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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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back to work after what was a long weekend for a lot of you. >> for some of us. we appreciate you holding down the fort. san francisco was a ghost town if you went anywhere but as you look at the city this morning, look at the city this morning, 5:00 back in. it's garbage weather out there. >> yeah, look at the cloud cover out there on live doppler 7. >> show me the line. >> we have a little drizzle that
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you can see in our forecast. 49 to 55. look at the temperatures along the coast, 56, 58 and 56 at the coast, 56, 58 and 56 at noon, four and seven. grab a coat if you're heading out this evening. here's the morning commute with sue hall. >> not garbage, no. not bad at all. here we go with a slight backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see this tow truck coming in right here. we had reports of an accident just before the toll plaza. it's off to the shoulder and once again minor delays for the cash-paying folks here so so far so good. we'll monitor that for you. we have a good-looking commute for san jose, this is the headlights 101 in the northbound direction at the 880 overcrossing, traffic flowing nicely there. we'll look at your mass transit coming up. >> thank you, sue, new details
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from the south bay where some parents are upset. students at three schools are going to have to spend another year suffering. >> the alan rock school district plans to wait until june of 2018 to install it. matt keller live in san jose with the story. matt? >> reporter: good morning natasha and reggie. one teacher says on hot days her students are like melted cheese, we're finding out students here and at two other elementary schools will have to wait another school year before they get air conditioning. according to our media partner the mercury news, the allen rock union school district plans to wait until june, 2018, before replacing heating systems and install air conditioning at arbuckle, cureton and mccollam elementary schools. the teachers union wonders why the school will start on two new rooms when the air conditioning and heating is of more concern.
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they gave the district $265 million to address this. the mercury news says it's started with allen rock's payments to its construction project manager and the district attorney's office is also looking into the district. reporting live from san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. tracking breaking news at the live desk. president trump's communication director has resigned. the 47-year-old was actually on the job only three months. dub we was tasked to help shape the president's was the president's message. he resigned may 18 but offered to stay on to his post until the president's first foreign trip. no word on when dubke's last day will be. some think this could be a sign of a bigger shakeup in the communications department and maybe allow trump to revamp his entire team. we did expect to hear more at a
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white house briefing later today. natasha? >> jessica, thank you. we have new information in the trump russia investigation. cnn is reporting russian government officials discussed having potentially derogatory information about president trump during the 2016 election. the conversations were intercepted by u.s. intelligence and were financial in nature. meantime, members of the president's inner circle are allegedly pushing senior trump adviser jared kushner to take a leave of absence amid reports of an fbi investigation. sources say he tried to create a secret communications channel with moscow even after intelligence agencies found russia meddled in the election. dan abrams broke the issue down on gma. >> let's remember, the key here we're talking about is what did jared kushner do before donald trump became president. people are saying oh, you know, back channels are normal. back channels are normal. the question is, is it normal to have a back channel before he becomes president? the answer to that is no.
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the administration insists kushner did nothing wrong saying any back channel with russia would have been used to discuss syria and other policy matters. the former dictator of panama, manuel noriega, has died. he was the head of the military from 1983 until 1989 when the u.s. invaded panama and ousted him. u.s. agents later arrested him on drug and money laundering charges. he's been in intensive care since march after complications from brain surgery. noriega was 83. happening today, the pentagon will test its ability to shoot down an intercontinental ballistic missile. it's widely seen as a test of the u.s. ability to counter a north korean missile launch. the test, which will take place in the skies over the pacific, comes just two days after pyongyang fired a short-range ballistic missile that traveled nearly 250 miles. they're calling that launch a big success. the pentagon insists the long-planned test of its ground based interceptor system is not
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solely about north korea. a lake county man is in custody after allegedly attacking a man with a machete in what's believed to be a hate crime. clear lake police say 34-year-old anthony hammond cut an african-american on the shoulder with a machete. it happened saturday night and he yelled racial slurs. hammond then tried to hide inside of his apartment refrigerator. he was arrested after an hour's-long standoff and is being held on more than a million dollars bail. yesterday we told you about a south bay man who fought off a burglar. now we are hearing from the 82-year-old. abc 7 news was in san jose where yousef y l you say his wife was attack. his wife screamed for her husband who then went after the woman. >> i catch him, she hit me. she was like tiger, very >> he held the woman until deputies arrived.
