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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 22, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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neighborhood can come out of their homes and they called off the search. they do think these guys got away. >> thanks for the update. >> thanks for the update. antioch >> there was sheet rock and bars in all of the windows on the first and second floor. this is what they typically do in these scenarios to keep intruders out. >> how come we didn't catch this and how come we did not know as neighbors this was happening. >> the second floor of the home was filled with 200 pot plants and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. there's a criminal investigation of what is
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burning. cal fire said somebody posted a video that appears to show the fire was started by people target shooting in the area, and investigators have not said if they think it was intentional. a san francisco man was asked to move out of the exit role of the airplane because he has a prosthetic leg. >> you cannot prove it's functional. >> he took the cell phone video from beijing to seoul yesterday, and he said he paid extra for the seat with extra leg room and he says he sat in exit rows many times before and is fully capable of fulfilling the required dutied. >> they said they were going to kick me off the plane if i did not move, and personally i feel it was not right to have somebody determine for me my physical ability.
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>> we reached out to the airline and have not heard back, and if a passenger with a prosthesis is being evaluated, the presence being evaluated, the presence that prosthesis determine the act. the cell phone shows a elderly man wearing a red make america great hat. everybody onboard had to deplane before the man was escorted off, and because of the delays in china the plane was diverted to sfo and it landed here earlier this morning to get a fresh crew. the president landed a shored time
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he took marine one from tel aviv and landed in jerusalem half an hour ago, and alongside of him, phurs first lady, melania trump. first lady, melania trump. let's go to ae >> mr. president, mr. prime minister, i look forward to working with you closely during my stay, and we love and respect israel. >> meeting with the israeli president this morning and visiting the western wall before ending the day with prime ministe minister, netanyahu. >> the citizens of israel will receive you with open arms. >> the warm welcome coming on the heals of a world wind
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weekend in saudi arabia. >> if your nations drive out the terrorists and extremist. >> wrapping up his two-day visit there with a speech that included a message of unity and the challenge for the muslims to take the lead in the fight against terrorism. >> drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land, and drive them out of this earth. >> but his message as president notably missing a key phrase he deemed crucial as a candidate during his campaign. >> radical islamic terrorism. >> and trump never mentioned human rights in his speech, which according to aides were which according to aides were addressed behind the scenes.
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happening today the chairman of the house oversight committee expected to speak with james comey. the committee is pursuing any possible documents detailing the meetings between president trump and comey, and that's following a report that the president asked comey to evened the investigation into flynn. comey agreed to testify in an open session. a father who jumped into the water near the pittsburgh marina to save his son with drown something still missing. crews looked for a missing voting. he disappeared on saturday evening after jump into the water to save his son when he fell from their boat. he was able to save the child. nobody onboard was wearing a life jacket. >> and then badly vandalized gardens at lake merritt. a utility vehicle and other
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garden machinery. it happened on saturday night. they ruined the water and electrical systems and a gate. they are asking anybody who may have seen something to please come forward. 4:36 now. heads up if park as a short cut. it's a heavily travelled corridor connecting sunset and richmond districts, and construction expected to last two to three weeks and the road will be fully open on weekends. let's look at what is going on in walnut creek as we look south on 680 towards 24, and we don't see any of the marine layer fog and we probably won't because it's 1,200 feet deep and will not be able to climb over the east bay hills today. richmond, san rafael, and up in
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the north bay from petaluma to santa rosa, that's where we are going to have foggy roads. a little foggy and breezy in spots, especially around the golden gate and angel island around the bay today. 217, a little hazy down in san jose. grass has dropped down to moderate and the uv index will be about 15 minutes for turn time. and 50 or 51 all across san francisco this morning. that's what the cloud cover does. temperature from 60 in walnut creek to daly city at about 49. today's temperatures a. 27 degree spread. a few 90s linger around antioch and livermore tomorrow, and 60s, 70s and 80s on wednesday, and i will let you know if it gets cooler in the accuweather 7-day forecast. we briefly had a problem on the bay bridge here so the
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southbound side of 80 west of treasure island on the san francisco side we had a disabled vehicle for a short time blocking the slow lane, and sounds like they got it pushed off to the fremont exit. i will prove no delays with drive times here. and southbound 101, san francisco to the airport in the green at just 9 minutes. the only slow spot have we will look at next. parents now pleading for justice. >> a firefighter trapped after a flaming storefront collapses on top of him. the dramatic action other the dramatic action other firefighters had to take to save
