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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> at the live desk we are tracking breaking news in the oakland hills. a nasty crash seriously injuring four people, and abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on scene with the latest for us. amy. >> reporter: jessica i just talked the firefighter here on scene that called it a challenging technical rescue and here is video shot within the final hour and the final victim being trapped in the car and trapped for almost two hours. firefighters say he is in very critical condition. another man and woman were able to escape on their own. the car was coming downhill at 3:25 this morning on redwood road just past skyline in oakland when it crashed. it hit a fence and the car then rolled and it hit and uprooted a tree and caught fire. a security guard working in the area heard the crash and was first on the scene. >> a lot of screaming and hollering of just panicking in
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the vehicle, so i didn't know what was going on. a lot of chaos. >> reporter: firefighters say the car was mangled and had the tree on it and that's why it was tough to get the victims out. all four victims were taken to the hospital. the two who were trapped are being described as being in very critical condition, and they have called the fatal investigative team out to the scene to check out the situation in case it turns into a fatal crash. redwood road will be closed throughout the morning, and this is between skyline crestmont, so keep that in mind this morning. >> a terrible crash. thank you, amy. we will check in with what is happening outside. getting ready with the hot weather. >> everybody knows by now hopefully that it's on its way and you will not be used to it because we are ramping up so quickly. let's look at seven live dopple.
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here's a look from the sutro tower. 60s at the coast, and 77 to 81 with a gentle breeze around the bay and inland, and 83 to 87 at 4:00, and then 73 to 80, pretty comfortable, at 7:00. more on the hot weekend numbers next. here's alexis. let's head back to sky 7 and we have a serious crash on niles road, it's a tough stretch where we seem to have a lot of crashes and this is a head-on collision and they are calling for an ambulance to the scene and three vehicles total involved, and we will have an update on that shortly. a sigalert in the south bay just before 237, still the far left lane is blocked due to an early morning crash that involved a lot of debris. next traffic update coming up in less than ten. on to the latest on the university of california. first a secret fund and now
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changing answers on a school survey. survey. >> uk >> matt keller is live. >> reporter: the state auditor is calling this intentional interference. the survey results were not supposed to be shared externally but apparently that's exactly what happened. according to the media partner, the santa cruz sentinel, the chancellor knowingly audited the response to the survey, and this came after the preside campuses changed survey responses at the request of the office of the president, to cash janet napolitano in a more positive light. the original 184-word survey response describe ld the office of the president initiative as
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poorly and inefficiently run, and the second report eliminated all the negative comments. we are reaching out to uc santa cruz and the office of the president for a response. matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you. we have new developments on a story we brought you weeks ago about what you see here, flaring going on at the plant in benicia. that flare is causing issues for those that work and live nearby. there's an oil residue coating everything including their vehicles. valero is offering free car wash vouchers and some are reporting they are getting sick. >> i had one employee throw up. i had sent 30 to the emergency room, and we didn't get any notice about anything going on. >> the mayor says she is
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disappointed with the communication and cooperation between the refinery and the city. the refinery is off-line until next month. the oil prices information service tweeted that gas prices continue to climb today with reports that the refinery's restart has been pushed back to june. a san francisco family working around the clock to find their missing loved one. he disappeared on mother's day, and he is a husband, a father of two and full-time uber driver. his wife is worried that a passenger who left a phone in his car may have gotten entangled in some kind of trouble. >> loves his family way too much to leave without telling us where he is going, and not even a phone call. >> he never showed up at a friend house on sunday afternoon and his cell phone is off and the gps on his car is not working and the family needs a court order to track his phone or identify his passengers.
