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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 20, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new this morning, president trump's trip landing in saudi arabia just hours ago, his ambitious overseas agenda taking him to the homelands of three faiths. what he hopes to accomplish. we're live in riyadh this morning. ready to testify. former fbi director james comey now set to appear publicly before the senate intelligence committee. as it's reported, president trump described comey as a nut job to the russian ambassador. and the investigation into whether there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia. how it's hitting very close to the white house. what abc news has learned this morning. air scare. the terrifying moments when a passenger allegedly tried to force his way to the front of the plane. >> it was just flipped over like this. >> flight attendants and passengers leaping into action to restrain him. fighter jets scramble.
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and wedding of the year, britain's royal family descending on this country church to watch duchess kate's little sister pippa walk down the aisle with her multimillionaire fiance. all the details of the lavish affair. will george and charlotte steal the show? hey, good morning, and let's get straight to the breaking news. donald j. trump arriving in saudi arabia for his first foreign trip as president. this is a high-stakes, eight-day, five-country mission which the white house hopes might turn the page on the investigations and allegations raging here at home. >> and speaking of which, overnight as the president crossed the atlantic, we learned that the fired fbi chief, james comey, will, in fact, testify before congress and do so publicly sometime after memorial day. comey will almost certainly be asked about reports that he accused the president of asking him to shut down the investigation into former
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national security adviser mike flynn, as well as his ties to the russians. >> and that announcement about comey's testimony came just hours after "the new york times" reported that the president discussed comey's firing during an oval office meeting with the russian foreign minister reportedly calling comey a, quote, nut job. also this morning sources tell abc news that the investigation into potential russian collusion has, in fact, reached the white house. an unnamed staffer close to the president is now under the microscope. we have team coverage this morning, but we're going to begin with abc's cecilia vega who is with the president in saudi arabia. good morning to you, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, paula, good morning to you. this is an american first. never before has a president set foot on saudi soil for his first trip abroad, but that cloud of chaos that you were just talking about is following president trump here even though the white house is trying for a reset. air force one touching down in saudi arabia this morning. a red carpet welcome even if it took a while to lay out that
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carpet and roll out those stairs. ♪ president trump receiving the royal treatment, the saudi king right there to greet him and the first lady at the king's personal terminal used exclusively for the royal family and their guests. for president trump, first stop, ceremonial coffee with the king, the microphones picking up their chatter. >> do you spend a lot of time in new york? >> reporter: outside the president greeted with streets lined in american flags. giant billboards showing him and the saudi king. a warm welcome here for president trump in the capital city of riyadh. you can see all of these flags on the industry streets but it's not just that political chaos back on home casting a shadow on this trip, it's his comments from the campaign trail. from his thoughts on islam -- >> i think islam hates us. there's something -- there's something there that there's a tremendous hatred. >> reporter: to that muslim ban.
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>> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: his first foreign trip jam packed. eight days, five countries with stops at the world's great religious centers from saudi arabia, the birthplace of islam, to israel and then the vatican. an ambitious agenda but the question this morning, how successful can president trump be abroad with a firestorm back home? and tomorrow the president is expected to deliver a big speech to the muslim world calling on it to end extremism. it was written by stephen miller, paula. that is the same aide who helped on that travel ban. >> in that speech he's expected to preach religious tolerance. i have to ask you about that visual. first lady melania is drawing attention for not wearing a head scarf. >> reporter: yeah, and that is an example of the microscope the president and the first lady are under under a trip like this, but she is following in the footsteps of michelle obama who
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also did not wear a head scarf during her 2015 visit. that was hugely controversial back then seen as a sign of disrespect in this religiously conservative country. among the people who criticized michelle obama back then, donald trump. >> yes, cecilia, thanks for your reporting. we know you're going to be there for every step of the way on this trip. thanks, cecilia. and here at home, there's been no break from the controversy surrounding the investigation into possible russian collusion as well as the firing of fbi director james comey. >> so for more on the fast-moving developments, let's go to abc's gloria riviera covering it all in washington. gloria, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. no break in these controversies and now very soon the public will hear from the man at the center of what can only be described as a coming showdown with the white house. james comey, he is expected to testify sometime after memorial day on capitol hill. former fbi director james comey now agreeing to testify before the senate intelligence committee in an open public session. the announcement of his testimony coming just hours after a "new york times" report
