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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 26, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," the health care bill in critical condition. >> with support wavering as the bill enters a crucial week. we'll have the full story just ahead. and breaking news, a boat packed with tourists goes down in south america. the desperate scene turning deadly as jet skiers and scuba divers try to find victims. are dramatic images are coming in now. and a shocking surprise after the coroner admits they made a terrible mess take. after burying the man they thought was his son, he now finds out his son is still alive. and could the freeze be losing his edge? the wildly popular star, just as
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a major league player issues his own challenge. it's chilly in here on this monday, june 26th. from abc news, this is "world news now." unleash the freeze. but -- >> record temperatures all across the country, but the freeze is on. >> though not doing so well, maybe, because of the heat wave. >> could be. he's melting. his powers. >> we'll have more on that coming up. but we start with president trump making a final push for one of his agenda items, repealing and replacing obamacare. >> the pressure is mounting on capitol hill. senate leaders led by mitch mcconnell push for a vote this week. and it comes as the budget office releases its take on how the senate bill shakes out financially and how many would lose their health insurance. >> but tom price is questioning the accuracy of any report.
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nbc's david wright has the latest. >> reporter: the white house is still hoping to close the deal on the senate's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. but the president himself acknowledges, they're not there yet. >> i don't think they're that far off, famous last words, right? but i think we're going to get there. >> reporter: not a single democrat supports the bill, and republicans are not exactly in lock step either. five of them have said they'll vote no. five others have expressed concerns. some, like rand paul, say the bill doesn't go far enough. >> there's no way the republican bill brings down premiums. look, i've been in medicine 20 years. i'm 54 years old. premiums have never gone down. they're not going to go down after the republican bill. >> reporter: others like susan collins say it would be catastrophic with older citizens with serious chronic illnesses. >> i'm concerned about the medicaid cuts, what it means to our most vulnerable citizens. >> reporter: during the campaign, trump vowed to deliver
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healthcare reform without cutting medicaid which the poor rely on. >> save medicaid, medicare and social security without cuts. have to do it. and i'm going to save them. we're going to take care of medicaid and medicare and take care of all of the things frankly that right now we can't do. okay? >> reporter: kellyanne conway insisted the senate gop plan delivers on that promise. >> this slows the rate for the future and allows governors more flexibility with medicaid dollars because they're closest to the people in need. >> reporter: but that's not what the republican governor of ohio says. >> over a ten-year period, medicaid funding will be significantly curtailed. and not accompanied at this point with the kind of flexibility we need. >> reporter: a point on which he and bernie sanders seem to agree. this weekend senator sanders has been leading the charge against the bill. >> this bill is immoral.
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this bill is not what we as americans stand for. this bill must be defeated. >> reporter: the senate majority leader has made it clear he wants to bring this bill to a vote before the senate adjourns for its fourth of july recess. that's a self-imposed deadline, but it means there's only a couple days now to wrangle the votes. david wright, abc news. the white house. the supreme court is expected to rule today on the proposed white house travel ban. in a few hours, the high court issuing its final decisions of the session before going on break. the ban has been ruled unconstitutional. and the trump administration is hoping the justices will allow the order to take effect and hear arguments in october. meanwhile, there is speculation that justice kennedy could announce retirement. he triggered new retirement schedules by moving up a long-scheduled clerk reunion by a year.
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justices usually announce retirements at the end of a term which is today. kennedy turns 81 next month but made no announcement at the clerk reunion over the weekend and hasn't made any comments on his future. keeping us in suspense. thousands of revelers turned out for gay pride marches coast-to-coast. but the biggest crowds turned out in new york city and san francisco. the birthplaces of the modern day gay rights movement. and for the first time ever, a gay pride parade was broadcast on television. the parade here in new york here on wabc. but this year, it's taken a political turn with many taking aim at president trump. and adding to the tone, marches were chapters of the black lives movement, black lives matter movement, crashing and even temporarily halting festivities in some cities. black lives matter activists stopped the parade in seattle for half an hour, even taking
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over the microphone. >> we don't stop until liberation for all of us. because there's no liberation unless all of us get free. >> overseas, however, gay rights activists in turkey encountered outright resistance from police. police in istanbul used tear gas and plastic bullets to disburse crowds. nearly two dozen were detained by police. and a ban was ordered by the governor for a third year in a row. groups did manage to defy that ban. nearly a thousand firefighters are working to contain a wildfire in southwest utah. the brian head fire is now the nation's largest wildfire. it destroyed about 43,000 acres and only 8% contained. and another significant wildfire is burning north of los angeles. it started when a car crashed in santa clarita and quickly grew to more than 750 acres.
