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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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coming from the scene at this moment as police continue to gather evidence and search for witnesses. >> what we know at this time is that a man was shot. you see a car there with a shattered back windshield there and police investigating at the scene. >> we will bring you updates throughout this newscast as we learn more. so, please stay tuned. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. now to our top story. we're learning new details this afternoon about the two people killed in yesterday's horrific rollover crash in alameda. they were both teenagers. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live at james logan high school in union city where one of the victims was a student. laura, this is yet another devastating loss for the school. >> reporter: dan, just earlier this month you may remember another logan student died on her way home from the prom in a car accident with two more teens now lost yesterday, that brings the total to five in the new haven district who have lost their lives in recent months. >> i was very sad to hear about
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what had happened. >> reporter: linda thomsen arrived this morning to union city's school for independent study to hear the worst possible news. one of her students, 17-year-old brianna ore ing at the brianna ortega was killed in the horrific crash. she just saw brianna friday ands the teen was working toward getting her diploma. >> i feel blessed i had a chance to say good-bye, get a good hug for her and know she had a definite goal in mind. >> she was very sweet, kind, and she just always just had a spirit like nobody else. she was always there for you. >> reporter: ortega was one of 7 people in the full-size pickup that flipped multiple times on alameda park street. witnesses say the truck was going 50 to 60 miles per hour, clipped another car and went airborne. >> he loved football. >> reporter: 17-year-old simon was also killed. he was a sophomore at james logan high school. >> he played football with us his freshman year, didn't play
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this year, but just was never prouder than when he was wearing that logan jersey. >> reporter: five other passengers in the truck remain in critical condition. it's not known yet whether they, too, attend logan. a school that's now lost four students to car accidents in the past year. >> we started off this school year with our loved ones and started off as a family and each day we lose another student. >> reporter: alameda police have released few details about the crash, except to say that speed was likely a contributor. in union city, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> we sent a breaking news push alert this afternoon about a napa couple found guilty of first degree murder. a mother and her boyfriend were convicted of killing the woman's 3-year-old daughter back in 2014. sara krueger and ryan warner were tried separately for the first degree murder and assault of krueger's daughter kaylee flesher. prosecutors say the girl's body had been placed in a freezer before it was found. napa county d.a.'s office is not
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seeking the death penalty. both krueger and warner face 25 years to life in prison. >> police are looking for a man who held up a taco bell restaurant at gunpoint. investigators say the robber went into the restaurant on fitzgerald drive through a side door around 6:00 this morning. that is an hour before opening. he flashed a pistol, ordered employees on the floor, then took money from them and the restaurant. the employees describe the suspect as a black male 30 to 40 years old, 5'9" to 6'1" tall with medium build and facial hair. he had shoulder length brady hear and was wearing a black shirt and pants, gray sweatshirt with a black beanie hat. >> it was a long slow walk for many in san francisco today as you see behind me. that is afternoon someone brought two artillery shells to a police station prompting evacuations and a shelter in place order. nabs reporter wayne freedman explains this whole thing came from good intentions. >> reporter: safe to say that at jones and eddy in san francisco, the old hotel harold and its
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inhabitants have seen better days. especially after the scare that its 85 mostly disabled and non-english speaking residents endured early this afternoon. >> it was very difficult. >> reporter: that is tony who with the san francisco police and fire departments evacuated some seven floors worth of people all because of two artillery shells similar to this that the caretaker of an elderly veteran found at a nearby apartment. he put them in his car and drove them to the police station. >> he left them in his vehicle and came into the station, told us that he had these two rounds in his car seat in front. >> reporter: police responded by following protocol. they blocked the street, began evacuating buildings. residents had no time to grab anything, nor did they know why. >> well, it's across the street from a police station so anything is likely. >> reporter: slowly, patiently, police and firemen helped their elderly charges up the street, up and back, up and back. >> they were great. they were wonderful. >> reporter: by the time police had everyone clear, the bomb
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squad arrived and took the artillery shells away. we still don't know if me were live, but police say that if you find something similar, leave it alone. next time they'll come to you. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> cal osha plans to inspect other so-called speed slides in california following a frightening incident during opening day at dublin's new water park. here is the incident. a 10-year-old boy flew over the edge of the slide called the emerald plunge on saturday. can you believ he was not seriously hurt? >> amazing. >> yeah. investigators say they are focusing on what they say appear to be pooling or puddling of water at the bottom of the slide. >> because that may have contributed to the accident, so that's one of the things they will be looking at very, very closely. >> cal osha says many speed slides in california have 30 degree drops. this one more extreme, with an 80 degree drop. both high speed slides at that are closed indefinitely.
