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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 20, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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an emotional reunion in san francisco. tonight the child at the center of an amber alert is back with his mother. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. investigators with the d.a.'s office worked around the clock to get the little boy home. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson was there for the happy moment. tiffany? >> reporter: oh, my gosh. it was incredible, eric. and it is certainly the outcome that every family with a missing child hopes for. but not all receive. makai reunited with his mom in the mission this evening. the reunion started with a smile. then makai bangora's mom disappeared into the back seat of this car. a bottle of milk emerged. then mother and son. she krald him. he clung to her. she lifted him for a kiss. he snuggled on her shoulder. you could sense her incredible
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relief. her son was safe. her son was home. >> just happy tears. happy tears. >> reporter: his mother asked sandra machado to read a statement on her behalf. >> this is every mother's worst nightmare. the hardest thing a parent ever has to go through is not knowing where their child is. >> reporter: the statement continued thanking law enforcement officers, members of the media, and everyone on social media who helped spread the word. >> thank you all for helping in getting my son back. thank you all from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: it's been a terrifying few days for the family. mikai's dad, jason lam, allegedly received to take him home. a court gave mikai's mom sole custody thursday. that's when the san francisco district attorney's office got involved. >> when we started looking into the case, we noticed that the father was engaged in erratic behavior as of late and that concerned us greatly. >> reporter: officials issued an amber alert friday afternoon, sparking a statewide effort to find the 21-month-old boy.
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mikai was recovered in los angeles last night, and tonight he is safe in his mama's arms. >> everything worked out perfectly. >> now, the district attorney's office is still determining what charges the father will face. jason lam is currently in custody in los angeles. eric? >> all right. thank you very much, tiffany. and developing news now in san jose. these are live pictures as police search the area of bodi court and blossom hill road near oak grove high school. officers are looking for two men wanted for a robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. it started around 5:45 tonight when police spotted the men in a stolen car. officers chased the suspects to this area, and have established a search perimeter. we also have developing news in pittsburg. officials have suspended the search for a missing boater due to darkness. this video is from the contra costa county fire department. shows the activity this evening. a child fell from the boat into the water and his father jumped in to save him. the child was rescued but the
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father is still unaccounted for. police shot and killed an armed man in pleasanton today. three officers were responding to a 911 call about a family disturbance this morning on burgundy drive. officers say when they approached the home the garage door went up and a man with a began was standing inside. >> the male walked toward the officers holding a firearm and pointing it in their direction. in response one of our officers fired his duty weapon, hitting the subject. >> the man died at the scene. his name has not been released. the officers were not hurt. police can't say right now if the man fired his weapon, and it's not clear what kind of family disturbance took place. the alameda county district attorney's office will conduct an investigation into the shooting. a morgan hill man was arrested after police say he used a knife to attack a woman, two young children, and a baby. officers responded this afternoon after a neighbor heard screams coming from 26-year-old eduardo ramirez's home. police say they found him in the
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parking lot stabbing himself. when he wouldn't drop the knife, officers tased him. the other injured victims were found inside the home and taken to the hospital. police have not released details on the relationship between the suspect and the victims. new developments in the case of a missing san francisco man. abc 7 news has learned that san francisco police found vaseth chai's car. he was last seen last weekend. lisa aminu gulezian is here wit more on the search. >> reporter: the victim's family hoped if they found their mercedes suv they'd find him as well, but they were wrong. chai's car was found stripped in the bayview district. his family stands speechless in the spot where his mercedes was dumped on davidson avenue. the car was stripped of everything, including its tires. police on patrol found it and