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some residents have been ordered to evacuate. that fire is 50% contained. at least nine people are dead and dozens missing as a ferry sinks in colombia. dramatic images of the boat sinking are circulating on social media. air force pilots and scuba divers are frantically searching for survivors. it is unclear what caused the boat to sink. survivors say it was overcrowded with at least 170 passengers, and none of those on board were wearing life vests. back here at home, a teenage girl has escaped serious injury after falling from an amusement park ride thanks to a crowd that gathered below to catch her. adrienne bankert has more. >> reporter: that teenage girl screaming. >> her neck is stuck! >> reporter: a panicked crowd gathered at six flags near
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albany new york, ready to catch her. the teen's legs dangling. the chair is swinging. >> i've got you, honey, go ahead! >> reporter: the teen finally falls. rescuers carry her away. she's later airlifted to a hospital. >> reporter: matthew howard and his daughter among those helping to break her fall. >> after a while of wiggling, she he got herself free and held on and let go and my father and i caught her as she came down. >> reporter: howard says he was injured when he caught the girl. she landed on his chest. >> if she didn't get caught she would be in a body cast. broken bones or worse. >> reporter: the ride will remain closed while they conduct a thorough review. investigators and park officials found nothing wrong with the ride at the time the girl slipped out and injuries were
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not serious. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. and there's a grave with frank kerrigan's name on it even though he's alive and well. he was put on the phone with his dad. the man found outside the store did not have identification on him. younger kerrigan suffers from mental illness and is homeless and is assumed to be that man who had died. he as back living on the streets after turning down offers of shelter. >> quite a shocking development there. there's also drama on the course at the pga's traveler's championship. jordan spieth and daniel berger had to go to a playoff. spieth was in a bunker on the first playoff hole. 20 yards from the hole and you see he sank it. the title. and he does it again, i guess and becomes the big celebration. you'd be happy too if you just
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won $1.2 million. spieth joins tiger woods as the only players in the modern era with ten tour wins before age 24. got to work on that celebration, don't you think? this is awesome. former nfl quarterback tim tebow is a step closer to the major leagues. the mets have promoted him from the lowest level of the minors to the next level. the mets general manager admits tebow isn't posting good numbers, but he is improving. and he's been great for business in every city where he's played. for a time, he had the number one jersey. throughout the entire new york met franchise. >> wow. >> so, tebow's good. >> tebow, moving up in the rld. >> good at something, check. >> what do you mean good at something? he was a good football player, too. >> he was a great football player. >> yes. i know. >> and great to look at? >> oh, i think he's pretty nice to look at, too. >> you've seen the slow-mo video of him running.
