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stable condition here at children's hospital. while police are trying to find the shooter, or the suspects in this case, the community is reaching out trying to help the boy and his family. he's a little boy, was just walking down the street with his family and his puppy on his birthday. and now he is in children's hospital with gunshot wounds. >> it's always disheartening to see crimes against children and the youth in our community because it impacts the trajectory of their future and ours. >> reporter: it happened sunday night just before 11:00 p.m. in the area of fruitvale in east 27th street in oakland. he was walking with his older brother and parents on the way to a local store. it is unclear what prompted the shooting, or even where the shots came from. but police say the boy was not the intended target. >> you know, we have to all come together because these children are getting involved and, you know, it's just not fair. it's not. just put the guns down.
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>> reporter: he is a member of a local soccer team which is now helping raise money for the boy's family through a go fund me page. in oakland, laura anthony, nabs. >> we are learning of another death from botulism. they say this is an isolated incident that happened in the past month. exact cause still under investigation. officials say it is not related to the string of botulism cases stemming from a sacramento area gas station's nacho cheese sauce. that cheese sickened ten people and left one person dead. rescue crews in san rafael say the driver of a prius was really fortunate. following an accident involving a bus, you're going to see the images from this scene. you'll certainly agree. the car got wedged between a golden gate transit bus and pole. crunched up there. windshie windshield smattered.
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nobody else was hurt. >> a south bay doctor received a four-year sentence for a patient's death. 74 year old was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say in 2012 she prescribed hundreds of powerful pills to a patient who had just gotten out of rehab. the patient died from a combination of drugs. the investigation into her showed she was writing excessive high dosage prescriptions for addictive narcotics. some of her patients were arrested for re-selling her prescribed drugs for a profit. we are learning new details father and uber driver. he went missing on mother's day. his car was found a week later in the bay view completely stripped. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live from the hall of justice with what we are learning now about the investigation. vic? >> reporter: well, police have been exceptionally quiet about this case, but we are learning something new tonight. a source with knowledge of the case tells us investigators believe the disappearance is not
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random. he did not elaborate. but that same source also tells us that investigators believe the disappearance is not related to the man's work as an uber driver. in other words, investigators do not believe that a passenger had anything to do with his disappearance. last night investigators from the special victims unit served as search warrant here in the bay view at the maple trade center on the 1200 block of van dyke avenue. a person who answered the phone at the office said, investigators provided no details. the maple trade center is about two miles from where the mercedes was found stripped of everything, including its wheels. the car was found last saturday. the 47-year-old father of two and a full-time uber driver, disappeared the weekend before on mother's day. his family and friends have been scouring the bay view looking for answers and witnesses. the car was found abandoned near
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a homeless encampment. street people here noticed the car, but nothing else that could help. >> a family man with children, extensive family. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor represents the district where he and his family lives. he's spoken to police. >> they're in the process of doing discovery or request to the court to release information from phone records. and that information hassant be -- hasn't been provided yet. >> reporter: this is his cousin. >> i'm sure one person saw something. please come forward and help us find him, you know. at the end of the day that's all we want. >> reporter: police have been tight lipped about the case. a source knowledgeable about the investigation tells us there will be more search warrants as they slide identify leads. vic lee, abc7 news. >> new details about the danville bank robbery suspect who painted a beard on her face turns out she's a former police officer. police say this is jennifer mcclairy during a robbery
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yesterday at a bank of the west in danville. she served on the police force in the city of placentia in southern california. she was terminated after 18 months for failing to meet probationary standards. she now faces robbery and drug charges. palo alto police say they were able to arrest a man suspected of flashing people thanks to quick thinking passerby. one of them, 28-year-old jonathan dane chestnut is accused of exposing and touching himself in front of that woman on february 27th. chestnut was recent lip arrested for a separate theft charge. detectives used this photograph she took after the february incident to link chestnut to the crime. investigators do not think he's connected to other indecent exposure cases on the peninsula. >> speaking of indecent, high speed chase is over, and it was all over a stolen leng ray. it happened in screanta cruz coy this week. two of the four women involved are from the east bay. 20-year-old jolanda burns is from oakland and 18 year old is from union city. police say the two women along
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with two 17-year-olds went into a victoria secret store and stole a bunch of items. >> tried to initiate a traffic stop. the vehicle failed to yield and a high-speed pursuit ensued. >> speeds reached 120 miles per hour when police finally stopped the car, they recovered, look at that, $1200 worth of merchandise inside. investigators are trying to determine if the women are part of a more organized theft ring. >> serious challenges lie ahead for the cal rugby player who became partially paralyzed during a game in santa clara. robert taylor fell on his head earlier this month. his doctor and his father gave reporters an update on robert's condition and his prognosis. abc7 news reporter david louie has the story from valley medical center. >> reporter: there have been dark moments as his rugby coach at cam and his father waited for doctors at valley medical center to see what they could do for 20-year-old robert taylor. he was paralyzed from the chest after a game in santa clara on
