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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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concert. right now, new details about the suspect and harrowing stories of survival. also breaking news in the south bay. huge flames shooting into the night sky. local businesses destroyed by that fire. but first, our mt. tam cam shows what many of us are waking up to, fog, as a cooldown moves into the bay area, here's mike nicco on what you can expect. >> a little mist but no rain as you can see on live doppler 7. let's look at what's going on, gorgeous sun rise from sutro tower this morning. we'll use that for our backdrop in the 12 hour day planner showing temperatures milder, mid- -- well, say 51 to 61. the bottom row is your coastal forecast. around the bay at noon 72 to 76 at 4:00. still going to be toasty inland 81 to 86. i think the east bay will hit 290s. if you're heading out this
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evening, 77. more on the cooling trend and the holiday weekend forecast coming up. here's alexis with your morning commute. a new problem southbound 101 out of san francisco. this is a rollover crash. it sounds like just one vehicle involved but that flipped over and that's in the bushs so a little delay around candlestick park. i'll keep a close eye on that one, we've had trouble with the bay bridge. not looking too bad right here but westbound 80 before the harrison exit, reports of a coach bus that is disabled in the left lane. so an update on that and that rollover in less than 10. we are following several developments out of manchester, england. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack at the ariana grande concert. manchester police say the bomber detonated an improvised explosive device. bbc news reports the youngest victim is believed to be just six or seven years old. ambulance officials say a quarter of the 59 people hurt were under the age of 16 and
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president donald trump had these words for the perpetrators. >> so many young beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. britain's prime minister says the attacker was killed and authorities believe they know his identity, they have not been able to confirm it, a 23-year-old man was arrested in connection with the bombing. police are give nothing details about him. many concert goers say they heard a lout explosion and then it was pandemonium, people running for the exits. >> thousands of children. >> to experience that at such a young age, seeing those dead bodies. >> ariana grande was reportedly in hysterics after the bombing, and who can blame her. she has postponed her entire european tour indefinitely. and new video shows the flag at half-staff outside the stadium in manchester. it was lowered overnight in
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honor of the victims. more than 600,000 people are retweeted this tweet by ariana grande. it says "broken. from the bottom of my heart, i'm so, so sorry. i don't have words." we just got this response from secretary of state rex tillerson this morning. "our hearts go out to the families of those who lost loved ones and those injured in the attack in manchester, uk." >> we will continue to follow the story and send out alerts on our app as soon as we have new breaking information. if you want to download our app, we can send you push alerts as soon as we get that news into our newsroom. we do have breaking news out of oakland that i'm monitoring. a chase that started in marin county ended when the driver crashed along southbound 880. look at this video, this is how it came to an end. the driver lost control on the 29th avenue off ramp, he hit a light pole, smashed the truck into a shipping container. you can see he's pinned into the driver's seat. crews had to saw open the truck
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to get him out. this started in marin. the chp started following a truck reported stolen. they chased him across the richmond san rafael bridge until he crashed. no word on how the doing. you saw he had blood on his forehead there. we don't know if he's under arrest or possibly hospitalized. i'll let you know more as we get more information. reggie, natasha, back to you. we are tracking breaking local news in sunnyvale where investigators are fighting a huge fire at a strip mall. >> reporter: good morning reggie and natasha. since i last saw you about an hour ago firefighters have begun cleaning up. they're still on the roof or in the building here putting out hot spots. this was a huge fire. check out this video when we first arrived on the scene at 4:10 this morning. huge flames, firefighters started putting water from their ladder truck and the grwere kno
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4:30, 4:35 a.m. several businesses are damaged. they're telling me the most damaged businesses are the computer store which is called l pc care and also teanado, a place that makes bubble tea and serves food here. a couple other businesses in the business park here, a touch of silk hair and nail salon and a couple businesses in the back may have water and smoke damage but firefighters telling me they were able to keep the flames to those two businesses right here, the computer store and the bubble tea restaurant here on lake side drive. they have lakeside drive closed off while they're cleaning up so you can expect that to take place before they open back up. reporting live fr reporting live from sunnyvale, matt keller, back to you. police say this man went into the bank of america on lilt it willon avenue yesterday afternoon and gave a teller a note demanding money.
