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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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marsh drive near buchanan field. >> abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at the scene with the latest. leslie? >> reporter: quite the scene. we have busy highway 4 behind us. we have a major intersection and a plane crashing in the middle of it, you see it back there right on the corner at 2:45 this afternoon. that's when this small single engine glass star plane went down. let's take a look at a view from sky 7 of the wreckage. the plane was taking off from buchanan field when the pilot reported a mechanical problem. the plane turned around to come back, but missed the runway just a few hundred feet away really from the air field. the plane crashed into a stop light at this intersection sheering off one of the wings. witnesses at an adjacent car dealership told abc7 news they saw no smoke from the plane as it came down. it did not catch fire. the pilot was the only one on board and was pulled out of the plane by a bystander and rushed
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to john muir medical center. [ inaudible ] condition. the plane just missed cars at the car dealership and injured no one else. somehow got on the ground here. marsh drive and solano way are closed in both directions so absolutely avoid this area northeast of buchanan field if at all possible. they're starting to pick through some of that rubble back there. we understood the faa and investigators are on their way here, and they may have just arrived. that's what we know from the scene. a single engine plain crash around 2:45 this afternoon. here in concord with the pilot injured. that plane, we understand was an experimental plane, one that would have been built from a kit, and we do know that at least no other injuries to buildings, to people, to property. we'll find out more about why it crashed and what that mechanical problem was later on, i'm sure, as this investigation unfolds.
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reporting live in concord, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> all right, leslie, thank you. in the meantime just into our newsroom, this new video tweeted out by contra costa county fire fighters giving you a p perspective there, it shows them climbing underneath the plane to plug a fuel leak. we'll most more on and on our abc7 news mobile app. >> pg&e has given the all-clear following a gas line break today near the new apple campus. that's nearing completion. >> cupertino fire fighters ordered everyone out after a construction crew ruptured a one-inch line around 2:00 this afternoon. sky 7 cap turtured this video tp the leak. no word of injuries. a few apple employees have started working there, but the move-in process will take months along with the final construction. >> 12 people are recovering after a construction accident in oakland.
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>> you can hear and see workers trying to rescue their colleagues after a building partially collapses. you can see meant right up there die dangling in the rebar above. >> you can see fire fighters walking through the rubble. on piedmont avenue north of the oakland's downtown. you can see the roof area caved in, metal and wood and concrete, it's just a mess. >> abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live in oakland at the scene with more. melanie? >> reporter: well, there's no telling how long this investigation will take. a spokesperson says inspectors were on-site months ago in march based on a complaint that they received. but that they closed that inspection without issuing any citations. the nature of that complaint is confidential. meantime, a construction worker captured the chaos on his cell phone just moments after today's collapse. panic moments after the second floor of this construction
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project collapsed during a cement pour. >> the people just screaming. >> i was on the third floor walking that way, it caved in. >> reporter: construction workers knee deep in cement, others dangling from the rebar. >> everybody was worried about the coworkers. >> reporter: those coworkers assisting first responders. >> with the help of opd, the on-site construction crews, and our rescue crews, we were able to extricate all 15 to 20 people that were trapped in the wet cement. >> reporter: with 12 people being treated at area hospitals for minor injuries, cal osha is now investigating talking to workers and reviewing safety procedures. >> was this a situation in which this could have been prevented? >> reporter: cal osha says it has inspected general contractor john stone moyer and subcontractor largo concrete 11 times over the last five years. it issued john stone moyer six general citations, with low penalties over four of those
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inspections. whereas four of largo's 11 inspections were accident-related. three resulted in violations for workplace safety hazards, including one serious violation for failing to guard reinforced steel which could have resulted in a worker being impaled. in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> there were some loud moments outside an oakland courtroom today as the man who protested president trump was a rained on assault charges. these were supporters of the president who confronted the lawyer for eric cramp ton, the former diablo valley professor pleaded not guilty today. he faces four felony assault charges for this incident you see. it happened during an april rally in bergly. he hit four people with a bike lock. >> i think there are lots of issues in this case, including identification and what, in fact, occurred. >> he also faces a misdemeanor
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charge for macing his face during a protest. they want him prosecuted. >> the egregiousness of what happened with people, you know, not being able to have freedom of speech, you know, because they don't like what they hear, that's wrong. >> he is being held in jail on $100,000 bail. >> bart just sent us pictures of a man wanted for sexual battery against another passenger on a train. it happened wednesday night between the richmond and north berkeley stations. the woman reported what happened to a station agent and the man ran. these images come from a surveillance camera at the richmond station. >> now, san mateo police say this woman dragged an officer about 35 feet just before midnight. the officer was trying to question her about the theft of some alcoholic beverages from the safe way at wood lake shopping center. the officer is okay. police described the woman they are seeking as about 40. she is between 5'6" and 5'8", 150 to 160 pounds.