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they arrested the suspect identified as renhu his wife received eight stitches to her head. first the hit by a pitch, then we saw the helmet throw and then the brawl begins. no we we wait for word on suspensions. it's impossible not to have an opinion about this. the giants game turned into a showdown that many believe was years in the making. abc news reporter lillian kim has the aftermath of what was supposed to be a nice day and at&t park. >> reporter: giants relever hunter strickland through a fastball that hit the national outfielder of bryce harper. the benches cleared. no surprise, giants fans we talked to were quick to blame the other team. >> it was right there inside by knees. >> reporter: strickland denied hitting bryce intentionally. >> i left the ball over the plate a couple times and he's taken advantage of that so
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mostly go inside and obviously i got in a little too far. >> reporter: it's the first time since the two have faced since the 2014 nlds. >> it's ridiculous to charge the mound but it's also ridiculous to hold a grudge from a playoff series two years ago that you won. >> reporter: regardless of who's to blame, fans were disheartened that a nice day at the ballpark ended the way it did. >> memorial day is like one of those times in baseball's america's past time where it seems pretty, like sacred and it was quite opposite from that. >> just scary for a kid to see that when these people you look up to are out there fighting on the field. >> reporter: strickland and harper were ejected from the game and will likely face suspension. in san francisco, lillian abc 7 news. buster posy was trending because he didn't get involved. posy who had a concussion explained why. he said "those are big guys tumbling around, it would be
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dangerous to get in there sometimes." watching that live was something else. good teaching moment for my son who still plays baseball. here's walnut correct. you can see the cloud cover out there, a little drizzle. exercising nothing too extreme temperature wise. sunny times if you'll be out and about this afternoon and gusty breezes if you're going to be on the bay. we have that small craft advisory. here's san rafael looking southbound 101. tree pollen is moderate, weed, grass, mold spores all low. uv index will be high, believe it or not, with the cloud cover. let's go to daly city, 49. woodside 50. 51 in pacifica. half moon bay 52. palo alto, free month and antioch. napa 55 along with oakland and hayward and san jose. 80 in sacramento, 74 in tahoe. 83 in yosemite, 102 in palm
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springs and 74 in l.a. notice our temperatures today about the same as yesterday. maybe a coupe degrees warmer with more sunshine. we pull back thursday and i know what you're thinking, i said there would be a warming trend, it starts friday so stick around for the next five or six minutes and i'll have your accuweather seven-day forecast. we have sue with your morning commute. i'm back. a nice look at soean jose, 280 the 880 overcrossing. if you're coming from downtown san jose towards cupertino, looking good. we have a problem on the peninsula northbound 101 near the embarcadero off ramp. it's not clear, chp is headed there to see if the exit ramp is blocked but for now it looks like no delays through the area northbound 101 and embarcadero. we'll check back in a few on that one. sue, thank you. seaworld has revamped and debuted its new orca show and people are not giving it great
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reviews. the early warning system for earthquakes gives scientists a heads up before the devastating napa quake. funding for the program is in jeopardy. jeopardy. >> journey to the
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sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music it's sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th
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tickets on sale now through ticketmaster just in case you needed it, a reminder to not leave your keys in your car. take a look. napa police say they found all of these keys are a suspected car thief. they arrested joshua eisen yesterday after polieople repor
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him trying to get into cars. napa police say if you recognize your key and have it stolen, give them a call. they tell us to lock all our car doors, take your car keys and key fobs with you. tiger woods is denying alcohol was involved in his arrest for dui. >> he says it was a reaction to prescription meds. here's the details in today's gma first look. >> reporter: tiger woods speaking out after being arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence early monday morning. the 41-year-old saying alcohol was not involved. "what happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. i didn't real's the mix of medications had affected me so strongly." the golfer also apologizing to his family and fans saying "i expect more from myself, too." that mug shot now seen around the world. >> there it is. >> reporter: a stark contrast to woods' iconic career. but in recent years, the golfer played with health issues, undergoing four back surgeries, the most recent just this april.
