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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tonight. vick? >> reporter: well, ama, a long difficult recovery for benjamin pesa, but he hoped for some degree of justice. well, the last thing he thought would happen is that the man accused of shooting him would walk out of that jail behind me. where an attempted murder charge hanging over his head. halloween night, 2012, benjamin pesa was shot in the head. a miraculous recovery. his brain wound so severe, doctors gave him a 25% chance of living. he was in a medically induced coma for a month. >> i still have like memory issues, you know, like short term memory. >> today he still has problems with cognitive functions but otherwise he is doing well. the shooter, hun saelee, father of a 6-year-old. pesa and three friends left a halloween party where they encountered him. say they, that he groped his
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girlfriend. pesa's friend. saelee grabbed a gun from the car and fire it. emptying the magazine. within of the round hit pesa. his attorney says his client was simply trying to protect himself against the group charging at him, hurling racial insults. >> he was acting in self-defense against a, hate crime assault. >> last april, the trial ended with a jury acquitting saelee of most attempted murder charges. but they hung on at tempted murder and assault with a firearm charge related to pesa. then two weeks agoat judge released saelee while he awaits a new trial on the deadlocked charges. da spokesman alex bastion. >> there was brain matter on the pavement as a result of the gunshot wound. and we were complete opposed to this release. >> though on a gps monitoring device and other court-ordered condition his release shocked and angered pesa and his friends. >> he spent 4 1/2 years in a, locked away, while i spent 4 1/2
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years in, in this institution, bettering myself, and every day, trying to, improve myself, because of, the unfortunate circumstances. >> it is okay to go around shooting people and get a slap on the wrist. >> new trial date set for july. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> new at 6:00, a shooting in oakland. hours ago turned deadly. it happened before 4:00 p.m. at 512st and in the national boulevard. sky seven shows you a white car, with the shattered back windshield. we note victim is a male. and no other information has been provided. we will bring you updates throughout the newscast as we learn more. we are working the story. >> well this just in, more than two dozen people arrested in an undercover prostitution operation in san jose. police spent three days last week, around oak street and south 1st street. the operation ended up netting 27 arrests. none of the suspects was a victim huf man travof human tra
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>> two teenagers the victims of a car accident yesterday. this surveillance video only on abc 7, shows the pickup truck rolling several times. the crash at 8:00 a.m. yesterday, kept the area around park street and webb closed for ten hours. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joins us live with details about the people who died. laura? >> a very difficult knew month for high school students here in the union city. they lost five young people in all. all to car accidents. earlier this month. an 18-year-old died on her way home from the prom. today, they learned there were two more. >> she was very sweet, kind. >> alicia, classmate of brianna ortega, one of two 17-year-olds killed in the horrific crash. >> she made me feel welcome in high school. didn't make me feel scared at all. just very sweet. i wish everybody knew her the way i did. >> brianna would have turned 1, june 12. >> teacher linda thomas has known her for three years, saw
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her last friday when thomas says the teen was making plans to return to school. and work towards her diploma. >> she would have done something wonderful in this world. and i'm sorry we won't get an opportunity to see what her future would have been. >> one of seven people in the full size pickup it flipped multiple times on park street. witnesses say the truck was going 50 to 60 miles an hour. clipped another car and went airborne. >> he loved football. >> 17-year-old, simon satella was killed. a sophomore. >> played football freshman year. didn't play this year. was never prouder than when he was wearing the jersey. >> five passengers in the truck remain in critical condition. it is not known yet whether they too attend logan. a school that is now lost four students to car accidents in the past year. >> we start off this school year with our loved ones, and start off as a family. and each day we are losing another students. >> alameda police released few
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details except to say that speed was likely contributor. in union city, laura anthony, abc 7 news. well, new at 6:00. hens that provide the eggs that you eat will continue to have their own space. the u.s. supreme court today denied a challenge to california's landmark egg sales law. passed in 2010. it requires eggs sold in the state to come from housing systems that do not cruelly confine birds. several egg producing states were trying to overturn the law. abc 7 news i team helped expose the issue of the so-called battery cage for chickens back in 2008. >> uber has fired its main researcher on self-driving cars. hiring was one reason why uber is being sued by google self-driving car division. the lawsuit alleges, that he took thousands of documents when he left to found his startup
