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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 26, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, a public apology from the montana politician now heading to capitol hill. greg gianforte won a seat in congress just a day after being charged with assault. breaking right now, new scrutiny over jared kushner's contacts with russian officials. the president's son-in-law now expected to be questioned in the fbi's investigation. we're live in washington with the overnight details. president trump is in sicily for a meeting with major world leaders. that gathering follows his demand that nato allies pay more for defense. we have all the details from sicily. and this weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. your weekend forecast and what we can expect from this year's hurricane season. a good friday morning to you all.
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we begin with breaking news out of montana. the republican candidate for congress is claiming victory just a day after being charged with assaulting a reporter. >> yeah, greg gianforte defeated his opponent with 50% of the vote. the special election came on the heels of allegations that he body-slammed a reporter who was asking him questions about health care. gianforte offered an apology during his victory speech. >> i took an action that i can't take back, and i'm not proud of what happened. i should not have responded in the way that i did, and for that i'm sorry. i should not have treated that reporter that way, and for that i'm sorry, mr. ben jacobs. >> gianforte was endorsed by president trump and echoed some of the president's slogans. he's due in court next month. if convicted he could face up to six months in jail. and also breaking overnight reports that president trump's son-in-law is now under scrutiny by the fbi. >> sources say investigators looking into russia's election
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meddling are focusing on jared kushner's contacts with high-profile russian officials but kushner himself is not the target of the probe. abc's lana zak has the latest from washington. >> reporter: as president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner has been by the president's side, and now sources tell abc news kushner is among a number of white house staffers and former trump campaign officials who are likely to be interviewed by the fbi in connection with the russia investigation, though he's not a target and has not been accused of committing a crime. kushner's lawyer said the first son-in-law would cooperate writing in a statement, "mr. kushner previously volunteered to share with congress what he knows about these meetings. he will do the same if he's contacted in connection with any other inquiry." of particular interest to investigators is a transition meeting with russian ambassador kislyak and a separate meeting with a russian financial executive. also in that meeting with ambassador kislyak was former national security adviser michael flynn. flynn we know is the subject of an investigation. now, kushner's russia meetings
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were not included in his security clearance paperwork. his lawyer said that was just an error and that they would resubmit it, but some democrats are now calling for kushner's security clearance to be at least temporarily suspended while the fbi investigation is ongoing. kendis, diane. >> all right, and still no comment from the white house on that. abc's lana zak in washington, lana, thanks. meanwhile, president trump is attending his first g7 summit in sicily this morning after he scolded nato allies. >> yeah, the president has taken part in a welcome ceremony with other world leaders before another day filled with high-stakes meetings. abc's karen travers is there in sicily. karen, good morning. what's on the president's agenda on this beautiful, sunny day there in sicily? >> reporter: yes, quite a nice view we have here, kendis. the president is at the group of seven leaders summit. this is the world's wealthiest democracies, and president trump has actually met with all of these world leaders one-on-one, but this is the first time he's getting together with them as a group. there will be consensus from
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these nations on how to combat terrorism, especially in the wake of the manchester terror attack earlier this week. but, kendis and diane, president trump comes here with very different views from these other countries on issues like immigration, refugee policy and climate change. that could be a very big source of contention here as other world leaders push the trump administration to stay a part of that landmark climate change deal, the paris agreement. so far there is no word from president trump on what he will do about that. though the president has a lot of summit meetings today, diane and kendis, he will also have an orchestra concert tonight and a dinner with world leaders. >> and, karen, what kind of a reaction is he getting from yesterday's nato summit? >> reporter: well, he was all smiles when he was with the other nato leaders posing for what really was his first group photo in that context, and later, though, the president delivered a very sharp push. it was what we've heard from him as a candidate. it's what we've heard from him in the white house, but perhaps surprising to hear the president in that formal setting basically calling out the other nato
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members for not paying their fair share meeting their financial obligations to the security alliance. he says 2% is the bare minimum for today's security threats. diane, kendis, the president was certainly the center of attention, and we were really curious to see how he would deal with being in that environment, how other world leaders would deal with him. he clearly wanted to be the leader of the pack. that moment that has gone viral the president walking with a bunch of world leaders and seemingly elbowing the prime minister of montenegro out of the way, so the president could get to the front of the line. i should note that the prime minister of montenegro is the new kid on the block. they're nato's newest country, maybe a little hazing from president trump who is also really the new guy on the scene, diane, kendis. >> that, indeed. well, karen, i just checked, it's 83 and it's going to be sunny there. stay strong. prayers for karen. >> reporter: working hard inside, though. >> all right. karen, we hope you get to enjoy
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while you're there. and the fight over the trump administration's latest proposed travel ban is heading to the supreme court. a federal appeals court in virginia yesterday handed the white house another defeat saying the revised ban, quote, drips with religious intolerance. the administration says cutting off visas from six majority muslim countries is in the interest of national security. attorney general jeff sessions says he will ask the supreme court to review the decision. and another candidate for the fbi director job has withdrawn from consideration. former connecticut senator joe lieberman, who was president trump's leading choice to replace james comey, even though he has no federal law enforcement experience, but lieberman says he's backing out to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest after the president hired one of his law partners. the u.s. is now taking partial responsibility for an air strike in iraq last march that killed more than 100 civilians. the pentagon says its investigation shows that it did, indeed, drop the bomb on the building which set off the massive explosion. the bomb should only have killed the two snipers on the roof, not destroyed the entire building.
