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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the forecast. lisa argen is tracking live doppler 7. >> good morning, chris. all the fog on live doppler 7, not much in the way of visibility issues. 6 to 7 miles where it is the least favorable. that's still pretty good along the coast in santa rosa and temperatures this morning a little warmer here from the north bay. the marine layer is intact. 52. san francisco. it's 56 oakland. mountain view 57 in san jose. on the coast, 54. this is a nice view atop vaul ner peak. the marine layer below. low to mid-50s to start. it's going to take time to burn off the low overcast. 50s and 60s by noontime. the clouds from half moon bay, mondayter a and pacifica. upper 50s from the shoreline to the up every 730s inland today. chris. >> lisa, thank you. we have breaking news out of san jose where police are investigating an officer involved shooting that has left one man dead. just after 12:30 this morning, officers were called to an
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apartment complex on east st. john street after getting a call about a disturbance involving a tenant. police made some sort of contact with the adult male suspect and officers shot him. he died this morning at a local hospital. the officer who shot the suspect will be placed on routine paid administrative leave. now to san francisco. more breaking news this morning where police are investigating a homicide in the mission district. the body was found on a mission street sidewalk between nay and maynard streets near a bar. the police have yet to release any details. we'll let you know as soon as we're able to get more information. 6:01 is our time. in the east bay this morning, a young man is being called a hero after rescuing his brother from their burning home. he ignored the heat, lots of smoke and intense flames to reach his autistic sibling. abc 7 news reporter lonnie rivera has details. >> he was crying and there was -- it was filled with smoke. i couldn't see inside at all.
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>> he describes frightening minutes when he realized his family's home was burning. his younger brother on the autism spectrum was trapped in a bet d bedroom and his uncle was calling his name. >> i tried to enter the kitchen. the heat was too strong and it caught my hair and beard on fire. >> 18-year-old patel owe rushed back into his room and put his hair out. then he jumped 9 feet from the second story window and climbed to his brother's window. >> i jumped on to the window and tried to open the window for my little brother. he's autistic. so he was too scared to exit out through the window. he closed the window on me. >> a neighbor then brought a ladder for him. >> he was yanking him as hard as i can. i broke the window and i flung it open. >> his brother was afraid, confused and he resisted. but patello managed to pull him out. >> he was coughing and throwing up as much, like, ash.
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>> the 13-year-old was treated for smoke inhalation at the hospital. alameda county fire crews say it started in a first floor living room. >> i think we'd have a different outcome had he not taken the action he took. >> i'm joining the navy and leaving next week to deploy. so we train and we do as much as we can. >> leaving his close-knit family will be tough. but he's ready. >> he's going into the navy. i know, we need him to come to the fire department. >> in alameda county, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. the grand opening of a new multimillion dollar water park in dublin did not go as planned yesterday after a boy flew off a slide and on to the concrete. our media partner the bay area newsgroup captured the terrifying scene on video. thankfully, the 10-year-old boy was not seriously hurt. here's leslie brinkley. >> watch the green slide. down he comes and flies up and over the edge on to the concrete. this accident involving a
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10-year-old boy happened at 12:15. immediately, the three-story slide called the emerald plunge was shut down as was the steep blue slide next to it. they both plummet at 80-degree angles. >> i was standing there. he seemed to be shook but okay. came right up and immediately went into the first aid room and was assessed by staff. his parents were here. >> shocking. you know, it's like the first day of the opening and i hope the kid is okay. >> reporter: this brand new $43 million city-owned water park and aquatic center in dublin stayed open the rest of the afternoon. hundreds enjoyed the four other slides and swimming pools here. most were unaware of the accident. >> i didn't know about it until you just told me. i guess maybe we'd think twice about it going down the big ones. but we'll probably still go for it. >> the first i was a little scared but then when i kept doing it, it was not that scary
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anymore. >> i would be worried about those two slides because they are really steep. >> dublin says the slides went through extensive testing and were just permitted on friday. the manufacturer was inspengting them. they will determine whether adding a weight requirement or adjusting the pressure of flow of the water. in dublin, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. rescue crews took to the water last night in antioch to search for a missing man. this is near the antioch bridge. you can see the helicopter above the search area. the coast guard says the man was on a boat at around 5:00 last night when he jumped into the water to retrieve a hat. so far there's no sign of that man. this morning the founder of uber is coping with a personal tragedy. travis kalanick's mother died in a boat accident. they were on pine flat lake friday evening when they struck a rock. another boater spotted debris and called 9-1-1.
