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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 21, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it is sunday, may 21st. i'm chris nguyen in for carolyn tyler. let's start with aa first look at the forecast. lisa argen is tracking the forecast. >> clouds across the shoreline with very little visibility. a look from the golden gate and still looking at some sunshine. but also need some wind ex on that camera. temperatures in the low 50s from san francisco. 61 in san jose. 50 half moon bay. and the breeze here from our roof camera. so the sea breeze will keep us cool and in the 60s at the coast today once again upper 40s in santa rosa. it is 58 in concord. and for the bay to breakers, notice the fog and it will help you with the run with temperatures staying in the 50s. all throughout the morning hours. 9:00 or 10:00 near 60 degrees. so looking at the afternoon, more 90s in the forecast. and we'll see a bit more fog at the coast so we'll talk about
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temperatures and in your neighborhood and a cooldown for this week coming up in a few minutes. chris. happening today, one of the bay area's most iconic events is less than two hours away. the bay to breakers race is a 7.5 mile run. but let's be real, the focus is on the colorful costumes worn by many of the participants. cornell bernard is live on the embarcadero near the start of that race. cornell, paint the scene for us this morning. >> reporter: yeah, i'll try. it is the calm before the craziness, chris. good morning. check it out. finishing touches being put on the starting line here at main and howard for 106th running of the bay to breakers race. it is a one-of-a-kind san francisco event. it is hard to describe. but a lot of volunteers showing up to help point runners in the right direction. i talked to them a few minutes ago. some kind of hesitant and scared because they've heard a lot of
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stuff about the race because it is pretty crazy and lots of fun. but 50,000 runners, 100,000 spectators, believe it or not. making the trek from downtown to the great highway. 7.5 miles up and over the hills and neighborhoods of san francisco. san francisco police will be out in force like they have in years past. they want everybody to have a great time. but there is a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and if cops catch you on the course with booze, they will take it away from you. we've seen it happen and time and time again. we've seen cops grab beers with people and pour it out in front of you. a lot of people not happy about that, but that is the rules for the race. just to keep everybody safe and happy during this very long, very, very big race. we look forward to a lot of craziness and a lot of costumes because that is really what it is about. last year i counted maybe 30 hillaries and donald trump.
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don't expect to see that many this year. but it is bay to breakers and anything could happen. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this morning the child at the center of an amber alert is back with his mother. investigators with the san francisco district attorney's office worked around the clock to get the little boy home. as you could imagine, that home coming was quite an emotional scene. an abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson was there. >> reporter: the reunion tarted with a smile and then the mom disappeared into the backseat of this black car. a bottle of milk emerged and then mother and son. she kradedle him and he clung to her. you could sense her incredible relief. her son was safe. her son was home. >> just happy tears. happy tears. >> reporter: the mother asked
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someone to read a statement on her behalf. >> this is a parent's worst nightmare, not knowing where their child is. >> reporter: the statement continued thanking law enforcement officers, members of the media, and everyone on social media who helped spread the word. >> thank you all for helping and getting my son back. thank you all from the bottom of my heart. >> it has been a terrifying few days for the family. the father allegedly refused to take him home. a court gave the mother sole custody on thursday and that is when the san francisco district attorney's office got involved. >> when we started looking into the case, we noticed that the father was engaged in erratic behavior and that concerned us greatly. >> reporter: officials issued an ambert alert sparking a statewide effort to find the 21-month-old boy. he is now safe in his momma's arms. >> it worked out perfectly. >> reporter: tiffany wilson, abc
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7 news. developing news out of san jose, where police were searching the area of bodie court and blossom hill road. that is right near oak grove high school. officers were looking for two men wanted for a robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. police spotted the men in a stolen car last night. officers chased the suspects to this area and established a search perimeter. we'll update as soon as we hear more on the information from san jose police. we also have developing news from the east bay where search crews will likely resume looking for this morning for a missing boater. contra costa fire officials received a call yesterday at about 5:30 about a boat capsizing near the pittsburg marina. a child fell from the boat and his father jumped in to save him. the child is rescued but the father is unaccounted for. the officials called off the search due to darkness, due to
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much to one woman's dismay. >> tomorrow it is too late. that is what they should do. and not leave like they are doing right now. >> officials say it happened near browns island which is part of the east bay regional parks district. 6:06 is the time. the alameda county district attorney is conducting an investigation after officers shot and killed inland empire armed man in pleasant ton. three officers were responding to a 911 call yesterday morning about a family disturbance on burg andy drive. when officers approached the home they say a garage door went up and a man with a gun was standing inside. >> he walked toward the officers holding a firearm and pointing it in their direction. in response, one of our officers fired his duty weapon hitting the subject. >> the man died at the scene. his identity has not been released. the officers were not hurt. police have not saying right now if the man fired his weapon and it is unclear what kind of family disturbance occurred.
