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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 24, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." south san francisco neighborhood wakes up to gunshots. a heavy police presence and a man dead in the street. neighbors are left to wonder why the man was armed with a shotgun. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm reggie aqui. police got the call something was wrong late last night when officers got to cork place, they found a man with a shotgun and say it went downhill from there. "abc 7 news" reporter amy hollyfield has been talking to police and neighbors. >> reporter: hi, reggie. police are still here. 11 hours after the shooting happened, this cul-de-sac is still blocked off. police and sheriff's deputies will be looking into whether
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officers were justified in killing this man. as police gather evidence this morning on cork place in south san francisco, one resident on the street said she couldn't imagine having a man standing in front of her home holding a sotgun. >> it's scary. that is really scary. >> reporter: but that is exactly what police say happened. they got the call just before midnight about a disturbance involving a man with a gun. when they arrived, they say he was standing in the middle of the street. >> the officers game multiple commands for that subject to disarm himself with that shotgun. >> reporter: a man living across the street heard what happened next. >> the dog was barking. looked out the window, i seen the lights flashing. heard a couple more, most likely gunshots, and then the redd lights and everything so i couldn't see much at all. >> reporter: he describes hearing several gunshots. at this time police have not said how many officers fired their guns or whether the man shot at officers. >> or he failed to comply with the officers' commands, at which
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time gun fire erupted and fatally wounding the person that was armed. >> reporter: cathie toye is grateful she was asleep and missed it. >> and i grew up here, so it is really shocking. >> reporter: police have not released any information about the man who was killed. they are asking anymore with any information about what happened here to call police. live in south san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." and breaking news now. police announcing more arrests in the deadly manchester bombing. libyan officials say the father and brother of the suspected suicide bomber are now in custody. a fifth suspect carrying a package also arrested today in manchester. this all unfolding as detectives investigate a network linked to the key suspect, salman abedi. this new photo of the 22-year-old released in the past few minutes. look here. abc reporter ariel rashef with
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details. >> reporter: raise to root out possible suspects in the deadly bombing lasting into the night and through today. >> think it is clear this is a network we are investigating. as i said, it continues apace, this extensive investigation is going on and activity taking place across greater manchester as we speak. >> reporter: the primary focus, the neighborhood of suicide bomber 22-year-old salman abedi. abc news learned he was the son of libyan immigrants. the british home secretary saying he may have recently visited libya and syria. intelligence officials looking into possible connections with isis which praised the attack. police combing the center of manchester for clues as to who may have helped him develop the device that killed 2 people and injured more than 60 others. experts say the bomb contained nuts and bolts intended to maim and murder as many as possible. british police confirming they know the identities of all those who died outside the ariana grande concert.
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18-year-old tweeting her excitement before the show. the mother of 15-year-old olivia campbell confirming her daughter's death on facebook writing, rest in peace my darling preshts gorgeous girl. 8 jrld saffi roussos, the youngest victim to be identified. >> saffi was a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the world. she was loved by everyone. >> reporter: the critical threat level in the uk prompting deployment of hundreds of soldiers freeing up police to pursue possible terrorists. ariel rashef, abc 7. we are learning more about the victims. 43 yrl lisa lees on the right died at the arena. as ariel mentioned in her report, the youngest victim so far named 8-year-old saffi rose roussos. we have a tribute to the victims on our website there were conflicting reports about what ariana grand
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was going to do with the rest of her tour. ee got words she is officially suspending. she was supposed to perform friday in london, those shows have been cancelled. the remaining three months of her tour are still up in the air. her management is asking fans to continue to "support the city of manchester and those affected by this senseless act of violence." because of what happened in england, extra security measures will be in place at napa's bottle rock music festival this weekend. drone view 7 shows the construction zone at the napa valley exposition where more than 80 groups will perform. organizers expect more than 120,000 people to go starting friday and they should expect metal detectors, wandings and bag checks before they enter the venue. authorities remind people, if you see something suspicious, report it. new this morning, passengers evacuated from a united flight that caught fire before taking off from newark last night have arrived at their destination, san francisco, safe and sound.