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. welcome back. i am following breaking news out of thailand. an explosion at a hospital in bang caulk, athletes 20 people are hurt right now. most of those are elderly patients and happened at a military hospital also open for civilians. likely visiting hours is when the blast happened. officials found evidence of a bomb including batteries and electric wiring at the scene and they are investigating right
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now. you have to see this extraordinary rescue caught on camera. watch as the front of a burning storefront fell on a firefighter. more than a dozen first spopders worked together to lift the metal frame and pulling their colleague to safety. miraculously he walked away from the fire with minor burns and no word on what sparked the fire. a san jose football player in critical condition after somebody stabbed him in a bar fight. chad miller is now out of surgery and his parents are demanding justice. >> the way he put it was, he thinks he will be okay. of course my wife did not like that answer. >> it was not the update brad and ma lynna miller were hoping for. the san jose state football player was enjoying a night out
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in san jose when he and his friend got in a fight with another group. >> a fight erupted and he ended up getting stabs. he was not initially involved in the fight, but somehow he got stabbed. >> it happened on south first straight and san jose police took security from nearby businesses, and miller has been in the news before, in 2015 a teammate struck him in the head with a skateboard. >> he minds his own business. he really cares about all of his friends, too. i know he would, like, if any of this were to happen to one of us he would be here just like we are here for him. >> he plays safety and in the past few years he worked hard to gain 60 pounds of muscle. >> right now we are just concerned about him being duh
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live. football is secondary, we just want him to be alive right now. >> friends and family are urging anybody with information to contact san jose police, and in the meantime they will remain at miller's bedside hoping he will make a full recovery. in san jose, abc7 news. happening today jury selection is set to begin in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. he is accused of drugging and molesting a at his home in 2004, and he says that encounter was consensu consensual. and the field will be narrowed down to 12 jurors and six alternates. the jury will be aquestered during the trial which is expected to last two weeks. a 146-year old a tradition is history this morning.
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the ringling brothers decided to end their shows. animal rights groups have long time targeted the circus saying it was abuse. 24-year-old anthony sadler received his bachelor's agrdegr and he and two friends disarmed a gunman. sadler graduated a year later than planned because he took time off for a speaking tour. uniquely san francisco -- >> stop talking about me. >> that's true. but this thumbs up, the 106th running of the beta breakers race. >> more than 40,000 runners hit the pavement yesterday. it's known for its whacky costumes. some people dressed as naughty
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salmon, and broke the rules and kho chose to race upstream. and police enforced the no alcohol policy. >> there was nothing in those red cups. >> if you see a red solo cup, it has just water in it definitely. and they had sobriety tents that needed it and most seemed to behaved themselves. >> we don't have to deal with the urination problem. not too many people drunk. >> and a man from kenya won the race. >> no fancy costumes for him. he is just running hard. he takes it seriously and i appreciate that. >> as serious as you can take something standing next to a giant pink money. hi, mike. >> a little dichotomy going on there, wasn't there? >> yeah.
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>> and glad to know the weather turned out how we expected. cloudy on the bay side and cloudy on the north side. changes are on the way but they are not going to touch all of us this second. spare the air day of the summer season, so yeah, if you can avoid trying to burn fossil fuels especially in the afternoon and evening hours, it would help. more heat inland today, and heat breaks for all of us. and look at the winds. you see a little bit of a sea breeze there in fairfield, 17 miles per hour, and the rest of us, less than tentp ocean. and mid-80s to low 90s down in the south bay. we will be in the upper 50s along the coast to near 60 in daly city and the sunset, and 67 downtown. 69 in south san francisco and
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sausalito. hanging out in the mid to u 80s mid-valley. richmond, berkeley and oakland in the 70s, and everybody else along the east bay in the 80s, and we still have the low to even upper 90s in our east bay valleys. tonight temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s. you can see the fog getting thicker and deeper. and all of us cooler wednesday and then temperatures closer to average, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. here's a live look outside at the south bay. of course, mike just told us, you will crank up the ac. a little increased volume on the northeast side but that's about it so far this morning. the only red on the traffic maps, westbound 205 to 580. no blocking issues for that route. it's a spare the air day today
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and we will check on mass transit next. and then won't be hearing this when commuter trains begin next month. horns will not be heard in order to confly with santa rosa's quiet zone and that covers 14 crossings in the city. signs are going to be placed at the crossings to tell drivers and pedestrians of that change. horns will be sounded in emergencies, and the train should begin passenger service in two to three works. if you have hot dogs in your refrigerator, check the brand. and then meet the competition. when you can soon see flying cars being tested. this little girl gets pulled into the water by a sealion. experts say it was not really trying to hurt her. we'll explain, first this morning's tech bytes. >> another reason not to leave your house if you love facebook.