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alleging trump described comey as a nut job in a may 10th private meeting with the russian ambassador in the oval office. trump allegedly boasting, i just fired the head of the fbi. the president also adding, i faced great pressure because of russia. that's taken off. details of the conversation were included in an official white house document, which was read to "the new york times." press secretary sean spicer saying, by grandstanding and politicizing the investigation into russia's actions, james comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage with russia. trump has acknowledged that the russian investigation played a role in comey's ouster. >> the entire thing has been a witch-hunt, and there is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign. >> reporter: but the president steadfastly denying he pressured comey to ease off the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. >> did you at any time urge former fbi director james comey in any way, shape or form to close or to back down the investigation into michael flynn
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and also as you look back -- >> no, no. next question. >> reporter: and abc news has learned a current white house staffer is now part of the probe into whether there was collusion between the trump campaign and the russians in the 2016 elections. officials have declined to name that person. "the washington post," however, is reporting that it is someone close to the president. dan, paula. >> gloria, thank you. for more on all of this, let's bring in conservative commentator and abc news contributor tara setmayer. tara, good morning. >> good morning. >> so we've got two big reports this morning, one from "the new york times" and the president allegedly telling the russians that comey is a nut job and one from "the washington post" saying this investigation now reaches directly into the white house and the common denominator here is that both of these stories are based on leaks. and supporters of the president are saying this is another example of the deep state trying to take down a legitimately elected man. isn't there some truth to that? >> well, i think that there's
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some truth to the fact that we should be concerned about the leaks. you know, let's not forget the obama administration also went after leakers very aggressively. so i think that's a legitimate concern. how far you want to take this, i've seen some rhetoric about this is a coup from within, and i think that's a bit too much, however, it's not a binary choice, which i think is something that the right wing media is presenting to their viewers and doing a disservice for that. there's balance here. yes, we need to be concerned about the leaks and should pursue them, however, that doesn't mean it diminishes the wrongdoing perhaps or what's going on, the chaos that's going on in the white house self-inflicted by the president himself. i think that the idea of just constantly focusing on the leaks doesn't bring balance to the conversation because there are considerable things happening in the white house with this president that need to be investigated, thus, the special counsel. but that also he's not beyond reproach. these are self-inflicted wounds and should be criticized fairly as well. >> and we know that james comey
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is expected to testify publicly on capitol hill shortly after memorial day about what happened in those private conversations with the president. do you expect there to be a bombshell when he's testifying and also another part to the question, shouldn't this kind of be seen as a breach of confidentiality, you know doctor/patient privilege? isn't this also a privilege and confidential conversation that he's having with the president? >> yes and no. obviously we always hear about executive privilege. it's one of those things in the white house that goes along with the job, and you need to have that ability to have privileged conversations to govern, however, when you have something that the -- the fbi director speaking to the president about an ongoing investigation, that is inappropriate. so james comey taking copious notes about that, that's something that lawyers do, law enforcement officers in government, they're trained to do that. you can even have 302s is what they use with the fbi. that can be admitted into court as a legal document, so what
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james comey did was absolutely appropriate and the president's interactions with him seemingly are becoming more and more inappropriate, so hearing from james comey in a setting on capitol hill, i don't think we're going to hear any bombshells because of the special prosecutor that's been named. the special counsel tempers everything a bit. i think james comey has felt that he's been defamed and that he needs to speak out somewhat, but for those waiting for a big bombshell, you're not really going to hear that now. we have an ongoing investigation with a special counsel that is very, very serious. >> so comey may feel constrained by the fact that he could possibly be a witness in that investigation. >> that's absolutely correct. >> let's talk about -- before we let you go let's talk about the foreign trip that the president is on, his maiden foreign voyage as president. can he do much to change the subject while overseas? >> absolutely. you know, the president is his own architect of his own demise or of his own success and his -- whether he's disciplined and stays on message while he's on this foreign trip will determine what happens here.