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may 6. you can see it in robert's face and this photo taken yesterday that gloom has given way to something better. >> ever since seeing robert on the field, we've come from being broken to having hope. >> reporter: his trauma and spine doctor says the cal athlete from el dorado hills has some sen vegas from head to toes, but he is unable to move his hands. surgery done within hours of the injury has relieved pressure of a cervical disk pressing on the spine but it will take rehabilitation and time to see if his body can mend itself. >> we would expect him to have some degree of recovery naturally over the next year. that could include some recovery of his hand function. patients with this type of injury face a very difficult problem in that their recovery is extremely individual. >> reporter: robert's father said his son is a warrior determined to do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible outcome. when asked by his doctors if he's able to do grueling therapy, robert says he's done
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worse. >> he doesn't have ask why this happened or dwell on what life could be. if it wasn't in this situation. at the point of injury he just knew that his life had taken a different path and he's accepted that future. >> reporter: and he's getting moral and financial support from friends and strangers. a go fund me page has topped $600,000. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> eight prison guards at pelican bay state prison in northern california are hospitalized after a fight with inmates. correction officers fired 19 bullets to bring the fight to an en. five inmates were shot, two others were also hurt. their conditions are not known. the department of corrections says all eight injured guards will recover. >> a new rule would make the secret recording or unauthorized sharing of nude photos a crime under military law. that move is in response to the marine corps's nude photo sharing scandal. house lawmakers approved that
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today which congress bomb jackie spear praised. that bill now goes on to the senate for a vote. u.c. berkeley professor out of a job. he fired him for sexually harassing four students. the decision came after university committee said it found clear and convincing evidence went worth engaged in the misconduct. went worth was a member of the department and southeast asian studies. >> graco recalled one of its popular child car seats. one of 25,000 of them may not be safe. >> the return of the alamo. famous painted ladies reopened. what is different after a $5 million make over? >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. a sharp drop in temperatures for some areas today. find out if this trend will continue for your memorial day weekend coming up. >> home prices set a record. they are rising in every bay area county except one.
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>> and
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abc7 news received special permission to fly droneview7 over alamo square park this morning. this just hours before the park's grand reopening. abc7 news's wayne freedman joins us live from the brand-new but very old alamo square park. wayne? >> reporter: they're going to have new bathrooms. they have new grass, new irrigation, they have new trees. what they really have that's back is that view over my head and the ability to lie down on the grass and take it all in. there are ribbon cuttings. >> 3, 2, 1, yea. >> reporter: we'll call this more of a re-ribbon cutting for san francisco's 164-year-old
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icon. after one year and $6 million, the city's alamo square park reopened. >> it went from the most water wasting park in our system to the most water efficient park in our system. >> reporter: the longer the process certainly had a draining effect on the local economy. >> we had less visitors, it's stressful. >> reporter: at the alamo square deli, the views that attracted hungry customers pretty much kept them away with the park closed and no one able to visit. here is a shot before they pulled the fences down. after today, though, no regrets. >> i'm pretty grateful for all they did with the landscaping. i think they did a great job. we sat down on the grass, it kind of feels like a mattress. >> reporter: soft and cushy where san francisco's watched their city burned following the 1906 quake and reestablished the city while recovering. today the park offers a view showing old and new and all in one glance. >> the contrast is very cool to look at. >> reporter: unmatched in the city. from alamo square park in san
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francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> controversy surrounding a decision to demolish an old bus station in downtown san jose and replace it with condominiums, last night the city council unanimously approved permits and environmental studies for projects that would replace the former greyhound line station on south almaden avenue with two residential towers. the council's approval comes despite demands from union workers that the city require the developers k.t. urban hire union workers. they can't force requirements on private property. >> a one day strike, teachers have been working without a contract for almost a year. they are demanding a 2% pay increase. district officials say a raise is impossible because a state mandated increase in pension contribute stions. it is the first walk out by petaluma federation of teachers since it was founded back in 1969. the san jose planning commission today considering a plan to build up to 16
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affordable apartments for teachers. to do so the commission has to rezone an empty lot at lincoln avenue from commercial to residential. city planners say san jose can't afford to lose any commercial land because it generates tax dollars. opponents say the development would have retail space on the bottom floor with the apartments above. >> the price for a single-family home in the bay area hit an all-time high last month. real estate information service core logic says the median price surged to $800,000 in april, smashing the prior record of $752,000 set in june of 2016. prices rose in every bay area county last month except san francisco where the median price fell 4%. yesterday we learned sales in new homes had slowed. something attributed in part to high prices. >> an important warning tonight for parents who are using certain graco car seats for their babies. >> thousands of the seats may not actually protect children in a cash.
