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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 31, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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ic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." a major financial settlement, the first in the bay area sex scandal involving seven police departments. now we're set to hear from the attorney representing the young woman at the center of it all. thanks for joibing us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm jessica castro. the city of oakland will shell out nearly a million dollars to the 19-year-old woman who refers to herself as a former sex worker. jasmine abuslin says she was sexually assaulted by several police officers. her attorney, john burris, will hold a news conference two hours from now to discuss the settlement. she was at the center of a sex scandal that rocked the city's police department. >> i as a taxpayer am paying their salaries. especially when it comes to
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public safety to protect my children, my daughters and my neighbors' daughters and for them to commit those actions are absolutely irresponsible. >> oakland city council members discussed the issue until earl this morning, eventually voting 7-1 for the big payout. claims against several other bay area law enforcement agencies are pending. passengers arrived in san francisco after the frightening flight last night that had to be diverted because of a fire on board. authorities say it was caused by a laptop battery. "abc 7 news" reporter matt keller is live at sfo. you talked with passengers. >> reporter: yes, blame it on the battery. a fire on a plane is obviously very serious, but it appears that the crew and passengers handled it well. 158 passengers on board jetblue flight 915 arrived at sfo just after midnight this morning after an unexpect three-hour layover in grand rapids,
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michigan. >> they said something was going on in the back and they needed emergency action, crew go back there really quick. >> the flight was on its way from jfk airport in new york to sfo when the faa says a lithium battery stored in a backpack caught fire. >> we're at 35,000 feet and all of a sudden you hear an announcement and we look back and row 25 and we saw everybody standing up and smoke coming around. we didn't know what was going on. >> i noticed that the stewardess was trying to -- she had maybe a storage bin and she was trying to get the box out. she was trying to basically put the fire out. you could see smoke and smell it. >> reporter: the fire was put out before the plane landed around 8:00 p.m. in michigan. no one was hurt and no damage to the plane. once maintenance crews inspected the aircraft it took off again for san francisco, this time reaching its destination. >> i'm relieved to be back home.
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>> what happens happens. >> reporter: now, the plane has moved on. jetblue sent it on its next fly from sfo to florida dachlt reporting live at sfo, matt keller, "abc 7 news." matt. thank you. police need your help tracking down the driver in a deadly hit-and-run crash in vallejo. 51-year-old ernest howard was found in the center median on columbus parkway last night. police say he was hit as he tried to cross the street. the diver kept going. hour howard died at the scene. happening now, the jury in the sierra lamar murder case is deliberating the fate of the man they convicted in her murder. they're considering the arguments made by prosecution and defense. prosecutor told them he should be sentenced to death for kidnapping and killing the teen in 2012.
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they say he showed no mercy. on the other side they argue he had a rough life and deserves mercy. they want a life sentence. she made it all up. that's what south bay police are saying about a woman who claims she was abducted at knife point and forced to drive to oregon. she was found in coos county friday night. she said a man abducted her in san jose and was forced to drive there. she said she escaped when her car ran out of gas. san jose police interviewed her and released this statement. during the interview, the victim recanted the allegations and stated she fabricated the entire incident. the community is not at risk and no suspects are wanted in connection with this investigation. new this morning, uc berkley is taking a big step forward in if gender inclusion movement. the chronicle's reporting cal will become the first university in the state to build a large scale gender inclusive locker room. the 4500 square foot facility will open next year inside the campus gym. transgender and disabled students will be able to access
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private changing rooms and partitioned showers and bathroom stalls. the facility is funded by a new fee of $54 per student each semester. it was approved in a 2015 campus wide vote. this weekend a heads up for you. bart will close its newest station to work on adding more stations. warm springs in south fremont will close this saturday and sunday. bart will provide free buses for passengers. the agency has a 10-mile extension plan with two new stations, one in milpitas, the other in the bay area of san jose. bart is installing new software and running test trains to make sure it all works. this is the first of two weekend closures. the date for the second one has not been announced. happening now, a bay area county is taking big steps to get folks to carpool. contra costa wants you to hitch a ride and it is teaming up with an app called "scoop." "abc 7 news" reporter amy hollyfield is live to explain how it can save you money.
