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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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passengers to make
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now from "abc 7 news," live breaking news. an emergency escape. sfo bound passengers forced to leave everything behind and use slides to evacuate their plane. good evening. thanks for joining us. larry beil in for dan ashley. i'm ama daetz. 131 people were on board the plane when a fire broke out. happened as the plane was taxiing on the tarmac in new jersey. >> "abc 7 news" reporter tracking this. >> reporter: larry, those in the tower noticed flames coming from the plane's engine. that's when what many called controlled chaos erupted. >> then, you know, the flight attendants were like get off the plane, get off the plane, get off the plane, run away from the plane. >> reporter: these were the words passengers remember hearing as they realized there was something very wrong with their plane, an engine on united
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flight 1579 was fire. the emergency chutes deployed and everyone on board slid to safety. >> disbelief, right. surprise. i've flown over three million miles in my life, 87 countries and never had this happen before. >> reporter: passengers took to social media to share their frightening experience. united airline meantime confirmed five people were hurt. a spokesperson said, quote, we have received early reports of an ankle injury. customers have been transported back to the terminal. >> everyone was safe. good spirits, people sharing phones. some people without their shoes. everyone just got off the plane as fast as they could. >> reporter: in the last few hours passengers have been allowed the reboard the plane in groups of 10 to gather personal items they left behind. airport officials expect flights in and out of newark to be delayed through the night. lisa am lisa amin gulezian.
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"abc 7 news." we are getting first look at the man police believe was behind the suicide bombing at ariana grande concert. take a look, this is the headline, pure evil. beginning with abc news reporter in manchester. >> reporter: authorities identifying the suspect, salman abedi as a man known to british authorities, at one point considered a possible terrorist. >> the spirit of manchester and the spirit of britain is far mightier than the sick plots of depraved terrorists. >> reporter: police and enter poll on the hunt for possible accomplices in the deadliest terror attack on british soil since 2005. >> every explosive device has some degree of signature or some telltale aspect to it. >> reporter: police believe he detonated his suicide bomb outside an ariana grande concert. just as the show let out. authorities zeroing in on this suburb of manchester, arresting a man neighbor's say is the
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terrorists older brother. the bomber, 22-year-old sal man abedi identified on the front page as pure evil. born in manchester, he is the son of libyan immigrants. a college dropout, he was one of almost 500 young men known to british authorities as possible terrorists. >> mi-5 were aware of him. they were aware he posed a potential threat but they didn't think he posed the imminent threat he obviously proved himself to do. >> reporter: the neighborhood where he lived considered to be a hotbed of isis recruitment. just three miles from the arena. manchester remaining defiant in the face of terror. throughout the city, signs of unity, complete strangers offering hugs and encouragement to one another. >> makes you scared at first, but you just realize you can't let your fear win and you get on with it. >> reporter: blit issue prime minister theresa may upgrading the threat level in the uk to critical, the highest level. that means the army could be out patrolling civilian areas in order to free up police to pursue terrorists.
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ariel rashaf, abc news, manchester, england. >> the eiffel tower went dark in solidarity with britain. paris suffered its own attack in november of 2015. 130 people were killed. more than a dozen world monuments paying tribute. "abc 7 news" reporter cornell bernard continues team coverage goes live at the coliseum in oakland where there was stepped up security for tonight's a's game. >> reporter: yeah, the game just ended, a's losing to the marlins. tonight the first game since the tragedy in manchester. for fans there was a visible layer of protection and safety. a's fans were not alone during tuesday's game nens the miami marlins. extra oakland police officers were here patrolling the stands and the con course. >> hopefully things will be safe tonight. >> reporter: outside oakland, alameda county coliseum there were longer bag screenings at security check point, where the
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canine unit on duty. many know monday's terror attack in manchester was the reason why. >> with an incident like this that happened we talk to staff and tell them to be a little more diligent. >> i pray for the ones who lost their lives. the whole thing is disastrous. folks like us, we welcome more security. >> jackson. >> noah. >> reporter: both boys at the game with mom jamie watley. she is happy with added safety. >> you never know when they're going to attack so i would rather have extra dogs and policemen. they protect us. >> graduating class of 2021! >> reporter: these eighth graders were more focused on their bay area class trip and not the terror attack. >> i think they're pretty unaffect by it because they're at an age where they think they're completely invincible. yeah, they're all aware of it however. >> reporter: extra police patrols will be on duty going forward for future a's home games. in oakland, cornell bernard, "abc 7 news." and you can stay on top much every update with the uk bombing on the "abc 7 news" app.