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impound td. >> anybody here? >> reporter: now his closest friends and family are scouring the bayview looking for answers and witnesses. >> we're looking for my missing brother. >> reporter: the homeless who set up tents here only noticed the car but not this man. >> saw it on the corner, yeah. that's about it. >> reporter: chai disappeared last sunday afternoon. the 47-year-old is a full-time uber driver but didn't plan to work that day. now nearly a week without any word has left many feeling the worst. >> if someone carjacked him, took him somewhere, and dumped his body somewhere that can't be found and then take his car and just dumped it another place. >> reporter: today investigators paid their first visit to chhay's house. they took his laptop, ipad, toothbrush and razor and they admit they haven't ruled anything out. >> just have to keep the hope that he is in a good place and that he is okay. there's nothing at this point
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that i can see that would indicate that he is in trouble. >> that's not what chhay's wife of 20 years thinks. she's sure he's in trouble. >> his family waiting for him. i'll give you anything you want. all i want, him to come back. >> reporter: the family plans to expand the search to oakland and pacifica. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. a derailment snarled b.a.r.t. service today, and now the system believes it will be available to provide full service for thousands of people headed to tomorrow's bay to breakers. you're looking live now at crews working to remove the damaged rail cars from the daly city station, and now you can hear b.a.r.t. workers describing what happened moments after this afternoon's mishap. >> to daly city we have a possible derailment. the next car behind is off the rails and the floor is cracked open inside. >> you're looking at video a
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commuter shot from a passing train. firefighters and b.a.r.t. police evacuated the passengers from the derailed train by having them climb down a ladder. abc 7 news talked to them after they walked to the dal stati stati station. >> and then i sit down and the car was hitting really strong, boom, boom. looks like about ten times. >> got up, moved up to the front car. >> nobody was hurt. b.a.r.t. believes the derailment wasn't the train operator's fault. well, some people experienced record warmth today. meteorologist drew tuma's here with more record warmth you might experience. drew? >> yeah, eric, we're wrapping up a really warm start to the week. it had tons of sunshine today and clear skies continue tonight. sutro tower cam showing you the beautiful city of san francisco. oakland setting a new record at 85 degrees. across the region 80s and 90s were very popular temperatures. even out there right now, it is still rather comfortable in spots. 70 at this hour in san jose.
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we're at 74 in brentwood. still a lot of 60s on the board. futuretracker temperatures to show you. tomorrow morning it's going to be a mild start. by 8:00 already into the mid and upper 60s in spots. that's going to create a warm finish to the eked. we'll talk about how hot we get and when this warm spell will break coming up in the full accuweather forecast. a u.s. coast guard helicopter made an emergency landing in berkeley today. abc 7 news was at cesar chavez park as crew members tried to figure out how to get the chopper back to air station san francisco. they ended up loading it onto a flatbed. the helicopter had been responding to a call when a crew member smelled something burning in the cockpit area. it was an autopilot system failure. nobody was hurt. a mishap involving a passenger jetliner injured eight people in los angeles. an airport service truck overturned after being struck by an aeromexico jet. all of the injured were riding inside the truck. two of schemm suffered serious injuries. nobody aboard the plane was hurt. this afternoon's impact damaged
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the wing of the boeing 737. it happened on a taxiway just moments after the jet arrived from mexico city. new details have emerged about a situation that erupted on board an american airlines flight. it required military jets to escort the plane to hawaii. the fbi office in honolulu says the suspect, anil uskanli, is a turkish citizen who lives in santa monica. passengers are also praising the flight attendants. the crew used a drink cart to block the man from getting to the front of the jet during yesterday's flight from los angeles to honolulu. >> and he's pushing but then they say you're not going to come in here. >> you're not going to open that cockpit door. because if you do and they're armed then you might lose the whole airplane. >> police took the suspect into custody when the plane landed. earlier he'd also been arrested and released in los angeles after being accused of opening a door that leads onto the air field at l.a.x. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a royal welcome for president trump. he kicks off his eight-day
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international trip in saudi arabia while his administration continues to deal with scandals here at home. but first -- >> it started rocking back and forth, and then it came to a complete stop. and we knew something was wrong. >> stranded on a roller coaster in the middle of a lightning storm. the overnight rescues in texas. and tens of thousands of people will hit san francisco
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rock yeh chris cornell's body will be flown to los angeles tomorrow ahead of a fneral on friday. sources say cornell will be buried at the hollywood forever cemetery. the 52-year-old died wednesday night after performing with soundgarden in detroit. the medical examiner ruled ruled
