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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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risk. >> i said, oh, this is funny. i checked the house. poked my head out the window and i went, oh, my god. >> reporter: fire crews battled this grass fire from several angles surrounding this milpitas hillside. around noon fire and emergency crews responded to report of a transformer explosion. fire ignited following the blast. it threatened one home and several vehicles. >> it was upsetting to me because those homes are there and there's animals. i have a little one, too. >> reporter: the grassy hillside is a special place because of these little guys. about 20 goats live here and graze on the land. they actually help reduce the fire risk. the animals were inside a fence area when the brush fire started. sky 7 was above when they became trapped between the flames and a fence, backed into a corner. >> the first concern was i hope
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the goats were okay. >> reporter: amazingly all of the goats managed to survive. animal control officers responded to the scene. they transported six of them to an animal hospital. three with minor injuries, three others are still being evaluated. as for the hillside where they live, a good portion is burned. >> six acres right now. >> reporter: the chief says the grass fire was a close call, a reminder we're at the beginning of what is expected to be a busy wildfire season. in milpitas, lonnie rivera, abc7 news. >> we'll be more concerned about fire as the weather heats up. >> spencer christian is here with the weather. >> we have warmer weather coming our way. we're looking at relatively cooler weather. live at the coast, it is exerting its influence. we have gusty wind which may elevate concerns about fire as temperatures rise over the weekend. right now we're looking at gusts of 20 to 30 miles per hour across most of the bay area. temperatures, however, are lower
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than average for this time of the year. they'll be rising saturday and sunday. san francisco is at 60, 66 in oakland, upper 60s at mountain view, san jose, 65 in gilroy, 957 at half moon bay. here's the view from sutro tower looking north. mostly clear skies at 62 in santa rosa right now. napa 65, upper 60s at novato, fairfield, concord, livermore 71. >> here's the forecast animation for overnight hours. we'll possibly see spotty drizzle along the coast line in the early morning hours. it will be a dry day tomorrow. the big warm up comes this weekend and i'll give you a look at the seven days ahead in just a few minutes. larry? >> all right, spencer, see you i a few minutes. we have breaking news about a san francisco uber driver. police found a man wanted for questioning in this case. the car was parked at san francisco international airport. bob tang was supposed to offer
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testimony. they say he left the country, possibly to his native cambodia. police call tang a person of interest. he is believed to be the last person to see the husband and father who has now been missing 12 days. today police say they served search warrants in hayward and san francisco in connection with his disappearance. he was going to meet tang on a day that he disappeared. >> now a story we first reported this afternoon with an alert through the abc7 news app, an appeals court ruled against president trump's revised travel ban. federal appeals court in virginia upheld an injunction against the president's executive order banning people from six muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days and all refugees for 120 days. the ruling up holds the lower court decision to uphold portions of the ban indefinitely. >> work froze at one of the four terminals at the port of oakland today after a long shore man found a noose. other long shore men walked off the job. it's the second noose that's
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turned up there in just two weeks. the walk out caused a huge back up of trucks arriving to deliver or pickup containers at the port. many drivers sat for hours with no word about the shut down. the president of the long shore man's union issued a statement, quote, we reject in the strongest possible terms racism in all its forms. he added that the matter is being vigorously investigated. >> a former ucsf doctor pleaded not guilty today to charges that he fraudulently obtained and prescribed ritalin. doctor christian naffe didn't speak with reporters today during his first court appearance. prosecutors say a pharmacy where matthew was filling the prescriptions brought the alleged crime to the attention of ucsf police investigators. he was a gastroenterologist at ucsf but the hospital fired him in october of 2015. prosecutors arrested maffe last friday. >> for somebody who is put in a position of trust and the fact that they are using that trust to issue false prescriptions is
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something we take -- >> ritalin is considered a controlled substances and can be habit forming. it is commonly prescribed to treat adhd and narcolepsy. >> it's been one year since pearl tim son was last seen. the then 15-year-old was kidnapped off a vallejo freeway overpass. the abductor was later killed. the family says they are not giving up. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live where a individualvigil is getting underway. >> reporter: usually we think of happy anniversaries. that is the opposite case for the family behind us. they are still seeking answers and until they get the answers they cannot find closure. this is the kind of walk no parent ever wants to make. james and joyce retracing the last-known stepds of their daughter pearl. where is she, the sign asks? dead, alive? how do you deal with not
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knowing? >> i don't know. >> reporter: pearl had been walking to school just before 7:00 a.m. when witnesses say they saw a man attack and drag her away screaming. later police identified him as 19-year-old fernando castro, also of vallejo. surveillance cameras traced him to jenner, then to santa barbara county where the next day he died in the shootout with police. detectives never found more than traces of pearl's blood in the car. no body. >> they took his life. >> reporter: one year later this overpass above highway 780 remains a memorial. it is impossible to miss when passing through. hard to forget when driving beneath. and for family members, let's just hope that the rest of us never have to know. >> if she's watching this, anything you want to say to her? >> pearl, i love you. please come home. >> we haven't stopped looking for you.