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purr sch purchased by uber for $700 million. the judge in san francisco ordered uber to stop using any downloads and return the material end of the month tomorrow. this could turn into a criminal case. >> closing arguments ended today for penalty phase of the sierra lamar murder trial. jurors must decide if the killer will be sentenced to death. our reporter spent the day in court. and is live in san jose to explain what happened there. >> the jury has started deliberations and they have a difficult decision ahead of them. some may call it a moral decision. they must decide if the suspect deserves death or does he deserve mercy? the jury learned a lot of intimate details about 15-year-old sierra lamar sitting in a courtroom since january. reminded of the pain and horror her family feels still not knowing where her body is. legal analyst, steve clark spoke about what the prosecutor told jurors today. >> that's what makes this crime
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especially cruel and why the death penalty is warranted because this family never knew what happened to their daughter, and they still don't have the answer that they wanted which is where their daughter is. >> the suspect was convicted of kidnapping and killing sierra in march 2012. the deputy da reminded the jury, garcia torres showed no mercy telling them sierra, saw the face of evil and he was touching her naeked bo enaked body. could have let her live. he chose not to. the da said life in prison would be rewarding him. the defense played on the sympathy showing a photo of garcia when he was five, grew up in poverty with a violent father and mother abused. >> they're going to say that there are still aspects of his life that are worth saving. and that he could still have a relationship with his children. and that the, it just doesn't make sense that he deserves death penalty. >> reporter: defense reminded
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the jury "life in prison ensure he's will die in prison. that is punishment that never ends until the day he dies." garcia torres is left waiting for what the jury decides. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> now you can get caught up on the background of the case on our website. be first to know sentencing decision by downloading abc 7 news app enabling push alerts. >> danville police set up a sting operation caught two burglars as a result. home was burglarized saturday. among the stolen items were two high-end road bikes. the next day police found out one of the bikes was being sold, they siptet up a meeting and arrested two suspect. >> did you get stuck on bart, delays lasted for hours after a series of problems. check this out. a rare sight, spotted this empty escalator on the station during the morning commute. that doesn't happen often. delays started with medical emergency at west oakland barlt. then about 6:45.
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richmond train broke down near the west oakland station. that slowed trains in both directions. and through the transbay tube. bart had tracks cleared by, 6:20 this morning. a headache for commuters. this weekend. bart will close down its newest station, so it can work on adding more stations. warm springs in south free mont will close saturday and sunday. bart will provide a free bus for passengers. bart has a ten-mile extension planned with two stations. bart will install new software this weekend. test trains to make sure it all works. this is the first of two weekend closures, the day of the second one not announced but we will palgs ate lo pass it along. >> in florida police responded to reports of an armed man at the orlando airport. the airport sent out the tweet. the incident in a rental car area. police evacuated that section of the terminal have it surrounded
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with weapons drawn. say the is contained there. it won't impact travel or operations. stay with abc 7 for updates on the breaking news. >> the state is taking a closer look, new dublin water park, after the 10-year-old went flying off the slide. injuries were minor. now cal oesha sha checking out thick lice one. >> decision could give nearly $1 million to the teen tajer. >> i'm spencer christian. wind, 30-40 miles an hour in the bay area. show you how long the windy condition will last and when we can expect a warm-up in a few minutes. >> and the cavaliers are here. that's lebron james walking into a san francisco hotel. next, we're live with a look at the cavs' fans, living in w nation territory. stay wit
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>> haurd to believe the 10-year-old boy is okay. thank goodness he is. state investigators a step closer to figuring out why this happened. abc 7 news reporter, leslie brinkley live from water park in dublin with the latest on the story. leslie. >> reporter: well, investigators are scrutinizing many different factors. one of them is what they say is puddling around the exit trough, the other is what they are calling, the extreme angle, pretty extreme angle on the emerald plunge. cal osha says many in california have 30 degree drops, it's 80 degrees. it's all part of their investigation. the wave water park is closed on week days. but on saturday, the first day
