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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  May 20, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, bay area. just get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 morning,. it's saturday, may 20th. good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen, tracking a live toper 7. >> hi, chris, good morning to you. overlay the local clouds on top of it. they are hugging the shore line from point rays to san francisco, south through san mateo continuey coast. you look outside, you see the towers there. the marine layer showers at a thousand feet. it will burn back to the coast. 64 in the city. 63 in san jose. still in the 40s at the coast, our exploratorium camera. nice and sunny, mid-60s, no wind at all by the delta. that was a key, 50s and 60s for the next hour. by noontime, still on the 60s at the coast, we will see close to
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the mid-80s inland. that's a quick warm-up, highs about 15 degrees above normal. this rolls off the next two or three days, that's the heat i'm talking about. i will have a look at my 7-day forecast coming up, chris. >> lisa, thank you. happening now, president trump and saudi arabian officials have signed a number of agreement, including one for military sales worth $100 billion. this is the first stop on the president's first foreign trip, which will include five countries in eight days. the trip is a major test for president trump who is a november nice foreign affairs. saudi arabia king solomon joined the president in signing the agreements. some are saying the trip is a welcome distraction from the president's problems in washington, d.c. the "new york times" reported the president spoke with russian officials about the firing of fbi director james comey, calming him quote, crazy, a real nut job. >> it's dumb founding, if it's true, i mean, this is bad for
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the united nations of america. you got to wonder, what is going on inside the head of donald trump. >> the white house did not deny the story. this morning, a man suspected of taking his child and sparking a statewide amber alert is now in custody t. boy is waiting to be reunited with his mom. last night we sent out a push alert for the one-year-old boy in the amber alert was found safe. the highway patrol tells abc 7 news the father and his son turned up hundreds of miles away in southern. ka. abc 7 news reporter quinnell bernard has the latest. >> today is a great day, we have a one-year-old boy reunited with his mother. >> reporter: he was found in culver city, his father in custody. the toyota corolla, the car so many were on the lookout for state wide spotted being towed
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away a. tip led to the child being found. >> the amber alert itself. >> reporter: the da's office says lamb has joint custody of the child but didn't return him thursday night. a under surveillance camera spotted them at a store in menlo park thursday. why did 24 hours pass before police were notified? >> as we continued our investigation, we realized that this was one of those we need an amber alert. >> i tried to stop him and the baby from leaving. >> reporter: s. >> reporter: the boy's sister says he was not suicidal. >> he never had any signs of being suicidal. >> reporter: charges have jason lamb have not been announced. quinnell bernard, abc 7 news. >> the east bay woman accused in a dui crash that left a toddler dead is the focus of an arrest warrant this morning t. warrant is $3 million. these are from two previous
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arrests. nbc reporter katie out is says the boy's family are disappointed with the charges. >> it's devastating. it's time and time again. i think they felt their son elijah was taken from them. they wanted second degree murder charges. >> the suv slammed into the dunn family car along 680 last september. it killed 3-year-old elijah dunn. >> we presented our case on january 20th of 2017. >> reporter: at the time he faced a previous dui charge, something that dunns thought would play into this case. they wanted a second degree murder charge in elijah's case, not gross vehicular manslaughter and felony dui. >> it's a little harder to prove, especially because she was not already convicted of her previous dui. >> as i understand it, the charges that she is being charged with carry a potential of 11 years. >> reporter: an 11-year sentence if convicted and the
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length-of-250i78 it took to charge him weighed on the family. just last week he was arrested for public intoxication. >> she would have been in jail not to get the third arrest. she was arrested on school grounds picking up her kids. >> chp obtained an arrest warrant. >> time now is 8:o 5. a man convicted of killing a 9-year-old boy at a sleepover in discovery bay will spend 30 years to life in prison. yesterday, a judge from contra costa county gave the 20-year-old the toughest sentence possible for the murder of jordan back in 2015. the former family friend admitted stabbing him five times as he slept because he wanted to see what killing was like. the attorney argued her client should be found insane and sent to a medic medic medic medic
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>> it's not something we are rejoicing over. we did feel comfort in the sense that he is where he belongs. >> schultz' mother says her son is highly remorseful and what he did will haunt him for the rest of his life. a man in turkey allegedly tried to storm an american airlines plane driving from los angeles to honolulu. the incident was so serious, that fire jets were called out to respond. this is a video showing them taking off to escort the plane. here's abc 7 news reporter katie marzulo with the story. >> no explosives were found on board, special agent bomb technicians cleared the subject's possessions in the area. >> reporter: the subject is 25-year-old from turkey, a passenger took this video of him taken off the american i'lls plane in handcuffs. >> they walked up to the front where they paid. >> reporter: there are reports he was carrying a laptop t.