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>> reporter: in vallejo, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> san francisco police have launched a homicide investigation after a discovery in bernl heights. a jogger found the body of a stabbing victim around 5:30 in bernl heights park. the portion of the park where the body was found is closed as officers look for evidence. the entire park reopened just before 11:00. no arrests have been made. sky 7 was over the may fair bart station at san leandro. police investigated the discovery of a body inside a pedestrian tunnel. a bart spokesperson tell us the person was most likely a transient. foul play is not suspected. >> homelessness in the east bay is skyrocketing. new numbers from the streetless head count defy some of the stereo types and increase the urgency to do something. >> abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley reports from oakland, the city most plagued by the homeless crisis. leslie. >> reporter: that's right. the homelessness counts confirmed what oaklanders already know, homelessness is expanding exponentially, is
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visible everywhere on the streets, especially downtown and in west oakland. there are as many as 50 tents in some of oakland's homeless encampments like this one under interstate 980, $20 the nonprofit everyone home release the results of their 2017 alameda county census. first since 2015. county wide the number of homeless sored from 4,000 to over 5600. in oakland, 859 are in shelters, but over 1900 are living on the streets. >> 57% of the people said it was money issues that made them homeless. a lot of the narrative is drug addiction, mental health, and people have those things, but that's not why they became homeless. they became homeless because they couldn't afford the rent. >> reporter: oakland tried a pilot program to provide port a potty and trash pickup. even though there were fires and problems, they say they learned lessons and they want to expand. >> the budget i just proposed will allow us to bring sanitation and trash services,
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now up to 400 unsheltered residents a year to improve health and hygiene for the residents as well as for the communities around them. >> we need bathrooms, somewhere to pee, somewhere to throw our garbage besides on the street. >> reporter: here along north gate avenue, the homeless willingly move their tentsz so the city can clean the sidewalk. >> i think this clean up is necessary. they didn't come here and say, you know, you have to get out, never come back. they're actually like, we need to clean this up and if you guys come back, then we can't really do nothing about it. >> reporter: oakland says they'll provide a camping area this summer as alameda county leaders look at ways to provide more long-term affordable housing. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> another lawsuit has been filed against a sacramento county mom and pop gas station and the maker of nacho cheese sauce that's been linked to a deadly botulism outbreak. attorneys for sacramento
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resident say she has been in intensive care since april 23rd, two days after she ate tortilla chips with nafrp owe cheese purchased from the valley oak food and fuel store in walnut grove. kelly's family says she is on a ventilator unable to breathe, speak or move on her own. state officials have concluded the nacho cheese sauce is the source of the botulism. rare outbreak has sickened ten people, one of whom has died. >> bart's new police chief took his oath today. as soon as chief carlos rojas sat back down, he was made aware the community is watching his force. the new chief listened at today's board meeting as oscar grant's uncle raised concerns about the board policy. >> we should not be behind time. oscar was the catalyst of the movement we see today and therefore bart initiated some refunds back then but has forgotten. >> it doesn't work in police. my experience has been really engaging with the community and partnering with the various
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groups. >> a bart police officer shot and killed oscar on new year's day 2009. bart's board is currently reviewing the agency's use of force policy. >> more fallout from our winter rain. all the damaged roads and bridges causing a big problem for one bay area town, forcing the community to dig deeper into their wall et cetera. not to pay for roads, but for something else. plus. >> we owe it to the world to do our part, too. >> an emotional speech, call to action from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. >> and a tower of terror is no more. guardian in town. we'll take you for a ride on the newest attraction at disney's california adventure. >> and taking a live look at our traffic over san francisco's skyway it is all backed up on the left-hand side. that is traffic trying to get onto the bay bridge. east bay is looking decent on the right-hand side if you're heading southbound t
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new developments on a south bay school getting back on its feet. a vandal broke in and left it in ruins on the day that the kids were supposed to have a party. well, today lots of smiles thanks to the community. here is abc7 news reporter jeannine de la vega. >> reporter: a lot of excitement from the little ones here at tomorrow montesori school as they looked at boxes full of new books. the san jose public library donated 300 books after they heard about the huge loss the school suffered earlier this month. >> i was horrified. i was really broken. >> it really crushed me that