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there is a lot at stake. and this is an ambitious trip regardless whether he had the chaos going on at home or domestically or not. it's an ambitious trip but there is an opportunity here with israel and saudi arabia, reinforcing our support for nato, meeting with the g7. there is a real opportunity for the president here with his speech on islam and terrorism for him to turn the page and the primary job of the president is foreign policy, national security, and this is where he should be able to shine. but that remains to be seen because we haven't seen him be very disciplined in the past. if he is this time around, then perhaps he could change the page and compartmentalize which is what bill clinton did when he was under investigation and still be able to push forward his agenda. >> tara, we know you spend a lot of time in d.c., former comms director in the white house. thank you for your insight this morning. >> my pleasure. >> and we're going to be covering the president's first overseas trip all day long on abc news and but we do want to move now to a disturbance on a flight from california to hawaii. >> yeah, the incident so concerning that fighter jets
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were sent to escort the plane and abc's matt gutman is in honolulu with what happened on board and the suspect's brush with the law before this even took off. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan and paula. we now know that that suspect's behavior twice raised red flags before that plane even took off from los angeles, but what scrambled those jets was his bizarre, disturbing midair behavior, apparently mumbling as he tried to force his way to the front of the plane wearing a blanket on his head and carrying a laptop. this morning this new video shows the moment fbi agents led anil uskanil off the american airlines jet in honolulu. minutes earlier he was led cuffed down the aisle. >> he was pretty disheveled. >> reporter: authorities say while flight 31 was about half of the way from los angeles to honolulu friday, uskanil, a turkish national tried to force his way to the front of the plane. >> he looked like he wasn't all there. >> reporter: passengers telling us he was carrying something. >> he did have a laptop.
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that's what he was holding. >> reporter: with a blanket over his head. >> draped over him like this. i never saw his face or anything. >> reporter: a flight attendant then spotting uskanil moving toward the cockpit. according to the airline, the crew using a beverage cart to block his path. almost immediately a passenger jumping in. he was an off-duty lapd officer helping restain uskanil for the rest of the flight. >> duct taped him. zip tied. yeah. >> reporter: these f-22 fighter jets scrambled to escort the passenger plane to honolulu as other pilots were told about the unfolding event. >> we're canceling the inbound approach for right now for an emergency. >> reporter: uskanil was escorted off the jet, passengers deplaned lining up so officials and dogs could inspect their belongings. an explosives team sweeping the aircraft but hours before uskanil was booted off plane, the shaggy-haired passenger was reportedly raising red flags
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allegedly opening a secure door on the ground at l.a.x. he was cited but allowed to board his flight to honolulu anyway. now, those explosive units, they didn't find anything on the plane. nobody was hurt, and the suspect is now undergoing medical evaluation as investigators try to figure out what he was trying to do on that plane, but with the laptop threats recently and those jets scrambled, dan and paula, you can imagine how terrifying it must have been for some of those 181 passengers on board that plane. >> absolutely, matt gutman, thank you for your reporting from honolulu this morning. a lot of other news this morning, and for that, let's get it over to ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, dan and paula. adrienne, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we begin in new york with new details about the man accused of driving his car on to a crowded times square sidewalk thursday mowing down pedestrians killing a teenager and injuring dozens of others. prosecutors now say it was suspect, 26-year-old richard rojas told them he wanted to kill all the pedestrians and that police should have shot
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him. rojas has been charged with one count of murder and 20 counts of attempted murder. also in new york, a former democratic congressman anthony weiner pleading guilty to a federal obscenity charge for sexting with a 15-year-old girl and weiner tearfully telling the court he has a sickness and will now have to register as a sex offender. weiner's wife, huma abedin, filing for divorce on the same day he will be sentenced in september. and in new orleans crowds cheering as a crane took down a statue of confederate general robert e. lee, the fourth and final civil war era statue in that city to come down there since april. the city council in new orleans voting to remove the statues. they voted in 2015 sparking a nationwide debate. some saying that the statues represent slavery and injustice. others saying they have historical value. and in minneapolis, a judge has declared that prince's sister and five half siblings will inherit the singer's multimillion dollar estate. more than 45 people had come
7:16 am
forward to claim rights to it. prince's estate worth an estimated $200 million. close to half of that will likely go to taxes. and in wisconsin, take a look at this dash cam video showing a wild police chase between officers and five teenagers driving an allegedly stolen car through the suburbs of milwaukee. the car goes onto sidewalks and backyards as you see there and on the wrong side of the road at times. >> whoa. >> the suspects eventually caught and arrested. and finally, can anyone stop lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers? can they, paula? >> no. >> she's texting. the answer so far -- >> no. i was texting lebron. telling him to back off. >> their playoff dominance with a 44-point victory over the boston celtics last night, dan, in boston, setting several scoring records. >> thank you for that. >> the cavs, that is, handing the number one seeded team their worst loss in nba history. >> what? >> the final score, 130-86. the playoffs now shift to cleveland. the cavaliers gunning for the 11th straight playoff win.