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no weapon was seen or mentioned. the suspect is just under five gnat feet tall. if you recognize him, call police. a vote that could shut down lum elementary school in alameda. the ground underneath the school could liquefy and cause the school to collapse. district board members recommend closing the school and relocating students the last day of school. many families are against the move claiming the evidence isn't strong enough to justify closing it. a chance for you to have the burning questions about bart answered. the agency is hosting a twitter town hall to answer questions on hot topics like safety and service. bart will led riders know how it plans to make up on lost revenue without affecting commuters. bart's twitter town hall kicks off at noon and lasts an hour. there will be experts on hand to answer your questions. you can tweet them @sf bart and
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use the hashtag "ask sf bart." federal money for coast-to-coast clean up is expected to take a big hit in the president's new budget. the president is proposed zero funding for the san francisco bay. it currently receives about $4.8 million. the politically perilous cuts to medicaid, college loans, food stamps and federal employee pension benefits guarantee the president's budget won't go far in congress. that's despite the fact that republicans control both the house and senate. the san francisco police department is facing a big overtime bill. why city supervisors are questioning the new police chief. and a warning before your memorial day weekend flight. why you could face major delays at sfo. it's 6:07. keeping an eye on weather and keeping an eye on weather and traffic throughout the
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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we want to take you back to our situation on southbound 101 past candlestick park. we have all traffic temporarily stopped right now. we did confirm it was a three-car crash. one vehicle flipped over and landed in the center divide. it sounds like they are holding all laneses temporarily so for now we're seeing a backup getting closer to the bay view district keeping a very close eye on that one.
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we have had trouble with the bay bridge commute. the latest issue westbound 80 before the harrison exit we have a disabled bus sitting in the left lane. you can see that back up is past yerba buena island. not bad highway 4 to the maze, but 25 across the bay bridge and southbound 101 if you're heading to the airport, in the yellow at 12 minutes. another traffic update in less than 10. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's keep the commute going. the theme, let's talk about it weather wise. westbound it looks cloudy. on the roads it will be good with cloudy conditions this morning then sunshine, cool to warm for mass transit and breezy north of the bay bridge if you're going to be on the water. here's the groej. even thicker than it was yesterday morning so be careful. tree pollen high, weed and mold low, grass will be moderate. temperatures in san francisco 50 to 52 degrees. 53 outside the ferry building. same thing in belmont, 50 in
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hillsburg, santa clara 56. a quick look around the state mid-90s to 100 through the central valley. 76 in tahoe and temperatures continue their downward trend through thursday. speaking of the weekend, there's a chance for major flight delays and cancellations at sfo this memorial day weekend. sorry to be the bearer of bad news. the airport is doing maintenance work and officials say it will be completed before the rush. the $35 million repaving project was supposed to be put on hold to accommodate the big holiday travel. after the work fell behind officials decided they cannot afford too take the weekend off. delays are expected to average 30 to 9 minutes between friday and monday. >> i'm not going anywhere but i feel annoyed for you. a new warning for wine lovers that could have you rethinking your next glass of
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a health alert this morning for all you people who love the wine. new research shows just a half glass of wine or even a small beer per day can increase the risk of breast cancer in women. according to the world cancer research fund, drinking increases cancer risk by 5% in
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pre-menopausal women and 9% in post-menopausal women. who are you supposed to do because we're not going to give up the wine. according to scientists regular intense exercise can help offset the risk of the disease, a healthy diet and controlling your weight also helps. >> i thought red wine was supposed to be good for you. i can't be the only one confused. san francisco's new police chief has explaining to do. supervisors want to know why the department spent $6.5 million in overtime especially since the board was told overtime costs would thin out if more officers were hired, which they were. the increase began long before bill scott took the reins in january. in fact, records show a 71% hike in the last five years. the department's financial officer blames in part new recruit training. now to a show down in san jose. tomorrow city leaders will vote on a proposal by a land owner to build affordable housing for teachers. sara chafin owns an empty lot on
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lincoln avenue in willow glen. she wants to build between 18 to 16 affordable apartments for teachers. she'd charge them $2,000 a month in rent. she's hit a roadblock because her property is zoned for commercial use. she needs the city to change that. the planning department recommends denying a zoning change. ty officials say san jose doesn't have enough land for commercial use, which helps generate tax dollars. >> what people may not know is that in san jose only 15% of our land is zoned commercial and industrial generating important money into our general fund that funds libraries, parks, police and fire, those are important services. >> the landowner will go before the planning commission tomorrow night when it will decide whether to approve the project. you'll be able to load money on your clipper card through your phone -- in five years. the metropolitan transportation commission discussed what changes and improvements can be made for the next generation
