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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 27, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i thought he was going to be gone for that moment. >> facing flames to save a brother in trouble. tonight an act of bravery that has the alameda county fire department wanting to hire this young man. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. without hesitation, patelo fenal put himself in danger to reach his younger brother who was trapped inside a burning home in hayward. abc 7 news reporter lonnie rivera is live in the newsroom with new details. you talked to him about his quick thinking that saved his brother's life. >> i sure did. he says his instincts kicked in when the family's house caught fire. he says quick thinking and determination helped rescue his younger brother. >> he was crying, and it was filled with smoke so i couldn't see inside at all.
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>> reporter: patelo fanel. his younger brother who's on the autism spectrum, was trapped in a bedroom and his uncle was calling the boy's name. >> i tried entering the kitchen but the heat was too strong and it caught my hair on fire and my beard on fire. >> reporter: 18-year-old patelo rushed back into his room and put the fire in his hair out. then he jumped nine feet from the second-story window and climbed through his brother's window. >> i jumped through the window and pulled myself up and tried opening the window. but my little brother, he's autistic, so he was too scared to exit out through the window, so he closed the window on me. >> reporter: a neighbor then brought a ladder for him. >> i was just yanking him as hard as i can. and i broke the window and i flung it over. >> reporter: his brother was afraid, confused and he resisted but patelo manage to pull him out. >> he was coughing and throwing up like ash. >> reporter: the 13-year-old was treated for smoke inhalation at
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the hospital. alameda county fire crews say the fire started in a first floor living room. >> i think we'd have a very different outcome had he not taken the action he took last night. >> i'm joining the navy. and i'm leaving next week to go deploy. so we train and we do as much as we can. >> reporter: leaving his close-knit family will be tough but he's ready. >> and he's going into the navy. we need him to come into the fire department. >> reporter: in alameda county lonni rivera, abc 7 news. the grand opening of a new water park in dublin did not go as planned after a boy flew off a water slide. our media partner the bay area news group captured the terrifying scene on video. the 10-year-old boy was not seriously hurt. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at the wave water park on this developing story. leslie? >> reporter: well, eric, that 10-year-old boy is back at home with his parents in san francisco tonight. he was taken to a hospital just in case to be looked over for
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some scrapes, but in the end he was treated and release d let's take a look at that video. watch the green slide. down he comes and then he flies up and over the edge onto the concrete. this accident involving a 10-year-old boy happened at 12:15. immediately the three-story slide called the emerald plunge was shut down, as was the steep blue slide next to it. they both plummet at 80 degree angles. >> i was standing there. he seemed to be shook. but seemed to be okay. came right up. and immediately went into the first aid room and was assessed by staff. his parents were here. >> shocking. you know, it's like the first day of the opening and i hope the kid's okay. >> reporter: this brand new $43 million city-owned water park and aquatic center in dublin stayed open the rest of the afternoon. hundreds enjoyed the four other slides and swimming pools here. most were unaware of the
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accident. >> i didn't know about it till you just told me. so i guess maybe we'd think twice about it going down the big ones. but we'll probably still go for it. >> the first time i was a little scared, but then when i kept doing it i -- it was not that scary anymore. >> we're pretty worried about those two slides because they are really steep. but not the other ones. >> reporter: dublin says the slides went through extensive testing and were just permitted on friday. the manufacturer was inspecting them. they will determine if they need to add a weight requirement or adjust the pressure or flow of the water. in dublin i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. part of san francisco's union square was blocked off for several hours tonight after a car hit someone. abc 7 news was at powell and post streets after the crash. you can see the car up on the sidewalk. that crash happened around 5:30 this evening. at least one person was taken to the hospital, but police would not say how serious the injuries are. the cause is under investigation. and new at 11:00 also in san
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francisco, a crash involving a cable car and an suv. it happened around 6:30 at hyde and chestnut streets just a block from the crooked part of lombard street. at least one person was hurt but is expected to be okay. rescue crews took to the water tonight in antioch in search of a missing man. this is near the antioch bridge. you can see the coast guard helicopter there. the coast guard says the man was on a boat around 5:00 this evening when he jumped into the water to retrieve a hat. so far no sign of that man. the founder of uber is coping with a personal tragedy tonight. travis kalanick's mother died in a boating accident yesterday near fresno. bonnie and donald kalanick were on pine flat lake when they struck a rock. another boater spotted debris and called 911. donald was airlifted to the hospital in serious condition. the ceo has not commented publicly on his mother's passing, but uber released a statement today saying travis and his family suffered an unspeakable tragedy. our thoughts and prayers are with travis and his family in this heartbreaking time.
