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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning to you. wednesday, may 17th. the change in the weather is already starting with the sunrise this morning. can you tell. >> that's what they tell me. we will start with the weather getting better. here's a look at what is going on from the roof camera. the flags not really untperld like they have been the last couple days. it's a change in the winds is the reason why we are seeing the change in the temperatures. now let me roll this out for you and see if we can get the 12-hour day planner, so you can know how to plan your day. notice we stay in the mid-50s at the coast and hit 64 to 66 around the bay at noon and inland, and near 70 at 4:00, and mid-50s to mid-60s at 7:00. you will be able to enjoy the evening hours a little better than the last coupleights when you had to bundle up. we have a couple issues in the south bay to talk about
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here. solo vehicle crash around bird avenue on 280 past the split there, and somebody lost control and are blocking the left lane. no delay at this point but i will keep my eye on that. another problem off the shoulder, 101 near mckey road, and that's not blocking, but maybe onlooker delay in that area. we will take a look at drive times coming up in less than ten. happening today, u2 is coming to the bay area, and 50,000 people going to levi stadium at rush hour. and amy hollyfield is live with how public transit will be put to the test. >> reporter: they are telling people they need to be aware it's going to be congested around here and they still aren't sure who is going to pay for this.
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as you can see from the view of sky 7, 50,000 people expected to be here to watch them perform and the show is sold out, and it starts at 6:30, so thousands of people will be trying to get here as evening commuters hit the street. vta decided to add eight trains tonight so fans won't be stranded and they are asking that riders help keep things moving. >> if you are head the to the u2 concert, plan ahead and know your routes and buy a round trip pass and be prepared for major crowds. >> cal train also added an extra train tonight. up until yesterday there were signs in the area telling people vta will not be adding trains to the concert so they needed to find another way home, but now you can plan on it, vta will make an exception and add trains and will ask staff to stay late
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and wants to be reimbursed by the stadium, and it's expected to go past the curfew of 10:00, so brace yourself for congestion and for it to be loud late tonight. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> appreciate the heads up. thanks, amy. and the alameda sheriff's office wants your help tracking down this woman. she has been missing for two weeks. she was last seen may 3rd at a group home in hayward, and she's about five feet tall with red curly hair, and her family is very worried about her. and then arrested a 20-year-old suspected of shooting and killing a man. he was arrested yesterday withouts in department, and he is accused of killing the 51-year-old in march. no details released about a motive. and then abc7 news learned president trump and israeli prime minister netanyahu spoke to the phone yesterday. a senior source at the prime
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minister's office said the phone call lasted about 20 minutes. it comes amid reports that trump disclosed classified intelligence about that a israeli spy that was placed inside of isis. the prime minister's office claims the only topic discussed was mr. trump's upcoming trip to israel. did the president interfere in the investigation of the allege alleged investigation. a memo written by comey says president trump asked him to stop the investigation. the memo was shared by top fbi associates and the white house disputing that claim. representative adam schiff from
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the house intelligence committees said on "good morning america," congress is prepared to subpoena the notes if they are not handed over freely. >> congress needs to get to the bottom of this. i think there are enough credible allegations now for a potential to impede or obstruct the investigation. >> a source says comey kept his own log of all his discussions with the president because she was suspicious of the president's motives. and then expected to be named in a lawsuit linking them to the deadly ghost ship fire. and families filed the suit yesterday. and the owner of the ghost ship and now pg&e are added to the suit. there was a maze of extension cords that investigators believe caused the fire. a spokesperson said we've reviewed our record and over the last ten-plus years we have no
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reports of electric theft and we are fully cooperating with authorities as they investigate the tragic event. a lawyer of three families suing over the fire shows the ghost ship's operator being deceptive about the building. our media partners obtained this body cam video from 2014, and it shows him speaking with officers during an arson investigation, and he talk pwz throwing a benefit there which would have been illegal. new details in the terrible car crash in fremont that killed a high school senior weeks away from graduation. she died on sunday morning in fremont and her mother was driving her home from james logan high school's prom when another car plowed into them. her mom is expected to survive. fremont police say it will take weeks for the toxicology reports