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abc 7 reporter matt keller talked with those passengers. >> reporter: relief at sfo's baggage claim about 4:00 this morning. passengers from united flight 1579 arrived in the bay area from newark, new jersey about four hours late. >> it was terrifying but only for a second. >> reporter: an engine caught fire wise the plane was taxiing on newark's tarmac before takeoff last night. 124 passengers were told to evacuate immediately. >> and then the flight attendant announced everybody take off your seat belts and rush to the exit. the lights were switched off and when we reached the dpits the chutes were already deployed. slid down the chutes. there were fire engines and everything around. >> reporter: once passengers slid down to the tarmac they were then taken back to the terminal. some of them shaken. five had minor injuries including oakland resident portia dixon. >> i exited the back of the plane and when i was jumping off the tarp, you know, people were just piling on behind me and, you know, a gentleman landed on
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my leg. but other stewardess said run as fast as you can away from the plane. >> reporter: paramedics asked if portia wanted to go to the hospital to get her ankle checked out. this flight was the final stretch of her return trip from her vacation in jamaica. no way she was going to be left behind. >> i just wanted to get home. i didn't want to miss a flight. >> reporter: newark's airport was closed for a time because of the incident but has reopened. at sfo, matt keller, "abc 7 news." happening today, united airline ceo oscar munoz is expected to face tough questions from shareholder about the kentucky doctor who was dragged off a flight in chicago. the now infamous april incident sparked weeks of bad publicity for united. shareholders are set to vote on whether to reelect him and 14 other board members. munoz has apologized repeatedly for the injuries dr. david dao suffered after refusing to give up his seat on an over booked flight. the airline reached an undisclosed settlement with him. new this morning, first look
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at the booking photo of a woman accused of trying to kidnap a toddler. she was arrested after monday's incident which we brought you as breaking news on "abc 7 news at 11:00." employees from golden gate meat company held her until police got there. she faces child endangerment and kidnapping charges. the child was not harmed. new developments in the search for a missing uber driver. san francisco police searching a property in the bay view district last night. this is near the spot where they found piseth chhay's car on the weekend. we told you police found the car stripped of everything including the wheels. this was on davidson avenue near third street. last night police used a canine to search an industrial area about a mile away on van dyke avenue. they didn't say if they found any new evidence. he disappeared on mother's day and uber says they don't believe he disappeared while on the job. happening now, hundreds of teachers in petaluma are absent from classrooms, holding a
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one-day strike. teachers have been working without a contract for almost one year. they're demanding a 2% pay increase. district officials say a raise is not possible because of a state mandated increase in pension contributions. officials say they have consolidated classes today and brought in 200 replacements. it is the first walk-out by the petaluma federation of teachers since it was founded in 1969. and happening today, the planning commission will consider a plan to build up to 16 affordable apartments for teachers. for this to happen the commission has to rezone an empty lot at lincoln avenue near malone road from commercial to residential. city planners oppose the change saying san jose cannot afford to lose any commercial land because it generates tax dollars. but property owner sarah chaffin says her development would include retail space on a bottom floor with the apartments above. a proposal to build a school right next to a jail in the east bay isn't going to happen. the dublin unified school board voted no on buying that property. so here is the back story.