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donald was airlifted to the hospital and remains in serious condition. the ceo has not commented publicly on his mother's passing. but uber released this statement yesterday. "travis and his family suffered an unspeakable tragedy. our thoughts and prayers are with travis and his family in this heartbreaking time." tributes are pouring in this morning for greg all man, a trailblazer of southern rock who lost a battle with cancer. he became a rock legend as a co-founder, organist and singer of the all man brothers band. his brucey vocals helped -- bluesy vocals helped pro tell them to stardom in the '70s. we take a look back. >> greg allman and older brother duane were the driving forces and the names behind the all man brothers who combined rock, blues and jazz to create a distinctive hard driving, high energy sound.
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inseparable as children growing up in tennessee and daytona beach, there fla, duane was the lead guitarist of the p band in 1969. gregg played keyboards and was the soulful lead singer as he talked about in the documentary southern rock. >> started playing and oh, man, it just knocked me oumt. i just matched some lyrics and i did my best to sing it my best. >> the band turned out hit after hit including midnight rider. ♪ >> after duane died in 1971 in a motorcycle crash. gregg kept the band together scoring a big hit with rambling man in 1973. ♪ >> gregg allman married cher in june of 71975 and moved to hollywood. it was a turbulent union as gregg descended into heavier and heavier alcohol and drug abuse. >> i went to 14 rehabs. but i didn't go to 15. >> they divorced in 1978.
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and he eventually kicked his drug habit. through ups and downs, gregg allman kept going, performing and churning out solo and allman brothers albums. he stopped touring because of health issues. ringo starr tweeted rest in peace, gregg all man. brad paisley, what a legacy gregg allman leaves behind. jam on in the great here after. gregg allman died at his home and he was 69 years old. eric thomas, abc 7 news. a message posted yesterday on gregg allman's facebook page read, "gregg considered being on the road playing music with his brothers and solo band for his beloved fans essential medicine for his soul. playing music lifted him up and kept him going during the toughest of times." british airways is working to restore services but delays and disruptions may continue
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into today. yesterday a major i.t. glitch grounded most b.a. flights in and out of two london airports affecting check-in and operational systems at heathrow and gatwick. some passengers had to wait for hours in long lines and didn't get a lot of information from british airways. the airline is trying to rebook or refund customers. >> this is a trip of a lifetime that we've been saving up for the last year and a half. we can only go this week. we're back to work next week. >> a delayed flight out of oakland left for gatwick yesterday evening. two flights in and out of san jose, as well as four flights in and out of san francisco were canceled. meteorologist lisa argen joins us with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> we're looking at concord this morning. and vantage point from 57 in san jose. it's going to take some time for the clouds to burn back. you know the routine.
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we'll talk temperatures and a warmer week ahead in a few minutes. lisa, thank you. also ahead, more than 50 years after he died in vietnam, a california family is finally getting closure this memorial day weekend. the incredible story behind search for a lieutenant commander. plus, we'll take you to awe new music festival aboard the u.s.s. hornet.