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a morgan hill man was rested after he use -- arrested after he used a knife to attack a woman and young baby. he was arrested after a neighbor heard screams coming from the home of eduardo ramirez. they found him in the parking lot stabbing himself. and when he wouldn't drop the knife, officers tased him. the other injured victims were found in the home and taken to the hospital. there is no relationship on the suspect and the vibes. san francisco police have uncovered a important clue in the case of a man missing for more thon a week. officers found the call belonging to chi. we are found that his car was found striped in the bay view district. >> reporter: chi's family stands speechle speechless in the spot with where his mercedes was dumpedond davidson, striped of everything including the tires. police on patrol found it and impounded it.
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and now chi's closest friends and family are scouring the bay view looking for answers and witnesses. >> we're looking for my missing brother. >> reporter: the homeless who set up tents here only noticed the car, but not this man. >> on the corner. that is about it. >> reporter: chi disappeared last sunday afternoon. the 47-year-old is a full time uber driver, but didn't plan to work that day. now nearly a week without any word has left many fearing the worst. >> if someone carjacked him, took him somewhere, and dumped his body somewhere that can't be found and then take his car and just dump it at another place. >> reporter: investigators paid the first visit to chi's house and took his laptop ipad, and toothbrush and razor and admit they haven't ruled anything out. >> just have to keep the hope this he is in a good place and he is okay. there is nothing at this point that i can say that would
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indicate that he is in trouble. >> reporter: that is not what chi's wife of 20 years thinks. she's sure he's in trouble. >> i'm wait for him, for god's sake. his family is waiting for him. i give you anything you want. i all i want is for him to come back. >> reporter: the family plans to expand the search to oakland and pacifica. abc 7 news. b.a.r.t. officials are confident the system will be able to provide full service for thousands of people headed to this morning's bay to breakers. on saturday afternoon the cars on a nine car train derailed near the daly city station. crews worked through the night to get the system back up and running. the cars ended up several feet off the track and damaged the train and nearby track structures. b.a.r.t. workers described what happened. >> daly city, we have a possible derailment. the next car behind 1664 is off the rails and the tracks are
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open -- [ inaudible ]. >> and you are looking at video that a commuter shot from a passing train. fire crews and b.a.r.t. police evacuated the passengers from the derailed train by having them climb down a ladder. abc 7 news talked to them after they walked to the daly city station. >> and then i sit down and the car was shaking. very strong boom, boom, boom, about ten times. >> saw a bunch of smoke and we got up and moved up to the front car. >> nobody was hurt. b.a.r.t. believes it was not the fault of the train operator. meteorologist lisa argen joins us now. so close to the start of the bray to breakers. and the fog is increasing. >> it will stay comfortable with partly cloudy skies but the fog, at about 500 feet and once again the compressed marine layer meaning there is not much of it. with 61 degrees in san jose, 68 in los gatos.