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>> san francisco's sheriff's deputies find themselves being ordered to work overtime because of staffing shortages in the jails. san francisco sheriff's department employs 840 deputies, to secure the jails, courts, public hospitals and city hall. deputies received a memo on may 19th from sheriff vicky hennessey. every deputy is expected to work 12 hours of overtime per pay period and managers to work eight hours. that order remains in effect until september. well, quick work by fire crews in oakland helped stop this fire from destroying a home on tenth street in martin luther king, jr. way. a man who saw the fire burning this afternoon took the video and said he helped fight the flames before fire fighters arrived. >> san francisco giants reliever hunter strickland is getting a 6-game suspension for his part in yesterday's brawl against the washington nationals. bryce harper will sit o games. both players were also fined. strickland hit harper with the pitch, then harper charged the
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mound prompting a bench clearing on both sides. the suspensions were supposed to take effect tonight, but both players are appealing the decision. that means it will be held off until the process is complete. >> hope nothing quite that intense in the next few days, but the cleveland cavaliers did arrive in san francisco. they'll face the golden state warriors here on abc7 thursday. >> melanie woodrow is out staten island the saint regis in san francisco where the team is staying. melanie? >> reporter: well, the cavs arrived here just after 11:00 this morning to a small group of people looking for ought graphs, some said they are actually warriors fans. you know, you could say it's difficult to be a cavs fan here in the bay area. we spoke with one earlier today who is taking some steps to make sure that others like him feel at home even here. from sky 7 you can see the delta flight landing. the cleveland cavaliers de planing and stopping to take a team picture before boarding
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their bus. kevin posted the photo to instagram. this will be the third year in a row the cavs and the warriors face each other in the finals. the cavs tweeting, back to the bay. #defend the land. as the buses made their way to the city, people like darrell king, senior, staked out the saint regis hotel. >> just here to get ought graphs. i got lebron james before. >> reporter: as they gathered their bags, only the coach stopped to sign a basketball. >> i have all these guys supporting, good. >> reporter: most of these guys say they're actually warriors fans. same for the bus driver. >> i think they exhausted that bit. >> reporter: since being a cavs fan can be lonely in the bay area, jordan wheeler who has lived here 11 years now, created this facebook page to connect cavs fans locally. a little more than like and follow the page. >> we think we can repeat.
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it's a big task ahead. if you're a true cleveland fan, you've got 100% confidence that this can be the year again. >> reporter: only time will tell with game one of the finals this thursday. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> well, if you aren't lucky enough to be going to game one on thursday night, you can still watch it in style right here on abc7. the team's fans will find seats at oracle on sale at warriors stores. the dubs are making it clear that strength and numbers aside, it's all about the gold. they will want $30 worth of your gold, though, for one of these tees. >> fun stuff. the warriors released this gift, the title says it all. when you realize the nba finals are just two days away. espn coverage of game one of the nba finals starts thursday at 5:30 right a here on abc7. and you can join us on abc7 for an all warriors pregame show at 5:00 p.m. on your home for the fba finals. please tune in on thursday.