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and then susan lamb is still deciding whether to recommend arming campus police. the advisory shot down that and wanted to arm officers with an anti--bias training. the school's board of trustees will decide whether to arm the police or go with the training instead. another emotional day in court as the parents of sierra lamar told the jury how her death has left them hurting. >> it's the first time i heard her speak live on a video, and that was really hard, because i have been avoiding that because it has been so painful just to look at videos of her. i have been doing it a lot lately this past month. >> tears filled the eyes several jurors. the penalty phase will turn if torres gets the death penalty or life without parole and the
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arguments will resume on monday. president donald trump is close to picking a new fbi director indicating that joe lieberman is his top pick. lieberman currently works at a law firm in new york, and past fbi chiefs have worked at the bureau or served as a former prosecutor. a shocking beating caught on camera. why this is not exactly what it appears to be. if you own a car that had one of the dangerous takata airbags, money to be coming your way. several automakers just agreed to a big settlement. and then we are keeping you and then we are keeping you up-to-date with weather
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now your accuweather 7-day forecast with mike nicco. >> it's about 56 degrees off the coast until you get a couple miles out and then it's 49. it will be a little chilly if you head here to get away from the heat this weekend. today is the last sunny day at the beach, at least everywhere but santa cruz. on the bay, light breezes. if you are hot, find shade today. and then we have 49 in
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livermore, one of the cool spots along with the upper 40s through the north bay. let's take a look at your highs today around state 94 in palm springs, and 91 through the central valley and 65 in tahoe, and sunday is a key day, there's a flood warning for sunday because of rapid snow-melt. hypothermia a possibility if you get stuck in one of those. i want to take you back to a sigalert on niles canyon road. sky 7 over this crash right now and it looks like there are two ambulances on the scene, and three vehicles involved and this is east of palg we did just watch them pull one of the drivers out of the white van. he did appear to be talking but they just loaded him in the ambulance and just a ton of damage done to the three vehicles that are involved. they are working on setting up a closure for both directions, you
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can use 680 as an alternate and i am already seeing a backup and you do not want to take niles canyon road this morning. we have a sigalert in the south bay and we'll talk more about that coming up at 6:20. if you owned a car takata air bag, money could be coming your way. and 60 million vehicles with potentially takata airbags that could explode with too much force and the settlement provides financial assistance to fix the airbags and a rental car while it's being fixed. the settlement has to be approved by a judge. and then a perfect story for ♪ hi, i'm frank. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids
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welcome back. want to take you back live to sky 7 over a traffic alert on niles canyon road. this is about mid canyon. we have a sigalert and this is clearly a serious head on collision. we have seen two people in the vehicles loaded into ambulances. it does look like everybody is out of the vehicles, but this is going to be a long cleanup and we still have a large emergency presence on the scene. avoid niles canyon road before sunol and fremont.
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we will talk more about this cming up in less than ten. want to show you this new video we just got into the live desk. it's making waves this morning. a school employee scene grabbing a student by the neck and lifting him up off the ground. this is in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and you can see the boy's feet dangling as he is lifted several inches off the floor and carried down the hall way. it happened at a school for kids with academic and behavioral issues. the worker's lawyer says he was doing his job and that the boy was disobeying directions. back to you. >> thank you. police in las vegas charged a man with attempted murder after he whacked a mannequin with the hammer. he staged a dummy to look like a sleeping homeless man. the surveillance video shows him
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hitting the mannequin for 14 minutes. >> they put together a plan and said if we put out a decoy, this individual will go out and strike. >> the suspect claims he knew all along it was a mannequin, and says he never hit it with a hammer. he pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and for carried a concealed weapon charge. >> that's disturbing. the teenager at the bay area sex scandal. she described how former oakland police officer sexually exsphroeutd her. an alameda county judge compared the officer to a pimp before ordering he stand trial on the felony charge. the 19-year-old alleges she had sex with as many as 30 bay area officers. a new study by the state shows 50 trial court buildings including nine here in the bay area pose a high earthquake
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risk. and the courthouse in oakland is very high, and the 1878 napa historical courthouse, and the county all of justice and the san francisco hall of justice. a consultant will prepare a list of up to 25 buildings that appear to be the best candidates for retrofitting. and we are talking about how it's going to get hot this weekend so what better way to cool off than go to the beach? >> we have a list of the best bay area beaches. we will go from fifth to first. ocean beach, and number four, baker beach, and number three, marshal's beach, and number two, aggot beach. and then we wait for the graphics to reveal -- >> come on. >> stinson beach number one. go to our website to vote.