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pilot called for help and the air force scrambled two fighter jets to escort the plane to honolulu t. fear was he was trying to get into the cockpit a. flight attendant moved quickly and blocked him with a cart. >> he is pushing, says you are fought coming in here, by then, a few guys grabbed him. i was asking, what else they could do? . >> reporter: they taped the man to his seat until they landed. the pilot says there is little chance of breaching the cockpit and the door stays locked no matter what. >> you have somebody with a gun to a flight attendant's head, you are going to say, i'm sorry. good-bye. you are not going to open that cockpit door. >> reporter: some question that this man should have even been allowed on the plane, just hours before his flight, lax police arrested him fortress passing after he tried to go through a security door and they say he had been drinking, but he was released and was able to board his flight.
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katie mar vul sul lzulo. >> neighborhoods first reported wednesday night in concord, animal control rescued a mother and six puppies, three other puppies die, a man taking care of the dogs for the owner is facing animal neglect. none of the dogs died on the way to the hospital. while they couldn't speak specifically about this case, they say summertime is hard on staff, they see an average of five fatalities in the summer. >> it takes a piece of your heart, you know someone cares about the ceremony, we tried our hardest. you can't save them all. >> with inland temperatures expected to be in the 90s this weekend. she wants to remind car owners, if the car is too hot for you, it's too hot to leave your dogs inside. for the second time in weeks, they targeted the costco.
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they smashed jewelry cases and made off with rolex watches. one of the robbers fired a gun. no one was hit, but a woman had to be treated for shock. back on may 8th, three thieves attacked them. the next time you visit lake tahoe, be prepared to see a much more full body of water. according to san francisco chronicle, since april 1st, near 72 billion gallons of water has poured into the lake. it's the result of runoff in the sierra, nevada snow pack the deepest in years. wild life officials say lake tahoe will fill this summer for the first time in 11 years, completing the largest one-year rise in the lake in 117 years. meteorologist lisa argen is here. you are tracking the forecast here and in the sierras. >> they are getting flood watch and warnings for the rivers and streams there. as the snow melts under 72
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degree temperatures today. check it out. this is ideal from our future camera. you can barely see the top of the golden gate bridge. it is shallow. it is going to proceed back 66 by the delta. enough for the entire weekend. we'll talk about when and where it will visit as we do the full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead the campus controversy that had parents suing a school district, forcing officials to back down. plus, thousands of runners are getting ready to lace up those running
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in the east bay, is it a message of hate or is it freedom of speech? one street's, a irked some parents at schoo school. >> there was a couple kids dressed up in a terrorist type thing. >> reporter: karen pierce striebd the offensive video people posted on twitter. >> anybody who raised boys or
8:14 am
girls nowadays, you grab your camera and take something or don't think about it or say something. >> reporter: pierce is more troubled how the school district has handled the matter, posting in bold letters, doing the right thing isn't always easy but is always right t. young man was campaigning for student deposit. he was trying to gain more votes. ironically, when a student here takes on a leadership role, he or she signs a behavior contract, promising to be a role model for others, pierce says initially the school told him he could no longer be from a leadership roam. that's when his parents took legal action. the school district admitted they were forced to comply. >> and when students exercised those rights how it makes other students feel, it's a classic conflict we deal with as schools and school districts. >> do you think it's a hate message? >> again, there is first amendment rights. while i would never deny anybody