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it is mild in search perimet-- mother nature kicking in but in just the vicinity of the shore line. i'll talk about how long the heat sticks around next. also ahead, stranded on a roller coaster. how people were rescued in the middle of a lightning storm. it isn't right. >> kids getting a message
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now to developing news in san diego county. a fast-moving brush fire has grown to 1,000 acres off of highway 94. that is about 25 miles southeast of san diego. smoke from the fire could be seen for miles after igniting yesterday morning. it is 20% contained. the community is under an evacuation warning this morning and a nearby campground has been evacuated. the cause of the fire has not been determined. rocker chris cornell's body will be flown to los angeles today ahead of a funeral on friday. sources say he will be buried at the hollywood forever cemetery. the 52-year-old died on wednesday night after performing with soundgarden in detroit. the medical examiner ruled it suicide by hanging. cornell's widow does not believe it was intentional and an anxiety drug may have affected his actions. band imagin dragons will pay
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tribute at the night's billboard music awards, airing twice, first at 5:00 and then again at 8:00 p.m. eight teenagers had to be rub -- rescued from a roller coaster at six flags over texas. they were stranded in a storm in arlington early yesterday morning. strong winds triggered a safety stop on the joker just after midnight. it took three hours to free the students. no one was hurt but they were not happy about the experience. >> we didn't hear from anyone from six flags for probably 25 minutes. and it -- by this time, it was starting to rain really, really heavily. >> six flags said the engineers are con ducking a thorough inspection of the ride. last month two dozen people were rescued after a similar incident at six flags maryland. in new york city, there are calls for more protective barriers on sidewalks following last week's deadly crash in time
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square. a city councilman said he will be drafting legislation to get more sidewalk fortifications installed. now one of those ballards stopped a car as it head down the crowded sidewalks of time square. an 18-year-old tourist from michigan died. >> it is just an empty and hollow feeling. that is my first thought, that i will never see her or see grandkids or get to walk her down the aisle. we are devastated. there are no other words for it. >> the driver is charged with murder and attempted murder. he said he smokes marijuana laced with pc p and the mayor and police are reviewing whether more security measures are needed in time square. passengers on a muni bus were trapped by a downed power line in castro district. the line fell across the 33 bus at 18th and knowy treats. passengers were told to stay on board while pg&e crews were called in.
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that took utility workers about 40 minutes. no injuries were reported and the bus continued on its way. if you come across a downed power line, pg&e said you should stay away and call 911. >> 6:17 is the time. a bomb sniffing canine from the area is helping to eliminate bullies across the state. the canine is used to sniffing out bombs but taking a spin in the name of eliminating bullying. niner joined two other canines as part of a program called canines against bullies led by the santa clara county sheriff's office. >> we want them to understand and know they have a voice and we don't want them to hold their feelings inside if they are being bullied. >> the nice were a nice touch and got my attention and made me listen a little bit more. >> they have given nearly 100 performs and the officers hope it will spread to other agencies
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throughout california. good sunday morning. weare kind of in a holding pattern with our current weather regime. live doppler 7, we do have fog that we are picking showing that to you on our cameras. in reno and truckee, we have the accelerated snow pack and with temperatures in the low to mid-70s so that is creating rapid rises for the streams and creeks with excessive runoff and that could cause rock slides an mudslides there. mt. tam, a clear look this morning. 53 degrees in san francisco. there is fog along the coast and the marine layer. once again we'll have it but it is shallow. but where we do have it at times along the coast, visibility reloosed. 60 in mountain view. 61 in san jose. 1r5i -- 51 in gilroy and 12 to 15 degrees above average yesterday. we did break a record if oakland at 85. santa rosa is at 48. 51 in napa.
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55 by the delta. 58 in concord. no wind at all by the delta and that is an indicator of how warm we'll get with the delta breeze today. once again many locations in the mid-90s. and here is a look at the cloud deck at the golden gate bridge, so at 500 feet, it will continue to build and sit here throughout the day so the beaches will be impacted today. yesterday you saw sunshine at the coast. today a few more clouds. but temperatures will remain mild. hot inland tomorrow and certainly today. as our sea breeze will be weak and confined to the beaches. the cooling trend for our inland communities begins on tuesday. so if you are headed to the coast, know this, we do have some fog. we'll have some sun at times. i think more fog for half moon bay. low 60s and temperatures in santa cruz should be in the 70s today. so hour by hour, the fog continues to increase and from san mateo coast through the marin county coast, it sets up overnight. and then it will allow for more of a breeze into monday
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afternoon. so here is monday. 90s again. upper 70s in oakland. but today is another warm one. so this will feel good tomorrow. 60s in san francisco for monday. tuesday, everyone feels the effects of a tronger cooldown. and in fact, temperatures still above average. it will take to about thursday when we see numbers plummet below average. mid and upper 80s for you in the south bay. 87 in milpitas. san mateo 85. 88 in mountain view. san francisco in the 70s. a beautiful day here in north bay. numbers getting warm. with about 87 for you from calistoga and near 86 in olinda and no changes this afternoon and inland another hot one with 94 in pittsburg and san ramon and tonight cooling off sh the low clouds and fog at the coast and the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s at coast, 80s around the bay and 90s inland and if you do download our app you notice the average high this
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is time of the year really will come into play into the mid of the week and it should feel nice and it looks like we cool off wednesday again and -- once again and below average by next weekend. >> looking forward to that. >> just ahead, a stranded whale in southern california. how biologists are trying to get it out of the harbor and back into the ocean. but first, in honor of haira pacific american heritage month we're using our bay area instagram feed to celebrate people making a difference where you live. today we honor tice wong who immigrated from china as a child and captivated audiences in the
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dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> the latest developments in the donald trump's first foreign trip as president. warm vibes all around and dancing with the saudis and calling the leader of egypt a friend. even complimenting his shoes. coming up, a major address on terrorism. and an nb player after being detained overseas and blaming it on his political views.