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>> it's order food function is up and running. items can be delivered without switching to another website or app. >> and then a man claims he has the world's largest vending machine. >> the building has 60 slots that holds farraries and bentleys and lamborghinis. and then the most googled moment was this performance by cher. >> the question is how old is cher atop the searches, and for the record, she's 71 even though hard to believe. >> just turned 71 over the >> just turned 71 over the weekend, and she said the key
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this video is really blowing up out of canada. if you have not seen it, check it out. you will see a sealion get close to a little girl and a group of curious tourists got too close. >> oh, my gosh! >> yep, snatching her from a dock and a man jumped in very quickly to save her and nobody got hurt. wildlife experts are saying they don't think the sea lion was being aggressive but was excepting food. the tourists were feeding the sealion bread even though there are signs that say don't feed
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the animals all around the dock. more than 2,000 pounds of hot dogs are being recalled because of complaints of mets you wi -- metal are found in them. a use by date of june 15 on those. the company that makes the hot dogs said it has gotten three complaints, and no confirmed reports of injuries or adverse reactions so far. and then today's hong kong and then today's hong kong airline will lay off 600 staff members and cut quarter of manager jobs. that's the first time this has happened in nine years. pilot and cabin crews are not affected although a spokesperson said they would be asked to be more efficient and productive. gas prices are dropping nationwide.
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according to industry analyst, the average price of a gallon of regular gas is still 9 cents higher than a year ago. and san jose, $3.15 a gallon. and more than 4 million people in california will be traveling 50 miles or more by car this weekend. and this comes equipped with cameras and radar designed to help maneuver around birds, airplanes and drones. it will cost between $1.25, and $2.50 a mile similar to a taxi rate. it includes a parachute that automatically drops in an emergency, and i say if it has to come with a parachute,
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what is -- >> the parachute takes 600 feet to open up anyway? >> i don't want to find out. 101 and 880, and this is an area along with the east bay valleys that could have poor air quality later today. good news, if you are one of early risers walking for a dog and going for a jog, it's good right now. here's a look at the golden gate. this is the first sign of minimum relief coming to places like san francisco. 67, and it's only one degree warmer than average. and everybody else in the 80s and 90s, and we'll get our relief later on. livermore, advertised 76. we will be there by friday and saturday. alexis. we have a minor issue if you are coming through the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a disabled vehicle and you can sort of see it sitting off on the right shoulder as two lanes merge. so definitely not causing any
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delays. b.a.r.t. looking great if you want to take mass transit. 32 trains in service and no delays. and cal trains are out with no delays and ace one out on time and so that's looking like a decent option. one minor slow down and we'll check on that drive time coming up next. we have heard of inventors trying to come up with a better mouse trap. >> and now a surfer has come up with a protection to sharks. apparently it delivers a magnetic field that sharks don't enter. sharks typically look for food at sunrise and sunset. and then the change in how it charges users that has a lot of drivers saying hold up one second. the warriors are one win away to another trip to the nba
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finals, and the one thing that the dubs could say could thwart their win tonight. and then here at the live desk, details on what one desk, details on what one country plans to do next.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." 5:00 a.m. in the morning after a beautiful weekend. >> i have been rather warm and we will have another warm day lined up for us, right? >> that's for most of us, but in the city temperatures continue to tumble down. east bay may see a little


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