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>> tiger the golfer has been basically missing over the last couple years. he's played three tourments worldwide in two years. at 7:00 a.m., espn's tom renal di weighs in live. abc news, jupiter, florida. this man is set to the face double murder charges in oregon. 37-year-old jeremy joseph allegedly stabbed three men who were protecting two muslim women. two of those men died. if convicted, christian could face the death penalty. prosecutors describe him as a white supremacist. bmw is recalling more than 45,000 older seven-series sedans because the doors can unexpectedly fly open while you're driving. bmw says it isn't aware of crashes or injuries. the nationwide recall coffvers from 2005 to 2008 that have the
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comfort access and soft door close options. it doesn't have a fix however bmw says it will send letters to impacted customers asking them to set up an appointment when a remedy is available. >> sheriffs deputies find themselves being ordered to work overtime because of staffing shortages in the jails. the san francisco sheriff's department employs 840 deputies to secure the jails. deputies received a memo on may 19 from sheriff vicki hennessey. the examiner reports hennessey expects every deputy to 12 hours of per pay period. that order remains in effect until september. >> state safety inspectors are looking at the dublin water slide where a boy flew off and landed on the concrete. abc 7 news was in dublin where those inspectors met with manufacturers and contractors following saturday's accident. this video shows a ten-year-old boy a careening off the slide at the end. this happened at the wave at emerald glen water park. fortunately he was not seriously
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hurt. parents at the park made their own risk assessments. >> these kind of accidents do happen and i'm sure people are taking care of that. >> i'll check out the slides first to see if i think it's okay and i'll let him know which ones to go on and which ones not %-p in the incident and a second similar one are closed indefinitely. nasa will release new details about its unprecedented mission to touch the sun. that's according to "usa today." the mission is called solar probe plus and it's expected the launch next summer. the probe will eventually orbit the sun within its atmosphere, which extends four million miles from the sun's surface. a goal for the mission is to collect data to improve forecasting of space weather events that impact life on earth. to our nba finals coverage, steve kerr was subbing for the substitute yesterday, acting warriors head coach mike brown has the flu so kerr met the media. >> i'd like to tell you i'm ready but i'm not ready to coach yet. i'm still feeling a lot of
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effects of what i've got going on. the good news is the team is healthy, the bad news is the coaching staff is dropping like flies. >> the warriors will continue prepping for game one of the nba finals. espn coverage of game one starts thursday at 5:30 on abc 7. let's get over to meteorologist mike nicco. good morning, mike. >> we're glad the players are okay, but sorry coaches. good morning, everybody. i think there's something going around. my wife got something all of a sudden yesterday, like a cold or something. here's a look from mt. tamalpais. you can see the bowl of cool whip out there once again. the fog is back, clouds and sunshine. cool again today, drizzle, a chance of light showers are possible and summer warmth is coming but we have to wait until the weekend. look at this big mass of cold air in the gulf of alaska to the central eastern pacific and this is coming our way, this little patch of wet weather that's going to bring us the chance of drizzle and light showers and keep us cooler than average.
