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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> announcer: now from abc7 news, live breaking news. >> we are following breaking news in vacaville this morning. police are on the scene of a deadly officer-involved shooting. >> it happened at orange drive and nut tree road, and amy hollyfield is there for us this morning. amy. >> reporter: hi, jessica. look behind me and you can see officers are still here gathering evidence. they tell me the officers involved had on body cameras and dashboard cameras so they are hoping it will show them what
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happened. here's what they know so far. the shooting happened in front of the outlet mall in vacaville. the suspect was killed. it started at 12:30 this morning. officers were following a car and ran the plates and discovered the car was stolen. >> they attempted to make a car stop on that stolen vehicle, and a pursuit began. the suspect took the i-80 off-ramp at leisure town road and the officers performed a pit maneuver and shortly after that pit maneuver they indicated that shots were fired. >> reporter: that pit maneuver you heard him mention, that's when the officers use the front of their car to tap the bumper of the car they are chasing causing it to spin out, and they are working to identify who was killed and one officer was hurt and taken to the hospital, and not shot and not sure what happened to him but he is expected to be okay, and
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officers will be here investigating for several more hours. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. the highway patrol on the scene of a deadly cash on east bay 580 near first street. one person was killed and two other people were taken to the hospital. we understand they suffered minor injuries. the tow trucks have left, and this is still tape, i believe. at any case, the tow trucks have left and they d have the last two lanes apparently which are about to be open, and matt keller is there getting new information and we will have a live report coming up in the next half hour. >> earlier there were several lanes closed as those are re-opened, and we take a closer look, the backup seemed to go away, and earlier it was all red and now you see the yellow after the crash, and this is on east bay 580. we also want to take a live look
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at the san mateo bridge. a little foggy and hazy out there as we take a look, but not too many cars on the roads and that seems to be the case all around the bay area this morning, and seems light out there for traffic. let's check our weather now. >> welcome to monday. we will start with live doppler 7, and there may be a spot of drizzle here and there, but i wanted to show you the visibility and though tuesday that we don't have any real fog out there. i was supposed to be looking at walnut creek but that's the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. cloudy and 50 to 56 at 7:00 a.m. and 56 to 67 and then a spread at 4:00, 58 at the coast and mid-60s around the bay to lower 70s inland and then by 7:00 partly cloudy and 54 to 63. reggie? >> thanks, mike. san jose police are crediting a man of saving his wife from an attack. police tell our media partner,
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the "mercury news," the two senio seniors were coming around the corner and a woman hit them with a stick and ran off. the husband chased the woman and held her until police got there. breaking news out of sonoma right now. i want to show you intense video of a house fire there that just came in. this is near chestnut and hillcrest avenue. you see the flames shooting from the two story home. officials say it appears the home is a total loss. as many as six people lived there. they are all now looking for another place to stay this morning, and we are told the red cross is helping them out right now. several vehicles were also burned. police call a man accused of assaulting a coliseum b.a.r.t. station oakland, and this happened on saturday morning and she says she had waiting for a
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friend in the parking lot when this man approached her and he assaulted her after she him. and then a man arrested of punching a b.a.r.t. train operator at the pittsburgh bay point station and the suspect is now charged with battery and is banned from riding b.a.r.t. happening today engineers and safety experts will be in dublin to figure out how this boy slid out of a water slide and on to the kcement, and this was day one of operation at the 31,000 square foot park, and leslie brinkley tells us, it's not the only ride that is now closed. >> reporter: osha inspected all of the six slides on friday and issued permits, and the very next day, 90 minutes after the grand opening on saturday this
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happened a. happened, a 10-year-old boy plunged off of the slide and after the accident the green slide and the blue slide next to it both with steep 80-degree drops were shut down. now a third slide has been closed. >> totally unrelated. simply put we need to continue to monitor the flow pressure and the device that does that was malfunctioning. >> three out of six slides are roped off for now. and cal inspectors are looking at the water park. the injured boy appeared to be following the instructions give on all the slides. >> they ask you to cross your arms and legs and you just go >> reporter: 1,000 people showed up on saturday, and another thousand enjoyed the new water park on sunday. some looked cautiously at the slide where the accident happened. >> it's very narrow. >> i would just go for it, and,
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like, follow their instructions so i won't get hurt. >> this week will mark 20 years since the tragic accident at the privately owned water world park in oakland, and the slide collapsed killing an 18-year-old and other high school students that tried to crowd on to it. and they are waiting for the word of why the boy flew off the slide and what they can do to make sure it doesn't happen again. it's 5:07. the coast guard called off a search for a man that jumped into the water off the antioch bridge to retrieve a hat. a helicopter searched for the missing 53-year-old, and friends onboard the vessel tried helping the man out of the water but lost sight of him. and then repairing the gardens at late merit.
