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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 21, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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tonight the second floor of this home remains filled with those marijuana plants. even if the people behind this grow operation have the permits,
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investigators say they were doing something else illegally. fire investigators say they immediately knew there was more to this smoking home on bugle way in antioch. >> this was not a mom and pop operation. they knew exactly what they were doing. >> the first telltale sign even before they got inside. >> they had put 2 x 4 wood beams behind all of the entryway doors. there was sheetrock and bars in all of the windows on the first and second floor. this is what they typically do in these scenarios to keep any intruders out. >> their suspicions confirmed. on the second floor, dozens and dozens of pot plants. >> well over 50. probably not more than a couple hundred. >> inside the garage, bags of potting soil. someone seemed to be living in the five bedroom, three bathroom house. but in this case, even neighbors were in the dark. many said they never saw anyone coming or going. >> we don't know that this was happening in there. so we like oh, my gosh. >> how come we didn't catch
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this? and how come we didn't know as neighbors this was happening? >> reporter: firefighters spent the afternoon putting out hot spots, followed by crews sweeping glass and preparing to board up the home, which they did by night fall, with all the pot plants inside. they're investigating the fire's cause and origin, while antioch police are taking the lead on the rest. even if the growers have permits, firefighters say it appears they were illegally using power by bypassing the electric meter. in antioch, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. new video at 11:00 shows flames destroying a vacation home in sonoma. the fire happened around 1:30 this morning in the diamond a ranch estates neighborhood. you see the home burned down to the frame. eight people got out safely, and the rookies is helping them get back to their hometown. ed hasler shared this video with us. only on 7, is a san
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francisco man says he was asked to move out of an airplane exit row because of his prosthetic leg. he says it happened today on a flight from beijing to seoul. >> ci cannot prove your leg is functional. >> tim steward took this cell phone video of an asiana employee who said he asked him to move from his exit row seat to another seat because of his prosthetic leg. he said he paid more for the seat, has sat in exit rows many times before and is fully capable of performing exit row duty. >> they threatened me they were going to kick me off the plane. if i didn't -- if i didn't move. personally, i feel like it's not -- it wasn't right to have someone determine for me my physical ability. and i think that, you know, that i think the airline should understand that that is wrong and they discriminated against someone.
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>> we reached out to asiana airlines for comment and have not yet heard back. we checked a cabin safety document on the faa's website which says the following. if a passenger with a prosthesis is being evaluated for assignment to exit seat, the presence of the prosthesis would not be the determinant for being able to meet the criteria, but rather the physical ability to perform the exit seat duties. a united airlines flight from shanghai to newark had to be diverted to season tonight buzz of an unruly passenger. united 87 landed at sfo just before 5:15 this evening. this cell phone individual joe yo' shot by a passenger shows the passenger wearing a red make america great. he was yelling at attendants over a seat upgrade. police led him off the plane. the plane took off and is scheduled to arrive in new york this morning. because of delays in china and the unscheduled landing, the
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flight will arrive more than eight hours late. a san jose state football player is in the hospital recovering from a stab wound from a early morning fight at a bar. chad miller is in critical condition and his family is seeking answers and demanding justice. lilian kim has our story from san jose tonight. >> well, the way he put it was he think was going to be okay. of course, my wife didn't like that answer. >> it wasn't the update brad and belinda miller were hoping for. their son chad is in stable but critical condition at santa clara valley medical center. the san jose state football player was enjoying a night out in downtown san jose when he and his group of friends got in a fight with another group. >> a fight erupted. and he ended up getting stabbed. he wasn't initially involved in a fight. but somehow he got stabbed. >> it happened on post street between lights and alley in south first street. san jose police took security video from nearby businesses,
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but so far they haven't announced any arrests. miller has been in the news before. in 2015, a teammate struck him in the head with a skateboard. his friends who showed up at the hospital today say miller is a chill guy who is not out looking for trouble. >> he minds his own business. he really cares about all his friends too. i know he would like -- if any of this would happen to any of us, he would be here just like we are for him. >> the millers say they have been so crowd of their son's accomplishments. he plays safety, and in the past few years they say he has worked hard to gain 60 pounds of muscle. >> right now we're just concerned about him being alive. football is secondary. we just want him to be alive right now. >> friends and family are urging anyone with information to contact san jose police. in the meantime, they'll remain at miller's bedside, hoping he'll make a full recovery. in san jose, lilian kim, abc 7 news. leaders of the san francisco and oakland police departments came together tonight to talk directly to the people they serve.