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and the wrap up of the investigation. there's a gofundme act set up to help, and we have a link at breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> breaking news. senator tom tillious of north carolina collapsed during a race in washington, d.c. the republican senator got cpr but had to be taken away by ambulance. you are looking at his website here. he has held office as a senator for two years at this point, and we are working on getting better information on exactly what happened, and how he's doing, and i will be watching for developments here. thank you. and then muni is announcing new plans to put your cash to work. the projects that will get started right away. a health alert for you this morning. the new warning about ticks and the risk they pose to your family this summer. family this summer. and
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now your forecast with mike nicco. >> look how calm it looks in
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santa cruz this morning. the beach a nice place to be this weekend, about 70 to get away from the heat. if you are on the bay, not as breezy or choppy as it has been and burning sunshine if you are doing exercising. 40s in daly city and pacifica, and everybody else on the peninsula in the low 50s. upper 40s to low 50s in the rest of our neighborhoods. let's look at the next three days. 60s and 70s today, and 60s and 80s tomorrow. 60s and almost 90s on friday. they are coming back for the weekend forecast. we will show you that coming up. if we had an eye in the sky that could look at traffic, wouldn't be great. >> 580 looking great. livermore into the dublin area, we are not seeing any issues so far this morning. we did see the typical delays as you get through the tracy area, and once you get past that, everything is just fine. we will certainly take it. a quick check of
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northbound 880, new details. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is taking action after being criticized for not spending voter approved bond money fast enough. they are redirecting funding to muni projects ready to go right now. and they have not used $500 million in voter approved funds to improve transit service. they plan to pull $26,000 from stalled safety projects and use it on bus yard improvements instead. and the big google event in silicon valley today. >> it could be the worst if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain...
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go to for a store near you. it's 6:15. take a look at the bizarre incident inside a southern california supermarket, a naked man came into the floor and started poweriur pour pou his head and running around. security guards ended up tasing the man and holding him down until police got there. the man was taken to a local
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hospital. police are trying to decide if he should be facing charges now. google holding its conference in mountain view. pretty exciting day because we get to find out what new products they are working on, and a potential first look into what it's doing in augmented reality. it starts at 10:00 this morning. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom will be live tweeting the event, and his twitter handle is @bloomtv. one man is now suing a woman because of what happened when they went out. >> so they went on a first date to the movies. he says his date would not stop texting in the theater and he told her it was a annoying and to take it outside and she did and never came back, and he
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filed a lawsuit saying he made her extremely uncomfortable and she hopes he can find peace in his life. >> he seems like a real prize. did he think that date would go well after yelling at somebody about texting? about texting? >> maybe not a speaking of slow, our warming trend will be slow and before you know it, it will be 90. it's not going to be that warm at san francisco or the beaches. i put the clouds on live doppler 7, and you can see the clouds are definitely starting to fade away. look at the early sunshine in walnut creek as we look southbound -- oh, is that a policeman with his lights on? maybe not. the tide turns today. sunshine and warmer. the beaches are what you want to
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escape the weekend highs, and you can finally wash the car. there may not be another drop of rain the rest of the month. and 68 to 71 degrees right there in san jose. and also down in santa cruz. 71 in palo alto. upper 50s at the coast today. breezy for you, and 61 in downtown, south san francisco. sausali sausalito, 62. and upper 50s at your coast also. and 65 to 70 duh long the east bay. as we move inland, 71 to 74, so still free air-conditioning for you. tonight, look how chilly with clear skies and calm conditions and dry air, and mid-40s to upper 40s. here's a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast, and before you know it, it's friday and we are 70 at the coast and a little warmer saturday and sunday. we are going to take you back up to sky 7 and we are cruising along with the
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through the double lydublin and area. wide open here and no delays, east bay traffic looks good, too, and we could get some of the sun glare when you are not in such a hilly area. overall, fingers crossed, we have a quiet start to our wednesday morning commute. we do have one current blocking issue in the south bay, northbound 280 and still a far right lane blocked taou due to o spinout crash. if you are going to be taking san francisco bay ferry from the east bay to pier 41, just keep in mind those trips departing are terminating at the ferry building due to maintenance at pier 41 and that lasts through tomorrow. we will look at drive times coming up at 6:30. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 here on abc7. >> and amy robach has a look at what is ahead. >> good morning. coming up next on "gma,"
