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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 6, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's june 6th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." if this driver had been distracted -- >> something bad would have happened. >> the split-second decision that saved a life. >> oh! a massive dust devil hits a soccer field. >> it comes swirling in. >> why its 50 feet are no match for a player's 2 feet. >> sign him. a baby's finally going to see -- >> that woman that's always around. oh, yeah, mom. >> the sweet moment it all becomes clear. >> it's like, hey, girl, i know you. i love you. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including the ole ear bud prank. how singing the hits gets them
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every time. ♪ you raise me up ♪ so i can stand on mountains the person who posted this video says if he had been texting, something bad would have happened right here. >> oh! >> going to be a small kid chasing a ball or something. >> yeah. a child was chasing bubbles. because he was going slow and because he was paying attention, he was able to stop in time and not hit that child. >> that's the thing when you're in residential neighborhoods. they just dart out. my goodness i'm so glad he was focusing. >> i kind of knew what was coming because of our show, right? i'm looking for the danger. i never saw it. >> talk about not seeing something coming. here we are on a roadway in cambridge, sir. you got two people on horseback. they're on the correct side of the road because this is in england. you can see nobody's coming until right here. somebody's coming around the corner.
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oh. >> oh, my! >> yeah. that car was on the wrong side of the road. it makes a turn and does a direct hit on those horses and those riders. one of those horses was knocked to the ground. the other one does a complete 360. >> it looks like one of the riders doesn't get up. >> one of the riders was knocked to the ground as well. >> you see how it's a weird intersection. they got that intersection wrong. and it's way too wet and glassy for them to stop on a dime. >> the horse that was knocked down was able to get back up. but one of the horses, the horse you saw do the 360, that horse had to have 100 stitches because of injuries to the neck and to the head. >> crazy. >> the good news is that horse that had all those stitches is now back out walking on the roadway. the driver wasn't cited because he agreed to take a class, they said he's not going to be ticketed. not the driver's fault. this pothole got a little bit out of control. and as you can see, everybody's watching.
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but this pothole kind of turns into a sinkhole when this dog comes running out. >> get out. look at that last little bit. dog is like, my bad. >> fellas saw the dog walk past. he walks up to take a looky look. no. >> i'm with you, charity. i thought the same thing. been trying to capture this for quite some time. got lucky and caught it last year. at first this looks like a few rocks falling. as the video continues -- >> wow! >> cool. >> so he caught the head waters of a flash flood. >> this is actually a mudslide. it happens annually here. every year the snow and ice melt, causes this enormous mudslide. >> i think there's somebody standing out there. >> that's not a person. that's a camera. the landscape research institute
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uses this specific site to study debris flow. the ground trembles during the slide and it smells like mud and sulfur for a couple of days. >> how predictable is it? >> predictable in it happens annually. they are able to warn the nearby cities. they know it's coming but not always sure when. these fellas had no idea this was coming. one heck of a dust devil. >> that player is fast. holy mackerel that kid is fast. sign him. >> nothing going to get past that goalie. >> they're out there on the soccer field when suddenly a dust devil appears. it's 50 feet high. check it out. it comes twirling in. >> as soon as it hits the penalty box, it's going to fall over. ooh, my leg! >> going straight for the goal post. and then it knocks it over. >> crazy. >> and now comes the part where they start to have fun with it. as they start running through it.
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and now moves over to the railing. and that's towards the stands. and poof. this video features 10-month-old albi who is being fitted with his first pair of glasses. he has a condition known as dancing eyes. he is very, very farsighted. once they get the glasses settled on his face he finally gets to check out that woman that's always around. oh, yeah, mom. looks right in her eyes and he's like, hey, you. >> you can see mommy. yes. >> he's like, hey, girl, i know you. i love you. >> oh, wow. look at this. it's like he finally realizes, you know what? i'm going to love that face for the rest of my life.
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>> you can see mommy. aeronautical enthusiasenthu. >> i'm just a bit of a geek. >> tell me about this. >> i bought one. >> yeah. pretty cool. that thing is obviously an rc plane. built to the last detail. looks just like an actual aircraft. this is a remote control plane. it's quite large. that's why it even shares this same jet signature. listen. >> that would trick somebody like me that didn't know what it was. basically what you're looking at is the guy version of the barbie corvette. the kind the little girl can drive. >> there's one distinct difference between the barbie corvette and this. >> horse power? >> maybe multiple things. i was going for the most obvious
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one. this jet rc toy, hobby, whatever you want to call it, is reportedly worth $35,000. >> yeah. you're not going to find that at a big box store. no way. >> just like the real thing. >> oh! no! no! why, nick? >> what happened? >> i don't know what happened. it could have just been a mechanical failure. >> a lot of time with blind line of sight. you're watching it. it's easy to get wrong. it's why they spend so much time practicing. >> and that guy with his hands on his hips was the pilot, i believe, because he just sit there is and goes, well. and he looks around like did i really just do that? >> oh, that's the worst. >> r.i.p. something huge is going down because -- >> somebody's going to go night night for a little while. >> the story behind one cat's
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he was in their care getting rehabbed. so they give him a little something to get him to take a nap. and they were able to get him with one shot because he laid down for them. it wasn't like he was pacing for them like you see big cats do at the zoo. but it takes four adults to pick this guy up. look at the size of his paws. >> yeah, buddy. >> whoa. >> they've got all kinds of medical equipment and devices hooked up to this cat. because they want to make sure they take really good care of him. they put him in this big crate. he is going night night for awhile. he's going to miss the best part of his adventure. they put his crate inside a helicopter because they are taking him to a remote area to release him into the wild. >> this is quite the production. the number of people involved, the amount of money involved as well with a helicopter delivery. i mean, these guys are taking their conservation seriously. did you see that?