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abc 7 news was in san francisco for the 106 street soldiers live town hall. they talked about efforts to reduce crime and reduce police interaction was the public. william scott acknowledged his department has a long way to go. well, much more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking the workweek forecast. drew? > and we're going to feature major swings in our temperatures in the coming days. i'll have the numbers and the forecast ahead. every weekend, a secret spot in the bay area turns back to the year 1923. next, why this unique speakeasy is packing it in. and later, terrifying video tonight. a little girl gets pulled into the water by a sea lion. but first -- ♪ ♪ for auld lang syne
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president trump is calling on the leaders of more than 50 islamic countries to band together to stamp out islamic extremism. today he gave what is being called a landmark speech in saudi arabia, calling it a battle between good and evil. >> better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists. and drive out the extremists. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land, and drive them out of this earth. >> his speech did not include the phrase "radical islamic terrorism" which he used in his
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state of the union address and insisted was crucially important in the past. in indiana dozens of students stood up and walked out of their own graduation today. these dote ♪ dame grads did it to protest the commencement speaker, vice president mike pence. some people in the crowd booed as the students left. the vice president, however, did not acknowledge the protesters. he told the graduates that notre dame is spared from the suppression of freedom of speech he has seen at other universities. ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus, the greatest show on earth. >> 146 years of an american tradition came to an end tonight. the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus performed for the last time on new york's long island. ringling brothers decided earlier this year to end its traveling shows. circus shows claimed declining attendance, animal rights activists long criticized the circus. and that prompted ringling brothers to remove elephants from the show last year. it may be 2017 for most of us. but every friday and saturday
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night, a secret spot in the but area turns back to 1923. >> bootleg whiskey, fabulous flappers and drama you can be part of. dan ashley takes us there tonight. >> for just a moment, you might think you're stepping into an old movie. but this speakeasy is happening now. ♪ 35 actors and 250 audience members living the story of a night during prohibition when alcohol was outlawed and illegal salons were everywhere. >> genuine bootleg liquor. i made it myself. >> bottoms up. thinking sim mercyive theater. >> the audience becomes part of the world of 1920s. they dress in costumes. a lot of them assume personas. and they get invited into the action and part of the play. >> sometimes it's hard to tell the customers from the actors. everyone is free to move through a suite of rooms recreated in vintage style there is a chance
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to try your luck at a crooked casino. and intrigue around every corner. the intricate plot plays out in realtime. >> the beauty of it is the story all slowly comes together towards the end of it. >> the speakeasy show was created by nick olvera. there. >> is the a lot of different nooks and crannies that the audience can explore there is hidden passageways and spaces they can discover. >> something like sneaking around, being undercover. that was really exciting about it. >> it's the 1920s comedy and drama. >> comedy night after night, drunk out of your skull. >> i didn't think i was going to cry tonight, but i did. >> 12,000 people have visited so far. >> this is my third time in the last four weeks. and every time i've come back here, it's been a different experience. >> for the actors, immersive heater is a dream come true. >> you never go off stage. you're always on the stage,
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always moving and acting, which is the goal ultimately of the performer. ♪ >> the speakeasy had a short run in 2014 and was reborn in a more elaborate version three months ago. it cost $3.5 million to put all of this together. producers used new regulation put in under the obama administration. >> one day we mentioned beach blanket babylon. >> the speakeasy is in san francisco. but you won't find out exactly where until you buy a ticket and learn the secret to getting inside. prices range from 55 to $145. ♪ >> dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> that look likes a fun night out. thanks, dan. another good one, the bay to breakers. wacky, colorful and uniquely san francisco. that sums up the 106th running
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of the bay to breakers race. sky 7 was over howard street as more than 40,000 runners hit the pavement this morning. the annual race is known for its wacky costumes. film filmon won. now your accuweather with drew tuma. >> we're wrapping up a weekend that did include some record heat out there. and that heat is going to hold on for one more day. live doppler 7. let's show you what is going on outside. we're scanning the skies. but we are precipitation-free. and once again tomorrow can be one of those days, especially inland. those numbers are going to quickly warm in the first few hours of the day. we're going to take concord for example. we're starting off mild already tomorrow morning. only settling in the 50s overnight tonight. and they quickly rise. by noon we're already nearing 90 degrees. that's exactly where we're going to settle into the afternoon. 92 and 93 degrees respectively by 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon.