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7 on your side michael finney is here with more. >> amazing. this is a warning by the federal regulators saying the car seats do not meet safety standards. as a result, graco is recalling 25,000 of its my-ride 65 convertible car seats. the national highway traffic safety administration said the seat might not protect children in a cash. the agency did not report any accidents or injuries, however, the webbing in the harness could break and children could be thrown during a crash. the effective seats were produced from may to august of 2014. graco will send a repair kit to owners. i posted the information you need. it is on my facebook page. there is another recall of seats, and these are seats for grown ups. they are recalling nearly 48,000 office chairs because nuts and bolts might fall off. that can cause the seat to loosen and drop causing someone to fall off. however, the company has no reports of that ever happening, at least not with any accidents
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or injuries. the recall affects 15 different models. the company will provide owners with a repair kit. i poefrted information on my facebook page. president trump is proposing many budget cuts including eliminating the popular energy star program. you know energy star. it's the label that tells you which appliances are energy efficient including washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers. many consumers are accustomed to looking for that label. americans have saved an estimated $362 billion on utility bills since energy star began 25 years ago. already, many lawmakers are opposing the cut which would, of course, need approval from congress. i've got to tell you, energy star is super important. when you look at the difference between those that have the label and those that don't it is stunning. >> worth looking for. >> thank you, michael. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> hard to miss the cooling
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trend. good evening, everyone. santa rosa dropping from 84 yesterday to 64 degrees today. thanks to a deeper marine layer. now take a look at the temperature trends for snaz. average highs 77. the next couple days you'll remain below average. as we head into the memorial day weekend the temperatures will come up to the low 80s. there is a warming trend but it won't be terribly hot. live doppler 7 right now showing you quite a bit of cloud cover overhead. it is both low clouds along the coast and high clouds overhead. temperatures up to 18 degree drop in temperature compared to 24 hours ago in fairfield this afternoon. so, that's thanks to the marine influence. from our san jose camera, we are seeing high clouds filtering the sunshine. nice looking day in san jose. temperature really was quite comfortable. 59 in san francisco now, 66 oakland. you'll notice it is in the 70s in san jose and 67 in in in in n by. gray skies from our santa cruz camera. has president stopped people from enjoying the weather.
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60 in santa rosa. 70 in livermore. the marine layer has deepened and it will continue to be a strong player in our forecast over the next couple of days. widespread low clouds overnight tonight. patchy morning drizzle and we are looking at it to warm up for your holiday weekend. graduations going on right now, if you're going to george washington high school graduation tomorrow in san francisco, 2:00, do expect it to be pretty cloudy and cool. so, good idea to take the jacket. upper 50s to the low 60s. obviously congratulations to those graduates and other graduates around the bay area. tomorrow morning temperatures will begin in the 50s across most of the region. 49 in half moon bay. there will be some spotty drizzle as you look at the hour by hour forecast, primarily near the coast. 7:00 tonight as we head into 5:00 a.m., don't be surprised if you see damp roadways. so, that morning commute may take you a little bit
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than what you're used to. the low clouds will peel back to the coast line and sit there all afternoon long like we've seen the last couple of days. inland areas you'll see sun mixing with high clouds. temperatures tomorrow, today we saw some low 80s in our warm est inland valleys. tomorrow we'll drop four degrees in the inland spot. mid 70s in the warm est locations. 50s, low 60s on the breezy side. you can download the app, you keep track hour by hour, minute by minute. friday, saturday, sunday, lower 70s, not too hot, not too cold. it will bring it just right in time for bottle rock. accuweather seven-day forecast. upper 50s, mid 70s. as we head into the holiday weekend, we see a turn around in the temperatures. sunday is warmer. low 80s inland, low 60s coast
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side. keeping the coast about the same on memorial day. certainly warming close to 90 degrees inland on monday. so, if you're firing up the grill, you're not going to be cooking in the heat. >> it will be a nice weekend. >> thanks, larry. >> i'm working. so are you, i think. >> i say good-bye to boss dogs. the 20 million or so roadway markers are headed for retirement. that's next. >> new at 6:00, move over hot air balloons. drones taking over the skies above wine country and how they're actually making the wine better.