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71 at los gatos, that's as warm as it gets in the south bay. 69 in san jose a santa cruz 69 in san jose a santa cruz and we won't get to 69 on the peninsula. mill br mill br 59 today downtown san francisco. 61 in sausalito. 69 in petaluma. oakland the warm spot. in hercules 69 in san temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. there's a chance of drizzle and light showers. we'll see sunshine in the afternoon. a cold front will keep us steady but dry thursday, there's your warmer weather away from the coast. sue, how's the commute? >> so far so good. we have high winds over the altamont pass. we had an earlier accident at
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the bay bridge toll plaza. but you can see a little back up there for cash-paying folks on the right and left-hand side. no metering lights yet, we'll keep monitoring that for you. elsewhere woe eel look out of the central valley. slow traffic out of the altamont where it's breezy out there. we eel look at the embarcadero northbound 101. the embarcadero off ramp possibly blocked with an accident there. we're checking with chp to see about the blockage but traffic on 101 itself looks like it's moving through the area just fine and we'll look at some of your drive times. there's slow traffic out of tracy up and over into dublin antioch to concord not bad. san rafael into the city, 20 minutes. we'll look at your mass transit options in just a few. >> earthquake! earthquake! that sound could make the difference between life and death for all of us in
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california. scientists say their dream of developing an earthquake warning system is getting closer to reality but shake alert faces an uncertain future because of a $9 million cut in federal spending. >> in the moment we're go full speed ahead to implement the plan so it's disconcerting to see a message that says, by the way, we're going to put a full halt to everything. the system has showed promise. it alerted seismologists six sends before napa was rocked. several california systems invested money in developing the technology in hope of saving lives. a woman who approached crew as they fought a grass fire in the east bay may be connected to the fire. abc 7 news is on ascot and mastlands drive. firefighters say the timing of the fire helped them put it out. near the fire, crews ran into a woman who said she had been stab
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bud they say she had no signs of any injuries. police took her in for questioning and for a psychological evaluation. seaworld san diego unveiled a new orca show that seems to be missing the mark with a lot of folks. a 2013 documentary "blackfish" criticized the conditions of captive orcas and triggered protests and a dip in attendance. seaworld revamped the show with an aim to be more educational. protesters over the weekend said it's not enough. >> imagine if you were taken away from your family and put into this unnatural habitat. how would you feel? >> seaworld said "our live the thrive in our care." they say their new encounter will help that mission. up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. changes are being made at reports that uc regents are hosting lavish parties. hosting lavish parties. the truth is
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fremont police trying to figure out how an encounter involving an officer escalated into a shooting. it happened at a shopping center near mowry avenue and blacow road. the officer is on leave, the man survived. number two, one day after this crash captured on video, alameda residents say speeding is a big problem in the heart of their city's downtown. yesterday's crash on park street killed two people. five others are in critical condition. number three from the live desk. president trump criticizing germany on social media. he tweeted this "we have a massive trade deficit with germany plus they pay far less than they should on nato and military, very bad for the u.s. this will change." and this tweet comes after germany called the u.s. unreliable. number four, let's open up the weather window on sfo,
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anticipating flight arrival delays because of cloud five two eight degrees below average again today. number five, monitoring your tuesday morning commute and just like that metering lights turn on at 5:22. traffic stacked up towards the macarthur maze. one accident on the peninsula. we'll update that. number six, three people are recovering after being trampled by show ponies. officials say the animals were pulling a wagon when they got spooked possibly by fireworks or kids playing nearby. instead of going back to the future, a california man is going to traffic court. he was ticketed for going 88 miles an hour on a highway near santa clarita north of l.a. if you're a fan of "back to the future" you may recall the time travel, 88 miles an hour is how fast you need to be going. >> obviously. also, the important part of the story we didn't mention, he was driving a delorean. that's a really important detail
5:27 am
that we needed to get in. >> glad we did. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, including uber bracing for what could be a scathing report on its workplace culture. tiger woods gives his side of his shocking dui arrest. why he says alcohol was not involved. it's back to work tuesday for many of us but we're here to make this a better day for you. we'll leave weather and traffic we'll leave weather and traffic
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hard to believe surveillance video. do you see that? a car tumbling down an alameda street. this crash has residents pointing to a large herb issue. >> and tensions running high in texas over an issue that's a big controversy in the bay area. >> the calendar may say it's may 30 but it feels more like january 30 and we have one person to talk to about that. >> good morning.
