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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> now, as it turns out, robert mummer does have bay area roots. >> abc7 news anchor kristen sze is in the newsroom with that part of the story. kristen. >> we were doing that research, he cut his teeth in san francisco. he worked as a litigator here. fresh out of law school until 1976, muller's career took him to u.s. attorney offices including the san francisco office where he became chief of the criminal division. and then he again left the bay area in 1982, but came back in 1998 as the u.s. attorney for the northern district of california. and he held that position until 2001 when, as you mentioned, president george w. bush named him fbi director. muller gained fame leading the agency through the aftermath of the september 11th terror attacks. finally retiring in 2013. and after that muller was again back in the bay area working with stan ford university on issues of online networks and international security. most recently he oversaw the
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distribution of the settlement money from the volkswagen emissions cheating scandal that, of course, was a case out of the federal court based here in san francisco. he was to be in charge of the handling of the takata airbag settlement as well. no word what will happen to that responsibility now, but muller has always been viewed as a settlement expert and someone viewed as a most credible law enforcement official by both democrats and republicans. larry and alma? >> all right, thank you so much, kristen. and we broke this news about muller's appointment to overseas russia investigation through the abc7 news app. download the arp to get breaking news on your phone or tablet. >> new developments today in the child mole estation case. >> doctor and nurse michelle. abc7 news matt keller has the latest of the >> reporter: the doctor looked
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out of sorts for his first appearance in the santa cruz county courtroom. he was known for his brain surgery in dominican hospital and suter emergency center in santa cruz. according to the district attorney's office he was hiding a dark and disturbing secret. today prosecutors revealed they filed ten separate child mole est asian charges against him involving three different victims. >> it involves multiple children on different dates. of the ten charges six of them involved specific sex acts committed on children under the age of 10. >> reporter: michelle brandon, a nurse at dominican hospital and emory stevens of arizona were also arrested on several charges for child mole est asian, one count of manufacturing child pornography. if convicted all three could face life in prison. prosecutors would not say if any victims were patients. the charges against co-hut brandon and stevens are all connected but would not get into any details. co-hut's attorney told us the allegations against his client
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are not true. >> dr. co-hut has spent his lifesaving people's lives. he is a renowned brain surgeon. this is not conduct that he would participate in. and i think at the end of the day the evidence will show it is not true. >> reporter: emily stevens is being held in an arizona jail. she is fighting extradition to santa cruz county. as for dr. james co-hut, his next court appearance is may 26. in santa cruz, matt keller, abc7 news. >> sheriff investigators say there is no threat to the public after a man and woman were found shot to death inside a novato home this morning. family members discovered the victims inside a house on bugia leeann just before 8:30. sheriffs investigators describe the victims as an older couple. their identities have not been released. deputies believe there is no risk to public safety. >> the animal rescue group is trying to settle an animal
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cruelty. they are offering $10,000 for information about a mass grave discovered in february with 12 dogs inside it. the napa valley group hopes the money will moat vaet it public to come forward. meanwhile investigators say a dead goat found in the same area yesterday is not related to the dog case. >> a san francisco family is making a desperate plea to find a missing man. abc7 news was in balboa park as kim posted a missing person flyer on a light post. her husband disappeared on mother's day. he is an uber driver. his wife is worried because a passenger recently left a phone this his car. she fears it may have gotten her husband tangled up in some sort of trouble. >> he told me that the phone left inside the car and he even said that, oh, it's mazing that they managed to find where i'm at. but the phone is in my car. >> san francisco police are having a hard time tracking him. his cell phone was turned off, the go gps on his mercedes suv is not working either. his family says uber wants a
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court order to track his phone or identify his passengers. >> a computer problem caused unusually long waits at dmv offices statewide. people were lined up outside without knowing when processing will resume. dmv says the computer outage was caused by connectivity issue. dmv workers say the outage started around noon and prevented them from processing drver licenses and vehicle registration. >> hundreds of local and federal law enforcement officers found out all across los angeles today arresting members of the notorious street gang known as ms 13. federal prosecutors have charged 44 members and associates of the gang with a variety of crimes, many of them felonies. three's e three are accused of murder, locations throughout l.a. >> it was a spec spak ltacular be outdoors. >> take a look at this. perfect flying weather and conditions outside are going to
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get even better. certainly a lot hotter, of. spencer christian now the heat wave is coming. >> that was a beautiful view. live doppler 7 showing sunny skies all across the area. check out the 24-hour temperature change. it is 12 degrees warmer in fairfield right now than at this hour yesterday. concord, livermore and palo alto are all ten degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. let's take a closer look at current temperatures as we look westward from our east bay hills camera. 63 degrees in san francisco. upper 60s in oakland and mountain view, 71, san jose, 57 at half moon bay. this is the view, calm blue skies over the bay from our mount tam camera. 74 degrees now in santa rosa, napa, 72 novato, 75 apiece in fair feed and concord. livermore checks in at 72 degrees. overnight this is what will happen with the temperature trend. temperatures in the low to mid 50s in most locations, few in the 40s.