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amy. >> reporter: hi, jessica. when you talk to commuters many of them say they're not sure carpooling is for them. they've got their set routine or their unique route. the transit officials are saying we can't think like that anymore, something's got to give. transit officials in contra costa county are so determined to unclog these highways they're now willing to pay you to try carpooling. >> there's so many empty seats in cars, you know, that could be filled, and just, you know, forever filled seat we're essentially taking another car off the road. >> reporter: they partnered with the app "scoop" which finds commuters going to the same place at the same time and connects them. it costs $5 per ride. the county will pay $2 each ride each direction. >> we were thinking about moran scoop said no, let's start with $2. they've done similar things in other bay area communities and feel like $2 made a difference. >> fred cainer started carpooling amend says he likes
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it. >> carpooling is a tremendous alternative to bart and other ways to commute to the city. the commute has become onerous and over crowded. >> reporter: other commuters tell us it sounds like a good idea. >> traffic is insane and it is worth trying. >> reporter: but not sure it would work for them. >> it depends on how many people are on this app and where people are going. i'm going to san leandro right nw. i don't know how many people from pleasant hill or headed in that direction. >> reporter: you have to use the app, and that's because that's how they can track you actually did it so they can get you your money. they just started this a week ago. they're going to let a couple more weeks go by before they track it to see if anyone is truly taking advantage of this. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield "abc 7 news." thank you. leaders from the european union
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and china are vowing to reaffirm their commitment to the paris climate accord regardless of whether president trump pulls out of the packet. lana zack reports from washington. >> reporter: president trump is likely to drop out of the paris climate accord. that's according to a senior white house official who cautions no final decision has been made. if the president decides to go this route, the u.s. would join just syria and nicaragua in opposing the agreement. the united states under the obama administration helped lead the charge on the landmark climate deal. 197 countries joined including all of the top five nations responsible for co 2 emissions, china, rush withdraw, india and japan. the u.s. is number two. and if the u.s. pulls out, other countries who previously agreed to participate may follow. >> we're going to cancel the paris climate agreement. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, mr. trump lobbied against the deal, even tweeting that global warming was a hoax.
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and as president he has unraveled other obama era p>> my administration is puttin an end to the war on coal. >> reporter: as recently as yesterday, white house spokesman sean spicer was asked if the president believes human activity contributes to the warming of the climate. >> i haven't asked him. >> reporter: on the european leg of his trip the president was heavily lobbied by the pope and others but his tweet writes, i will be announcing my decision on the paris accord over the next few days. make america great again. does the president's goal work with making the planet great. some members of his own party, including the florida delegation for whom rising sea levels could have catastrophic implications. lana zack, abc news washington. lebron james is here in the
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bay area preparing for the nba finals, police report someone spray painted a racial slur at his home in southern california. the lapd says the slur was written on the front gate of the property in brentwood. it was reported early this morning, but by the time officers arrived there property management had already painted over it. investigators are looking at security footage. james bought the house in 2015 but it is not his primary residence. it is one of president trump's most talked about tweets. the mystery word the internet is trying to figure out. and comedienne kathy griffin apologizing this midday for a gruesome anti-trump photo. the fall out as she is losing jobs and sponsors. >> remember the showers we talked about yesterday? they came to fruition in some areas like here, walnut creek, where our weather window is looking south on 680 towards 24 right now. a couple hundreds of rain in livermore, concord, dublin, antioch creek.
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we are breaking news for you right now on the bay bridge. look at this traffic. this is the result of something happening right now, chp saying a man has gotten out of his vehicle and climbed on to the middle average raj of the western span of the bay bridge. two lanes are closed. traffic as we pan, you can see coming into san francisco is backed up. >> boy, yeah, bumper to bumper. chp saying that the man so far
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is refusing to speak at all. the part of the bridge the man is on is about 20 to 25 feet above the roadway, and so we are keeping a close eye on this breaking news as it develops. we will get you the latest updates as it comes in. we have developing news in afghanistan where the death toll is rising after a suicide truck bombing in one of the most secure areas of kabul. at least 90 were killed, more than 400 injured. a state department official confirms to abc news 11 americans are among the injured. they were working as contractors important the u.s. embassy in kabul. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. the afghan taliban has denied involvement. new this morning, a suspect under arrest on gun charges at trump international hotel in washington d.c. police are crediting a tipster for leading them to 43-year-old brian moles, a doctor from pennsylvania. they say he checked into the hotel this morning. he was taken into custody after authorities searched his car and
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found two weapons including an assault rifle, a handgun and 90 rounds of ammunition. no word on his intention. moels was charged with carrying a pistol without a license and having unregistered ammunition. >> new details. kathy griffin is losing her job at cnn plus an endorsement deal after posing for a gruesome anti-trump photo. the president hit switter saying kathy griffin should be ashame willed of her. my children, especially my 11-year-old son barron, are having a hard time with this. we blurred out the worst of this. it show it is comedienne holding what looks like the president's bloody severed head. cnn announced it is terminating its agreement with griffin. griffin has apologized and asked the photographer to take down the picture. >> i sincere apologize. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. i move the line and then i cross it. i went way too far.