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after five decades of searching, the remains of a missing navy pilot will be buried today in southern california. lieutenant commander frederick crosby of san diego died in 1965 in vietnam after his plane was shot down by the enemy. the 31-year-old's body was never found. crosby's daughter debra, who was six at the time he died, helped lead the search. finally, last year with the help of the defense department and local villagers, his remains were found in a fish pond in vietnam along with his uniform, lighter and wedding band. >> it was a huge fish bond full of clay and mud. they emptied it. it's nice to be able to let out the tears and have relief in our hearts. >> he arrived friday in san diego. he will be laid to rest at the national cemetery. his headstone will read, "he is home." back here in the bay area, children took part in an event
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yesterday that's been a local memorial day weekend tradition for more than 50 years as the nation remembers our military members who died in service. boy and girl scouts placed american at each of the graves in san bruno. today is the second day of a rap concert on board a historic ship. abc 7 news was in alameda for the ship shore festival. last night's headliner was whiz da lea khalif a. >> ner asking those to obey the speed limit and keep their music down while driving to and from the concert. they're providing security and everything has been peaceful so far. a portion of the money raised will go to the museum. they won't be playing at napa's bottle rock music festival until later tonight, but the foo fighters are wowing their fans this weekend.
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>> the platinum selling rock band played a surprise show in front of a small audience friday night at the blue note club. they will close out bottle rock tonight. in indianapolis, it's a tradition like no other. the annual indy 500 festival parade. this is the 60th year for the festival featuring dance teams, exotic costumes, marching bands and plenty of kids watching from the sidelines. an estimated quarter of a million people were on hand for saturday's event. all this, of course, in preparation for this morning's 101st running of the indy 500 race. coverage of that race begins at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7. good sunday morning. waking up to low clouds and fog. visibility not much of an issue. live doppler showing the fog extends into santa rosa, through san jose and just about to concord. we're clear by the delta and mt.
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tam. you can see it's sunny up above here. 52 in the city. it's 54 at half moon bay. 56 oakland and mountain view. good morning san jose, it's going to stay rather gray for a little bit. east bay hills camera, the view of mt. diablo, looking at comfortable numbers, not too hot. a little cool at the coast later on today. 52 in santa rosa. 55 in novato. looking at 56 in napa. getting some is up here in santa cruz. numbers about 4 degrees cooler than yesterday. but a nice day. sunny skies. afternoon sea breeze. and looking at most of the clouds around for the bay area this morning, and then from half moon bay, the pacifica to montero, the cloud cover, some sun around stinson beach, perhaps partly cloudy point rays and mild to warm for memorial day. a lot of you perhaps may be trying to go to the beach over the weekend today or tomorrow. you notice that hour-by-hour
6:17 am
forecast, we're sunny by, oh, 9:00 in the east bay and by 10:00 you'll notice that it begins to peel away here. the low cloud deck. then by 2:00, 3:00, you'll notice you still have some sun. but you also have the clouds here the further south you go. keep that in mind. that's where we'll keep it cool in the 60s there. looking at pretty similar conditions with some patchy clouds for memorial day at the beach. upper 70s today for bottle rock. should be a nice afternoon. plenty of sun here. sunset 8:23. in the south bay today look for 75 in san jose. 71 in milpitas. sunnyvale at 72. just about 70 degrees from menlo park in palo alto. 67 for you in mill bray. in the city today, it's going to take some time. you'll get some sun. low 60s. it will be pretty cool and gray closer to the coast. in the north bay, 76. today in novato, 77 in napa with the east bay coming in, in the upper 60s. low 70s, though, if you get towards free memorial hospital.