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clipper card. one option, a bay area bike share that you could pay for on the network. nothing will change until the current contract expires at the end of march of 2019. here's got news. missouri celebrating the birth of a new baby rhino. he's cute. he spends most of his time just, you know, going after mama. >> so cute. he's the second black rhino foreign the lose zoo in 26 years. his name the moio, it means heart in swahili. he'll turn one week old tomorrow. zoo keepers say the rhino is nursing well and bonding with his mom. >> look at him! they are scratching his little horn with a little -- >> it feels good. >> a little cleaning scrub bi. how cute. >> this is my baby rhino impression. >> that's all -- all baby rhinos do that. >> so cute. let's talk what about will happen weather wise today. people happy the heat is over. if you live in our east bay
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valley, one more day for you, look at that beautiful luscious cool this morning that we affectionately call the fog becoming sunny except for the coast. temperatures are tapering today. coolest afternoons will be thursday, friday and saturday and then we'll bounce back for the back half of the holiday weekend. here's your area of high pressure. it's farther east today, that means it's losing its grip as these two areas of low pressure kind of flank it, squeeze it, push it off to the east and take the hot temperatures with it. 59 in in half moon bay. mid-70s along the peninsula. 73 san mateo. we'll have low to mid-90s, concord and livermore 90. concord and livermore 90. oakland and richmond 71. 83 in santa rosa.
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lows tonight 47 to 56 notice more cloud cover to deal with during tomorrow's morning commute. 90s gone after today. 80s after tomorrow. 50s and 60s and 70s through saturday have a good one. here's alexis. good news on southbound 101 where we have the rollover crash. last time we checked in i had all lanes temporarily stopped. we talked to chp, they said they moved the vehicle -- it must have landed on its wheeled or not had too much damage, from the center divide over to the right hand side. that backup is improving. those speeds are picking up significantly and all lanes opening up as we speak so hopefully that backup won't reach 280. giving you the blue thumb's up here westbound 80 before the harrison street exit into san francisco. we had a disabled coach bus before the exit that cleared and that backup is looking better,
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too. ptoll the bay bridge an earlier crash between the toll booths and metering lights. heavy backup through the maze. it's not an been easy commute. "good morning america" coming up next at 7:00 on abc 7. >> we have a look at what's ahead. >> natasha and veggie, great to be with you both. coming up on gma, the deadly terror in manchester, isis claiming responsibility, the latest reports that 22 have been killed and nearly 60 injured after an attack by a suicide bomber at an ariana grande concert. we'll peek with the mother of a concert goer as families search for their loved ones. we'll be live on the scene. that's coming up on jooem may. >> tom, thank you, see you then. >> it seems like everyday we have a new warning about e-mail hacking.
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we have breaking news. actor roger moore has died. he was best known for his roles as the third james bond from 1973 to 1985. here's a picture of him from his twitter account. he starred in the hits "man with the golden gun" and "live and let die." he died of cancer at the age of 89 in switzerland. in fact his family released this press release in a statement on twitter saying he died surrounded by family in his final days. we are following this breaking news but that's the latest from the live desk, back to you. >> jessica, thank you. time to ask finney and this morning robert from alameda has a question about hacking. >> he spoke at our ask finney event in alameda. michael finney has the answer. >> how do i avoid having my e-mail hacked? >>. >> robert, that's a very important question. first, don't other any e-mails
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from suspicious senders. if you don't recognize who the e-mail is from don't hope it, e-mail is from don't hope it, second, install an anti-virus or anti-v anti-firewall. choose passwords with lower, upper case, letters and different characters. make sure they're not easy for someone to guess so if your dog's name is sparky, don't use sparky. robert good luck. thanks for the question. if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone, send it in on social media and use that hashtag "ask finney." we are back with another half hour of news, including new developments in the manchester concert bombing. we are learning hard break not guilty details about the victims. >> everyone seems to agree that dublin needs a new high school campus however the proposed location has some parents pretty upset. >> did you notice highs sliding yesterday? they'll do it more today. the biggest drop will be in san rafael, about 11 degrees cooler
6:27 am
than yesterday. here's temperatures, 70s, 80s and barely 90s compared to the 80s and 90s yesterday. 80s and 90s yesterday. more cooling before some build walls to keep people out. but these are walls that welcome you in. within these walls, california's educators create safe places for every student to learn and grow. where teachers open minds to history... unleash creativity... and show our kids the future. some build walls to divide us. but the california teachers association knows these are walls that bring us together.