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>> it's tuesday, may 30 -- right? >> that man right to my left, meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi! >> hey, mike. >> messenger only. i overlaid the winds on live doppler 7. they're gusting to 38 in fairfield. sfo 24, half moon bay 23 and they'll get faster again after the lunch hour. here's a look from the east bay hills camera. you can see mt. diablo softly snuggled in fog this morning. 49 to 55. chilly are with breezes. we may need the sunglasses, especially in our valleys at noon. the upper 60s at 4:00. 54 at the coast to 64 at 7:00 how about this morning's commute? sue hall is in for alexis. good morning. we just had reports of an accident at the bay bridge toll plaza past our scene to the west
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near the metering lights. we're getting word from the bridge people that they are trying to clear that out. metering lights were turned on at 5:21. commuter lanes are looking great if you can get through and you have extra people in your car. that's a great way to avoid the backup. we're getting reports of an accident on the peninsula, partially blocking the embarcadero off ramp from northbound 101. not seeing a lot of slowing. we're seeing an accident in pleasant hill. surveillance video you'll see only on 7 shows a pick up flipping down the street in alameda. two people have died and several others have critical injuries. people are pleading with drivers to slow down. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in alameda. amy? >> reporter: hi, natasha, someone left flowers and candles overnight here at the scene where these two people were killed in alameda. some residents here say this
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accident is exactly what they have been afraid would happen here. here is the surveillance video of the crash. you will only see it on abc 7 news. witnesses say the driver was speeding and ran red lights on park street before losing control. residents who are frustrated with the speeding that happens on this downtown street started a campaign "slow down in town" to bring attention to traffic safety. >> everybody is kind of upset really just that it's an ongoing problem in alameda. >> i try my best to cross at a light and maybe go two blocks out of my way so that i can be safer than over >> reporter: police say speed was a factor in yesterday's deadly crash. there were seven people inside that pickup truck. two died, five are in critical condition. police have not released their names. reporting live from alameda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. fremont police trying to
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determine how an encounter involving one of their officers escalated into a shooting. it's the department's fourth officer-involved shooting in as many months. it happened yesterday around 4:00 p.m. near mowry avenue and blacow road. someone flagged down the officer after spotting a man holding a pipe in a shopping center. officers found him, a foot chase started and that led to some sort of confrontation. an eyewitness explained what happened next. >> i thought he was pulling his taser out but he pulled out his gun and i said, oh, my god, he shot him three times. >> the victim was rushed to a nearby trauma center. police haven't released his condition. a pipe was found at the scene. the officer was placed on administrative leave. the oakland city council is going to vote who said police officers sexually abused her. she sued the city for $66 million. the city attorney is recommending a $1 million settlement. she says she had sex with
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multiple police officers with several bay area agencies including when she was under age. criminal charges have been filed against four former and current officers linked to this investigation. also happening today, a jury resumes deliberations in the trial of three santa clara jail guards jarjed guards charged in the death of an inmate. they were guards at the county's mail jail in san jose. they're accused of beating mentally ill inmate michael tyree to death in 2015. prosecutors say tyree was beaten so badly his spleen was nearly severed in half. defense attorneys claim tyree died when he slipped or fell after climbing on the toilet in his jail cell. the men could face life in prison if convicted of murder. federal investigators focusing on a meeting between the president's son-in-law jared kushner and a russian banker in december. the "new york times" reports the president's senior adviser was looking for a direct line to russian president vladimir putin when he met with sergey gorkov. gorkov is a prominent russian businessman and close friend of putin. news of the meeting comes as
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intelligence agencies look into russia's role in the election and possible ties to the trump campaign. >> tensions are high in the texas state capital. a protest against a new sanctuary cities law erupted into a scuffle between lawmakers. elected officials were seen pushing and shoveling one another on the floor as the protest raged in the gallery area yesterday. the texas lawmakers were debating a highly controversial law that allows local police to question people about their immigration status, also comply with federal i.c.e. agents. the governor signed the measure earlier this month. democrats are trying to get the legislature to reconsider the law but republicans say it won't happen. >> reporter: police in florida could release tiger woods police report later today. he's blaming medicine prescribed by a doctor following a dui arrest. this is his booking photo. woods apologized. he says alcohol was not involved. he had back surgery last month and woods claims he didn't realize taking different medications following that operation would affect him so