6:18 am
heading inland, we've got some sun. maybe couple degrees warmer than yesterday. san ramon at 80. 79 in concord. that's about average this time of yeefrmt you download our accuweather app and you'll notice that we are looking at the trend to stay mild to warm through the inland valleys through the holiday tomorrow. 50s at the coast. 60s around the bay. we'll bring down the numbers, though, 5 to 10 degrees on tuesday. wednesday we recover a bit. a nice start to june where numbers come back up and we'll stay in the low to mid-80s inland. low to mid-70s beginning that first weekend of june. we have that to look forward to. >> a very nice forecast. lisa, thank you. getting pumped up for the nba finals. the warriors have a new anthem and we'll explain the creativeness behind the song. our bay area instagram feed to focus on people who have made a difference where you live. for memorial day, we recognize the military service of japanese
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americans in world war ii. you can learn more about their patriotism on instagram at abc 7 news bay area. ♪
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are you more and more confused with your bill every time you go out to eat. maybe you've seen a service charge. a health care surcharge or minimum wage surcharge. how much are you really supposed to tip? here's 7 on your side michael finney to clear up the
6:22 am
confusion. >> when san mateo upped the minimum wage from $10 to $12. restaurant owner brad goldberg chose not to absorb the cost or charge more on his menu. instead, he added a 3% surcharge to each and every bill. >> our competition, be it burlingame or belmont, san carlos, isn't facing that. so we don't want to inflate our prices. >> the bay air i can't remember starting widespread use of surcharges a few years back when san francisco required small businesses to pay for workers' health insurance. cindy is an author and etiquette expert at advanced she says customers may not truly understand the difference between surcharges and tips. >> one has nothing to do with the other. because the tips go to the server, whereas the surcharge goes to the restaurant. if anything, you are slighting that server by giving a lesser amount because you think it's been covered by the surcharge.
6:23 am
it's not. >> jennifer is the owner of zazi in san francisco. for a long time, the restaurant had a $1.25 surcharge to cover health insurance for employees. in 2015, she decided to eliminate that surcharge and become a no-tipping restaurant. >> i think tipping is out of control. we don't know the etiquette of it. we don't know when or where or how much we're supposed to tip people. it adds a lot of strain and stress to the service experience. our whole goal in a restaurant is to not stress out the client. >> she believes transparency in pricing works for the consumer, restaurant owner and employees. >> we raised our menu prices 25% for the most part. that covers a 12% per server revenue share and the back of the house gets a 12% revenue share. the remaining 1% i put towards health insurance.
6:24 am
>> she says guests have been enthusiastic about the change and say it seems like they're spending the same as before. it's just simpler. goldberg, on the other hand, is sticking with his surcharge. >> we want to continue to be able to provide a place that they like to come. and without it, it's going to affect our ability to stay afloat. >> the etiquette expert says the most common gratuity these days is around 18%. she said the word tips is an acronym. i posted a short video about that at abc 7 i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. a new york city police officer gained a few new fans after making an amazing basketball shot from the sidewalk over a fence. >> bank, bank. cheers erupted when officer
6:25 am
james made the shot. the nypd said that it happened while the 29-year-old officer was on duty in the bronx on friday. james says he likes to get out and have fun in the community. he's been on the force for about five years. the warriors and cavs meeting for the third straight year in the finals has surprisingly put a damper on ticket prices. ticket puts the average asking price for finals tickets at oracle just over $2,000. the cheapest ticket also called the get-in ticket is $476. here's a look at how much the price for finals tickets at oracle dropped in three years. ne of the reasons for the drop, according to analysts, was the lack of drama in this year's playoffs. both the warriors and cavs were heavy favorites to meet again. 6:25 is the time. the warriors are hoping to get fans pumped up for the nba finals with a new song. >> 2017 ♪ ♪ we're coming for that ring ♪ the nation on the scene ♪ definitely win that gold make you believe ♪ ♪
6:26 am
>> this is the new dubs track put your hands together from hip hop artist ron lennon and wells i. the self-proclaimed warriors super fans gained famed on youtube fame during the 2015 finals. you can watch coverage of game one of the nba finals thursday night at 5:30 only on abc 7. the cavs will be here at oracle arena. still to come on abc 7 mornings, we're learning more about a secret communications channel involving the president's son-in-law and russia. what jared kushner reportedly wanted to talk about and how the trump administration is defending the strategy. also, a face to face encounter with a great white shark off the monterrey coast. with his life on the line, the kayaker