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>> you know what's the opposite of slow-mo? >> what? >> the freeze! remember the guy who races fans during the atlanta braves games and lets them get this huge hid start? >> yeah. >> it hasn't worked so well for him lately. >> did he get beat by teddy roosevelt from the nationals? after being virtually unbeatable, the freeze has lost twice this month. >> oh! >> he was beaten in a photo finish over the weekend. >> maybe braves relief pitcher jason mote helped contribute to the freeze's downfall. he held up a rabbit in front of freeze's opponent to give him inspiration. >> oh, i see. next time we need to get frank out there. >> well, good luck, freeze. >> next time, not so much of a head start. hear why you shouldn't use coca-cola as tanning oil, as if everybody thought they should. >> it's something we call here
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news you can use. >> you're welcome. and the new settings on the popular app, snapchat that may be a nightmare for some parents, but could they help others? hear how the location sharing feature works. and a man held under a pool five minutes is suing claiming the lifeguards failed to notice him as he nearly drowned. and you can weigh in on facebook. you're watching "world news now." i'm worried i can't find a safe used car. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new
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we're back with a terrifying incident caught on camera. it happened at a ymca pool. the family is suing saying that the man was left under water for five minutes by distracted lifeguards. >> the distracted lifeguards were unaware the man was in trouble a few yards away. abc's stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: a chicago ymca is being sued for alleged negligence. a family filing the lawsuit
3:16 am
based on these critical moments at the pool captured on surveillance camera. according to the complaint, the 61-year-old entered the pooh without issues. he felt chest pains and slipped under the water for five minutes. >> it's unimaginable to think that my father was under water for so long. >> reporter: ten minutes after he entered the water, no one seems aware he's gone under, the video showing the two lifeguards on duty a stone's throw away, speaking with one another. one lifeguard walking right past bornstein. >> the ymca protocols make it clear to scan the pool and be ale alert. >> reporter: finally, a swimmer notices him at the bottom of the pool. the family says bornstein suffered severe brain damage, undergoing emergency bypass surgery in the hospital.
3:17 am
>> it's disturbing to see him in this condition. >> reporter: the ymca is accused of failing to observe, assist and pull bornstein out of the pool when he was in distress. in response to the lawsuit the ymca writes -- stephanie ramos, abc news, new york. >> such a difficult story to think about. >> his family is saying right now that it's a miracle that he survived the heart attack and that near-drowning. >> amazing that it was caught on camera. i imagine that video is going to play a very big role in this case. >> but we don't know how much they're suing for as of yet. that hasn't been released. coming up, could snapchat's newest feature be a privacy threat? it could be putting children at risk some experts say. and in the next half hour, the b.e.t. awards, the big wrap up in "the skinny," including
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new edition taking the stage. >> and kendis. >> no, no, new edition. >> you're watching "world news now." watching "world news now." - ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. oh. >> this is what happens when we spend too much time in hair and makeup.
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>> yes. you grow some ears. >> we were having a little fun with snapchat earlier. but it turns out a lot of people are talking about snapchat this morning, not because of us but because of its latest feature. and there are a lot of concerns that it could be a privacy threat. >> the new tool allows people to see your exact location on a map. that's not all. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: stalking on snapchat. it shows the user's exact location, raising privacy concerns. >> it is very easy to accidently share everything that you've got with more people than you need to. and that's the scariest portion. >> reporter: it pin points a user's exact location on a map once they've shared a story with friends. >> interesting, but i think that it's kind of scary at the same time. >> i would rather be my own stalker than having someone know where i am.
3:21 am
>> reporter: snapchat's rep saying it is off by default in a setting called ghost mode and it's impossible to share your location with someone who isn't your friend. a spokesperson telling abc news in a statement that we want to make sure that all snapchatters, parents and educators have accurate information about how the snap map works. >> let's see what's going on. >> reporter: in-camera mode, pinch to zoom out. view the map. show your location by tapping on the top right icon. >> it is innovative. it will change so much. >> if you are sitting at home and don't know what you want to do make up your mind on the couch. >> reporter: it also includes public snaps of what's happening at users' favorite venues. >> if they're sending funny videos, they want you to be able to be there and virtually participate in what's going on. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> you have to be so careful with those location settings on
3:22 am
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♪ time now for the "mix." and i have an amazing beauty secret. so you know sometimes if your skin gets oily and you buy those >> all the time. >> those little blot papers that you use to blot it? >> they work great. >> it turns out, toilet seat covers work just as well to do the job. so you can save tons of money by using a toilet seat cover. try it. it works really well. >> this isn't used. >> no. no. >> let me spray a little and see if it will work. >> oh, wow. you really are. see, look. >> this is supseto- >> you can use the glossy side for normal day or the matt
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side for a really extra oily day. so people are -- >> i don't feel. >> some people are raving about it, but there are some people who say it's actually disgusting, because every time you flush the toilet, the germs go into the air, and it's all over the toilet seat cover. so some say it's gross. there's that too. >> what do you mean it was a used one. we didn't get a clean one for this? first and last time. >> for you to use. >> i think i'd rather be greasy and shiny. here's another secret for you. coca-cola, apparently, is not only good for drinking but it also has like bodily uses as well. >> what do you mean? >> there are people who are applying coca-cola to their entire bodies as a tanning oil before going out to catch rays, but it actually contains like. >> what?