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last week vandals knocked over and ripped out plants and damaged the sprinkler system and in total coaused more than $50,000 in damage. if you would like to help the volunteer event is next saturday starting at 10:30 in the morning. the fu fighters shoved down an unexpected note. this is video of the band's surprise performance on friday. the fu fighters at bottle rock ended abruptly when pulled the plug. the band was only midway through its set, and they kept playing with the help of a sold out crowd that sang along and helped to finish the song. they are not joking around in
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napa. and then hosting a memorial day service to honor our american heroes. the event is from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m., and includes a military tribute with the armour guard. skylawn memorial park is the final resting place for thousands of veterans. for more information go to there are cool conditions and temperatures in the 60s until we get into the afternoon hours, and then we will be in the upper 60s so we will start in the mid-60s and end in the upper 60s during that event. in san rafael it's quiet as we look south on 101. weed, grass, mold, all low so if you have alglergies this is goo news for you. east bay valleys, san ramon in the low to mid-50s. same thing as you head out to livermore. mid to upper 50s out to highway
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4. 51 in san francisco to 56 in san jose. that's your spread across the bay shore. up in the north bay, 54, and napa, 49 right now. a look at walnut creek look south 680 towards 24 you can see the cloud deck and the marine layer covering us, 62 to 75 today. below average tomorrow, maybe only in the upper 50s in san francisco tomorrow. wednesday, maybe a little bit of a jump, a couple degrees, but just getting back to where we are today. here's a look around the state. if you are traveling to monterey, watch out for isolated thunderstorms for tahoe, and also for yosmite, 73 and 84 there. cooler than average in l.a. hot in palm springs at about 106. we will look at our microclimates coming up next. we are taking a look at the taffic now, and you can see it's clear as you make your way from tracy to 580, and let's
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take a live look at the san rafael camera, 101, and it's clear because people are staying home and watching hopefully from their beds and enjoying their day off. >> yes. a new report says uc regents are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on party all while intuition for students increases. the handshake seen around the world and how the french president said that aggressive move was on purpose. move was on purpose. if you
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welcome back. new this morning video of an orangutan climbing out of her inclosure in australia and did it to save her son, her son fell into equipment into a garden bed, and she climbed up and out of her enclosure and grabbed him and returned back on her own. they say everybody including mom and son are okay and all of those standing by and watching the whole thing unfold. >> yeah, here's my tip to all of us. if you see that happen, run. don't stand there and watch it. this is the handshake that made headlines during president trump's first international trip, and now the french president said the handshake was meant to send a message. they had an interesting handshake before the meeting and
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macron tells the french newspaper that he would not concede everything and he said he can have a cordial relationship with the u.s. leader. and flights in and out of london should be back to normal. a grounded plane in and out of heathrow affected the airlines call centers. there were thousands of delays and cancelations. service was partially restored over the weekend and the airline is urging passengers to check their status before heading to the airport and expect remaining delays. and delays and cancelations caused tense moments between caused tense moments between passengers and british a passenger did not have money to pay for an extra night of a hotel. >> i don't have extra money to pay hotel pz that.
