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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 25, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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inviting us into your homes tonight. >> bye-bye. tonight, breaking news -- president trump on the world stage, once calling nato obsolete. what he told leaders about paying their fair share. and the moment that went viral. the president appearing to push another leader out of the way, now seen all over the world. also breaking -- president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner is now under fbi scrutiny in the russia investigation. also breaking -- the closely watched race for congress. the candidate who allegedly throws a reporter to the ground. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. >> tonight, that candidate has now been charged, and voters are at the polls right now. severe weather at this hour. several tornadoes confirmed. thousands of flights delayed and cancelled just as we approach the memorial day weekend. the system moving up the east coast. the high school under fire. the student who killed himself after administrators questioned him about what might have been on his phone.
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his mother racing to the school, but her son taking his life before she could get there. and a major rental car company under fire tonight over its fees. and this evening, our hidden cameras, and what they find on one of the cars our team rented. good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy thursday night. and we begin with president trump, front and center, meeting with nato leaders. some of america's strongest allies. but there was a moment that immediately went viral across the globe. after once calling nato obsolete during the campaign, president trump scolding fellow members today, for paying too little for defense. but it was this moment that caught the attention of many, when the president seems to push aside the prime minister of montenegro to get to the front. abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega traveling with the president. >> reporter: the "america-first" president on the world stage today making headlines with this moment.
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president trump appearing to push aside the prime minister of montenegro to get in front for a photo-op. and as for those allies he spent the campaign offending -- >> nato is obsolete. it's old, it's fat, it's sloppy. >> reporter: president trump later changed his mind. but today, instead of making nice, he scolded them. >> nato members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations. >> reporter: he told them the united states spends more on defense than all other nato countries combined, and now it is time to pay up. >> 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying, and what they're supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. >> reporter: some leaders serious, others whispering to each other. canada's justin trudeau, stone faced.
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germany's angela merkel throwing out a subtle jab of her own, saying it is trust, not walls, that unites. president trump also face to face with the new president of france, congratulating emmanuel macron, whose far-right opponent many likened to trump. >> congratulations, great job. >> reporter: their handshake seeming to go on and on. >> thank you very much. >> and cecilia vega with us from the sicily. we know the g7 is next. president trump could face some tough questions from other world leaders who don't see eye to eye on some pretty big issues. >> definitely, david. we just touched down here and this one is not going to be easy for him, either. those world leaders are looking to press president trump on everything, from trade to climate change, to america's policy on refugees. david. >> cecilia vega in sicily, thank you. another breaking headline, there are reports that president trump's son-in-law jared kushner, now part of the west wing, could be under fbi
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scrutiny in the russia investigation. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas with late development. >> reporter: abc news has learned that fbi investigators will likely want to talk with jared kushner in connection with alleged russian med ling in the 2016 election. kushner also participated in a meeting with former national security adviser michael flynn and the russian ambassador before president trump's inauguration. david. >> pierre thomas, thank you. next to a contentious moment right here at home. a key race for congress. voters at the polls today. overnight the republican candidate allegedly throwing a reporter to the ground. you'll hear the moment as it played out. the candidate has now been charged. a fox news crew witnessing the whole thing, saying it did happen. but tonight, voters at the polls have two very different takes. abc's clayton sandell is in
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bozeman, montana. >> reporter: it all begins when republican greg gianforte, the frontrunner in montana's special election, is asked a question about health care by reporter ben jacobs of the guardian. >> the cbo score -- because, you know, you were waiting to make your decision about healthcare until you saw the bill, and it just came out. >> we'll talk to you about that later. >> yeah, but there's not going to be time. >> reporter: the reporter recording it all. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. the last guy that came in here did the same thing. get the hell out of here. are you with "the guardian"? >> yes, and you just broke my glasses. >> the last guy did the same damn thing. >> you just body-slammed me and broke my glasses. >> get the hell out of here. >> he grabbed the recorder, and the next thing i knew i went from being vertical to being horizontal on the floor. >> reporter: the local sheriff charged gianforte with misdemeanor assault. the campaign insisting he was just grabbing the phone that he said jacobs pushed in his face. "it's unfortunate that this aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist created this