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>> caramel dyes. so it will bronze you. >> yeah. okay. >> but there are some folks at mt. sinai who say that while some people feel that coca-cola can speed up your tan it can be dangerous, and they recommend staying away from it. >> oh, oh. >> you're welcome. >> this is like the hazing here. >> put a used toilet seat cover on my face. on to adorableness. a father in california is delighting his family and everyone by taking adorable photos with his daughter. in this one, he's a cop, she's a passenger getting a ticket. check out the next one. she's the gnome. there he is, the gardener. >> she's garden plant. >> a potted plant. they say his wife takes the photos. each one takes about 20 minutes to put together. and giving us ultimate moments of joy.
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this monday morning on "world news now," the unfriendly skies. a panicked pilot asks for prayers, the extreme turbulence shaking the airplane as the pilot did very little to ease fears. plus, an unruly passenger removed from a flight after she forced a landing. and new this morning. government websites in the u.s. allegedly hacked by isis. john kasich's website is just one of those taken over with a message of support for the islamic state terror gro. and it's not just happening in ohio. and the disturbing nanny cam video. >> that nanny is under arrest after parents say they watched her abuse their disabled child, desperate to stop her while all the way away watching on
3:31 am
their mobile phone. and the b.e.t. awards, brought old school stars together with a new generation for a night of some interesting performances. leslie jones was host. we'll have the amazing performances and the silver carpet stars coming up in "the skinny." it is monday, june 26th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> isn't it something like that? >> i thought this was hangin' tough. >> no, new edition did it before them. >> okay. what? >> that's all i got. i think i might have busted my hips a little bit. >> "dancing with the stars," here he comes. did you break something? are you okay? all right. we'll have more on new edition's performance and kendis's dance moves in just a few moments if you're still with us. >> few people can actually dance. but we'll start with the tense moments for airline passengers.
3:32 am
two incidents under investigation. >> first severe turbulence on a flight from australia to malaysia. and in the midst of this, the pilot told everyone to pray. and then turned back to perth. not so much on keeping everybody calm. >> and an unruly passenger forcing a landing. during a flight from los angeles to houston. a woman tried to open one of the doors there on board that plane. more on that in a minute. but first, we have more on the airasia flight. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: dramatic video of the plane violently shaking in the sky. passengers detailing the moments of distress. >> you could just tell by the cabin crew's reaction that it was really bad. >> reporter: one witness describing the cabin shuddering like a washing machine. >> we thought there was a good chance we were going to go down. >> reporter: the engine off the left wing caught on camera appearing to sputter. the pilot issuing an ominous warning, even telling people on board to pray.