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it a suicide by hanging. cornell's widow says she does not believe it was intentional and that an anxiety drug may have affected his actions. the band imagine dragons will pay tribute to cornell at tomorrow's brillboard music awards. and you can watch that right here on abc 7. the billboard music awards will air twice, at 5:00 and at 8:00 p.m. eight teenagers were rescued early this morning from a roller coaster at six flags over texas. instead of a one-minute thrill the teens were stranded in the middle of a storm in arlington. strong winds triggered a safety stoppage on the park's newest ride the joker just after midnight. a rescue truck took three hours to rescue the students. no one was hurt but they weren't happy with their experience. >> we didn't hear from anyone from six flags for 25 minutes. by this time it was starting to rain really, really heavily. >> six flags over texas says its engineers are conducting a thorough inspection of the ride. last month two dozen people were rescued after a similar incident
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at six flags maryland. there were calls for more protective barriers on new york city sidewalks following the deadly crack in times square. a city councilman says he'll be drafting legislation to get more sidewalk fortifications called bollarda installed. one of those bollards ultimately stopped a car as it sped down the sidewalk in times square tuesday. 18-year-old alyssa elsman died. >> it's an empty hollow feeling. it's my first-born daughter and i'm never going to see her with grandkids. i don't get to walk her down the aisle. we're devastated. there's no other words for it. >> the driver has been charged with murder and attempted murder. he told police he smoked marijuana laced with pcp. new york's mayor says police are reviewing whether more security measures are needed in times square. passengers on a muni bus were trapped by a downed power line in san francisco's castro district today. the line fell across the 33 bus at 18th and noe. passengers were told to stay on board while pg&e was called in
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to deenergize the power line. that took utility workers about 40 minutes. no injuries were reported and the bus continued on its way. if you do come across a downed power line, pg&e says you should stay away from it and call 911. san franciscans are getting ready for this year's bay to breakers. runners stopped at pier 35 today to register and pick up their packets. the theme is for the 106th running of bay to breakers is summer of love. to mark its 50th anniversary. bay to breakers is the longest consecutively run race in the world. for some it's really more of a mobile costume party. and just like last year alcohol is banned along with floats, bags that are not clear, and anything with wheels. here's a map of the 7 1/2-mile course. it starts at 8:00 a.m. at howard and main and ends at ocean beach. some streets and muni lines will be affected. for complete avrnlg information on the race including street closures and transit updates you can go to our website,
11:18 pm after complete information on the weather for the bay to breakers race tomorrow, check in now with drew tuma. >> they're going to have a nice morning. they really are. mild temperatures, a little cloud cover to keep you cool but it's going to be the afternoon. mild to hot once again across the region. a warm weekend out there. live doppler 7. we enjoy tons of sunshine today. tonight we have clear skies. live doppler 7 is giving is the all clear. temperaturewise it's going to be one of those days tomorrow where the temperatures quickly warm. take a look at san jose, for example. going to start off mild in the 60s early in the morning with tons of sunshine, and that sunshine really going to fuel those temperatures to rise rather quickly. by 12:00 the lunchtime hour already into the low 80s. into the afternoon we're approaching 90 degrees in the south bay and across the board whether you're at the coast the bay or inland temperatures well above normal for this time of year. outside we go, live look from our rooftop camera at kgo studios along the embarcadero pointing out one of the many cruise ships we have in the port tonight. some folks enjoying the mild
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temperatures, going to mexico or alaska. and as you're out on the deck or out and about tonight, it's really comfortable in terms of may numbers. still holding at 74 degrees in brentwood. comfortable 70 in san jose. 63 in napa. oakland checking in at 62 degrees. after that record high. and 85 earlier this afternoon. 65 fremont, half moon bay, a bit cooler coming in at 51 degrees. the call overnight tonight right along the immediate coastline. you can see a little bit of fog. it's going to redevelop along half moon bay in san francisco after the midnight hour, away from the coast, plenty of stars and a lot of spots are going to hold in the 50s overnight tonight. we'll take you to the bay to breakers forecast. you're going to have more in the way of sunshine as you start the race close to the bay waters. as you head toward the coast, more in the way of cloud cover but really a nice run all in all. temperatures start out in the 50s. by 10:00 a mixture of sun and clouds out there and 61 degrees. enjoy if you're watching or taking part in the race. highs in the microclimate starting in the south bay. lots of sunshine in the south bay. 89 in san jose, 87 cupertino.