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she was driving a maroon four-door honda accord. >> a pleasanton man has critical injuries because a suspected drunk driver hit him and the driver is in jail. it happened near interstate 580 in livermore. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez has more. hi, lyanne. >> reporter: hi. well, this accident happened at around 10:30 this morning. unfortunately because of the long memorial day weekend, chp officers say they expect to see more of these tragedis. investigators say the driver of this silver mercedes pulled over on the side of iz a bell avenue in livermore. his emergency warning lights were still on. the spokesperson for the livermore police department said the driver had gotten out of his car. >> we had a gentleman stopped on the side of the road and he was hit by a passing car. >> reporter: the man is 73 years old from pleasanton and is in very critical condition. police say he was hit by this woman, 42-year-old jennifer
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barbe are, driving this suv. >> we see this way too often, but way too early to say it's involved in this case. >> reporter: police then conducted a sobriety test. she was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence and causing great bodily injury. a felony. she was eventually taken to santa rita jail. the memorial day weekend is the busiest of the year for road travel. california highway patrol officers are alerting the public that it's maximum enforcement period. >> in 2016 unfortunately 39 people were killed over this memorial day maximum enforcement period we call it which begins friday at 6:01:00 p.m. and ends monday at 11:59. >> chp officers say the use of drugs is also a problem this weekend. they will be looking for signs of impaired driving. in livermore, lyanne melendez,
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abc7 news. >> one man is under arrest for child exploitation after federal agents served warrants in san francisco this morning. the warnlts were served at two locations. one on laguna street in hayes valley, the second one a mile away on guerrero street in the mission district. an fbi spokesperson said they arrested one man, joe brown teplets. he has been charged with child exploitation, coercion and enticement and criminal forfeiture. >> the wet winter has filled lake tahoe past its natural rim providing ben skpits if challenges. with the memorial day weekend upon us, many in the bay area are likely to head up to lake tahoe. laura anthony is live in tahoe city with more for us. laura? >> reporter: hi, eric. well, people are coming up for the holiday weekend. are in for a real treat. this is the dam here, the major outflow in tahoe city for lake tahoe. last year this area was quite
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low. water that was quite low, now it's quite a bit higher, a whole new scene. what a difference a year makes. thanks to record inflows, lake tahoe is now nearly 6 feet higher than it was last october. the highest single year increase ever. this is what it looked like on the south shore at reagan beach last year. and here is the exact same scene this year. the director of the tahoe city public utilities district likes what she sees. >> it's phenomenal the difference. it is remarkable. we had such a long winter and so much precipitation, as it was coming down we knew it was going to be a great summer. >> reporter: and now with all the water flowing through the dam at tahoe city, and heading down the truckee river toward squaw valley and beyond, there is a bit of a trade-off. it's beautiful to see, but also causes some concern in the short term. >> it's running higher, faster
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and colder. so, right now there is a little bit of danger. it's really impossible to get underneath some of the bridges, so, all the rafting companies are not open right now. they're waiting for the river level to drop a little bit. >> reporter: but the benefits clearly outweigh the risks when it comes to tahoe's bounty. this is what the pier at tahoe city commons beach looked like during the drought, and this from droneview7, the same here today, completely surrounded by blue pristine water. >> this is incredible. last year there was the size of a football field of sand out here. and now we've got water. >> reporter: last year the water here was 500 feet farther out. in tahoe city, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> anticipations for bottlerock, but caution as well. the steps taken to keep people safe at the napa festival this weekend. >> and a clash of tight ans in the nba finals. what steph curry is looking for
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from fans to get things going at oracle. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. it has been cloudy today. find out if it will brighten up for your haul kay weekend coming up. >> i'm michael finney coming up on [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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visitors are flooding into napa for the first day of bought the rock. they're there to enjoy good food, good music and a good time. >> after a terror attack at the ariana grande concert in england -- >> we're live in bottlerock. >> reporter: you can see it for yourself. this security line, and it is a little bit more thorough. bag checks, metal detectors and of course it is hard to miss the canine officers who are patrolling out here at the entrance. inside folks said they didn't
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think it was too much much a bother. they're glad the security is here. a giant yellow hand greets you at the entrance to bottlerock. >> it was downtown napa and people didn't like it so it ended up here. >> reporter: it is sure to be all over instagram. at&t says network traffic herein creases by 50% each year. >> we're constantly improvising and innovating to provide this type of capacity to our customers. >> reporter: customers who flooded the tiny road leading into downtown napa from as far away as austin, texas. >> i love there is a combination of the wine and the food and the music. you don't find that kind of combination really at any other festival. >> reporter: area locals found something out of the ordinary. >> definitely more bag checks. they check you with the security wands, make you empty your pockets. it's more than what you saw a year or two ago. >> reporter: just days after the terror attack at a concert in england, security is a priority. >> it is very guarded with checkpoints and there are a list of people that are known to be coming through for deliveries or
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assisting with the event. and it's very well controlled. >> reporter: and fans are preparing, too. >> we get separated we have a meet up time and a back up plan as well in case something did go wrong. but we know we're all accounted for and going to be safe. >> reporter: yet another reason at&t brought this huge wheel antenna increasing capacity ten fold. >> if there are emergencies we don't want blocked calls. >> reporter: so fans can focus on what really matters. >> great wine, great food, great beard. >> i'm die hard tom petty. >> reporter: in napa, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> there is excitement for the nba finals. >> pass to james! >> yeah, well, that was lebron james last night, towering the cleveland cavaliers to beat the boston celtics to take the eastern conference championship.