3:33 am
>> also, please listen to everything. our survival depends on your cooperating. hopefully, everything will turn out for the best. >> reporter: the airasia flight carrying 350 passengers was departing perth, australia and bound for malaysia's capital kuala lumpur. but 90 minutes into the nearly six-hour journey, the airbus forced to turn around. emergency crews on the ground reportedly told to prepare for rescues in the ocean. crisis eventually averted. the pilot finally landing the plane safely in perth. the low-cost carrier only saying the plane had a technical issue. no one was hurt, but this was certainly a close call. passengers describe hearing a loud bang before that shaking started. the airline investigating what caused that scare in the sky. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. and now to a young woman who caused an emergency landing on board a southwest airlines
3:34 am
flight. >> she had been standing in the aisle yelling and turned to open an emergency exit while the jet was on its way from los angeles to houston. she was subdued by an off-duty police officer. the pilot decided to land in corpus christi so the woman could be removed from the plane. the other passengers cheered the officer. breaking overnight, close to two dozen wildfires burning in the west. >> a fire in santa clarita was started by a car accident. that quickly grew to more than a square mile shutting down the highway. it's about 50% contained. >> another fire forced the evacuation of about 30 homes in arizona near the prescott forest. and the biggest fire in the nation is in southwest utah. >> 1500 people have been evacuated from the resort area there. the fire covers 67 square miles and is 10% contained. >> overall, there are 21 fires burning in the west in areas
3:35 am
where the weather has been extremely hot and dry. record temperatures expected out west today. and today is the last day of the supreme court session and it may also be the last day for justice anthony kennedy. various sources say the 80-year-old is considering retirement. the reagan appointee has served for 29 years. he's been the swing vote in a number of high-profile decisions. president trump already has a list of qualities he wants in a potential replacement. >> whenever there are vacancies, he will look for somebody who has fidelity to the constitution. who doesn't make up the law as they go along. somebody who's beyond reproach as was justice gorsuch. >> the court is expected to issue a ruling on the administration's proposed travel ban. the white house is appealing two rulings from lower courts that determine the order is discriminatory. another of trump's top agenda items is taking place as senate members vote on a health care bill. nearly 2,000 turned out to hear
3:36 am
bernie sanders urge vote against the bill. and support is wavering. five republicans say they will vote no and five more express concerns. and others are disputing claims that it reforms health care without cuts to medicaid, the last health care safety net for the poor. >> over a ten-year period, medicaid funding will be significantly curtailed and not accompanied at this point with the kind of flexibility we need. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he wants a vote on the bill before the congress adjourns for the fourth of july holiday weekend. >> you saw john kasich governor of ohio. he has other concerns. hacking. his official website was hacked. a message from the hackers left on the websites proclaim a support for isis. the same hackers have claimed responsibility for doing the same to other government
3:37 am
websites in wisconsin, new york and even scotland. heartbreaking tragedy in pakistan. more than 150 people killed after an oil tanker overturned and burst into flames. the truck veered off the road after the driver lost control. before that explosion, people rushed to the site to collect the leaking fuel. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident and that explosion. some are blaming a spark from a passing vehicle. others say a cigarette. an arkansas inmate is behind bars after escaping 32 years ago. steven dishman seen here in old and new mug shots was serving for burglary and theft when he escaped in 1985. he was taken into custody sunday at a home in springdale by arkansas state police after more than three decades on the run. state police got a tip about his location. he is now 60 and will have to complete his original sentence and could now face additional time. the world tae kwon do
3:38 am
federation has decided to give up its fight against internet trolls. >> the internet organization changed its name this weekend after 44 years because of the acronym. that put it directly in the cross hairs of social media. >> they've been around for years. >> world tae kwon do federation. think about the first three letters of that one. >> oh. >> yeah. >> i mean, i always thought the "f" stood for federation. >> well, it does, but now it's not there anymore. >> it's not what the federation >> no, it wasn't the most user friendly. the international group is now known as world tae kwon do, period. >> i like it. it's got a ring to it. unless those internet trolls think of something else. >> i'm sure they will. just give them time. coming up in "the skinny,"
3:39 am
j. lo is facing a firestorm after showing off her insane abs, but she is firing back. and the parents watching their child be abused. they're miles away and virtually helpless. see what they did, next. but first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex. cinex. do you often wake up with chest congestion or suffer excess mucus? left untreated mucus can build up causing further problems. treat mucus buildup early with #1 doctor recommended mucinex 12 hour. the bi-layer tablet immediately releases to thin and loosen excess mucus and lasts for 12 hours. learn more at treat excess mucus with mucinex 12 hour and enjoy living well. ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but...
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three, two, one. liftoff. >> that is spacex falcon 9 rocket successfully lifting off from air force base in california on sunday. the rockets carryingen satellites. it was the back half of a weekend doubleheader for scex. it launched a communication satellite from kennedy space center in florida. and that's the quickest launch turn around for a company. a car disrupts world skateboarding competitions in brazil. dozens of skateboarders were on the road when a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction crashed into them. at least three skaters were injured but fortunately no life-threatening injuries. police are searching for that driver.