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by midday noon tomorrow, we'll see temperatures i should say in the mid 70s inland, rising up to about 80 by 4:00 p.m., and how much higher will temperatures rise in the next few days? i'll show you shortly. larry? >> all right, thank you, spencer. see you in a few minutes. what a great day to do some whale watching and you didn't have to head out into a boat on the pacific to do it. sky 7 captures these shots of whales swimming around the golden gate bridge. this is all seen live during abc7 mornings. holly field has a story you'll see only on 7. >> reporter: they're back and they're beautiful. when chris heard this morning the whales had returned to the bay, he grabbed his camera and headed to the bridge. >> last year i took a lot of photos of the whales out here. hoping to see them again. >> reporter: it is their second year to venture into our bay. marine biologists say it is their feeding season so they will probably chasing food like kril and an choechl is. they aren't sure why now, why these last two years. maybe just some smart
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enterprising whales have figured out this is a yummy place to be. >> we're going to be very much on the look out this year to see if some of the same whales that kept coming in on a regular basis last year are the same ones coming in this year. so, it's a newly learned behavior. >> reporter: it could also be that the hump back whale population has grown because they are getting creative where they have to look for food. whatever the case, they are here and have motivated some bad human behavior experts want to discourage. >> we've seen kite borders actually jump them. so, they were obstacles and we've seen wind sufferers unfortunately go in repeatedly getting closer and closer to the whales. >> reporter: experts say don't hesitate to come out and see them. just do it from a safe distance. >> the fact that there are whales back here now is really exciting for me as kind of the kid inside of me. >> reporter: we might have to coexist with them for a while. last year they stayed through august. so, experts have set up a working group to discuss how to
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protect them from all the ships that come through here. if you do come out to see them, bring your binoculars. it's a beautiful sight. in san francisco, amy holly field, abc7 news. >> we just love that whale video. you can see more of it on our abc7 news facebook page and be sure to share with your friends to show them how perfect it is where you live. >> b.a.r.t. officials today are promising riders they'll have working emergency lights at every station in the event of power outages. the agency is promising the upgrades and inspections after two recent pg&e outages, but stations in san francisco and richmond in the dark. this is what it looked like at the montgomery station on the april 21st when the major black out left parts of san francisco without electricity. emergency lights were supposed to come on, but they didn't. >> we immediately launched an investigation. test every single system at every single station. and what we found was 14 stations didn't have working emergency back up power. >> the agency says it has since
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installed temporary generators at those affected stations until a permanent fix is in place. >> so, was it racial profiling or maybe a deputy who was just doing his job? up next a show of support from advocates of an east bay fruit vendor who is being detained by the alameda county sheriff. and. >> no day off for warriors star kevin durant. how he's giving back to some of his biggest fans right here in the bay area. >> no fans of traffic right now on the skyway in downtown san francisco. it is bunched up in both directions. a giants dodgers game letting out a little while ago. that is no doubt adding to the congestion. in both directions it's basically stop and go. back
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a big budget problem looming in sonoma county, proposed cuts that range from 3 to 6%. the >> the sheriffs department today said those cuts could have a huge impact on investigations. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live with the details. wayne? >> reporter: well, budget cuts always have a sense of being political, especially when we're talking about city government or county government. that's the case in sonoma county where the board of supervisors is asking every department for a cut of between 3 and 6% as you said. that includes the sheriffs department, and this is where things get interesting. it began with an item on the board of supervisors agenda which they didn't expect or maybe did expect a possible budget cuts of $6.5 million by reducing supervisors and some substations, cutting back on
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graffiti removal, perhaps also cutting back on detective investigations or dispatch. there are some 19 cuts in all at least proposed. the department does not want to cut service, but the president of the police union is worried about that as well. >> we're at bare minimums now. any time somebody calls in sick, we have to call other people in from work or home, other locations, have them work extra hours. they're working 12 hour shifts already and we're barely able to keep up. >> meantime, supervisor shirley zaine says cuts are necessary due to pay raises and better benefits. they're not cuts she says more like asking departments to work within their means. we asked her if there is any wiggle room. >> of course there's wiggle room. but i don't think that we want to make a budget using scare tactics with the public. that's the point. >> reporter: do you think they are? >> i think that was the reaction that the sheriffs got from the board yesterday unfortunately.