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first aemd maemt rights, i think in this case, it may be one child's first amendment rights are supersedeing the rights to respect that care and environment. >> reporter: pierce says the student will have a major role in the student body without ever apologizing, in danville, lee anne melendez, abc 7 news. >> we have breaking news, chp tells us a woman died in a one-car crash near hills burg. it and at the litton springs road off-ramp. we are told the deceased was a passenger the driver managed to flag for help and walked away. the chp is looking for for for this time. it could be a little hectic if you plan on going to a school in san francisco. workers picketed in front of this and other stores in the
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area t. workers are in the midst of a three-day strike to jump start negotiations. >> they have been stalled in their contract dpoegss. we hope to get a fair contract. >> the strike ends on sunday fight. it affects 13,000 at&t workers nationwide. in a statement at&t says it will continue to work hard for his customers and expects to reach an agreement. a supervisors is taking on dirty secrets of dog owners, animal waste left on the streets. yesterday they launched a program to get more people to pick up their dog's poop. they designed a tag to remind people to scoop the poop. the city is home to 200,000 dogs not all dog owners are mindful of their pets. >> distraction is a big part of it. the other thing, some people that know the dog the doing it and they pretend they don't see
8:17 am
it. you can see they're pretending. >> the spca will hand out free poop bags during dog adoptions. they will have more information on picking up dog waste. dog owners can be fined $320 for not immediately picking up the dog poop. you can be greek this weekend in oak. the 43rd annual greek festival continues today and tomorrow. its being held at the greek orthodox cathedral of the ascension. there will be live music, dancing, food and wine tasting. it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. kids 12 and under are free. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. the microclimate, we get started with live doppler 7. more clouds here. you will notice that the fog is from point rays down to pascadero. it is at the coast. underneath it, yes, the golden
8:18 am
gate bridge. you certainly have visibility issues here. once the fog burns back, we will have moderate air quality today and tomorrow. because we got a very light on shore push. but we do have not only a light on shore push, high pressure is pushing down on the atmosphere. that's why it looks like this in santa cruz, we have the fog now, low- to mid-70s for you here at the beach. 54 in san francisco, 52 in mountain view and 63 in san jose. 60 in gilroy and just 50 at the coast. so from mount tam, you can see, we do have those fickle fingers of fog here and what's left of it will be with us the next couple of hours. then we look for some pretty nice weather today with that sea breeze staying intact at the coast. it in the low 60s from concord and livermore, 63 in napa, 67 in santa rosa. you did have a little fog earlier. so here we sit from our tower camera, where the fog continues
8:19 am
to fluctuate a bit. it will be right at the coast. i think it will pull away temporarily from the san mateo coast. we will call it better clearing. tomorrow we will see more fog at the course. today, tomorrow, monday the cooling begins. you will see it sooner than that for some of you. in san jose, another hot day inland monday. average highs 76. upper '80s today, notice on monday, it's not cooling back much. you will be in the 70s by next thursday and friday. so we'll look for the temperatures to be comfortable here. mid-60s from ocean beach and half moon bay, 74 in santa cruz and monterey. looks like will you get some sun at 69 degrees. check out what happens tonight. this is 5:00 tonight. as we go through the overnight tomorrow the fog begins to form. it clings to the coast and pretty much throughout the afternoon tomorrow, we will see
8:20 am
it bank up at the shore lines, to that, we will bring more grey sky at our beaches. today in the south bay, 87 for you and san jose. 85 in sunny vam. upper '80s in the city. palo alto and mountain view a. warm day, 60s from the coast. sunset district in the mid-60s as well, in the north bay, we got some 90s again through santa rosa to calistoga. 83 in oekdz. 86 in fremont. inland, the low 90s. a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. over at the coliseum, it's getting warm with just a very light breeze. overnight tonight, we have 40s and 50s, comfortable accuweather 7-day forecast. 60s, '80s and 90s today and tomorrow, a little more of a breeze in the afternoon. tomorrow, monday, we stay warm inland. that's about the last edge of that warm air. if you download the abc 7 news app. you will notice have low clouds and fog right at the beaches.