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because quality public schools build a better california for all of us.
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at 6:30, look at this view from our suit roe tower camera, the sun is coming up. you may not see it where you
6:30 am
live, though. >> where's the city? we're dealing with more fog in many areas, good morning on this tuesday, may 23, it's 6:30, mike will tell us when this stuff is going to go away. >> october. >> ox, good. >> oh, no! >> perfect. >> we're getting into that pattern, some call it the june bloom. i won't put that negative connotation on because i know some of you like that. but, yeah, seeing clouds more widespread but notice the tag we had to deal with yesterday, the reduced visibility not showing up on live doppler seven but we have arrival days of 31 minutes at sfo. 12-hour day planner. the top line is inland. wra 81 through 86 throughout the afternoon hour. around the bay 72 to 76 and at the coast 51 and upper 50s throughout the afternoon. 50s, 60s and 70s cool to comfortable 7:00 hour. how about the commute this morning, alexis?
6:31 am
>> we have some foggy spots including the golden gate bridge. a lot of folks who drove it yesterday are saying today is much thicker and a little more scary so one of those days you need extra time, slow down and increase that following distance. a quick check of mass transit we have a bart they between union city and warm springs. all due to an equipment problem on the train in the warm springs, free month and daly city direction. we're also improving on southbound 101 if you're traveling around candlestick park so an update in less than 10. developing news, we are learning more about the victims of the suicide bombing at the ariana grande concert in manchester, england. >> heartbreaking details. an eight-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman are among the people killed. 59 others are hurt. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. police say a man debt nighted a improvised explosive device after grande's last song.
6:32 am
he died at the scene. >> this has been the most horrific incident we have ever faced in greater manchester and one we all hope wed would never see. families and many young people were out to enjoy a concert at the manchester arena and have very sadly lost their lives. >> a 23-year-old man was arrested in connection with the bombing. security has been stepped up in manchester, london, and cities in the u.s. people are searching for loved ones who are missing following the attack. the hashtag "missing in manchester" is being used on social media. one woman trying to find her 15-year-old daughter olivia. >> please, please somebody must have seen her at some point, just let me know if you've seen her. >> there are reports the hashtag has helped reunite several families but many are still among the missing. >> unimaginable. the bombing may cause us to see additional security measures at home as well. >> amy hollyfield is live at
6:33 am
sfo. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. some travelers are telling us life has to go on and they are taking their trips but some say they are feeling anxious. police say you will likely see more officers on patrol in public places like airports, tourist attractions, transportation hubs like train stations. it's just a precaution, the department of homeland security says there's no credible threat in our country but terrorism is on travelers' minds this morning. >> it's scary because you never know, anywhere you go it could happen. i just traveled out of the country last week and it's just -- the terror attacks are -- it's terrorizing, it's scary. >> one british traveller said the threat of terrorism is a way of life in england the threat level there at severe, the second highest on the scale. it's been that way for about three years now. authorities say they will be on the lookout but they need everyone else to be doing the
6:34 am
same thing. if you see something, say something. live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. immediately after the explosion facebook activated its safety check feature that lets people in the area mark themselves as safe so family and friends know they're okay. >> you can join us sending thoughts and prayers the victims of the attack. you will find this badge on our facebook page, a suspect truck thief faces charges after leading authorities on a pursuit that spanned two counties, officials say it started after chp spotted the stolen truck in marin county and ended when the suspect lost control and crashed in oakland. the truck was so badly damaged first responders had to cut the suspect out. no word on his condition. a standoff suspect is in custody after keeping a swat team at bay in antioch for nine hours. officers surrounded a home on west tregallas road yesterday.