6:25 am
how the nba was able to step in and finally hours away from the billboard music awards and we'll take you behind the scenes with a preview as the biggest stars in music prepare to hit the stage right here on abc. coming up on gma. we'll see you soon. in southern california, this morning rescue crews will resume efforts to guide a stranded humpback whale out to sea. the 35 foot long mammal has been stuck in the ventura harbor and hit the dock and nearly crashed into a boat propeller. yesterday large crowds were gathered to watch. last night marine biologists started broadcasting whale calls under water to try to lure it back out to sea. it is unclear if anything it wrong with the whale. a california record for making the most s'mores at one time is in jeopardy. a group of students in pennsylvania tried to break the guinness world record today and the record is 423 set last year by another group of children in
6:26 am
huntington beach. more than 700 students took part in this attempt and it will take weeks to determine if they did break the record. every friday and saturday, a secret spot in the bay area turns back to 1923. it is a speakeasy part club and theater and the audience is part of the show. find out why it is packing in crowds tonight. into and still to come, an unusual accident at l.a.x. what this passenger jet collided with after touching down.
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good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we start out with a quick look at the weather. lisa argen is tracking the conditions where you live. >> good morning. hi, everyone. you could see the fog behind me around the bay and also at the shoreline. creating visibility issues and bearing the golden gate bridge. a lot like yesterday. so temperatures result in cool and comfortable numbers here. 53. holing on to the low 60s in san jose. we have fog and 50 degrees, emeryville and sunny skies and 58 in concord and in livermore. so the start of the race is moments away and we'll see numbers stay in the low 50s until about 9:00, 10:00 and then we climb into the 60s. the rest of the day today will feature the fog at the
6:30 am
shoreline. come foe and cool until about 9:00 and then it gets going. warm weather, more 90s and 80s from the bay to the inland valleys and from the first part of the workweek, i have the details coming up. rubbers are warm -- runners are warming up in the bay to breakers in san francisco. gun goes off at the top of the hour. cornell bernard is live near the embarcadero at the beginning of the race. have you seen any interesting costumes yet? >> reporter: not so much costumes yet but a lot of runners are showing up. it is not a race, it is a party. it is that explaining it or what. check it out. a lot of people are showing up at the starting line at main and howard. a lot of folks getting up early for the 106th running of the bay to breakers race. a one-of-a-kind event. a lot of volunteers showing up
6:31 am
to point all of the runners in the right direction. 50,000 runners, 100,000 spect raters making the trek from downtown to the great highway. 7.5 miles up and over the mighty hills, through the mighty neighborhoods of san francisco. we talked to one race veteran a few minutes ago about why they come back every single year. >> it is my 33 bay to breakers, consecutive. >> tell me about your outfit. >> oh, so this year i'm a prom queen. >> wow! you look amazing. >> it is a moving party through the city of san francisco. and i just love it. i look forward to it every year. >> moving party, that is for sure. san francisco police want everybody to have a great time. san francisco police say there is a zero toll lance policy for alcohol on the race course and if cops catch you with booze on the court, they will take it
6:32 am
away. we've seen it happen before. we are still waiting for folks in costumes to show up. we haven't seen so many of those yet. we do expect a lot of donald trumps. and last year we saw a lot of hillary clintons. but i have run any running shoes on. i'm ready. am i running the race? absolutely not. but we'll have full coverage throughout the day. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> hoond ear is a -- and here is a map of the 7.5 mile course and it starts at howard and main at 8:00 this morning and ends at ocean beach. some streets and muni lines are affected so for complete information including street closures and transit updates head over to our website at president trump is expected to try and re-set relations with the muslim world later in morning during a major speech at the arab islamic american summit in saudi arabia. his campaign was marked by
6:33 am
anti-muslim rhetoric calling for -- including a call for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the u.s. abc news reporterari reporterari showed us the treatment on his first trip. >> reporter: getting a greeting from the king. honored with lavish pomp and circumstance including the kingdom's highest award. melania trump like michelle obama not wearing the traditional head scarf. the president having no trouble with this tradition as saudi dance symbolizing peace after war brandingishing a sword. and then to business. a deal for the saudi kingdom to by $350 billion in military u.s. equipment and services. >> hundreds of billion dollars of investment into the united states and jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: meanwhile, james comey is getting set to go public. he'll testify before a senate