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not a fan of the heat. cooler air quickly moves in midweek. outside we go. a live look from sutro tower camera, walking down market street in san francisco. and what do we find? our first indication that changes are on the way across the region. fog is settling in across the city. but still even at the hour, we're holding on to mild air. look at concord at 71 degrees. 75 in brandon webb brentwood. we're down 53 san francisco. san jose sitting comfortable at 62 degrees. overnight tonight, the majority of the region will feature plenty of stars out there. settling in the mid-50s. only exception right along the coast where the fog is going to keep news the 40s. future weather too. the fog tomorrowing 6:00 in the morning, mainly over san francisco. portions of the shoreline in san francisco and oakland. it's going to pull back about 10:00 in the morning. much of san francisco is seeing sunshine. we do expect the afternoon to
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feature sunny skies from the coast to the bay to inland. look at our highs in the microclimate. 90 in san jose. 88 for gilroy. 87 for sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 82, menlo park. 84, mountainview. the coast with fog, keeping half moon bay at 63 degrees. san francisco will be mild with afternoon sunshine. 70 south san francisco. 60 for daly city. into the north bay, warm to hot. 86, santa rosa. 92 vallejo. about 95 in cloverdale. tomorrow in oakland, a warm afternoon. 89 in fremont. 80 richmond. and back into the 90s inland for another day. sunny and hot, 95 san ramon. 93 brentwood and 93 concord. we also do have some air quality issues to talk about. poor air quality inland and in the south bay. a spare the air day has been issued for monday. if you can, use public transportation to cut down on the air pollutants. accuweather seven-day forecast. it's hot tomorrow. and then we begin do see the
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cooling first on the coast tuesday. everyone will feel it midweek on wednesday. by friday, look at that. it's a cool may afternoon. download the accuweather app. take track of all the swings in the temperature. ho
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a close encounter with wildlife went from peace to feel terrifying in a matter of seconds. you can see a little girl getting close to a sea lion here when suddenly the marine mammal right there, wow, lungs toward her, pulls her by the skirt into the water. a man jumped in after her, rescued her. this all happened near vancouver, british columbia. other people pulled both of them back on to the dock, and fortunately she was not hurt. there were some other visitors feeding the sea lions, maybe sort of egging the animal on before it happened. good reminder, don't feed wildlife. >> not a good idea. some folks had the brooms
11:27 pm
out today. >> don't feed the animals, and don't take your opponent for granted. cavaliers found that out tonight. coming up in sports, the giants and a's were both hoping to sweep their opponents this afternoon. and only one
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the warriors will try to improve to a perfect 12-0 in the playoffs when they take on the spurs tomorrow in san antonio. so far this postseason they closed out both portland and utah on the road, winning the clen clinchers by 25 and 26 points. now they hope to do the same to the spurs. the key has been quick starts. >> one to finish it off.