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it's going to be good stuff. >> yeah, i feel like making our own gif. >> let's do it. >> there you go. the u.s. weather can stop a nuclear missile attack and it is happening right off the california coast. find out whether it works as well as this animation. >> also here, punished for liking something on facebook? what is believed to be the first ruling of its kind. that's next. >> it's a matter of life or death. it is pretty convincing when it comes to the man convicted of killing sierra lamar. >> and up on the roof, conflicting reports tonight about why this california congressman is on
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today the u.s. military fired an interceptor missile for the first time. the launch from van den berg air force base was to simulate a defensive measure against a north korea missile strike. reporter bran difficult from our sister station in l.a. has
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details. >> reporter: the interceptor rocket was launched from an underground silo at van den berg air force base. a missile fired from a test range in the pacific. the planned target is a custom made missile is to simulate an icbm meaning it will fly faster than missiles used in previous tests. >> what this shows is the technology u.s. capabilities have not just with regard to u.s. missile defense but other technologies we are probably developing would you tell us even revealing what those are, just the fact that we have the ability to knock down a missile in the middle of the pacific ocean. >> reporter: and this test will also send a message to north korea which has been conducting missile tests of its own. yesterday north korea launched a short range ballistic missile that landed in the sea of japan. that is the third test in three weeks. north korea says its nuclear missile programs for a defense against perceived u.s. military. >> it is creating a fear amongst all of our allies and here in the homeland. also in alaska and hawaii
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because that's where these types of missiles could be used. >> reporter: and gomez says that is why today apartments test by the pentagon is so important. the threat remains north korea could one day be able to reach the u.s. main land with the nuclear missile. the antimissile defense system is intended to protect the u.s. from limited attacks involving intermediate and long range ballistic missiles. >> this is clearly a message to be sent to north korea but also to the other countries, especially china, since china does have some influence over north korea and hopefully this will get china to really put pressure on north korea to avoid using this type of missile or even trying to japan. >> a bathroom bill passed by texas lawmakers, mark zuckerberg, tim cook and nine other business leaders sent a letter to texas governor greg abbott to protest what they call discriminatory legislation.
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the bill mandates that transgender students use rest rooms corresponding with the gender on their birth certificate. the ceos say the law would be damaging for business and they point to the boycotts in north carolina after similar legislation was passed there. ultimately reversed. well, here is a bizarre one. a court in switzerland convicted a man for defamation for liking posts on facebook. the unnamed 45-year-old defendant liked a string of posts that accused an animal rights activist of being a antisemite and neo-nazi. they sued him that by liking their post he spread the content and acted with intent to harm and without any justifiable cause. >> a twitter post has a long-time california congressman explaining his actions during a protest outside his office. take a look at this photo. republican congressman darrell issa is seen on the roof of his district office today. his main opponent in next year's
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election democrat mike levin posted the picture, issa was too afraid to speak with his constituents below. issa countered saying he spent the morning talking with the crowd, then went to the roof to take a picture of the group. levin claims issa came outside for five minutes, but refused to engage with the protesters. >> well, the fate of the man who kidnapped and killed morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will be decided soon. attorneys on both sides presented their closing arguments about whether antolin garcia torres should receive death or life in prison. abc7 news reporter jeannine de la vega is live at the hall of justice in san jose to explain exactly what happened in court today. jeannine? >> reporter: dan, this is now in the hands of the jury. both sides argued what they think is the most fit and just punishment for antolin garcia torres. one of the last images the jury saw of sierra lamar was a video of the 15-year-old singing. several of them looked at her father who had his head down because it was too painful for him to watch. the prosecutors spent the day
