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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  May 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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very difficult to when individuals are armed with an axe to be able to use that. >> san jose police say an officer opened fire shooting and killing man holding an axe only after police tried a less lethal means of stopping him. hello, i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. this morning the shooting is the sixth so far involving san jose officers. live in san jose with the latest on this developing news, corn el, this suspect had a history of mental illness? >> yeah, eric, police not releasing the man's name. but we do know he suffered a long history of mental illness.
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the shooting at this apartment complex. no offices were injured but the chief says deadly force was truly last resort. >> i heard about four be they say, gunshots. i thought they were like fire crackers. >> residents heard gunshots after midnight. san jose police were called here by security guards who reported a disturbance from a third floor apartment. when they arrived -- >> officers observed flames and smoke coming from underneath the front door. >> this picture shows burn marks o the bottom of the door. officers forced their way in and were confronted by two men. one was subdued, the other man armed with an axe. >> a taser was deployed. however it had no effect on the suspect. >> the chief says the man dropped the axe but quickly rearmed himself with it. >> and it was not until he began it threaten the officers with the axe and began to advance on the officers that the officer was given no other choice than to discharge his firearm in defense of his life.
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>> the man died later at hospital. police say he was mentally ill. with a long wrap sheet of violence, weapons and drug charges. he had once been committed to a mental institution. >> this is our sixth shooting this year. when i tell that you all six have to do with mental illness, that's concerning to me. >> this man lives inside the affordable housing complex. he says his friend had problems. >> didn't mean no harm. just talking crazy. but a very gentle soul. >> the officer who fired the shots was a two-year veteran and had received crisis intervention training to diffuse conflicts wi with the mentally ill. cornel bernard, abc 7 news. >> man killed on a mission street sidewalk near the l.a. -- rather, the la officina bar. police made an arrest. a sheriff deputy was killed
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after a shooting ram path that authorities say stemmed from domestic violence. willie corey shouted while being taken no custody by authorities o which happened in three areas near jackson, mississippi. the deputy was killed while trying to stop a fight that broke out after the suspect's wife said she was taking their two children. speaking to a reporter after his arrest, he confessed to killings and said he never intended to be taken alive. >> suicide by cop was my intention. i didn't think i would live. not after what i had done. not in your eyes and not in nobody else's eyes. >> the fallen edeputy is 36-year-old william durr, married father of a young son. fleet week celebration turned deadly after navy s.e.a.l. was killed in a parachuting accident. he was a member of the leapfrogs parachute team. they were jumping as part after
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demonstration when his parachute didn't open properly. he landed on the new jersey side of the river. he died after being taken to the local hospital. his identity hasn't been released yet. >> a water slide accident of an east bay water park. a third slide was closed down at the wave after a 10-year-old boy from san francisco flew off one of the slides yesterday and on to the concrete. he was not seriously hurt. abc 7 news was in dublin just after cal osha inspected slides today. tomorrow the manufacturer will look at the water flow, mechanical and pump systems. the city says all three slides will remain closed until they can figure out what went wrong. >> obviously that's not what you have want to have happen on your first day. we want everyone who comes to this part to have a safe and fun experience and that's our primary goal. >> closure leaves three of six slides open for the memorial day weekend. man is missing after when jumped into the water near the
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antioch bridge to get his hat that fell into the water. for a second day, coast guard helicopter flew over the scene looking for any sign of the 53-year-old man. he jumped into the water at about 5:00 last night. other people on the boat with him pulled up anchor but they lost sight of him. crews searched for him until about 11:00 last night. press trump is considering overhauling his white house staff and bringing back top campaign strategists. he views his team as inability to deal with accusations that russia was involved in the election. abc news reporter david wright has the latest from washington. >> reporter: back at the white house, and back on twitter, president trump scores his first overseas trip as a success. today he blasted back at news reports on the russia investigation insisting many of the leaks coming out of the white house are fabricated lies made up by the fake news media.