11:31 pm
one to come out and play well and not have any letups. i think the last two game fours throughout the series been playing well. we just want to keep it going. and we want to be better than we were last night, i think. that's the main thing. >> any road game is tough. and especially when a team's back is against the wall. they're going to leave it all on the floor. and probably play with a lot of pride and energy. and we have to withstand that and play warriors basketball. >> in the eastern conference finals tonight, boston defied the odds in cleveland. after trailing by 21 in the third quarter, jonas jerebko put the celtics on top with 30 seconds left. the cavaliers answer as kyrie irving makes the driving layup. he finished with a game high 29. but with time rung out, avery bradley puts up a three and gets the friendly belt after losing by 44 in game two, the celtics
11:32 pm
stun cleveland 111-108. they still trail the series. lebron james only scored 11 points. a sweep of louis. three coming on the bases loaded double by randall. he had a pair of hits and four rbis. st. louis got to cain for two nor the fifth as matt carpenter goes deep. giants lose 8-3 but still take the series 2-1. over at the coliseum, the a's were going for a four-game sweep of the red sox. in the fourth, chad pender strikes again after that monster blast yesterday, he delivers a two run homer to give other oakland a 3-2 lead. but red sox would dominate the rest of the way, scoring 10 unanswered runs. mitch more land homers for the third straight contest. 12-3 the final. the a's have an off day tomorrow before hosting miami. this sports report has b
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> the 106th running of bay to breakers is history. the wacky, one-of-a-kind race in san francisco challenges all types of runners from amateur to elite. >> but honestly, many people were just there for the people watching and maybe some of the parties. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard was there. >> sky 7 overhead as 40,000 plus runners on the move for bay to breakers. elite runners in the lead. but some naughty salmon in the race broke the rules and chose
11:37 pm
to swim upstream. at ocean beach, the finish line clock malfunctioned, but got repaired just in time as 23-year-old filmon cheboi from kenya won with 42 minutes, 48 seconds. >> for others it's less about the race and more about the experience and the costumes. it was a good day to be a dinosaur or a duck. >> how hard it is to run in something like this? >> i would say swimming is usually easer, my stronger sport. >> or pink flamingos. >> full outfit, seven miles. we're going to do this. >> this year's race remembering the summer of love. but the flower power for the lloyd family. >> i was born in the summer of love, '67. that's my birthday. feeling it. >> true bay to breakers ends in ocean beach. but for in the party gets started in the panhandle. this is where the race turns into a street party. police trying to keep enforce a no alcohol policy. but many wound up in this first
11:38 pm
aid station, called the sobriety tend. still, neighbor rhonda met could have says it's better this year. >> it's a lot more calmer. well don't have to deal with the urination problem. not so many people drunk. >> reporter: paramedics did respond to medical calls for some racers, dehydrated in the hot sun. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. young soccer players came together today to help the family of a former teammate who died following an accident in the water off santa cruz. [ applause ] abc 7 news was in san jose when players cheered the family of alejandro lopez. 19-year-old lopez played in the earthquakes academy program for up and coming soccer players. one of lopez's former teammates played in a benefit match for his friend's family. >> extremely honored to be able to represent or just to play for him. i used to play with him all the
11:39 pm
time. i just love the kid and i would do anything for him. >> the earthquakes collected donations from fans with the money all going to the lopez family. search crews in the east bay spent a second day looking for a missing boater. he disappeared idea evening after jumping in to the water to save his son after the child fell from a boat near the pittsburg marina. the child was rescued. a surfer has helped develop a gadget to help people from sparks. they call it shark bands. the $80 cuff creates an electromagnetic field that disrupts the shark's senses. one man claimed it helped him fend off a shark that started to attack him. but one marine biologist is skeptical. >> there is reality is there are no 100% proven shark repellents. >> some experts say you can stay safe by avoiding the ocean at sunrise and sunset when the sharks typically look for food.