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>> cavs win meaning they'll be playing the warriors in the finals for a third straight year. it's never happened before. steph curry and his teammates are excited about opening the series at home in dub nation. >> hopefully we'll get off to a good start and feed off of our crowd's energy and the excitement in the building. the entire bay area, you can feel it. they know what time it is. >> oh, yeah they do. warriors fans were out in full force to pickup flags for the finals. plenty of fans bought gear as soon as the store at oracle arena opened. they are also there to get free car tags to take the photo with the trophy. >> number one! >> dub nation! >> it's always exciting to watch them play. >> it's all good. go warriors, we're going to win, yea! >> i'm a great fan. i can't wait for the playoffs. it's going to be an exciting trilogy. >> we won last year, we won the year before. this is the match game. >> the playoffs can't start too soon for the fans. they're counting down the hours
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before tip-off. >> for the warriors and the cavs back in the nba finals as we said to face one another for the third consecutive year in a row, a re-rematch is there. >> it's never happened in the nba, not with the celtics, not with the lakers, not with the bulls. in fact, it's only happened three times in all of professional sports. baseball, the new york yankees and the giants met in the world series in 1924, 22 and 23. in hockey, the canadiens and red wings battled it out in '595 ander '56. >> now you can add to that list the warriors and the cavs. the seven-game series tips off thursday. and abc7 is the only place you can see the nba finals. game one is of course thursday. coverage starts at 5:30. this year's g7 summit began in italy today. silicon valley was a topic of conversation. the groom of g7 called for google, facebook and other internet and social media
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leaders to take substantially more action to block or remove extremist rhetoric online. this is coming on the heels of the bombing in manchester that killed 22 people earlier this week. british prime minister theresa may said make no mistake, the fight is moving from the battle field to the internet. apple devices may have played a role in the egypt air crash a year ago. according to french officials, the flight's first officer may have plugged an iphone in an ipad mini in the wrong socket in the cockpit. this may have resulted in a heat buildup sparking a fire that eventually brought the jet down. apple says it's open to cooperation with the investigation being led by french authorities. results are expected by the end of september. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> hi, everyone. let's check out the forecast for graduation. this is valley christian high school tomorrow morning in san jose at 10:00. look at the temperatures. really it's going to be quite comfortable starting you off in
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the upper 50s and gradually temperature will rise to about 67 degrees so it should be nice looking weather for the graduation ceremony. as you check out live doppler 7, we have pretty thick cloud cover across the bay area and that is not in a hurry to leave us any time soon. so, here's what's going to happen. you're going to be seeing a little more sun in the days ahead from our mount tam cam getting a little preview there. as you see some blue sky above the cloud deck. 60 he grizzlies right n 60 degrees in san francisco. highs so far today upper 50s to low 70s so still below average for this time of year. and it is pretty obvious as to why. we haven't seen a whole lot of sun. this is our view from the east bay hills camera. mid to upper 60 now from santa rosa to livermore. here's a lovely view from our santa cruz camera. people are already getting their holiday plans underway there. you'll be seeing more people here in santa cruz, blue sky showing up here despite the fact they still have a few lingering clouds. cloudy overnight tonight, we are looking at sunnier skies tomorrow afternoon. warmer pattern for the holiday
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weekend. and it will be mild to warm as far as the weather is concerned into next week. here is a look at the holiday weekend. if you have outdoor activities, brighter skies for your saturday and temperatures going up, upper 50s to mid 70s even warmer on sunday, will bring in low 80s and by monday temperatures in the mid-'80s. notice the coast. there isn't a whole lot of change. as you will continue to have to deal with the night and morning overcast skies and partly cloudy for the afternoon. hour by hour forecast showing you what is going to happen overnight tonight. a little more cloud cover tomorrow morning at 7. we'll start with overcast conditions but notice the change. the clouds pull away from all inland and bay side communities and even near the coast they start to break up a little bit. so i think it is going to be a little bit brighter than what we've been dealing with today. temperatures first thing in the morning low to mid 50s. under cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon, if you have outdoor plans the weather looks nice. temperatures in the low to mid 70s inland, low 60s upper 50s to low 60s coast side breeze will
