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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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homelessness is in -- in the east bay is skyrocketing but the numbers defy the stereo types about who is on the streets. >> and the east bay city most plagued by a homeless crisis, leslie joins us from oakland. >> it is more prevalent and noticeable in oakland according to a census just taken by the nonprofit everyone home. they say that more development is pushing people out of hidden corners, out of back alleyways and out into the open. >> reporter: city crews dumped two blocks worth of discarded clothes and broken bikes and mounds of garbage from under interstate 980 today. >> as far as cleaning up the sidewalk. >> and what are you going to do after they finish the clean up? >> move back. there is nowhere else to go. >> reporter: homelessness is
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increasing and a countywide head count revealed 5600 homeless and the bulk in oakland. with 859 living in shelters and over 1900 living on the streets. >> at this point in time, count only confirms what we all know, what we all see and feel every day. >> reporter: at a press conference, the mayor announced plans to expand a pilot program for the homeless from serving 60 to serving 400. as part of the controversial program the city provided port-a-potty and trash collection but there was problems like fires. the city has learned lessons and will open a homeless camp at an undisclosed location this summer. >> by improving safety and health for our unsheltered residents, we are improving it for the surrounding communitity. >> this is a good starting point. to have showers and somewhere to throw our garbage in the can instead of just out on the street.
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>> defying stereotypes the census revealed money problems is the main reason homeless are living on the street. not mental health or substance abuse issues. >> and every child in this country is guaranteed k through 12 education and we don't ask the question whether that should be so and we need to elevate housing to that same level. we shouldn't ask if people deserve a home. >> county leaders are planning a homeless summit to dig into ideas for more affordable housing. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, new video showing an arson suspect in action. surveillance video from may 13th shows him lighting a fire near a cinder black wall in redwood city. he has a thick pony tail down his back and jumping off rooftops in the same neighborhood later in the evening. goats running for their life on this milpitas coastside.
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this happened just before noon along park victory drive. it blackened six acres and threaten pd one home but there are no reports of injuries to people but 20 goats that live nearby weren't as lucky. they all survived but six of them were transported to an animal hospital with burns. >> i was upset because there are homes right there and there is animals. this is -- i have a little one too. >> i hope the goats are okay. >> it injured goats were treated by san jose animal services. they eat brush to minimize the risk of wildfire. a burn transformer appears to have started the fire. this is national missing children's day and that is personal for one family. 15-year-old pearl penson was abducting one year ago and there has been no sign of her since. wayne freedman has the story from vallejo. >> don't let the crowd mislead
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you, when the friends and family of pearl pinson gathered, it was hard and painful. >> i thought we would find her by then. >> reporter: the family did as well. but as a sign on this walkway reads, where is she? is she dead or alive. >> how do you deal with not knowing? >> it is [ inaudible ]. i don't know. >> reporter: one year ago today 15-year-old pearl was walking to school on this overpass when witnesses saw 19-year-old fernando rojas drag her away and he died in a shoot without with police and they never found more than traces of her blood on the car and no sign of a body. >> we don't know why he he even took her and the question is why. where is she at.