11:40 pm
you just saw it right here on abc 7. drake made history at the 2017 billboard musical awards. the top artest award put him over the top, picking up 13 awards tonight and surpassing adele's 12 wins in 2012. abc news reporter marci gonzalez was there for the festive night in las vegas. ♪ >> nine minutes of nicki minaj. ♪ just the start of more than a dozen incredible musical performances. bringing down the house of the billboard music awards. a night of entertainment and honoring entertainers. >> and the billboards music award guess to drake. >> a huge night for drake and for the chain smokers. >> i can't believe that this
11:41 pm
song really changed our lives. >> both tied at 22 for the nominations never a year. and claiming win after win. the show all about musicians with the past year's most chart topping sales and digital streams, also pausing to pay tribute. >> please join us in a moment of silence to remember chris cornell. >> and celebrating the past. celine dion. ♪ we'll stay forever this way >> marking the 20th anniversary of the movie "titanic". ♪ do you believe in >> and cher taking the stage and taking home this year's icon award. >> thank you. >> what a way for the pop diva to celebrate her 71th birthday weekend. who knows. you might join some of the stars after they stop here to take
11:42 pm
pictures and head out to the after parties. marci gonzalez, abc news, las vegas. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 -- >> a proud moment for oakland native gloria armstrong. abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann looks at the golfers' windy journey to the lpga hall of fame. and a warm weekend. the heat is going to hang o
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and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> tonight we're already starting to see the marine layer return. take a look. outside sfo right on the horizon you can see that fog bank just building right there. some spots tomorrow morn willing wake up with some fog. live doppler 7 showing visibility at half moon bay. the coast tomorrow early morning will have issues with low visibility. overnight tonight 40s on the coast. 50s away from the coast. more stars inland. more cloud cover and the fog
11:46 pm
along our coastline. tomorrow afternoon, everyone will see sunshine from the cost to the bay and inland. it's going to be one more impressively hot day inland in the 90s. 94 the high in antioch. 92 in livermore. a little bit more tolerable around the bay. 80 in oakland. but 90 in san jose. san francisco an afternoon high of 69. and 86, that number in santa rosa. the next seven days shows you a bit of a temperature roller coaster so to speak. tomorrow it's hot. and then tuesday it's free ac at the coast. still rather warm inland at 90 degrees. widespread cooling will hit everyone wednesday into thursday. and by friday it feels cool for may with temperatures below normal into next weekend, by wisconsin you're not a fan of. >> no. i know we're getting to the summer season. but as we've been talking about, you can escape the city. >> exactly. >> go to warmer places. >> true. >> thank you, drew. for oakland native gloria armstrong, a road to the lpga hall of fame this summer has so many layers from player to teacher to mentor. abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann
11:47 pm
sat down with her to share her amazing story 87 years in the making. >> gloria armstrong was the original member of the lpga in 1955. her first event the same year in 1941 gont so well. >> and i went to play so well in the state amateur, and they wouldn't let me play because i didn't belong to a country club. >> the ladies club at the alameda course pulled together a $25 entry fee and got her in a national usga event. >> the first round of the tournament, it was match play. and i beat some girl i'd never heard of named mickey wright. >> oh, wow. >> wright became one of the best ever. gloria then tried the florida tour and was down to her last $3, calling her dad who could not help. >> i won $162.50. and that was what really kept me out there.