7:17 am
maybe the celtics have some better luck, dan. >> oh, my -- >> ron is singling me out because i'm the one person here from boston but i'm confident in the celtics. >> in the comeback. >> what were you doing texting in the middle of ron's -- >> i was actually texting our executive producer. is that okay? >> okay. >> i was actually texting rob marciano. rob, did you get my text? rob is in dallas tracking all the severe weather and flooding moving through the south. did you get my text message yet, rob? >> i haven't. if you sent it this morning, no, i haven't, but, you know, keep it quiet when it comes to what's going on with the cavaliers because this is mavs country, and i know the spurs are still in it. hey, guys, down here because it's been a hectic week across the plains with tornadoes, 100 of them reported in the last five days. and at one point dallas in a tornado watch last night. that line of storms has since moved through and a pretty decent morning here in the big "d." want to show you this tornado that touched down, though, in medicine lodge, kansas,
7:18 am
yesterday, 1 of 20. so it was active as well, not doing a lot of damage but there was some damage done in indiana, sulfur, indiana, there was a tornado. but in salem, indiana, look at this. this is the blue river rising about 14 feet in just a couple of hours, trailers being thrown downstream bashing into the bridges, a number of water evacuations and rescues and that river still high this morning. all right. here's where the storms are. they're east of dallas, but into memphis and st. louis. that's going to be the hot spot today, and that's pretty much where the severe weather threat is going to be, and these are very high water content storms so where it does storm, they will be coming down heavily as far as rain goes and wind damage too. . good saturday morning, i'm lisa argen, can you see that fog will be keeping us comfortable at the coast. partial afternoon clearing there. hot inland today, tomorrow, monday, looking at the cooling trend into next tuesday inland, some sun. we see 60s half moon bay, 74 in santa cruz today, elsewhere
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upper '80s reason for palo alto and san jose, low 90s, concord, livermore and look >> paula, the last text i got from you was -- >> don't repeat it. >> -- last night. it was a picture of you -- you accosting dan, and he doesn't look too happy. >> yeah, yeah, that's right. these are the kinds of things we usually keep among the anchors but thank you for -- thank you for exposing that. >> the circle of trust. >> yes, it has been violated. >> remember that. >> rob marciano, thank you very much. we'll talk to you coming up in the second half hour. we do want to switch gears now, though, to the closest thing to a royal wedding as pippa middleton, the younger sister of the duchess of cambridge, ties the knot today. >> yeah, dan has been talking about this story all morning. and abc's lama hasan in englefield with what's called britain's wedding of the year. lama, good morning to you. >> reporter: i bet you can't wait to hear all about it. good morning to you, guys.
7:20 am
just moments ago the beautiful bride, pippa middleton and her now husband, the dapper james matthews, just left the church behind me and all day today we've had a prime spot right here watching all the comings and goings and i can safely report not only did the bride look absolutely gorgeous but the younger royals were front and center. this morning the young royals out in full force. joining the creme de la creme of british society for the wedding of the year. squeezing into this tiny church in englefield to watch pippa middleton and fiance james matthews say their "i dos." >> the church itself is not too big. it's a place that she holds very dear and wanted to have that local feel to her day. >> reporter: the bride wearing an original by british designer giles deacon. only about 100 guests attends the ceremony. among them, close friends and the royal family including big sister kate and prince william but sure to steal the show, pippa's niece and nephew, prince george and princess charlotte, who are serving in the wedding party. >> kate did say the other day that she was a little worried they might not behave.