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>> we want to bring [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: one year later this overpass remains a memorial. it is impossible to miss when walking through, hard to ignore when driving beneath, and for family members, let's just hope that the rest of us never know such pain. >> i'll always have hope and i'll always [ inaudible ]. >> if she is watching this, anything to say to her. >> pearl, i love you, please come home. >> we haven't stopped looking for you. >> reporter: in vallejo, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, an east bay soccer coach is arrested accused of molesting a 11-year-old girl he he used to coach. union city police want to know if there are other victims linked to victor juarez. he had charges of lewd acts as a child and he was a soccer coach and a soccer league manager in
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alameda. new developments in the deadly botulism outbreak from nacho cheese sold at a gas station. another family has filed a lawsuit against valley oak fuel and food store and the maker of the sauce. attorneys for sacramento resident say she's been in intensive care since april 23rd and she is on a ventilator, unable to breathe or speak or move on her own. it has left one person dead. this is the second lawsuit filed in this case. and new developments in the mystery of a missing uber driver. at sfo police found the vehicle belonging to a person of interest in the case. both chi and this other man who are friends are missing. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live outside of police hekds with the latest. >> reporter: the vehicle found at san francisco international airport is being processed by
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csi and investigators have served search warrants in san francisco as well as hayward. this woman believes her husband is still alive. >> in my heart, i know he is still here with us. he's still here with us. we just need to bring him home. >> reporter: chi has been missing since mother's day. investigators found the uber driver's car striped in the bay view. san francisco police are calling bob tang, a 48-year-old, a person of interest in the disappearance. the two families were friends more than five years. >> we cook together. we eat together. like a family member. >> reporter: tuesday tang didn't show up for an interview with police. his family reported him missing yesterday. now police say they found tang's car at sfo. csi is processing it. >> that was the last person that -- to my husband so where could he go. >> investigators have received information that tang fled the
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country, possibly to cambodia. missing persons for chi hang on the street where tang was living. >> nice guy. family guy. >> before you could hear the boys in the hallway and things like that. but now, at this moment, very qui quiet. >> reporter: it is not clear if tang's family is still around. despite the friendship. chi said she has not spoken to tang's wife. >> maybe she is depressed like i do and wants her husband to come back like i do. >> and today they served search warrants in hayward and san francisco. this week investigators search prout properties connected to tang including the bay view not far from where chi's vehicle was found. in san francisco, abc 7 news. a major update on the napa high school hazing case we've been following for months. the napa county d.a. said they will make an announcement tomorrow morning regarding criminal charges in this case. police turned the case over to
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the d.a. back in march. police identified 14 members of the school football team for potential criminal charges reeve lated to hazing and assault. one coach was under investigation for failing to report hazing. there may have been as many as 16 victims. school district expelled nine students and one was efr turned by the -- over turned by the count school board. from jumpers to mobs, there is a strategy to lower the -- t- and serving as chief of the santa ana police department and takes the helm. le lyanne melendez is in the newsroom with what he will do first. >> he first wants to take a step back to learn more about his department and whether those officers have the resources they need. he then wants to connect with the community. he knows that there have been tense moments between some community members and his
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officers. less than 24 hours before carlos rojas was sworn in as b.a.r.t. new police chief, his officers responded to a sexual battery incident of a woman on a b.a.r.t. train. it happened between the richmond and north berkeley stations. the unidentified man then fled. that and the recent mob-type robberies that have occurred near the coliseum are now on his radar. b.a.r.t. passengers say they are concerned about these types of crimes. >> we're down about 35 officers and that is pretty significant for a force of less than 200. and riders say to me, they would like to see visible presence of law enforcement, that there are incidents that come up or just feeling safe. >> reporter: the chief said the community needs to be involved when fighting some of the crimes. >> for me it is about the community interaction and partn partnership and how we work together. >> he told reporters his first order of business is getting to know his rank and file. improving the culture of the department and then looking into
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the resources. >> right now it is difficult time to hire anywhere in california for a police officer and i think we need to really work smarter and try to leverage our resources as much as we can. >> he also listened as community members spoke at the b.a.r.t. board station today. asking to change its use of force policy. one of those was oscar grant's uncle whose nephew was fatally shot by a b.a.r.t. officer. >> this is not an indictment for all b.a.r.t. police officers as being cop -- bad cops but we have bad apple and with you must hold them accountable. >> a citizen's watch committee approves revisions to the use of force policy and the b.a.r.t. board is reviewing it. abc 7 news. truck drivers were at a stand-still at the port of oakland today. the discovery that some call racist that stopped all of the work. plus -- >> it says something about our situation today that i can't
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even say his name because i don't want to put him at risk. >> mark zuckerberg gets emotional and political as he returns to harvard. >> i'm spencer christian. as you could see on the graphic behind me, it is windy across the bay area. i'll give you a close look at that and the memorial day forecast coming up. and next we're live at lake tahoe and meet the people fighting to keep nature looking natural.