11:48 pm
>> she then joined the 15 oerjnoer original members in 1955. they held clinics to get women more involved in golf. gloria travelled with a trailer hitched to her car, as she couldn't afford hotels. >> sponsor could never pay the prize money from the tournament. so nobody got paid. >> she met carson solheim who gave her one of his new clubs and became the first player to win with a ping putter in 1960. gloria played through the 1966 lpga season and then became davis love's assistant, working with male and female pro, including her star pupil pat hurst. she realized her passion for teaching and started a program for inner city kids. this august she'll be inducted into the teaching and club profile hall of fame at 87 years of age. she was pioneer, teacher,
11:49 pm
mentor, and now a hall of famer. >> well, that's why i'm so happy. i achieved what i was trying to do. >> in oakland, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> an example to all of us, i think. >> great story. >> i take it lebron was not an example because he was thinking ahead. >> took somebody for granted. coming up in sports, lebron james was a no show as the celtics shot cleveland in game three of the eastern conference finals. mike shumann reports in s
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> after a dismal start to the season, the giants had won seven of their last eight games. but today in st. louis, san francisco took a step back. the cardinals jumped on matt cain for four runs in the
11:53 pm
second. three coming on the bases loaded double by randall. he had a pair of hits and 4 rbis. san francisco closed the gap in the third as star rookie christian arroyo rips a double off adam right. cain just didn't visit today. in the fifth, matt crawford takes him deep for a two-run homer. it's his ninth of the season. giants lose 8-3. cain allowed seven earned runs and 5 1/3 innings. over at the coliseum, the a's were going for a four-game streak. in the fourth, chad pinder connects for a second homer in as many days thchls t s this twn gave boston the lead. on the hit-and-run, dustin pedroia singles up the middle. mookie betts never stops running and scores all the way from first. in the sixth, mitch more land will take andrew triggs deep to right. the red sox salvage the series finale with a 12-3 victory. with the win tomorrow night
11:54 pm
in san antonio, the warriors can advance to the nba finals for a third straight season. the spurs trailed 3-0, and will likely not have kawhi leonard or david lee available for game four. mike shumann has more from the alamo city. >> warriors feeling good about themselves today at practice after winning game three. but they know closing out a gregg popovich team here at home in game four is going to be different. >> we weren't happy with everything, we'd be dead on the floor last night. but we did do some good things. and hopefully we can do even better things tomorrow night. >> let's find durant. corner three. kevin durant lighting it up. >> the spurs had no answer for kevin durant last night, who had a postseason career high 19 points in the third quarter and 33 for the game. but there were some issues like 21 turnovers. >> we can obviously play better and hope to do that tomorrow. it wasn't a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination. the third was huge for us. >> closing out a team on their
11:55 pm
home court is not an easy task. >> you know what the spurs are about. they play 48 minutes, play it tough, play it hard, execute their system. and they crowd us, you know. one of the best in the leagues. one of the best in sports. they're going bring the energy. the team is going to bring the energy. they got a lot of pride. these guys are pros, man. so we can't look -- we can't come out and feel like we have won already before the game started. we got to go take it. >> game four set tomorrow monday, 6:00 p.m. tip-off. mike shumann, abc 7 sports. in the eastern conference final, a thriller for a change. after trailing by 21 in the third, jonas vejerebko puts bosn on top. kyrie irving a game high 29 points. but with time rung out, avery bradley will put up three-pointer. and get the friendly bounce after losing by 44 in game two. the celtics stun cleveland, 111-108. they still trail the series 2-1.
11:56 pm
lebron james scored 11 points and none in the fourth quarter. nhl play-offs pittsburgh scored early and often against ottawa. sidney crosby tips in the shot past craig anderson that made it 2-0 in the first. pittsburgh back on the attack. bryan rust puts in the rebound. the senators pulled anderson so he could regain his composure. it wouldn't work. after he came back, in scott wilson scores to make it 4-0. pittsburgh dominates ottawa 7-0 and needs one more win to return to the stanley cup finals. at the byron nelson near dallas thshlgs is billy horschel putting for birdie on 14 from 60 feet away. his ball will find the cup. horschel with the 69 today. his playing partner, jason day says not bad. but how about this as he chips in for birdie on 15. he was 2 under for the round. former cal bear james hahn began with a one-stroke lead.
11:57 pm
but on 18 he found himself two back and needed this evening toll make the play-offs. and how about this? it nearly goes in. but it didn't. so it came down to a play-off between day and horschel. and the first extra hole day three-putts and loses to horschel who had parred the hole. it's his fourth tour victory. and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks a lot. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll be back on at
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mwhat did we say abouts staying up all night? grant under fire impeachment... what did we say about keeping a schedule? didn't we agree that we felt better when we slept and -- and took a shower? shh, shh, shh. i want to hear. [ tv shuts off ] we talked about this. we talked about keeping it together, didn't we? we talked about the fact that the senate voted last night. we talked about the fact that this is a remarkable and uncommon day. that is what we did.


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