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everyone on the helicopter. >> that is where i would be. >> that's the safest point. >> that's got to be a cool feeling if you're one of those conservationists. to rehab an animal and see it walk back into the wild. >> wow, he angry. >> wouldn't you be? >> i'm done. bye. >> i love the victory lap too. runs around the helicopter. makes them think for a second, can that cat jump up here? just trying to catch some z's. ♪
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we love alana. you can call her an artist. she's amazing with the creation she can do on herself. and this is no short of super awesome. she was inspired by some photos online of this similar style. >> wait a minute. that's on her body. >> that is on her body. >> oh, oh, okay. >> and so she got to work. but if you're alana you're not just going to be a cute barbie. you're going to give it a twist. yes. look at this. she takes that pretty little barbie and gives it a very macabre twist. her face has melted off. look how cool that is. she does show us the entire process and it is really fascinating to watch her paint so delicately all the details of her barbie. she's not even using her own teeth. she then gets to work on the eyes. >> doing the eyeballs like you could only have one eye open to do that.
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>> right? isn't that gnarly? still it's really cool to see her finalizing adding those really cool painted on lashes. and then perfect wig. >> there's a wig, girl. >> she always does really cool things. you can check them all out on her instagram alana k artist. what teachers don't say. >> every teaching watching this going, yes! >> next "right this minute." still to come, a snake slithered into an office so employees reached for the tape. >> to trap this thing. >> see how a smooth rescue operation frees it from the sticky situation. plus the mcclure twins are going to be big sisters. >> and they're going to reveal to us in the studio what's happening. >> you have to open it and see what color it is on the inside. >> watch the priceless reaction when it's time to dig in. baxter ate my slippers, i'm going on a targetrun, you need anything?
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hunt. >> so mom knows the gender, she's just revealing it to everyone else. >> uh-huh. >> hop like a bunny. >> so they hop on over to station number two. >> boing boing boing boing. >> where they find a riddle. >> in mommy's belly i will grow. tiny fingers and tiny toes. some don't know what my gender will be although you might already see. baby girl or baby boy. our family is jumping for joy. >> i may have cracked the code. >> so they head over to the next station where they're going to choose which gender they want. we know the twins want a girl. hands down. they have made that very clear. >> okay. so take it. now a va, do you think it's a by or girl? >> a girl. >> both go for the pink. it's off to the last station. that's where the mom is sitting
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with the cupcake display. >> it's white, yes, but you have to take a bite. you have to open it and see what color it is on the inside. >> not so fast. this is where things get interesting. >> maybe it's a boy. >> okay. >> all right, everybody's got their cupcake. >> look what color icing. >> dad sees it immediately. >> that is not the color i wanted to see. >> you're going to be a big sister. you're going to have a brother. >> eww. >> there it is. >> what color is yours? that means you're going to have a brother. >> mine is pink. >> she's like mine's still pink. we're having a sister. and then there's the next part of this. a name. don't want to name him anything. >> can we keep him in the room
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in the back the whole time. >> congratulations, mcclure family. >> that's very nice, thank you. i can understand the fear some people have of snakes. but really, there's no need to be cruel. a small paradise tree snake found its way into this office in singapore. the folks here that are dealing with this snake are animal rescuer from sg animal rescue. what the folks in the office did when they saw this snake slither in, they took packaging tape and stuck it to the carpet of the office to trap this thing. >> they didn't have to do that. use a trash can and put it on top of them. >> singapore people are not good with wildlife. >> thank goodness one woman in the office prevented everyone
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from killing the thing. she said the snake was in good condition but they had to be delicate with it. they used a bit of oil to try to break up this glue on the tape and eventually they were tiebl free that snake. small minor injuries on it. but just a day later, they took that paradise tree snake that they named scotch and they used it as a teachable moment. they had some children there at their center. and they let the kids watch them re-release the snake back into the wild. he's singing along with the hits, but really -- >> it's a great gag. >> see how his ear buds prank gets hilariously awkward.
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here comes the goose parade. ♪ you've got to hand it to aaron. he identified a funny gag that's funny every time.
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>> it's awkward irish headphones. >> he's going to wear his headphones and listen to music and just sing along. ♪ you raise me up ♪ so i can stand on mountains >> he starts singing along and it's the reactions of everybody else that lands the joke. this one you just saw where he was doing "you raise me up," he's sticking with the theme. it's an irish boy band. you can't get another one without doing cranberry. ♪ in your head in your head ♪ zombie zombie zombie >> dude's reaction is priceless. like, whoa! >> we hear the music beforehand. they hear nothing but him screaming. >> this next one took me back to 1999. this is the irish girl group
3:27 pm
bewitched. ♪ i'll huff i'll puff and blow you away ♪ ♪ say you will say you won't >> they're probably here going they're built in the 1700s and suddenly in the background. you cannot go to ireland and do irish bands without the most famous irish band of them all. u2. ♪ >> all turn around together. >> it's a great gag. this one over 3 million views. no joke, my son and i yesterday were watching another one of his videos because they are just funny. hope you enjoyed our show today. go to to watch lots more fun stuff or catch us on the next all new "rtm."
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the panic, this time a terror attack in paris. tourists running for their lives at one of the most popular tourist sites in the world. notre dame cathedral. new surveillance. the suspect with a hammer and the knives. on the inside, the people with their hands in the air. what the suspect was shouting. here at home tonight the countdown to comey. we have exclusive reporting with abc news has learned, the fired fbi director is prepared to say in front of congress and the american people. the top-secret document leaked. the 25-year-old air force veteran, behind bars tonight. and what the classified document revea reveals about the russians and efforts to hack software used in voting machines across


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