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someone could come in and take away the safety net for all these kids. >> reporter: a vandal ran sacked the school destroying rooms, furnitures and windows. the school had planned a party that day to promote literacy but instead they had to close. the san jose public library watched abc7 news's story on the story and pitched in to help. they came through. >> it was amazing. they came out yesterday and they brought us this beautiful gift of books for our children, and the kids were so excited. the big truck pulled up and the kids all sat down on the playground to watch all the books get carried in. and the library read a story to them. it was really wonderful. >> reporter: the generosity also did wonders for the children. many had felt sad and didn't understand why someone would want to hurt their school. but >> -- >> reporter: people contributed to a go fund me account and that money was used to install a new security system for the school. that makes the director here feel better because the suspect
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for the vandalism was arrested, but has since been released. reporting from san jose, jeannine de la vega, abc7 news. >> mark zuckerberg went back to harvard to deliver the commencement address and get his degree. 11 years after he started the world's biggest social media company. >> kristen sze here, you probably didn't hit the like button for certain parts of this, kristen. >> certain parts. more on that in a bit. at 33 mark zuckerberg becomes the youngest commencement speaker at harvard and the second drop out, the first bill gates. his wife listened in the rain. zuckerberg delivered this message. if you create opportunities, you create purpose. not just for yourself, but for others. >> let's give everyone the freedom to pursue purpose, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because when more people can turn their dreams into something great, we
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are all better for it. >> >> well, zuckerberg's speech may have been well received, but not the captioning. he tweets one such error, this gibberish here. reward is my parents? what? that didn't make much sense. also this morning the harvard newspaper's website was hacked to troll zuckerberg with headlines such as mark zinkerberg does it again. he is pictured getting his honorary harvard degree. he said, mom, i always told you i'd come back and get my degree. he certainly did. larry and alma? >> thank you. when was the last time you saw zuck in a suit and tie? >> maybe the only time. i don't know. >> not sure. >> spencer christian, always nicely attired. >> i do my best. not zuckerberg-esque. >> i won't call you natalie
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again. >> you called me natalie. here's a live look at live doppler 7. we have some weather i think you're going to like. thank you, larry. we have cool conditions, cooler than average. maybe mainly because of that rather strong marine layer. cooler than average this time of year. a lovely day as we look northward toward the golden gate here. we'll see fog overnight of course. spotty morning drizzle is possible especially along the coast line. it will be breezy and cool again tomorrow but we'll be warming up over the weekend, memorial day weekend as a matter of fact. tonight, however, we'll see fog surging inland once again and that has been the pattern all week long. low temperatures will be generally in the low to mid 50s. again a chance for patchy drizzle mainly near the coast line. then tomorrow bright skies lingering high clouds and lingering low clouds, highs ranging at 50s in the coast, 60s on the bay, 70 to 71 mild est inland locations. let's go inland to napa where the next three days it will be
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the bottle rock music festival. going on in napa, it will be sunnier the next few days. starts off with clouds, high of 70 in napa, high of 74 saturday, up to 81 on sunday. in fact, as you look at livermore's high temperature trend the next seven days you can see a big rise in temperatures monday and tuesday. that's what most of the bay area can expect. so, here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a few clouds lingering tomorrow and saturday, still temperatures will be a little bit below average but warming up nicely on sunday. monday memorial day we'll see mid-'80s inland, on tuesday we'll see upper 80s warm est inland locations. up to about 60 degrees on the coast. it cools off gradually wednesday and thursday of next week. but just going to be a spectacular memorial day weekend. i almost said labor day, but it's memorial day. i don't want to get ahead of myself. don't call me natalie. [ laughter ] >> a spencer christian handbook. >> exactly the kind of thing i
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would say. i'm having a corrupting influence on you. >> all downhill from here. the "star wars" anniversary and a "star wars" treat from the cast of hamilton. >> i'm matt keller live in southern california at california adventure. i'm on disney land's newest ride, and when we come back after this break, i'm going to take you on a ride that goes into another galaxy.