8:21 am
>> and a good reminder, wear sun screen, i made a mistake going outside yesterday. i spent too much time outside without it. >> it doesn't take long. >> the makeup is covering it up today. thank you. just ahead, a cal student who rescues birds, why she says it's important to help homing pigeons. . but first in honor of asia pacific american heritage month. we're using our bay area instagram feed to celebrate events. lbgt pride celebration began on may 31st with the celebration of diversity of that benefit, highlighting the culture of thailand and laos. we have more information on instagram at
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>> the hottest gaming console right now is the nintendo switch but one family got if touch with michael finney. >> reporter: zachary cole shows off his legend of gaming tootoo. he hopes to tattoo his entire arm. hills walls are plastered with zona posters. >> when the legend is over. there are very few things i love more. my wife is one of them. >> reporter: his father explains zelda is more than fun and games, it helped his son overto him attention deficit disorder at an early age. this is video.
8:25 am
>> i have played various video games, zelda definitely big time. that's the one. >> reporter: it's the hottest selling game that can be played on the equally hot new nintendo switch. when zachary we heard about the portable gaming unit, it was all he could talk about. >> it kind of hef lucianized gaming in a way. it allowed you to take all the games with you in a different manner. >> reporter: they have decided to surprise him with the switch. promised delivery within two days. >> the only hesitation in my mind is the price was higher than it was supposed to be. >> it was $200 above the suggestinged retail price. david was willing to pay it if he could get it within two days. it didn't arrive. wal-mart blamed it on a third party sender, david asked to be compensated through the delivery. >> i was expecting to be delivered this item. i paid above $200 retail price for it. what could they do in order to
8:26 am
compensate for this problem. >> reporter: wal-mart -- [ lost audio ] they contacted 7 on your side. we reached out to the wal-mart t. retail giant refunded him $200. zach received his switch one week late. he loves his switch. >> bake amy, if 7 on your side wasn't there, it wouldn't happen. >> despite fume russ attempts, wal-mart would not get back to us with the comment. 7 on your side. >> we know cal lerkly is all about the bears, watch out, it's a popular bird on campus. that's her friend and companion. they tell us that while she is a homing pigeon, birds can get lost and end up in an animal shelter. that's where she found mew. >> part of the reason i go out is a lot of people don't know about homing pigeons, they know that's where we ceremony. and a lot get lost or don't make
8:27 am
it home. >> he's already been crowing about here tv appearance and how you can adopt a cute bird like her. >> more to come, president trump lands in saudi arabia, taking off for his first foreign trip since taking office. he says he's to get done with muslim leaders. new fallout of a
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. it's greats to have you with us on this saturday morning. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. lisa argen is tracking the conditions where you live. >> hey, chris, here's emeryville in the distance. check it out, you see the low cloud deck, which is covering up the golden gate bridge. the deck is shallow. we see cool numbers on the coast, though, 53 in oakland as well as san jose, san francisco is 54 and what a nice part of the roof camera there. look how shallow that deck of fog is. it will retreat to the coast. 57 in santa rosa. mid-60s by the delta. 62 in concord and livermore, that dictates our temperature at the shore line. so by 10:00, we're still in the 50s and 60s at the coast. mid-70s to upper 70 arriving by about 11:00.