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we're following breaking news out of stockton. this is a live look from a
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four-alarm fire near highway 99. now according to stockton police, evacuations are underway for nearby businesses and homes. you could still see the smoke. so far no reports of any injuries but you could see -- we could see a little bit -- there you get a better look at the huge fame -- flames out there. and no reports on a cause just yet. we are going to continue to monitor this breaking news and bring you updates on air and online. you could see the smoke that fire is putting off in stockton. lake tahoe locals are fighting back against those who would desecrate the beautiful landscape and it is a war against graffiti popping up in places known for natural beauty. laura anthony is live at lake tahoe at sand harbor. >> and they are gearing up for a big memorial day weekend up here at the lake. the lake itself is full for the first time in years. it is perfect.
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except for one thing. a growing problem that has left ugly scars here along the shoreline. >> a team of volunteers brushes in hand have spent many hours doing this. scrubbing rocks at lake tahoe, natural scenery defate -- defaced by vandals. >> it infuriates us as residents. >> a volunteer group started on facebook with a sole mission to clean up graffitis like this in. in some cases it is meant to be whimsical. >> what if they think they are being funny. is it funny. >> it is not funny to us. if you have artistic ability, perhaps you need to go find a different medium so maybe you could make some money at it. >> it is happening at hidden beach on the remote east shore and here near bonzi rock and somebody scribbled on a rock out in the lake. >> i noticed this from the bridge over there. >> it is happening away from the
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lake, too. like here near donor summit at the rainbow bridge and otherwise pristine overlook in all of its natural beauty. postcard perfect. except for this. rocks that have been here for centuries, littered with graffiti. >> it is saddening. i'm not big into desecrating our forest here. it is not a sight i want to see. >> some of it popped up recently. while other tags have been here for more than a year. much to the dismay of nevada county sheriff sergeant dan saunders. >> don't do it. because you are ruining the experience for everybody else that comes to the area. because they come for the beautiful view like i said. the last thing they want to see is somebody's thoughts or expressions. >> reporter: police want the public's help if they see people tagging the natural beauty they are asking them to get license plate and vehicle information. but even if police get there in time and they arrest the taggers, the charge is relatively minor.
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just misdemeanor vandalism. in san harbor, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you. facebook founder mark zuckerberg went back to harvard to deliver the commencement address and to get his degree 11 years after he dropped out to start the biggest social media company. kristen zse is here with his big day and you probably didn't hit the like button for parts of it. >> more on that in a bit. but at 33, mark zuckerberg is the youngest commencement speaker ever at harvard and only the second dropout, the first was bill gates. as his wife priscilla chan in the class of 2017 listened in the rain, he delivered this message, if you create opportunities, you create purpose. he got emotional when talked about an undocumented student who put aside his own fears of deportation to help others. >> but if a high school senior who doesn't know what the future holds for him can do his part to move the world forward, then we
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wi -- we owe it to the world to do it too. >> and the live captioning, take a look. the tweet points out one such error, look at that gibberish there and this morning the harvard newspaper's website was hacked to there were trolls with holidays like mark zoinkerberg. and he does get likes with this picture of him getting his honorary harvard degree. he posted, mom, i always told you i would come back and get my degree. >> certainly did. >> it was an honorary degree. spencer christian joins us now with a look at the forecast. >> the holiday weekend weather will get lots of likes. i'm ranking it. a live look at doppler 7. at the moment things don't look encouraging for the weekend.