3:43 am
the company at the center of a massive auto air bag crisis is filing for bankruptcy. in the u.s. and japan. the safety devices made by takata have been linked to more than a dozen deaths. takata's exploding air bags resulted in the recall of 42 million vehicles in the u.s., the largest recall ever. the japanese company says it will sell most of its operations to a rival. this is the biggest corporate failure in japan since world war ii. the replacement of the faulty air bags will continue. now to the california mother who turned on her nanny cam only to see her 2-year-old son allegedly being abused by the nurse she hired to care for him. >> the parents were 20 minutes away watching this all happen on their phone. and before they could rush home, they called police. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: helpless and screaming. the video allegedly shows 2-year-old landon ko repeatedly pinched, slapped, even hit with a rolled-up magazine by the nurse the
3:44 am
parents entrusted to care for their special needs child. >> my son was being tortured. >> reporter: parents away at the oldest son's basketball game. his mom diana happened to check their nanny cam from her phone. >> we were like, what do we do, what do we do? it was such a panic mode. >> reporter: they called 911 and rushed home. horrified by the behavior toward their toddler who has rubinstein-taybi syndrome. it causes mental and physical developmental delays. >> she was hired to care for my son. she abused her power. she abused my son. >> reporter: the nanny cam still running as they arrested the nurse. the ko family is suing her and the company she worked for. in a statement, maxim tells abc news it investigated and fired her, adding the care and safety of our patients is our highest priority. the ko family offering this advice to other parents. >> ask for a copy of the back ground check. a good idea to have a nanny cam up as well.
3:45 am
>> reporter: the prosecutor says she is under investigation but charges have not been filed. our calls for comment were not returned. marci gonzalez, abc news, santa monica, california. >> can't imagine being so far away and watching that happen. >> that would have been the longest 20 minutes drive home. i'm sure it was a lot shorter than 20 minutes but the time they got there. >> luckily the police were able to respond. when we come back, michelle obama makes a cameo at the b.e.t. awards. >> and j. lo is hitting back against haters. "the skinny" is next. "the skinny" is next. lo is hitting back against haters. et care. it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits
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but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit
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♪ every little step i take ♪ every little step i take ♪ you will be there ♪ every little step i make ♪ we'll be together ♪ every little step i take ♪ you will be there ♪ every little step i take
3:48 am
>> i think we actually have hip action. >> kendis taught me that choreography, which means we have no idea if those were the actual moves. >> something like that. >> welcome back to a special skinny. >> we are celebrating new kids on the block. >> no, new edition! >> i get them confused. >> we're kicking things off with the b.e.t. awards. where the old school and new stars collided for an epic show. >> bruno mars kicked it off and actually did a great job. there were no relaxers on stage. it was all about perm. for his performance. perm kicking it off. that was a great six-minute performance by bruno. >> but no one was safe once leslie jones took over. she went after the youth, hung out in the audience for a while. checking out what everyone was wearing and ended the night in a yacht, well, a blow-up yacht anyway. >> and then, new edition, which
3:49 am
isn't so new anymore. was honored with the lifetime achievement award and of course bobby brown had words, words of wisdom. bobby. bobby being bobby. >> i mean for 35 years, y'all have been our backbone, y'all have been there for us through thick and thin. and i know i been through some -- >> so the iconic girl band, "xscape" hit the stage for "who can i run to" and "kickin' it." the r&b group brought down the house. everyone was singing along. >> i didn't know the real housewives was in that group. i didn't know that's where she got her start. >> duh! >> this is another throwback group. new edition, they also did the -- >> wait, wait. for this performance, sh! ♪
3:50 am
>> kendis decided he was so excited he had to lip synch to the song. only he wasn't really lip synching. >> i was just mouthing. i think that's what everybody did when new edition got on stage. we were all like ♪ can't get you out of my head ♪ ♪ miss her, kiss her ♪ that girl is poison >> there's a little poison on the silver carpet as it was called. french multana. >> oh, look at that. that's a jacket right there. you should wear that to work tomorrow. >> he wore that jacket. >> blac chyna barely wore anything at all. nice little leotard number. >> i approve of her effort. >> lot of leg, but she's lookin' good. >> jada pinkett smith classed things up with this gold dress and a whole lot of leg. when she went on stage, there
3:51 am
was no missing her leg. >> she looks beautiful, though. >> can you tell our fashionista isn't here. >> "orange is the new black" star had a plunging neckline and rocked the silver carpet with this suit. >> something is taking over her right shoulder. i can't tell. >> it's a puff, a poof. a ruffle. i don't know. maybe it's a pinata. >> maybe toilet paper. >> how about gucci main or his friend dj khalid's son? definitely not a tie. >> on to j. lo. jennifer lopez is 47. and no argument, she has an amazing body. in fact, she calls this her best body. she posts on instagram to show off her ridiculous ab. >> the haters came out to say it was photo shopped. j. lo said not photo shopped. just a smudge on the mirror.