6:35 am
the man inside suspected of shooting at three people earlier in the day. no one was hit. negotiators brought the standoff to an end before 10:00. a possible vote on a plan a lot of dublin parents aren't happy about. dublin unifie school district is taking up plans to build a new high school two blocks from the santa rita jail. enrollment was just under 10,000 two years ago. dublin has one high school but parents want a new school built somewhere else. >> this is the stupidest location from a school, across from a prison. it's got to be a joke. it's a bad dream. it makes no sense. >> alameda county sheriffs have told us they haven't had an issue with a release in 20 years. we have an elementary school a tenth of a mile away, we've never had an issue in 15 years. tonight's meeting is at 6:30 at the dublin high school sports complex. the golden state warriors are
6:36 am
going to the finals. >> they are the first team in nba history to start a post-season 12-0. they swept the spurs with a win in game four of the western conference finals last night. steph curry scored a game high 36 points. >> you have an entire organization committed to the process and we know starting back from day one trying to get back here one the toughest thing to do but we added great pieces and we're back. >> we've had every experience we can rely on going into these finals and no matter how it goes and how the rest of the journey happens we're prepared for anything. >> the warriors now have more than a week to rest up before the finals begin. abc 7 is your home for the nba finals. the warriors will play either the cavs or the celtics. game one is thursday, june 1 at 6:00 p.m. at oracle. game 2 is sunday, june 4 at 5:00 p.m. at oracle. games three and four will be on the road either in cleveland or boston. a chinese tech company that
6:37 am
expanded into silicon valley could lay off hundreds of people at its san jose offices today. according to reuters and other sources, only about 60 of le eco's 500 employees will remain. they sell everything from electric cars to smartphones and tv sets. the company bought a 49 acre property in santa clara from yahoo with plans to build a global headquarters for 12,000 workers. the company scrapped those plans after it was caught in a severe cash crunch. a little cooler today but here's another difference compared to yesterday. small craft is advisory. winds are 38 miles per hour starting early today. 9:00 this morning until 9:00 this evening. in the south bay, look at that sunshine. very dry, strong sunshine if you're exerciing today. if you're on the "baywatch" out for the breezes otherwise pretty good. we'll start on the peninsula for
6:38 am
temperatures, 50 to 55 is our spread there. 57 in palo alto to 59 in san jose. we have 56 in oakland, concord and hayward. our first graduation of the season, 85 santa teresa high school, the saints. graduating at 4:00. 85 at 4:00 and 82 at 6:00. so a little more comfort as we get towards the end of the ceremony. 90s hanging on in the east bay but 60s and 70s tomorrow. your holiday weekend forecast next. let's see what alexis is watching. >> we are still dealing with the rollover crash around candlestick park. they have had this in the clearing stages but we're seeing a back you have of around two miles. things were looking better a few minutes ago than they are right now. southbound 101 if you are traveling towards the airport, we're down to 30 miles an hour,
6:39 am
22 miles an hour. we talked to chp and they said everything is off to the shoulder so i guess this is onlooker delay or perhaps they had to block a lane to get the vehicle hooked up to the tow truck. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze saw that tick down to 41 minutes. really starting to improve westbound across the bay bridge. we had a disabled bus around the harrison exit that's been gone for 20 minutes so down to 14 minutes and southbound 101 with the rollover in the clearing stages, heading to sfo from san francisco you're in the yellow. alexis, thank you. the web site car buzz has uncovered a new online scam targeting people looking for a new car. 7 on your side's michael finney alerted us to car cloning last night. thieves place an ad for a stolen car but then change out the vin number, license plates and the rest. after the buyer turns over the cash or payment they get the car and find out they've been ripped off. michael says only pay using an
6:40 am
option that lets you reverse the transaction. breaking news in the south bay, a huge fire badly damages a san jose strip mall. matt keller is live with the cleanup. plus, bart is responding to a claim that its app meant for anonymous crime reporting is tracking your every move. and mike and alexis helping make this a better day keeping you up to the minute on weather and traffic so you get where
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right now president trump just left israel, he's on his way to italy. we watched as he took off from tel aviv just moments ago with the first family that boarded air force one and went to rome. he was in israel where he urged harmony in the middle east, primarily trying to unite the u.s., israel and the saudis against iran and islamic terrorism. president trump and the first lady now head to rome. he will meet there with pope francis, the italian president, and the italian prime minister. reggie, natasha, back to you. we're following breaking news in sunnyvale where firefighters are investigating a huge fire at a strip mall. >> matt keller is live at the scene along lakeside drive. matt? >> reporter: good morning, firefighters still working hard two hours after that fire was called in, you can see there are firefighters on the scene still working, going door to door to
6:44 am
make sure there are no hot spots inside this business park. the owner of sal's airport and limousine service just talked with me. he said his dispatcher called in the fire. >> he heard something popping once, twice, then he saw the flame coming out, he called 911, he called me and i came, of course they were blocking the whole street. check out the video of when we first arrived on the scene at 4:10. huge flames, firefighters had the fire knocked down around 4:35 a.m. several businesses are damages including teanado, pc repair and sal's airport and limousine services. they say they will be closed but thankfully their vehicles were not damaged. reporting live from sunnyvale, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. bart is trying to calm concerns its crime app is violating passengers' privacy. a lawsuit claims bart watch app can track your cell phone and
6:45 am
person information. bart launched the app to allow passengers to anonymously report crimes. a i cording to the suit, the app collects smartphone information and monitored user locations. >> i feel like any time you download something for free, somebody is getting information that makes it worth their time. >> in a statement bart says "an app's user location is only available if they select the option to share. for all users sharing their contact information is optional. work to reopen a stretch of highway 1 in big sur just suffered a set back. you'll see why. a massive rock slide about a third of a mile long and 40 feet deep. the huge pile of rocks and dirt gave way over the weekend, department of transportation officials say it's unlike anything they have ever seen. that section of highway was already closed for repair work. crews are waiting for the area to stabilize before assessing the new damage. construction is ramping up at the oroville dam.