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go to the twitter page. go to the twitter page. >> meteorologist, >> enjoy the beach, just don't go in the water. >> you may want to do that this weekend. today would be the best day for sunshine at our beach and the beautiful shot from sutro tower there, and also turning brown. and sunny all day today and above average warmth. warm to hot weekend for our bay and inland neighborhoods. cool at the coast and the heat breaks for all of us next week, and wit breaks it doesn't bring any rain. and it goes all the way up to near alaska and dips all the way down to near mexico, and that's a progressive pattern and that's why they had so many tornadoes
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yesterday, at least 20 in the southern high plains. let's talk about what is happening here at home and what the high pressure is doing for us and the sinking air compresses and heats and then we are 82 to 87 in santa cruz. 76 in millbrae. 82 to 86 the rest of the peninsula. much warmer. 68 at half man bay today, and 75 in downtown san francisco. 85 in petaluma, and 88 in napa. that's your spread through the north bay valleys. east bay, berkeley at 80, and hercules and fremont and castro valley, 85. 88 through the san ramon valley to low 90s throughout highway 4. tonight comfortable and not as cool as this morning, and notice the clouds gathering at the in low to mid-50s when you step outside tomorrow morning. and tomorrow afternoon, we cool a little bit at the coast sunday with a deeper marine layer and the rest of us in the mid-80s to
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mid-90s, and the heat will break around the bay monday, and then we will be back to average and we sreul to wait until thursday next week. we have two signal alerts going right now. unfortunately, yeah, a couple tough spots to get around and this one has been here for a hour and a half. before you get to state route 237, a solo crash and somebody went into the center barrier there and it created a lot of debris and you are down to 21 miles per hour, and that backup continues to grow into the mountain view area. our other problem is the nasty head-on collision on niles canyon road east of pal full closer. east bay and westbound traffic is completely blocked. it does look like they got everybody out of the vehicles involved in the crash okay, and cleanup has not even started. a quick check of the bay bridge
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toll plaza, typical delays through the maze as well. next traffic update coming up around 6:30. and michael finney is next with the recommendation for everybody thinking about making everybody thinking about making a video game.
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sky 7 live over san ramon this morning as the sun comes up on a friday, are you ready for the heat? meteorologist, mike nicco, tracking all that for us and will be with us in just a second. and gloria from alameda has a question regarding video game copy right laws. >> michael finney has her answer. >> if i submit a game to a game company and reject me and two months later after i copy righted it they release the game, and what should i do? >> you might want to get together with a copy right attorney and this could get very complicated. often the exact same idea is being floated by several people at the same time so i want you to keep in mind that they may not have copied you, and they may have had that idea in house. only an investigation by you or
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an attorney can get to the bottom of things, and there's a good chance no turn will want to be involved in this and you may want to chalk it up to experience and next time do a better job of protecting yourself. flo good luck. here's a question for you. >> ready. >> do you believe in life after love? >> do you like the song by cher, because she doesn't. that hurts my heart. and? an interview with billboard magazine, cher admitted she hated the song, which, by the way, is the biggest hit of her career and she said her vocals on the song are auto tuned because she walked out of the recording booth and never finished it. she called her album "it's a man's world," garbage and she's
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ashamed of her song, and if doesn doesn doesn't bum you out, and she hates getting old and thought she would be dead by now. put it in the context of cher saying it, like maybe after a couple cocktails and i think we have to add in that she has a sense of humor and she's a funny lady, so it might not be as dark as it sounds. >> we love you, cher. right? and it could soon cost more to get rid of your trash? >> excellent. and then affordable housing. what it means for those in this mobile park. and then
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." right now at 6:30, a dramatic rescue in the oakland hills overnight, four people get hurt when a car flies off of a road and lands in a tree. >> and sky 7 is live north of walnut creek this morning. the heat is sticking around for at least a few days. >> get the shorts out and swimsuits, you will need it. mike has all the details about
6:31 am