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we have the dense marine layer and windy all over the bay area, gusts range from 20 to over 32 miles per hour to be precise at sfo right now. so cool out there. temperature readings are in the 50s on the coast. low 60s in bayside locations and upper 60s in our inland areas. let's move along and take a look, if you could see this, we have the view from the east bay hills camera obscured by avancing clouds in the atmosphere. these are the forecast features. cloudy overnight with spotty morning drizzle and breezy tomorrow and temperatures below average and a warm-up for the memorial day holiday weekend. overnight look for low temperatures in the low to mid-50s. maybe a couple of hours of spotty drizzle near the coastline and tomorrow by the afternoon we see bright skies and breezy once more and highs ranging from 50s at the coast to mid-60s at the bay and near 70 inland. and let's go to napa for bottle rock music festival which starts tomorrow. it is a three day event, friday,
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saturday and sunday and skies getting sunnier each day in napa and temperatures climbing as well. speaking of climbing temperatures, here is the accuweather seven-day forecast, the bay area will see a warm-up and inland highs in the low 80s. by sunday, mid-70s around the bay. and monday, memorial day, mid to upper 80s and mid-70s around the bay and upper 80s on tuesday as well. so it is going to be warm. not hot. no heat wave. but warm and summer-like into the middle of next week. >> sounds good. >> thanks spencer. congressional candidate is accused of body slamming a reporter just 24 hours before election day. he is now charged with assault but that may not stop him from winning. the nba final starts one week from today and you could watch them only on abc 7. the warriors will take on either the cleveland cavaliers or the boston celtics. game one is
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a moent republican congressional candidate is facing a misdemeanor assault charges on a report but it may not have any effect on the day's election. so far no reaction from greg gianforte about receiving the citation. yesterday a reporter who tried to ask him a question, according to an audio tape, was throttled and thrown to the ground.
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>> the campaign said it was the reporter who attacked the candidate. results will be available shortly after the top of the hour. election experts believe roughly two of every three ballots were cast as absentee ballots before the incident. president trump told members of nato to pay up. in a speech many saw as a lecture, trump made no bones before what he sees as the biggest problem. >> 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying, and what they are supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. >> naumts say the president is implaying money is owed to america, which it is not. the president held back on unconditionally embracing the treaty commitment a pact which
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states that an attack on one member is aan attack on all. it is the first time an american president has failed to make that commitment. today an appeals court rules against the revised travel ban which means it stays on hold. the executive order would ban people from six muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days and all refugees for 120 days. recent terror attacks have led to new training at bay area high schools. the skills go way beyond cpr and could save lives. shipments ground to a halt at the port of oakland over what workers say is a serious issue their employer isn't addressing. i'm jonathan bloom and i'll explain what happened ahead on abc 7 news. >> and back with a live update on this four-alarm fire burning in the central valley. stay wit
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and breaking news is out of stockton. take a look at this huge four alarm pallet fire. it continues to burn east of downtown. since we last checked in. we've seen that several homes next to the main fire scene have also caught fire.
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and several cars have been destroyed along with several cars. >> it is burning next to a railroad siding. they have ordered evacuation for nearby homes, no reports of any injuries. we lost the picture for a second. but you could see moments ago that the flames were huge. also no reports on a cause at this point. we'll keep monitoring the story and -- this is earlier recorded video of the fire. we'll keep monitoring this breaking story and bring you updates on air and online as they become available. now to the latest developments in the attack in manchester, the suicide bombing outside of an ariana grande conce concert killed 22 people. >> eight people have been taken into custody and police call the arrest significant and evidence seized that could lead them to the larger terror network believed to be involved in the blast. and the manchester mayor blasted america for pictures that they
6:31 pm