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>> reporter: we should add that the sheriff's department budget is in excess of $180 million. in short, all of this you're looking at here is a negotiation, apparently a public negotiation, and maybe even a premature public negotiation. live in sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> all right, thank you, wayne. well, new at 4:00, hundreds of kids in oakland got to play basketball with a warriors superstar this afternoon. >> what fun. kevin durant showed up in newly renovated parks in chinatown. he helped pay for. >> reporter: eric thomas is live in lincoln park with the story. hey, eric. >> reporter: hi, guys. they officially dedicated these kurtz a couple hours ago. as you can see kids are still playing on them right now. if you think these kids are excite today meet the former league mvp they stay undefeated this season, you're exactly right. the charity foundation along with warriors and several other groups paid to transform both
4:16 pm
the inside and outside courts at lincoln park with state of the art serve stices and new hoops nets. he wants kids to have a safe place to play neighborhood ball the kind he wish he had growing up in washington, d.c. it's obvious he loves giving back and interacting with the kids and they love having new courts to play on. >> they were really old and the courts were like -- they had cracks in them, they were always slippery and whatnot. >> reporter: what do you think of them now? >> it's new. [ laughter ] >> anybody that lives in this community, you know, it's going to impact kids. i just try to do my part and use my platform, but i think a lot of people are out there doing groundwork every single day. >> reporter: katie stuck around, played ball with them. the courts are lighted so young people will be able to play well into the evening. as every parent knows, kids have somewhere to go and something constructive to do. we are all better off.
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coming up at 6:00, live in oakland, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> all right, eric, thank you. and the warriors and k.d. both do a great job giving back to the community. welcome face will be with the dubs. they fly to san antonio. steve kerr well enough to travel with the team to texas for games three and four of their playoff series, but the spurs, kerr is recovering from a may 5th procedure to repair a spinal fluid leak. this following two other back procedures. he's been attending practices once again addressing the team in the locker room while watching games behind the scenes. assistant coach mike brown is the head coach in his place until he gets better. hopefully soon. >> now there is a special event in downtown san francisco today to celebrate national salvation army week. ♪ >> members of the salvation army band performed on the corner of davis and pine streets today while volunteers passed along information as well as some food to the homeless. >> specifically today we are talking about our services to the homeless, the salvation army
4:18 pm
suite, over 500 people every night just in the city of san francisco. and provide meals to over 24,000 people who live on the streets. >> lieutenant colonel foley said the salvation army helps 56 million people worldwide and 500,000 in the bay area. >> you may not know his name but you know his work. a new exhibit is opening on the artist who provided the disney sleeping beauty. ivan was a background painter when he caught the eye of walt disney. walt himself, he was selected lead stylist for the disney classic. he wanted to give the movie a medieval work. he based it on persian and japanese works. >> elongated characters and really embellished landscapes with patterns so it looks more like a tapestry. >> the retrospective includes more than 250 works of art. they range from early sketches to vivid landscapes later in his
4:19 pm
life. awakening beauty opens tomorrow at the walt disney family museum. that looks like a lot of fun. >> absolutely. all right. well, it's going to be good weather to get out and do anything really >> hotter weather. spencer christian is here now. >> tonight warm weather, there will be music in the air at levi stadium, many more than music. u2 concert, joshua tree tour and the weather will be terrific. in the early evening hours temperatures will be in the 60s after 9:00 or so drop into the upper 50s. so, i think it's great weather. perhaps you, too, will agree. on we go. maybe not. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have sunny skies across the bay area right now in this sunny pattern will continue on onto the weekend and perhaps beyond. this is the view from sutro tower looking northward toward the golden gate. these are forecast futures. the warming trend will start revving up tomorrow. summer like heat will be with us this weekend but a cooler pattern will settle in early next week. right now we're looking at temperatures ranging from upper 50s at the coast to mainly mid
