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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 29, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. people in the bay area and across the country mark memorial day today, remembers the more than 1 million people who made the sacrifice for our country. thank you for joining us today. >> i'm jessica castro. first, breaks news happening in oakland. a two-alarm fire burning in the oakland hills, started about 30 minutes ago on ascot drive. we have not received any reports of injuries. we are going to continue following the story with updates as soon as they come into the news room. back to the top story. there are memorial day events
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happening all over the bay area today. >> one happening now. mat keller is there live. matt? >> reporter: flags at half staff here at veterans plaza, and the city is known for its support of its local veterans, a chance to honor them and those who are no longer here. a solemn, uplifting ceremony this morning. ♪ for the ramparts we watched >> reporter: a few hundred people gathering at the plaza to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and service to the country. a korean war veteran and navy cross recipient for valor and combat. >> forever indebted for those who have given their lives that we might be free. >> who gave the memorial day reflection. >> too much of this not talked about in schools, history's
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being lost. these people we honor today, wouldn't be able for you and i to be here talking. >> reporter: residents who lost their lives serving the country in times of war were read out loud. followed by the ringing of the bell and placing of the wreaths. a day of reflection and opportunity for gratitude, even from those who served. >> we shouldn't be thanking me for my service because when i grew up, it was a duty. you grew up. you went into the military. the people we need to thank are the families of those who never came back. >> reporter: the city supports its veterans year round. the city has a car show in october. all money raise from that goes to help support veterans here in the community. abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. also happening now, thousands of people are gathering to take part in san francisco's memorial day ceremony. this morning, a group of boy scouts paid respects by placing
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flags on the grieves of u.s. soldiers buried at the national cemetery. today's event expects it to be the largest on the west coast. it includes a grand march, speakers, a ceremony, and 21-gun salute. memorial day ceremony underway on the uss hornet including a performance by the band and tossing of a wreath into the san francisco bay. the hornet currently serves as a floating sea and aviation museum, and the career as an active vessel started in world war ii through vietnam. we have a list of all other celebrations on donald trump joined in the ceremonies honoring the nation's war heros. this morning, president trump laid a wreath on the tombs of the unknowns. the president delivered his first memorial day speech honoring those who gave lives in
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war and serving in defense of country. >> we can never replace them. we can never repay them, but we can always remember. >> the president offering the nation's respect to gold star families and told the stories of some of our fallen soldiers. midday, major investigation as to what went wrong at the grand opening of a bay area water park. a young boy fell off a slide this weekend prompting the closure of attractions there. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live. amy? >> reporter: jessica, the park is open, just opening at 11:00. families are streaming in, but you will notice the emerald plunge slide and teal one next to it will be closed again today, but still will be getting a lot of attention. we saw a group of people looking it over this morning. that was before the park opened. a city spokesperson told us representatives from the slide manufacturerer are here as well
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as inspectors from calosha to see how it happened and how to prevent it. a 10-year-old boy fell off the slide. he was checked out at the hospital, and he is okay. officials inside try to figure out what happened, some on the outside are doing some speculating. one resident who says he's a pool contractor, wondering why they are not treated with a playground slide with a soft base. >> should have had impact material below the slide in case this happens, and that material should have been all around that slide in order to protect the kids. it's unfortunate to think our city might end up in a lawsuit, but better than than a kid being killed. >> reporter: a third slide was shut down yesterday because there was a malfunction in the device that monitors the water flow pressure. that slide will be opened today. four of the six slides here will be open.
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a city spokesperson tells us they will find out the findings from the inspectors as soon as they know them, but they don't know when that will be, and they do not want to rush them. live in dublin, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. dui charge for tiger woods in florida. police in jupiter said the golf great was arrested at 3:00 this morning. there are reports police spotted woods driving erratically, pulled him over, released on his own recognizance seven hours after the arrest. the 41-year-old woods underwent his fourth back surgery, but last week said he had no plans to retire. woods has not won a pga tournament since 2013. also new, standoff between a man with a gun and deputies i c. abc 7 news was there when the swat team moved in. the sheriff's office said the man safely surrendered.
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this was on veronica avenue near center street. the man was suicidal and barricaded himself inside the home with his girlfriend around 7:00 this morning. she was able to leave the house while deputies convinced him to come out. new this morning, a suspected car thief was shot and killed by police, started around 12:30 this morning. officers followed a stolen car and attempted to pull the driver over. there was a short pursuit, and officers used the car to bump the suspects near the outlet mall. police say moments later, two officers fired weapons, and the suspect died on scene. one officer was taken to the hospital with a minor injury, and he has been released. right now, all lanes are back open after a deadly crash on eastbound 580 in livermore. it happened before 2:30 this morning. three cars involved. highway patrol said one man was killed after the car crashed into a wall on the side of 580 and ended up disabled in the middle lane.