8:31 am
so we will have that very large temperature spread once again and talk about how long this mid-heat wave is going to last in just a few minutes. chris. lisa, thank you. president trump used his first born trip as the subject of his weekly address, the president and first lady stepped off air force one in saudi arabia this morning. it's the first stop of an eight day five nation tour. mr. trump will speak at a conference involving the leaders of 50 muslim nations. >> many of these leaders have expressed growing concern about terrorism the spread of radicalization and the funding vote. now it appears muslim leaders are ready to take more responsibility and a much bigger role in fighting terrorism in their region. it's about time we do it. we'll do it together. but it has to be done. >> the president said he will try to advance the cause of peace between israel and palestine when he visits jerusalem. house democratic leader
8:32 am
nancy pelosi will take the stage today at the california democratic party convention in sacramento. the three-day event kicked off yesterday. the weekend includes the collection of a new party chairperson. there is porte resistance against the president, but party leaders are promoting an image of solidarity. >> we saw a unity in action in fighting the efforts to repeal the affordable care act. >> that unity continues. we will continue to fight those efforts, we're not simply fighting against donald trump. we are out there talking object what we stand for as democrats. >> lt. gov. ga expected to attend. happening now, a main runway. herself a live look from our camera at san francisco international airport. >> that main runway is closed through monday morning. this is all a part of an
8:33 am
extensive repaving project. airport officials say their goal is to minimize any inzones to customers. right now flight arrivals are delayed by an average of two hours and 44 minutes somplt be sure to check your flight status. 8:33 is our time. only on abc 7 news, more heartache as a part of the hazing scandal. the school board now says it may have to can sell the team's upcoming season and parents and players are outraged. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: at napa's memorial football stadium, there is a lock on the gate. that's normal t. symbolism did not escape families and football players who gathered here. >> my initial reaction. i felt there is no way this could actually be happening. >> the napa school board announcing it will can secancel the upcoming season if they cannot hire them by the 15th. it's the latest scandal that
8:34 am
plagued the program since last fall. >> the latest hazing incident is serious. we can't talk about it. >> reporter: it's been a distrustful mess ever since the board expelled students the district attorney got involved. then the entire coaching staff resigned in protest. we spoke with one of those protesters under condition of anonymity. he told us, quote, for them to pick a handsful of guys as fall guys is not right. we will not go along with what is not morally right. much is at stake. >> reporter: for this boy with a 4.ogpa there could be a lost scholarship if he doesn't play next year. >> it's incredible they can make this decision for us and kind of end all the plans that we've had. >> reporter: the district, meantime, says it does intend to hire a coach. >> we made offers. those offers have been declined. >> reporter: it's no surprise to the former coach who said anyone that knows he would be walking into a nightmare. he would be thinking, if they
8:35 am
did they to this staff what would they do to me? >> time now is 8:35. students and administrators are holding a first of its kind event at a high school. some 300 students from five different schools took part in the first annual latino summit at branam high school. the event was the brain child of several branam students concerned about graduation rates and issues affecting latino students. >> he says, it's time for us to take some basically take a stand and make some changes and help out each other do great things. we have been working on it the last three months, at least a couple hours a week every night and really proud of them. >> the students attend an assembly and breakout sessions like this one. organizerers say the goal is to create the desire for each student to go to college. brian stow fe, the giants man who suffered a beating at a
8:36 am
dodger's game six years ago is in southern california this morning to spread a message of hope, recovery and thanks. toye seen here at a recent event will attend the tenth annual trauma survivors reunion. he will share his personal account and how his experience changed his account forever. he will thank the medical staff and care givers who helped him with his recovery. happening now the university of california san francisco is holding its annual skin cancer screening clinic. skin cancer is by far the most common form of cancer, also highly treatable. that's why it's important to get regular screenings, which could lead to early detection. today's event is free. you don't need an appointment t. clinic started at 8:00 a.m. and runs until 4:00 this afternoon at the university's department of dermatology. happening today in walnut creek. the third annual hope walk at heather farm park. a 5k walk will raise critical funds to represent the san francisco bay area.
8:37 am
this year, csc will serve 2,000 cancer patients with services and programs. there will be a vendor's fair, kids activities and food trucks. the event runs from 9 oovenlt until noon. 8:37 is our time. the 106th running of the beta breakers takes place tomorrow. it is the longest consecutive run in the worm. it's more of a mobile costume party. yesterday runners stopped at pier 35 to take up their packets. can you head over today to register for the race. meantime, just like last year, police are spreading the word that alcohol is strictly banned along with floats, bags that are not clear and anything with wheels. this year's theme is summer of love to mark 50 years since the social media began in san francisco. >> they are jumping up. we have some things we made at home as well. >> here's a map of the course, it starts at howard and main and ends at ocean beach.