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the same in sunnyvale. 88 that high in morgan hill. along the peninsula 85 redwood city. 88 mountain view. a little more morning fog in half moon bay. midday sunshine a high of 63 degrees. downtown san francisco tomorrow, mild. 74, tons of sunshine. 65 that number in daly city. into the north bay warm to hot out there. 85 novato tomorrow afternoon. 92 cloverdale. 90 in vallejo. the east bay equally as warm, ookly as sunny. 84 that high in oakland tomorrow. 88 union city. 88 fremont. 86 hercules. and then it's going to get hot again. into the 90s we go. 92 concord, 93 brentwood and san ramon up to 94 degrees. the uv index very high in th week. the sun is at its stlongest the next two months as we approach the summer season. wear the sun screen the key time's 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. accuweather, this roller coaster ride of temperatures sunday and monday it is hot out there. cooling will then begin on tuesday but really everyone's
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going to feel it on wednesday. then temperatures are going to round out the week, actually going below normal for this time. year. good idea, download the accuweather app, keep tabs on the numbers because it is going to go from hot to not very quickly. >> so if you have air-conditioning in the east bay time to use it. >> best friend, got to call them up. >> thanks a lot, man. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a special day for dozens of
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oh! >> some of the newest oakland raiders helped some of the east bay's aspiring young football players learn about the game. you're looking at video provided by the raiders. several newly drafted rookies led football drills for more than 150 children at the team's practice facility in alameda. the kids play for east bay flag football. they also heard from the players about eating right, working hard in school, and being good citizens both on and off the
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field. >> raiders good citizens. >> they are now. there is a different raider vibe back then. >> back when we were young. >> and speaking of good citizens, the warriors, now, they qualify. >> they're playing quite well right now. coming up in sports, the warriors remain perfect in the postseason as they knock off the spurs in game 3. kevin durant leads the way. i'll have the highlights, and mike shumann has
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both the warriors and spurs were missing key players tonight. but golden state's depth and firepower were just too much for san antonio to overcome. mvp candidate kawhi leonard sat out with a bad ankle while
11:29 pm
warriors center zaza pachulia missed the game with a bruised heel. with 21 points steph curry passedric barry for most points in warriors postseason history. the dubs catch the spurs napping as david west throws a strike to ian clark who scores right before the buzzer. san antonio tried to keep it close. off the miss, david bertans with the one-handed put-back. that was impressive. the dubs got a big game from javale mcgee, who started for pachulia and scored 16 points. golden state led by nine at halftime. kevin durant took over in the third, scoring 19 points. he lays it in. plus the foul. then from three-point range this becomes a four-point play. durant finished with a game-high 33. the warriors cruise 120-108. curry with some icing on the cake. golden state can complete the four-game sweep on monday. our mike shumann has more from san antonio. >> well, i've been talking about it all season. game 3 always a tough one to win because of the change of venue. warriors a little sloppy tonight
11:30 pm
early on but kevin durant to the rescue. 19 points in the third quarter, 33 on the night. >> sometimes i think too much. sometimes i look to pass when i should look to score. sometimes i look to score when i should pass. but i figured out if i just don't think at all that's where i'm best. and third quarter i just went out there and played. >> we knew that these guys were going to come out and they were going to play hard. pop's got these guys dialed in and they're going to put up a fight, especially after what happened in game 2. got to give our guys credit. >> every time you look up you're playing against four all-stars. you'd better be pretty perfect. and competitivenesswise i couldn't ask for anything more. but we turned it over too much. >> tough to win in the other guy's building. a little sloppy at first but came back and held them off. >> game 3 of any series is usually the toughest game. obviously we know what type of fight they were going to put up at home. we just did a good job of withstanding their runs and ultimately got control over the pace of the game in the second
11:31 pm
