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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> reporter: we just got new details from san francisco police. they described when they got here there was a man standing in the middle of the street with a shotgun. they got the call at 11:30 last night from a neighbor that was reporting a man with a gun. police said when they got here they told the man to put the gun down and told him that several times and he refused so they shot and killed him. this happened on cork place, a cul-de-sac near callan boulevard, and police call it a good neighborhood. >> a good neighborhood and we don't respond to many calls for service on this particular street and it's a very unfortunate situation. >> reporter: we just talked to a woman that lives in the neighborhood that says she is shocked and a little scared this happened here. we have questions about why they were called here, and was it a domestic dispute and how many
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officers fired their guns and all that is under investigation at this point, and still a lot of work to be done. officers are still out here gathering evidence and the cul-de-sac is still roped off. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. you can see in that live shot with amy there was a lot of fog behind her. is that going to be lingering today? >> longer than what we dealt with yesterday and that's going to continue the cooling trend. all of us will feel it today. look at the winds gusting, 38 miles per hour in fairfield. driving from west to east you will notice a little headwind today. here's a look at the gorgeous sunrise from mount tamalpais. you can see the marine layer and the clouds. we will start with the top numbers, inland, 52 to 72 from 7:00 to noon, and 76 at 4:00 and then 66 at 7:00. notice 58 and then 68 around the bay and only 74 this afternoon. just mid to upper 50s along the
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coast for the better part of the day. we do have a little warmer weather for the holiday weekend and i will show you that coming up next. want to get alexis in here. what do we expect for the commute? >> yesterday was a challenging bay bridge commute and today no blocking issues and everybody moving fine. as you head into san francisco you have the typical delays through the toll plaza and that's about it. that's about it. a earlier track problem from fruitva richmond and daly city connections. we will update these coming up in less than ten. the ordeal finally over for people on a united flight bound for san francisco. >> a long night for them. 131 people onboard when a fire broke out when taking off in new jersey. they landed safely at sfo this
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morning. >> reporter: home sweet home. many passengers were put on another plane and sent here to sfo and they arrived just before 4:00 a.m., and they told us about their experience last night. >> it was terrifying for only a second and then it was a big relief. >> reporter: an engine on the plane caught fire when it taxing on the runway, and we caught up with several of the passengers after they arrived safely at sfo this morning. >> the flight attendant announced everybody take off your seat belts and rush to the exit and the lights were switched off and when we reached the exits the chutes were already deployed and slid down the chutes, and there were fire engines and everything already around. >> reporter: newark airport is back open but it's still experiencing several delays.
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reporting live at sfo, matt keller, abc7 news. new this morning, a proposal to build a school next to a jail will not be moving forward. the dublin unified school board voted no on buying the property. here's what we are talking about here. the school would have been at the corner of gleeson and hacienda drive next to a jail. the board heard from hundreds of people during hours of public comment last night and there are three properties left for the board to choose from to accommodate 2,000 students by the year 2023. this morning a fourth victim of the manchester attack has been identified as a 43-year-old mother, and this comes as police announce three more arrests in connection to the bombing. a man arrested yesterday was identified as the brother of the suicide brother.