6:27 am
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good morning east bay. this is abc 7 mornings. today is sunday, may 28th. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting with a quick look at the weather. lisa argen is tracking the conditions where you live. hi lisa. >> hi, chris. from our east bay hills camera, we have some fug around walnut creek. the sun is trying to come out. numbers are pretty much in the 50s. 54 at half moon bay. 56 in mountain view. san jose at 57 degrees. from our explorium camera,
6:30 am
certainly gray in the city. towards the later morning hours to clear this up. 54 concord and livermore to mt. testimony. 50s and 60s. looking at temperatures in the upper 60s by noontime. it will be cloudy along the shoreline for some of you. upper 70s inland by 4:00 in the afternoon. and we'll talk about a warmer look at the end of the week, which brings in a new month. chris? >> lisa, thank you. developing news out of washington. abc 7 news confirmed that president trump's son-in-law spoke with the russian ambassador about creating a secret line of communication with moscow. news reporter david wright has the latest from the white house. >> abc news confirmed that president trump's son-in-law jared kushner about try to establish a back channel with russian officials during the transition according to sources. but sources insist kushner's effort was focused on the u.s. response to syria and other policy matters. that initial meeting took place in december at trump tower
6:31 am
according to sources. kushner sat down with retired lieutenant general mike flynn and russian ambassador sergei -- the new details may help to explain why kushner is under scrutiny by investigators who are looking into russian meddling in the election and possible collusion by trump associates. the president's national security adviser pushed back on any suggestion that kushner's dialog with the russians was anything out of the ordinary. >> no. i mean, we have back channel communications with a number of countries. >> but that's not how the former cia director sees it. >> this is off, off the map, michael. i know no other experience like this in our history, certainly within my life experience. >> mike flynn who are attended that initial meeting was ultimately fired as national security adviser for his subsequent interactions with that same russian ambassador. and his lying to white house officials about it. >> i asked for his resignation.
6:32 am
he respectfully gave it. >> that was after the fbi exposed flynn lied to the vice president about what he and the russian ambassador discussed. it's important to note that during his initial meetings with the russians, kushner was a private citizen with no official role in government and no security clearance. >> i'd love to have jared helping us on deals with other nations and see if we can do peace in the middle east and other things. he's very talented. he's a very talented guy. >> david wright, abc news, washington. president trump is back in washington, d.c. this morning after a nine-day trip to the middle east and europe. mr. trump's first trip abroad as president took him to saudi arabia and israel. the vatican, belgium and italy. he says the trip was, "a home run." the president met with world leaders and attended gatherings of nato leaders and the g-7 industrialized nation. leaders of the g-7 were not able to reach an agreement on climate change during the two-day summit.
6:33 am
president trump described it as tremendously productive but he refused to recommit to the paris agreement. that accord is the world's first comprehensive deal aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emission. all other six countries did recommit. the president will make a decision on the agreement this week. one of the themes of president trump's foreign trip was stopping terrorism. that's also one of the main topics on this week. in the wake of the deadly attack in manchester where a memorial garden of flowers keeps growing, host martha raddatz will talk with homeland security secretary john kelley and assess the terror threat. here at home. you can watch this week with george stephanopoulos on abc 7 at 8:00. 6:33 is the time. a man faces charges after investigators say he began a sexual relationship with a girl in marin county who he met online. the sheriff's office posted these photos on facebook showing
6:34 am
33-year-old cameron fox being taken into custody. investigators say he met the teen on a dating website. she told him she was under age but deputies say he had a sexual relationship with her and she became afraid when he got more aggressive. she told her mother who then called the sheriff's office. witnesses captured a terrifying moment in the water of monterrey bay where a great white shark went on the attack. abc news reporter ariel rah chef has the story. >> filming it. the diver surviving a face to face encounter with a great white shark. >> see that kayak. >> yeah >> the shark circling this kayaker after knocking him into the frigid water 100 yards off the coast of monterrey. watch as the shark chomps on the boat like a chew toy. then turns towards the swimmer. >> see the fin. it's swimming towards the guy now. >> onlookers catching it on camera. >> call somebody, karen. >> the shark was wider than the
6:35 am