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explosive reports that trump asked comey to shut down the investigation of flynn. now calls are coming from both sides of the fence for comey to testify, this as the white house faces fire over president trump's sharing information with russian officials. top democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff joins us with more on that. and deadly storms in the heartland, 26 reported tornadoes sweeping across the country, destroying homes and causing massive devastation, and we will have all of the latest on that coming up next on "gma." back to you. >> thank you. how you can save on clothing for your kids. for your kids. >> and a controversy for
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giving you a live look from the sky this morning. this is headed north towards oakland right now, the morning light just starting to hit the buildings out there. new at 6:00, the center for disease control is warning this could be the worst season ever for ticks. as kids and pets return to playing outside again they are more than likely to come in
6:24 am
contact with especially in tall grass or weeds. and now these bugs can cause big problems, reports saying they present a deadly danger with a high russ that can cause seizures and memory loss and long-term damage. >> most cases, people have a day to find the particular and remove it before the tick has a chance to transmit germs that can make them sick. >> and a lot of us think of lyme disease when we think of ticks. "good morning america" is going to have much more on tick season coming up at 7:00 a.m. time to ask finney, and today melanie has a question about children's clothes. >> michael finney has her answer. >> what is the best way to get
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new clothes for kids without being able to get hand-me-downs. >> clothing your kids can be expensive so go with the tried and true ways first, buy sales and buy clothes out of season. warm weather is here so now is a good time to buy winter clothes. sign up for e-mail alerts where there could be real savings and keep expectations down. a good pair of athletic shoes will last that are not super expensiv expensive, and buying the hottest shoe is expensive and you will not get more wear. >> if you have a question, #askfinney, #askfinn #askfinney, or go to our website. and then a french fashion label being accused of a cultural appropriation. >> it's because of a 1,300
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boomboomera boomboomerang. chanel has apologized saying they were inspired by pleasure activities from around the world, and the boomerang is still for sale. the fast-moving virus making kids sick at nearly a dozen south bay schools. what parents should know before sending kids to class. and how bridge officials are responding to this. time for the temperatures to turn around. the cool weather just about over. look at the change today from yesterday. san francisco, two degrees warmer but places like redwood city and livermore, you were within a degree or two of record-cold high temperatures yester whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me.
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let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." now at 6:30, bombshell allegations. >> the white house in crisis after president trump is accused of asking the former fbi director to stop the investigation into flynn. >> the growing concern from democrats and republicans. how the latest relations could impact the president's trip overseas. and then the fast-hitting bug hitting a dozen local
6:30 am
schools. >> a lot going on. here from sky 7 as the sun comes up, a beautiful shot of the san francisco bay with the city in the background. and we have a big warm up that starts now. >> i can't compete with that. that was gorgeous, wasn't it? i overlaid the wind layer, and it's only 5 miles per hour. that sea breeze has stopped, at least for the bay and inland areas. at the coast, it will still be there. you can see 44 to 53, chilly this morning. 55 at the coast at noon but warmer inland, 66 as dry air arrives and brings us total sunshine. 56 to 70 today, getting closer to average. grab a coat this evening, 53 to 64 degrees. we'll take a look at the 70s, 80s and 90s coming up. here's alexis. checking out the bay bridge from sky 7 this morning, that commute has not been too bad. you can see on the westbound side making their way up the incline, and the only slow spot
6:31 am
you will see is getting through the toll plaza there, and the metering lights came on about 5:20 this morning. we have a crash involving a motorcycle, and we'll take a look at that coming up next. is this an obstruction of justice? >> we learn more about the investigation into the president's alleged collusion with russia and the investigation into those ties. he notes he wrote about the discussion, and comey said he asked him to drop the investigation of the national security adviser, michael flynn. a source says those notes were shared with top fbi associates. and dan abrams spoke about what it would take for the scandals to turn into a possible impeachment hearing. >> most importantly, remember, look at the political. when we are talking about impeachment it's not about the definition of the statute, it's about the fact that fox news at 6:00 last night could not get a
6:32 am