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showing the impact of sierra's loss. >> what the prosecution tried to do in this closing statement was remind the jury of the horror that the sierra lamar murder case involved and the horror that continues with her family not knowing what truly happened to her. >> reporter: antolin garcia torres was convicted of kidnapping and killing sierra in march of 2012. the deputy d.a. reminded the garc jury he saw the face of evil and touching her naked body. he could have let her live. he chose not to. the d.a. told jurors a minimum sentence of life in prison would be rewarding garcia torres. but when the defense had their turn, the attorney said, quote, life in prison ensures he will die in prison. that is punishment that never ends until the day he dies. sierra's body has never been found. legal analyst steve clark says that could play a factor in his punishment. >> i think in the back of this jury's mind, if garcia torres is
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executed, the secrets that he knows go with him. >> reporter: the defense played on the jury's sympathy showing a photo of garcia torres when he was five saying he grew up neglected in poverty with a violent father and a mother who was abused. jurors were reminded that he was a father to two daughters and could still have a relationship with them if he is sentenced to life in prison. in san jose, jeannine de la vega, abc7 news. >> all right. moving on, we all do it, right, every now and then roll through those red lights? drivers in california who do that while making a right turn could face a much lower fine if they get a ticket. how is that for a change? san mateo senator jerry hill wants to lower the minimum fine from 100 to $35. he says the data shows that rolling right-hand turns account for less than a tenth of a percent of all traffic collisions in california every year. the state senate is set to vote on the bill this week. >> abc7 news was outside the pg&e shareholders meeting in san francisco today where protesters rallied to save their
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neighborhood trees. they say pg&e wants to cut down 272 trees in lafayette. the utility said the trees block access to pipelines which could be dangerous in emergencies. protesters said instead of cutting the trees, they'd like to see money spent on automatic shut-off valves and gas leak detectors. >> hands off our trees and help us with a true safety implementation. that is what we're asking for. >> it was put in place after the san bruno gas line explosion. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> hi there, everyone. it doesn't exactly feel like may around the bay area here. unseasonably cool and here's what's going do happen as we head into tomorrow morning. we're going see some measurable drizzle. san francisco a couple 100s of an inch as we head into tomorrow morning. you'll see why on live doppler 7. we have a system coming through and it is bringing a few sprinkles around clover dale. for the rest of you quite a bit of cloud cover. you do see moisture off the
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coast. as we head to the morning commute things will look a little bit different. gusting to 38 out of the southwest at fairfield right now, s.f.o. 36 miles an hour. that wind coming off the chilly ocean water is what is making it feel even cooler out there. highs so far in the mid 50s to mid 70s for most of you, unless you get well inland towards the delta. from our emeryville camera you've seen all the clouds and a little bit of blue showing through here. 56 in san francisco right now, 63 oakland, 64 san jose. gilroy nice and mild at 73 degrees. hardly any blue sky from our mount tam cam and it is shaking right now as it is breezy. 73 in santa rosa, currently 69 in concord. from our south beach camera you are also seeing clouds on different layers right now. drizzle overnight tonight. we are looking at a damp morning commute with milder days thursday, friday, and then summer like warmth will be with us this upcoming weekend. here is your hour by hour planner. tomorrow morning when you get going, there will be some drizzle around. temperatures in the 50s. partly cloudy at noontime, some sunshine for the afternoon, and in the evening it will be
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breezy. upper 50s to the low 80s will do it for your afternoon highs. tomorrow morning when you get going, slippery roadways. i think this model is overdoing it a little bit. there will be some drizzle around. temperatures in the 50s. it will be sweater weather and as you look at the hour by hour forecast, you will notice that 5:30, yes, there will be some green on the screen indicating some drizzly conditions, even in the south bay on the peninsula as we head into the east bay. there will be some slippery roads around richmond, oakland, san francisco. and then as we head towards the afternoon that system passes through. the skies will open up. except near the coast line where we'll hang onto some cloud cover. it will be a breezy afternoon tomorrow. near the coast just like today, temperatures upper 50s to the mid 60s. inland areas you'll be primarily in the 70s tomorrow so definitely going in the right direction which is up if you want it warmer. if you don't, i'm sure the cooler weather will be back again. all right. graduation time alta vista high school, hour by hour planner, it will be quite mild. temperatures in the low to mid