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of its grand opening weekend, this happened. a boy, hydroplaned off the bottom of the steep three story speed slide, emerald plunge. he walked away with scrapes. the day before cal osha gave the green light and issued a permit after they sent the water park, corrected a long list of issues noted in an april inspection including loose bolts at the base. the permit came with one condition, they have to use county fire officials to inspect the slide daily until they properly train staff to do inspections and document the training with the state. as for the investigation, osha is zeroing on what they say appeared to be pooling on puddling of water in the trough at the bottom. >> because that they have contributed to the accident. one of the things they will be looking at very, very closely. >> does that apply to the slide like the emerald plunge at other parks? >> a great question. i have asked if there are other slides like this one at other parks in the state of
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california, and i am, waiting for a response. >> it is possible then that you will have to look at walter slides at other parks because of the accident. >> that may be the case. >> the manufacturer of this slide and many others, white walter west, issued a statement. saying they're thankful the 10-year-old involved in the incident walked away without serious injury. and saying, they're working with park officials at the wave, both their high speed slides have been shut down. pending a full investigation from the white walter team. thousands enjoy the new park over the weekend. it will reopen saturday, i'm leslie brinkley. abc 7 news. giant old oak tree came crashing down in walnut creek this morning. the huge tree took out power poles and lines leaving 2,000 pg & e customers without power. incredibly no one was hurt. little property damage. the big oak missed an intersection. mostly fell into the parking lot of an animal hospital. workers there heard a cracking sound, just before that oak came down. >> then i heard it again. i came outside.
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i was like, what is that? then i look, i see the huge crack in the tree there. i'm like, oh, no, the tree is going to fall. >> some nearby businesses were without power for much of the day. there was no pizza. the ice cream was starting to melt. apparent lely nothing stopped those. >> cleveland cavaliers arrived in san francisco today. of course face warriors in game one of the nba finals thursday. >> yeah, a game you can watch on abc 7 news. abc 7 news reporter, melanie woodrow, live outside the saint regis in san francisco where the cavs are staying. hey, melanie. >> lot of anticipation for this one. cavaliers arrived here just after 11:00 this morning to a small group of people. looking for autographs. some of them said they're actually, warriors' fans. you could say, it's difficult to be a cavs' fan here in the bay area. we spoke with aun earothers who them to feel at home even here. the cleveland cavaliers tweeting back to the bay.
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as the cavs deplane they'd stpd to take a picture. and kevin love, posted to instagram. this will be the third year in the row, the cavs and warriors face each other in the finals. as the buses made their way off to city. people like daryl king sr., staked out the saint regis hotel. >> here trying to get autographs. >> as the buses arrived, the cavs gathered their bags. only the coach stopped to sign a basketball. >> i've don't know. i got all these guys. four day weekend. >> most of these guys say they're actually warriors fans. same for the bus driver. >> very nice. not ready at all. skpaused. after the fly. >> since being a cavs fan can be lonely in the bay area, jordan wheeler who lived here 11 years, create the this facebook page to connect cavs fans locally. a little more than 270 people like and follow the page.
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this year we will win it on our own turf. cleveland will be lit up like las vegas. >> reporter: prediction from a cavs' fan living in w nation. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. espn coverage of game one of the nba finals starts thursday, 5:30 here on abc 7. you can join us on abc 7 for an all warriors pregame show at 5:00 on your home for the nba finals. >> tune in. a lot of fun of course. go warriors. update the weather forecast. changed nicely today. >> spencer christian and the forecast. bit chilly, spencer. >> we have, a wind-chill factor right now. breezy. throughout the afternoon. now into the evening. and through out the early evening hours, and actually into the early morning hours, we will see, winds, gusting between, oh, 20, 25 miles an hour. across much of the bay area. higher in some locations. then we will see the wind, diminish just a little bit. midday hours tomorrow. only to intensify again in the
