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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the microclimates today. the fog, we will see that in just a second, and the winds coming in from the ocean. 13-mile-per-hour in fairfield. it's not a lot but it's enough and you can see the winds elsewhere, while they are light they are blowing from the ocean to the land and that means not quite as hot for those around the bay, but inland look at the scorching sunshine this morning. starting off 49 to 59 and hangout in the upper 50s at the coast from noon to 4:00, and then 87 to a scorching 94 inland. hate to leave this, but we have to find out about the morning commute. want to take you into oakland where we have a fire reported under the freeway here 880 near jackson street. not a lot of information but sounds like it's near the oakland fire training facility and firefighters are on the scene there and it did clear from the chp board so doesn't
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sound like a major traffic issue, so roll the windows up because you may see or smell a little smoke in that area. this is really our main trouble pot, southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, and we have a sigalert due to a crash. no issues on northbound 85 in the south bay. we begin this hour with developing news out of san francisco's bayview district. that's where police are combing the scene of an early-morning home invasion that took place around 11:00 last night, and police surrounded the home. several suspects ran out and one shot at officers and an officer returned fire and nobody was hit. police nabbed one of the suspects and the others got away. and a shelter in place was lifted just before 4:00 a.m. and then a watchdog agency is now facing sexual harassment allegations.
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an alleged victim sent a letter saying the appointment of fuentes raised red flags because he sexually harassed her in 2014. the department did not comment on the incident but says it takes all allegations seriously. uber drivers say recent changes you may not have noticed are over charging you and short changing them. and then charging passengers not just by distance but by the kind of neighborhood you are in. good morning, this new program uses artificial intelligence and many are requesting uber's intelligence for not telling them about this new program. bloomberg revealed this over the weekend in one of the articles and it has been testing this in certain areas since last year, and it's figuring out how to charge customers based on what
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it predicts they are willing to pay. somebody coming from a wealthy neighborhood to another high income area may be asked to pay more for their rides from a person traveling in poor parts of town even if the traffic and distance is the same. one uber driver told "the san francisco examiner" uber has been cutting prices over the past several years so more people will take uber lowering driver profits and uber will now tell drivers how much their passengers are paying. >> thank you so much. and a home fire in vallejo caused pg&e to shut off power for two hours a little before 9:00 last night. the fire department sent us video of the first crews arriving on scene and a mobile home fully involved when they got there. the mobile home was a total loss and no reports of injuries. 6:03, and video of flames
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destroying a vacation home in the diamond ranch neighborhood. the home burned down to the frame there. eight people got out safely. the red cross is helping them get back to their home towns now. happening today the penalty phase continues for convicted killer torres. the jury is determining if he will get life in prison or the death penalty. last week sierra lamar's parents testified telling the jury how her death has left them in pain. the board of supervisors will explore the idea and the impact of the safe injection sites. they would offer support people that need to escape their addiction. and then president trump
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continuing his first trip abroad as commander-in-chief. he spoke briefly saying peace in the middle east can be achieved only by working together. he will meet with netanyahu and palestinian authority, abbas on this trip. reggie, president trump's arrival in tel aviv this morning faces a distraction. look closely in the middle of the screen. this is an israeli lawmaker that asked president trump for a selfie and you see president trump right behind netanyahu there and then he will ask for a selfie and takes out his phone and poses with the president and you see the israelis prime minister netanyahu just try to kind of -- watch closely, there's the selfie and then you will see the prime minister bat his arm away to stop the moment
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there, but then they continue along and take the selfie and walk down the line and shake hand with lawmakers, but that tech lawmaker is infamous for his antics and faced accusations of harassing women and et cetera, so doesn't always stay in line and once again showed that this morning. back to you. the trump administration will release its budget plan tomorrow and details have been leaked about what we can expect. people familiar with the plan say it includes massive cuts to medicaid and changes to anti-poverty programs, like food stamps. many republicans feel strongly more should b done to move people out of social welfare programs. in hayward part of a road will be closed today for tpraeupbing exercises from 9:00 this morning until 1:30, and