6:34 am
committee after memorial day. one big question, why did mr. trump fire him. he told top russian diplomats the next day, i just fired the head of the fbi. he was crazy. a real nut job. trump boasted according to an official summary of the meeting read to the new york by an american official, i faced great pressure because of russia. that is taken off. in an interview for this week with george stephanopoulos, h.r. mcmaster offering an explanation. >> the intent of that conversation was to say, what i would like to do is move beyond the russia news so that we could find areas of cooperation. >> reporter: and abc 7 news has learned that the investigation into russian meddling has spread to the president's inner circle with a senior white house aide now considered a person of interest. abc news, new york. and we just heard from national security adviser lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. you could see his full exclusive interview on this week with
6:35 am
george stephanopoulos here on abc 7 beginning at 8:00 this morning. happening today, congresswoman basha lee of oakland is hosting a town hall discussion on presidential accountability. it starts at 2:00 this afternoon at martin luther king jr. midnight and one of the invited guests is john dean a key witness during the watergate scandal and he has been a constant critic of the president before and after the election. today california's democratic party will wrap up the annual convention in sacramento. yesterday some of the party's biggest names called on supporters to stand up to donald trump and republicans on capitol hill. >> that they are held accountable in the election. >> democrats cheered when house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke yesterday. democrats across the country have focused efforts on retaking both houses of next year's election.
6:36 am
party leaders urge democrats to campaign against the state's 14 gop house members. the search for sierra lamar continues near morgan hill yesterday. the 15-year-old disappeared five years ago on the way to school. her body was never found. we were near the reservoir as a dozen volunteers returned to search and they are using information from the trial of the convicted killer garcia torres. several search volunteers attended the trial this month. lamar went missing in march of 2015. the penalty phase for the convicted killer continues toech. jurors who found garcia-torres guilty will determine if he gets the death penalty or life in prison without parole. on friday, lamar's parents gave a emotional testimony about their loss. 6:36 is the time. san francisco international airline believes a project to repave one of the runways will an iffish ahead -- will finish ahead of schedule.
6:37 am
abc # news was aboard a flight as they resurfaced one of the runways. that work is taking place on weekends and passengers have faced delays because of it. this morning flights are delayed an average of 3 hours and 41 minutes. but the project should be done next month instead of later in the summer. ofirs at -- officials at los angeles international airport are trying to determine how a passenger jet collided with a bus on a service road. eight people were injured. the aero mexico flight struck a utility truck after landing at lax. all injuries are not life-threatening. the collision left the truck overturned over a taxiway. however there was no fire or spilled fuel in. still ahead, meet the man so passionate about the warriors he quit his job. how he's hoping his dub nation designs will make a big splash. but first as we head to break, a live look outside from
6:38 am
the mt. tam camera. you could see the fog out there. lisa argen will have your full forecast in
6:39 am
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welcome back. everyone. uner has started charging riders a premium based on where they are going. chronicle reports that the san francisco ride sharing company is charging extra to customers who travel along high demand routes. uber is trying to increase revenue after losing $2.8 billion last year.
6:41 am
company said the pricing move will create more trip in the city meaning shorter wait times for riders and drivers. so we just saw from the mt. tam camera a lot of fog out there. over the golden gate bridge. >> and the weather is running into that. so it will be fantastic weather for that. with numbers in the 50s. so the fog is really on the move. it is growing tall right now. 53 in san francisco. visible just at about a half mile at the coast. and we're looking at 60s in san jose. so microclimate in full swing. 60s to mid-90s again today. i'll have those for you comingp in a few minutes. and ahead, k.d. leads the warriors over the spurs. as the dubs put san antonio on as the dubs put san antonio on the brink of elimin ♪ ♪ at ikea, we believe that you should be able to afford your dream bedroom. that you can get it all for less.