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late afternoon. early evening. we still have a breezy pattern with us next day or so. here is a look at, not live doppler 7. current wind gusts. 35 miles an hour right now at sfo. 35 miles an hour over in fairfield. all around the bay area. you can see. quite breezy, gusty. now we are looking at live doppler 7. not only clouds, and chilly conditions. we have some moisture moving in right now. which will no doubt produce rather widespread drizzle. some fog in isolated areas. widespread drizzle during the overnight hours. temperatures now on the cool side. mainly in the up 50s, low 60s. might find upper 60s in some inland locations right now. this is not our typical late mayweather. this is a view from emoryville. cloudy skies. forecast features. drizzle overnight. damp spots for the morning commute. see milder days, thursday, friday, summer like warmth will descend this weekend. overnight. drizzly. and it will, feel cooler than it actually is. low temperatures wilt be in the
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mid 50s. which is, actually pretty mild for overnight lows. but it won't feel that way. it will be damp out there. as you can see tomorrow morning. 5. 30. . morning commute under way. have wet spots all over the bay area. down the south bay. long stretches of wet pavement. highway 101, south bay. peninsula, as well on interstate 280, east bay. interstate 580, 680. 880. long stretches of wet pavement. as will 80 from richmond towards fairfield. generally damp across the bay area. may need extra time for commuting. morning commuter. by afternoon tomorrow, we'll see sunny skies across the bay area away from the coast. and it will be, not too mild. it will be dry. we predict our rainfall total, won't amount to much. generally under .005. and highs will range from 50s at the coast. upper sects. low 70s around the bay. upper 70s, in oakland. now a look at the accuweather
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seven day forecast. partly cloudy, breezy, cooler than average for two days. warm-up begins on friday. through the weekend. inland highs, mid 80s. 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. and then heats up even more monday, tuesday. with summer like warmth. highs up to 90 inland. mid 60s on the coast. >> all right. >> it will be dry. >> all right. thank you, spencer. >> celebrate responsibly isn't just a reminder of booze. it could also apply soon to balloons. >> explain how to avoid a
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>> announcer: closed-captioning brought to you by -- well, graduation around the corner. and mylar balloons part of many celebrations. >> if a bay area lawmaker gets his way, you may not be able to release the balloons much longer. >> anchor kristen zee is here. >> promoting balloon safety. and the assemblyman has introduced a bill to ban the release of mylar balloons in california. why? just take a look. >> that's the best one. yeah. >> that blows the fuse, causing an outage to an area. >> mylar balloons on power lines cause 1900 outages in california in 2015. and last year, they sparked wildfires. that cost the state more than $3 million to put out. the assemblyman tried to ban their sales last year to no
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avail. his new bill wants to make it illegal for any one to release them anywhere not justsieve i civic events the law states. >> later, potential. into the ocean, it dissolves. fish and -- and other organisms can eat it. >> well if you choose mylar balloons consider the safety tips. keep balloons tethered and attached to a weight how they are required to be sold right now. puncture and deflate balloons before disposing of them. and, if a balloon is tangled in power lines, call your utility. the bill has just passed the assembly and now goes to the senate. if it becomes law, you could get a ticket of up to $100 for releasing a mylar balloon. dan, ama? >> the oakland school district, celebrating success. found a way to keep kids in class. >> next, see what other districts could learn from successful strategies in the east bay. >> house minority leader, nancy
6:26 pm
pelosi speck loe pelosi. ahead on abc 7 news. >> plus, more questions, changes and controversies sur
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. oakland schools were among the first in california to track chronic absenteeism. now their efforts have paid off. tonight, the district will present their numbers and huh they have managed to keep consider in schools. >> abc 7 got a preview. >> reporter: charlie plant, principal in oakland often talks about why students don't show up to school. >> don't care about it. i'm bored. or i'm a failure. abuse. domestic violence. alcoholism. >> even depression he says is a factor. oakland unified was one of the first in california to start collecting data on students who missed too many days. >> is it health?
6:30 pm
transportati transportati transportation, a factor we haven't kidded. >> reporter: having that information led to outreach programs. each school has a team within attendance manager. each student is tracked. and so far, oakland seems to be having some success. in 2009 when they began addressing the problem, 16% of students who are chronically absent. today, it's just over 11%. and it also has the its own strategies for engaging students. >> some of the things they tell us, that are relevant or interesting to them. and one way or another. it gives us a chance to be able to go to school and get like, no different things you might want to do in the future. that's what i like about the program so far. >> do you think that will keep you in school. >> greg killens says heap is now committed to the idea of going on to college. in oakland, leann melendez, abc 7 news. >> breaking news we first told you about top of the hour.