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i made a mistake and i was wrong. >> a stanford law professor told usa today there's no question that it is protected speech but the secret service says it investigates all threats against people under its protection. >> you won't find today's buzz word in a dictionary and nods are you probably have seen covfefe all over social media. it is because of this tweet by president trump at 9:00 our time last night. he wrote, "despite the constant negative press covfefe." well, he probably meant coverage, that's what we think. regardless, the misspelled tweet stayed up for nearly six hours before it was deleted about 3:00 a.m. our time. he replaced "wealthtrack" this tweet. feeling the social media madness more, "who with figure out the true meaning of
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enjoy." >> jimmy kimmel tweeting, what makes me satd esz is i know i will never write anything funnier than covfefe. calling it the ultimate tweeting device for world leaders and looking like an old version of an apple watch. >> yeah, right. so that's how you pronounce it. i was wondering when i had my first cup of covfefe when i woke up. >> exactly. >> we are a day away from the nba finals. how the warriors are gearing up today and special show of support at one bay area landmark. >> and let's take a live look outside with our mount tam
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the warriors and the cavs are gearing up for the first big media day, the finals ahead of tomorrow's tip off of game one. >> sfo is showing its nation. showing the international terminal decked out in blue and gold. both teams will hold practice and speak with reporters closer to noon at oracle arena. tickets are available for game one on ticket master. they're going for about $400. >> that's not court side, right? >> not court side, definitely not. the nba staying local for the national anthem performance, pat monahan will sing ""the star spangled banner"." espn coverage of the excitement of game one of the nba final starts tomorrow at 5:30 here on "abc 7 news." you can join us on "abc 7 news" for an all warriors pregame show. that's at 5:00 p.m. >> it is exciting, isn't it? >> ahhh, what koo be better, right? >> yes, redemption. >> yes, what, waited 50 weeks
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for this about? >> right. it was long weeks, too. >> a long time. and we're going to have nice weather. starts with today. hi, everybody. let's take a look and show you what is going on with our east bay hills camera. what you are seeing right there are brighter, warmer, light and breezy conditions. cloud deck and drizzle the next several days and average to above average high starting friday. let's take a look at the warriors' forecast and what you're going to see. our temperatures as you head in around 5:00, look at that, they're going to be running in about the 65 or 66 degree range. then the game starts at 6:00. 65 as you're heading out about 8:00. look at that, down to about 60 degrees. you may not need a hoody when you're going in but you definitely want to have one on the way out. l let's take a look at what is going on elsewhere around. opening the weather window on the explore tore yum and you will see your activity planner. exercising, you can put some
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sunscreen on. not as cool if you are going to be out and about today. i was at my son's baseball game last night and we were talking about, really, end of may and we're in hoodies, blankets and everything. that's not going to be the case. on the bay, lighter breezes. if you like to kayak and canoe, get out there and do it. this morning showers moving into the sierras where some thunderstorms are possible today. our temperatures are going up, about 73 to nearly 80 in south bay with san jose in the middle at 76. 75 in santa cruz. we will have temperatures in the upper 50s along the coast. 65 downtown san francisco. average high, 66. so we're pretty close. if you are going to the game the night, even though it is the third game and it is a wednesday it will be an evening game, 7:15 pitch, 58 degrees dropping down to 56. the breeds will pick up a little bit and the cloud cover also throughout the game. 60 degrees along the coast, about 76 to 79 degrees in the
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valley also. 68 in berkley, 69 oakland, 70 to 74 elsewhere along east bay. 76 to 81, still very comfortable in our east bay valleys. one of our favorite high schools for our graduations because it is the millennial high. we will held over to the peninsula, actually start down in mountain view in alta vista high. look at that, we have a temperature in the 70s, then dropping into the uhmer 60s and almost the same thing for palo alto high school. temperature also that will run 71 at 4:00, 66. congratulations students, parents, faculty. enjoy your evening. tomorrow about the same as today. a dry cold front keeping our temperatures below average. a little warmer friday through the weekend and hottest temperatures pushing 90 in the middle parts of next week. back to you. >> glad to see that warm up. mike, thanks. >> we are still following breaking news story on the bay bridge with a man who climb on
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to tilgds average roj. >> it is
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welcome back. we're still following the breaking news on the bay bridge. chp tells us a man has climbed on to the middle anchorage of the western span of the bay bridge.
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you can see the huge backup it is causing. cars going really slowly, just crawling along. >> yeah, that's because two lanes are closed and traffic coming into san francisco is backed up. i'm just seeing a tweet from san francisco chp they were negotiating with that man who has climb up to the middle anchorage, trying to get him down. right now be aware the man is about 25 feet above the roadway and it is slow. >> we're going to keep tracking this story for you. follow us on social media. we will have the latest, especially if you are heading out the door and into the city. from all of us here though, thank you for joining us on midday. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is next. you are looking at the bakup on the bay bridge. you can to get the latest by
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