is going on. live doppler 7. you can see the clouds clearing out as we speak and the change of winds are on the way. you can see a few of the clouds around the san mateo bridge and southward. the tide turns today and sunshine and warmer temperatures. the beaches, they will escape the weekend hot highs if you want to head that way in. and a couple people, when can i wash the car? now, perfect timing, because there's no rain in the forecast
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all the way through the end of the month. 68 to 71 in the south bay, and that 71, san jose. 62, millbrae. everybody else around 66 to 71 on the peninsula. and then along the coast, it will be breezy, and 61 in downtown and san francisco. low to mid-70s in the valley. and we will hit 66 in hayward, and 71 in san ramon and to antioch, about 72. a lack of clouds and dry air. mid to upper 40s. my accuweather 7-day forecast, check out the beaches, they will get to low to mid-90s inland. alexis, can always rent you a room if you would like, i have air-conditioning? >> ask me again on friday or saturday, i may be ready to take you up on that. i have my three fans ready to
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go. a quiet start to the wednesday morning drive here. westbound to 580, nothing blocking along that stretch. and then the bay bridge toll plaza looking good. yesterday the metering lights were on early at 5:21, and looks like it will be a few minutes later than that today but should happen anytime in the next five minutes here. and westbound 580 across the richmond and san rafael bridge, six minutes. so you are in the green as well for the dumbarton bridge. in today's "gma" first look, a mystery unfolding in the bermuda triangle. >> a plane disappeared off the radar. >> in this morning's first "gma" look, a 40-year-old mother and her two young sons just three and four missing along with
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their 52-year-old pilot and friend. their small plane disappearing from radar on monday afternoon. >> we are doing everything we can. >> bloom and the boys were flying from puerto rico to central florida in a small plane like this one, leaving puerto rico just after 11:00 a.m. on monday and three hours into the flight the plane vanishes over the infamous bermuda triangle and parts of the plane were found but no sign of the four passengers. >> the first thing investigators will look at, was there a problem with the pressurization of the cabin. >> we will have the latest on the search coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, abc news, new york. >> this is alarming. a new report finds half of the native trout species in the state will be extinct in 50
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years. the scientist from uc davis and the conservation group say there's time to save the species, but they need to initiate a long term amount of insuretives, and they say climate change is warming up the water making it hard for the fish to survive. one thing we all know, in and out as the best burgers on the west coast, but just got dethroned as best in the country. country. and the crab industry took
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and awaken your senses with the refreshing taste of tropicana. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. number one, the white house facing another crisis this morning. the house oversight chairman says he wants to see all the notes and recordings between former director, james comey, and president trump. this is related to the
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investigation between russia and the president's campaign. and russian president, vladimir putin, he just said he would give congress transcripts of the conversation between ambassador and president trump. and then a dangerous stunt by two teenagers, they climb up the main cable to the top of the north tower without being noticed by security. bono in town, and about 50,000 fans expected at levi stadium. and the pressure will be on public transit because this is all happening at rush hour, and it's a 6:30 start time. and vta and cal train are adding extra trains. finally getting back closer to average on our way to hot temperatures. the smallest change, san francisco goes from 59 yesterday
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to 61 today. number six, our biggest issue this morning is a rollover crash we had since 4:30 this morning in south san francisco. northbound 101, just before you get to airport boulevard. they are working on towing the rollover out of there and four other vehicles were involved, and about a mile and a half backup right now and you can take 280 for an alternate. general mills is giving away 10,000 boxes filled with only marshmallows. you have to buy a regular box of lucky charms first to see if you have the winning code. >> do you agree with me, i thought the marshmallows in lucky charms were the grossest thing? >> not on the same page about this. >> i think all of you watching agree, in-n-out
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burger on the west coast. >> five guys beat in the first time. and chick-fil-a for chicken restaurants, and starbucks coffee was the number one. >> cheesecake is casual? >> that's fancy for my taste. >> exactly. we will be back with more news. news. >> and the
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> now at 5:30, a suspected neuro virus outbreak in the south bay. what parents need to know about this fast-spreading bug this morning. stunning video of teenagers
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climbing to the top of the golden gate bridge. >> with the warriors two wins away from going to the nba finals, one bay area artist quit his job because he loves the dubs so much. don't worry, he has a plan. he is living with his mom right now, but he has a plan. >> dedication. good morning to you on this may 17th. we have news to get to with breaking news. we start with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> i think you will be surprised when you hear that story, it's a good thing. let's talk about the weather, a good thing. the rain chances over and so are the cooler than average temperatures over after today. the cloud layer i had on there starting to break up, and the dry air coming in today and look what it does. it takes away the clouds by lunch. and then minor warming, especially at the coast. as we round out your 12 hour day
5:31 am
planner, pretty smooth sailing here. let's find out about the commute. most everybody is off to a smooth start on this wednesday morning commute. the bay bridge metering lights were flipped on the at 5:22 this morning, and it really seems to happen early a lot later and you are backing up into the maze as usual. and quick check of drive too. tracy to dublin, 46 minutes. and we do still have that rollover crash in south san francisco and i'll have an update on that coming up next. an alarming story out of santa cruz. a neuro surgeon will be in court today to face charges of child molestation. >> and a nurse that works at that same hospital is charged with a long list of felonies. matt keller is live in santa cruz. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie.