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a fedex contractor accused of breaking into three homes while on the job made his first court appearance this afternoon. menlo park police arrested
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57-year-old kevin baker yesterday. he is accused of breaking into a house on trinity drive last wednesday as he was making deliveries. investigators have also linked baker to two home burglaries in atherton on may 3rd and may 5th. baker is a convicted felon with a history of theft. >> the drop in bart's ridership this year is accelerating. the transit agency reports this year total ridership has decreased by 5.5% compared with the same time last year. weekend ridership is dropping the most, down more than 7% on saturdays and 11% on sundays. bart's board will meet tomorrow to discuss how to reverse the drop and cope with the projected multi-million dollar budget deficit caused by it. >> you know those round raised white markers on california free ways? they're called bot-dots. the markers are to remind you to stay in your line. cal trans says they are too costly to maintain. >> reporter: that old familiar noise and bump on the freeway
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will now be a thing of the past. >> we will not have the bot-dots resting on top of the white stripe. >> reporter: cal trans won't be replacing them as they break. instead will opt for newer technology. >> we could get three to 60 years out of the other kind of highly reflective lane striping. >> reporter: the square raised reflectors are staying. >> those reflectors will remain every 48 feet. >> reporter: currently there are four dots in between, but the problem according to cal trans officials is that they aren't reflective enough, which is why as the dots fail, crews will now install reflective striping to divide the line. >> we've done a study of an area where bot dots were in use and where bot dots were removed and found no significant difference in the accident rates over a six-year period. >> reporter: some are skeptical of the switch, but cal trans said reflectivity is more important. in addition to driver safety will increase worker safety. >> our crews have to go out and
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close at least one freeway lane because these bot dots are replaced by hand. that not only puts our workers in situation of higher risk, but terrible inconvenience. >> reporter: christina salvo, abc7 news. >> drones are taking over and a new one released this week is promising to revolution ize selfies everywhere. it sells for about 50 bucks. 500, sorry, not that deep. it was released this week by the world's largest drone company dji, and this is video from dji. what is unique is you can control it with hand gestures, move it in the direction in which you have your hand. dji say they expect it to be popular with selfie takers who want to give perspective. >> just what we need, more people taking selfies. not. still ahead, the birds and the bees and how they act a lot like people. >> we want to thank the viewer
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alan with the lovely sun setting picture over the
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i'm alma daetz. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, a critical new report is out on unsafe conditions at tesla's fremont plant. workers have been complaining for a while. we'll bring you the automaker's canned did response. also a democrat pradsing the president?
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find out why governor brown is cautiously optimistic with president trump's approach to climate change. and it finally happened an nfl team gives colin kaepernick a look. it is a niners rival no less. all that plus much more coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. larry, kristen? >> all right, alma, instreeging on cap. new research out of berkeley shows birds and bees are not too different than normal people. >> researchers say they found evidence of conscientiousness in reptiles, birds, fish and other critters. they have attributes like industriousness, neatness, tenacity, discipline and even attention to detail. they're not really like us. >> they're much more attentive than we are. researcher says the attributes have evolutionary benefits giving the critters an edge in hunting and gathering, attracting mates and pro creating. so, somebody had to study each individual little bird and find out who is -- >> imagine asking them to fill out a survey. >> i'm sure that helped.
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>> "world news tonight with david muir" is next. i'm kristen tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. what that concert bomb now reveals. the new images right here tonight. the possible detonator carried in the suspect's left hand. sweeping raids. our team witnessing the chaos. also tonight, the suspect himself. his father and brother now arrested. was his brother about to unleash a second attack, and where? here at home, tornado watches up right now. 27 million americans bracing in the east. multiple tornado reports already. severe storms moving up the east coast tonight. breaking news involving some of president trump's top aides during the campaign and russia. and president trump and the pope. they have not seen eye to eye before. what the president said to the pope as he left the meeting. and america strong. the grad student and the mom who took notes when he couldn't. the major suri


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