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there is a new attraction at disney california adventure. the new guardians of the galaxy ride is set to open in just two days. >> abc7 news reporter matt keller there live with a sneak preview. are you ready to go up on this ride, matt? >> reporter: all right, larry, i've never had so much power. i control the ride here. nobody has been able to go on the ride except for us, which is great. i just -- i know, larry, you understand this. i have to make sure my hair is right for this ride. all right, thumbs up, let's go.
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no one has been on this ride. i haven't been on this ride. and now it's the rocky raccoon is talking to us. i'm not sure i'm ready for this. >> show me those hands, people. >> all right. here we go. okay. where are the handles? there they are, okay. i know where the handles are. my hair is looking okay? at least there's good music. ah, all right. hang on to this one. this is it, this is the only handle i get, a yellow strap? all right. it sure looks more fun for you at home than it is for me, but -- if you can get the view of this ride.
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all right. i can see everything up here. it isn't easy. oh, boy. ♪ >> did we send a guy who doesn't even like roller coasters? >> reporter: can you still hear us here? i would run this for just an hour straight of watching you will terrified on this. >> are you okay? >> reporter: there we go, that
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was it. i'm not sure you can hear me. i can barely hear you. larry, back to you. what do you think about my hair? >> your hair looks fantastic. we just lost the signal for a second. first of all, why do all the people around you seem to be enjoying the ride and you look petrified? is that not your thing? >> reporter: they have been riding this all day. i have not been riding this all day. they were prepared for everything. i was prepared for nothing. >> quite clearly. >> that is hysterical. >> reporter: i'm a little nuts. >> can you just stay on the ride and maybe we can stream this for like an hour? >> reporter: yeah, exactly. you can see me sick all over these four people here. thank you, guys, for coming. we have group here. we have groove arms. >> all right. well, enjoy yourself. last question. >> reporter: that performance wasn't so wooden. but i'm tough. >> a last question. this really -- are you putting in for a workday? this looks like a have i indication day from where i sit. >> reporter: i think i'm going
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to have to do some overtime. >> you better stay on that ride so you keep us enter tatained a day. thank you, matt. matt keller, he's having fun. where are the handles? how weak was that? [ laughter ] he's terrific. today is a big anniversary for science fiction fans. "star wars" premiered 24 years ago today. took in 2 1/2 million dollars on its first day according to variety. 197 million for the first year. it has raked in 77 $5 million worldwide. today the franchise got a special birthday treat at lucas films san francisco headquarters. ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♪ >> that was the san francisco cast of hamilton paying tribute in a style they know best. the "star wars" franchise is
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owned by disney, which as you know is the parent company of abc7 news. >> president trump's world tour continues today. he just wrapped up his visit in brussels with a group photo at the nato summit. but the visit wasn't without incident. we'll show you what happened. >> and the woman who just would not become a victim, what she did when somebody tried to steal her
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. there were some absolutely terrifying moments for this herd of goats cornered by a fast moving fire in milpitas. sky 7 was overhead as they ran from the flames. the good news all got away, but six were injured in the chaos. a federal appeals judge dealt another blow to president trump's revised travel ban. the court says the ban drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination. the government will likely appeal to the u.s. supreme court. some stunning new revelations from the brother of the manchester arena bomb eras abc news world tweets, the brother knew about the attack but he was not aware when or where it would happen. this according to officials in libya where the brother has been detained. meanwhile in manchester today, the number of people arrested in the investigation into that deadly bombing has now risen to eight. investigators are calling those