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the president arrived home to a bit of a reality check. questions swirling about his son-in-law, jared kushner. >> mr. president, is -- [ inaudible ] >> the fbi wants to know why kushner, a tp adviser to the president, met with the russian ambassador back in december along with retired lieutenant general mike flynn. sources familiar with that meeting say kushner wanted to open a secret back channel on the u.s. response to syria and other policy matters. >> to have the president's son-in-law, key player within the trumt. organization, trying to establish back channel with the russians through a russian diplomatic facility, you have to ask, who are they hiding conversations from. >> contact from the russians were right after intelligence agency accused russia of interfering in the november election. sources say kushner is not target of the investigation. but agents hope he can provide some insights. >> i think jared has said that
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he's more than willing to answer any and all questions. he seems to me to be a very open person. again, i would let him speak for himself when the time is right. >> people close to the president are quietly saying is it too much and is it time for sarahed to take a step back and maybe even a leave of absence from the white house. >> top white house staffers are regrouping after the trip. some say the administration could be in for a shake-up. david wright, abc news, washington. >> a new indication today that a laptop ban could go into effect on all international flights to and from the u.s. homeland security secretary john kelly told fox news sunday he might expand the current ban that went into effect in march. it currently affects flights from ten cities, mostly middle east, and put into place because of concerns about terrorist attacks. all electronics, bigger than smart phone, must be checked in. quick acting firefighters stopped a car fire from spafrom
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spreading to an apartment building. cars parked outside the complex for crews kept the flames from reaching apartments nearby. people living there were evacuated this morning. a woman whose car was burned believes an electrical problem with one of the vehicles ignited the fire. another fire burned dangerously close to a home on griffin road in vallejo. flames were attached to a car this morning mp american canyon crews helped vallejo crews quickly put out the flames. no word yet on what started the fire. it's not what you would expect at a live music festival. thousands of people decide to skip one of the headlining acts and put on head phones instead. the story's coming up. and we will take you to a military tribute this memorial day weekend, featuring some of the most iconic aircraft from world war ii.
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>> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we have filtered sunshine upstairs. marine layer ready to come back overnight. what it means for monday on the full ak u weather forecast ahead.
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died. ken akerman died of natural causes. he is 95 years old. this is an interview of him by the radio society. ackerman is an inaugural member and co-founder of the broadcast laj ends o legends organization. he spent nearly 53 years in san francisco radio p. he worked at stanford featuring broadcast recording, live jazz performances in the 1950s and '60s. tonight the roots and foo fighters will take the stage at bottle rocket napa closing out this year's music festival. last night tom petty took the stage to perform for a sold-out performance. as petty was busy playing on the main stage about 5,000 other attendees took part in silent disco. they wore head phones and danced in silence together. on this memorial day weekend, rare opportunity for people to see old war birds and
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hear from the brave veterans who flew them. abc news was at the airport for the free it dom tour. the only flying world war ii bomber used in the pacific and western europe. the bomber will be on display in livermore through tuesday. >> it is a day i think everyone should remember that this country was great because of great people. >> organized by nonprofit callings foundation which flies the b-24 and others to airport nationwide. >> check out a celebration that get to the heart of the city. >> up next, a yearly festival that many of the bay area consider a must-attend. we will check out this year's carnival parade. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. winds are picking up this afternoon and shortly those winds are going to bring in cooler t
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>> abc 7 news in the mission district. watching the 3 t9th annual carnival parade. carnival celebrates traditions throughout latin-america and typically attracts 400,000 people every year. this year's theme celebrated the heart of san francisco. steph curry is often seen here at abc 7, not in person, but as warriors gear up for game one of the finals, we get to enjoy this impressive chalk drawing of steph curry by abc 7 news artist, laura. can you check out the entire time lapse video on abc 7 news face back page. looks darn good. can you watch abc 7 coverage wednesday night at 5:30. cleveland cavaliers will be here at oracle arena. >> now your forecast withdrew tomba. >> accuweather, clouds earlier
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today really stubborn break down. they pulled back to the coast for sunshine across the majority of the region but it is having an impagt on temperatures right now. live doppler 7 along satellite, what we are showing you on the screen, you see the gray shading along the coast. that's our marine layer. it will make its traditional trek inland once again overnight tonight. a live look from our east bay hills camera showing you from this vintage point, little bit of filtered sunshine there right now. clouds waiting along the coast move to the east in the next couple of hours. taking you to santa cruz cam, folks are soaking in the sun on the sand. a gorgeous beach day in santa cruz. noti notice, though, i don't think many people are in the water. five at most. the water temperature is a chilly 58 widegrees. you see from the bay bridge and areas south, most locations are a few degrees cooler than this time yesterday. the reason why, the fog was really slow to burn off.
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temperatures have been very slow to warm in some spots where that nothing lingered the longest. winds picking up as well right now, luck at gusts. sfo at 30 miles per hour. 20 in oakland. 18 in fairfield. breeze is with us tonight and once again picking up tomorrow afternoon. wide range in temperatures where we have the cloud cover half moon bay 56 degrees. sunshine in brentwood. bumping it up to 84. cool 64 in oakland. 68 in san jose. right now in bottle rocket napa, folks enjoying a comfortable temperature of 71 degrees for final day of the concert series. so here eat call. overnight tonight, a very traditional late spring night here. clouds build in and moving across the board from the coast and into the bay inland. that keeps temperatures in most spots in the 50s as you go about the morning tomorrow morning. future weather as we go hour by hour. watch as we see clouds by 9:30. making their trek around the bay and moving inland after midnight. tomorrow morning, once again, very similar sky waking up to.