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instead it set off explosives that isis had placed inside with civilians. critics say the u.s. should have been more careful, and the pentagon says it is now taking a closer look at its targets. well, forecasters are predicting a busy atlantic hurricane season. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, noaa, says the season could get 11 to 17 named storms. forecasters say as many as nine of those could become hurricanes. >> in a typical season, 12 named storms develop with 3 becoming major hurricanes so a pretty big jump there. the season starts on june 1st and ends on november 30th. now for a look ahead to your memorial day weekend weather. >> kendis and diane, thanks, and good morning to you. a lot of people making plans, of course, for the upcoming holiday weekend. here's how it's looking. nice conditions over the northern plains, building warmth out west, but you'll notice the green.
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thunderstorm chances running from the south plains all the way in toward the middle atlantic and also into the northeast. notice how everything slides further east now for memorial day. up the eastern seaboard now showers and thunderstorms and steamy along the gulf coast and hot still out west. kendis, diane. still ahead, the reasons for a sharp spike in death from alzheimer's disease. plus, new details in the investigation of the manchester attack. a british security force is now taking some unprecedented steps. we're live in manchester straight ahead. and a messy scene on the road. hear the driver's excuse and the hefty price to fix it. >> whoops. >> whoops. today there is only one park for every 14,000 americans. connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve.
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from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today.
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britain on high alert this morning after that suicide bombing at the ariana grande concert. >> armed police officers are now patrolling trains throughout britain for the first time ever. meanwhile, we're learning more about the suicide bomber. >> abc's molly hunter is in the center of manchester and joins us live with the very latest developments from overnight. molly. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. that's right. we are here at that memorial that we've shown you all week. it's growing by the minute. people stopping by and laying flowers on their way to work, but we're learning so much more now about that attacker. new images, here he is, salman abedi taking out the garbage wearing a traditional north african robe and sandals and these haunting images from a security camera at a shopping mall just three days before the attack. baseball cap pulled down, apparently carrying the same backpack he used in the bombing. he spent his final night here in a rented apartment just two miles from the arena phoning his mother in libya to say forgive
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me, and he had apparently just returned from libya. abc news has learned salman abedi crisscrossed europe on his way back home last week flying to manchester, he flew through istanbul and dusseldorf undetected, and here british police hunting for accomplices, a network of terrorists and a bombmaker on the loose, and here in manchester as victims recover in the hospital, a surprise visit yesterday. >> it's very interesting how everybody has united, haven't they, here? >> reporter: now earlier this week the uk was furious at the u.s. for leaking photos to the american press. they actually stopped sharing information with their american counterparts. we now understand that that relationship is back intact. that flow of information has been reinstated. kendis, diane. >> yeah, all of that after a lot of talk between the prime minister and the president here in the u.s. molly, thank you. and when we come back, police in phoenix arresting a man they say was planning attacks against them. and the wrong place and wrong time for some fireworks to go off. we'll explain when we come back.