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it was a domino effect after that. the two cars then hit that stalled toyota causing it to catch fire. one person's also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say a suspected burglar picked a wrong senior couple to attack in san jose. the husband and wife prompted a homeless woman as she came around the back of the house near eastside drive last night. the intruder hit the man's wife in the head with a stick and ran off. the victim's husband went after her and held her down in the middle of the streets until deputies got there. his wife is departmeexpected to. two men killed after standing up for teenage girls facing harassment. what the suspect's accused of doing before the attack and the response from president trump. plus, investigation into possible russian meddling in the election is intensifying. the spotlight remains on the president's son-in-law. you know, this monday, this memorial monday, check out the cloud cover out there from mount
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tam. the clouds breaking up, but lower level clouds are taking time which is why we are two to seven degrees below average. refrain from the heat is not lasting all
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fbi's trying to determine if a self-proclaimed white supremist faces hate crime charges for a deadly stabbing in portland, oregon. >> the suspect went on a racist
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rapt on public transportation the night before this attack. >> call the police. i don't care. >> portland police confirmed that was jeremy christian thursday night. a woman said christian was upset on the cell phone planing about the city, muslims, and christians. the next day, accused of stabbing three men when he shot an anti-muslim hate speech at two young women on the train. two died. one of the girls harassed thanks the three strangers who stood up for her. >> they lost their lives because of me, because of the way i looked. >> there are several crowd funding pages raising nearly a million dollars for the victim's families. >> calls for president trump to denounce this act of violence. he did not mention it publicly until this tweet from the official account this morning that says, violent attacks in portland friday are unacceptable.
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victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. our prayers are with them. the president is defending his close adviser and son-in-law, jared kushner after accusations of attempting to set up back channel communications with russia. abc news reporter has the latest. >> reporter: the investigation into russia intensifying, the spotlight on trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. >> a unique situation, anyone other than a staff, he's married to a big asset to the administration. >> he's not a target of the investigation, but the administration is responding to allegations he tried to set up a alleecret communications channe with russia. this after intelligence agencies included russia tried to meddle in the u.s. election. >> it's normal in my opinion and acceptable. any way you can communicate with people, particular lly organizations that are not
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particularly friendly to us is a good thing. >> republican john mccain is not buying it. today -- >> i know administration officials say that's standard procedure. i don't think it's standard procedure prior to the inauguration of a president of the united states by someone who is not in an appointed position. >> reporter: the ranking member of the house committee said the security clearance should be questioned. >> ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful, whether he was candid. >> reporter: president trump, himself, defended jared in a statement to the "new york times" saying he has total confidence in him and he's doing a great job for the country. abc news, washington. and, today, the warriors are practicing for the nba finals and their showdown with the cleveland cavaliers. >> had yesterday off, and curry was working out. they are focusing on facing the
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cavaliers for the third year in a row. >> we understand the history we have, challenge they present, and it's going to be fun. >> this will be talked about long after us. you know, so, just to be a part of this is amazing. >> the warrios hold home court advantage because they finish league's best season record. >> game one at oracle thursday night seen only here on abc 7 at 5:30. >> severe weather affecting millions of people on memorial day. the damage by tornados, flooding, high winds, and hail. >> a different story in the bay area. we don't have that. we'll check in with mike nicco coming up today's accuweather
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breaking news in the east bay, the scene of a major crash in alameda on web avenue at park street. at least one person is hurt. alameda police and fire are now on scene. they say there may be more victims. we do have a closeup now of the truck involved. boy, does that look bad. >> wow. >> the top of the truck is sheered off. park is closed between santa clara and pacific now. drivers, stay out of the area. as soon as we have the information, we'll pass that along. meanwhile, right now, millions of people are traveling this memorial day facing severe weather in the south and rain in the northeast. >> at least two people already drowned in weekend storms. abc news reporter has the late e-from new york. >> reporter: wet and extreme weather reeking havoc for
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millions, marking memorial day weekend with at least four confirmed tornados blowing across missouri, and hail up to 4 inches in diameter, pounding southern oklahoma. >> never seen hail this big. >> in tennessee, winds gusting more than 70 miles per hour near memphis, toppling trees and power knocked out to at least 200,000 customers. >> i thought it was the whole city, honestly, just looked like everything went dead. >> all the lights, power lights, trees fell left and right driving through that. it was like something out of a movie. >> reporter: meanwhile, branson, missouri. >> car in the water. >> reporter: at least two people drowned after their car was swept away by a flash flood. storms lit up the night skies across the heartland all weekend and now marching east. it's the damaging wind threat, especially this afternoon and evening from atlanta right through columbia, south carolina
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and raleigh later tonight that we'll watch. by later tonight, the rain will have ended in boston, but so many will be cleaning up for days to come with officials in memphis saying it could take more than a week to have power fully restored. elizabeth hurr, abc news, new york. now your forecast. >> aren't we glad we're not dealing with that today? hi, every, a look at the golden gate bridge. the flag unfurled due to breezy conditions, and that's why clouds lingered longer and temperatures are going to be cooler than average today. clouds likely covering all our neighborhoods again tonight. it'll bring drizzle to the coast and to the east bay hills. it'll timely feel like summer, but when, you ask? how about this weekend. why don't we look at maybe, say, like, san jose and show you what is going to happen. look at this. today, 71 degrees. look at the average high, 77. 73, 75 on wednesday, and, hey, almost there, and thursday!