single republican to come on and defend donald trump and that would be the concern more than the legal statue. >> comey kept all his logs of the discussions with the president because he was suspicious of the motives. >> the question now is how will all of these questions impact the relationship between the u.s. and israel. >> israel would certainly fear that russia would share intelligence with iran and israeli intelligence officers have got to be taken back by this if one of their assets lives is at risk, i imagine they will think twice about what they share. >> more from martha and the entire team at "good morning america," coming up right after morni "abc7 mornings." and candled being blamed for an overnight house fire in vallejo. >> you will see flames shooting
6:33 am
through the roof. when firefighters got there they say the garage, kitchen and attic all on fire. the family inside made it out okay and the red cross is helping them out. happening today, a respected santa cruz doctor expected in court to face child molestation charges. >> and matt keller is live for us in santa cruz. hey, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. this is a very disturbing case. this neuro surgeon is expected to be in court today for an arraignment and we could learn new details about the investigation. we want to show a picture of dr. james kohut, and he was affiliated the dtka dominican hospital, and he is facing three charges including lewd and lascivious acts on a child under the age of 10 and an act child under the age of 14. and a nurse,
6:34 am
arraigned this past friday. and the police would not confirm her arrest was related, and the fbi is also involved. watsonville police have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow. reporting live in santa cruz, matt keller, abc7 news. developing news out of the south bay that parents really need to know about. hundreds of students at ten san jose elementary schools got sick from a likely innnorovirus outbreak. we do have the full list on our website. officials say symptoms started surface two weeks ago, and school officials have been busy disinfecting classrooms. >> be sure if your kids are experiencing symptoms make sure you report it to the school and make sure they know if you are keeping them out, and if you do
6:35 am
keep them out make sure they are home a couple days without any symptoms before they come back. >> 200 children are already sick, and 80 at hacienda school alone. and you can see a complete list of schools affected and tips to protect your kids on and then a real wake-up call for the security on the golden gate bridge. two teens climbing up to the north tower no ropes and when they got to the top, they did not take in the view, did summersaults and hung off the edge and did back flips. >> i had to do it with one hand, and i had my camera in the other hand. >> that's 18-year-old peter, and he and a buddy came to the bay area for spring break last month and decided to climb the bridge at 3:00 in the morning.
6:36 am
the structure itself was never in any danger. >> where these individuals were and what they are engaged in would not have harmed the bridge so it did not trigger alarms. >> chp and homeland security are both investigating this, and they could face up to a year in jail and a fine of $10,000. and then needing your help in finding a 46-year-old man. he was last seen sunday around 3:00 at his home, and the father of two just returned to drop off his son following a morning hike. he has not been heard from or seen since. his family said he never has done anything like this before and does not suffer from any illnesses. and then discussing the sanctuary state bill. it passed the senate and is expected to do the same in the assembly, and it would bar local and state law enforcement from
6:37 am
cooperating with i.c.e. officials. a live desk update with jessica castro. >> happening right now, president trump on his way to connecticut for a commencement address at the coast guard academy. he just boarded air force one, and this is video from minutes ago. he is about to take off from joint base andrews. president trump will be talking to the graduating class, and it's the academy's 136th commencement ceremony. he is likely to talk about tackling the future and head into the real word and steering clear of any of the political turmoil surrounding his administration, but you never know, so we will keep watching. san francisco's school board is eyeing changes for the way your sons and daughters are assigned to the school they will attend. they are hoping to completely overhaul the system of 2020.
6:38 am
they say the current lottery system is not working. district records from last november show some of the city's elementary schools have 60% of students representing one racial group. a battle may be brewing between sonoma county supervisors and office over service cuts. they are considering retkaougs the number of sergeants. the community oriented police unit may be on the chopping lock neighbors say with the growing number of homeless people, they need more law enforcement and not less. let's take a sneak peek and see what sky 7 is looking at this morning. looks like they are searching for whales along the water, and they are just above the golden gate bridge right now looking out over towards the ocean. you can see the beautiful golden
6:39 am
sunrise taking place. and the marin headlines, you can see the three and no wet weather, and cool this morning for mass transit and comfortable this afternoon. #sweepla today. tonight, u2 in town, levi stadium, and 67 degrees, and then cool by the time it's over. right now in the low 40s to upper 50s in the south bay. and pretty much mid-40s to mid-50s all around. the high today, temperatures in the 60s and 70s, and 60s and 80s, and how about friday? 60s and 90s. we keep climbing through the weekend, and details are next. not only is golden gate beautiful to look at from sky 7, it's fine today if you are coming in from the north bay.