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neighborhoods will see extra officers and activity during that time and it's all part of a training exercise. we have an update this morning on a wayward whale that found its way into the harbor. we have not heard from billy we have not heard from billy bush since
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welcome back. here's a look from sutro tower, you can see the hot sunshine tempered in some areas by the fog. it's a spare the air day, second one of the season, and air quality is fine but will be worse this afternoon and evening. and then out and about, it's going to be hot inland. let's take a look at our temperatures. we're in the upper 40s around daly city and half moon bay. and also the east bay, upper 50s in the south bay, and even a few 60s hanging around antioch. highs today around the state, near 100 through the central valley. 75 in tahoe where we could have the potential for flooding all week because of rapid snow fe-s. i want to take you live to
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sky 7 right now over our traffic alert in the sunol area. this is southbound 680, and it looks like they just pushed the sigalert off to the right shoulder. right lane was blocked for close to an hour, and we have miles and miles of heavy traffic, so it really doesn't take much along this stretch. i will flip over to my traffic maps and show you what it looks like on the sensors, because it's jammed all the way back up to 580. that's seven miles. 84 if you are leaving the livermore area, and that's backed up, too, but it's going to be better alternate for now, but hopefully this will start to unwind soon. and another problem north of hercules and we'll check on that coming up. in indiana, dozens of students stood up and walked out of their own graduation in protest of the commencement
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speaker, the vice president mike pence. and the vice president did not acknowledge the protesters and told the graduates that notre dame is spared from the suppression of freedom of speech he has seen at other universities. and then responding after stunning numbers reveal the shortage of female employees. and then an update fascinating look at the headquarters for apple. and you may notice a difference in temperatures today difference in temperatures today in
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good morning, and welcome back. want to take you to the traffic alert in the sunol area. this is southbound 680 past sunol boulevard, and you can see a lot of damage done to that vehicle and we just got word from chp the sigalert is canceled but we have about a seven-mile backup to 580. we will talk about that and alternates coming up next. and the leader in the race to lead the democratic state party is refusing to concede. >> beating ellis by 60 votes out of 1,000. ellis posted video of supporters protesting outside the convention center, and they
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claim party leaders stacked the vote against her because she's a outsider and progressive. and they are meeting with legal counsel to determine their options. and then a former teammate died following an accident in the water off of santa cruz. abc7 news was at san jose's abias stadium when players were showing support for lopez' family, and he played in the earthquake's academy program for up and coming soccer players. extremely honored to be able to represent or play for them. i used to play with him all the time and i love the kid and would do anything for him. >> the earthquakes collected donations from fans for his family. trying to recruit more women park rangers now.
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only 6 of the 53 current rangers are women and only one of the women is on active patrol duty and she's a trainee. only 2 of 27 women past the exam in the recent round of applications. new this morning, we are getting a stunning new look at apple's new headquarters in cupertino. >> this is footage from the main building and it was taken at sunset earlier this month. crews have made significant progress over the past several years. apple park was one of the final projects dreamt up by the late ceo steve jobs before his death in 2011. workers expect to move into the new complex soon. the dubs say they don't think it's going to be easy. >> he own a 3-0 lead in the western conference finals and
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the last two games have not even been close. game three saw 21 warrior turnovers, and something the team cannot afford. >> not a pretty game by stretch of the imagination. >> the team going to bring energy, and they have a lot of pride. these guys are pros, man, so we can't come out here and feel like we have won already before the game started, we have to go and take it. >> the dubs will try to make it through the first three rounds of the playoffs undefeated, and game four tonight on our sister network, espn. showing pride for the warriors, use #dubson7 when you post them and we may show them here. >> we love the cats and dogs and bunny we saw this time around. >> that's cute. >> the dubs were probably