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♪ give extra. get extra. breaking overnight . breaking overnight firefighters battling an explosive strip mall fire in van nuys, california. at one point the mall's roof partially collapsed. after about an hour, firefighters were able to knock down the flames. no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire, though, is under investigation. now for a look at road conditions as you head out on the holiday weekend, there will be some rain in the northeast corridor, a little longer in new england. roads will also be wet in the western plains and in the central and northern rockies. >> and also if you're flying for the holiday weekend, airport delays are possible today in miami, denver and boston. meanwhile, there was a big security scare at the phoenix comic-con after an armed man was arrested. the suspect allegedly posted on social media that he planned to kill phoenix police officers. police say the man had several
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handguns, a shotgun and knives. witnesses say he was dressed as rambo. >> that post also included pictures of officers that the suspect took at comic-con. the suspect struggled with officers before he was taken into custody. police say this was an isolated incident. and a new report reveals a major spike in alzheimer's deaths. the centers for disease control says the disease killed nearly 94,000 people in 2014. that's an increase of more than 54% over 15 years, but the cdc expects that rate to keep rising because of the aging u.s. population and increasing life expectancy. alzheimer's affects more than 5 million americans. no doubt this is the wildest video you will see all day. a milwaukee man managing to walk away from a dangerous wake-up call in his home. this jeep came flying through a wall of his apartment while he was asleep. it stopped just two feet short of his headboard. he wasn't hurt. miraculously neither was the woman driving the jeep.
4:17 am
she told police she blacked out. but what was this driver's excuse? maybe this is the wildest video of the day or images of the day. other than trying to cut ahead of traffic, the driver got stuck in wet cement when he or she ignored the bright orange traffic markers. it's going to cost the driver though $10,000 in damages and gives new meaning to the phrase stuck in traffic. >> it does, indeed. you know, that image of the person in a big rush trying to get around everybody and then -- >> slow down. and an atlanta grocery store was evacuated after fireworks exploded. authorities say teens actually set off the fireworks display. two adults and one child were treated for smoke inhalation. >> the young suspects were captured on surveillance video. police say they could face arson charges. and now it's time to check in on sports. two teams advance in the playoffs last night. >> yeah, we're talking hoops and hockey highlights now from espn. >> good morning, america. welcome in to "sportscenter." kevin connors and lisa kerney here with you. tell you what, lebron james and the cavs left no questions about what their intentions were
4:18 am
thursday night. >> no doubt whatsoever, lisa. historic night in boston for lebron and for the cavaliers who put things away in game five. look at james going all the way. finishing in transition. lebron and the cavs leading by 25 at that point. james with this three-pointer passed michael jordan on the all-time playoff scoring list. he had 35 in the game. he's headed to his seventh consecutive nba finals. the cavs do it. it'll be cavs and warriors in the nba finals. and on the ice pens and sens game seven in pittsburgh was magical. penguins 3-7 at home in game sevens. senators are 0 for 5 in game sevens. in the second overtime, five minutes in, sidney crosby, chris kunitz takes care of the rest. through traffic, had two goals in this one. both his first goals of the playoffs. penguins win it 2-1 advancing to their second straight stanley cup final where they will take on the predators.
4:19 am
that game one monday will be hosted by the penguins. >> that'll do it for us. for lisa, i'm kev. enjoy your friday. >> what a great hockey series that has been. well, up next in "the pulse," time to hit the beach or theater or both since the new "baywatch" movie is out. and harvard's most famous dropout gets some laughs while delivering his speech to graduates. stay with us. hs while delivering his speech to graduates. stay with us. harvard's most famous dropout gets laughs while delivering his speech to graduates. stay with us. at panera, a good salad is so much more than a bowl of something green. more than an obligation to be good. more than just something you have on the side. more than just one flavor, or texture, or color. a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be.
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better? yeah. go! good thing because stopping never crosses your mind. band-aid® brand. stick with it™ ♪ ♪ oh, is that music what i think it is? >> it is your slow motion "pulse" today. i should speak slower than that. we're going to start with the rough tides for these fellows. they look good there, but apparently not looking so good in the movie itself.