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abeady died in the attack. >> that area is well known and a >> that area is well known and a lot of petty >> 5,000 armed officers are being deployed on britain streets. we are watching as monuments across the world are in solidarity with britain, and the eiffel tower, the lights turned off in the memory of those that died and paris suffered its own attack where 113 people were killed, and a dozen monuments also paying tribute, khrincludi the empire state building. the nba finals tip-off next week at oracle arena and we are already seeing changes next door at the coliseum. and the fbi contacted officials
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about stepping up security, and there are more officers patrolling and outside longer bag checks and a police k-9 unit on duty. fans we spoke with said they welcome the extra security. the raiders cleared another hurdle in their move to las vegas. a 30-year lease was approved. the raiders have a deal to play at the oakland coliseum through 2018. they want to extend that agreement one more year and the coliseum authority says they don't want to do that and it claims it loses money when the raiders play at the coliseum because of things like traffic enforcement and security and venders. now more than a dozen little dogs need your help. the event where you can meet them later this week. the richmond district, the step city supervisors are taking. at the live desk, getting word of breaking news in sacramento. huge problems happening right huge problems happening right now at the a
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i am tracking breaking news out of sacramento. a big computer problem at the
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sacramento airport causing a huge mess. it's impacting almost all flights there. i want to show you the tweets from the airport i have been monitoring. one of the ones in particular i want to show you is this, airlines are being forced to check bags manually and they are assuring folks tsa is open and operations are being held, the flights are being held there and operations at tsa working and the rest of the problems affecting the entire airport and southwest is the one lucky airline not impacted, and major delays for the whole airport and that means southwest flyers also impacted. as soon as we know more i will pass it along. reggie, natasha, back to you. or, mike, i will send it to you. now your accuweather 7-day forecast with mike nicco. >> i will look at sfo this morning where i am keeping an eye on cloud cover, and
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exercising strong sunshine today, and the yard work you have been putting off or i have been putting off, you might want to get out there and do it today. breezy north of the basebay bri and east of the golden gate. 51 san francisco. san rafael, oakland 55. san jose, 58. san marropha ramon and pleasant galileo high school, 56 at noon, and going to be breezy for your graduation. congratulations. taking a look at the roads here this morning. i think maybe a lot of you are taking several days off instead of just the three-day holiday weekend here. we have light volumes. just one new issue to talk about in the south bay. 101 northbound ramp to oakland road, no word on if this is a blocking situation.
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typical delays coming up from the 280 and 680 split. southbound 680 near sycamore valley, no backup there. vallejo continues to improve. the earlier crash is gone, and that backup improving from state route 37. route 37. we will look at soon. two kids alone in a car careening out of control. the mistake the parents say they made. as we head to break right now, we head to break at 6:12, and this is what you see above the fog a. beautiful sunrise unfolding. unfolding. i think it's
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it's 6:15. crazy video of a runaway suv. keep in mind as you watch this, there are two kids inside the vehicle and they are okay. it shows that suv racing through the front yard of a pennsylvania home and then another camera shows it plowing through the deck and landing on the street. the parents say they were leaving their home when the suv stalled so the parents got out and they started pushing, and they forgot a critical factor in all of this, that this was on a hill and that now nobody is behind the steering wheel and the kids are in the back. of course, as can you imagine,
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the car starts rolling down and gets faster and faster until finally it crashes. again, everybody is okay. >> wow. this is our first look at the booking photo of a woman accused of trying to kidnap a toddler at the san francisco ferry building. police arrested the 34-year-old after monday's incident. officers say she approached the family and started shouting that's my son and grabbed the child. employees from the meat company held her until the police arrived, and she faces child endangerment and kidnapping charges. police are hoping you can help find the man who one woman says she showed up standing at the foot of her bed. a total stranger. look at your screen here. this is what he looks like. he somehow got into her bedroom and she woke up and saw him standing there shining a light in her eyes. she told police he took off when he saw her boyfriend. this happened on may 10th in san rafael's tara linda area.
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if this man looks familiar to you, police want a phone call. a dog rescue facility has taken in more than a dozen dogs after a house fire. more than 40 animals were found in the home in el dorado county, and some have been adopted but others are now at the rescue and they need loving homes. the facility will hold an adoption event this friday afternoon at its headquarters in the mission. >> that's something mike knows about. >> so glad they were able to get out. a burning house and they were rescued. that's great. let's find them forever homes. here's a look at 280 and up around san rafael, no fog as we look south on 101. partly cloudy this afternoon. the summer heat over. you will be hard pressed to find 80s today, let alone 90s.