6:46 am
i can see workers here destroying part of the damaged spillway this weekend. officials closed the main spillway on friday. the deadlines for complete repairs is november 1 before the rainy season begins again. an east bay animal shelter facing an uncertain future may be saved. the friends of the alameda animal shelter says it's reached a proposed contract with the city of alameda. the shelter warned it may have to close because the $300,000 it gets every year isn't enough to cover expensie cover expensixpenses. the city is now going to provide $800,000 to the city and animal control officers. the contract will go to the city council for approval june 6. two tech companies are in a legal dispute over a letter. the letter p. san jose's paypal is suing pandora over the music streaming services new logo. take a look. you see it there on the right. that's the pandora one. paypal on the left. paypal claims the logo similarities are confusing customers with some mistakenly
6:47 am
opening the wrong app on their phones. paypal says it could hurt business. pandora, headquarters in oakland, says it doesn't comment on pending litigation. t-mobile and sprint may be ready to join forces. they are the third and fourth-largest wireless carriers in america, speculation about a possible merger follows a dent in from execs of both companies. it could mean higher prices for consumers who have largely benefited from the pierce competition. any merger would having to approved by regulators. california is holding $8 billion in money, jewels and rare coins, some of it may be yours. >> 112 shares to dreyfus funds account. wow, this is wonderful. this is great to hear. >> 7 on your side's michael finney shows you how to claim forgotten stocks, bank account, life insurance benefits and more tonight on abc 7 news. if you're headed to the sold out bottlerock festival, the tsa
6:48 am
can help you get in faster. you need to present a government-issuesed photo i.d., but the good news is you can do it there at the festival, the service costs 75 bucks for five years, precheck lets travelers go through airport screening without taking off their shoes, belts and jackets. you also get a wristband that gets you into the festival faster. >> it's the beginning of june gloom. i said it. i know you don't like the negative liable, mike, but no sun rise, what's up up with that? >> well, not for most of us but you're right in the south bay and east bay they're seeing it, clouds creeping in, they were going to take over more of our neighborhoods as we move through each morning. that marine layer becomes more established in our forecast and helps the cooling trend. for now look from the exploratorium camera. more cooling, cleaner, average to below-average high temperatures thunderstorm through saturday and the back half of the holiday weekend
6:49 am
sunday and monday warmer as we're supposed to kick off summer. seems like we did that last weekend. 62 downtown. mission 64 along with the marina warmer spots. sunset about 60. on the east bay, oakland 71, almost average, same thing in richmond. castro valley -- i should say 77, castro valley 76. san mateo 73 with more sunshine. clouds will linger at the coast. pacifica about 57. up in the north bay we'll have temperatures much cooler. san rafael drops nearly 11 degrees to 73. not as breezy in santa san jose 81 with sunshine. milpitas 78. our east bay valleys probably need the air conditioner one more time. low to mid-90s. good news, the clouds cover just about all of our neighborhoods, 47 to 56 our spread and with that cloud cover becoming thicker and touching all of us, no 90s tomorrow, no 80s but
6:50 am
thursday until we get to sunday and monday and then we creep back into the forecast in our inland neighborhoods, 50s, 60s and 70s thursday through saturday. alexis? >> things are looking better for the bay bridge commute. we had a couple earlier issues, a baseballed bus and trash. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. typical delays through the maze but no current incidents. a quick check of the south bay, you've been quiet as far as incidents are concerned but we are seeing delays in our typical areas so northbound 85 towards saratoga you're in the red up to 21 minutes, northbound 87 jammed at 12 miles an hour. same things northbound 101. just getting an update on our bart delay, 10-minute delay on the fremont warm springs line. they have that resolved and that ten-minute delay is in all directions. just hearing about a new problem in the north bay. we'll check on that next.