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download the app and enable push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. new at 11:00, one person was hospitalized after a deck collapsed during a family barbecue in oakley. this happened at a home on mellow wood drive around 8:30 this evening. two other people turned down medical treatment. we have new developments in the search for the missing uber driver. tonight san francisco police searched a property in the bay view district. they're trying to find pes pesef chai. on saturday we told you his missing vehicle was located in the area, strimd of everything including its wheels. tonight police used a canine to search the industrial area on van dyke avenue. they did not say if they found any new evidence. happening now, a proposed school in dublin has hundreds of people packed into a meeting stretching late into the night. >> the proposed school would be at the corner of gle a son drive and hacienda drive. the problem for parents is it is next to santa rita jail. "abc 7 news" reporter katie marzullo live in dublin with the
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story. >> reporter: larry, alma, i have come from inside. it is a contentious meeting. parents are angry. if we push into the meeting you can see still hundreds of parents here at this late hour, fighting for what they believe in as the board, the school board discusses whether or not to buy this piece of land next to santa rita high school -- next to santa rita jail, excuse me, for a new high school. a vote could come at any time tonight. >> and with inmates every day with thousands of our kids walking, biking and driving right there. one child put at risk is one too many. >> reporter: a packed gymnasium of parents with one message, don't build a new high school next to santa rita jail. they say the property is too small and too dangerous. >> it is danger around our kids, walking home from school around the community. >> reporter: parents say it is not only the jail but the nearby courthouse and sheriff's training facility. >> every day i [ inaudible ]
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facility. >> reporter: the dublin unified school board has been working with the realty advisor for nearly two years. ten properties have been narrowed down to four including the land near the jail. the school board says the property has to be on the east side, accommodate 2,000 students, be ready to open by 2023 and be within budget. so the discussion continues by school board trustees, does the property near the jail meet the criteria. you can see how parents feel about that. in the last few minutes one of the school board trustees, dan charrier came out and said he will not support the purchase of that land. that announcement was met with applause. but at this hour no vote yet. live in dublin, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." thank you. new at 11:00, a disappointing outcome for some parents in east bay. about an hour ago the alameda unified school district voted unanimously to shut down lum elementary. a soil analysis found that the
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ground beneath the school could lick which phi in a big earthquake, possibly causing a collapse. other reports dispute those findings. now the staff has to figure out where the students will attend school in the next school year. eight billion dollars, that's how much money the state of california has just lying around waiting to be claimed. >> a bunch has to be ours, right? >> clearly. >> we wish. tonight 7 on your side michael finney is here investigating how you get what is rightfully yours. >> absolutely. we're not just talking about cash either. this includes jewels, rare coins, gold and more. coming up, i'll show you the simple steps to find out if something there belongs to you. and check out these flames. the panic in a california community today after a wall of fire suddenly erupted. >> i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist sandhya patel. i will have a look at the seven day forecast coming down. >> first, here is a look at what is ahead on "jimmy kimmel live"
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so you pay taxes, fees and bills. maybe it is time somebody pays you for a change. >> yeah, and chances are you do have some money coming to you. could be a little or even a life-changer. 7 on your side michael finney shows how to find it. >> millions and million also of >> right there, waiting. >> right there for the taking. i've been telling folks about this for a long, long time, yet