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strongly. a los gatos high school senior accused of creating a racist promposal is responding to the fallout. the student snapchated his initial promposal that included this mohawk. his date was not impress sod he tried again, this time dressing like the bitmoji, black face and all. >> i do not mean for people to take it this way. i do not mean this in a racist way whatsoever. i'm very sorry if you feel offended. this is another controversial promposal. one student drawing a sign asking "do you want to be my "n" word and hang with me at prom?" the sign also including the drawing of a black person hanging from a tree. los gatos high school says it's taking steps to better educate its students. ub eer's board of directors will hear more about a probe of accusations of sexual harassment and discrimination. former u.s. attorney general eric holder and one of his law partners are leading the investigation. the allegations against san
5:37 am
francisco-based uber came out in a blog post by a former employee. tech crunch also reports the investigators have gathered information from hundreds of uber employees. spotting signs of possible alien life will get easier due to the creation of the world's first extremely large telescope. >> that's the actual name "extremely large telescope" or elt. take a look. the animation from the european southern observatory began construction of the extremely large telescope. it will measure nearly 128 feet across. it will be located on a mountain in chile. elt will probe earth like kpoe planets for signs of life and observe the universe's early stages. the telescope is set to be completed in 2024. >> extremely good meteorologist. >> egm. >> eg, manm. >> i like. >> it i just watched "guardians of the galaxy" there's life out
5:38 am
there. i saw in the the movie. >> i am groot. >> he's so adorable in the movie. here's san mateo bridge. we're looking towards san mateo and you can see it's quiet then a little drizzle and breezes that will hit our north/southbridges more than the east/west bridges today so that's part of your commute planner and that's why the caution is there. good on the roads for the most part because it's dry other than the bridges and mass transit cool most of the day. here's the small craft advisory area in dweyellow. winds around 28 to 34 miles per hour through 3:00 tomorrow morning. fastest from noon today until 9:00 this evening. here's 280 at 17, cloudy in san jose, tree pollen moderate, weed pollen grass pollen low, mold spores low, uv index will be high. 50 in san leandroleandro, along east bay shore we have 54 in san carlos, mountain view, pleasanton, fair field, 52 in novato. temperatures in oakland 55 at
5:39 am
6:00, 58 at 10:00, 61 at noon. 64 at 4:00. that mean asahi of only about 64 degrees. we'll have 70s in our valleys, thises no average and i'll show you how long this cool weather will last because i have warmth coming up in my accuweather seven-day forecast. >> we are heating up at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights 59:22. that's the reason for the backup. we have reports of an accident just west of the tolls right near the metering lights. damage seems to be done. sluggish on the upper deck into san francisco as well. slow out of tracy up and out of the altamont pass where we have a high wind advisory. you can see the slow traffic there. the car is off in a ditch closer to embarcadero road not blocking the off ramp but they will have a tow truck on scene there. northbound 101 seems to be fine but the embarcadero off ramp may
5:40 am
be blocked once they get the tow on scene. an accident on the approach to the san mateo bridge from 880. we'll check on that in just a few minutes. >> thank you. if you're driving along route 12 in sonoma county and you see a wildfire, don't be alarmed. everything is going as planned. crews are constructed a controlled burn at the bouverie preserve from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. multiple fire agencies will be there including cal fire. officials say controlled burns are used to control invasive species and reduce the chances of a more destructive fire. two streets in santa rosa are back open after a chemical spill. the city's fire department sent us video of the hazmat crew in action yesterday. a pool company truck spilled sodium hoypochloride. it happened in piner road and pine crest drive. police closed the streets because of safety concerns and to give the hazmat team room to work. it took three hours to mop it up. the party appears to be over
5:41 am
for uc regents when it comes to lavish dinners at the uc's expense. we are so close to game one of the nba finals and we're closer to showing off the new dubs gear you can pick up today. that's next. and as you get your day into gear, make it a better one. gear, make it a better one. keep on top of
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a massive explosion outside a popular ice cream shop in baghdad killed at least 17 people, 32 were hurt. this video shows the moment the car bomb went off. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. there was a second blast a few hours later. officials from the iraqi capital say a rush hour car bomb in another downtown area killed at least 14 people. the bombings come as militants are steadily losing more territory to u.s.-backed iraqi forces in mosul. the veterans administration is investigating dozens of new cases of drug theft by employees at v.a. hospitals and clinics nationwide. the a.p. says the v.a. has opened 36 new cases in the last six months and that brings a total number of open criminal investigations to more than 100. officials say the thefts are putting patients' lives at risk. that i point out drug thefts are a groik problem at private hospitals, too. three people died while rafting along a california river over the weekend. rescuers say it should remind all of us to never underestimate the power of fast-moving water.