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cooler highs will follow in the next couple of days. mild to then warm through the holiday weekend. let's take a look at an area of low pressure to the south and look at the spin around both of those pumping all the cool weather towards us. today in san francisco, below average. 60 degrees. marina, 62. richmond, 60. sunset only 58, and daly city, 57. east bay is going to be below average, too. 66 in oakland, and fremont, 72. that's one of the warm spots. let's look at the peninsula where that spread is not as near as big as it was. we will get to about 71 in san mateo. palo alto may be warmer at 74, and all comfortable conditions. 68 in novato, and sonoma only 70 degrees. down in the south bay, this is what the average looks like for today. today. 75 in san jose,
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72. cloud cover everywhere again tonight. low to mid-50s. a couple degrees cooling, thursday and friday. we will gain a couple on saturday. you will notice the warmer weather on sunday and especially for the holiday on monday. so far it has been wednesday light, can we say that? >> yeah, i think we are going to have to say that. we have not had too many issues so far today. no surprise at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on since 5:22 this morning. a lot of green on the traffic flows here, too. that's the 101 off-ramp to oakland road and san jose. chp is on the scene, and not a lot of details so we don't know if it's blocking the entire ramp or partially block it or if it's off to the side. we will get more information. and quick drive times, highway 4 to walnut creek on southbound 680, seven minutes. 24, corpus christi to highway 13, still at nine, and 580,
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tracy to dublin just under an hour at 59 minutes. we have b.a.r.t. delays coming up. a san francisco supervisor requested money to study a possible b.a.r.t. extension to the district. she wants to study a tube extension as far as 6th avenue. she wants to include a muni subway along bay. and then michael finney next tackling your question. why the entire country of why the entire country of sweden is being offered
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6:23. if you are looking -- oh, do you want to talk to me about sweden? >> i sure do. if you are looking for a summer vacation spot and sweden comes to mind, the whole area is being listed on airbnb right now. their motto is freedom to roam. they say you don't need money or
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a black wrapper and logo, flavors are fiery watermelon, and -- >> no, thank you. >> it's making me feel a little sick. >> what pineapple? i don't need that in my life. and then a question about electronic finney with her answer. >> that was a picture of a dog that needs a home. if you want to adopt him you can actually go to the mission on friday. >> cool. >> michael finney doesn't know anything about that, and obviously we are having problems with the video there. >> thanks for baring with us. next at 6:30, the breaking news in san francisco, a officer-involved shooting, and what police are revealing this morning. plus a huge mess in concord after a hit-and-run crash sends
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water flood into local streets. a huge mess at the sacramento airport. here at the live desk, still tracking that breaking news. the entire airport affected and i will have the latest next. arrival delays announced sfo because of the cloud cover. east bay valleys, places like danville from 92 to only 75 today. today. the rest of us will be about
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now at 6:30, a sunny view from our mount tam cam. >> many of us are waking up to dog again this morning, and mike nicco warned us about it. good morning to you. wednesday, may 24th. you are delivering, mike? >> good news visibility not too low in many areas. we are looking at live doppler 7 right now, and the 2 1/2 miles at petaluma, that's not bad. let's move on and show you the cloud cover that we talked about before the break, sfo arrival delays about 50, 55 minutes this morning because of the cloud deck. here's a look at the 12-hour day planner. in the 50s towards 7:00, and then stay in the mid-50s at the coast. still 56 at the coast at 4:00,
6:30 am
and 74 to 76, bay and inland. that's quite a change from yesterday, isn't it? 50s to mid-60s, and grab a coat if you are heading out this evening, and make sure you stay bundled up for that. and then we have not had any problems on the westbound side of 580 there, and not a lot of problems overall. i do have a couple problems with b.a.r.t. right now. daly city, we have a problem on the track causing a 10-minute delay. and still a 10-minute delay for you, and normal services resuming. and then everybody else looking good, including capital corridor, no delays, and we have normal service this morning. drive times coming up in less than ten. breaking news, police revealing new details in a fatal shooting involving the police. >> it happened on cork place and leix way. >> reporter: police are still
6:31 am
here gathering evidence and talking to witnesses here on cork place. they won't say whether this appears to be a justified shooting, and it still has to be investigated. here is what they happened. at 11:30 last night they got a call about a man with a gun. when they arrived he was in the street with the shotgun and he refused to drop it and so police shot and killed him. a woman that lives here on cork place says it's scary that this happened in front of her home. >> i have been here for 30 -- well, about 25 years, i grew up here so it's really shocking. >> reporter: police couldn't tell us why the man was in the middle of the street, what had happened right before they arrived whether it was a domestic dispute. we asked if he pointed his gun at police and they say they don't know, it's all under investigation. they did say the man lives on the street but that's all the
6:32 am
information they released about him. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new this morning, a huge mess in concord. somebody smashed into a fire hydrant. thousands of gallons of water spilled for several hours until crews could turn it off, and the driver took off. officials in london say no decision has been reached on whether to postpone granariana gran grande's two concerts planned for tomorrow and friday. >> the pop star indefinitely postponed her tour, but a final decision has not been made. today manchester health officials raised the number of those wounded significantly to 119. 64 of those people are still in the hospital. >> i saw, like, a flash, an explosion flash and i grabbed my friend's hand and we just ran but we looked to see the bodies on the floor.