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>> we don't have a way -- if you want it, british a do nothing at the moment. i call the police. >> oh, that escalated. >> the passenger's name, stacy irish, she ended up taking a train to rome and flying out of there, and she posted this video of twitter and other disgruntled passengers commented on their customer experience because it did escalate quite quickly. >> it went from zero to 10. interesting. and then a family went for a hike in the east bay ended up leaving in a helicopter. they got lost east of danville yesterday morning. after wandering around for a few hours dad called 911, and a helicopter took two hours to track them down and had to make two trips to get everybody, including the family dog, to safety.
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an investigation is look into what went wrong of a parachute that killed a the identity of the s.e.a.l. has not been released. >> i ask for all of your prayers, we lost a true patriot today. >> to hear somebody died like that and seeing it happen, it's a little disturbing. >> yeah, i would think so. the leap frogs are part of many fleet week events nationwide, including san francisco's. a kayaker managed to escape this terrifying encounter with a great white about 100 yards offshore. that happened back in march but the video just being released. the kayaker happens to be a
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diver and credits his diving instincts for surviving, and more sharks are swimming closer to the beaches. and then taking place "uss horton." the hornet currently serves as a floating military sea and aviation museum and its career as an active naval vessel continued through world war ii and continued through vietnam and played a role through the space program. and then saying thank you to all the veterans, past and present. it's happening at veterans memorial flag plaza at milpitas city hall. it starts at 9:00 this morning, and we have a list of other local memorial day events on our website, of course a lot of folks enjoying the day off and having barbecues. >> yeah, and it's not going to be terrible, but you are going
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to need something you don't always need, a hoodie. >> yeah, and we are above the 1,800 foot marine layer, and some of the clouds are sticking around, too. the east bay valleys and the south bay when you get rid of the low clouds you will have the high clouds filtering the sunshine. clouds, patchy drizzle the next couple of nights, and it will feel like summer but we will have to wait for the coming weekend. winds will calm down a little bit, and still gusting to about 32 degrees and 32 miles per hour, excuse me, in fairfield, so we still have the south breeze that will keep us 69 to 71 for most of the south bay. and 69 today if you are headed to santa cruz.
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63 in millbrae for the festivities in san mateo today, only 68 for a high. look at the temperatures stu with theup 5 upper 50s along th coast. and 70 in petaluma and vallejo, and the warm spot, 76 in calistoga. and 64 in richmond. we have got 66 in hayward, and san leandro, and laurinda. 75, and the cool spot, san ramon. a few 80s in antioch and brentwood. and the temperatures in the low to mid-50s in the east bay hills. even cooler tuesday and wednesday, about the same as today, thursday, and a little bit warmer friday and you can see 60s at the coast and mid-70s to mid-80s around the bay inland for the weekend. a big update for folks who have to travel through middle
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more. this is east bay 580. earlier we had a huge crash and it was our biggest problem spot of the morning in the bay area, and it has been cleared and the signal alert has been lifted, a that's in the 580 direction. we want to take a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge, and it's the toll plaza there and it's all clear, only a few cars going through there and that's the case throughout the morning. roads are pretty light out there, reggie. in today's "gma" first look, the fbi look into the mysterious disappearance of a woman at sea. >> she has been missing since her husband said they got into a boating accident near the bahamas. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma" first look, the fbi investigating the mysterious disappearance of a florida mother, isabella, who vanished while on a sailing trip with her husband, the newlyweds setting off from cuba on the evening of may 14th, and early in the
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morning the coast guard getting a distress boat. >> it began taking on water. >> three hours later rescuers scu discovered bennett in a life raft, and no sign of his wife. the coast guard scouring 7,000 miles of the ocean and calling off the search after three days. we will have the latest on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m., with your "gma" first look, abc news, new york. the university of california students are shelling out more for tuition while their regents are hosting hrlavish they have spent more than $225,000 on dinner parties over the last five years. the money comes from donations to the uc system. one of the events was held earlier this month at san
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francisco's swanky palace hotel to honor the chair of the regents before she stepped down, and the $15,000 party was held for just 59 people. in january, regents approved a tuition increase the day after holding another $17,000 retirement party. next the seven things you need to know to start your day. need to know to start your day. a veteran going on an
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wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better nor feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible. 5:25, and the seven things you need to know today. vacaville police shot and killed a man during a chase. the police tried to stop a stolen car and one officer is being treated for a threatening injury. investigators say a man was killed after his car stalled in the middle of the freeway and
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was hit by two other vehicles and all lanes are now open. >> right now all lanes are back hope. here's a live look at richmond san rafael -- no, this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, and no metering lights on because nobody is driving it. >> there were more people out there than when i came into work. i have a feeling they were driving home. and half moon bay, 59. san francisco, 62. napa, 76. we may make it to 80 in antioch and brentwood. number five, investigators will try to figure out how to happened at the wave water park in dublin after a boy flew off the track of the water slide on saturday. investigators plan to check out the water flow as well as mechanical and pump systems. and then arlington in virginia, the final resting place, of course, for more than 400,000 service members, and
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president trump will lead the national event starting at 8:00 our time. an amazing auroroear astraeulious. the time lapse was on a facebook page, and the woman that shot it said she was the most intense lights. >> almost looks fake. coming back, the warriors are not taking the day off as they prepare for game one of the finals. flames race up a hillside, flames race up a hillside, and we will tell you w
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>> announcer: good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning on this monday, may 29th.