7:21 am
obviously they're only 3 and 2. >> reporter: kate will have her hands full tending to the little ones. in keeping with tradition, the maid of honor duties go to a close unmarried friend. prince harry also attending. >> we understand that he is going to bring his girlfriend, meghan markle, so that will be one of their first public appearances together. >> reporter: after the service, the guests leaving in style traveling the six miles to the middletons' home in the bucolic village of bucklebury. pippa's parents have installed this enormous marquee and outdoor palace of sorts. the perfect venue for commoners to rub shoulders with british royalty. now, the champagne will be flowing. there will be a lavish spread for the lucky 300 guests going to the reception later and with reports that the bride has asked guests to bring two different outfits today, you can
7:22 am
bet they will be partying into the wee hour, not us, of course, we will be working. dan and paula, back to you. >> yeah, such is the life of a commoner. thank you very much, we really appreciate it. >> thanks, lama. >> man, those kids are really cute. coming up on "gma" on this saturday morning -- tom brady's agent speaking out about the controversy surrounding gisele's comments about her husband's supposed history of concussions. did a major health incident go unreported? "good morning america" is brought to you by sherwin-williams. make the most of your color with the very best paint. ask sherwin-williams during the national painting week sale! save 30% on paints and stains may 19th through the 29th. there's a store in every neighborhood. find yours at ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever,
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expensive repaving project. airport officials say their goal is to minimize any inconvenience to customers. hi, lisa. >> it's sunny out there, it's a little bit of fog in this shot. but it is hugging the coast lines, 59 in san jose, keep it cool and comfortable there. sunny and well above average elsewhere, 60 by the delta, no winds to speak of. the light sea breeze will keep it comfortable half moon bay. we will keep it hot inland
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hey, welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, historic trip. donald j. trump and first lady melania trump touching down in saudi arabia just hours ago. this is the president's maiden foreign trip as commander in chief. he has an ambitious agenda visiting five countries over nine days, this as investigations into alleged collusion with the russians ramp up at home. investigations the president has called a witch-hunt. also right now, drone ruling. a federal court saying that recreational drone users no longer have to register their aircrafts with the faa. now, the judge has found the rule was unlawful because of earlier legislation that said the faa doesn't have the authority to regulate, quote, model aircraft. and can the dream come true? kentucky derby winner always dreaming is getting ready to run in this year's preakness stakes at pimlico race course in
7:31 am
maryland. it is the second leg of the triple crown with always dreaming the odds-on favorite, ten horses will be competing and always dreaming has won the past four races he has run. and if he wins today, he'll finish it up, the triple crown. our equestrian expert, when is -- >> on june 10th and i saw the last three triple crown winners. >> when was the last time a triple crown -- >> a couple of years ago. >> was it last year or the year before? american pharoah. >> right, right, right. >> what were the odds it went off at? that's the -- >> i have no idea. >> -- trivia question. another sporting related story this morning which we'll start here this half hour with. tom brady led the patriots to another super bowl victory this year, so it came as a shock when his wife, the supermodel gisele bundchen, said brady suffered a concussion during the regular season. >> she knows her husband better than anyone else, but now another voice close to tom brady is coming forward disputing gisele's claims. abc's eva pilgrim is here with more on the story. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning.
7:32 am
did tom brady have a concussion? that is still in question this morning. his agent now chiming in on what he knows about the star player's health. >> brady gets hit as he throws it. >> reporter: he was the super bowl mvp. one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. the patriots' tom brady is the only quarterback in history to lead his team to five super bowl wins. >> brady has his fifth. what a comeback. >> reporter: but now concerned that the 39-year-old star player may have suffered a concussion in the midst of the super bowl-winning season. >> brady is sacked. >> reporter: his wife supermodel gisele bundchen speaking about his possible injuries on "cbs this morning." >> he had a concussion last year. i mean he has concussions pretty much -- i mean, we don't talk about it, but he does have concussions. >> reporter: this morning his agent don yee telling espn tom was not diagnosed with a concussion last year. and confirming that none of those trained to spot concussions on the field
7:33 am
reported seeing the star quarterback suffer any type of head injury. >> there is a gray area when it comes to how the nfl handles concussions. some of the information gathering is still contingent upon self-reporting of the players. >> reporter: the question this morning, did gisele misspeak? did the patriots not report because they didn't want brady to miss games, or did brady share something with his wife that he didn't share with the team. >> it's my belief that as long as the nfl contracts are not fully guaranteed, you're always going to have an issue of players not self-reporting injuries for fear of losing playing time or losing their jobs altogether. >> reporter: and that's a situation tom brady himself knows well. he got his start for the patriots when drew bledsoe had to sit out. >> so many questions, but i mean that's the perspective of the players. they don't want to report it because they know that they may not ever get back in the game. >> they want to play. >> they sure do. >> eva, thank you.