6:40 am
if you are headed southbound towards san francisco, looking good today. we have a new problem but it's getting better quickly in the burlingame area. and we had a motorcycle that hit down and hit another vehicle and that rider limped over to the right shoulder and took his bike with him and they are safely off to the side, and seeing slight delays there. and quick check of drive times, 18 across the bay bridge, and southbound on 101 to the airport you are in the green still at ten minutes. a confrontation outside a san francisco grocery store, the man recording this video claims he was targeted because of his race. a new warning about the idea you could be overweight and still be healthy. popular products that control flees on your have an environmental impact. that's tonight at 7:00.
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i think the whales are hiding intentionally? >> yes. >> moments ago i could see the whales coming up to take a breath, and now looks like they are taking a deep dive. are taking a deep dive. we will
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♪ it's 6:43 in the morning. a live look from sky 7 this morning. >> there they are!
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>> look at that. whales spraying there near the golden gate bridge. and at least a couple whales in the water there. we are going to keep phaupb turg t -- monitoring the situation. this is just lovely. >> i love seeing that. we just received video of a racially charged confrontation in san francisco's mission district. he says it started after he left the store with his groceries and stopped to smoke a cigarette and this was on sunday and a security guard accused him of loitering and asked him to leave. the guard could be making remarks about black lives matter and referring to gregory as to you people. >> i would like to talk to your manager. >> i can say whatever i want. >> you people? >> you got a gun and you are holding a gun. let me get away from this guy, because you can't handle the situation. >> the guard allegedly
6:45 am
threatened to tase gregory, and gregory left and filed a police report. the store's owner released a statement saying it's my intent that all my customers feel welcome, safe and respected in my store and the security guard involved was hired by a third independent security company. the company has assured me this issue has been addressed. and then waiting to be transferred for a misdemeanor dui charge, and deputies heard a commotion in his cell yesterday morning and he was beating his cellmate. carter is now expected to be moved from elm wood to the main jail in san jose. he is expected to face new charges in connection with the alleged attack. facebook has been find $166,000 for violating french privacy laws. the company tracked and used personal data from 33,000 people
6:46 am
browsing the intern facebook. they are addressing those concerns. 50,000 people will be descenting on the home of the niners, right during rush hour. and amy hollyfield is live with how public transit will be put to the test. hi, amy. >> reporter: reggie, as we drove in we saw electronic signs blocks away from the stadium warning about this concert so officials definitely want people in the area to be aware this is happening and be prepared. the stage is set as you can see from the view from sky 7. the concert is sold out and expecting 50,000 people for the show, and it's expected to start at 6:30, and they expect bono of u2 to exceed the city curfew, and at that time vta usually
6:47 am
one train and now they have decided to they will adjust. >> we usually don't have about 5,000 people waiting for our service at 10:00 in the evening. >> vta has now decided they will add eight trains. counting on those trains, be aware, they are adding them for tonight, and vta says it's expensive and will cost tens of thousands of dollars and the agency will try to get reimbursed from the stadium, and those of you who r freeways in the area, be aware, tonight is going to be very congested. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. there's a new study deepen bging the idea of people can be overweight but medically fit. the study is not published.