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watching the celtics and cavs game and saw them come back without their best player, and i bet that got their attention also. and this should get your attention. look at that. golden gate bridge almost impossible to see in front of your face because of carl the fog is back. he's creating quite a spread today. the nights, they will remain cool to comfortable no matter how hot it gets in the day. and they will fluctuate a little bit, and half mile in santa rosa, and we will have the fog layer on hralive and pretty close to average in san francisco today. average is 66 downtown, and we will be 67. the sunset, 61, daly city about 60. let's take a look at the east
6:20 am
bay, 75 and more comfortable in oakla oakland. still hot when you get away from the south. look at union city, 87. same thing in fremont. on the peninsula, 76 in san mateo. look at the coast, half moon bay and pacifica. you will be in the upper 60s also. sausalito at 69. and napa, the hot spot at 92. down in the south bay, upper 80s with 90 in san jose. and then our east bay, the air-conditioners running all weekend for a lot of us, low to mid-90s. here's tonight's temperature, 48 to 59 degrees with fog in the same spots as this morning. wednesday is the last day of the 80s, and 50s, 60s and 70s get used to those thursday through the rest of the weekend. big backup there. >> here's a look at things from
6:21 am
sky 7. this is where the backup starts. 680 at the 580 have seven miles of gridlock to get through until you get to where the crash was. the crash past sunol boulevard has cleared but this is going to take a little while to unwind and not sure we will this is so far into the heart of the commute, we may not bounce back. but over to the backup there, things are slowly starting to improve the closer to where the cash scene was so the speeds picking up to 23 miles per hour, and just 9 miles per hour where sky 7 is. before you get to willow avenue, before the hercules area, we had a crash in the two left lanes and that was pushed off to the shoulder as well. two more controversies on two flights this weekend, one of them headed to san francisco. a whale trapped in a harbor over the weekend, we do have a happy update to share with you this morning. as you get your day into
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♪ good morning, and welcome back.
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taking you to sky 7 live right now. 680 slowly improving and we had a crash to sunol boulevard and that has cleared to the side, and we still have heavy traffic, and that's right around an hour. we are hearing about a new crash in the livermore area and we will check that out and have an update in a few minutes. a wayward humpback whale in southern california finally found its way out. the 35-foot long mammal got stuck in the harbor yesterday afternoon and hit the dock several times and nearly crashed into a boat propeller. rescue crews say the whale figured out how to get out of the harbor overnight and they may have guided it by playing whale feeding sounds and a wildlife expert said the humpback appeared to be a held he juvenile. 7 on your side's michael
6:26 am
finney has an answer. >> how do you reclaim money such as deposits on companies that have closed and left the area? >> hey, mary. this is a tough one. once a store closes and unless they have a lot of other locations open it's all but impossible. if they do have open locations call my hotline at the station and we will try to get the deposit back for you. if they have gone out of business and it's not thousands and thousands of dollars you are out, just chalk it up to experience and stop wasting your time because it's unlikely you will get anything back. good luck and thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone and use the #askfinney. social media still buzzing about the billboard music awards. we are looking at the trends and what you did not see last night. >> a san francisco man said he was asked to move seats because
6:27 am
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now at
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officer-involved shoot gs in san francisco, one suspect in custody and others on the run. the incredible rescue that follows is also caught on camera. here's a live look from sky 7 over the east bay hills. looking back towards -- is that mt. diablo? yeah, look how brown everything is getting, and you knew that was going to happen especially with another warm one here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the cloud layer there showing the clouds in the san pablo bay, and also into some of the north bay valleys. this is the way it looks from the east bay hills. 47 to 58 is as comfortable as it gets today, and 58 to the coast to 87, and then at 4:00, 60 to
6:31 am
94 and then 56 to 85. we'll talk more about that spare the air coming up next. here's alexis. i want to take a look aot golden gate bridge, and that's where we are seeing a lot of the fog this morning as well, and no dense fog advisories from chp, so slow areas, and so far the north bay commute is looking good, and bay bridge commute, you are in the yellow at 41 minutes to the maze. and southbound 101, getting there should not be bad from san francisco, just nine minutes. and southbound 680 backed up from an earlier crash and we'll talk about that coming up next. and police are investigating a home invasion in the bayview district. >> we are learning several suspects are still on the loose. amy hollyfields is live. >> reporter: this neighborhood has been dealing with this for about seven hours now.