half. >> warriors can close out monday night. reporting in san antonio, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. for the second straight night the giants and cardinals had to wait out a rain delay, and for the second straight night it was san francisco coming out on top. in the 13th christian arroyo delivers a clutch bases loaded two-run double. the giants beat st. louis 3-1. they've now won seven of their last eight games. at the coliseum the a's had some fun in the sun against boston. mark cana, khris davis, and chad bender all went deep in the fifth. pender's home run went the farthest. 483 feet, making it the longest home run in the majors this season. 8-3 the final. oakland goes for the four graham sweep tomorrow. and this abc 7 news sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. later in the show we'll hear from javale mcgee, who played a huge role in tonight's win overt spurs. eric? >> all right, thank you very much. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, president trump has begun his first trip abroad as commander in chief. the pomp and circumstance
11:32 pm
welcoming him to saudi arabia. and -- >> it really isn't right to bully. >> kids getting a message to stop bullying thanks
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so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. oh, and right now it's our lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed. save $700. go to for a store near you. good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines the child who was the subject of an amber alert was reunited with his mother in san francisco. the alert was issued yesterday after mikai didn't return the boy. san francisco police have
11:36 pm
found the car belonging to a missing uber driver. piseth chhay was last seen on mother's day. his family believe he's in trouble but police tell us there's nothing to indicate that at this point. b.a.r.t. workers are trying to fix the tracks near daly city where a train derailed this afternoon. nobody on board was hurt. firefighters evacuated the passengers by having them climb down a ladder. in saudi arabia it's day two of president trump's first visit overseas since taking office. in just a few hours he'll give a major speech to the leaders of 50 muslim countries outlining his vision for u.s.-muslim relations. abc news reporter ariel reshef shows how he got the royal treatment on the first stop of that tour. >> reporter: president trump getting a royal welcome from saudi arabia's royal leader king salman. honored with lavish pomp and circumstance, including the kingdom's highest award. melania trump, like michelle obama, not wearing the traditional head scarf. the president having no trouble with this tradition.
11:37 pm
a saudi dance symbolizing peace after war, brandishing a sword along with his secretaries of state and commerce. then to business. a deal for the saudi kingdom to buy $350 billion in u.s. military equipment and services. >> hundreds of millions of dollars of investments into the united states and jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: meanwhile, james comey is getting set to go public. he'll testify before a senate committee after memorial day. one big question. why did mr. trump fire him? he told top russian diplomats the next day, "i just fired the head of the fbi. he was crazy. a real nut job." trump boasted according to an official summary of the meeting read to the "new york times" by an american official, "i faced great pressure because of russia. that's taken off." in an interview for "this week with george stephanopoulos," national security adviser h.r. mcmaster offering an explanation. sqult intent of that conversation was to say what i'd like to do is move beyond all of
11:38 pm
the russia news so we can find areas of cooperation. >> reporter: and abc news has learned the investigation into russian meddling has now spread to the president's inner circle with a senior white house aide now considered a person of interest. ariel reshef, abc news, new york. bay area congresswoman jackie speier hosted her ninth town hall at kenyatta college in redwood city today. it was billed as a conversation about america. afterwards the congresswoman was asked about that person of interest in the white house with a possible connection to the russians in trying to undermine the u.s. election. >> i think that the fact that there's now a person of interest, i don't know who it is. i don't have any information. but i wouldn't be surprised if it's jared kushner. >> this is the latest in an ongoing series of town halls that speier has hosted in the bay area since president trump's election. california's democratic party is holding its annual convention in sacramento. some of the party's biggest names called on supporters to stand up to president trump and republicans on capitol hill. >> that they are held
11:39 pm
accountable in the election. >> democrats cheered when house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke this morning. democrats across the country have focused their efforts on retaking both houses of congress in next year's election. party leaders urged democrats to campaign against the state's 14 gop house members. the search for missing teenager sierra lamar continued near morgan hill today. the 15-year-old disappeared five years ago on her way to school. her body has never been found. abc 7 news was anywhere cheseboro reservoir as about a dozen volunteers returned to search. they're using information from the trial of lamar's convicted killer, antonin garcia torres. several search volunteers attended the trial earlier this month. lamar went missing in march of 2012. the penalty phase for sierra lamar's convicted killer continues on monday. jurors who found antonin garcia torres guilty earlier this month will determine if he gets the death penalty or life in prison without patrol. yesterday lamar's parents gave emotional testimony about their