7:34 am
>> thanks, eva. let's check the weather once again with rob marciano who is in dallas. rob, any other private communications with your colleagues you'd like to share with the world? >> no, we'll keep those under wraps at least for now. maybe tomorrow we'll have an update. >> awesome. >> guys, i don't have to tell you, it's been hot across much of the country including the northeast where temperatures well in the 90s 9 the past few days. cooling down, a bit of a pattern shift going on so temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees cooler than what they were, and the west, on the other hand, will be heating up. temperatures 90s in burbank and with all the snow across the sierras, there's going to be issue, i think, with river flooding. they're worried about that in reno and some other spots close to the mountains there so certainly keeping an eye on that plus the storms that came through the plains last night now getting into the tennessee and ohio river valleys. some strong storms in mississippi and tennessee as this thing pushes off to the east and heavy rain with these so s >> good saturday morning, i'm lisa argen, from our east hills camera, you can see the showers
7:35 am
and fog. we are looking at 60s throughout your morning hours in our inland valleys, inland, this weather report is brought to you by lowe's and on a sports programming note, pay attention. catch the warriors versus the spurs in game three of the western conference finals tonight on espn at 9:00 eastern. i don't know what you're chuckling about. i know it's barbecue month. i've had plenty of barbecue here in texas and oklahoma. >> we were laughing because we thought you were reading some sort of text from us. that's why we were laughing. >> because i sent you another text during your forecast and, by the way, when you come back tomorrow, you are in big trouble. >> yeah, no barbecue for you, dude. nothing. thank you, rob. really appreciate it. talk to you later or over texts. coming up on "gma," the horrifying health scare for one family. their daughter suddenly paralyzed. how she made a miraculous recovery and how to keep your own kids safe this summer. and we're headed back across the pond to england for the fanfare at pippa middleton's
7:36 am
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we are going to talk about this family in oregon. they did not know what to think when their little girl became
7:40 am
paralyzed suddenly. >> so frightening. they visited the doctor which eventually unraveled a medical mystery. this story has information that all you parents out there, you need to hear as our kids are now playing outside in the warm weather. abc's erielle reshef is here with more. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. it started as any normal day would, 4-year-old evelyn lewis, her happy, healthy self but later that evening her legs suddenly giving out. her parents capturing the terrifying ordeal on camera. this viral facebook video capturing the unsettling moments as evelyn lewis struggles to stand. >> we really started to panic and we were rushing her to the hospital. >> reporter: fear setting in as evelyn's parents watched their daughter go limp. >> try real hard. >> reporter: the next morning evelyn couldn't use her legs and could barely move her arms. her parents rushing her to the er. doctors immediately having an idea what was wrong. >> they just went straight into grooming her hair and found it. >> reporter: a tiny american dog
7:41 am
tick found in evelyn's hair. once doctors removed the insect, the little's girl condition started to improve. evelyn's parents say doctors diagnosed her with tick paralysis. >> it took her until pretty much the next morning before she was really able to walk normally again. >> reporter: as the weather gets warmer, the outdoors teeming with ticks making them more likely to come in contact with kids, bugs bringing big problems like lyme disease, colorado tick fever and more than a dozen other illnesses. >> the best way to remove a tick if you find one attached is to use a pointy tweezer and pull it straight off. by using a tweezer, then you have the tick and you can take a picture of it, save it, identify it and know better what risk you're at. >> reporter: for evelyn's family, a relief they avoided a ticking time bomb. >> we're just glad she's fine and other people can use it for a tool. >> reporter: so glad she is okay. the video of her suffering from
7:42 am