the your hot weekend. >> you can head to the coast if you don't have ac, that's where it will be cool all weekend. it starts today. visibility, almost unlimited everywhere on live doppler 7. no marine layer clouds but those will come back and so will probably the delays at sfo. your 12-hour day planner, 45 to 57. 62 at the coast to 80 but notice it's sunny everywhere, even at the coast today. at 4:00 we will have the summer spread, 61 to 88 and then by 7:00, 56 to about 80 degrees dropping into the 70s if you will be out and about at 8:00. it's comfortable there. we have trouble spots this morning, and in fact we have sky 7 on the way to another crash. this is in the benicia area northbound on 680 and hopefully they will arrive soon and i should have an update for that coming up in less than ten. in the meantime, drive times looking good in most areas,
6:32 am
westbound 80 highway 4s to maze in the 14, and then southbound 101, san francisco to sfo in the green at nine minutes. we have two issues, one in the south bay bay and one on niles canyon road. we will checkup on those next. in the oakland hills, a crash trapped four people in a burning car. >> amy hollyfield was the first news crew on the scene and watched the entire rescue unfold. >> reporter: it was intense. firefighters worked hard on this rescue. you can see the car is still here and you can see the fence it crashed through. it was surrounded by a team of firefighters. they had to use the jaws of life and take the roof off the car as they tried to reach the two people trapped inside. this man was pulled out at about 5:15 this morning and the crash happened at 3:25, and he was in there for a while. firefighters say he was the driver and the engine was on his lap, and the car hit a tree and uprooted it and firefighters had to work around the tree and
6:33 am
mangled car. they pulled a woman from the car first and then they got to work on the driver, and they say getting to him was a challenge. >> legs were pinned under the dashboard and it was the driver of the car and the car was on the side up against the tree so it was difficult to work on the vehicle and it required us to dismantle the car around the patient so we could free the legs. >> a total of four people were inside the car and a man and woman escaped on their own and all four were taken to the hospital. this is near mills college just past skyline when it crashed. it hit the fence and the tree. firefighters say the two who were trapped inside are incritical condition. redwood road between skyline and crestmont will be closed all morning while they conduct their investigation. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning a kitchen worker has life-threatening
6:34 am
injuries after being burned in a fire during google's development conference. the photo tweeted around 4:00 yesterday. mountain view fire says the spri sprinklers managed to put out the fire before they got there. >> attempting to light the fryer, and it was a flash fire. >> the first thing i notice was this guy stumbling out, and one guy was badly injured and the first thing was to get him out and get everybody away. >> google says the injured work for the vendors and no google employees were injured in this. 7,000 people were at the shoreline at at the time. and then the county just made a deal to save affordable housing. the santa clara affordable housing made an agreement to buy the buena vista
6:35 am
about 400 people live at the mobile home and the only such park in silicon valley. the board will officially vote on that deal next tuesday. breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> the breaking news, i just learned former u.s. representative anthony weiner will plead guilty in the sexing investigation against him and he will report to federal court in the next two hours and will plead guilty. he has been under investigation for text messages he sent to a 15-year-old girl in north carolina back in -- last year, i should say, 2016. the sexing scandal political arear and he will have to register as a sex offender.
6:36 am
and then dropping the rape cases against julian assange. he was avoiding going to sweden to face the rape charges and likely getting extradited to the u.s. if that happened he would likely have faced a trial over leaking hundreds of government documents, and he is still wanted in britain for skipping bail. and president trump preparing for his first international trip this afternoon. he will lead to saudi arabia first and give a speech on islam, and it's part of an eight-day trip to the middle east in europe. white house officials are hoping the aggressive schedule will bring tangible results and change the headlines. at home the trump administration is struggling to gain control of multiple ongoing controversies. 40,000 at&t employees are going on strike for the union across the country. they have given the company
6:37 am
until noon to reach a tentative agreement on a new contract. they are demanding improved wages and job security and resisting increases in health and co-insurance co-poise. they are planning to picket outside stores in 36 states and at&t said it is prepared to serve its customers during a strike. and then a group of people wanted to have california succeed from the u.s. is planning a march. it has taken over the cal exit movement, and that group planning to refile a petition to re-establish california as an independent nation through legal and constitutional means and it hopes to raise awareness in communities around the state about why succession makes sense for california. police searching for five men that attacked another man on wednesday evening. a man was stabbed and hit with a golf club. he is now out of the hospital.