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it's almost 5:30 in the morning and it's a holiday for a lot of you, so hope you enjoy that. >> and natasha and alexis are off. i guess we drew the short stick. >> maybe you drew the short stick, too. >> maybe natasha and alexis drew the short stick because they are not with us. >> that's true. we will look at it that way. >> glass half full today except when it comes to wanting weather as far as heat goes this summer. let's talk about your memorial day. there may be a little drizzle here and there but no widespread rain. pier 15, we are running right now in the low to mid-50s with cloudy conditions through sev7:. we will stay in the 50s at the coast, and 66 to 67 for inland. and the bay will be 69. inland will be 75 and then everybody in the 50s and 60s by 7:00. so have a coat handy.
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you will need it if you are out past 7:00. let's get to more traffic, guys. >> there was a disabled motorcycle there on east bay 80 to treasure island, they do have the metering lights turned off because of the holiday. here's a live look at the emeryville camera, and the drive through 80 pretty clear this morning. if you have to go to work you won't be waiting a long time. breaking news in the east bay, a bad crash on i-580 and livermore that claimed at least one life. >> matt keller is covering this for us and is live near first street. what is the update? >> reporter: since i last saw you the chp and tow trucks cleared the scene out here on cleared the scene out here on east bay lanes blocked, and it happened
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just before 2:30 this morning, a hyundai accent crashed into the wall on the side of 580 and was disabled in the middle lane, when another vehicle a toyota corolla crashed into it. >> the accident suffered so much damage, it was spread throughout several lanes and part of the rear portion of the car was separated from the front portion and was being held together by a seat belt and part of the car started to burn, debris that went into the center divider. >> drivers of the corolla tried to get the driver of the accent out of the car, but that driver, a man described at 25 to 30 years old died at the scene. the driver of the corolla is fine, and the driver of the kwraurice was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. happening today thousands expected to honor our country's bravest in san francisco.
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you are looking at video from last year's event. they will honor the 1 million americans killed while serving in our armed forces. events include a cemetery tour, and wreath laying ceremony and 21-gun saw absolute a flyover and marching band and barbecue picnic. we have a list of other memorial day events on our website, and then the heart of the national observance on memorial day, a live picture here where things seem to be getting going and president trump will be laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at 8:00, and that will be followed by his first memorial day address. and a manchester bombing, british police detained a 16th person in connection with a deadly concert attack. police arrested a 23-year-old man this morning and they also raided two more homes. 14 of the 16 arrested remain in custody, many of them teenagers. british officials are still looking for more members of
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attacke er aer abaty's network. north korea fired another short-range ballistic missile. the north released photos of what it says is its leader kim jong-un supervising the launch of what appeared to be a scud muddle. it landed in the sea of japan after a six-minute flight. it's part of a program to develop nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the u.s. changes can come to your next trip overseas. a top u.s. security official suggested a possible laptop ban on all international flights in and out of the u.s. >> there are numerous threats against aviation and that's really the thing they are obsessed with, the terrorists, the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight particularly if it's a u.s. carrier particularly full of u.s. folks,
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people, and it's real. >> for some it would be more than an inconvenience. travelers tell us a laptop ban would be a reason not to travel to and from the u.s., and the government imposed restrictions on march on all electronic devices than a phone from ten airports including and then the penalty phase of torres. her body has never been found. torres faces either the death penalty or life in without parole. dozens of workers face the task of finding new jobs following friday's shutdown of a shipyard that operated along san francisco's waterfront for 150 years.