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in sports, later this morning the giants will try to sweep the cardinals in st. louis. cain takes the mound against the cards. first pitch is at 11:15 a.m. the a's will try to complete a sweep of the red sox. trig starts for the a's and first pitch at 1:05. and last night the dubs were in game three of the western conference finals and here is rick quan. >> reporter: the warriors are
6:45 am
one win away from advancing to the third straight nba finals. they are missing key players last night but golden state's dep mg and fire power were so much for san antonio to overcome. quay wy leonard sat out and pachulia had a bruised heel. the were napping as west throws a strike to clark who scores right before the buzzer. san antonio tried to keep it close off the miss. davis with the one hand putback and that was impressive. the dubs got a big game from mcgee who started for pachulia and scored 16 points. golden state led by 9 at halftime. durant took over in the third scoring 19 points. he lays it in plus the foul and then from three-point range this is a four-point play and finishing with a game high 33
6:46 am
and curry with icing on the cake. mike shumann has more from san antonio. >> we've been talking about it all season. game three a tough one because of the change of venue. warriors a little sloppy early on but durant to the rescue and 19 points in the third quarter. 33 on the night. >> sometimes i think too much. sometimes i look to pass when i should score and i look to score when i should pass and if i don't think at all, that is where i'm best. and third quarter i just went out there and played. >> we knew the guys would come out and play hard. pop has got these guys dialed in and they're going to put up a fight especially after game two. and got to give our guys credit. >> every time you look up, you are playing against four all-stars. so you better be pretty perfect and competitiveness wise, i couldn't ask for anything more. but we turned it over too much. >> was sloppy but came back and held them off. >> game three of any series is the toughest game. and we know what type of fight
6:47 am
they were going to put up at home and we just did a good job of with standing their runs an got control over the pace of the game in the second half. >> warriors can close out the spurs on monday night. error -- reporting in san antonio, mike shumann, abc 7 news. and a long night in st. louis as the game went 13 innings before being decided. out to busch stadium where the fans had to sit through a four and i half hour marathon. and in this dexter fowler pop fly, crawford with a sliding grab. and still scoreless in the tenth with diaz sends this ball deep to center. dennard span goes back and makes a nice catch at the wall. for the second straight night there was a rain delay. this one lasting about 40 minutes. finally in the 13th, breaking a scoreless tie with a two-run double. the giants go on to beat st. louis 3-1. they'll try to complete a three game sweep later today into over at the coliseum, the -- the a's
6:48 am
are playing good ball. mark cana ties it up with this sola shot. and then after a lowry single, davis sends this pitch deep to center. his 13th homer of the season makes it 5-3 oakland. still in the fifth with a man on, pender outdoes davis with a monster shot into the second deck traveling 483 feet mang making it the longest home run in the majors this season. they beat up boston 8-3 and they try to compete a sweep this afternoon. and preakness, cloud computing winning the second jewel of the triple crown. that is sports for a sunday morning. i'm rick quan and i'll see you again tonight at 4:30. good morning, to you. here is a live look outside and one again the low cloud deck, it is growing taller within the past couple of hours so just
6:49 am
about to swallow up the towers there and we'll be looking at another warm, warm day today and that is due to a big ridge of high pressure that continues to sit right overhead and as a result, boy, why, we're looking at mountain view for a change here and noticing the upper 80s today. so that is about 12 degrees above average. ad then eventually we'll get into the cooler numbers. but that is going to take quite sometime. and in fact the sea breeze not going to feel it until tomorrow. so we will enjoy a lot of sunshine today if you are at the coast. it will be just a little bit gray in spots at times. here is live doppler 7 and you notice that we have the marine layer off shore but as we go to the sierra nevada, temperatures in the 70s in the afternoon and that is why the national weather service has continued to have the flood watch in effect for parts of the area. the tahoe basin in general with accelerated snow pack and rapid rises in creeks and streams throughout not only today but the evening hours and that excessive runoff creating a mess
6:50 am
there with the rock size potentials and mudslides. look at fog from santa cruz. sun will come out and well into the 70s again today. but in san jose, we are already mild. we haven't dropped off that much as well as mountain view with low 60s. 53 in san francisco. so from emeryville, sunny skies and warm day ahead. in fact quite hot inland. 58 in concord. 48 in santa rosa. and right here it is sunny from oakland to emeryville. daytime temperatures will climb quickly and in the 70s by noontime and more clouds at coast. we look for hot team -- temperatures through monday and the cooling trend as high pressure gives way to low pressure and that is accelerated into tuesday. this afternoon, the low clouds and fog with us and as a matter of fact, i think we'll have a somewhat more substantial footprint of this throughout the day today. so while it was sunny yesterday at our beaches, we'll see more fog especially along the san antonio coast.