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there are still billions of dollars just waiting to be claimed, as i said, by millions of us here in california. so i went out and helped viewers find their money. most were surprised that they found any at all. it was a very happy surprise. the treasures are here waiting to be claimed. solid gold coins, rare baseball cards, savings bonds now worth half a million dollars. each one of them belongs to someone out there, maybe you. >> my office is holding on to eight billion dollars in property that belongs to 36 million individuals and organizations. >> it is true. state comptroller betty yi says 36 million of us have cash or valuables waiting to be claimed. that's nearly one item for every man, woman and child in california. >> we make it easy. we ask that everyone check regularly. >> well, the state is holding on to gems like this, most of that eight billion dollars is cash. forgotten bank accounts, stock dividends, an inheritance no one
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knew about, that kind of thing. >> this is property that people forget. they just have lost track of it. >> the state returned $600,000 worth of valuables to owners every single day. finding what is yours is as simple as typing your name into the database. >> people have gone on the database and they have found properties. >> hey, you're rich. you did better than me. >> 7 on your side helped people hunt for unclaimed treasures during our ask finney event in alameda this month. >> wow. >> potentially -- >> more than half of those that tried found something. >> $40 from golden credit union. >> all right. >> amazing. >> not always a lot. >> $9.27. >> that's right. >> maybe it is there. >> well, it says it is there. so, yes. >> get us a couple of tacos. >> wow, $322. >> wow. >> sally reyes found a nice refund from the california culinary academy. gary showbirdie found tax
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dividends. >> 135 from texas instruments. >> robert ward found different dents, too. >> i have a refund of $249. >> who did deb ballot. >> another $2.06, and another $2.06. >> i found $108.22. >> that was not all stewart eng found. >> 112 shares of funds account. >> those shares are worth $9 each. together it is nearly $1,000. it was a lot of fun and a lot of surprise. >> oh, thank you. >> i'm pretty shocked that the state actually owes us for a change. >> thank you, michael finney. >> athena and gary mere have got a question. i guess we were helping you out with part of it, right? >> $135 is waiting to be picked up. >> oh, wow. >> see, that proves my theory. "abc 7 news" rocks. >> thank you, michael. this is wonderful. >> so how do you get in on this? well, go to our website,
11:18 pm, where i have a link to the state's website. also, make sure you look at names of your parents, grandparents and other family members as well. the state is holding on to $300 million in life insurance benefits. they should have -- someone should have that money. you may have inherited benefits you don't even know about. >> wow. nothing better than found money. >> absolutely. >> get to checking. thanks, michael. >> all right. got to see this video. a truck driver is dead unfortunately after a gas tanker burst into flames, causing a massive fire ball and explosions in the central valley. this is new video showing panda express employees literally running for their lives. this happened in atwater this morning. a truck delivering 9,000 gallons of gasoline caught fire and went up. one witness described it as an ocean of fire, that crashed in waves down the road. really scary. >> absolutely. all right. well we want to turn our attention to the weather. >> "celebrity pagsandhya patel
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>> temperature dropped a few days, but inland we still had 90s. as you look at the emeryville camera you will feel it in the inland areas tomorrow when we get out of the 90s as marine layer has been deepening heading into the afternoon and evening hours. that marine layer will play a role in the forecast as we head into tomorrow. check out the forecast for the a's game against the mariners. temperature also in the mid to upper 60s. if you are going to the game take a sweat shirt with you because the breeze will pick up. as we check out live doppler 7 right now, the fog and the low clouds made a push into the north bay. santa rosa is completely socked in. so it is not just the coastal areas dealing with gray skies. already pushing beyond that area. temperatures right now in the 50s and the 60s for just about everyone. a live look from our emeryville camera as we look across the bay. cooler days through friday and
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looking at a milder pattern for the holiday weekend. you can download the accuweather app to get your minute by minute forecast. here is your hour-by-hour forecast. 7:00 a.m. start out with fog. 40s and 50s, lingering fog near the coastline. not going to quite clear, right on through the afternoon and evening. we will see high clouds filtering the sun, but notice the temperatures. no 90s, upper 50s to low 80s tomorrow afternoon. when you get going tomorrow morning, swelter weather, temperatures upper 40s to mid 50s. so you need to bundle up. you see where the fog and low clouds are located 5:00 a.m., pushing further inland by 8:00 a.m. most starting with gray skies tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon we hang on to the fog near the cost. for the rest of you, you will see sunshine mixing with higher clouds and the temperatures will drop tomorrow noticeably. we will be in the 70s and 80s for warmest inland valleys. nice sea breeze along the coast keeping it nice and refreshing. if you like it cool and foggy,