5:32 am
this is a complicated case. police say some of the crimes took place overstate lines and the fbi is now involved. today one of the suspects is scheduled to be arranigned. this is one of the suspects, and he was affiliated with the dominican hospital and the surgery center of santa cruz however he is now facing three charges. a nurse from dominican, michelle brandon, was also arrested related to the production of child pornography, and she was arraigned this past friday. and police are saying two others were arrested along with ko downtown hut, and now a possibility he could never be a free man again if he is convicted on these charges. reporting live in santa cruz,
5:33 am
matt keller, abc7 news. now a concern out of the south bay that parents could be concerned about. there's a likely neuro virus outbreak, and that reportedly hit the campuses that you see on your screen and we have a list on the website now, and nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are the symptoms, and a district spokesperson tell us these suggestions for parents. >> make sure you report if they are having symptoms, and make sure if you keep them out of school make sure they are home for a couple days without symptoms before they come back. >> this is not a confirmed norovirus outbreak. our website has more resources, a complete list of
5:34 am
schools affected and tips on how to protect your kids. a former fbi agent is calling this a wake-up call. two wisconsin teenagers climbed to the top of the tower and security had no idea. at the top, they didn't just take in the view, they did summersaults and back flips. abc7 news spoke with one of the teens back home via face-time. >> i actually had to do it one hand because i had my camera in the other hand. >> he said he and a buddy came to the bay area late last month for spring break and decided to climb the bridge early in the morning. the structure itself was never in any danger. >> it did not trigger alarms. >> chp and homeland security are both investigating this. the teens could face up to a
5:35 am
year in jail and fines up to $10,000. >> unbelievably reckless. a san francisco family asking for your help in finding a 46-year-old man. he was last seen sunday around 3:00 at his glen park area home, and he just returned to drop his child after a hike. he has not been seen since. his family says he never has done anything like this before and does not have any illnesses. the governor has not decided whether he will sign a controversial measure. it would bar local and state enforcement from cooperating with immigration agents. they say some cooperation between local and federal law enforcement is necessary. is this an obstruction of justice?
5:36 am
that's the question on many minds this morning, as we learn more about the alleged collusion with russia. in notes he wrote about a discussion with president trump, then fbi director, comey, says the president asked him to drop the bureau's investigation of former national security adviser of michael flynn. chief legal analysts dan abrams talked about when these allegations could lead to a possible impeachment hearing. >> most importantly, look, when we are talking about impeachment it's not about the definition of the statute, it's about that fox news could not get a single republican to come on to defend donald trump, and that should be a bigger concern than the legal statue. >> a course says comey said he kept his log with the conversations with the president because he found his motives suspicious. powerful storms barreled
5:37 am
across several states yesterday. two people were killed, and dozens more when tornadoes ripped through a mobile home park. it flattened a subdivision in elk city, oklahoma. strong winds uprooted trees and knocked down power poles and toppled trucks. more than 100 homes are destroyed. a battle may be brewing between sonoma county supervisors and the sheriff's office over service cuts. athe county is considering reducing the number of sergeants. a community-oriented police unit may be on the chopping block. with the growing number of homeless they need more law enforcement and not less. one supervisor suggests they reduce the over time log by deputies. and then two wins away from
5:38 am
advancing to the finals for the third straight year. the warriors started out fast, leading by 28 at half-time. and the second largest victory in franchise history. they lead the best of seven series, 2-0. and kevin durant said it will be tougher. >> we like our chances no matter who is on the court and that's the confidence we have, and game three, they will probably be full strength in game three and carter will be incredible. >> the warriors are now 10-0 in the playoffs. game three is in san antonio. dub nation showing its pride in the warriors all over social media. use #dubson7.