6:38 am
police say they are grateful many witnesses reported the crime and are encouraging others to do the same. >> it's going to continue to get nicer out there and more people will be frequenting these areas as they should be, and they should not feel unsafe and they should be able to call police at anytime for any reason. >> and police say they do not believe the attack was random. if you are living in san francisco you soon may be paying more for garbage pickup. the city's garbage haul said needs the increase because of the higher contract. critics say that increase would hit low income families hard and it's unfair to people that generate little waste. residents have until may 30th to weigh in on the proposed hike. and the dubs boarded a plane
6:39 am
at oakland international yesterday afternoon, and head coach steve kerr is also making the trip. he has not coached the team since game two of the first round series against portland due to complications from his back surgery. >> it's great to see coach get better and better every day and want to have him healthy and back when he was not with the team you could still feel his presence, and it's killing him not to be out there with us. >> can you watch the dub's showdown tomorrow night at 6:00 on our sister network, espn. and then your weather forecast with microphoke mike n. >> can you see the sunshine east bay, and that's what you are going to have to worry about if you are traveling on the roads in the next couple of days, the blindsing sunshine. b.a.r.t. trains can get stuffy when it gets this hot, and just remember that if you are going to take that. on the bay, sunny and calmer
6:40 am
today. here's a look at walnut creek, southbound 680, you can see tree pollen and grass pollen high, and uv index high, and that means you can burn in ten or 15 minutes if you don't have sun screen on. 56 in san jose. we are 49 in livermore. half moon bay, 43. novato, 47. rest of us in the 50s this morning. we have a game tonight at the coliseum and hip-hop fire wurpbonce the game is over at 10:00, and we start at 70 and cool down to 62. beta breakers, a few low and 65. and then we have another traffic alert. a rollover crash on northbound 680. this is just past parish road, so obviously a ton of damage done. sounds like minor injuries. that person got out of the vehicle and was walking around so that's good news. most of the crash off on the shoulder but we have a full
6:41 am
closure of the far right lane. hefty delays on the northbound side of 680 as you leave benicia and head north and delays on the southbound side as well, and northbound that's the counter commute side this time of day and usually you are safe but we have a few miles of backup and you are getting an idea for that, and traffic is basically at a standstill approaching that. on top of that we have a sigalert in the south bay but the backup looking better here, state route 85, that far left lane blocked as they clean up debris from an earlier crash, and niles canyon road closed due to a head on crash. new details on sfo's deal with uber and lyft. they are bringing in big bucks to the airport. $2 million a month to be exact. sfo began issuing permits in 2014, and that allows pickups and drop-offs at the airport for a fee of $3.80 a trip. since then the airport has
6:42 am
collected $39 million. all you litter bugs listen up. a new plan to clean up delores park in san francisco, and you will want to know about it before dropping another piece of trash. and then a woman falls into the subway tracks in boston, and i will show how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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this is northbound 680. just north of parish road, it does look like we have injuries involved in the crash, as emergency crews are transporting the person in the ambulance right now. and they are waiting for a flatbed tow truck so we have delays on northbound 680 north of benicia, and southbound onlooker delays. thank you, alexis. take a look at what could be called the ultimate act of disrespect. the men here playing golf on the graves the veterans. family members spotted the men with what appears to be golf clubs. they told a local newspaper they would take appropriate action against any employees involved at the time including termination. another embarrassment for the university of california. school leaders are accused of changing the answers on the school survey. >> the changes made uc's
6:46 am
president look better than the original answers. matt keller is live for us on campus. matt. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. this report says the office of the president inappropriately interfered with this audit. these surveys were not supposed to be shared outside of the campuses and that's exactly what happened. according to the state auditor's report, two surveys went out to each uc campus and they discuss the office of the president services and programs. campuses were told not to share those survey results with anybody but the auditor learned the office of the president requested the survey responses be sent to the deputy chief of staff and the auditor compared the original survey responses with the responses turned in and found some had changed including uc santa cruz's in a way to make the office of the president appear more efficient and effective. we are reaching out to the uc santa cruz and the office of the
6:47 am
president for a response. matt keller, abc7 news. now a live desk update with jessica castro. >> this is out of boston and it just came into our live desk. scary moment as a woman falls on the subway tracks as a train is approaching, and a woman standed on a crowded platform falls on the tracks and this happened during the evening rush hour in boston. passengers jumped into action, and some actually pulled the alarm and others waved into the tunnel as the approaching train came in and with seconds to spare a good samaritan was able to help her get her out on to the platform. this could have bench worse, obviously. she barely missed falling on to the electrified third rail and that is good, too. the woman is okay, and even with all the chaos, subway service was only delayed a few minutes. back to you, natasha. >> jessica, thank you. police installed concrete