kayak. >> oh, my gosh. how do we tell him? >> an experienced diver waved to boats nearby, used a gps tracker and called for help. >> okay. the sailboat's going over there now. they better hurry. >> a family in a sailboat seeing him in distress. keeping him calm until the coast guard arrived. >> make yourself as small as possible and keep your eyes on that shark. >> this is dent amid recent warning that more sharks are lurking close to the california coast. authorities so concerned they've used helicopters and loud speakers alerting swimmers to danger. >> exit the water in a calm manner. >> ariel re chef, abc news, new york. recent shark warnings all in southern california. as for the kayaker in the video, when he was rescued, he was so exhausted that he couldn't pull himself on to the rescue boat. zooechblg 6:35 is the time. new this morning, the hayward police department practiced tongue in cheek with this picture posted on the
6:36 am
facebook page of the department. it shows 32 pounds of marijuana officers found in a car that caused a hit-and-run accident. the driver fled the scene. the picture's caption reads, if you are the driver that ran away, we have your marijuana and you can come to the station to claim it. our officers would love to talk to you about the accident you were involved in. p p good luck with that. ongoing runway construction is causing flight issues this weekend at sfo. crews are repaving a runway at the airport. this is video of the work last night. incoming flights are delayed today by an average of one hour and 40 minutes. the runway shut down friday night and is set to reopen tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. next weekend is scheduled to be the final weekend closure. a quick reminder for b.a.r.t. passengers. the lake merit station is closed for the holiday weekend for track maintenance. buses will run instead of trains to fruitvale to west oak leaned and fruitvale to 19th street. b.a.r.t. says to expect 20 to 40-minute delays. normal service will resume on tuesday morning.
6:37 am
still ahead on abc 7 news, it's not just about the art the warriors are giving us on the court. we'll have more on the special exhibit just for dubs fans. as we head to break, this is a live look outside. you can see the clouds and the sun is out. lisa argen will have your full accuw
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good morning everyone. a live from the golden gate bridge on this sunday morning. we're waking up to cloudy conditions in parts of the area. meteorologist lisa argen will join us in a bit with the full accuweather forecast. 6:40 is the time. a private jet once owned by elvis presley sold at auction yesterday for $430,000. the auctioneer was hoping for more than $2 million. elvis designed the interior of the lockheed jet star. but it has no engine an the cockpit needs to be restored. the plane has been sitting on a runway in new mexico for the last 35 years. the buyer has not been identified. fire up your barbecue and make your favorite hamburger. today is national hamburger day. the first known hamburger patty is said to have originated in hamburg, germany. eating it on the bun is an american tradition dating back to 1885. americans eat approximately 50 billion burgers a year and memorial day weekend is traditionally the start of grilling season.
6:41 am
li lisa, yesterday, my buddies had a barbecue and i had a burger for the first time in two months. it was fun. i've been doing this plant-based thing. we're looking at a typical start to your day in santa cruz where we have partial sunshine. low 50s here. made it to 70 yesterday. i think a few degrees cool ner the afternoon and locally we're going to have to wait some time before we see clearing. although, around concord, it's getting brighter. we'll talk about your sunday forecast, your memorial day and the beginning of june all in the week ahead. that's my accuweather seven-day forecast just moments away. lisa, thank you. the giants' bats finally wake up against the braves. anthony flores has more coming up in sp
6:42 am
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in sports this morning, the a's hope to take out of three. andrew triggs will start for oakland. the giants try to win their series against the braves. johnny cueto will try to get back on track despite battling two blisters. first pitch at 1:05 p.m. at at&t park. the giants snapped a four-game losing streak. here's anthony flores with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> plating runs has been anything but easy for the giants. their last in the majors in
6:45 am
scoring and last night they hit the diamond without their biggest offensive weapon, buster posey. posey getting a day of rest. some of the dubs in the house to watch the action. bottom of the second, runner on for nick hundley. one into the left center bleachers. first home run of the year and the giants take a 2-0 lead. now to the fourth inning, brandon belt at the dish. he sends it up, up and away. it's a solo home run. his tenth of the year. the giants lead it. 3-0. they're just getting started. p later in the inning, two on for the pitcher, base hit up the middle scoring hundley from third. block's fourth major league hit. his other hits were all off of clayton kershaw. top of the sixth now, block getting it done on the hill. gets the strikeout, his fifth of the game. the giants beat the braves by the final of 6-3. ace fans showing off oak town pride in the bronx taking on the yankees. teamwork makes the dream work. this play off sterling castro's glove right into the hands of