5:45 am
search teams recovered the bodies of three people following rafting accidents in the kern river. they rescued about 20 people who were thrown into the rapid water near bakersfield. officials fear the kern river could become more dangerous as more snow melts in the mountains. scientists say a volcano in alaska is likely to erupt again following a massive blast that affected airline traffic. this graphic comes from the alaska volcano observatory and it shows the eruption of the volcano along the southern edge of the bering sea. the eruption sent a cloud of volcanic ash 45,000 feet high. airliners operating between north america and asia fly near the volcano and ash is a threat to jet engines. the university of california is no longer picking up the tab for its governing board. we told you the school system was under fire the uc regents' lavishes dinners. one was held in january for $17,600. that was the day before regents voted to increase tuition.
5:46 am
"the chronicle" reports the events were charged to a private endowment. uc president janet napolitano says the practice will stop in order to avoid question over the use of university funds. the regents will have to pay for their own dinners. electrification is expected to bring faster and more frequent trains on caltrain and that's putting more focus on track safety. the california public utilities commission has listed four caltrain intersections among its top priorities for elevating the track tracks. at the burlingame crossing, for example, wait times in 20 years could jump from five minutes to 24 minutes for drivers if they don't make these improvemen the golden state warriors will practice again today as they're just two days away from their finals with the cleveland cavaliers. we were at the warriors practice facility in downtown oakland when the well-rested dubs practiced.
5:47 am
they haven't played in a week since leading the spurs in the western conference finals. the team appears to be ready to tip off against cleveland for the third year in a row. it's more stressful the time off for me at least than playing the game. warriors fans are also making sure they are fully stocked when it comes to gear. the team store was really busy yesterday. we want to know what you think about the new nba finals shirts. this is what's going to be on the seats for fans and they'll go on sale today. >> we don't fade this on purpose. can you see it if you look close? all gold everything. >> in the back it says the finals but the same faded look. i mean, it's a new look, i'll give them that. >> it looks good on tv, it's nice they do that to get the fan spirit going. we have a sea of gray this morning. you can see the flag at the golden gate. winds have been up to around 202, 22 miles per hour right
5:48 am
across the span so hold on with both hands. partly sunny today. the clouds are going to hang around and it's that cool breeze that will keep us below average. we've got a weak system coming in tonight. it will bring us drizzle, even the chance of a light shower or two. once it moves on we'll have cool weather thursday again and then warmer highs friday, saturday, sunday and monday. keeping an eye on san jose right now. visibility one mile, that's visibility one mile, that's about the only place daly city only 57 degrees. across the bay not much warmer. 64 in oakland and breezy there, castro valley, fremont and richmond 67. on the peninsula, breezy everywhere, whether you're on the coast side in the upper 50s or the bay side where we'll be around 64 to 68. up in the north bay, is this good for grapes? 75? you think it would be nice for it. 61 in sausalito today. sonoma 73. down in the south bay summer
5:49 am
didn't start yesterday 69 in san jose, cupertino 68. we're enjoying the free air conditioning inland, temperatures from 70 in pleasanton, san ramon 69 to pittsburgh at 76. tonight mid to upper 50s. you can see the green out there. that's the drizzle to light showers. won't amount to much. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. steady as she goes wednesday and thursday and 80s for the bay and inland starting friday. 60s at the coast. good morning, we're going to the san mateo bridge where it's drizzly there right now according to our cameras. a little fuzzy signal but traffic is flowing nicely towards the peninsula. approaching the san mateo bridge, northbound 880 the ramp to 92 west looks like it might be partially blocked with an accident there. i am seeing slow traffic, mostly in the southbound direction and a little slow towards the toll plaza. let's move towards the pleasanton area. southbound 680 a motorcycle down
5:50 am
after stone ridge blocking the second lane from the left and i am seeing a considerable amount of slowing from the 680/580 junction south wards towards sunol so give yourself extra time. we'll come back in just a bit and look at the accident on the peninsula in just a few. here's a talker, it's incredible video coming into our live desk. a lot of folks across the nation enjoying the pool on memorial day. look at this. one florida family lucky they looked inside before jumping in. look at that. it's a huge gator swimming around at the bottom of their pool. law enforcement said it was at least seven feet long. happened in sarasota county. a trapper got the animal out of the pool and it took it to a safer location out of the wild. stunning video so i wanted to share that. >> that's why you don't mess with florida. they will bite you every time. >> it will. >> thank you, jess. >> this morning we want to congratulate our colleague david