6:32 am
police are still here and it's blocked off and they are still gathering evidence. they have called off their search and their suspects got away. this all started at 11:00. when police arrived, they say one suspect fired a shot at them, and that one police officer did return fire. nobody was shot, and all the residents are okay, and police telling us that this is not a random attack. >> we believe that the home, the occupants were targeted. i can tell you that much. we don't believe it's random but i can't go into other specifics at this time. >> reporter: police say men ran out the backdoor and they chased them and set up a wide parameter and looked for these guys and they decided at 4:00 this
6:33 am
morning, they think they got away, and only one arrest made and they don't know how many men are still at large but they have given up the search for them. life in san franciscos, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. and now a story you will only see here on abc7 news. a san francisco man said he was asked to move out of the exit row was he has a prosthetic leg. >> i cannot prove your leg is fully functional. >> tim stewart said he took this video from a flight from beijing yesterday. he said he is fully capable of performing the required duties. >> they threatened me they would kick me off the plane if i didn't move. personally i feel like it's not -- it was not right to have somebody determine for me my physical ability. >> we have reached out to the airline for comment and have not heard back.
6:34 am
we checked the cabin safety document on the faa's website and it says if a passenger with a prosthesis, that wou the determining factor but the physical ability to perform the duties. and on a flight from shanghai to newark, a suspect, an elderly man, and united said the man took another passenger's seat in shanghai and refused to move and everybody onboard had to deplane, and fellow passengers chanted lock him up. because of the delays in china the plane was diverted to sfo to get a fresh crew and landed in newark earlier this morning. antioch police are for the owner of a house that caught fire filled with marijuana plants.
6:35 am
they say 2 x 4 wood beams were behind all the doors designed to keep intruders out and that's because the second floor was filled with about 200 pot plants and the cause is under investigation. a san jose state football player in critical condition after being stabbed in a bar fight. police say chad miller was stabbed and taken to santa clara medical center. his father said he was not initially involved in the fight. >> right now we are just concerned about him being alive. football is secondary. we just want him to be alive right now. >> no arrests have been made. friends and family are urging anybody with information on the fight to contact police. president trump is in israel this morning and just finished meeting wtd israelis president. he just arrived minutes ago and president trump is the first sitting u.s. president to visit
6:36 am
the wall. and he and first lady, melania, and he and first lady, melania, were greeted by >> we have a rare opportunity to bring peace and stability to this region and its people, and creatinge ing ing a future of p and peace but we can only get there working together. >> president trump will meet with netanyahu today, and then tomorrow with the palestinian president. and then a father jump spwaod the water to save his son from drowning is still missing. crews searched over the weekend looking for the boater. he was able to save the child. officials say nobody onboard was wearing a life jacket.
6:37 am
and watching this rescue caughtcamera, be aware there's a firefighter in that burning store. firefighters jumped into action and in 2 1/2 minutes removed that metal framing. we don't know what caused that fire. jury selection under way in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. the 79-year-old is charged with drugging and molesting a woman at his home in 2004. he says the encounter was consensu consensual. and the field will be narrowed down to 12 jurors and six alternates. the jury will be sequestered during the trial which is expected to last for two weeks. ford motor company will have a new man at the wheel and the "new york times" reporting the
6:38 am
outgoing ceo fields will be replaced by this guy, mr. hacket. he had been running the part of the company that deals with smart mobility that includes driverless cars. the outgoing ceo faced a lot of criticism from investors, and shares dropped 40% during his tenure. we expect ford to make the official announcement hraeulate today. residents of santa clara will not be hearing this when a commuter train service begins next month. horns will not be heard in order to comply with santa rosa's quiet zone. and signs will be placed at the crossings to tell tkraoeufdrive pedestrians of that change. horns will only sound during an emergency. and the trains should begin passenger service in two to three weeks. three weeks. that sums up the 106th
6:39 am
race. >> it's known for its whacky costumes. some people dressed as naughty salmon, choosing to swim upstream, you get it? against the crowd? and police, you know, did enforce the no alcohol policy, and no word on what was in those red solo cups. >> or the beer bottles. >> right. >> sobriety tents were set up for those that wanted it. and a man from kenya won the race with a time of 38 min and 48 seconds. congratulations to him. looks like the weather papbd out like we expected, and that is good. and southbound 101, you can see sunshine there. on the roads today watch out for foggy spots, especially north here from petaluma towards santa rosa and along the east bay shore right now. mass transit, cool to hot.