6:46 am
aaron judd. nice grab. rookie cotton called up from aaa to make the start. had a no-no into the sixth. but then a holiday celebration. matt holliday with a two-run bomb. and the yankees take the lead. the a's got one back. the lead was cut down to 3-2. the a's did not like the home plate umpire's strike zone. jed lowrie was tossed. argued when the a's were trying to rally in the 8th inning. so did manager bob melvin. the a's not happy. they fall to the yankees 3-2. before the season even started, draymond green wanted to annihilate the cavs in the finals now that both teams officially punched their tickets to the championship, it's becoming a big story. here's the original quote and the cavaliers response. >> if cleveland comes out of the east, i want to destroy cleveland. no ifs, ands or buts about it. if and when we get to the point, we want to annihilate them.
6:47 am
>> he has us starting next thursday. you know, he's a guy that brings it every sing will night. the finals went down last year, if i were in his shoes, i'd want the same thing. >> draymond speaking out of emotion, excited. he's a competitor. you beat a team, they definitely want you back. i like guys like that. >> i don't know about you. but i am ready and pumped up for game one thursday night. every single game of the nba finals will be seen here on abc 7. after the game, we'll follow each contest. join abc 7 sports director and larry beil and donald foil and nba scout kerry keating. mike shumann will have post game interviews. the 101st running of the indy 500 comes later this right here on abc 7. have a great sunday everyone. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good morning. a beautiful shot from the east
6:48 am
bay hills camera. you can see from above we've got the sunshine and in concord, we have sunny conditions. but walnut creek and dublin, you have the clouds. temperatures today, fairly similar to where you were yesterday. really what you should expect for this time of year. upper 70s in concord. then we see a slight dip on monday and tuesday. but then into the week ahead featuring warmer weather, it's june and we do have the sea breeze at the coast. it's going to be a little gustier throughout the day today, up to 30 miles an hour. so we are lookinghose breezy winds at the shoreline. live doppler 7 right now. you can see the fog footprint pulling from the delta, parts of our east bay. it's fully intact towards santa rosa and around san jose. fog in santa rosa. the golden gate bridge is gray. the winds at 10 miles an hour right now. 52 in the city. it's 54 in half moon bay. 56 mountain view and gilroy. 57 in san jose and at the
6:49 am
airport, the sun will be revealed later on this morning and we'll see comfortable temperatures on the peninsula today in and around 70 degrees. 56 in napa. we're looking at low 50s. fairfield and santa rosa. 54 with the sun in concord. from emeryville, you can see how gray it is. mostly cloudy for most of you this morning and the clouds lingering right around the san mateo coast. we'll see sunshine elsewhere and patchy clouds through memorial day at the shoreline. mild to warm for the holiday. here's a look at the beach temperatures with 60 around ocean beach, 64 half moon bay but notice the low cloud deck, upper 50s point reyes. santa cruz upper 60s. monterrey low 60s with sunshine. warmer in the north bay around napa with low 70s by 2:00. 77, sunny skies 4:00 in the afternoon. we're looking at slightly warmer numbers inland. little change here. low 70s from sunnyvale to
6:50 am
milpitas. los gatos at 71 today. in and around redwood city, upper 60s. 468 san mateo. you'll see cloudy squies from richmond, the sunset and partial clearing towards the city today. 62 in the north bay. mid-70 raze for you from novato. 84 up to cloverdale. 70 in newark. 65 in richmond. you head inland and we're looking at numbers just around 80 degrees in some of our inland valleys. feel warm and nice for the hol holiday weekend. looking at the giants game, temperatures will be cool. in fact the winds making it breezy. 60s to upper 50s. we have a string of sunny days after the low clouds and fog burn back. but the cooldown comes after memorial day. that's kind of nice with numbers dropping. back to work tuesday, wednesday, trying to recover. as we get towards the first day of june, it's going to feel more like summer around here with
6:51 am
that ebb and flow of the low clouds and fog. >> i like this forecast. not too bad. lisa, thank you. to celebrate the warriors facing the cavs for the third straight year, one of our talented artists drew an amazing likeness of steph curry in chalk here at abc 7. check out the time lapse video. you can see the entire video at abc 7 meanwhile, a new exhibit is becoming all the rage in downtown oakland. it features dubs' artwork from artists all around the world, including the bay area. here's abc 7 news reporter laura anthony with the story. >> it's a take not often seen. not on a conventional poster or print called dubs against the world. this exhibit includes the work of 27 artists from around the world. all on display at sole space which doubles as a shoe store and art gallery. >> perfect time and place. the playoffs are on.