say were leaked to them. >> it is disrespectful to those who lost loved ones and those injured. >> late today the u.k. said it will resume sharing intelligence with the u.s. after reassurances from american officials. today president trump called the leaks deeply troubling. the casualties in manchester have bolstered initiative underway in the bay area to teenagers to treat it injured ahead of first responders arriving on scene. >> stanford surgeons trained some to prevent deaths from bleeding. we were there for the first class. >> the events in manchester underscore the need for this. i wish it wasn't so. but that is the reality. >> reporter: david spain is the chief of trauma surgeon april at stanford and they are at the sequoia high school to enlist the help of teenagers as long as 15. he believes these students could save lives in casualty events or
6:32 pm
even at traffic accidents ahead of first responders if they learn how to stop bleeding. a tourniquet could be painful foyer patient but it is not from a teenager doing anything wrong. >> when they see the bleeding stop, that is really going to help alleviate the fears. so once -- yes, it will hurt but if they see the bleeding slow down it will calm their fears. >> the manchester bombing was a wake-up call for 17-year-old mandy waddel. >> the scene was a time that i realized, oh, after this training, i really could do something to help save someone zwlrjts the principal also took the training and believes confidence is the key. >> the only way to get confidence is through preparation so we're hopefully giving kids confidence. >> and overcoming the fear of blood is also important. >> blood is blood. if you have to do something, you have to do it. it is not a matter of being scared. you have to save a life. >> the training is important and the use of tourniquets but this is only the start and the hope
6:33 pm
is that stanford medical center and other facilities will train more young people across the country. david louie, abc 7 news. happiness has arrived in the form of hundreds of books at a san jose school. abc 7 news was at tomorrow montessori as students opened up boxes and boxes of books. this will replace after a vandal broke in and trashed the school three weeks ago. the san jose library saw the story and donated 300 books. >> it was amazing. they came out yesterday and they brought us this beautiful gift of books for our children and the kids were so excited. the big truck pulled up and the kids like all sat down on the playground to watch the books get carried? >> the school has installed a new security suspect and a suspect has been arrested for breaking in and vandalizing the school. traffic backed up in portland after work temporarily stopped. a few trucks were roll ago long but many sat in lines.
6:34 pm
not moving at all. jonathan bloom explains what happened. > >> -- how long have you been waiting? >> two and a half hours. >> how long have you been waiting? >> three hours. >> for hours a back up out of the shipping terminal and rumors began to fly. >> >> while they are screwing around, we're not making no money. >> around 1:00 the first drivers got on the road. >> what was supposed to go on? >> something about a racial -- >> a noose. >> the first found tied to the fence at at same terminal and six months ago racist graffiti scrawled on a piece of equipment. >> the most is african-american, black people who were slaves for 300 years in this country and then another 100 years they were
6:35 pm
under apartheid, which is called jim crow. >> they walked off the job calling it a health and safety issue, it was about ensuring that the company would take action to keep this from happening in the future. >> the company, ssa, met with the union after the first noos was found in the lacest incident reiterated it has zero tolerance for racism. but asked how the workers responded, the company was less than pleased. >> in a statement, the saa said it was not a legitimate health and safety issue according to the arbitrator and the object in question was the size of a key chain lan yard which was left in a terminal pickup truck. >> they didn't feel there was enough action. we would like to see more cameras in these areas. when things like this happen and there is no resolution, it makes people feel like perhaps the employers don't care. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. there were a lot of getaway spots for the holiday weekend
6:36 pm
and next the warnings about yosemite that you should know before you make the drive. and hazy skies over south lake tahoe, and spencer will have the weekend forecast coming live-streat the airport.e sport
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b.a.r.t. will shut down oakland's lake marts station through the holiday weekend. buss will run instead of trains from fruitvale to west oakland and from fruitvale to 19th street and you should expect 20 to 40 minute delays. this is the second of last in the weekend of closures. it starts after service ends on friday night and won't resume until the start of service on tuesday morning. yosemite is a prime destination for this holiday weekend. but it comes with a warning this year. reporter jason oliveira from our sister station in fresno shows us how the park is getting ready to welcome visitors from around the world. >> waterfalls at yosemite are peaking this time of the year, but so is traffic. the national park is gearing up for the busiest weekend of the year. over the coming days, traxers from africa -- travelers from every corner of the world will come into central california. >> you should know, if if you
6:40 pm