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take a pullback, but friday at 78, then 87 and 86. there's summer-like temperatures for saturday and sunday. the bay, a little rough. small craft advisory after the clouds on live doppler 7. eroding from the north bay, a little bit, working down the peninsula coast, never quite completely gets rid of the clouds, and there's clouds hanging around the bay also, but calling it partly sunny at the coast to partly cloudy in the bay to mostly sunny inland. small craft advisory, yellow winds, and from now until 3:00 wednesday morning at the coast, starting at noon through 9:00 this evening, so you think about heading out? that's what you're going to run into. a look at santa cruz, the 50 degree temperatures in the air and water, not stopping anybody. remember, if you're relaxing by the pool today, even with the clouds out there, sunscreen. you'll need it. also know that water is warmer than the outside temperature.
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out and about, no summer heat. caution because of the gusts in the bay. in the south bay, it's 68 to 71 until you get to morgan hills at 76 and 77. 63 is the spread in the peninsula. upper 50s at the coast, north bay is 76 degrees, upper 50s, and breezy to mid to upper 60s east bay, and inland, 75 to 80 in antioch. we hardly break out of the 60s anywhere. just a few 70s around 2:00. that's when it's going to be the warmest. quick look south beach, going to the game, washington nationals and giants, 60 at quarterback. 62, breezy, and there's peeks of sun through the clouds. let's look at what's going to happen tonight, low to mid-50s, and the rest of the forecast following san jose, cooler than average until thursday, and friday, saturday, and sunday is
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back to average if not warning warmer. >> not bad, but not the sun people hoped for this memorial day, but good. >> comfortable at least. >> okay. >> it's not too hot. >> i guess so, but it looks gross. >> right? >> we need sun. yeah. thanks, mike. appreciate it. good news this morning if you're one of the estimated 180 million americans who have difficulty sleeping. moderate exercise is a great way to beat insomnia. get rest. disturbed sleep is risk factor for diseases, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. everyone should get two and a half hours of exercise weekly to stay in sheep and get important sleep. there is soon going to be another golden gate bridge, but this one is a small one. >> how the project could help protect the thous
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sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music it's sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster coming up at 4:00, disney doesn't horse around when it comes to their animals. disneyland horses get a brand new home. a rare glimpse inside the circle dee ranch, and global warming, now devastating finding for the coral reef. the story tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. all right.
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so there will soon be another golden gate bridge. >> it's not big like this one. our media partner bridge officials build a miniature replica of the famous span, and engineers will conduct tests to see how high winds affect the center portion of the original. it's part of an effort to protect the 110,000 people who use the bridge daily as upgrades continue. we know too well there's a a lot of wind here in the bay area. >> a lot of wind on that bridge today too. not the best. there was a top of people there already. >> yeah. they want that picture. >> yeah. >> doesn't matter. right? memorial day, so much going on. >> some parking lots closed too. >> that's
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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>> right now, backstage, we've got a bunch of players who can't wait to take their shot at winning a million dollars. and i can't wait to start handing out checks. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] well, known as "that guy" who always uses icebreakers to start a meeting, today's returning contestant is sure to get this crowd going when he wins a million dollars. and now he's just 4 questions away. from henderson, nevada, please welcome back jon tucker. [cheers and applause] jon, welcome back, buddy. come on over. so the icebreaker thing... >> yeah. >> what's that all about? so, like, say we're somewhere awkward, like on a national television show... >> yeah. >> like "millionaire." >> okay.


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