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scene." but the fox news crew said jacobs was not the aggressor. >> i did see the whole thing when gianforte grabbed him by the neck, both hands, slid him to the side, body-slammed him and then got on top of him and started punching and then yelling at him. >> reporter: today, gianforte nowhere to be seen -- cancelling appearances, his headquarters dark. and voters we talked to today are split. you didn't change your vote, why not. >> i don't think his, like, little stuff really affects how i done think he's going to represent our state. >> i don't think mr. gianforte is prepared for politics. >> reporter: this hotly contested race is seen as a test of support for the president, who just yesterday was praising gianforte in this robocall to voters. >> he's a wonderful guy. he knows how to win. >> and clayton sandell with us live in bozeman. regardless if he's elected to congress, the speaker of the
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house paul ryan now saying this candidate owes an apology? >> yes, he did. paul ryan today said that gianforte should apologize to voters but he also said that voters here in montana should decide his fate. david. >> okay, clayton, thank you. next this evening to the breaking headline late today involving president trump's second try at a travel ban. tonight, an appeals court deciding the ban will remain on hold. at issue was this question -- should donald trump's words as a candidate matter now that he's president? abc's mary bruce on the hill tonight. the courts deciding those words matter. it doesn't change when you become president. >> reporter: david, this all comes down to the president's own words. his call during the campaign for a muslim ban now seems to be coming back to haunt him. today, the 4th circuit ruled that the president's order to limit travel from six muslim majority countries will remain on hold. in a forceful condemnation the court found that the president's order speaks with vague words of
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national security but in context drips with religious intolerance -- this is a big setback for the president. the justice department plans to appeal to the supreme court. >> mary, thank you. next tonight to that deadly suicide bombing in manchester, the concert with american pop star ariana grande. tonight, new video emerging of the bomber just days before the attack, with that same backpack, was he buying supplies, scouting the mall? abc's terry moran with the video and images of the bomber outside his home. >> reporter: this new image tonight, in retrospect, so sinister. salman abedi taking out the garbage cans at his suburban home, wearing a traditional hooded north african robe and sandals. and today, these haunting security camera images of abedi, at a shopping mall just three days before the attack, baseball cap pulled down, apparently carrying the same backpack he used in the bombing.
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he phoned his mother in libya to say, "forgive me." today, more police raids across the region, in the town of wigan, clearing the neighborhood after bomb technicians moved in. police desperately trying to unravel a terror network here. they call this the "curry mile" in manchester. it's the heart of the muslim community here and a very welcoming place, but within two miles of this spot, and the surrounding neighborhoods, 16 young men over the past couple of years have committed acts of terrorism. but the people here say abedi and the others don't represent them. >> of course not. there's a rotten apple in every community. >> terry moran with us live from manchester. police today have found several key pieces of evidence in those raids? >> reporter: that's right, authorities say the police investigation is hitting paydirt, important evidence, explosive caches, suspicious items today. significant arrests. it looks like that investigators are rolling up a terror network they didn't know about. david. >> terry moran, our thanks to
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you again tonight. just as millions of americans begin travel for the memorial day weekend. abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: that line rotating around. still over pittsburgh. slowly move across the northeast tomorrow bringing unsettled weather. meanwhile, next storm up, riding a high jet stream into the plains, that risk area really explodes on saturday. could be a rough start to the ho holiday weekend there. next tonight, the high school under fire. school officials confronting him about what they thought was on his phone. they called his mother, she raced to the school arriving too late. abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, 16-year-old corey walgren's family suing his high school and
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police, claiming school officials scared the teen so much he committed suicide. >> they literally threatened him and scared him to the point where he thought his life was over. >> reporter: according to court documents, in january, walgren was called into the dean's office at naperville north high school after allegations surfaced that he showed other students cell phone video of suspicious images. and school officials brought him into the office and demanded he turn over the phone. allegedly threatening him, saying he would have to register as a sex offender, all before calling his parents. >> now, they did that interrogation without notifying his parents, although this was a criminal investigation. which they're required by state law to do. >> reporter: after gags, they called his mother with corey in the room