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massive police presence at orlando international airport right now. involving a man with a gun in a rental area irof the airport. this is new video showing that huge police response. just minutes ago, orlando police reported the armed suspect was contained, and that no shots were fired. airport officials say there is minimal impact to operations, however we have seen a lot of passengers posting nervous messages on social media. officers going through the terminal with guns drawn. we'll stay on top of the breaking story and bring you updates on air and on line as they become available. >> back here, san jose police are trying to get in contact with a woman who says she was kidnapped at knifepoint. the 22-year-old's family showed up for graduation last friday. and -- sunny wasn't there. investigators say the victim report she'd was forced to drive her kidnapper north in her own car to oregon, about eight hours later. they ran out of gas. and, bandon oregon. she made a run for it. >> she was able to hide at an old lumber mill site.
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he did not locate her. he just walked away from there. >> the victim had a very limit deed scri description. police are activity investigating what happened. >> happening now, oakland city council will vote on a settlement with woman who says police officers sexually exploited her. she sued the city for $66 million. city attorney is recommending a $1 million settlement. she says she had sex with multiple police officers, from several bay area agencies including when she was an underaged sex worker. criminal charges filed against four former and current officers linked to the investigation. >> also happening now,he third, final public meeting to talk about improving bicycle safety and access in the bay area. meeting with caltrans district four includes all nine bay area counties. but since it is caltrans, they're only talking state highways not surface streets. caltrans wants to see bicycling triple by 2020 to improve health
6:33 pm
and decrease traffic congestion. final plan expected next winter. >> on what is nearly the 30th anniversary of her service in congress, house minority leader, nancy pelosi spoke in san francisco today. she took written questions from a soldout crowd at commonwealth club. jonathan bloom has mr. on what she said, and about how things have changed in washington. in the district she representatives, nancy pelosi got a standing ovation. a day after what would have been president kennedy's 100th birthday. >> i was present at his inauguration. >> she witnessed american history. but the crowd wanted to talk about the present. >> how is this president different? >> what's different would be a long list. how is he the same? i can't think of anything. >> she had been hoping for america's first female president. >> not that women are better. that the beauty is in the mix. we must have women at the table. >> reporter: to tackle tough issues like one she's faced as a
6:34 pm
catholic democrat. >> when it comes to a woman's right to choose, i grant you your position for your life. for everybody else's. >> there were other topics on which leader pelosi was not so direct. especially talking president trump. she avoided even using his name. >> the new president of the united states. >> i notice you don't say president trump. >> it's hard. >> pelosi says past republican presidents have found common ground with democarts. >> it's not partisanship happening there. kind of extreme way, was not really -- >> see the nostalgia for george w. >> i would do anything to have george w. bush. >> yet another president lost the popular vote. though pelosi says, president trump insist heed won the first time they met. as the for whether the trump kw campaign. >> the in teg ri team of our elections, this is bigger than po politics this is about our country. >> a country she says should
6:35 pm
open its doors in stepped of building a wall. >> immigration is constant reinvigoration of america. when they come they make america mr. american. jonathan blume, abc 7 news. >> growing calls for trump's son-in-law, jared kushner to resign as senior adviser. san mateo congresswoman wants kushner to testify why he met secretly the with a russian banker with close ties to the russian president. >> why in a transition do you find yourself meeting exclusively with russians? particularly, why a bank president in russia who has had sanctions slapped on him. >> the fbi is reportedly examining whether the russian banker promised to finance business ventures by trump associates if the sanctions were lifted. >> meantime, president trump's to do list is getting longer following resignation of his communications director. stepping down amid rumors of a staff shake-up. press secretary sean spicer held
6:36 pm
his first briefing in nearly two weeks. on the same day the president's personal attorney declined to cooperate with congressional investigations into possible russian collusion. spicer deflected questions about the probe. >> the reason the president is frustrated there is perpetuation of false their tough is unnamed sources used over and over again. >> investigators are moving forward with former white house staffer, boris epstein confirming they contacted him for information in connection with the russian investigation. >> the man accused of stabbing three people aboard a portland train, cause aid kploegs appeared in court today. jeremy christian yelled, you call it terrorism. i call it patriotism. as he walked into court last, last friday, christian shouted religious slurs at a muslim girl and her friend. he is accused of stabbing three men who cam to the girls' aide. two died. the lone survivor, michael
6:37 pm
flecmicah fletcher attended the hearing. >> this your country. this your town. these are your people. these streets are yours just as much as they are mine. >> meanwhile, the mayor of portland is asking the federal government to cancel an alt right alley for sunday saying it will increase tensions. >> tiger woods insist he's was not drunk arrest ford dui. the evidence that backs up his claim and what was really affected? >> find out how berkeley researchers trained the robot to be so good at did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? enter sleep number she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $700 on the temperature balancing i8 bed. ends sunday. go to for a store near you.