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arrests significant. abc news reporter live with her developments. >> reporter: well, larry, as far as the ongoing investigation is concerned, yes, in addition to the four men under arrest today, we learned that four of them have now been charged with terrorism offenses. british officials say they are making great progress and more arrests are likely. a moving show of solidarity across the u.k. a moment of silence for the victims of the manchester terror attack, including 14 children still in the hospital. surprised today by a visit from queen elizabeth. >> it was mind blowing really. it wasn't expected. >> reporter: as the nation stood united in silence, they intensified the search for others who may have been involved. pursuing what they call a
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network of terrorists. after discovering what looks like a bomb workshop at the home of the suspected suicide bomber salman abedi. >> really suggesting he did not act alone. >> reporter: according to the experts, the details of the bomb published in "the new york times" show greater sophistication. troubling for british officials who are also outraged the pictures were leaked. >> disrespectful to the people of manchester, particularly to the families of those injured during this our darkest hour. >> reporter: the mayor of manchester wanted an apology from the u.s. government and britain's prime minister raised her concerns with president trump on thursday. then hours later, just a day after u.k. officials said they are no longer sharing intelligence with the u.s. involving the manchester bombing, they cited fresh assurances and reinstated the flow of information. and today president trump also called those leaks deeply troubling and says he is now
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hoard ordered the u.s. justice department to investigate to get to the bottom of it. report forgive new york, abc7 news. back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you. >> many who survived the manchester bombing were young people. here in the bay area bomb experts are training teenagers to step in and save the lives of others in a mass casualty event. abc7 news reporter david louie attended the first of these training exercises today in redwood city. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: just three days after the deadly bombing in manchester, students and their teacher at sequoia high school were sorting out their reactions. >> fear, chaos? >> panic. >> panic. >> reporter: but a team from stanford medical center was visiting the classroom to change their thinking. to trigger the reaction to run away and instead to stay and help. >> something bad is happening, i may be able to help. there is intimidation, but if you can jump in and help you may be able to save someone's life. >> reporter: they were here to
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teach these high school juniors how to stop bleeding whether it is a mass casualty event or accident. they learned to pack gauze into a wound and apply pressure until first responders take over. >> if you have to do it, it's not a matter of you being scared. like you can help to save a life. >> reporter: trauma experts think 15 to 16 is thishishishiss for this training. for young people, it's all about giving them c >> after the training, i realize ed it's not that difficult to put on a tourniquet. >> reporter: the training is important and the use of tourniquets and other techniques. this is a start. the hope is stanford medical center and others will be training more young people across the country. in redwood city, david louie, abc7 news. >> today president trump
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attended his first nato summit since assuming office. he wasted little time admonishing other member nations. speaking during the unveiling of a memorial dedicate today 9/11 victims, mr. trump chided the other countries for not meeting their financial commitments to the alliance. >> 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they are supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. >> the president also declined to explicitly endorse nato's mutual assistance clause. other leaders stood silently during the president's remarks, some looking rather uncomfortable. the president is drawing attention for two encounters with other leaders. this is the first one there, cameras capturing mr. trump pushing aside the prime minister of montenegro to get to the front of world leaders. after seeing it was trump, he smiled and patted trump on the
4:36 pm
back. earlier in the day, the president got into an apparent handshake showdown with the new president of france, emmanuel macron. the two leaders locked hands for so long during their first ever meeting some reporters say the leaders' knuckles started turning white. this isn't the first time mr. trump has drawn attention for a handshake or lack thereof. in march he declined a ceremonial shake with german chancellor angela merkel. he described himself as a germ freak and called handshakes barbaric. >> take a look. surveillance video shows thieves pull up in a cadillac yesterday. one got out and jumped into melissa's suv. she quickly dropped the pump and jumped on the hood right there. he accelerated, then braked in an attempt to throw her off. she held on. so, he gave up, jumped out of the suv and got back inside his car, the get away car there.