3:52 am
>> she spends hours training every day. she dances, lifts weights. she says i work for this body. don't accuse me of photo shop. >> of course not. >> good for you, j. lo. j. lo. ♪ it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month. there's no medical exam and no health questions. you know, the average cost of a funeral is over $8,300. now that's a big burden to leave your loved ones. as long as you're 50 to 85,
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♪ ♪ cause we're close to the edge ♪ ♪ we're tryin' not to lose our heads ♪ >> it has been a good year if your name is diddy. or daddy or puff daddy or p-diddy or sean combs or any variation of those things. >> i think he just goes by "it" now. >> so he topped this year's forbes list. of highest-paid entertainers. >> and his new documentary just drop on itunes. it looks at how he built the empire. michael strahan recently sat down with him to talk all about it. ♪
3:56 am
>> from his harlem roots to shiny suits, sean diddy combs is the definition of a trendsetter. ♪ >> the music mogul's empire includes everything from fashion and fragrance to media and premium liquor brands. now powerful film can't stop, won't stop, a bad boy story shows how it all began. over 20 years ago when he founded his label, bad boy records. >> what was your vision when you started bad boy? >> i just dreamed that i would help to create your lifestyle. so you wake up in the morning. your alarm would go off, you hit bad boy record, you get in the shower, get out, put on your sean john suit. get ready to go. spray on some unforgivable sean john cologne. you know what i'm saying? >> full-service. he also brings together some of bad boy's biggest stars from
3:57 am
lil' kim to faith evans for a reunion concert. >> what is one piece of advice you think you can say to inspire them to chase those dreams. >> you have to get on those computers. instead of just going to instagram or snapchat, do research on what fields they want to be in. all the information is there. you know, right now. so that's a why i want to make sure that i can do anything i can to provide the infrastructure to make sure people get educated. you can't rise in this game if you don't have the education. >> i couldn't be prouder of you man. >> thank you. >> i have a lot of respect. and as they say, ♪ bad boy, come out and play ♪ thank you, i appreciate you. >> so diddy here, some quotes from diddy. >> from the bs to the i. >> i was in one bedroom dreaming of a million, now i'm in a beach house, cream to the ceiling. poetry.
3:58 am
his empire's worth $800 million. >> thank you for that. >> smart businessman. >> wonderful.
3:59 am
4:00 am
that's what's making news in america this morning. making news in america this monday morning, decisions and deadlines in the nation's capital. will the supreme court act on the president's travel ban? and a self-imposed deadline is looming for republican senators trying to reach a health care deal. we're live in washington. breaking right now, wildfires are spreading in several western states. crews are trying desperately to save threatened homes. hear why the weather is making things worse. a midair scare for travelers stuck on a plane that was shaking like a washing machine. the pilot even asking them to pray. what the airline said overnight. and hear the stunning claim former tennis great john mcenroe is making about serena williams.


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