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a soulful trail blazer of southern rock has died. gregg allman became a rock legend as co-founder, organist and singer of the allman brothers. allman lived in marin for much of the '90s and frequently performed throughout the bay area. his bluesy vocals helped propel the allman brothers band to superstardom in the '70s. ♪ gregg allman and older brother duane were the driving forces and the names behind one of the great southern bands, the allman brothers, who combined rock, blues, and a bit of jazz to create a distinctive hard-driving, high-energy sound. inseparable as children growing up in tennessee and daytona beach, florida duane was the charismatic lead guitarist of the original band formed in 1969. greg played keyboards and was the group's gravelly voiced soulful lead singer as he talked about in the documentary "southern rock." >> i started playing. man, it just knocked me out.
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and i just -- i did my best to sing it my best. >> reporter: the band would turn out hit after hit including "midnight rider." ♪ midnight rider >> reporter: after duane died in a motorcycle crash in 1971, gregg kept band together. they scored one of their biggest hits with "rambling man" in 1973. ♪ lord i was born a rambling man ♪ gregg allman married cher in june of 1975 and moved to hollywood. it was a turbulent union as greg descended into heavier and heavier drug and alcohol use. >> i went to 14 rehabs. >> 14 rehabs. >> but i didn't go to 15. >> reporter: they divorced in 1978, and he eventually kicked his drug habit. through ups and downs gregg allman kept going, performing and churning out solo and allman brothers albums. this past more he suddenly stopped touring because of health issues. tonight tributes are pouring in. ringo starr tweeting "rest in peace gregg allman. peace and love to all the family." brad paisley, "what a legacy
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gregg allman leaves behind. jam on in the great hereafter." gregg allman died at his home in savannah, georgia. he was 69 years old. ♪ >> classic "whipping post" there. a message posted today on gregg allman's facebook page read, "gregg considered being on the road playing music with his brothers and solo band for his beloved fans essential medicine for his soul. playing music lifted him up and kept him going during the toughest of times." now to developing news. a major i.t. glitch grounded most british airways flights in and out of two london airports today. it affected check-in and operational systems at heathrow and gatwick. some passengers said they had to wait for hours in long lines and didn't get a lot of information from british airways. the airline is trying to rebook or refund customers. >> this is the trip of a lifetime we've been sachb ugh up for the last year and a half about. we can only go this week because we're back at work next week.
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it's gutting. >> a delayed flight out of oakland did leave gatwick this evening and is dpopd arrive in the morning. two flights out of san jose and four flights out of san francisco were canceled. there's a big draw this weekend at a small coastal town. >> it's pretty impressive, you know. >> nbc 7 news at 11:00. people are driving miles to see the carcass of a blue wlal in bollineas. tonight we're learning more about how the whale may have died. and we're taking you to a brand new music festival on board the "uss hornet." and later reports tonight about why donald trump's son-in-law wanted a secret communications channel with russia. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. it was a bright but a breezy start to the holiday weekend. and those winds first going to wa
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tonight we're getting a closer look at the carcass of an endangered blue whale that washed on shore in the north bay. since she beached in bolinas yesterday there's new information about how she may have died. and as abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard shows us she's become the newest tourist attraction. >> absolutely a magnificent creature. >> reporter: it's a startling sight on agate beach in bolinas. >> i find it shocking. i've never seen this. the chunks. i think it's just a shame. >> reporter: vern simkoff was overcome with emotion at the sight of this giant 80-foot blue whale carcass. hundreds of onlookers are snapping cell phone pictures of the blue whale. david fernwood came from danville. >> it's pretty impressive. it's pretty amazing. this is the largest living thing that's ever existed on the earth. >> reporter: the smell is intense and overwhelming for some, who had to cover their