4:37 pm
you can see the car still rolling a little bit right there as he jumps out. the suspect didn't get the car, but he did get away with her purse and phone. that is ill-advised. >> the only thing i can think of is if she had a child in the back or something like that would be the only reason, otherwise it's pretty irrational and extremely dangerous. >> a man drawing apology from a congressional candidate for attacking a reporter. >> the count down is on for the nba warriors. just ahead. >> mainly blue sky over the bay right now. very breezy out there and cooler than average. but a weekend warm up is coming our way and i'll have the accuweather forecast coming your way. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is not looking good. it's kind of nice outside at least. >> we saw that earlier today. i didn't hear that from you then. >> yeah, it's looking pretty bad, even the fast track lanes are slow right now. stay with us
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the warriors are in waiting mode right now. they're waiting to find out who they're playing in the nba finals. most likely cleveland. and they're waiting to see if steve kerr will be back coaching the team. kerr was at this morning's workout in oakland. it was the team's first practice since they swept san antonio in the western conference finals. kerr missed all but two games this season due to side effects from back surgery. these chronic headaches won't go away. now taking part in meetings and
4:41 pm
game planning, he likely won't be back for the finals. >> right now i can't say he's going to be coaching. i know there is a ton of hypotheticals, what if's, if he feels better, and we have to make those decisions, we will, but right now we're not putting any deadlines on should he fell better what we will do. >> meyers said this is not a day to day situation. he'll let kerr decide when he's ready to come back and coach the team. a reminder, abc7 news is the home of the nba finals. game one will tip off thursday, june 1st, at 6:00 p.m. an at oracle arena one week from today. game two also at oracle before the series will hit the road for games three and four. you can catchall the finals games exclusively here on a >> it's going to be easier to post your selfies from bottle rock. the mobile antenna will provide 720% more capacity than last year. the bottle rock music festival
4:42 pm
kicks off tomorrow in napa. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> the way they rock those bottles in napa. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have an advancing marine layer now that is going to be pushing out over the bay and locally inland tonight giving us foggy conditions and still mild, though, overnight lows will be generally in the low to mid 50s. we may have a couple cool spots in the north bay where lows a dropping to the 40s. we'll have spotty drizzle near the coast line during the early morning hours. then by mid afternoon tomorrow we'll see lingering high clouds, a little bit of low cloudiness at the coast. l it be breezy near the coast and cooler than average once again tomorrow. high temperatures ranging from lower mid 60s around the bay to only about 70, 71 in the warm est inland locations. and it's graduation time so graduation forecast tomorrow for ida b. wells. ceremony kicks off at noon in mission high school. mostly to partly cloudy. by the time the graduates become
4:43 pm
graduates it will be mainly sunny with temperatures in the 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be sunnier and milder going into memorial day weekend and on memorial day itself, monday, look for high temperatures in the mid-'80s inland mid 70s around the bay, and even warmer the day after on tuesday. nice warm day to go back to work after a day off. >> if you have the day off. >> if you have the day off. if. >> you have the day off. you. >> we don't. [ laughter ] >> thanks, spencer. >> all right, a contentious race for congress gets even more heated. >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> the calls for an apology from the man accused of attacking a reporter. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. i reported on problems with popular fitness trackers. another study reveals a new issue. i've got what you need to know before you strap one of these things on your wrist coming up. >> and in honor of asian pacific american heritage month we're using our abc7 news bay area
4:44 pm
instagram feed to focus on culture where you live. today we celebrate the chinese historical and cultural project which built the chinese american historical museum, san jose's museum history park. the project is celebrating the 30th anniversary in september, the gala hosted by abc7 news reporter david louie.