6:33 am
>> police in manchester say they arrested three men today and that follows the arrest of the bomber's brother yesterday. today military personnel are being deployed to protect key sights in the uk as the country raised its threat level to critical. the victims are being remembered at this memorial outside of the manchester a arena, and just th morning another name was released, lisa lee, who you see on the right died at the arena, on the right died at the arena, and the youngest roussos. and thit was the biggest exn i ever heard. like a big white flash. >> my back is so sore. >> a few seconds before, and we
6:34 am
would have been here and so close to it. >> they said they ran away as fast as they could in case another bomb went off. we create ad a b facebook miles per hour and then security measures are being taken to kaept 120,000 concertgoers safe this weekend. drone view 7 shows the construction zone at the napa valley exposition where more than 80 groups are going to perform. concertgoers should expect wandings and bag checks before they go in and police will be as visible as possible. they are reminding people, if they see something suspicious, they should report it. students at lum elementary will be moved to another school in the fall. parents were hoping for a different outcome. a soil analysis found the ground
6:35 am
beneath the school could liquefy during an earthquake causing the school to collapse. 6:35. we have new developments in the search for a missing uber driver. police searched a property near where they found chhay's car over the weekend. the car was stripped of everything including the wheels. last night police used a k-9 to search an industrial area a mile away on van dyke avenue. chhay disappeared on mother's day. uber says they do not believe he disappeared while on the job. president trump getting ready to head to belgium after meeting with the pope francis at the vatican. they had disagreed on issues in the past and at this meeting they did gift exchanging, and the pope gave the president a medal with an olive branch on it
6:36 am
as a symbol of peace. a federal judge in san francisco will review the justice department's question to consider a ruling to cut funding on sanctuary cities. the judge gave the cities of san francisco and santa clara two weeks to file any documents opposing the request. happening today, hundreds of teachers in petaluma will be absent from classrooms as they hold a one-day strike. school is not canceled. union members are protesting because they have been working without a contract for almost a year. district officials say a raise is impossible because of a state-mandated increase in pension contributions. they will consolidated classes today and bring in 200 replacements. it's the first walkout by the petaluma federation of teachers since 1969. teachers will begin picketing in
6:37 am
about 20 minutes and then considering affordable apartments for teachers, and to do that they have to rezone a lot from commercial to commercial and city planners are opposing that change, and they say san jose cannot afford to lose that commercial land because of the tax dollars, and the development would include retail space on the bottom floor and apartments above. westbound across the san mateo bridge. traffic congested there. let's talk about your commute planner weather-wise, on the roads fogginess out there especially on the upper deck. no more heat out there and it's going to be breezy on the bay. we have a small craft advisory east of the golden gate north of the bay bridge through the delta from 9:00 this morning to 9:00 this evening and that's when the winds could hit 24 to 30 miles per hour. 58 in san jose, and santa clara at 59.
6:38 am
52 for the cool spot in los gatos. 51 in san francisco. alameda, san carlos, and san pablo at 53. novato, 52. napa, 54. more graduations today. james lick high school, the comets graduating at 6:00. look, 70 at 6:00. 63 to 59 from 7:00 to 8:00, and then san francisco, we have got mission high school, 57 at 1:00, and at 2:00 it will be about 59 and you will hold steady for the rest of the graduation ceremonies. and we have mt. pleasant high school, and same temperatures pretty much we had for james lick. congratulations, everybody. i want to lthe emeryville camera and we are looking at the maze right now and we have emergency crews that just have gone through the area on westbound 80. we have a problem reported on southbound 880 right at the 80 connecter and we will not be able to see it on the camera,
6:39 am
but possibly we have emergency crews on the way to the scene. in any case, it's slow here as you come around that curve and enter the maze. a quick check of drive times here, overall, not a terrible bay bridge commute. better than yesterday. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze 20 minutes for you. and still no issues getting to sfo from san francisco, and you are in the green at ten minutes, but we have got delays once you make it there. overall, we are still looking for a fairly light commute here. we have a lot of green still on our traffic maps. we will look at mass transit coming up in less than ten. breaking news from the abc7 news live desk. >> following the news at the sacramento airport and just got a very big update. they are now saying that their computer problems should be resolved fully in the next 15 minutes. i want to show you this, their network system has been resolved and the airport saying alaska and southwest flights were able to depart.