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noses. >> by the time i got within about 50 yards of it i was ready to throw up. >> reporter: sky 7 was overhead after she washed shore on friday morning. >> sheetz lar's the largest wha ever seen. >> reporter: barbara helasca from the marine mammal center helped perform a necropsy on the whale. she says it's likely she was struck by a passing ship. >> with the injuries and trauma on the left side, it's hard to break whale bones. i would definitely say boat. >> reporter: blue whales are in danger. fewer than 2,800 are left on the west coast. during whale migration periods during summer and fall ships entering san francisco bay are asked to slow their speed. >> slowing down when they come in and out of san francisco bay is an important aspect of trying not to have collisions. >> yeah, it's really sad. it's really sad that they're endangered and a lot of people are killing these or they're just dying naturally. it's really sad. >> reporter: the whale can't be towed out to sea because of an
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offshore reef. so it will decompose here and let the tides float her back into the ocean. in bolinas, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. a southern california boat captain saved a great white shark last week. he said it was the same shark he saved a year ago. chris pica and some friends were off the coast of dana point when they were surrounded by about ten great whites. pica spotted one of them entangled in fishing gear. he grabbed a gaffe, a long pole with a hook on it and was able to connect it to the fishing graer to free the shark. he says it was the same great white he saved in a similar situation last year. >> what's that? one in a million? find a needle in a haystack, finding this shark again. >> he believes the shark was targeted. the department of fish and wildlife says it's possible the shark really was the same one pica spotted a year ago because great whites are typically habitual. happening now in the east bay, a rap kornts on a historic ship. abc 7 news was in alameda for the ship show music festival. about 500 people on the flight
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deck of the "uss hornet" museum. tonight's headliner, wiz khalifa. organizers are asking concertgoers to obey the city's speed limit and keep their music turned down while driving to and from the concert. alameda police are providing security, and everything has been peaceful. a portion of the money raised will go to the museum. the two-day festival wraps up tomorrow. a live look now at an american icon in the bay area. the golden gate bridge has a big birthday tonight. the bridge is now 80 years old. the 1.7-mile-long span opened in 1937 first to pedestrians, then the vehicles. all weekend long visitors can write a birthday message on the giant cards inside the welcome center. they answer the question what does the golden gate bridge mean to you? >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. hello there. in accuweather this evening we're in store for a very nice finish to the holiday weekend sunday and into monday.
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but then temperatures are going to drop pretty significantly as cooler air moves into place. live doppler 7, let's show you what's going on outside. standing around the skies, trying to find any moisture, and tonight we have no issues with precipitation. outside we go. a live look from our exploratorium camera atop pier 15. look what has returned along the coast. our marine layer is thickening at this hour. the fog first will start on the coast and make its traditional trek inland overnight tonight. and you notice the flags on top of the embarcadero buildings. they are waiting. some bit of a breeze along the coast right now. gusting to around 21 miles per hour at sfo. 26-mile-per-hour gust in fairfield. elsewhere 16 miles per hour in oakland. it will stay breezy overnight tonight. and tomorrow afternoon the winds will be between 10 and, say, 20 miles per hour. that wind has knocked most of us back into the 50s at this hour. currently 58 in hayward and oakland. down to 57 in san jose. a breeze in san francisco with cloud cover at 54.