tick paralysis has been viewed more than 11 million times. her family really hoping the story raises some awareness and and pushes other parents to check for kids for ticks especially considering they're outdoors so much this time of year. >> definitely raising awareness. glad evelyn is okay. >> so are we. >> great to have you, erielle. coming up on "gma," more on what's called the wedding of the year, pippa middleton tying the knot with her multimillionaire fiance and the roles her niece and nephew, little charlotte and george, played at the wedding. >> they look lovely. george, played at the wedding. >> they look lovely. and a one-coat wonder named "grams". it survived multiple personalities, 3 staycations, and 1 tiny announcement. behr. number one rated interior paint, exterior paint and stain. protecting and perfecting since 1947. right now, get incredible savings on behr's top-rated paints and stains. only at the home depot. but when we brought our daughter home,
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7:46 am
spotlight with her own trip down the aisle and roya nikkhah joins us from "the sunday times" with more. roya, you were right outside the church and saw the newlyweds. how did everybody look? >> they looked really happy actually. it was a really lovely bridal party. the bride looked actually spectacular in that giles deacon dress. she just looked incredibly happy. very sweet group of page boys and bridesmaids. princess charlotte was holding a little heart-shaped flower garland and playing with the garland in her hair, and prince george looked less than thrilled with his outfit in gold britches but behaved immaculately. they all looked very, very happy and the rain just about held off for them arriving. >> and you just mentioned little george and charlotte. they had pretty big roles in the ceremony, didn't they? >> they did. it was their debut as page boy and bridesmaid.
7:47 am
they had never been in a bridal party before and earlier kate was worried about how they might behave. they are absolutely immaculate. george hopped out of the car and was very excited jumping up and down and kate calmed him down. he looked absolutely thrilled to be there. and, you know, and kate seemed to assume the role of maid of honor in charge of all eight page boys and bridesmaids but they were all immaculately behaved. >> so now everyone is at the reception, but i've got to ask, a lot of people want to know about prince harry and his girlfriend meghan markle. she was not at the ceremony but expected to be at the reception. do we know why she didn't go to the ceremony? >> well, we were all keeping a very beady eye at the church as everyone arrived as prince harry arrived with william. meghan was very conspicuous by her absence. we hoped she might sneak in that side entrance with harry but she was nowhere to be seen. the rumor has been, the speculation has been she didn't want to be upstaging pippa middleton and knew that all the
7:48 am
photographers on that media spot with us were desperate to get a shot of her, so it's assumed -- we know she's been in london for the last three, four days and it's assumed that she'll join them at the afternoon and evening receptions later on today, englefield house and later at the middletons' family home. >> we do expect the reception to be a pretty elaborate affair. roya nikkhah, we want to thank you so much for joining us on "good morning america." enjoy the reception. coming up, katy perry giving fans quite a shock. that and more in "pop news" with adrienne. ouch! ♪ skin-flex™, anna! sit! new band-aid® brand skin-flex™ bandages. our best bandage yet! it moves like a second skin. ♪ dries almost instantly. better? yeah. go! good thing because stopping never crosses your mind. band-aid® brand. stick with it™ "how could there possibly thbe this many blues?",
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. all right, time for "pop news" and adrienne is here. what's going on? >> i don't want to get too serious, but you think about celine dion, and you think about all she went through with the loss of her beloved husband and her brother just days apart. you want her to be happy. she's been rehearsing for her billboard music awards performance where she'll be singing her classic hit, "my
7:53 am
heart will go on" in celebration of the 20th anniversary of "the titanic." while she was practice the grammy award winner revealed she rarely gets tired of betting out that iconic tune. >> people ask me, are you tired to sing that song? >> 20 years? >> sometimes i'm like, oh, then the curtains open and people are like crying and it's like the first time they hear -- i can't complain so i'm very, very fortunate. >> she's so humble and gracious and beautiful. i just love her, and we all kind of remember her music now over at least two decades. both "the titanic" soundtrack and its famous single hit number one on the billboard 200 and 100 respectively 1998. watch her set sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> that song still gets me. does it get you? >> i don't know if i tear up. but it's just so powerful. you try to sing like her and you can never. i try. >> ron is more of a "wind beneath my wings" guy. >> i'll try. >> more bette midler. >> "feelings." >> let's not cry on the show today. let's clear the ears.