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>> pop star ariana grande will hold a benefit concert sunday for victims of the man chester attack. suicide bomber killed 22 people injured dozens of others after ariana grande's concert at man chest ear reena a week ago yesterday. sunday's concert held at manchester's old trafford cricket ground. ariana grande, justin bieber, cold play, katy perry and others perform. proceed go to a fund set up by the city and the british red cross. >> new details as the golf world reacts to tiger woods' dui arrest yesterday. tiger was arrested monday at 3:00 a.m. in jupiter, florida after police
6:41 pm
found him asleep at the wheel of his car. woods blew 0.00 on a breath test and said the event was unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. the man whose career was often compared to tiger's, jack nicklaus expressed sympathy for woods today. >> i feel bad for tiger. tiger is a friend. great for the game of golf. and, i think he need all of our help. we wish him well. >> woods told police he was taking several medications including painkillers. he has undergone back surgery since 2014. he issued a statement taking full responsibility for his actions but reiterated al skoe hol w alcohol was not a factor. >> netflix's ceo said his company's biggest competitor is sleep. lear
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you are looking at a robot that has a 99% success rate at picking up objects. thanks to research by the automation lab and students. they're about learned, looking at thousand of virtual 3 d models. it figured how to pick up objects that have odd shapes, ones that weren't included in the models.
6:45 pm
berkeley's lab is all about developing robotics and awed mags f automation. a complete paper published this summer. >> money news. s & p, snapped the seven day winning streak today. stocks overall were down on the first trading day since the holiday weekend. dow lost 51 points. closed above 21,000. the nasdaq ended 6200. s & p, dropped three points ending at 2412. the big headline maker today is amazon. which briefly traded above 1,000 a share today. for the first time ever. it closed shy of the four figure mark at $996. only four other american companies traded at four digit price. alphabet has a stock price closely behind amazon. so far this year, amazon stock is up by nearly a third. the desatle based company launched in 1995 and is now the largest online retailer.
6:46 pm
>> the fifth season of house of card debuts on netflix. national medical group says binge watchers beware. american academy of sleep medicine issued a statement saying binge watching puts your health in jeopardy. the netflixceo said sleep was number one competitor. can't tear your self away. use blue light filter on your devices. blue light can strain your eyes. stream netflix on the tv, instead of your phone. try to turn off all screens half-hour before you go to sleep. >> so much fun to binge watch. emoryville took the wraps off a playgrou playground. this one is specifically designed for urban environments. really goes up. more than out. as you can see. called a, eme emoryville purchased from the netherlands. one other playground like it in the united states. that is in boston. kids here at k 12 center
6:47 pm
community life, were the first ones to give the a try. i'm excite they'd found something different. i feel look something, the school has to get used to it. kind of new. this is a cool and community center. anyone can use the playground on, on the weekend, clever design. >> fun. >> good day outside to play from the beach in santa cruz to san francisco bay. we're looking live at most blue skies a awe love to see the weather. share your pictures. videos. follow on instagram. abc 7 news bay area. >> check with spencer for a look at the forecast. spencer. >> okay. portions of the sky blue have given way off to increasing clouds. see here on live doppler 7. little chilly out there right now. and windy. soon going to be soggy. as we expect widespread drizzle overnight with low temperatures early morning hours. in the 50s. so maybe a slow commute for
6:48 pm
commuters. give way to sunshine tomorrow. away from the coast. with highs reaching only into the mid to upper 70s inland. mild, still, below average for this time of the year. it is graduation day tomorrow. at alta vista. mountain view. graduation at 4:30 in the afternoon. during the afternoon hours. mountain view will have sunny skies. temperatures in the mid 70s. here is accuweather seven-day forecast. after two more days tomorrow, thursday, of slightly below average temperature thousands. start to warm up. friday, saturday, sunday. by monday, tuesday next week. see inland highs, 90 degrees. 80s around the bay. mid 60s along the coast. >> nice. feel look summer. >> thank you, spencer. >> after the big fight yesterday. remember the tv show. don't do the crime if you can't do the time. google it, kids.