8:38 am
don't forget some streets and muney lines will be affected. bart and cal tran will be offered extended hours. for complete information on the race, including street closures and transit updates. head over to our website, abc 7 still to come on abc 7 morning, a. danville kid who knows a lot about the world gets a chance to compete in a national competition. first, let's head outside a live look from our east bay hills camera. it is shaping up to be a for just weekend throughout the bay area. lisa argen will have your accuweather forecast in just
8:39 am
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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>> abc 7 news was in santa cruz yesterday with the warm weather this weekend, it is expected to bring out big crowds. lots of people were out on the water yesterday soaking up the sun. it's appropriate weather to check out the sea otters. after a long winter, business owners welcomed the sunshine. >> it's been a rough winter with all the rain, the storms coming through. when the sun comes out, it definitely brings out the crowds. >> the boardwalk is opened all weekend. if you want a good spot on the beach, the best advice is to get there early. lisa argen is tracking the coast for us. >> when we look at fog, not only here, in santa cruz, it looks like you will see sunshine as well. a live look outside from tahoe, where we got 41.
8:42 am
the flash flood watches up in the sierra nevadas due to that snow melt. it looks like 70 degree temperature there. we talk about local weather. when we get back to normal around here coming up. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, mark melancon, the giants come from behind victory over the cards. larr
8:43 am
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>> welcome back, everyone, in sports the warriors will finally be back in action in game three of the western conference finals. spurs' coach grant popovich says kawai leonard will not play tonight. we learned the news from a tweet about eight minutes ago. the series moves to san antonio at the at&t center, took off shortly after 6 oovenlt. you can watch it on our sister network espn. later the giants will try to when the third straight game, first pitched scheduled at bush stadium. last night the giants had a dramatic 9th inning rally to beat st. louis. here's sport director larry biel with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody, coming off a 5 and 2 home stanoe a great finish here. stock markety got a foul ball after a 40 minute rain delay,
8:46 am
dexter fowler with a 3-1 home he tore make it 5-3 charms. eduardo nunez, a rock to center. 6-5 giants. mark melancon gave up a leadoff single. game ending double play. save number 7 for melancon. as and red sox, get your hot dogs here, fireworks night, they got them started early. this is crushed. a 2-o red sox would tie it up in the 6th. chris davis, a drive to the wall off of chris sail. davis scores, ties it at 2. they go to the 10th. mark canna. home safely.
8:47 am
hi, tom, fourth walkoff win for the as this season. drenched. 3-2 in ten. warriors surface the spurs western conference finals tonight. ra gala is listed as questionable and so is kawai leonard for the spurs f. leonard can't go because of his ankle injury, kevin durant says he'll be shocked if leonard does not play a game three. >> he's going to play, it's game three. after a few days of rest on the average him. i'm 100% sure he will play. >> cavs and celtics. this was in dallas. they're getting spanked. lebron james, cleveland led 41 at the half in braun.