11:19 pm
55 napa and brentwood the mild spot at this hour checking in with a temperature of 62 degrees. here's the call. overnight tonight, clouds first along the coast pushing inland overnight. temperatures holding mainly in the 50s across the board. these will be your starting numbers early tomorrow morning. future weather showing you tomorrow morning 7:00 in the morning, here's the time stamp in the corner of your screen. most of us are waking up to gray skies. pretty normal for this time of the year. but by midday a lot of the cloud cover's going to burn off, pull back to the coast, but the coast looks like tomorrow the clouds will be stubborn. so for much of the day we do expect overcast skies right along the immediate coastline. lots of sunshine away from the coast. so highs on your sunday. enjoy a very may-like day out there. 64 in half moon bay, 62 in san francisco. lots of sunshine in san jose. 75 degrees. 79 the number in concord. 78 in santa rosa. and antioch up to 80 degrees. if you're heading to the giants game, at&t park, first pitch at
11:20 pm
1:05 p.m. temperature around 61 degrees. a little cool, air over the game breezy 62. mix of sun and clouds at 4:00. cooling back off to 59 degrees. a bit warmer now in napa for the final day of bottle rock tomorrow. really going to be a nice afternoon in the north bay. a few clouds early on in the morning. they'll break for sunshine. and a light breeze by 2:00. and by 4:00 it's nothing but sunshine and a really comfortable temperature of 77 degrees. so enjoy. memorial day itself on monday, your 12-hour planner, a lot of clouds early on. you see the pattern kind of setting up in rotation over the next couple of days. the sunshine breaks out in the afternoon. we're finishing the holiday nicely. inland in the low 80s, around the bay the upper 60s, and along the coast in the upper 50s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the next seven days fog to sunshine, sunday and monday, but notice what happens on tuesday. it is much cooler out there, but that cool shot of air does not last long. as we head into the weekend saturday, we are warming up significantly.
11:21 pm
above average. and lots of sunshine. so enjoy. something for everybody out there the next seven days. >> all right. thank you very much, sir. well, the
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golden state warriors are hoping to get fans pumped up for the nba finals with a new song. ♪ 2017 ♪ we coming for that ring ♪ the nation on the scene ♪ definitely win that gold, make you believe ♪ >> this is the new dubs track, put your hands together from bay area hip-hop artist ron linen in wellsy, the self-proclaimed superfan. you can watch abc's coverage of game 1 in the nba finals thursday night at 5:30 only on abc 7. the cavs will be here at oracle arena. stop me if you've seen this nba finals match-up before.
11:25 pm
anthony flores in tonight for mike shumann. >> that's right. of course we're talking about the warriors. the cavs responded. draymond green saying he wants to annihilate them in the finals. and the giants were an offensive explosion
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plating runs has been anything but easy for the giants. they're last in the majors in scoring. and tonight they would hit the diamond without their biggest offensive weapon, buster posey. posey taking the night off. some dubs in the house taking in the action. bttom of the second, runner on for nick hundley, and he sends it up, up and away. his first home run of the year. and the giants take a 2-0 lead.
11:29 pm
now we move to the fourth. brandon belt at the dish. he goes on a power trip. that's a solo shot. his tenth of the season. the giants take a 3-0 lead. they were just getting started. later in the inning two on for pitcher tie block. rbi base hit up the middle. block's fourth major league hit. the giants beat the braves 6-3. the a's showing off that oak town pride in the bronx. those fans enjoying the game against the yankees. teamwork makes the dream work. top six check this out. starlin castro bobbled the ball right into the glove of aaron judge. oh, nice grab. rookie cotton called up from aaa to make the start. had a no-no in the sixth. then matt holliday with a two-run bomb. the yankees take a 3-1 lead. the a's would get one back. josh phegley leaves the yard to cut the lead to 3-2. the a's did not like home umpire will little's strike zone. jed lowry got tossed.