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70s at the time of the graduation, but cooling down by 6:00 p.m. good idea to take that extra layer if you're going in congratulations to those graduates. download the accuweather app and keep track of the hour by hour minute by minute forecast. check out the seven-day forecast, we have morning drizzle tomorrow, upper 50s to the low 80, we're going to duplicate the weather with drizzle thursday in terms of temperatures. then we'll start to see a warm up. but it is going to be a modest and gradual warm up friday on as we head into the weekend. we'll be seeing some mid-'80s inland, low 60s coast side and early next week some 90s appear inland, low to mid 60s coast side. we'll be returning to average and a little bit above as we head into the weekend, dan and kristen. >> memorial barbecues were cool. >> i know, right? >> a little cool. >> it's okay. >> the moment a water pipe explodes in ukraine, more of this amazing video next. >> unbelievable. and they're festive and fun, but
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mylar balloons can be destructive, causing outages and fires. the price you cou
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while talks are reportedly ramping up about a possible ban on laptops on passenger planes coming from europe, the u.s. and european partners have agreed to intensify discussions about restricting large electronics. a u.s. official told politico. now, in march remembr the government banned electronic devices larger than a phone on flights into the united states from ten airports in the middle east and africa. >> we have new video of a rescue at lake tahoe this past weekend. a woman was rock climbing with her boyfriend and dog when she
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fell 30 feet. the highway patrol first spotted the group in the mountains then went to get the basket to bring the woman up. the chp says the two were giving the dog a boost onto a ledge when the dog started sliding. the woman stepped in, but lost her balance. she tried to grab a shrub but it didn't hold. she is expected to be okay after all this. her boyfriend and the dog hiked out. a top trip down a country road for an uber driver. you can see he dunked his honda into a sink hole apparently caused by a water main break. this happened around sun up this morning on pau cann park lane in san diego county. the driver and his passenger were able to get out of the water and they actually weren't even hurt. >> all right. you have to see this. it's wild. in ukraine's capital city of kiev, surveillance captured an incredible explosion from an underground water pipe as it burst. take a look at what happened here. the ground just erupts. the debris was sent six stories high like a bomb. one woman was slightly hurt.
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several cars were damaged. as were some nearby buildings. watch again now. isn't that weird? local reports say the explosion was caused by hydraulic testing on pipes that were installed in 1979. >> a homeowner calls it the lawn from hell. not a single mower could cut the grass until he invented one. his solution next. >> but first we want to thank ava for this picture of what she calls an unfriendly encounter at lands end in san francisco. she shared her picture with us on social media using the #abc7now, we'd love to
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i'm alma daetz. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, the controversial decision and an emotional case. tonight one man's outrage after the person accused of shooting him in the head is shet free for now by a bay area judge. also today's supreme court decision on a landmark california law, this one is for the birds.
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and binge watchers bewear, what you should know before pulling an all nighter to watch the new season of house of cards. all that plus much more coming up in half an hour on abc7 news at 6:00. dan, kristen? >> alma, thanks very much. appreciate it. >> bay area homeowners looking to take better care of their lawns may want tips from a man in minnesota. >> you have to see this. michael has been mowing a steep hill in his backyard in blooming ton for 30 years. ankle and knee problems made it difficult for him to traverse the slope and mow the grass. >> so, he built his own customized lawn mower which he can operate from the top of the hill. the task takes about an hour and a half. >> he boasts his backyard is now the only mowed lawn in the entire neighborhood. >> it's valiant to even try looking at that hill, right? >> no, that's not easy. wish we had that when i was a kid mowing lawns. >> right? "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel and michael finney, i'm dan ashley.
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we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, breaking news -- abc news has learned that president trump's personal lawyer is now a focus of the russia investigation. tonight, he's refusing requests from congress to answer questions. and the president's son-in-law jared kushner and reports he wanted to set up with a backchannel with the russians. tonight, the white house was asked, did the president know and did he approve? also breaking tonight, for the first time, the u.s. military intercepts a mock intercontinental missile. the test just a short time ago. the images just coming in. tiger woods' dui arrest. police finding him passed out behind the wheel. tonight, his explanation and authorities now say there's dashcam video. the outburst late today in court. the suspect accused of killing two men on a train. wounding a third. they jumped in to protect


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