5:39 am
a couple stphazy-looking gentlemen. and then also going to show this video, don't forget to post your video as well, bouncing around to the dubs, and thank you sending that in of your adorable boys. mine would have been me laying in bed watching the game since it came on half an hour before bedtime. i can't wait for saturday, for all of the new variables. let's talk about san jose. still have lingering clouds here, 101 and 880 is what we are looking at now and it's dry and will be all day. no threat of rain for your commute planner. not as choppy for the day. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. that's one difference from
5:40 am
yesterday, the flag not moving at all. it will move a little bit today and push around tree and grass pollen and the uv index don't be as high. and most of us in the mid to upper 40s in the upper valley. and then we have 47 in cupertino, and daly city, 47. around the state, 85, palm springs the warm spot. and for us, check out these temperatures. 60s and 70s for the most part. highs spring back today. a little warmth showing up inland. 80s there, and first sign of heat flipping into concord and antioch, 90s, and more of it in my weekend forecast and we'll have that next. great news if you are traveling on the peninsula into san francisco. the crash we have had since 4:30 this morning involving five vehicles in a rollover, we're all clear. everything off to the shoulder
5:41 am
now on 101 airport we are already back in the green. we can see that as improving quickly. we can see a lot better now. somebody cleaned that lens off for us yesterday, so thank you to whoever that was. and as you travel from the east bay over to the peninsula, and a quick mention once again today, san francisco bay ferry riders, still maintenance on the pier 41 dock and that means late morning to midday departures will terminate at the ferry building instead. drive times coming up at 5:50. canned goods, the toxic canned goods, the toxic chemical you
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>> announcer: now breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> breaking international news. russian president vladimir putin said he could hand over to congress a video recording of president trump's meeting last week with russian foreign minister, lavrov. the president is accused of sharing highly classified information with russia at that meeting and putin said this morning the president did not give lavrov any secrets and said the u.s. is in a state of quote,
5:45 am
political schizophrenia. sharp words. reggie and natasha, back to you. you heard about bpa, chemicals from canned goods to plastic bottles. there's eye opening numbers about how prevalent it still is. 40% of canned goods from leading retailers contain the bpa. and the toxic chemicals is linked to heart disease and breast cancer and prostate cancer and birth deflects. we have more on the study from environmental health on our website, go to a man being held in santa clara county jail for dui is accused of killing his cellmate. carter has been in elm wood jail in milpitas waiting to be transferred for a dui charge,
5:46 am
and deputies heard a commotion in his cell early yesterday morning and they found him beating his cellmate. no word on what motivated this attack. carter is expected to be moved from elm wood to the maximum security main jail in san jose and also expected to face new charges in connection with the alleged attack. alleged attack. ultimateam. they are using a dredge boat to suck up sand and sell it, and the commission really comes from the public beach a few yards away. the commission says the operation is taking the equivalent of a dump truck full of sand every 40 minutes, and they ordered them to shut down or apply for a lease, and it is reviewing the state's order. 1,000 bay area students will be making a popular san francisco beach cleaner. the ocean day adopt a beach
5:47 am
cleanup is going to be held at ocean beach. the third graders are learning about life in the ocean, and after the cleanup the kids will sit in the sand together to create an image of a and is a sea star for an aerial picture. i also have that perspective from the exploratorium, and the kids will have sun screen on. it will be cool at the coast. let's take a look at my highlights becoming sunny and warmer today. hottest highs still with us this weekend, and look at that, medium-ranged models show no rain the rest of the month. we talked about how it's going to slide inside, and boy, it sure did. look at that. because of that we are getting the tail end of the cold front that will be the leading edge of drier air, and that's why we are going to see an increase in sunshine, and especially across
5:48 am
the south bay where we have clouds lingering this morning. 68 to 71 was your spread. san jose at 71. we have 66 to 71 for most of the peninsula. a little cooler in millbrae. and 57 in daly city, to pacifica and 89 in half moon bay. and sausalito at 62. along the east bay, 65 in berkeley to about 68 in richmond, and hercules about 70. 71 in san ramon, and walnut creek, and antioch is the warm spot at 74. clear conditions tonight, calm weather and dry air, mid to upper 40s. and my accuweather 7-day forecast, temperatures climb all the way through sunday peaking in the 70s at the coast. we are still off to a fairly quiet start for the wednesday morning drive. i have a new problem for folks coming in from the sacramento area. this is right around davis westbound 80 before you get to
5:49 am
state route 113, somebody lost control and hit the guardrail and bounced back into the main line of traffic so they are blocking the far left lane, however i am not seeing any significant delays just yet. and bay bridge toll plaza, typical delays through the maze. no blocking issues there if you are doing the bay bridge commute, and drive times looking commute. once you make it through the toll plaza. westbound 4 to the maze, 20 minutes, and bay bridge, 11, then san francisco to fasfo jus nine minutes. and then breaking news. >> welcome back. breaking news. chelsea manning, who you see here, the former army intelligence analyst behind one of the largest classified information leaks in u.s. history was just released from prison, military prison, moments ago. we told you about this earlier in our newscast.