11:30 pm
arguing when the a's were trying to rally in the eighth a little later. so did manager bob melvin. the a's not happy. they would not be happy with the final outcome. they fall by the final of 3-2. before the season even started draymond green said he wanted to annihilate the cavs in the finals. now that both teams have officially punched their ticket to the championship it's becoming a big story. >> if cleveland comes out of the east, i want to destroy cleveland. no ifs, ands or buts about it. if and when we get to that point, i want to annihilate them. >> he said he wanted us. he has us starting next thursday. you know, he's a guy that brings it every single night. so that's how the finals went down last year. if i were in his shoes, i'd want the same thing. >> draymond's speaking out of emotion, excited. and he's a competitor. so when you beat a team, they definitely want you back. i like guys like that. >> you're getting pumped up. game 1 thursday night. every game of the nba finals can
11:31 pm
be seen right here on abc 7. join our fab four after the game, hosted by sports director larry beil. this abc 7 news sports report brought to you by river rock casino. more sports in 20 minutes. >> thank you very much. we are learning more about a secret communications channel involving the president's son-in-law and russia. what jared kushner reportedly wanted to talk about, and how the trump administration is defending the strategy. straight ahead. also a face-to-face encounter with a great white shark off
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, alameda county firefighters say an 18-year-old saved his younger brother from a fire at their hayward home. patelo finau jumped out a window and climbed up to the second floor to save his 13-year-old brother, who's on the autism spectrum. the boy was confused and too scared to jump out but patelo managed to pull him to safety. scary moments on opening day of the new city-owned wave water park in dublin. as a 10-year-old boy slid over the edge of a water slide and onto the concrete. he was not seriously hurt. the slide was shut down after the accident, and the manufacturer will inspect it to see if they need to adjust the water pressure or add a weight requirement. uber ceo travis kalanick is mourning the loss of his mother. bonnie died yesterday when her boat hit a rock and sank near fresno. kalanick's father survived the accident and is in serious condition. to developing news now out of washington, d.c. abc news has confirmed reports that president trump's son-in-law spoke with russia's ambassador about creating a
11:36 pm
secret line of communication with moscow. abc news reporter david wright has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: tonight abc news has confirmed president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, did try to establish a back channel with russian officials during the transition, according to sources. but sources insist kushner's effort was focused on the u.s. response to syria and other policy matters. an initial meeting took place in december at trump tower according to sources. kushner sat down with retired lieutenant general mike flynn and russian ambassador sergey kislyak. these new details may help to explain why kushner has come under scrutiny by fbi investigators who are looking into russian meddling in the election and possible collusion by trump associates. today the president's national security adviser pushed back on any suggestion that kushner's dialogue with the raugss was anything out of the ordinary. >> no. i mean, we have back channel
11:37 pm
communications with any number of -- with a number of countries. >> reporter: but that's not how the former cia director sees it. >> this is off the map, michael. i know of no other experience like this in our history. certainly within my life experience. >> reporter: mike flynn, who attended that initial meeting, was ultimately fired as national security adviser for his subsequent interactions with that same russian ambassador and his lying to white house officials about it. >> i asked for his resignation. he respectfully gave it. >> reporter: that was after the fbi exposed flynn lied to the vice president about what he and the russian ambassador discussed. it's important note that during his initial meetings with the russians kushner was a private citizen with no official role in government and no security clearance. >> i'd love to have jared helping us on deals with other nations and see if we can do peace in the middle east and other things. he's very talented. he's a very talented guy. >> that was abc's david wright
11:38 pm
reporting. president trump is back in washington tonight after a nine-day trip to the middle east and europe. mr. trump's first trip abroad as president took him to saudi arabia and israel, the vatican, belgium and italy. he said today the trip was "a home run." the president met with national leaders in all those places and attended gatherings of nato leaders and members of the g7 industrialized nations. leaders of the g7 were not able to reach an agreement on climate change during the two-day summit. president trump described the summit as tremendously productive, but he refused to recommit the u.s. to the paris accords. that accord is the world's first comprehensive deal aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. other six countries -- the other six countries, rather, did recommit. the president says he will make a final decision on the agreement next week. a man faces charges tonight after investigators say he began a sexual relationship with a girl in marin county he met online. the marin county sheriff's office posted these photos on
11:39 pm
facebook showing 38-year-old cameron fox of placer county being taken into custody. they say he met the teen on a dating website. she told him she was underage, but deputies say he still had the sexual relationship with her and she became afraid when he got more aggressive. she told her mother, who called the sheriff's office. witnesses captured a terrifying moment in the waters off monterey bay where a great white shark went on the attack. abc news reporter erriel reshef has the story. >> i'm filming it. >> reporter: tonight a diver surviving a face-to-face encounter with a great white shark. >> see that kayak? >> yeah. >> the person just got knocked off his kayak by a shark. >> reporter: the shark circling this kayak moments after knocking him into the frigid water 100 miles off the coast of monterey, california. watch as the shark chomps on the boat like a chew toy, then turns toward the swimmer. >> see the fin? it's swimming toward the guy now. >> reporter: onlookers capturing the encounter on camera. >> call somebody, karen. >> i'm calling.