4:20 pm
60s, some upper 60s as well right around the bay and mid 60s in our inland area. so, it's mild now but warmer days are on the way. 70s. overnight skies will remain clear skpand breezy at the coas. mid and upper 40s inland to 50 on the bay and near the coast. tomorrow's high, 64 will be the high at half moon bay. 68 here in san francisco. up in the north bay 82 at santa rosa 83 at napa, over into the inland east bacon corresponded 82, livermore 82 down in the south bay we'll see highs of 79. in san jose and 80 at morgan hill. and it is only going to get warmer as we approach the weekend. friday the warming continues. saturday and sunday look for inland highs in the low to mid 90s. mid to upper 80s right around the bay and up to about 70 degrees or even higher in some coastal locations. and sunday bay to breakers latest here in san francisco sunny skies throughout the day, even in early morning hours. temperatures will be on the mild side at the start of the day,
4:21 pm
mid to upper 50s sblot mid-morning hours we'll see temperatures rising into the mid to upper 60s. pretty good running weather i would say. let's run along and take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. duh. sunny skies for the next four or five days. we'll see a little coastal cooling developing. excuse me. on monday, as low clouds and fog return to the coast. it will be cooler in all areas on tuesday, but boy it's going to sizzle over the weekend and next wednesday we'll see partly cloudy skies. so, this is the warmth we've been waiting for. it's just a couple days away. >> thank you, spencer. >> all right. would you believe a movie date gone so bad so horribly wrong, one of the participants has filed a lawsuit? we'll tell you what happened. >> and just hanging around, the bear was stirring up trouble in washington. we're going to tell you why. >> in honor of asian pacific american heritage month we're using our abc7 news bay area instagram feed to celebrate events where you live. oakland tofu master minh tsa i
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will be at the asian art museum tomorrow night to discuss the delicious dishes you can make with tofu. you can learn more on instagram at abc7 news bay area.
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san francisco-based lyft is joining forces with delta airlines under a new partnership delta frequent flyer for earn one free mile for every dollar they spend on a lyft ride. the deal increases to three free miles taken to and from an airport. they offer sky miles points when they use airbnb. >> mcdonald's is expanding partnership with online meal delivery platform called uber eats. starting today the service will be available in chicago, columbus, los angeles and phoenix. the cost is $4.99. two companies already teamed up to offer mcdonald's delivery in miami, orlando and tampa earlier this year. no word on if or whethn it's coming to the bay area. some big news for fans of lucky charms.
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general mills is giving away 10,000 boxes of marsh malowe only lucky charms. that's right. no cereal in there. it's just the marshmallows. pure sugar for you. codes are on specially marked boxes of lucky charms and they'll hit retail stores sometime this month. >> coming up tonight after the season finale of modern family, a special sneak peek offff new comedy. >> her perspective of lonely dog martin. it isn't focused on food and belly rubs. alexis smith talked to alison coleman about her canine co-star. >> he has all these worries and concerns. he was a rescue dogs. he has issues he's working through. s he's a lot more human than dog-like in a lot of ways. >> pretty much every dog lover thinks their dog is so special
4:26 pm
and is a genius and everything like that. do you think that they're going to see any similarities between martin and their own pet? >> i think they'll see a lot of similarities between nan and martin's relationship absolutely. the story is really is about what it means to be a pet owner and the power of that, the ups and downs of sharing your life with an animal. >> the downward dog sneak peek airs tonight at 9:30. next week the series moves to its regular time which is tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. >> well, ape major new development today in the ongoing investigation into russian ties with the trump campaign. this as the president goes on the defensive at a college graduation. >> no politician in history has been treated worse or more unfairly. >> protesters pass out free fruit outside the alameda kuehne at this sheriffs department in protest of an arrest that's gone viral.