8:48 am
lebron goes for 30. 130-86, lead that series two games to none. a lot of yawns and questions in boston. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry biel. >> good morning, everyone, check out the tower camera behind me. i have been watching this, the fog is shrinking. it was just covering the towers there. and it continues to shrink. i think we will see a bit of movement off the coast. not enough to ruin some of your beach plans. it will keep you cool into the 60s. we have temperatures that will be nice and warm throughout the day in our inland valleys. from our roof camera, you will notice there is fog in this shot here. we are looking at a city above average, we should see 65 degrees and tempertures today here in the city in the low- to mid-70s. so 54 in san francisco, 52 in mountain view, 63 in san jose,
8:49 am
64 in gilroy and temperatures at the coast right in the thick of that fog, chilly. from our exploratorium camera, temperatures on the water temperatures, so it will be nice here without such gusty winds for a change. 63 in nevada. 60 by the delta, low 60s concord and liver more, santa rosa at 67 degrees, this is santa cruz, where you are beginning to see sunshine through that fog and today forecasting a high of the low- to mid-70s there. so partial clearing at the coast. so kind of depends on where are you, ocean beach, half moon bay, i think you will get sun in all of those places, but the temperatures will stay warmer, today looks like a beach day. tomorrow more fog, hod inland, looking for that forecast today, tomorrow and monday, with little change there. here's a look at your numbers from the 70s in santa cruz, 64 in half moon bay, 66 in ocean
8:50 am
beach. i want to show you this hour by hour forecast tonight. it shows you the fog off the coast now and late tonight, it comes back in ernest, you will notice tomorrow morning it's at the coast, it looks like we will see a little more of it in the day sunday. but not enough to make big changes for you, in fact, you will see those 90s here, 93 in concord, 77 in oakland, this is your sunday forecast. then into monday, still, those reds indicating the very warm weather, that's still with you inland, with '80s around the bay, more of a sea breeze come monday, look what happens tuesday, you are in the '80s inland, then the temperatures really plummet into the 70s for highs, so right now, we're looking at temperatures well above average again today, about 90 for you up in santa rosa, looking at 86 in villejo, 82 in san mateo. the break lers have this, the low clouds the fog could be a lit more generous with numbers in the 50s and by about 10:0060 degrees in the city, though the
8:51 am
accuweather seven-day forecast, mid-90s, today, tomorrow, then by monday, you gin to get that cooling in the afternoon, then you download our abc 7 news app. we have the first half pretty warm. the second half looking comfortable, it should be about 75 or so inland. so we're well above that. >> a lot of people will be happy about that beta breaker's forecast. >> yeah, that's key. >> thank you afternoon. a danville 6th grader who knows a lot about the world and that knowledge give him a chance to compete at the national geographic day. alex whit ler has more from walk. >> reporter: 2.6 million. that's how many students one bay area boy out matched to wind up here on this national stage. this 12-year-old put himself on the map when he won california state geography bee. millions of kids competing in state wide competitions across the country. they sent him on a trip to washington, bidding for a
8:52 am
$50,000 scholarship and a trip to the galopogos islands. >> it makes you a better global citizen. >> reporter: the bay area 6th grader advanced to the national bee's top ten. his mom says, she wasn't the slightest bit surprised. >> again, he's special. >> reporter: with questions ranging from -- >> the greek national monument are located off the coast of which caribbean island? >> reporter: to multiple choice maps on economic and environmental trivia, the danville teen came just shy of the top five, coming in 7th place. he says he'd rather answer these kind of questions than others. >> science and geometry over math, definitely. >> reporter: he admits he was disappointed in the outcome. >> i was a bits nervous at the time. i can say i did good. >> reporter: he says he is considering another year of studying for the bee.
8:53 am
>> i get excited. >> he will make it. >> reporter: he still has a couple years left to try to take home the national title. good morninging from washington, i'm alex whit ler. >> of course, our congratulations to him. what a great accomplishment. next, the calculatest show on earth is back. what to
8:54 am
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happening today the greatest show on earth. you can sigh it the weekend at the san mateo events center. it's the 2017 maker bay area. if you haven't seen this video, if you haven't been, this video of last year's event gives you an idea of what you are missing, up to 150,000 makers will b there to show off what they made and perform. if you go, there is no parking at the events center,' public transportation and ride share services are probably the best way to go. a weather check now with lisa argen. >> with the manner layer, the fog is shrinking. we'll have 60s at the coast. half moon bay, 70s in the city. 86 in fremont, 87 in san jose, 90s inland afternoon.
8:57 am
repeat performance tomorrow. then we see that breeze cool off for inland valleys by late monday and we're still above average on tuesday and wednesday, but by thursday and friday, the mid and upper 70s with 50s at the coast. so enjoy the warmth. if you like it that way, otherwise, it should be nice at our beaches today with some cooler highs. >> sounds good, lisa, thank you. thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 morning, i'm chris nguyen. we want to send a special shoutout to our viewer alex for this picture showing last night's sunset from crown memorial beach in alameda. you can sha ysererou thetu p #a. you may see it on air or online at abc7 the news continues on twitter, facebook and instagram. abc 7 news continues until then make it a great day, everybody.
8:58 am
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