11:40 pm
>> the shark was wider than the kayak. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: cat yaker, an experienced diver, waved to boats nearby, used a gps tracker, and called for help. >> oh, the sail boat's going over there now. they better hurry. >> reporter: a family in a sailboat seeing him in distress, keeping him calm until the coast guard arrived. >> just want to make yourself as small as possible and keep your eyes on that shark. >> reporter: this incident coming amid recent warnings that more sharks are lurking close to the california coast. authorities so concerned they've used helicopters and loudspeakers, alerting swimmers to danger. >> exit the water in a calm manner. >> the recent shark warnings have all been in southern california. as for the kayaker in the video, he was rescued, but he was so exhausted he couldn't even pull himself onto the rescue boat. ongoing runway construction is causing some flight issues this weekend at sfo. crews are repaving a runway at the airport. this is video tonight of the work. incoming flights were delayed
11:41 pm
today an average of an hour and 22 minutes. the runway shut down last night and is set to reopen monday at 8:00 a.m. next weekend is scheduled to be the final weekend closure. a quick reminder for b.a.r.t. passengers. oakland's lake merit station is closed through the holiday weekend for track maintenance. buses will run instead of trains from fruitvale to west oakland and from fruitvale to 19th street. b.a.r.t. says you can expect 20 to 40-minute delays. normal service will resume on tuesday morning. elvis's plane has a new owner tonight. ahead, the music legend's private jet sold at action, but no one was willing to pay a king's ransom for it. also, big shot. why nypd brass say they're not kidding when they say their officers have skilled. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. earlier this afternoon temperatures slightly below normal for this time of the year. the next couple of days a bit of a warm-up before we see cooler air arrive.
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new details tonight on the auction of a private jet once owned by elvis presley. it sold today for $430,000. the auctioneer was hoping for more than 2 million. elvis designed the interior of the 1962 lockheed jetstar but it had none of the four engines and the cockpit needs to be restored. the plane has been sitting on a runway in roswell, new mexico for the last 35 years. the buyer has not been identified. a new york city police officer got a few new fans after making a steph curry-worthy basketball shot from the sidewalk over a fence. take a look for yourself. >> bank. >> oh! >> nothing but net. >> tears erupted when officer garthlet james made the shot. the nypd says it happened while the 29-year-old officer was on duty in the bronx. james says he likes to get out and have fun in the community. he's been on the force for about five years. and apparently good from the
11:46 pm
three-point line. time for a check on the weather. >> eric, can you do that? >> oh, heck no. >> no. okay. me too. something in common. still have a breeze with us. active on the coast. that breeze is going to stick with us for the next 24 hours. live look from our rooftop cameras here at kgo studios looking at the embarcadero. ferry building right there nicely portrayed. and you you see the flags above the ferry building. they are waving ever so slightly. winds out there right now, you can see anywhere from, say, 16 to about 21 miles per hour from oakland to sfo. that breeze moving through the golden gate strait right now. it will stay with us overnight tonight. 50s in most spots. only exception the mild spot at 61. 54 san francisco and 53 in santa rosa. overnight tonight cloud cover along the coast that's going to be pushing inland with that cloud cover. you do notice we're going to
11:47 pm
hold in the 50s across much of the region. a couple of 40s in morgan hill and santa rosa. here we are. highs across the region and microclimate. a lost sunshine through the day tomorrow. san jose 75 degrees. 74 for gilroy. along the peninsula. 68 for san mateo. 60 tomorrow, 64 for half moon bay. downtown san francisco 62 under a mix of sun and clouds. mainly cloudy in daly city tomorrow. it will be breezy as well. 58 degrees. so cool. 76 for novato. about 76 sonoma. 77 napa. perfect for the final day of bottle rock. east bay. inland pretty comfortable and also warm. 80 in antioch 80 san ramon and 79 that number in concord. so the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you we'll have fog and sun do it all again on memorial day itself monday. much cooler but just one day on
11:48 pm
tuesday. then the numbers rebound. nice start to june on thursday with a warmer pattern for friday and into saturday of next weekend. >> you said it again. june. >> june. can you believe it? june 1st. >> it's so quick. thank you very much. shu's off today. anthony flores is here. >> we're talking warriors basketball. is klay thompson ready to regain his splash brothers form? and the quakes rock the pitch
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with nine days off before game 1 of the nba finals, everyone's talking about rest versus rust for the warriors. for klay thompson another word comes to mind. touch. as in regaining his golden touch. the other splash brother has been a little off his game during the warriors' perfect run through the western conference playoffs. he's shooting just 38% and has only scored more than 20 points in two of the 12 playoff games.