6:51 am
>> alexis, thank you. san francisco's alamo square park is set to reopen tomorrow after a year-long renovation. the city spent $5 million to replace the grass with drought resistant variety. they added new benches and a water bottle filling station. they will feature an ada accessible restroom and improvements to the sprinkler system. it's 6:51. a palo alto man will mark a major milestone with the american red cross. when stan shore donates blood this afternoon at the san jose blood donation center, he will have give an total of 18 gallons of blood. the 77-year-old began donating back in a college drive in '57. 60 years later he's still going strong. shore has kept photos, blood donor cards and more to track his journey of giving. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven thing i don't say need to know before you go. >> but our instagram photo of the day, this is little mateo jumping with pride for the warriors. warriors. share your photos and
6:52 am
warriors. share your photos and w...that not only made a a big first impression... ...but was designed to withstand sunlight this bright... ...this bright... ...or even this bright. if a paint could protect your door's color against the strongest uv rays... makes you wonder... is it still paint? aura grand entrance from benjamin moore®. only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores.
6:53 am
here are the seven things you need to know. breaking news in sunnyvale, firefighters are keeping an eye at hot spots in a fire at a strip mall in lakeside drive. the fire was going when we arrived on scene. the cause is under investigation. isis has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in manchester, england. police said the suspect bomber was killed.
6:54 am
they have made an arrest and executed warrants at two locations as part of this investigation. heartbreaking details, two of the 22 victims of the manchester attack have been identified, the youngest just eight years old, saffie rose roussos, the other, 18-year-old college sophomore georgina calland callander. she was a super fan. this is her taken with ariana grande in another concert two years ago. and sir roger moore who played james bond has died of cancer at the age of 89 in switzerland. he was best known being the third james bond from 1973 to '85. one of his movies "a view to a kill" was partially filmed in san francisco. one last hot spot today, 90s in our east bay valley. here's the way the 12-our day planner unfolds for the rest of you. low 60s this morning, 50s at the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s in the north bay this afternoon. >> we have a lot of fog out there this afternoon so a dense
6:55 am
fog advisory still in effect for golden gate bridge and if you are traveling in the north bay we have one new issue hearing about this head on crash between a smaller sedan and a semi just past highway 116 just off to the east of 101. some delays on 116. chp on the way to the scene along with an ambulance. avoid this area if you can. sounds like that will likely be there for a while. >> this is our bright spot of good news today, here are your conference champions. the warriors just landed back in the bay area after winning t in western conference series in san antonio. they will play either the cavs or celtics. remember, abc 17 your home for the nba finals. they have one week of good rest so rest up, boys. >> that's exciting. >> we need our brooms here this morning. >> >> thachsz amazing, we'll continue to update you on what is happening in england throughout the morning and updates on your mobile devices using our twitter, @abc
6:56 am
7news/bay area. a little cloudy, 50s and 60s. no fog, not like yesterday. there's a little mist out there. we're back in 25 minutes. "good morning america" coming up next. we appreciate your time as always. >> here's a great look from the city, let's see that fog. we don't even see the sales force tower popping up. >> oh, carl. >> he's back. >> he is.
6:57 am
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but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
7:00 am
but you know you're gonna love it. ♪ breaking news for our viewers in the west. isis now claiming responsibility for the concert terror attack. a suicide bomber detonating an explosive device at an ariana grande show in england packed with her young fans. >> it was just loads of chaos. >> killing at least 22 and injuring dozens, including children. >> the explosion creating mass chaos, fans fleeing in horror, jumping over rails, racing for the exits. >> everyone started screaming and running in every direction. >> parents desperately searching for their children. president trump responds this morning. >> so many young, beautiful, innocent people murdered by evil losers. >> new york and other cities around the world on high alert. the incredible stories of heroism and kindness emerging. how people have been


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