11:40 pm
loss. a large-scale drug bust in the central valley netted nearly $7 million in synthetic heroin. federal, state, and local agents seized more than four pounds of heroin laced with ketmine and fentanyl on tuesday. they say it's the first time they've seen fept-nil being tracked to fresno county. sheriff margaret mim says it's a synthetic open wroid that's so dangerous investigators wore hazmat suits to handle it. >> they don't touch it and they don't breathe it in because if they do it could be fate'll. >> reporter: officers arrested wardo zavala from the los angeles area after narcotics agents say they arranged to bite synthetic heroin from him. historians call the korean war america's forgotten war. now san franciscans have a permanent tribute to honor veterans of that conflict. ♪ abc 7 news was at the civic center at today's ceremony it featured soil from a korean war battlefield being added to san francisco's war memorial. several korean war vets
11:41 pm
remembered their lost comrades. >> forgotten war seems to be still forgotten. we're trying to change that. ♪ [ playing "taps" ] >> more than 36,000 people lost their lives in the korean war, which lasted from 1950 to 1953. 326,000 americans served in the conflict. san francisco international airport believes a project to repave one of the runways will finish sooner than planned. abc 7 news was aboard an arriving flight this morning while crews resurfaced one of the airport's four runways. that work has been happening on weekends, and passengers have faced delays because of it. because of the work being accelerated, it will be done next month instead of later in the summer. you might be spending a lot of time in the pool with our nice weather, but a parasite that could cause you serious discomfort might be lurking in the water. the warning tonight. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. record heat today, and the warm
11:42 pm
weather will continue tomorrow
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there is a parasite on the rise in swimming pools. it's called crypto sporidium. if you ingest even a little bit of infected water you can suffer from stomach cramps, nausea, and bouts of diarrhea for up to three weeks. the centers for disease control and prevention says the number of recorded crypto outbreaks has doubled in two years. officials recommend avoid swallowing any pool water and rinsing off in the shower when you get out. a bomb-sniffing k-9 from the bay area is helping to eliminate bullying in schools across the state. niner the k-9 is used to sniff out bombs but he's taking a spin instead all in the name of eliminating bullying. niner joined two other k-9s, part of the santa clara shev's department's one-of-a-kind program called k-9s against bullies. >> we want them to understand
11:46 pm
that they have a voice and we don't want them to hold their feelings inside if they are being bullied. >> the dogs were a pretty nice touch. they really got my attention and made me listen a little bit more. >> k-9s against bullies given nearly 100 performances. the officers home their show will spread to other agencies throughout california. the british royal family gathered in england today for the wedding of duchess kate's sister pippa middleton. she married james matthews at st. marks church outside of london. the wedding party included 3-year-old prince george and 2-year-old princess charlotte, the children of prince william and duchess kate. looked to be sunny and nice there just like it was here today. going to get warmer, though. here's drew. >> those numbers, eric, they will climb a little bit more tomorrow afternoon as the heat will hold on for another day. live doppler 7 joining you out there. it's quiet as can be and that allowed to us get warm with the sunshine. same thing tomorrow. numbers holding in the 60s and
11:47 pm
70s. across the majority of the region. what that means, we're in store for a mild night. overnight tonight here's the call. most spots holding in the 50s. the only exception you get right along the coastline and you can see that fog is redeveloping. future weather. that fog is going to make a little bit of a comeback after midnight tonight. by 6:00 tomorrow morning you can see it's hugging the immediate coastline. as you go through the afternoon that fog's going to pull back just enough that even the coastline will see some sunshine. for bay to breakers tomorrow the closer you are to the bay the more you are in the way of sunshine as you get toward the coast for that finish. cloud cover on your sunday. we'll start off in the 50s. by 10:00 we're already warming to about 61 degrees. it's going to be one of those days where numbers climb really quickly. highs on your sunday, take a look at this. warm to hot once again. up to 74 in san francisco. 89 in san jose. 93 in concord and antioch, 92 livermore, upper axz santa rosa