11:52 pm
but like every shooter knows, the only way to break out of a slump is to, well, what else? shoot the rock. >> i like shooting. just not as frequently as i want. but that means nothing now. that's in the past. it won't have mattered if i shot lights out on the day i finish the job out. now it's time to clean the slate. you can't be worried about a few bad shooting games or the percentages when you win 12-0. >> the warriors are going to need him to be able to shoot and shoot often. game 1 thursday night. the excitement is building. every game of the nba finals can be seen right here on after the game join larry beil, warriors ambassador adonal foyle and kerry kathy along with mike shumann. he will have post-game interviews from oracle. some people complain there's not enough scoring in soccer. there was plenty of that as the
11:53 pm
earthquakes played host to the l.a. galaxy. the announcers may need some lemon tea after this one. check out paco villa. >> [ speaking spanish ]. oooooooooaaal! gooooooaaaaaal! >> if you were counting at home, that was 32 seconds long of gooooal -- i can't even do it. it hurt my throat. chris wondolowski gives the quakes an early 1-0 lead. this not a heads-up play here. victor bernar dez trying to keep it away but heads it into his own net. the earthquakes would fall to
11:54 pm
the galaxy by the final of 4-2. i think he's still saying goooal. the 101st running of the indy 500 is tomorrow morning right here on abc 7. sausalito's j.r. hillenbrand hopes to finally take his first brickyard checkered flag. coca-cola 600 at charlotte motor speedway tomorrow. most of the same guys in the xfinity 300 today restart with three laps to go. ryan blaney in the number 12 started in last place. takes the lead from kevin harvick with three laps to go, and he hangs on for the checkered flag. harvick is winless in 36 career starts at charlotte. but he will be on the pole tomorrow in the 600. that is nascar's longest race. 600 miles. and i'll tell you what, there is nothing like being in victory lane in charlotte. i won a bus race there once. no lie. the pga tour hitting the links just outside of big d. third round of the dean & deluca invitational. how about sergio garcia? you love those pants, right? how about that shot right there?
11:55 pm
when you can do that on the golf course you can wear -- what color is that, lavender? stylish. co-leader coming into the day, kevin kisner, having some problems on the par 4 7th. his second shot goes into the hazard. but after a nice recovery, a chance to save bogey, uh-uh. just a little wide to the right. drops them into a tie for fourth at sixth overall -- or 6 under par. just one man in the catbird's seat webb simpson. he won the u.s. open in san francisco. he is on the 11th with the birdie of the day currently at 9 under par. one of the best track meets in america, the prefontaine classic in eugene, oregon. great finish in the women's 200 as olympic bronze medalist torrey bowie outkicked a stacked field including gold medal winner elaine thompson of jamaica as well as allyson felix. bowie's time of 21.77 is the best in the world. and how about the men's triple jump? christian taylor leaped 59 feet 5 inches, the longest triple
11:56 pm
jump ever on u.s. soil. and in the men's mile 16-year-old jacob ingebritson of norway became the first person to run a mile in 3:58.07. his two older brothers also ran subfour-minute miles. they are likely the first trio of family members to all break four minutes in the same day. that is very fast and very impressive. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> and back to sergio's outfit. i don't mind being stylish on the course, but i don't think we should distract planes flying over with those pants. i think lavender is one word -- >> he should wear the green jacket. >> not with those pants, though. anthony, thank you very much for joining us. drew, thank you for that fine forecast. and that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for drew tuma and anthony flores and mike shumann thank you so much for joining us. have a great night and even better morning. we'll see you later.
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