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and telling her they wanted to download what was on his phone. >> i said, wait. i need to be there in person. >> reporter: his mom was racing to the school but corey left that school office before she could arrive. >> at this point, i didn't know he was alive or not. but i just knew that he was dead, i just knew it. >> reporter: a distraught teenager jumped to his death from the fifth floor of this building, and that recording the school sought turned out to have no clear images. david, the school here says they're investigating the tragedy. but in a statement, the city of naperville said confident the school resource officer followed proper procedures. david. >> alex press tonight, alex, thank you. we turn next to an abc news investigation. tonight, you're about to be taken where cameras really go. a journalist embedded with a team the u.s. has supported. an ally in the fight against isis. but that journalist soon became troubled with the images he was capturing, saying he was witnessing brazen torture. abc's brian ross with the troubling images tonight. >> reporter: these dramatic battlefield pictures were made
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by an iraqi photojournalist, ali arkady, expecting to document the heroics of iraqi soldiers, working with the u.s. against isis. >> they are against isis and they are very strong. >> reporter: but arkady says he soon came to learn the soldiers he was embedded with for months, from what's called the emergency response division, were no heroes. and tonight, he is revealing the graphic images, licensed by abc news, that he captured of these important u.s. allies carrying out the torture and murder of civilians, only some of which is suitable for broadcast. was this happening all the time? >> this is happening all the time. >> reporter: this man, he says, was a sheep herder, whose teenage sons were suspected of working for isis. >> there's not even a pretext here of torture in the name of obtaining intelligence. this is just torture for fun. >> reporter: sadistic? >> sadistic. >> reporter: in a remarkable phone call with us, the unit captain, omar nazar, admitted
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the video was real and said he was proud of what was on the tape. "i'm already a star and ali would make me a bigger star by doing this." the soldiers were so proud of what they were doing they even sent arkady horrific phone videos they shot themselves, the victims they tortured and murdered. >> i don't even have words for it. >> reporter: that's a murder, isn't it? >> that's a murder. >> reporter: in a statement, the american embassy in baghdad told abc news, the u.s. "has not provided military aid, arms or assistance" to the unit. yet, senior u.s. military officials in iraq have praised the unit again and again. >> and it has been really a fruitful partnership in all regards. >> but you heard the leader of that unit saying he's proud of images that were captured on the video. this photojournalist has put himself at risk by being the whistleblower. he's in hiding. >> he has fled iraq and he's in hiding after receiving death
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threats from the various soldiers who thought he would keep their secrets and he did not. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday -- the deadly medevac crash, the pilot killed. thick smoke coming from the crash site. investigators are on the scene and we have new details coming in. also, the new headline tonight, the little girl attacked by that sea lion. her parents now responding to claims they were at fault. news about a possible infection. the steps they're now taking to protect her. and a major rental car company under fire tonight, complaints about its fees. and this evening, our hidden cameras and what they found in one of the cars our team rented. we'll be right back. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain these feet... kicked off my high school games... ...and helped those in need. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision.
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>> this is a dangerous tire. >> reporter: payless towed the car. the manager apologizing, giving a full refund. >> that car shouldn't have even gone out. >> reporter: payless also facing questions about fees. a proposed class action lawsuit, customers claiming they were charged for services they didn't want. plaintiff richard alexander says the online quote for his payless rental -- $217. he says payless told him he was getting a free upgrade, but when he returned the car, he was shocked. the total? $528 after charges for insurance and added services, not the $217. >> i believe he was told two or three times i do not need this. >> reporter: after receiving more than 800 complaints on fees in the last three years, the better business bureau giving payless the worst possible rating. an f rating. >> an f rating. so they have sales practice issues and contract issues and billing issues with consumers. >> reporter: payless declined our repeated interview requests in a statement saying, "the tire problem you described is highly unusual. safety is a top priority and we
5:49 pm
have followed up with the supervisor at that location." as for the lawsuit, payless said they can't comment on pending litigation. david, tonight, the better business bureau is issuing a nationwide warning about what it calls a pattern of complaints about payless sales practices. david? >> gio benitez tonight, thank you, gio. when we come back, top five fastest growing cities in america. four in the same state. can you guess? also, the medical helicopter going down near the airport. they're on the scene tonight.