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. former fbi director robert muller has been named as special council to over see the justice
4:30 pm
department's investigation into russian influence in the 2016 presidential election. that bomb shell announcement was made in the last couple hours by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. this is the announcement he sent. rosen stein said mueller will have, quote, all appropriate resources to conduct a thorough investigation. he was appointed head of the fbi by george w. bush he served from 2001 to 2013. nancy pelosi called the appointment, quote, good first step. in a tweet pelosi continues the call for an independent commission to investigate any connection between the trump administration and russia. today's news has plunged the white house into further disarray. this is the third major development in just as many days, and now lawmakers in the trump administration are scrambling to respond. we get the latest from abc7 news reporter maggie in washington. >> reporter: in a stunning development, the justice department has just named former fbi director robert mueller as special counsel in the ongoing fbi investigation into the trump
4:31 pm
campaign and russian meddling of the 2016 presidential election. the president has called this investigation a hoax and the white house only got a 30-minute heads up. but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were pressuring acting attorney general rod rosenstein to make the independent appointment, and it comes in the middle of absolute chaos at the white house. >> it seemed like we are learning disturbing new allegations about president trump, not just every day, but, ladies and gentlemen, every hour. >> reporter: most recently that bomb shell allegation that the president tried to interfere with a federal investigation, allegedly asking then fbi director james comey to back off the investigation into his former national security advisor michael flynn. abc news confirmed a meeting he had with trump after he was fired in which the president allegedly said of flynn, he is a good guy. i hope you can let this go.
4:32 pm
but the white house is pushing back, saying the president has never asked mr. comey or anyone else to end any investigation, adding, this is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation. >> it is obvious there are some people out there who want to harm the president. >> reporter: other republicans on the hill are cautiously responding to the allegations. >> we should see those notes. let's see director comey's notes. let' have him testify before congress and based on the facts laid out by him directly and those notes, then people can make a determination. >> reporter: many democrats are not so reserved. >> the president must be impeached. >> reporter: the special counsel will now take over the investigation which typically lasts six to nine months. he'll then pass along his recommendation to the attorney general who will then decide what actions to take next. maggie ruely, washington. >> he will confirm there was, quote, no collusion between the campaign and any foreign ept it. he added he is looking forward
4:33 pm
to this matter concluding quickly. >> a former bay area congressman is larmd by events unfolding in washington right now. back in 1973, pete mcclos can i became the first member of congress to call for the impeachment of president richard nixon. abc7 news caught up with him today at his yolo county farm. >> for the president to instruct the fbi director not to investigate, man, that's a dead ringer for what nixon did when he instructed the fbi not to investigate the cia who was tracing the money to payoff e. howard hunt. >> he said he met mr. trump once in the late 90s in an event honoring his marine rivalry. americans deserve to know what the president told former fbi director comey. >> the growing political drama in washington rattled wall street today. the dow plummeted more than 370 points, its biggest single day
4:34 pm
slump in eight months. the nasdaq gave up 258 point it recorded the biggest drop since september sliding 43 points. do stay with abc news for naming of the prosecutor in russia. be sure to download the abc7 news app for the latest breaking updates any time. >> is it a case of racial profiling or a deputy sheriff who is just doing his job? it all centers around a fruit vendor who was detained in san lorenzo. pedro martin aguilar seen in handcuffs is sparking a huge debate. lyanne melendez live in oakland with the latest. lyanne? >> reporter: thousands of comments were posted after that picture was released, larry. some criticizing, others praising the alameda county sheriff's office. both giving their version of what happened. >> last week we heard and we saw a picture of a fruit vendor
4:35 pm
being arrested in san lorenzo by the apartment. shame on them. boo. >> reporter: here's that picture showing 47-year-old pedro martin aguilar sitting on the ground in handcuffs. john rodney is one of the immigration activists looking for transparency from the alameda county sheriff's office. >> this cruel act and frankly heartless response from the sheriff's department. >> reporter: today the sheriffs office responded saying fruit vendors are typically not seen in san lorenzo neighborhoods. it was a neighbor who called to have him removed. >> we can only respond to those complaints. we don't go out proactively seeking fruit vendors to arrest them. >> reporter: there are a lot of folks in oakland all over oakland selling stuff. >> i'm sure all they're doing is making a living. >> reporter: sheriffs office maintained he pushed the officer to one side and tried to run. >> all we wanted from the get go to tell this man, could you pack up your fruits and vegetables
4:36 pm