6:40 am
not only this morning but if you are traveling to san francisco to the east bay, especially in the valleys, you will go from cool to hot during your trip. on the bay, it's going to be a little foggy and breezy in spots, and here's a look at 101 and 880. one of the areas you could have poor air quality. right now everybody has great air quality. and then up in the hills, 72 in los gatos. and the rest of us from 53 to 58 degrees. a wealth of 50s out there, and here's what is going to happen this week in san francisco. 67 today, and we will be close to below average through the weekend. over in oakland, average high of 69, and we will be warmer than that the next couple of days and then average friday through monday. we will take a look at your neighborhoods coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. taking you up to sky 7 now over the 680 and 24 interchange.
6:41 am
looks like 24 gets a little heavy as you get through that 680 merge as usual. but we don't have any blocking issues along that stretch. if you are coming from a little further north, maybe the concord area, southbound 680 is heavy as well. this is our typical slowing. we have not had any issues in this area, so once we get through the stop and go traffic, things look good. if you are doing the bay bridge commute, looking good. bright sunshine in the east bay, at least in the walnut creek area, and once you make it to the bay bridge toll plaza it's cloudy and we have been socked in through the emeryville stretch this morning. metering lights are on, and over all that bay bridge commute has not been terrible. and then improving southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard down to 42 minutes from an earlier crash, and no issues between 101 and cupertino.
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we are hearing michael flynn will decline the senate intel's subpoena, and he is expected to invoke the fifth amendment today. still preliminary details coming in. as you may know the fbi actively investigating flynn and his ties to russia as well as collusion between the trump campaign and russian officials. the allout and investigation has led to the firing of fbi director, james comey and right now there's a special prosecutor investigating flynn. uber is everywhere in the bay area but did you know certain trips could cost you more depending on what type of neighborhood you are in. >> uber is boosting prices but drivers not seeing the benefits. matt keller is live in palo alto
6:46 am
to explain. >> reporter: a lot of people take uber here in downtown palo alto, and you may pay more just because you live in a wealthier area. this was all revealed in bloomberg over the weekend, and it's called route-based pricing and basically uber is using artificial intelligence to charge customers based on what it predicts they are willing to pay, and if somebody coming from a wealthy neighborhoods to another high income area may be asked to pay more for their ride than another person heading to a poorer area even if the distance and traffic is the same. and uber pocketed the difference. uber now says it will tell drivers how much their passengers are paying. this video out of canada is blowing up on social media and you will see why. take a look at what happens when this thousand-pound sealion
6:47 am
encounters a curious group of tourists. that sealion snatching a little girl from a dock in british columbia on saturday and a man jumped into the water to save her. nobody got hurt. what was really happening here? a wildlife expert explains the sealion was not trying to be aggressive toward the little girl but thought the dress she was wearing was a piece of food. the tourists were feeding the sealion bread even though there are do not feed the wildlife signs all around the dock. and then billy bush is now speaking about his ordeal. bush who was seen on the tape agreeing and laughing with the then-candidate told "gma" his teenage darken tpropbughter con about it. >> i said, mary, et cetera going to be okay, don't worry.