4:22 am
"baywatch" movie hitting theaters. it hit the theaters last night just in time for the unofficial start to summer. >> so, the cast is loaded with stars, dwayne "the rock" johnson, zac efron, but the reviewers still aren't loving the movie so much. the associated press calls it an unwieldy and mostly unfunny endeavor. >> huh. it's getting a 19% splat on rotten tomatoes. that, by the way, is not good. the reviews, though, on social media mixed from people who saw it overnight. >> so someone on twitter said, quote, it's essentially terrible with some funny moments. another person called it absolutely hilarious. >> and one top critic called it a dumb, oily remake. but did you see the original? >> plus, it's got the song and it's got the slow motion running. >> that was a dumb oily original, yeah. and harvard dropout mark zuckerberg finally got to go to graduation. >> yeah, the facebook ceo delivered this year's commencement address. he encouraged the class of 2017 to find a place and purpose in the world. >> zuckerberg also took a jab at
4:23 am
his own college career. >> i'm honored to be here with you today because, let's face it, you accomplished something i never could. [ laughter ] if i get through this speech today, it'll be the first time i actually finished something here at harvard. >> zuckerberg left the commencement with something he didn't have when he dropped out more than a decade ago, by the way, harvard gave him an honorary doctor of law's degree. >> i'm sure he's finished a few beers and a few kegs during his -- >> that's true, he finished something but now he's got something to add to that resume which i'm sure is really important. >> i'm sure after all these years. and finally another item that's meant for some sort of fashion runway maybe or just a garbage heap. i don't know. question, would you wear what's being called the 2 jeans dress? >> so, yeah, it might help if you look at it upside down but it's actually made from two pairs of denim jeans sewn together to form a dress or something like that. it's not cheap either, by the
4:24 am
way. the 2 jeans dress will cost you $445. >> oh, my god. where do they come up with the pricing for these things, i wonder. so the 2 jeans dress, of course, you'll recall joins the romphim in the questionable summer clothing hall of fame. although i'm a fan of it now. don't worry, everyone, labor day weekend will be here before we know it, and all these fashions will hopefully last. i like the romphim. >> you're hoping for a fall version of the romphim. >> of the romphim. yes, long sleeve hoodie. >> more news after this. >> more news after this. e chantix that urge just slowly diminished and it was a great and empowering feeling. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures,
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good morning. it's 4:27. it's a long weekend for a lot of you. >> it will be a good one. a lot of people have a lot of plans. >> the weather will cooperate for the most part. let's look at what is going on this morning with live doppler 7. it's touching all neighborhoods. drizzle is possible in the morning commute. here's a look from the sutro tower. starting in the mid-50s. 65 in bay and inland at noon. 69 at 4:00 and back in the low to mid-60s by 7:00. it's a cold evening if you're heading out ampb tfter the suns. alexis? i don't think we'll have anybody on the roads this evening. we're starting out with one
4:28 am
issue on southbound 880 in san leandro. a jackknifed semi. no reports of injuries but it was serious. chp is there as well. no delays at this early hour. we'll check out the light volumes coming up next. >> thanks, alexis. a san jose football player was seriously damaged in a stabbing. >> we have a picture of the suspects that police are trying to find. janine is live. janine? >> reporter: his parents want these suspects caught. police are hoping that viewers recognize him. take a good look at this surveillance video taken in downtown san jose near post and south first street. one of the suspects was wearing a white shirt. he's believed to be a latino man between 20 and 30 years old. he has hair shaved on the sides
4:29 am
but longer on the top. the other man is described as asian or latino in his 30s. he's heavy set and has a ponytail. he was wearing an oversized white shirt that night. on sunday morning, a fight broke out and one of the suspects pulled out a knife and another stabbed chad miller who is from vallejo and he plays safety on the spartans. the junior was stabbed in the stomach. he's listed in critical condition but he's expected to make a fuel recovery. now, if you recognize either of the men in that surveillance video we just showed you, call the san jose police department and you can do that anonymously. live from san jose, janine de la vega, abc7 news. new details in the missing uber driver. police are looking at a car of a person that police are calling a person of interest. bob tang owns the car and he's
4:30 am
now missing. police found tang's car parked at san francisco international airport and that's driving suspicions that he traveled to his native cambodia. abc7 spoke with a woman at tang's home. she knows both men. >> i cannot go into work right now. i'm so so >> okay. >> she cannot eat. >> chhay's car was found in san francisco. police have searched the location along with other properties in the east bay. happening today, the napa county district attorney's county district attorney's office tells the abc7's that in the hazing case, they have identified 14 members of the school's


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