and move on about your business? you're not allowed to sell here. >> reporter: during the arrest, the officer discovered martin aguilar had an ankle monitor and is currently on federal probation. the sheriffs office said it will not cooperate with immigration officials to have him deported. still, if i.c.e. reaches out to alameda county to find out his release date, the sheriffs office must comply. the latest figures show i.c.e. arrests are up 41% compared to last year. it is not clear where martin aguilar will end up. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning a out of prison. he walked out of the federal facility in kansas today after serving 7 of a 35-year sentence for leaking classified information. former president obama commuted her sentence just three days before he left office. manning was known as bradley manning before transitioning in prison. bhf her release she posted a photo of her shoes on instagram with the caption, first steps of
4:37 pm
freedom. >> the city of new orleans has removed yet another confederate monument. overnight 200 people looked on as crews took down a 14 foot statue of general p.t. beauregard. it is the third monument removed in recent weeks because they were deemed to be racially offensive. the whiteley monument was taken down in april followed by a statue of jefferson davis. general robert e. lee was set to come down next week. >> a way ward bear attracted lots of attention when he climbed a tree next to a washington state elementary school and wouldn't come down. take a look. the bear just lounged around appearing to be no hurry to come down from its perch above the school in washington just south of seattle. the animal didn't pose a threat to the school, but kids were kept far away from the tree. fi fish and wildlife kept a close eye, too. >> shocking numbers about dangerous chemicals that you might be consuming without even
4:38 pm
realizing it. >> cleaning up after a deadly storm, across a large part of the u.s. >> i'm spencer christian. nice warm conditions settling over the bay area as we look at calm weather over the bay now from our mount tam camera. there is more on the way. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. >> i'm michael finney, #askfinney is just ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just post them with the
4:39 pm
the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. deadly tornadoes tear
4:41 pm
through the heart land, dozens of twisters damage at least 100 homes, killing one person in oklahoma and another in wisconsin. abc7 news reporter emily rau has the latest. >> reporter: the tell tail signs of a twister, trees snapped in half, roofs peeled off of homes in elk city, oklahoma. >> there it goes. >> reporter: overnight more than 25 reported tornadoes touched down from texas to wisconsin. emergency crews sifting through the wreckage in the dark looking for survivors. neighborhoods now littered with massive piles of debris. >> it looks like it might have been levelled. >> reporter: in wisconsin reports of a tornado leveling a mobile home park. >> people helping the lady out of the trailer and her husband was buried. so, i crawled underneath the trailer inside and then started removing the refrigerator from him. i think he made it. >> reporter: the deadly storm system hit when many people were home. at least 25 people were hurt, including a child.
4:42 pm
>> there were walls on top of people is how it was described to me. i would describe it as total destruction. >> reporter: no word yet on how strong the tornadoes were. the number of injured may go up as crews continue their search efforts. emily rau, abc news, new york. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> we'll get used to the pattern that will be with us for a while. overnight we'll have clear skies, breezy conditions near the coast. low temperatures range from 40s in our inland valleys to about 350 right around the bay. and then tomorrow the warming continues with high temperatures climbing into the mid-'80s and the warm est inland locations mid to upper 70s right around the bay and almost 70 degrees on the coast. now, the u.v. index is high now and it is a good idea to use some sun screen if you're going to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. the sun will be at its strongest the next two months. key hours of the day to be conscious of are 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. that's good time to
4:43 pm
apply that sun screen if you're going to be out in the sun for a while. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny skies through sunday and the heating continues into the weekend with high temperatures reaching mid 90s inland on saturday. and it is still going to be hot inland on sunday. we'll have minor cooling at the coast on monday and cooling all areas tuesday and wednesday. use the sun screen. >> thank you, spencer. >> a fight to keep a bay area school district intact. the principal taking a very big stand today. >> 7 on your side michael finney as we near the end of the school year we have some questions and answers for students, and can they a lower a1c is a lot witabout choices.tes but it can be hard sometimes,
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an east bay elementary school principal is sounding the alarm, really concerned about a proposal that would split the mt. diablo school district into two separate districts could do the same to his school. >> this would affect students in walnut creek, pleasant hill and concord. laura anthony is live at high lands elementary in concord with the concerns. laura. >> reporter: this has been a highly charged issue here in contra costa county. this school behind me would not me into the new district, but the principal here worries it could receive some collateral damage.