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voters went to the polls today in montana even as the republic cab candidate in a congressional race there faces charges of assaulting a news reporter. >> jessica castro with abc7 mornings takes a look. >> republican house speaker paul ryan today called for the montana candidate to issue an apology saying, quote, that's wrong and should not happen. meanwhile the reporter at the center of it all is breaking his silence. greg gianforte who is running for an open house seat in montana is accused of body slamming a reporter. >> he bought i slammed him and kicked his arm. he has a reporting of it. >> reporter: the sound of the confrontation was captured by guardian reporter ben jacobs. >> sick and tired of you guys. the last guy who came here you did the same thing. get the hill out of here. get the hill out of here.
4:48 pm
the last guy did the same thing. you and the guardian. >> yes, you just broke my glasses. >> the last guy did the same dam thing. >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> get the hill out of here. >> reporter: jacobs said he was trying to ask a question about health care. >> he grabbed my recorder and next thing i went from going vertical to horizontal on the floor. >> reporter: he blames jacobs saying he was grabbing for the phone he says jacobs pushed in his face. adding, quote, it is unfortunate that this aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist created this scene at our campaign volunteer barbecue. a fox news reporter in the room at the time setting up to interview gianforte confirms jacobs' account of what happened. >> gianforte grabs him by the neck, both hands, slid him to the side, body slams him and got on top of him and started punching and yelling at him.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: three of montana's biggest newspapers have rescinded their endorsements of the candidate, but it's unclear how it will affect the race overall since already about two-thirds of voters in that state has picked gianforte in early voting. jessica castro, abc7 news. >> a 22-year-old florida college student faces a felony charge for allegedly changing his math grade from an f to a b. sammy is accused of sneaking into the math building at the university of central florida with a friend and illegally logging into the college's grading system to change his failing grade. the surveillance video taken around the same time the grade was changed. in florida it is a felony to access a computer without authorization. >> new list of safest cars has been released by the insurance institute for highway safety. >> 7 on your side michael finney said the cars have one thing in common. >> they're big. real big. >> really? >> yeah, really, that's what it's all about. the list shows the size of cars matter. almost all the cars on the
4:50 pm
safest list are large model vehicles. most are are suvs. the top 7 safest cars are the, pardon me, audi q 7 suv, the volkswagen tiguan, the toyota tacoma double cab, the mazda cx-9 suv, the audi a-6 all-wheel drive, the jeep cherokee suv, and the bmw 535 i and is. a gourmet tart made by the hail mary company is under recall tonight. not because of the tart itself, but because of the label. the hail mary meyer lemon tart contains cash use and some folks are allergic to them. it listed it as one of the ingredients, but not in the specific warning that says, this product contains allergens like nuts. do not eat these tarts if you're allergic to cashews. if you rely on a fitness tracker
4:51 pm
to measure calories you're burning, maybe you shouldn't. a new study by stanford medical center found most fitness trackers, are not telling you the truth. researchers tested 7 popular brands. most gave false results about calories burned during a workout. they tended to under estimate the impact of a mild workout and overestimate effects of a rigorous workout. the study said apple watch and fitbit did best. their results fell within 20% of readings by actual medical devices. now, i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hot line is open weekdays 10 to 2. the number 954-8151. you can reach me through facebook and >> all right, thank you, michael. >> sure. >> while many people are getting ready to do something fun on this three-day weekend, others are getting prepared for a holiday of remembrance. >> alexis smith from abc7 mornings have details from our
4:52 pm
partners at hoodline. >> the most important part of the memorial day weekend, remembering those who gave their lives while serving our country. the presidio's annual memorial day event now in its 149th year has become the largest commemoration on the west coast. active mel tri veterans and their families for a special day on monday at the san francisco national cemetery. the formal ceremony starts at 11:00 a.m., followed by a ranger led history walk and community picnic with burgers patriotic picnic and fun for the whole family. get your fix at dumpling the michellin star open the restaurant last week. they offer a variety of chinese and japanese dumplings along with noodle specials, craft beer, sake and wine. you can watch them hand craft at the counter near the dumpling room. the pier pressure party crews. you'll board a 350 passenger yacht at pier 40 and enjoy