5:51 am
louie. >> he's celebrating 45 years at abc 7. david joined abc 7 news in 1972. he was one of the first asian american tv reporters in the bay area and he's been on the air the longest. he took a minute to talk about his career. >> keep wondering how long can a career last? we've been fortunate at abc 7. we've been surrounded by great people, producers and writers and managers who get it and are focused on doing the best we can. >> he is such a pro and such a great guy. all of us at abc 7 so proud to call david a friend and colleague. congrats, david. >> always so calm under pressure. really appreciate that. at 6:00, a plan to open shops inside bart stations put on hold. the multimillion dollar lawsuit the agency faces. damage from bleaching in the great barrier reef is worse than we thought. we thought. >> plus, two peet's
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
as the 209 th anniversary o the death of princess diana approaches, we're hearing more from princes harry and william about how it affected their lives. harry, who was 12 years old, revealed he used therapy to process his mom's death. prince william says it's taken him 20 years to speak about her passing. he told gq "i would have loved for her to have met catherine and see the children grow up, it makes me sad that she won't, that they'll never know her." damage to australia's great barrier reef is irreversible. researchers found 95% of the area surveyed was bleached. bleaching happens when water
5:55 am
temperatures change, forcing the corals to expel algae which causes them to turn quite. the committee formed by the australian government says global warming is the culprit and it's recommending a reduction in greenhouse gases. happening today, two san francisco giants will trade in their gloves and bats for barista aprons to benefit local kids. hunter pence and denard span will man the counter. they will be serving peet's clubhouse blend. they'll be at the peet's inn the ferry building and spahn will be at the peet's in which he is that. peet's will donate up to $10,000 to the giants' community fund. >> that would be baseball gloves not boxing gloves. >> ooh! >> sorry, pence did a good job getting strix land off with a couple helpers. here's a look from mt. tamalpais. you have to see the gorgeous sunrise. extremes today, not really, about 20 degrees from daly city.
5:56 am
look at these temperatures in livermore. our high is supposed to be 79. we'll be 60 at 10:00, 66 at noon, 69 at 2:00 and 4:00 and 69 at 6:00. go to at&t park, a baseball game will break out at 7:15. 57 degrees, dropping down to 55 it will be breezy. so dress accordingly and have fun. here's sue. >> we'll take a look at san rafael, southbound 101 past the north gate mall in the civic center. you can see traffic is light at this hour from novato to the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes. heavy out of the central valley, lots of traffic there up and over the altamont pass, we have a high wind advisory and we have an accident with a motorcycle down southbound 680 after stone ridge. two lanes are blocked, one with a vehicle in the motorcycle and another with the emergency crew so traffic is stacked up back towards the 580 so give yourself time if you're headed towards the sunol grade. time is running out to vote
5:57 am
on names for two osprey chicks born on a crane in richmond. the chicks were born two weeks ago. names have been narrowed to 10 finalists including whirly and windy and pride and purpose after richmond's city motto. you can cast your vote through midnight tomorrow and we do have a link on our web site, we have a warning for farnts -- parents for this year's little league season. and students are sweltering in classrooms, why it could be another year before the fix is completed. more video coming into our live desk. a rescue at sea. you won't believe what happens you won't believe what happens to
5:58 am
5:59 am
welcome to tuesday, may 30, for a lot of you the first day of the work week. >> the good news, it's a short week and we're here to get you going starting with
6:00 am
meteorologist mike nicco. >> you might want to pull the blanket over your head when you look outside it won't be too hot if you workout side. marine layer is around 2200 feet. even a little drizzle is possible as you look from our exploratorium camera. we're 55 degrees. steady during the morning hours. a lot of clouds left over. your lower level is the coast, 56 at noon, 58 at 4:00. notice the bay and inland temperatures very consistent, 65 to 66 at noon, 67 to 69 at 4:00 and a jacket needing 63 at 7:00. here's sue hall. >> a couple spobl spots the heatering lights on. slow and go there. slow traffic out of the central valley with a high wind advisory over the at mant and a


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