4:47 pm
>> this would decimate our community. >> reporter: ryan is the principal of high lands elementary, a school that draws its 600 students from concord, walnut creek and clayton. if a proposal to create a separate new north gate school district succeeds, he worries his halls could be half empty. >> north gate was going to get its own district, it would take away about 53% of our student population and about 15 to 20 members of our staff. >> reporter: high lands is part of the 32,000 student mt. diablo unified school district, but there is a is he session movement underway that would pull 4200 of those students into a new north gate unified district. high lands itself would not move to the new district, but some 300 of its students could. >> all of my children have gone here. i still have two here. that would be really sad to lose half of our teachers and a bunch of our kids. >> the parents are going to get a choice for the first time ever. >> reporter: bill sits on the group of the north gate cap. high land families could stay
4:48 pm
right where they are. >> families will have the option to transfer in. we have places, but also to transfer out if they prefer a neighborhood school like high lands. >> reporter: after a public hearing earlier this month, the contra costa county board of edge kalgs is expected to decide on north gate's petition by the end of the summer. if approved, the state board of education would then have the final say. in concord, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> you have heard about bpa, a chemical compound in everything from canned goods to plastic bottles. new study out today has some eye opening information about just how prevalent it still is. the study found nearly 40% of canned goods from leading retailers still contain bpa. they tested cans sold in popular grocery stores in 11 states including california. bpa is linked to cancer, heart disease and birth defects. we have a list of stores and more on the study from the center for environmental health on our website, >> all right. time now for #askfinney, 7 or your side's michael finney,
4:49 pm
answering questions sent in by facebook, twitter and e-mail. first question comes from theresa in san jose asking, what are some of the best opportunitiinvestment opportunities for those fresh out of college? >> payoff your student debt and any other debt you have. then invest fully in your employer's 401k program. that is because they often match your money and you're getting way more money than you could ever get in your own in investing. third, save for a house. if you buy a house, the sooner the better. here in the bay area you look like a genius in ten years. if you're looking to invest in the stock market, invest in low cost mutual funds that track the broad market. don't try to guess on or pick a company you love just because you love them. >> unless it was google ten years ago. >> or apple two years ago. >> for those of you just starting your higher education, olivia asked, do i need a credit card when you move away from home and go off to college? that's scary. >> need, need, need? a credit card can really help build your credit early, the
4:50 pm
earlier the better. make sure you can afford it, though. don't buy what you can't payoff later. another option, get a debit card linked to your checking account. schools typically offer lower fees at credit unions so check those out. if you're a parent, do not give your kid a credit card. it is not worth it. don't do it. >> all right. this is an interesting one. me linda from santa clara asks what is the possibility of phone companies eliminating land lines? >> i'm a betting manned. they're not going to be around. they're the best. when there is a major disaster, the land lines are still working because they have separate power. but the centers for disease control conducted a study, the second half of last year, they just released their findings. we talked about it right here a little while ago. they showed for the first time, wireless phone use has surpassed that of land line. nearly 51% of households had mobile service only. a little over 39% use both
4:51 pm
wireless and land lines. look, in the bay area, there's a lot of homes that barely get cell service. you ought to keep your land line for an emergency because if the power goes out during an earthquake how are you going to communicate? >> you've got nothing. >> true. >> i prefer the land line but i know they're expensive. >> how do people get hold of you? >> i'm glad you asked. you can call us at our -- excuse me, you can call us at 954-8151, or as we say right here just use your social media and hashtag #askfinney. >> they can record a question and maybe be on tv. >> absolutely. >> thank you, michael. >> a bizarre story out of texas. most of ufs have been on a bad date before. one man is now suing a woman because of what happened when they went out on a date. brandon went out on a first date to the movies in austin. he says the woman would not stop texting. he told her, it was annoying, take it outside. so she did, and never came back. he is now suing, and he's
4:52 pm
seeking damages of $17.31, that was the cost of the two movie tickets. in his lawsuit he calls his date, a threat to civilized society. >> i am fully aware of the weirdness of this situation. i decided to file a lawsuit and here's why. no personal responsibility. >> okay. the two haven't spoken since the lawsuit was filed. what a shock. as far as his date, she says he made her extremely uncomfortable and she hopes he can find peace in his life. >> all right. well, if you're looking for love, there is a new study out about the best and worst words to use on your dating profile. men are looking for women who use the words sexy, honest and confident. the least popular why shy and happy. women are looking for men who call themselves honest, intelligent and confident. the least popular terms were shy and curvy. are men describing themselves as curvy? >> i mean, i wouldn't make it my top description.