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like you did today with temperatures in 50s. cloudy skies by noon midday. we see a lot of the cloud cover burning off. only exception, once again, right along the coast. here is your day planner for your memorial day itself on monday. we have the morning clouds early on. then clouds will be thinning for sunnier skies by 4:00 and temperatures very similar where they are right now. highs under monday, and south bay 73. san jose, about 71 cupertino. along the peninsula, a lot of 60s, 50s along the immediate coastline. afternoon sunshine. 58 with cloud cover in daily city. to the north bay, very comfortable, 75 sonoma. same in oakland and whand inland 70s an 80s name of the game. accuweather forecast we will show you tomorrow memorial day, clouds to sun. tuesday and wednesday, an energy towards the north bring us more
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in the way of cloud cover. cooler temperatures below average. we rebound really quickly. all indications by next weekend, sunny and nice and temperatures warming up above average for this time year. >> thank you, drew. don't know if you met our new sports guy. what's your name again? >> they call me chu. >> we see him on tv a lot. >> figured i had to come back one more time. >> indy 500 just that today, one of the most terrifying wrecks in the 101-year history in the event and the driver walked way. we will hear from him and the winner next in sports.
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greatest spectacle in sports had its usual dust-ups. amazing finish in the 101st running of the indy 500 at the brick ward. jay howard forced into the wall by ryan hunter rter champion at 256 miles an hour. car goes airborne. hits the safety wall cockpit first. two more feet and his head is crushed. terrifying wreck. look at this. unreal how these guys survival these speeds. hard to watch and more amazing is dixon walked away with barely a scratch. >> just a little beaten up there, you know. definitely a bit of a rough ride. you just hold on and you know, believe in the safety progress that we've had over the last many years. >> seven laps to go.
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winn winner heelo castro nefs, and gets by castroneves, first ever japanese driver to win the race. and of course traditional drinking of the milk. and one happy champion. >> and we come to the side by side with laps to go, that's the moment, you got go for it. and we did it and we pulled away and fantastic. >> unreal. >> warriors took a day off today to get family time and avoid the media onslaught for 24 hours. but cavaliers hard at work. this is the best cleveland roster past three finals as lebron has so many more weapons at his disposal. but defending nba champions have to deal with the best roster in the past three years. with the edition of kevin durant. and believe me, lebron is well aware. >> one of the most dangerous guys we have in the world already. it makes it even more dangerous
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when you equip that talent, that skill with those guys. starts with the talent first but also comes in with the movement and those guys have a mot motor they have a lot of those guys. >> can you see the nba finals here and only here on abc 7. after the game, we will follow each contest with our usual cast of characters. >> to baseball, at&t park with the rubber game of the three-game set. johnny cueto on the hill. gill beg gillagan and friends in the cove. knuckle baller, throw home will bounce away, so nunez is safe. 6-0, after two. more than enough for johnny cueto. no blister problems today through six innings. eight strikeouts. giants 7-0 hosting nationals on memorial day afternoon tomorrow. members of the military on hand for a's and yankees. bottom first.
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andrew trigs. on the hill. matt holiday hit the game-winner yesterday. sinking liner to center. mark with the diving catch. and a's committing two more errors and continue to lead manlors with 49. bottom three, cracking first ever grand slam. ties for major league lead with 16 home runs. chris davis hit his 15th and a's lose 9-5. drop in the sevreceive 7 and 17 the road. that crash for indy, might be time to lower speeds back to under a hundred miles an hour. amazing he walked away without a scratch. >> they were 220. >> 230 top speeds. >> good to watch you. glad to have you back p. >> up next, feathered friends. offi
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, new questions about uc spending after the bookstore opened on the regence lavish parties. and the new creepy crawly exhibit at the zoo is sure to give some people the willies. why the exhibit could be a cure for fear. think eating legs. ducks in sunnyvale got a helping hand today. sunnyvale department of public safe safety tweeted these pictures of a rescue of ducklings rescued from a storm drain. momma duck watching to make sure her babies are safe. thanks for your time. thanks for inviting us into your
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homes. see you back here at 6:00. tonight, breaking news. the skydiving disaster involving a navy s.e.a.l. the memorial day weekend stunt gone wrong. the s.e.a.l. forced to ditch that parachute, then slamming into the hudson river. plus, the white house family crisis. president trump's son-in-law jared kushner accused of wanting to set up a back channel to speak with russian officials. this, as the investigation into the trump campaign and possible russian collusion heats up. are people close to the president now suggesting kushner take a leave of absence? water park emergency. this 10-year-old somehow surviving after flying right off this steep water slide. holiday storm threat. deadly flooding in the heartland. the severe weather pushing eastward. and, crash landing. the collision at the indy 500.


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