4:53 pm
spectacular views at the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge and of course the san francisco sky line. with four party decks, six dee jays and three-hour sail around the bay you're sure tomorrow a good time. go to and click on hoodline section. >> the high cost of winter, sink hole repairs and a damaged bridge. now funds for one bay area community to help fight crime are dwindling. how residents are stepping up and chipping in. >> right now kristen is here with a look at what is coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. >> thanks, larry and alma. new have i had yvideo into our train accident looks different from this vantage point. the tahoe vandalism removal squad. the group is having a hard time keeping up with the job. a heads up for commuters, why fast track may owe you money. plus unlocking a san jose attraction, the never before seen part of the winchester mystery house. those
4:54 pm
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coming up tonight on abc7 news at 8:00, it's the gold bergz followed by american housewife. at 9:00 catch back to back episodes of modern family. at 10:00 black ish. followed by speechless. and don't miss abc7 news at 11:00. >> towns are cash strapped. >> they're rallying to buy camera equipment that police say will help deter crimes in their
4:57 pm
community. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: in the small town of moraga, residents are trying to prevent crimes from happening nearby. >> when you live in a community like this you know you have to spend a little extra to help support the community. >> reporter: officials with the community foundation have launched what they're calling a community watch fund-raising campaign. their goal is to raid $60,000 to pay for the town's first centralized video camera system which would then be used by the police department to assist with investigations. right now the city is focused on repairing a sink hole as well as an old bridge that was damaged by a land slide. that's why the foundation stepped in to help with this project. >> it's an opportunity for the citizens to rally around something that is for the benefit of the community but that the town might p not be able to get to in a timely fashion. >> reporter: cameras will be installed at five strategic locations throughout moraga, mainly at high traffic access points in the town including rain boulevard, moraga way, moraga road, saint mary's road and canyon road.
4:58 pm
each location would hae an hd color camera as well as license plate recognition camera. >> many criminals will come into a community, commit a crime. if the pickings are good, they'll be back for more. so, if we can solve that first crime, we can prevent those that follow. >> reporter: and although the issue of privacy has been a concern for some, many say it will be a small price to pay for some peace of mind. >> the reality is that we live in a time in our society where there's more crime. >> reporter: a community not wanting to take any chances. chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> and if all goes as planned, the police department hopes to have all of the cameras installed by the end of the year. >> get the latest any time with the abc7 news app, you can download that for free. be sure to enable the push alerts to be the first to know about breaking news where you live. i wish we could go back one more time to matt keller. but i'm told he's still recovering. >> it was good fun, though. thank you so much for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. i'm alma daetz.
4:59 pm
>> i'm larry beil. >> where are the handles? >> yes. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> a helicopter races to put out a grass fire in milpitas. dozens of goats appear to be trapped until they suddenly find a way out. >> new developments in the case of a missing san francisco father. what police have just found. >> a woman assaulted on a bart train. the new police chief on combatting the growing crime problem. >> also ahead, the discovery to have poor workers leading the post and truckers at a stand still. >> and the man dressed as a machete wielding clown frightening drivers in monterey. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> only on 7, dozens of goats on the run in milpitas. a grass fire has bethem scurryi along the fence line looking for a way out. >> corn erdered by two fences,
5:00 pm
looked like there was nowhere to go until we saw them run away. >> animal control officers carrying them to safety one by one. >> i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. >> we sent out a push alert at 1:19 on our abc7 news app about the fire. lonnie rivera joins us now. do investigators have any idea what caused this fire? >> reporter: yes, eric and kristen. they believe it is tied to that transformer explosion, but they're not really sure why it ignited after that. neighbors heard a pop, and then they saw flames out of their window. but many were concerned about some goats that live just on that hillside there. and you'll see why they're so worried. in some video you'll only see on abc7 news. fire crews battled this grass fire from several angles surrounding this milpitas


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