4:53 pm
it wouldn't be high up, unless, i don't know. >> maybe. >> it's hard to know. none of those words worked for the first guy who was suing his date. >> yeah. all right. a man who has given up everything for the love of the warriors. >> i'm defying odds here. >> how he's hoping his dub nation designs will defy the odds and make it big. >> right now dan is here with a look at what is ahead on abc7 news at 5:00. >> guys, tlanks a lot. tom brady's wife shocked everyone when she said her husband suffered a concussion last season. now the nfl is weighing in on it. the fire department is about to brief us on the arrest in a string of car fires in contra costa county we've been reporting on. we are there live for you. and. >> the furthest ball i've personally ever seen hit in the stadium. >> those sto
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
coming up in primetime tonight on abc7 news at 8:00, it's the season finales of the goldbergs, then speechless, then modern fraem. at 9:30 the premiere of the new abc comedy downward dog. the season finale of designated survivor. >> tonight at 11:00, popular products that control flees on your pet may have an environmental i78 pa environmental impact. find out how they can be putting the eco system at risk tonight
4:57 pm
on abc7 news at 11:00. >> how much do you love the warriors? enough to give up your job? >> wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: living and dying with every play as if lifelong dreams hang in the balance, for yani it's true. >> yeah, for many reasons. many reasons. >> reporter: you'll understand when you visit him at his mother's house where he's moved back in, transformed a bedroom into a studio, and spent hours creating wearable limited edition nonfading prints of the warriors starters. it's a novel idea. >> i'm defying ideas here. >> reporter: especially for a guy who turned his back on ten years in korm america to make this happen. >> whenever it's a fork in the road in my life it comes back to my art. >> reporter: it began with crayons and continues today with a few detours along the way. with a corporate income gone, he drives for uber and uses every
4:58 pm
square inch of the car for advertising space. do you believe in sarin terendi? guess who climbs into this back seat? klay thompson. the same klay thompson he's now drawing. and with perseverance, his work has drawn enough attention to get him into a warriors practice. he hopes to work a formal deal with the team. a if they say to you, okay, let's do it, how many could you make if you had to right now? >> as many as they want. >> reporter: so now you understand why with these nba playoffs, he really does hang on every basket. you would, too, if you'd invested everything. in berkeley, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> those shirts are gorgeous. how do i get one of those? game three, warriors and spurs saturday night 6:00 in san antonio on espn. we want to see your dub nation pride, post your photos and videos using the hashtag dubs on 7. we may show them here or on our
4:59 pm
website at >> thank you for joining us at abc7 news at 4:00. i'm alma daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> the signal here you're seeing, this is going to remain an independent serious investigation. >> breaking news out of washington, the russian investigation gets a special counsel and the prosecutor has ties to the bay area. >> happening now in san jose, detours and street closures, the big concert has neighbors feeling anxious. >> that injury to kawhi leonard, one spur fan is so angry he's now taking zaza pau chul i can't to court. >> hand washing becomes part of the lesson plan in south bay schools. >> announcer: now from abc7 news, live breaking news. >> the nation's capital left stunned tonight, just minutes after telling the white house the department of justice announces to the world, that it has appointed a special counsel to investigate president trump's ties with russia. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. we begin tonight with a third bomb shell in as many days at
5:00 pm
our nation's capital amount >> former fbi director robert mueller will over see the federal investigation into possible russian collusion. >> a russia reaction is coming in right now following that development in announcement. less than an hour ago, president trump released a statement, quote, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know -- there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. >> reporter: this development stunned the white house which did not know about the justice department's announcement until 30 minutes before it was made. former fbi director and u.s. attorney robert mueller will over oversee the ongoing investigation into the trump campaign and russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. the president has called this investigation a hoax. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were pressuring acting tln general rod rosenstein to make the independent appointment. attorney general jeff sessions has recused himself from anything involving the presidential campaign


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