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"the chronicle" reports they are trying to find a new operator, the facilities closed to a legal dispute between the two companies that operated the shipyard and there have been plans in the past to site for housing and other uses. abc7 news was in oakland where a fire damaged -- this is not it. crews kept the tphraeupz from reaching neighboring partners. a woman whose car was burned believed an electrical problem with one of the vehicles ignited that fire. and another fire burned dangerously close to a home on griffin road in vallejo. flames reduced a detached carport to ashes. american canyon crews helped the firefighters to put out the flames. firefighters in southern california watching for flare
5:37 am
ups this morning from a grass fire that forced evacuations there. this is a 55-acre fire that broke out on a hillside in brentwood yesterday afternoon, and five homes were evacuated for a few hours. the officials think the fire was started accidentally by a contractor clearing weeds. and then the warriors will begin practicing for the >> they have been working out since the swept the spurs in the finals, and now they are facing the cavs for the third year in a row, and cleveland, as i am sure you remember, took it last year. needless to say, both teams know each other well. >> we understand the challenges they present and the history that we have, and it's going to be fun. >> this will be talked about long after us, you know, so just to be part of this is amazing. >> the warriors do hold
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koecourt advantage because they lead the best regular season record. >> game one is thursday at oracle and coverage starts at 5:30, and game two also in oakland sunday june 4th at 4:30, and then game three in cleveland and game four in cleveland, june 9th at 5:30. don't miss a game. the start times are hard for us, aren't they? good morning, everybody. it's not quite red, white and blue but gorgeous nonetheless, and look at the sunrise developing from mount tamalpais. make sure you take sun screen if you are at pool today, even though it's cloudy. if you are going to be on the bay, look at that, have and all the areas in yellow, it
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starts at noon the sm advisory. and san leandro to oakland, 55. fremont and union city at 54. 53 in many places. alameda, berkeley, richmond, and as you head towards castro valley and pleasanton. pacifica at 50. san francisco, 51. if you are going to be in san jose, 55 at 6:00. by noon, only 68 degrees. low 70s during the hottest part of the day in the afternoon, and back down to 69 by 6:00. we will look at the rest of our neighborhoods. we may get into the 70s, we will, in the inland neighborhoods, mid to upper 60s around the bay, and upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. minimal change for tomorrow, and again, wednesday, staying mainly steady, below average, but i do have warmth and it hits this weekend and that's coming up next in the accuweather 7-day forecast. let's take a look at the south bay, shall we. we are all in the green right now. you are at top speeds in the
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area, and we also want to take a live look at the 101 through san jose, and look at that, it is pretty wide open, only a few cars out there. >> you can count the number of cars right now. a state lawmaker scrambles to regulate marijuana. the governor wants one big change. change. can you
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>> announcer: now a live desk update from "abc7 mornings." >> i want to develop you on news that we are following out of santa rosa this morning. authorities are offering a $2,500 we ward for information leading to an arrest in a double shooting. it happened last night just before 10:00 and two people were walking on a bike path near martin luther king park. a group approached them and somebody opened fire, and police found the victim seriously injured several blocks from each other. right now police think the shooting is gang related, and that the victims were specifically targeted. reggie. the fbi is trying to determine this morning if a self proclaimed white supremacist will face hate crime charges for a deadly stabbing in portland, oregon. >> they lost their lives because of me and my friend and the way we looked. >> those words coming from the teenager who was the center of the attack. 16-year-old destiny magnum was
5:44 am