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verdict is in. how much time will they get? and will the nats retaliate. next in sports. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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good evening.
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steve kerr will coach again, probably not in the nba finals. mike brown filling in. 10-0. transition really smooth. brown back at practice after a bout with the flu. kerr told the san jose mercury news he absolutely plans to return to coaching full time hopefully by start of next season. playing finals. doesn't look like he will be back. warriors practiced. getting set for thursday night. kevin durant's second trip off to the finals. first one in 2012. okc lost off to the miami heat in five games. ready to get this series, started. >> anxious to play. you know, excited. you know, atmosphere is going to be great. but, i told some one today. end of the day, just basketball. something i have been playing my whole life. we all have been. all comes back done to just -- going out there and playing the way we have been playing our whole lives. >> a journey, you know? pretty exciting. but we have got a lot of work to do. just look forward to --
6:53 pm
competing and trying to get the job done. >> as we showed you earlier, the cavs flew into the bay area today. like previous years they will be staying in san francisco. this is the third straight year the cavs have opened the finals on the road. warriors and cavs tipping off thursday night. 6:00 here on abc 7. followed by after the game. all the highlights. post game interviews, live from oracle arena. major league baseball wasted no time handing out suspensions stemming from the brawl. giants/nationals. bryce harper suspended four games. hunter strickland, out for six games. both players also fined undisclosed amounts. strickland and harper, both appealing these decisions. that means they remain eligible to play until the appeal its heard. the real question is, if -- if or when the nationals decide to retaliate. because this situation may not be over. round two is tonight. as/indians. not a good day for sunny gray.
6:54 pm
3-0 lead. gray couldn't hold it. cleveland responding with four runs in the fourth. bradley zbli zimmer. knocks in a pair. 4-3, indians like that. lasted 4 and 2/3. seven runs, nine hits. wild pitch here in the fifth. michael brantly to score. it is 7-3, cleveland. trevor, bower was dealing. struck out career high, 14, seven innings. trevor, poof. and rajay davis, whiffed four times. as struck out 19 times in the game. hard to win like that. fall 9-4. nfl news, raiders continuing, otas. organized team activities. quarterback back on the field after breaking his leg at the end of last season. carr and raiders, negotiating a new contract. it's slow going. derek heading into the final year of the rookie deal. he said he not negotiate once training camp starts. that puts pressure on the raiders. still got a few months obviously. not going anywhere of course. he says he wants to make sure all of his focus is on the field. and not on how much money he is
6:55 pm
making. >> the money isn't the thing that drives me. if it was, shouldn't be standing here to be honest. what drives me is, making sure i am giving everything that i have. with my abilities. and making sure we win. i don't want anything distracting my thought process at all. >> first round of the french open. this got kind of dicey here. martin and loren. bottom of the screen. double faults. like i'm in your head. it is in your head. that upset him. made his displeasure during the break. chatter here. match point. backhander goes long. so, he wins the match. and, doesn't want to shake hands after the match. he wins, 6-4 in the fifth. >> little hunter strickland situation developing there. >> at least they've didn't punch each ulgtother. >> you're dismissed.
6:56 pm
>> you have done that to me in the sports office. >> run along. >> customary. >> join us at kofy, and the illicit romance started in the six grade classroom. she was 34. he was 12. what could be the final chapter at 9:00. >> new developments on the san jose state student says she was kidnapped and forced to drive to oregon. on abc 7 news at 11 clock ck:00 just released audio from police responding. >> at 8:00, "downward dog" and "the middle" and "american housewife" and "imaginary mary," and "american housewife" and "black-ish" and then the news. >> keri russell and scott speedman. >> that's the lineup tonight. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. for larry, and spencer all of us, thank you for joining us.
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