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the school would have been at the corner of gleason and hacienda drive next to the santa rita jail. the board voted around midnight rejecting the proposal 3-2. as you can see a lot of people showed up. the board heard from hundreds of those folks during hours of public comment last night. there are three properties left for the board to choose from to accommodate 2,000 students by the year 2023. students at lum elementary in alameda will be moved to another school this fall. some parents were hoping for a different outcome at last night's alameda unified school district meeting. trustees voted unanimously to shut down the campus at the end of the current school year. a soil analysis found the ground beneath the cool could lick which phi in a big earthquake causing a collapse. officials have to decide the long-term future of that site. the president and the pope, the issues uniting the pair after this morning's meeting at the vatican. >> new trouble for bart. the challenge the agency is facing that is leading to over crowded commutes this weekend. and can you imagine, would you let vacation days go to
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waste? the trend emerging in offices from coast to coast. you give those to other people? because i would take them. here's a look at what is going on. let's open the weather window on the east bay himself. high clouds remain. that filtered sunshine and the sea breeze that's reaching all of our neighborhoods means a big dramatic drop in our east bay valleys while rest of us cool abou
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concord firefighters dealt with a mess this morning after a driver smashed into a fire hydrant. it happened just after 1:00 a.m. on port chicago highway near the olivero crossing shopping center. thousands of gallons of water spilled for several hours until crews could turn it off. the driver was nowhere to be found. happening today, the doctor of a cal rugby player who is partially paralyzed during the national championship game will update us on the athlete's condition. robert paylor remains in a south bay hospital. the hospital provided "abc 7 news" with this new picture of him resting in bed yesterday. he was moved out of icu and into a rehab trauma center nearly two weeks ago. he was injured after colliding with another player. he fell on his head in a match on may 6th in santa clara. happening now, a federal judge in san francisco reconsidering a ruling on president trump's sanctuary city's order. u.s. district judge william oreck issued a preliminary injunction april 25th. that effectively blocked president trump's executive order to cut funding to
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sanctuary cities. san francisco and santa clara are challenging the president's order. the judge is reconsidering the injunction after the justice department requested him to do so. a historic meeting overnight between president trump and pope francis at the vatican. the two discussed terrorism and the radicalization of young people in a 30-minute meeting described by vatican officials as cordial. after the vatican secretary of state urged president trump not to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. the president now heads to brussels where he is going to attend a nato summit. a crowded commute on bart is nothing new, but this week it is worse than normal. we'll tell you why. serena williams looks to asa new role right here in the bay area. what the tennis star will be doing in silicon valley. and a live look outside right now. you are looking at santa cruz beach. it looks cloudy out there right now. meteorologist
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monotheistic. we have breaking news out of san francisco state where police are investigating a bomb threat on the campus. a viewer shared this photo with us showing the standing outside. >> the health and social sciences building has been evacuate it. we are told the university department is conducting a sweep of the building and has been in communication with the san francisco police department. we will keep you updated with the "abc 7 news" app. right now, back to our regular scheduled program. when was the last time you booked a get away? >> it's been a while, you're not alone. a new survey finds most people do not use all of their paid vacation. simply put, americans cannot unplug from work. >> really? i have no trouble doing this.
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employment website "glass door" did a survey asking people how often they take vacation or paid time off. here is what they found. only 23% took all of their vacation days last year. 54% used only half of their days. and 9% took knno vacation days t all. no! >> what? >> why? while you're at it, think about planning the summer trim or the fall trip, whatever. >> we should pat ourselves on the back because i believe we use all of our vacations. >> 23%. >> you use d it all? >> i didn't when i was younger but i do now. >> i think it is important for mental health as well. >> especially on the morning shift. three days of vacation is just seeping. >> hey, sleeping weather finally. >> yes, open the windows, enjoy the cooler weather, absolutely. here is a look at what is going on this morning, what happened this morning. just couldn't quite shake all of the clouds. we got rid of the low clouds in the east bay bull you notice that the marine layer did top the east bay hills. that's why we're going to see a 15 to 20 degree drop in our east