are not here before 9:00 a.m., it may be a two to three hour wait to get from your car on to a parking space and on to a trail. >> officials are applying the final touches on a number of construction projects to enhance the guest experience, including an improved parking lot that will greet you near the yosemite village and they offer options to avoid the heavy congestion. >> leave your car perhaps at a hotel or a lodge or campground outside of the park and hop on one of the buses. it is a convenient and easy way to enjoy the park and alleviate the stress of trying to park your vehicle. >> the water might look tempting but it is off limits. rivers and streams are running high thanks to a record snow pack. >> this is running between 3 and 4,000 cubic feet per second so think of that as two or three school buses going by every second. >> and that means potential hazards for even the most experienced swimmers. >> people [ inaudible ]. >> and that is why this man and the swift water rescue team are
6:41 pm
in the river preparing for the worst. >> on a busy weekend coming upm, we'll have rescue been rescue upon rescue. >> making the training exercises so vital. >> reporter: massive crowds are expected to begin arriving on friday afternoon. if you don't mind traffic delays or large crowds, this is the best time of the year to enjoy the national park and all it has to offer. from yosemite, jason oliveira, abc 7 news. question for the ages here. how much should you really tip at a restaurant? >> coming up, michael finney clears up the confusion about surcharges so you know what to
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are you more and more confused with your bill every time go out to eat and you see a service charge, a health are surcharge or a minimum wage surcharge. how much are you supposed to tip? >> it is an excellent question. michael finney joins us now to clear up this confusion. michael? >> what happened to food, drink, tax. >> exactly. >> okay. well when you dine in restaurants, you might have noticed that extra line on the bottom of your receipt. well tonight i looked into what the difference is between surcharges and tips. for both you and the employee
6:45 pm
and the restaurants. >> when san mateo up the the minimum wage from $10 to $12. brad goldberg chose not to absorb the cost and charge more, instead he added a surcharge to each and every bill. >> our competition, be it burlingame or belmont, san carlos, isn't facing that. so we don't want to have inflated prices. >> the bay area started seeing widespread use of restaurant surcharges a few years back, when san francisco requires small businesses to pay for workers health insurance. cindy seed is an authorhorhorhoo etiquette coach and she said you may not understand the difference between surcharges and tips. >> one has nothing to do with the other. because the tips go to the server, whereas the surcharge goes to the restaurant. if anything, you are sliding
6:46 pm
that server by -- slighting that server by getting that less amount because you think it is already cover bid the surcharge. it is not. >> reporter: jennifer is the owner of this restaurant in san francisco. for a long time, the restaurant had a $1.25 surcharge to cover health insurance for employees. but in 2015 she decided to eliminate that surcharge and become a no-tipping restaurant. >> i think tipping has gotten so out of control and we don't know the etiquette and when or where or or how much and it adds strain and stress to the service experience. and our whole goal in a restaurant is to not stress out the client. >> she believes transparency in pricing works for the consumer, restaurant owner and employees. >> we raised our menu prices 25%, for most part that covers a 12% per server revenue share and the back of the house gets a 12%
6:47 pm
revenue share and 1% i put toward our health insurance. >> guests are enthusiastic about the change and say it seems like they are spending the same as before. it is just simpler. goldberg, on the other hand, is sticking with his surcharge. >> we want to continue to be able to provide a place that they like to come. and without it, it's going to effect our ability to stay afloat. >> the etiquette expert said the most common gratuity is about 18% and also said the word "tip" is an acronym, but it is. and i posted a short video about it on our website and check it out at just click on the 7 on your side. >> i did not know that. i'll have to go find that. >> thanks, michael. all right. well cheers, it is national wine day. california makes 90% of all american wine and last year
6:48 pm
california wine sales hit a record of 285 million cases to both u.s. and foreign buyers. whether you like it red or white, dry or sweet, sparkling or still, we hope you enjoy but do so responsibly. >> a man took this picture at a sunset in sonoma where a new crop is growing. just use the #abc7now and helped us find it and feature it on tv. >> and spencer is back with our forecast. >> you have my mind on wine now. wine and weather go together. and we have fog at the coast and moving inland much as last night. we might see spotty drizzle in the wee hours of the morning. overnight lows in the low to mid-50s and tomorrow afternoon bright skies with a few lingering clouds. cool and breezy. highs range from 50s at the coast to 60 around the bay and mainly upper 60s inland. and as we look ahead. it is graduation time. and here is a graduation