verbally assaulted by a man on light rail train stepped in to defend them, and they were all stabbed, two men died and one is still in the hospital. >> he told us to go back to saudi arabia, and he told us we should not be here and to get out of his country and he told us we basically were not anything and should kill ourselves. >> the 35-year-old, jeremy joseph christian, faces multiple charges including murder. almost $1 million have been raised for the victims and their families. and then homeland security land security secretary is defending an alleged effort by top white house adviser and the president's son-in-law to create back channel communications with russia. kelly says he doesn't know
5:45 am
whether the reports are true but described such efforts to communicate as a good thing, and others in d.c. remains skeptical. >> there ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful and candid, and if no way then there is no way he can maintain that kind of a clearance. >> trump is blaming the fake news media for the scandal and is considering an overhaul of his staff, and in the meantime, angela merkel is urging eu nations to stick together in the uncertainty of the u.s., and she said the times in which we can fully count on others is fully over. and then business is down at one of the hotels trump owns in new york city. it's a favorite for celebrities and social lives there, and rooms used to cost more than $700 per night but now you can get one for less than 400 bucks, and they are planning layoffs, including one-fifth of its house
5:46 am
keepers. and then john f. kennedy was born 100 years ago today, and to commemorate his birthday, they will have a ceremony at arlington as well as a flyover and the post office will dedicate a new postage stamp. and then finalizing cannabis regulations as the state prepares to make it legal to sell. the budget includes $100 million for marijuana licensing, staffing and legal costs. lawmakers are hopeful they will find ey finalize regulations by january 1st, and there's flexibility in you on cannabis is regulated. >> i think there's a lot of uncertainty about how many licenses there will be, and how much work it will take to
5:47 am
actually license and enforce the state's laws. so i think this is something that is going to be an rawtive approach. >> analyst believe one license would help sales tax exemptions currently offered to card holders. and then the rare opportunity to see the bombers of the past, and meet those that flew them. a b-24 liberator landed yesterday, and it along with other warplanes will be on display through tomorrow giving us a valuable look at the planes that helped the u.s. win world war ii. those that flew the b-24 will also be there with an important memorial day message about the past and the present. >> it was a different time
5:48 am
we were unified as a nation, and i would like to see more of that spirit return. >> lieutenant hughes flew 35 missions on the b-24 during his time in service. we salute him and we remember all of the veterans that lost their lives, and thank you to their families as well. >> by the way, that plane is beautiful and it's named pretty cool, called "witchcraft," i like it. >> i heard you could be able to go up in them and fly with them. that's what my neighbor told me yesterday. highs at 77 degrees in livermore. look at this, 6:00, 56 by noon. 67, we will hangout in the 70s as we head throughout the afternoon hours, and not quite close to average. and east bay hills, you can see the sun just now popping over the clouds and the marine layer trying to get a little thicker and blur out mt. diablo there.
5:49 am
and sunshine today, cool breezes and clouds and drizzle the next couple of nights and brighter and drier and warmer on saturday and sunday. here's the cloud deck that gets deeper and deeper into the central valley and that's why i think it's going to be slow again today, and 71 at san jose, and possibly 77 in gilroy. if you are going to santa cruz, 69 degrees. a little sunshine in the afternoon hours. mid to upper 60s, 63 to 68, breezy on the peninsula today. and then look at this, upper 50s along the coast, 58 to 59 degrees, only 62 in downtown san francisco. and 58 in stinson beach, and bodega bay, 57. and napa, that's your spread through the north bay valleys. comfortable, no doubt. breezy and cool along the east bay shore. 64 to about 70 degrees, and 70 would be in fremont. oakland, 66. free air-conditioning, in the east bay valleys, may hit 80 in antioch. and some drizzle in the east bay hills and along the coast tonight, and low to mid-50s.