6:40 am
great news. earlier this morning there were huge delays and most of the airlines were being forced to check in people, and check the bags in manually. the airport has been sending tweets all morning long and trying to keep passengers informed, and the great news is that things are starting to get back to normal, and back to you guys. a san francisco lawmaker says it's time uber and lyft start paying up for the traffic congestion they are causing. the plan that can make your next ride more expensive. >> and then why google tracks what you buy at traffic and mortar stars. are you confused by the surcharges on your receipt, and michael finney takes a look at what it means for the tip. what it means for the tip. that's at 11:00 tonight.
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developing news now, a group of passengers finally saeufp in sfo after a frightening start to a cross-country flight. >> 131 people just boarded a united flight headed for sfo when a fire broke out. matt keller is live at the airport where they finally arrived a few hours ago. >> reporter: what a relief. some of the passengers finally
6:44 am
arrived at sfo about three hours ago after a frightening night. they were just happy to get here to their destination in san francisco. an engine on united flight 1579 bound for sfo caught fire while it was taxing on the runway at the newark airport. they evacuated the 121 passengers. portia dixon of oakland finally arrived at sfo and she injured her ankle. >> i exited the back of the plane and when i was jumping off the tarp, and people were just piling on behind me, and a gentleman landed on my leg and the stewardess said run as fast as you can away from the leg. >> portia said she will visit the doctor here in the oakland area, and newark airport is open now but experiencing delays. happening today, united
6:45 am
airline ceo is expected to face tough questions from shareholders about the forceful removal from the passenger in april and that incident sparked several weeks of bad publicity for the airline, and shareholders are set to decide whether to re-elect munoz and other board members. the airline reached an undisclosed settlement with the man. the oakland school board will consider changes to the district's sexual harassment policy. students are taking an active role in modifying the current policy and recommending changes based on their personal experiences. >> it really resinated with me, when is change going to actually come? what does it take for us to get that change? >> one of the proposals is to get rid of language that suggests the victim may be penalized for reporting sexual harassment, and also keeping the
6:46 am
victim of t victim informed start to finish. and robert after colliding with another player. he fell on his head just a few minutes into the match on may 6th in santa clara. a truck driver is dead after his gas tanker burst into flames. the tanker erupted in this huge fireball on highway 99 and at water yesterday morning. a witness described it as an ocean of fire that crashed in waves down the road and investigators don't know what caused the fire. and then imposing a fee on rideshare trips in the city. the city attorney's office was asked to analyze a fee to help with congestion efforts.
6:47 am
there's congestion caused by circling and double parking by lyft and uber drivers. the city of massachusetts imposes a similar fee of 20 cents per ride. new developments on the smart train in the north bay. the agency just adjusted its schedule after criticism for gaps in its service. a resized schedule adds more freak service during peak periods but there's still a 90-minute gap during the service during the evening commute. and the schedule won't be perfect until all the trains are running and all the engineers are hired. a date for service to launch is expected to be announced next month. san francisco supervisor wants the public utilities commission to report on the safety standards it's using for a project. the meeting starts at 10:30 this
6:48 am
morning at city hall. and next time you see a store's ad on google, the store may be able to tell if you have shopped at one of the skpwreubg motor stores. it compares to information it gets from your credit card company to see if you bought something recently from the store. the information google gets from credit card companies is increpted and it doesn't include your name or what you bought but the store name is enough information to make sure you are targeted with ads you are interested in. some privacy advocates say it could be a target for hackers. look at the beautiful sky from the east bay hills cameras. we have high clouds rolling through. this is the way it looks mount tamalpais thissio morning. cooler days ahead, and a late
6:49 am
surge of warmth for the holiday weekend. look at that gusts, 38 miles per hour in fairfield. and there it is, if you are trying to travel to the west, and you are going to run into that, it's going to kill your gas mileage and make you hold on to the steering wheel, too. 72 in milpitas, and 75 in san jose in the south bay. 66 in millbrae, and 71 to 74 at the peninsula. we will have mid to upper 50s along the coast today. only 60 in downtown san francisco. average high is 66 for today. petaluma, the cool spot in the north bay valley, and probably the last to see sunshine, also. and we will have mid to upper 60s, berkeley, oakland, san leandro, and 70 to 72 elsewhere. 15 degrees cooler from 74 at san ramon to brentwood at 82 degrees. cloud cover tonight, low to mid-50s. see the green, drizzle is