6:48 am
researchers looked at medical records of 3.5 million people. they focused on obese with no signs of high cholesterol or blood pressure, and they were at higher risk of developing heart problems than those of normal weight. and then two wins into advancing to the finals. >> and the warriors started fast leading by 13 at the end of the first quarter and by 28 at half-time. the second largest playoff victory in franchise history. they lead the best of seven series 2-0. after the game kevin durant said it would be antone yo. >> it's the confidence we have, and we got to be ready for game three. we know they will be full strength in game three and be
6:49 am
ready to play us and it will be incredible, like it always is in the playoff ppz >> the warriors are 10-0 in the playoffs. game three is saturday night in san antonio, and you watch that on our sister network, espn. and then showing your dubs nation pride. look at these guys. they are full decked out suits, and that's pride right there. and then these two cutie sisters as well, and then jumping for joy, we are all about it. please share your photos and please share your photos and videos with you can't take your eyes off it, especially when the two whales come up. right now they are being more shy than they have been, but keep an eye in the
6:50 am
part of your screen, and you will see the whales if they breach once again. and hottest highs this weekend and the rest of the month is trending dry. we had to say good-bye. sorry. here's a look at what is going on with the system. the trailing cold front ushering in the drier air, and 68 to 71 in the south bay with 71 in morgan hill, and even santa cruz. temperatures in the upper 60s, and about 62 in millbrae. upper 50s along the coast today and that's where it will be breezy. 61 downtown san francisco. and about 70 to 74 is your president in the valleys. 57 in bodega bay. 65 to 68 along the east bay shore with oakland topping out at 68. 71 to about 74 in our valley in the east bay. mid to upper 40s, and sleeping with the windows open, grab that extra blanket. we will go from lows in the 40s
6:51 am
to highs in the 90s by the weekend. air-conditioner is working hard this weekend. 70s at the coast, so you can escape the heat. looking at the traffic maps this morning we have the issue on northbound 101 but it's not terrible, all off on the right-hand shoulder. this is before anza boulevard, and we had a motorcycle go down and hit another vehicle and he made it off to the shoulder so doesn't sound like there are doesn't sound like there are serious injuries, but michael jacks emergency crews on the scene there. metering lights have been on for about an hour and a half. much better day with drive times, 25 minutes across the san mateo bridge in the yellow, and dumbarton bridge is in the green at 12 minutes. back in 90 seconds with the seven things to know before you go. >> we can't get enough of the golden gate bridge right now,
6:52 am
especially given the fact that these whales are swimming alongside here this morning, and they are on break right now, and they take breaks and then come back and do a meet and greet with sky 7. as we zoom out, the golden gate as we zoom out, the golden gate bridge, bathed i
6:53 am
♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, ♪ ♪ i believe. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. stay safe when riding your motorcycle. make sure your helmet fits properly. not too tight and not too loose. and always fasten the helmet strap. protect yourself with motorcycle insurance from geico. visit for more safety tips, and to get a free rate quote. it's 6:53.
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number one, the trump administrations alleged collusion with russia will take center stage in washington this morning. california representatives and other democrats will convene on capitol hill to hold a news conference on the issue. number two, russian president vladimir putin said this morning he would give congress video of last week's meeting between his foreign minister and president trump. putin says the president didn't share any secrets with russia at the time. a warning to parents in san jose. a few hundred students in ten schools have gotten sick with a likely norovirus outbreak. and then investigating a dangerous stunt by two teenagers from wisconsin as you see here, they climbed to the top of the tower on the golden gate bridge, and they could face up to a year in jail and fines up to $10,000. the cooling trend is over. temperatures turn around today. check out your 12-hour day
6:55 am
planner. starting off in the mid-40s to mid-50s and hang on to the mid and upper 50s at the coast, and mid-60s around the bay and inland at noon, and near 70 at 4:00, and 50s and 60s at 7:00. doing okay so far this morning. we have one issue on the peninsula if you are coming up in the burlingame area on 101 before anza boulevard, we have heavy traffic approaching that motorcycle accident. this is so cool. fans at a tennessee baseball game caught to play super mario like never before. the team turned the back wall into an interaction version of the game, and they were able to act out all of mario's adventures. >> that's one of the coolest things i have ever seen in my house, and my fantasy played out in real life. that's it. i am's a simple man, jessica. can we get back to sky 7? we have been monitoring the
6:56 am
beautiful shots at golden gate bridge, and a couple whales spotted right underneath in the last 15 minutes or so. >> they are on their union break right now, just getting coffee. >> it's like they know when they are on camera and they take a deep dive. >> did you see it? >> yeah, there i was. little whales found in the distance. >> i think it's mama and baby. >> this is pure speculation, but it's a lovely way to start the day. >> we're back in 25. have a good morning.
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good morning, america. white house in crisis. rocked by the allegation that president trump asked former fbi director james comey to shut down the investigation into michael flynn urging comey to let this go. democrats pounced. >> the country is being tested in unprecedented ways. >> republicans troubled too. demanding the fbi turn over comey's notes from that oval office meeting and testify to congress as the white house tries to defuse that other bombshell. >> we had actually a great meeting with the foreign minister. >> did the president share highly classified information with the russians and compromise intelligence? is the white house at breaking point? also overnight, deadly tornado outbreak. at least 26 reported twisters ripping through the heartland devastating neighborhoods. killing at least two and injuring dozens. >> i would describe it as total destruction. >> tornadoes tearing


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