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be going. a lot happening, bottlerock and napa mix of sun and clouds, 62 degrees tomorrow afternoon. look at the weather eshlg, warmer weather sun screen type of weather. enjoy if you're going. if you're going to be here in san francisco for carnival in the mission, partly cloudy, grab a jacket if you're going to carnival. download the app. it will help you keep track of the temperature changes. you'll see the changes as we head into the weekend. they're going up, mid 70s to low 80s for sunday and memorial day. upper 50s to low 60s coast side. temperatures drop tuesday, wednesday, we'll see a slight uptick in the temperatures. no weather extremes, eric and kristen, looking nice. >> thanks. >> sweet to
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it's been a busy news day, but now we get to the tasty est, our favorite part of friday, finney's friday free stuff. >> michael is on tap for what's on today. >> do you know you can miniature golf in san francisco? in the city properment >> where? >> no. >> urban putt, it's in the mission. the place is absolutely amazing. i was there about a year ago. i'm going to show you some video of this place. it's a total crack up. it's really fun. it is for the entire family until 8:00 at night. then it goes adults where they serve adult beverages. it is a fun thing. that is my favorite thing to have there. that is chicken and waffles. see that cone there? you are going to get a cone and free putting with this giveaway. so, it is really -- maybe -- yeah. anyway, it's really fun. you ought to go. it may just be the cone. i'm confused on this giveaway now. you're going to get one or both.
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>> good enough. >> we'll find out. >> we see something sour. >> absolutely. sour dough -- have you ever tried to start it? i did a horrible job. you can do a good job because sour flour is a bakery here in san francisco and they're willing to give you a sour dough starter kit. if you're here from the bay area, you know how that works, which is you start a kit, you keep adding to it, you keep taking away from it. some of them -- right. it's the dough that keeps on giving. they're going to get going for you, that sour flour is giving that item. >> how do we get it? >> probing questions, very good. right there, you go online to, look under finney's friday free stuff. >> i want to be kristen when i grow up. >> always asking for the free stuff. >> thanks, michael. >> sure. >> during tough times we call on our best friends. >> sometimes even man's best
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we want to thank abc7 abc7 7 viewer allen for this lovely shot. you can share your pictures with us on social media as well. use the #abc7 now. you may see it on air or online at >> now let's see what is coming up tonight on 6:00. alma daetz is here with that. all na? >> thank you, eric, kristen. criminal charges against six napa high football players in the hazing scandal. at 6:00 what we just heard from district officials. also. >> we think $75 is going to make me go away. >> she's not backing down from 7 on your side. the bay area woman going after a company that lost some treasured family memories. and big sur is a mess. but the people are resilient and they have a message for bay area residents. all that plus much more coming
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up in just half an hour or abc7 news at 6:00. eric, kristen? >> all right, we'll see you then. thank you, alma. >> finally, the san francisco d.a.'s office is celebrating a special birthday girl tonight. >> pink, who turns two years old today, is one of two support dogs used to comfort crime victims and witnesses. looks cute in the hat. the d.a.'s office says dogs like pink, forms bonds with people, calm them down and then them tell their stories. >> when victims come to us it's because something bad happened. no one has a good day. to have someone that is loving and gentle and just wants to be scratched and played with is really, really helpful. >> pink is nicknamed the greeter for her friendly and outgoing disposition and ability to fall asleep anywhere. >> yes, certainly looks like lie in pink's case it's okay to eat and sleep on the job. >> wish we had those benefits.
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>> "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the abc news exclusive. president trump's sons called to the fbi. learning from authorities that foreign hackers tried to break into the trump organization. also developing tonight, president trump's son-in-law jared kushner, a top adviser in the west wing. now, his meetings with the russians under fbi scrutiny. blistering words from hillary clinton. what she said today about impeachment that immediately made headlines. severe storms hitting tonight and tomorrow. several major travel cities in the bull's eye. rob marciano standing by. the serial killer, and the woman found in a container on his property. tonight, how many victims, and how long will he be put behind bars? and, lost at sea. the american newlyweds. the wife now missing.


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