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bay valleys. here is a look at those low clouds. back to the coast, but the high clouds will be a mainstay today. we will call it partly cloudy and the summer heatver. no 90s, hardly any 80s out there. most of us in the 60s and 70s. clouds return tonight, the low clouds, and cooler highs follow the next couple of days. we start the weekend mild and end a little warmer. mid to upper 50s in half moon bay and san francisco. the rest of us pretty much in the 60s until you get to san ramon and brentwood, low to mid 70s there. look at the gusting winds. there you go. i overlaid them on live doppler 7. you can see fairfield gusting to 36. that's when you have a stout sea breeze that touches our neighborhoods. in fact, cool at the coliseum. 63 at 12:35. 67 at 3:35. don't let the cool weather fool you. you will burn quickly even with the canopy of high clouds out there. 66 the high in oakland. 60 in san francisco. upper 50s around half moon bay. you can see low 70s around the southern bay and mid 70s in south bay and even mid 70s to
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low 80s. antioch 81 as warm as it gets. flight delays in sfo about 66 minutes. day planner, noon 70. 71 at 3:00 to 66 at 6:00 to 61 at 8:00 for the bay. make sure you have a coat if heading out. look at that, 77 inland to 71 to 62. getting cool there. talk about some high school graduations about to take place. galileo academy of science and technology, 58 at 12:00. 60 and a little breezy at 1:00. low 60s from 2:00 to 3:. down the road we will have mission high school and temperatures a little bit warmer. how about some 60 to 62 degree temperatures about the same time frame. go down to san jose. we have one more to talk about, and this one is for mount pleasant high. 78 at 5:00, 71 at 4:00, but a bit of a chill as we wrap up graduation, 62 at 7:00 and 59 by 8:00 with the breezes kicking
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in. we all fall into the 50 to 55 degree range tomorrow morning with a lot of cloud cover. that will signify cooler weather for thursday, coolest friday, a rebound saturday. there you go, 60 at the coast to mid 70s and 80s around the bay and inland wrapping up the holiday weekend. >> comfortable. thank you, mike. after a year long renovation san francisco's alamo square park is set to reopen and a big party set to start in a few minutes to mark the occasion. "abc 7 news" got special permission to fly drone view 7 over the park this morning. the city spent $5 million to replace the grass with a drought resistant type. they installed new benches and updated bathrooms. the park offers breathtaking views of the city skyline, framed by the famous row of painted ladies. >> i want to ride on that drone because that is the best view ever. if you commute on bart and things seem more crowded than usual this week, it is not your imagination. "abc 7 news" learned bart is short dozens of train cars.
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this is system wide. a spokesperson tells us 35 bart cars were out of service as of 4:00 this morning. that is slightly better than yesterday's 43. the problem is traced to the concord maintenance yard which doesn't have enough trains up and running for full service between pittsburgh and sfo during the commute. >> new this morning, tennis star serena williams is taking on a new challenge, this time in silicon valley. the 35-year-old grand slam champ says she wants to help boost diversity in the tech industry. williams is joining the board at online survey giant survey monkey. the san mateo based company made the announcement this morning. williams has been visiting the bay area more frequently after her engagement to alexis owe hanan, cofounder of san francisco bay's reddit. the couple is expecting their first child. >> i'm a new disney fan, so when i saw the video of the new land they're about to open, wow, it
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is something. we're going to show you preview of the land dedicated the move avatar, that's coming up. confuse willed by sur charges on your receipt when you go out
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. have you ever dreamed of visiting the world of pandora from the movie "avatar?"
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>> i know you're trying to remember what was pandora like. it has been a while since the movie was out. even if you don't remember the planet of tall blue aliens, you will be impressed with what disney world in florida has unveiled. ♪ >> that's a tree. an historic moment for disney, for a first time disney parks live streamed a dedication of an entire land. pandora, the world of after tar. >> those are the floating mountains from the movie if you remember those. it doesn't open until saturday to the public, but today they had a lot of guest stars there including avatar director who took part in building the land. it has been unconstruction for five years. >> that will be a great attraction. have a great day.
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>> 14 questions, 14 answers, and $1 million in the balance. but, hey, no pressure, right? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for "millionaire" today? [crowd cheering] good, because we're in the middle of a great game. today's returning contestant is the ultimate trivia game player. he's effortlessly gotten to $30,000 with all of his lifelines intact, and without batting an eye. from san francisco, california, let's welcome back les chun. [crowd cheering] les, how you doing? >> good, thank you. >> welcome back. you are in the midst of a great game. we'll catch everybody up to date in just a minute on that. um, but i want to go back. you're a trivia game fan.


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