6:48 am
and she said, no, why were you laughing and playing along, dad? it was not funny. >> i said mary, i am sorry, and there's no good answer for that. >> on the tape trump bragged about grabbing women and doing whatever he wanted with them and later dismissed it as locker room talk. a surfer says he developed a gadget to protect people from sharks. they call it shark bands. it created an electromaggettic field that disrupts the senses. the american academy of pediatric issued new recommendations when it comes to fruit juice, and it says older kids should drink it sparingly and those under one should not drink it, and they should focus
6:49 am
on eating whole fruit. the doctor will have much more on the recommendations coming up on "good morning america." these names will undoubtedly come up this morning. >> celine dion, drake, and cher. their performances still trending on social media. >> it's all about that echo. cher sang two songs "believe," and "if i can turn back time." she turned 71 over the weekend and she told the crowd she could still do a five-minute plank. what? amazing. another great performer last night, celine dion. ♪ ♪ >> those sleeves. she performed "my heart will go on" from "titanic," which is
6:50 am
celebrating its 20th anniversary. you can see her backstage dancing and singing along with cher. drake broke a record last night receiving 13 awards, beating adele by one. get some shade under those sleeves later on today. you can see a gorgeous sunrise and the fog is coming back, and that is going to touch some of us with cooler weather this afternoon. won't get to all of us until we get to wednesday. we have a spare the air today, especially the east bay and south bay. seasonal to warm highs into the weekend. let's look, we do have some of that fog at the coast, slipping through the valleys and into 101 from petaluma. and that's going to hang around through at least t9:30 and then it will start lifting. it has been 89 in the last two
6:51 am
days, and today i think you get up to the psychologically hot mark there. 69, though, in santa rosa. look at the spread on the peninsula from 72 in millbrae and san mateo, 76. and 86, though, and still in redwood city. barely 60 in daly city at sunset. san francisco back closer to average, 67 degrees. and then look at bodega bay, 67 degrees, and that's the cool spot today. petaluma because of the sea breeze and fog, 92 up in napa. and then most influenced by the sea breeze, and everybody else in the low to upper 80s, and 92 to 97, and 97 at brentwood is our highest temperature. so we go from 59 to bodega bay to 97. what a spread. tonight, upper 40s to mid-50s and clouds in the same area. one last day on 90s on tuesday and one last day of 80s on
6:52 am
wednesday, and then 50s, 60s and 70s from thursday. i am sure we are over the benicia bridge right now and that's typically a light area this time of day and have not seen any typical problems, and then once you hit 80 if you are making your way into the east bay down towards the bay bridge, that's when it starts to get slow. you can see the clouds out this morning, too. we definitely have been socked in in other areas, and we can can see dense fog around the 101 corridor. as usual, petaluma, tough t tell if the fog is contributing or if that's typical delays that filled in. bright sunshine in san jose, 280 and 17, no problems there. and 17, no problems there. overall the south bay has been
6:53 am
6:54 am
whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, this is the s things you need to know. >> police combing the scene of a home invasion that took place overnight in the bayview district, and one suspect got arrested and several on the loose, and one person in the home suffered minor injuries. police do not believe it was a random attack. a significant delay, and
6:55 am
still in the red at 36 minutes and that's better than an hour which is where it was. president donald trump just became the first sitting u.s. president to visit the western wall in jerusalem, and that's one of the holiest sites later today, trump will hold a meeting with prime minister netanyahu. and then a hearing in federal court for an appeal of the decision that the subsidies were not approved by congress. and then marking the anniversary of the first openly gay politician. he would have turned 87 years old today, and san francisco's lgbt museum offering free admission in honor of the late gay icon. not everybody getting relief in the 12-hour day planner. 50s and 60s this morning, but
6:56 am
80s and 90s is the presidesprea. and then two local contestants on the "bachelorette." come on, reggie. >> true love, right? >> yeah, that's not on television. thanks for watching today. >> ""gma" is next, and we're back in 25 minutes. enjoy your morning. >> have a good one.
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good morning, america. president trump landed moments ago in israel hoping to jump-start a peace deal. >> shalom. >> after that dramatic speech in the heart of the muslim world telling leaders to unite to wipe out terrorism. >> drive them out of the holy land and drive them out of this earth. >> now all eyes on his meetings with israel and palestine's leaders as he tries to strike the ultimate deal and move past the political chaos at home. murder on a college campus. the fbi now investigating. a 22-year-old college student charged with stabbing a member of the rotc outside a dorm. what they're now learning about the facebook group the suspect now belonged to. the first look at our exclusive one-on-one with billy bush. his first tv interview since being fired after that trump interview. >> how about a hug?


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