5:50 am
manning served seven years of a 35-year sentence in kansas for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. former president obama commuted her sentence before he left office. and amnesty international and chelsea manning was known as bradley manning before transitioning in prison. back to you. >> thank you. new at 6:00, muni's new plan to spend millions in voter approved cash. approved cash. the new power option
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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just sold at auction for a record-breaking $57.6 million. record-breaking $57.6 million. they are nicknamed apollo. no word on if they will wear them together. >> i will only spend millions on diamond earrings if they match. the department of official wildlife service extending the commercial rock crab fishery in northern california. it was set to expire this week. officials say the ban is going to remain in acid levels no longer threaten public health. can you charge your car while you check out a book in berkeley. it's powered by solar panels, and it will cost you $1.50 an hour to charge your car.
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san jose will soon be the largest city in california to offer neighbors a 100% green energy source. they will be able to opt for green power under a program approved by the city council. san jose produces more than 22 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, so this is a big victory for environmentalist. san francisco, sonoma county and san mateo county already have similar programs. take a look at how a tennessee baseball team took game night to a whole new level. they got to play super mario like they never have before. >> my dream! >> this back wall turned into an interactive version of mario's adventures. this is literally a dream. >> i want to go to memphis. >> doesn't that sound fun? >> oh, my gosh. >> let's go now.
5:55 am
>> all right. you know what will be fun, under a blue sky. dress for 54 by the end of the game. at&t park speaking of san francisco, average high 66. warmer than average. oakland, average high is 69, and we will be in the mid-70s to near 80, and one last stop on the peninsula, redwood city. thursday through tuesday, you are warmer than that. a live look outside at the south bay 280. we have one issue south of here, and right around bird avenue we have a solo crash and i will talk more about that coming up at 6:00. b.a.r.t., no delays. and then the u2 concert, more
5:56 am
added for tonight, and then we have a day game today and that means if you are taking the golden gate ferry from larkspur, it's going to be busy so plan ahead. following his passion. >> he lives in his mom's house where he transformed a bedroom into his studio. he has spent hours creating wearable limited edition non-fading signed prints of the warrior starters. he drives for uber and uses every square inch of the car for advertising space. he believes in saeur kwresaeure. >> i started a conversation. i mean, yeah, he was very modest and a kind guy, but obviously he recognizes what i am doing, and i was able to talk to him about wat i did, and i told him, you
5:57 am
are next. >> you told him you are next? >> oh, yeah. >> talked to him a little bit? yanni, klay is in your car. talk to him a lot about it. the shirt will go to print. >> he really has talent. that's impressive. a health alert, the warning about what you need to hear before you head outside. and then a lot of extra people on the roads right at rush hour, and the plan to keep the bay area moving. and then rushed to the hospital in washington, d.c., hospital in washington, d.c., and we're just hearing a huge
5:58 am
...where each drop was formulated to be smarter....
5:59 am
...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." right now at 6:00 a.m., look at that, sky 7 live over livermore, and we did see showers yesterday and that's all
6:00 am
gone. a big change starts today. >> good morning to you. wednesday, may 17th. the change in the weather is already starting with the sunrise this morning. can you tell. >> that's what they tell me. we will start with the weather getting better. here's a look at what is going on from the roof camera. the flags not really untperld like they have been the last couple days. it's a change in the winds is the reason why we are seeing the change in the temperatures. now let me roll this out for you and see if we can get the 12-hour day planner, so you can know how to plan your day. notice we stay in the mid-50s at the coast and hit 64 to 66 around the bay at noon and inland, and near 70 at 4:00, and mid-50s to mid-60s at 7:00. you will be able to enjoy the evening hours a little better than the last coupleights when you had to bundle up. we have


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