6:48 am
barriers around new york's times square this morning after a driver mowed down nearly two dozen people on the sidewalk. the video, just terrible. the driver was identified as 25-year-old richard rojas. 22 were hurt and one killed. the suspect was tackled to the ground before he was taken away by police. he was high on synthetic marijuana and screaming about the end of days. the suspect faces a murder charge and 20 counts of attempted murder. rojas is scheduled to be arraigned today and the mayor said there was no indication this was terror attack. and then shutting down before they got the child they were hoping for. >> they closed the doors and unplugged the phones, and there
6:49 am
was no recourse or answers. >> tonight at 11:00, seven on your side takes a closer look at a closer look at the shattered lives left behind. the board of supervisors will look at a proposal to jump fines to $1,000, and allow park patrol officers to write citations. it's going to ban glass in park's citywide in most cases. littering has been a big problem at delores park which is normally packed on sunny afternoons like this one. some uc grads got a big surprise. >> a hip-hop star showed up. >> congratulations. here is your gift today! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> these students are graduating
6:50 am
with a statistics degree, and deejay answering the equation to his song "all i do is win." he gave them a pep talk saying the world once refused to believe in >> i had to depend on myself and look at me now, i'm onstage with a generation that will run the world. >> this morning so many people are sharing the surprise performance after cal posted it on its facebook page. i love that the school did this. >> absolutely. fantastic. and let's go over to alexis. >> i want to head back to sky 7 and i will step out of the way. this is a crash on northbound 680 north of parish road. you can see just a ton of damage done to the vehicle that flipped over. w still have the far right lane blocked and normally northbound 680 heading up through fairfield is light this time of day but i
6:51 am
did just check and it looks like we are just under a three-mile backup on the northbound side. and approaching the crash, we have got a few miles of backup southbound as well. folks are slowing down to check out what is going on. if you can avoid that stretch, i would recommend it. looks like they are waiting for the flatbed tow truck to arrive and at least one person has injuries, and they are waiting for the ambulance. for the ambulance. full closer between sunol and fremont. a multiple injuries involved in this crash as well, and 680 looks good for an alternate. let's check in with mike nicco, and the warmup is here. >> the 90s arrive today. hi, everybody. in all that green you saw on sky 7, a lot of the grass is going to be brown by the end of the weekend. the weather window from the east
6:52 am
bay hills, and we're talking about highlights today and that includes sunshine and temperatures climbing everywhere, even at the coast. summer stays for bay and inland neighborhoods through the weekend, and you could say it stays at the coast because you will be in the 60s like you normally would in the summer, and cooling begins everywhere early next week. let's look at live doppler 7. you can see there's hardly a breeze out there, and it's 3 miles per hour and that will allow downtown san francisco to get to 74. the mission is going to be 71. sunset at about 68. and then east bay, low to mid-80s from 81 in oakland to castro valley at 85. peninsula, san mateo, 82. and temperatures keep getting warmer. and san jose, 85. los gatos, 86. water temperatures, 86.
6:53 am
and it's comfortable in the shade if you are in the north bay. and in the east bay getting browner by the moment and almost time for the ac, and most of us will hang around 90 degrees. tonight, comfortable once again and low to mid-50s and the clouds gather at the coast and that's why you never leave the 60s in my accuweather day forecast. reggie, natasha. >> our famous temperature >> our famous temperature spread
6:54 am
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6:54, and the seven things you need to know before you go. breaking in oakland, two people are in critical condition after being being taken out of a car that crashed. redwood will be closed all morning. number two, a police pursuit ends in a crash on southbound 880. the a least one person got hurt and the driver is facing charges. we have a current serious rollover crash here northbound 680. we have the far right lane blocked, a decent backup both directions on top of this we have the crash in the sunol area, and niles canyon road closed due to a head-on collision. president trump leaves this afternoon to the middle east and europe. this comes as the trump administration is struggling to
6:56 am
gain control of multiple ongoing controversies. >> if your vehicle has a certain type of takata air bag you could have money headed your way. there was a settlement don't let the cool conditions fool you. this morning we are starting off with the 40s and 50s and look where we end with your 12-hour day planner. 70s and 80s this evening. number seven, a great way to beat that heat is a trip to one of the bay area's fabulous beaches. according to curve san francisco, stinson is number one, and nearly 60% of you voted for stinson on our twitter >>"gma" is next. >> e
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good morning, america. incredible new images this morning of that times square tragedy, a deadly crash in the heart of new york city, full of tourists, the navy vet running down 23 people on a sidewalk, killing an 18-year-old girl on vacation before crashing into a barrier, then trying to flee the scene. a hero employee from planet hollywood trying to stop him. >> there were no words, just screaming. >> what we are now learning about that driver on defense. president trump blasting the hiring of a counsel to lead the investigation into russia and his campaign. >> the entire thing has been a witch hunt. >> saying it's dividing the country as he prepares to leave on his first foreign trip. he says he is close to picking a new fbi director. former


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