7:54 am
up next, katy perry gave unsuspecting museumgoers a hilarious surprise posing as a live art installment at the whitney in new york. take a look. >> i kissed a girl. >> is she the artist or no? >> i sure am. >> this is the artist. >> buy my new song. it's called "bon appetit." >> okay, that is so weird. the 13 time grammy nominee taking her new song "bon appetit" to new levels and "vanity fair's" derek glassberg uncovering her head as you see there surrounded by fruit and fans taking guesses at who she really was. was it really katy perry in that table. >> it's definitely katy perry. it can't be comfortable. >> i would think they keep some type of insulation system, maybe air-conditioning or a fan. >> it's a little creepy. isn't it? >> it's weird. >> her head on a plate. >> it's straight up weird but you know it's katy perry. >> it's art, paula. art. >> all right. art is very subjective. >> from serving up some fun to serving up some barbecue, we've been celebrating national
7:55 am
barbecue all month. this morning we have some delicious fixings from georgia's east side from right here in new york city. let's bring in alan, the owner of the restaurant. we got the baby back ribs. >> hi, alan. >> oak smoke pulled pork, buttermilk fried chicken you cooked us up. you and i have something in common. we didn't grow up in georgia but we have family ties to georgia. spent some time there. >> yeah. >> so what are you bringing here? what makes georgia barbecue a little bit different? >> georgia is in between a few different regions so depending on where you are, you can get a totally different style. what i brought and what actually kind of makes us a little bit different than a lot of barbecues in the city, we're more of a southern restaurant that specializes in barbecue. so you had some fried chicken and better sides that i brought. >> banana pudding for us. >> you brought banana pudding too? >> right up in here, paula, and we have a salad. natural healthy options, right? >> yeah, absolutely. i try to balance out a pretty meat heavy menu as it were with a bunch of good fresh vegetables and market sides. >> i love the -- haris >> omnivore's heaven.
7:56 am
>> -- contradictions in terms, healthy southern cuisine. thank you very much. it's delicious. it's really delicious. thank you very much. great "pop news." we're going to be back with more "gma" tomorrow morning. have a great saturday, everybody. good morning, everyone, i'm chris nguyen. acting now, the university of california san francisco is holding its annual ski cleanser screening clinic. skin cancer is by far the most common form of cancer but highly treatable. it's important to get early screenings. today's event is free. you don't need an appointment t. clinic starts at 8:00 a.m. and
7:57 am
runs until 4:00 at the university's department of dermatology. happening today in walnut creek. the third annual walk, a 5k walk will raise funds for the cancer support san francisco bay area. this year, they will serve more than 2,000 cancer patients with free comprehensive programs and programs. a vendor's fair and kids' activities and food trucks. the event 1 runs from 9:00 until noon. tonight the warriors will be back in action in game three. the series moves over to at&t center in san antonio, tip-off is shortly after 6:00. you can watch the game on our sister network espn. turning to weather now in the bay area, forecasters, meteorologist lisa argen, hi, lisa. >> good morning to you, you can see the mount tam camera. this is looking out over the bay. we can't see the golden gate in the future there, the distance, because of the crowd deck.
7:58 am
it's 63 in oakland for you at half moon bay, santa cruz, sunshine there later today in the low 70s. s inland valleys, look at sun at the beaches today, chris. >> up next, police are ready to arrest a woman in connection with a deadly dui vash that killed a toddler last september. why the victim's family is outraged. plus, lake tahoe continues to rise
7:59 am
you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
8:00 am
good morning, bay area. just get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 morning,. it's saturday, may 20th. good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen, tracking a live toper 7. >> hi, chris, good morning to you. overlay the local clouds on top of it. they are hugging the shore line from point rays to san francisco, south through san mateo continuey coast. you look outside, you see the towers there. the marine layer showers at a thousand feet. it will burn back to the coast. 64 in the city. 63 in san jose. still in the 40s at the coast, our exploratorium camera. nice and sunny, mid-60s, no wind at all by the delta. that was a key, 50s and 60s for the next hour. by noontime,


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