6:51 am
87, milpitas. cupertino same deal and so warm with very little change except right here. i think you'll feel a bit more avenue breeze and perhaps san mateo 85 and more fog from pacifica to daly city to half moon bay and mid-60s and north bay numbers, it is a place to usually clears so you could see sunshine and upper 60s. 88 in santa rosa. looking at more 80s. a record yesterday in the mid-80s and this afternoon about the same. 93 in concord and fairfield with very little wind so it will warm up quickly. upper 70s and it is kind of like deja vu with another warm afternoon and another win on the way. overnight low 40s and 50s with the low clouds and that will keep us cool through the overnight hours an the accuweather seven-day forecast, looking at the hot weather day-to-day until that sea breeze kicks up. i think you will feel it later on today in spots but tomorrow is another warm one inland and then you download our app and
6:52 am
you'll be asking what happened to summer by the end of the week. >> lisa, thank you. how much do you love the warriors? enough to quit your job. that is what one man did. wayne freedman has more. >> reporter: check for hard core warriors fans and living and dying with every play as if life long dreams hang in the balance. for yani it is true. >> we need a win. >> for many reasons. >> reporter: you understand when you visit him at his mother's house where he moved back in, trans formed a bedroom into a studio and spent hours creating wearable limited edition nonfading sign prints of the warriors starters. it is a novel idea. >> i'm defying odderses -- odds here. >> especially after turning his back on 10 years in corporate america to make it happen. >> a passion for drawing and basketball that gab years ago with -- began years ago with crayons and continues with detours along the way.
6:53 am
>> reporter: where the corporate income gone, he drives for uber and used every square inch for advertising space. do you believe in serendipity. and guess who climbs into this backseat? >> klay thompson. >> the same klay thompson he's now drawing. >> i told him you're next. >> and with perseverance his work has drawn enough attention to get him into a warriors practice and he hopes to work a formal deal with the team. >> and if they said, let's do it, how many could you make. >> as many as they want. >> and now you understand where with the nba playoffs, he does hang on every basket. you would do, if you invested everything. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. game four is tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. in san antonio on our sister network espn. we want to see your dub nation pride, everybody. post your photos and videos using the hashtag dubs on seven
6:54 am
and we may show them here on abc 7 on our website at coming up, a rare look at an oozing lava river on the big island in hawaii. how the photographer was able to get so close.
6:55 am
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check it out...this is the joint we're in... and we need you to help us break out! got it? move it!...i gotta go! there is magic for days! new this morning, some stunning pictures to show you from hawaii. this is the time lapse photography of lava spouting from the kilauea volcano on the
6:57 am
big island. the photographer had to hike to the base of the foot and could feel the heat from the magma. it has been erupted for 34 years and they say the latest eruption poses no threat to nearby communities at it time. just some incredible footage, lisa. >> so satisfying to watch, isn't that. good morning, everyone. well we're also watching the fogch i am, any way, as it grows taller. like yesterday, the changes come at the shoreline. today 60 in concord. subtle changes. 50 in santa rosa. and it is nice out there right now. but later on today, mid-80s. we had a record yesterday in oakland. low to mid-90s inland and low clouds and fog kind of in and out of the coast. you would le lucky if you get some sun. i think we'll see more fog and looking at the cooldown, around the bay tomorrow, but not until tuesday for our friends in the inland valleys an then by the end of the week we may not reach 70 in some spots but that is the way it goes around here. spring and summer.
6:58 am
>> it changes all so fast. thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. for carolyn tyler, i'm chris nguyen along size lisa argen. the news continues on twitter, facebook and instagram. "good morning america" is next. if you headed out to bay to breakers this morning, good luck. news continues at 9:00 a.m. we'll see you then.
6:59 am
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good morning, america. new overnight, dancing and diplomacy. president trump's saudi trip. meeting with the leaders of arab nations and signing deals. >> it was a tremendous day. tremendous investments into the united states. >> and set to deliver a high-stakes speech to the muslim world. how will it be received? our team coverage from saudi arabia this morning. new missile launch. north korea's latest test. fired from near the nation's capital. is the country speeding up its development of nuclear weapons? what we're learning this morning. nba player detained. oklahoma city thunder's enes kanter finds his passport revoked overseas. the world leader he is blaming. >> he's a bad, bad man. he's a dictator. >> and t


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