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to the "index," the deadly medevac crash in new castle, delaware, going down near the airport. the pilot was killed. no one else onboard. witnesses say the chopper seemed to be flying too low. the faa is investigating. news about the little girl attacked by a sea lion in canada. authorities now blaming the parents, but they say it was someone else on the dock feeding the sea lion. the daughter now being treated for a possible rare infection. she is receiving antebiotics.
5:53 pm
everything is bigger in texas, the census bureau revealing the state is home to four of the top five fast-growing cities. conroe city ranking first. frisco, mckinney, ranking second greenville, south carolina, followed by georgetown, texas. when we come back -- ever surprised by what you see in your child's yearbook? just wait until you see what was found on page 220. what if technology gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. could be preventedrrent with the right steps.
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♪ ♪ ♪ we all drive, some just for the fun of it. finally tonight here, america strong. it's that time of year where friends sign each other's yearbooks. but one of those signatures might look a lot more like a paw print.
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it was nearly four years ago virginia student a.j. schalk got a new puppy, a black lab he named alpha. since then, the two have been inseparable. a.j. is a type one diabetic, and alpha is more than just the family pet. he is crucial, by a.j.'s side night and day. >> he saved my life multiple times. middle of the night, he woke up, started barking, woke up my family and i. i checked my blood sugar and it was extremely low. and if it hadn't been for alpha being there, and woke up barking, i don't know if i'd be here right now. >> reporter: alpha is specially trained to detect dangerously low blood sugar 20 minutes to 40 minutes before a.j. recognizes it himself. in fact, as our team was in the classroom, we witnessed the signal ourselves. alpha and his paw, sending a message. it turns out, a.j.'s blood sugar was lowering. >> he was getting a little restless, and so i had him turn around and look at me -- i was like, hey, alpha, what is it, buddy? and he gave me the paw. >> reporter: that same signal all these years.
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the rest of the time, alpha quietly sitting in class. he's become a member of the junior class at stafford high school in fredricksburg, and he has his own school i.d. and now the yearbook, just out. and there he is on page 220. alpha part of the class. >> there's always going to be hope, and sometimes the best place to find it is a dog. >> he's earned his spot in that yearbook. thanks for watching here on a thursday night. i'm david muir. i'll see you tomorrow. good night. there was a moment of terror, goats trapped between flames and a fence.
5:59 pm
amazingly, they got out. >> cleaning up camps. tonight we look at whether oakland's actions could make a dent in the growing number of people sleeping on the street. how do you deal with not knowing? >> [ inaudible ]. >> it is an anniversary this family never wanted to mark. one year since pearl henson was kidnapped and she still hasn't been found. and breaking news in downtown berkeley where firefighters are knocking down the flames that injured two people in the apartment building. we flew over roosevelt by addison a few blocks from civic center park and two people were hurt and treated at the scene. it is not clear if they had to go to the hospital. we'll keep you updated on abc 7 news at 6:00. i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz.
6:00 pm
homelessness is in -- in the east bay is skyrocketing but the numbers defy the stereo types about who is on the streets. >> and the east bay city most plagued by a homeless crisis, leslie joins us from oakland. >> it is more prevalent and noticeable in oakland according to a census just taken by the nonprofit everyone home. they say that more development is pushing people out of hidden corners, out of back alleyways and out into the open. >> reporter: city crews dumped two blocks worth of discarded clothes and broken bikes and mounds of garbage from under interstate 980 today. >> as far as cleaning up the sidewalk. >> and what are you going to do after they finish the clean up? >> move back. there is nowhere else


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