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which i know some of you moved to san francisco for that reason, you will get that weather, 50s, 60s. a look at the accuweather seven day forecast, mid 50s to low 80s with cooling continuing. average temperatures by thursday, mid 50s to mid 70s and similar conditions on friday, saturday. your holiday weekend will feature some warmth, but don't worry. temperatures on memorial day will get as high as the mid 80s inland, low 60s coast side. not that hot. similar weather for your
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happening right now, president trump is at the vatican to meet with pope francis. here is brand-new video from moments ago showing the president arriving. the two exchanged criticism during the presidential campain
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last year. it is the third stop on president trump's overseas tour. he's already visited saudi arabia and israel. >> all right. i'm in for dan. rick kwan is handling sports tonight. we're inching closer to warriors, cavs, the trilogy. >> coming up with sports, the surprising celtics try to even up their series with cavaliers. giants
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. "abc 7 news" sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> in game one of last year's divisional series the cubs got by the giants as jon lester outduelled johnny cueto.
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rain delayed the start more than an hour. this duck didn't seem to mind too much. chicago jumped on stop and takes cueto deep to right. in fact, this ball winds up on sheffield avenue. then in the fourth, anthony rizzo connects for a two-run shot. cueto gave up a home run to jason hayward. in all he allowed four runs in six innings of work. lester kept the giants off balance giving up one run on four hits while striking out ten. lester would go the distance. he gets christian arroyo on this pop up for the final out. chicago wins 4-1. it is the first complete game for the cubs this season. over at the coliseum, the a's played the marlins on a cool and cozy night. in the second, 43-year-old suzuki delivers a two-run single to right to make of 3-0 marlins. oakland got one run back in its half as alonso hits 15th home run of the season, nine this month, most in the majors. jesse hahn got the start but had to leave the contest in the
11:30 pm
third with a triceps strain. his replacement, bobbie wall, had his problems as well. this rbi sing it by derek dietrich made the score 7-1. the a's did make it interesting but lose 11-9. marlins had a season high 19 hits. on sunday boston shocked about everyone by winning game three at cleveland. but could the celtics do it again? we go to quicken loans arena for game four of the eastern conference finals. the cavs got a scare in third quarter when irving goes down with what looks to be a serious ankle injury. irving not only stayed in the game, he could not be stopped. right before the third quarter buzzer, he hits from way outside. irving set a career playoff high with 42 points, off the nice fake. he lays it up and in. cleveland wins 112-99 and can wrap up the series thursday in boston. nhl playoffs defentding champ pittsburgh trying to kloss out
11:31 pm
ottawa. on the power-play bobbie ryan ties contest at one in the second period. in the third, mike hoffman shoots from top of the circle. puck hits the post and goes in. 2-1 would be the final as ottawa forces a game seven on thursday. senators goalie craig anderson had 44 saves. and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. larry, ama. >> irving is a bad man. >> he is. >> we saw it in the finals last year. thank you, rick. >> all right. "abc 7 news" continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our
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that's our report for tonight. >> u2 on jimmy kimmel next. tonight's episode of t. "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by u2 super-fan hally cohen. hally has seen the band over 30 times, and once even pretended to marry a bono impersonator. enjoy the show hally, you are a sad weirdo! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, u2, and nba hall of famer, karl malone. and now, with or without you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, very nice. welcome.


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