6:49 pm
forecast for iddyllwild high school tomorrow in san francisco at noon and it is cloudy and in the morning up to midday and then becoming sunny by the time the graduates are actually graduates. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have a warm-up this memorial day weekend. high temperatures will tart off in the 70s and then climb up to the 80s inland on sunday and then mid to upper 80s by monday which is memorial day. >> thanks. time to turn to sports. >> we are a week away. exactly a week away from the nba finals. right here. >> we'll tell you a few times. steve kerr at practice today as the warriors began preparation for the finals. but really how close is he
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
good evening. the nba finals tipoff exactly one week from tonight and don't look for steve kerr on the warriors bench. slowly recovering from another procedure on his back but gm bob meyer said he isn't feeling well enough to coach at this point. he is involved in the game planning and at practice. doesn't seem like he'll be significantly improved in one week's time to resume full time head coaching responsibilities. so unless there is some miracle,
6:53 pm
a dramatic change that happens, mike brown will remain the acting head coach with guidance from kerr. >> it makes it very difficult to have to sit here and say that the man that is hugely responsible for us being in the finals for three years in a row, in a moment that he should be treasuring, can't do it. it is painful and i know it is painful for him more than anybody. and i wish and he wishes and i'm sure you guys do too, there was something that could get him there. but right now, we're not at that point. >> the warriors held the first nba finals practice today. they got a couple of days off after sweeping the spurs. speed or the intensity of a real game so the goal at this point is just stay as fresh as possible. >> we can't control what happens but we wish we could play good or -- tomorrow or whatever. we have no control over it so we have to take it how it is and go out there and do we what we need to do every day. >> and the guys need to stay
6:54 pm
mentally sharp and that is on each one of the guys as an individual. so just kind of taking it one day at a time. >> you could catch all of the nba finals games, exclusively here on abc 7, games one and two at oracle starting next thursday, games three and four on the road and we booked our flights to cleveland and we'll be able to confirm the tickets in about half an hour. maybe an hour. game five is in boston. kyrie irving feeding lebron james right down the lane. kyrie has the best handle oft game. i'm sorry, stef. i'm sorry. the video does not lie. that is ridiculous. he has gone to the basket this entire series for lebron james and the cavs. prayer may be boston's only hope. they scored 43 in the first quarter and up by 20 and they lead 75-57 at the half. the giants finale a little bit like the clint eastwood movie, the good and bad and ugly
6:55 pm
and they lose four out of five. i'm awake and watching. starting with the good. giants take a lead with bell doubling in dennard span but that is the only run of the game. samardzija on the field and this is deep to left. did the fan reach out over the basket there to interfere? wll maybe, but they called it a home run and the replay wasn't working so that tied it at one. and samardzija with three solo bombs and zobrist there and 3-1 cubbies and they gave up the three runs, and here is the ugly, bottom eighth, and a wild pitch, scoring from third and posey trying the underhand but that gets away. and rizzo -- you're safe. 5-1 cubs. the final. giants back home tomorrow gep against atlanta and the a's are
6:56 pm
office. and curry is drilling around his house with his dog named rookie. he is a goldendoodle and so well trained. look at the commands. he will sit. and he's so cute. and now you come and now sit again. i wish my kids listened to me like rookie listened to stef. i think he has a crew. >> it is all worked out. >> good in the low post, i hear too. >> thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on ko skrv vi tv and th danger that parents say coming from using fidget spinners. >> and 120,000 people will come for the music festival and the preparations tonight ahead of tomorrow's big kickoff. and that is it for this edition of abc 7 news, look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> thank you for joining us.
6:57 pm
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a former attorney from denver, colorado... a fitness instructor from newark, california... and our returning champion, a systems analyst from point pleasant, new jersey... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. warm welcome. i appreciate it. and welcome to all of you for another half-hour of answers and questions. good champion in mackenzie. melanie and jon, we're gonna find out in this half-hour
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how good you are. here we go. now the categories... we want... the traditional version of the dishes we will give you. that's followed by... and... notice the spelling there. mackenzie. do sci-fi movies for $200, please. melanie. -what is "divergent"? -correct. sci-fi, $400. melanie. -who is scarlett johansson? -yes. $600, sci-fi.


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