6:50 am
possible near the coast. my accuweather 7-day forecast a couple more degrees of cooling tomorrow and friday. rebound, you won't notice that on saturday. sunday, monday and tuesday, you will notice the 80s as they return to the inland neighborhoods and even a few 60s at the coast. let's turn it over to alexis and see what she is watching? we had a problem in the maze, and you can see what is left in the parking lot. this was right around somebody 880 and the 80 interchange for folks heading towards the toll plaza and they cleared it quickly but we have the fire department and ambulance, and that should not cause delays for you at this point. a quick check of the traffic maps. i have good news in the south bay, too. one of the only blocking situations today. northbound 101 off-rap to oakland, all clear, and we had a minor collision involving two vehicles. we still have a 10-minute delay,
6:51 am
and that's due to a problem on the track there, and also a 10-minute delay at bay fair station due to an earlier problem on a train. and muni in the green with no delays. in oakland a homeless shelter spruced up thanks to the hard work of volunteers. >> they patched and painted the interior as part of the national painting week. it was more than 200 projects sponsored nationwide by sherwin williams. they said it's important for that space to be comfortable for people who use it to study or search for jobs. sorry, this landmark "flintstone" house has a buyer now. the house originally went on the market in 2015 for 4.2 million bucks, and that price had to go down twice and they landed at $3.2 million. the iconic house was built in 1976 and can be clearly seen as you drive along the interstate
6:52 am
280. and then a new way to share video with your friends on snapch snapchat. custom stories is the recent string of new features. earlier this month snapchat said it would do away with time limits on their snaps. if you are planning to head to yosmite for the memorial day weekend. massive amounts of snow are delaying the installation of the cables that allow hikers to scale the last 400 feet to the summit without using rock climbing equipment. they normally go up the friday before the holiday weekend but now it looks like they won't be installed until june 2nd at the earliest, and anybody that paid for a hiking permit before the cables are installed, you will get a refund. here's the instagram picture
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only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. here are the seven things to know before you go. number one, breaking news. police still on the scene of an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead in south san francisco. it started as a 911 call on court place. officers arrived there and they
6:55 am
say the man refused to drop a shotgun and they were forced to shot. passengers forced to evacuate a united airlines flight arrived safely at sfo and an engine caught fire as the engine taxied on the tarmac last night in newark, new jersey. and then 43-year-old lisa lee on the right of the photo tied with 21 others on monday. officials announced three more arrests this morning in the manchester bombing. and then after-hours of public comment, the board voted no on building the school next to a jail. and then 2 to 17 degrees cooler. we will stay in the mid to upper 50s at the coast, and upper 50s and mid-70s around the bay this afternoon, and low to upper 70s inland. number six, overall, a quiet
6:56 am
commute this morning, and one problem westbound highway 4 before bailey road, and the hov lane possibly blocked. heavy traffic along that stretch anyway, and you are heavy from pittsburg. tom cruise confirming the rumors there will be a "top gun 2." the original hit theaters 31 years ago. >> ice man is going to be in it. >> no goose. >> did you say no goose? >> spoiler! natasha grew up in the bay area. >> she lived here, here, here and here. >> natasha really knows this place. loves to bake. >> lucky us. >> she is super proud of her heritage. >> and proud of her family. >> very loyal. >> big heart and always looking for ways to give back. >> she finds the good in everything. >> always wants to be the best she can be, and every morning it shows. >> [ birds chirping ]
6:57 am
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good morning, america. breaking new details about that concert terror attack. the new arrests this morning as the uk raises its threat level to critical. concerned another attack may be imminent. and what we're now learning about the suspect. reports he has proven links to isis and may have traveled to syria. police blowing down the door of his home. what they discovered inside. and the new clues about the sophisticated bomb. could it point to a bigger plot? also breaking overnight, the president and the pope. trump meets francis for the first time this morning. the gifts they exchanged. what they said as the president and first lady visit the sistine chapel while back at home the former cia director testifies on capitol hill. his concerns about contacts between the trump campaign and russia.


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