11:48 pm
and napa and 90 that number in vallejo. accuweather seven-day forecast. hot tomorrow, numbers a degree or two inward on monday and then it all comes crashing down tuesday and into wednesday as cooler air moves in by thursday and into friday. friday it's going to feel very cold around here as numbers are below normal for this time of year. big swing from the start to the finish of the seven-day. >> just like the past two weeks. feel like i've been here before. >> used to it? >> no. all right, drew, thank you very much. but i can get used to the warriors winning over san antonio. >> it's looking more and more like the warriors and cavs in the finals. and probably neither team will have lost in the playoffs. that's going to be incredible to watch. the warriors now just one wane away from the third straight trip to the nba finals. when we come back, you'll hear from javale
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with tonight's 120-108 victory the warriors can advance to their third straight nba finals with a win on monday in san antonio. with zaza pachulia nursing a bruised heel, javale mcgee did not find out he was starting until four hours before tipoff. the center made the most of his opportunity scoring the warriors' first seven points. he finished with 16, making 6 of his 9 shots. mcgee credits his teammates. >> some of the most unselfish players i've ever played with in my life. and whenever i'm open they pass the ball. they don't care if they have a shot or not. and the fact these all-stars are willing to make these passsize amazing. >> it's a great weapon. and he understands his importance when he's out there on the floo he gave us a great d great energy. we got a lot of easy baskets to start the game and was able to get a rhythm. >> not that it will make much of a difference but celtics star guard isaiah thomas will miss the rest of the playoffs because
11:53 pm
of a hip injury. so far boston has been dom 2345i9ed by the cavaliers in the eastern conference finals and lost game 2 by 44 points. game 3 is tomorrow night in cleveland. after a terrible start the giants are starting to turn things around. tonight this won for the seventh time in their last eight games. let's go to busch stadium where these fans had to sit through a 13-inning marathon. dexter fowler pop fly. crawford with a nice sliding grab. still scoreless in the 10th when the cardinals' diaz sends this to center but denard spann goes back and makes the nice catch at the wall. for the second straight night there was a rain delay. this one lasted about 40 minutes. finally arroyo breaks a scoreless tie with a bases loaded two-run double. the giants go on to beat st. louis 3-1. they'll go for the sweep tomorrow. at the coliseum the athletics hit all the right notes against boston.
11:54 pm
oakland played home run derby. last night's hero mark cana ties it up with this solo shot. then after a jed lowry single khris davis crushes this pitch deep to center. 5-3 oakland. still in the fifth with a man on, he just outdoors davis with a monster shot into the second deck. longest home run in the majors this season. they beat boston 4-3. they'll try to make it four straight against the red sox tomorrow. cal had to beat them to stay alive. 4-3 lead. but later in the inning heavy rain and lightning caused the game to be suspended. so they'll have to try to finish the contest tomorrow morning. at the 142nd preakness derby winner, always dreaming was the favorite. but the race came down to cloud computing and classic empire.
11:55 pm
>> classic empire! crowd computing comes alongside! cloud computing has defeated classic empire in the preakness! >> so cloud computing edges classic empire to win the second jewel of the triple crown. he went off at 13/1 odds. always dreaming came in eighth. duck fans pumped up for game 5. late in the second period wilson backhands it off the post and it goes in. his second goal of the playoffs. ties the game at 1. then midway in the third the predators take the lead as pontius auburg puts in the rebound. nashville wins 3-1. with a 3-2 series lead it can earn its first ever stanley cup berth with a victory on monday. the earthquakes handed dallas its first loss of the season. bingham made several tough saves en route to his 25th shutout. hicka tips the ball to himself.
11:56 pm
then scores. san jose wins ab on-field shower. at the byron nelson classic in irving, tx text cal alum and alameda resident james hahn has the lead. on 3 he holes out for birdie. wow. then on 9 he sinks this long putt for another birdie. jason day made a charge with his own string of birdies making five in a row. and the 60-footer on 17. dave finished with a 63. he's tied for third. two strokes back. hahn shot a 6 under 54 to put him 12 under through three rounds. this abc 7 news sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> enough going on today? >> i think so. >> ready to go home. that's it for today. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for rick and drurks thank you for joining us. have a great night and a better morning.
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