5:50 am
my accuweather 7-day forecast a little cooler tuesday and wednesday. back to today's temperatures, thursday, friday warmer than average, and then you can see summer warmth for saturday and sunday. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. let's look at drive times. they are all going to be pretty low. praysy to dublin, 24 minutes. westbound 4, antioch to con kurt, 14. and san rafael to san francisco, you will get there quick, a 17-minute drive. and macarthur maze, wow, the bay area really loves to take off on holidays, that's for sure. i am sure a lot of people later today will be driving home but right now no problems at all, go where you want. you know, at abc7, we have posters and drawings of steph curry hoping he will show up in person, and this is our latest, this is our wonderful chalk
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artist doing this impressive -- it's life-sized, a picture of steph curry, and you can check out the video on abc7 news, our facebook page, can you watch her draw the image of steph, it's just impressive. and also a reminder to show us your pictures, right, reggie. >> yeah, we love especially little kids, dogs and cats. use the #dubson7. you can watch the game here on abc7, so join us for that. >> mark your calenders. and then a plan to remodel the sausalito ferry terminal and it's not what a lot of riders are hoping for. if you are in the market for a car, you should perhaps consider used right now and we will tell you about the reason why. all you need to say, these all you need to say, these three words, meat
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sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music it's sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster
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on this memorial day, a vietnam veteran is in the middle of a journey to honor families who lost loved ones fighting for our country. jim flew helicopters in vietnam and now is piloting a canoe down the mississippi river to new orleans, and along the way the veteran plans to give small gold stars to family members of fallen service members, and that comes after making a pact with the comrade and the next day his pilot was killed in action. >> if one of us was killed in combat the other one would do their best to be the escort officer and comfort the family. if you could see the faces of the family and the honor you
5:55 am
feel they have been given, you would know why i am so passionate. >> his journey will take more than two months and will cover more than 2,300 miles and will touch a lot of families. according to, thousands of leased vehicles will be returned to dealerships, and many people opted to lease once the recession hit, and experts say you may get a better deal if you are looking at a sedan, because lower gas prices are making suvs and trucks more appealing. a butcher in wisconsin came up with a new way for you to meat his products, get it? pun intended. a butcher is selling his products in a vending machine, and it's talked with fresh bacon and other cuts of meat. the vending machine is insulated
5:56 am
and refrigerated as well and won't sale anything if anything drops below a safe temperature level, and this is the first one here in america and no doubt lots of people lining up to try it, don't you think? >> no. >> really? >> i just don't know. you should not have anything called a skinless wiener. >> in a vending machine? >> yeah, all of those things are problematic. >> they sound problematic, interesting but problematic. >> we will leave the skinless wiener there, and we will talk about what is going on on mount tamalpais, and looking pink and orange, gorgeous if you are up 2,600 feet. we are below average today so we are refraining from heat today. the cloud deck will be everywhere until noon and then it's going to be around the bay and at the coast and will pretty much stay through the heart of the bay and at the coast through 5:00. what does it do to our
5:57 am
temperatures? it keeps them cool, and at&t park will be the same thing as we welcome the nationals in town, and breezy and take sun screen, you will need it. and then b.a.r.t. on a holiday schedule although the lake merritt station is closed because of construction, and ace has no sir tpeus and the golden gate ferry has no service. the bay bridge toll plaza, usually the metering lights are on but they are not right now. new at 6:00, stopping cancer before you are ever diagnosed. the promising new vaccine that could be a cure. breaking news we are tracking in vacaville. a deadly officer-involved shooting at a mall there. shooting at a mall there. and then the
5:58 am
the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price?
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nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. news in vacaville. police are investigating a
6:00 am
deadly officer-involved shooting. >> amy hollyfield is live near the scene at orange drive and nut tree road right near the vacaville outlets. amy. >> reporter: hi, jessica. police are still on the scene investigating exactly what happened here. they have not identified the man who was killed here. police say two officers fired their guns here in front of the outlet mall in vacaville, and this started around 12:30 this morning when police ran the plates of the car and determined it had been stolen. as they pursued the car they say he sped up and did not stop. they then did the pit maneuver where they use the front pumpe to tap the car they are chasing to cause it to spin out and that's when the shots erupted. >> we do not know if shots were exchanged between the suspect and the officers. we do know that t


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