6:52 am
we're in warriors ground downtown oakland, just five blocks from where they practice and two blocks from the arena. >> known for his dribbling prowess, here's steph curry has arms like an octopus. this of warriors star kevin durant is a tad on the dark side. >> slim reaper. i love that one. i think that one is probably my favorite. i look around and see the room of all the different poses. i love how they captured kerr. it's amazing. the guys who dreamt up this artwork have so much talent. >> while some of the artwork has sinister overtones, other pieces are more women's whimsical. like this one with his daughter. >> the one with riley, that's my favorite one. she's probably one of the most popular warriors and she's not on the payroll. >> the collection will occupy sole space until early june or
6:53 am
as long as the warriors season rolls into the summer. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. dub nation is showing its pride all over social media. we want to see your photos and videos. use the #dubs on 7 when you post them and we may show them on air or online at abc 7 6:53 is the time. coming up, a great day to get outside. where you can see a huge parade that's a san francisco tradition.
6:54 am
pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough,
6:55 am
actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
6:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $275 million powerball drawing. 5, 10, 28, 55, 67, the powerball number 9. nobody pickedall six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $302 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $41 million super lotto plus drawing. 7, 8, 15, 34, 45, the mega number 3. nobody picked all six in that drawing either. wednesday's jackpot goes up to $42 million. happening today, thousands of people are expected in the mission district to enjoy the san francisco tradition. the 39th annual carnivale parade starts at 9:30 this morning on harrison street. it's all part of the culture of latin america and the caribbean coming together on mission street. very tasty food, music, arts and crafts and dance for everyone to enjoy. this is happening on mission
6:57 am
street. organizers say that it's the largest multicultural festival on the west coast. 6:56 is the time. a final weather check with lisa argen. how will the weather be for those folks headed out there today? >> it will be cool and gray. warming up toward the afternoon. we have the parade today at carnivale. 64 half moon bay. gray skies. looking at upper 70s inland today. lisa, thank you. thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. for carolyn tyler, i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. we have a special lineup. "good morning america" is next at 7:00. that will be followed by coverage of the indianapolis 500. this week with george stephanopoulos is on at 3:00 this afternoon. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. as always, we appreciate your time. the news continues now online on twitter, facebook and instagram. as we say goodbye, a final look outside on this sunday morning. make it a great day, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. and this morning, back home. president trump wrapping up his trip overseas calling it a success. >> i think we hit a home run. >> but facing mounting challenges at home as son-in-law and top adviser jared kushner comes under fbi scrutiny over the russia investigation. and fired fbi director james comey waiting in the wings to give his side of the story. chaos at the terminal. british airways trying to bounce back from this. a day full of cancellations and frustrated passengers. >> none of the staff knows what's going on. >> endless lines and an ocean of suitcases. what caused it all and can they recover from this global disruption this morning? caught on camera. water


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