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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 12, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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it's july 12th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." a car smashed into the guardrails suddenly catches fire. >> people just scattered. >> but see who went back in to save a car full of lives. the birthday clues just keep coming. >> starting to get a little obvious now. >> the moment s what's at the end of the treasure hunt. it happens too often to parents at the train station. >> the stroller rolls off the platform. >> see who's pleading with them to pay attention. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including a weird video from way back is going viral. >> but this was simply an accident. >> now the man behind the
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dancing baby explains what was really going on and why it's all the talk now. >> when i got to my computer, it had 60,000 views. >> did women come up and say i've been in therapy for the last five years? crazy video out of russia setting fire to the interweb. as you can see, we're arriving after the fact. you can see there are cars all over the road. there's clearly been some sort of stunt. but we know this is a dangerous time. there are other cars on the road. before you know it, yeah, you saw what happened there. another car just rams into it from behind. they end up locked in front of the camera. you can see all the people inside. on the far side it's jammed up against the barrier. this side as well. often when there's an accident, you can't get the doors open. usually that wouldn't be an issue. however -- >> oh! >> -- suddenly you see the flame
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burst out from the back and people scatter. people ran except for this guy. he comes up, tries to open the door and reaches inside. he decided he had enough. bang! >> whoa. >> kicks that window down and now basically removes these people through the window. watch on the other side, the other window is getting smashed and others try to rescue the people. >> these poor people have just been in a car accident, they could be injured and now they got to be dragged out so they won't get burned. >> yeah. this is like something out of a movie. >> this is why this video is catching fire. so many people, of course, praising this fellow. the guy in black. the guy who ran towards the fire and not away from it. he acted in such a way to help rescue the people from fire or death. there haven't been any reports as to any injuries as far as we know. >> incredible. >> that was close.
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looks like jordan here is opening mail. but she's not. she's opening birthday presents. the first one, oh, cute. one of those little mini license plates with your name on it. nice gift, thanks. jordan keeps opening her mail -- i mean presents. oh, cute. those air freshener things. great, thanks. i don't have a car, but thanks for that. what else you got? dash board wipes. for the car i don't have. >> you're going to be taking care of mom and dad's car. >> keep going there, jordan. it's warmer. what's this? you got the car keys. you're pretty giddy. go outside and see what you found there, kid. >> oh, nice. >> oh! >> that's a nice first car. >> it really is. brand new honda accord sport. tear worthy, look at her. >> dang. >> honestly, up until the reveal of the car, i thought we were
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witnessing a brutal prank. >> not this time. she is in tears. and i love this. the rare -- excuse me -- daddy tears. looks like dad is overtaken by the moment too. now over to jay. he needs the camera for this moment. he's got a surprise for her. she's super cute and some of you may recognize her. she's an actress and a performance poet and spoken word actress. she's got a youtube channel. there's her man jay walking out to the parking lot. jay's just like, hey, baby -- >> babe, guess what. >> what? >> this is your new car. >> i love now nonchalantly he does it. too. >> no, it's not. >> yes, it is. >> babe, no it's not. >> it's your car. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> that is a sweet new bmw.
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>> are you serious? >> i'm serious. >> thank you. >> and the seats match the bottom of her shoes. >> i thought the very same thing. >> she's having a personal moment. officials at metro trains in australia have a strong reminder for parents who may take their children in a stroller to various platforms. >> oh, no, no. forgot to put the brake on. >> this is a compilation of mishaps just like that one. in each one the parent doesn't put the brake on, isn't paying attention, and when they turn around the stroller rolls off the platform onto the tracks. >> imagine how awful you must feel as a parent or the caretaker to have had that neglect and put your child in so much danger. >> well, they're trying to highlight the fact that parents have got to be more aware. and stepping away for just a moment is not a good idea. >> what this does show you is first thing you should do is put the brake on.
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the baby was fine there, right? >> yes, oli, the babies are fine. let's go to london where we've seen this happen time and time again. and authorities are finally ready to put the brakes on it. here you have cyclists at the light. they're next to this truck. as they take off, several bike riders move amed of the truck. but this guy here -- >> oh, shoot. oh, snap. >> that was close. >> that was a close call, but everybody's not so lucky. because when motorists are overtaking a bike, there's supposedly a car's length between them and the bike. and that's not happening. so police officers in the area are dressing as plain clothes cyclists. >> no way! >> yes. they've prosecuted 13 and 2 have had their licenses revoked. here's a video put together of what drivers are seeing and what's happening. inside of the truck, that's the mirror. there's nothing there. >> it's hard to put blame on that truck driver in that situation. he saw a number of bikes pass him. he probably thought they were
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all clear and the bike lane narrows down to basically nothing. >> hopefully they can come to a happy space soon. check out this which i consider to be one of the most epic videos out there. that's 26-year-old german adventurer alexander shultz. he is on that slack line. >> i thought he was walking on water. >> i was like what is he doing! >> wow. >> no, he is in ortney islands suspended over the old man of houy. that's an old rock. he decided with this piece to set up a line across on which he was going to then walk. look at how spectacular that is. >> that is amazing. the other thing to bear in mind is somebody had to climb up to rig that. that was probably the hardest part of this video rigging it up so he could do it. >> and his team worked arduously
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made sure they caused no damage to this rock. tourists look up and there's this guy seemingly flying in the sky. >> it looks like a natural lighthouse out there. >> nice work, mate. >> well, well done. this video is getting a ton of attention. thousands and thousands of views just days after he posted it. these nursing home residents can't go to the running of the bulls festival -- >> so pamplona came to them. >> i cannot wait to see what they used far bull. >> see the perfect recreation. and the story behind the virtual technology you'll be ready to get your hands on. >> i've been waiting for this. >> it's insane.
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because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. for these fellas, they couldn't go to the running of the pulls in pamplona, spain. so pamplona came to them. >> is there a bull about to be let loose in this place? i'd be horrified and amazed. >> this is a recreation so there is a bull that will be let there loose through the halls of this nursing home. that is why they're praying for their safety. >> i cannot wait to see what they use as a bull. >> this bull is dangerous. it's vicious.
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>> got adorable eyes. >> a lot of the residents now when they were younger used to run with the bulls. since they have not been able to go, the workers at this residential center recreate this experience. everyone is wearing the traditional red handkerchief they wrap around their neck. they're getting gored. in fact, we have our first victim. >> oh, no! you know what? you don't have to be the fastest, you just got to be faster than the slowest guy. >> you really have to pay attention if you're going to run with the bulls. if you start chatting up the handsome fellas in the crowd, the bull might come up behind you. the good thing is that help is nearby just around the corner. emergency rescuers come in and render aid. >> i love it. what a great staff. what a beautiful moment that this staff created for these
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people. i love it. >> oh, yeah. >> so thoughtful, so creative. >> i love this. it gives them a chance to still participate. >> you know what? when i'm ready, i'm going to move to spain and stay at this place. >> well, you want to because this is not the first time they've done this. in fact, they recreated the ghostbuste ghostbusters. >> how fun. >> not just that. >> oh fwh, no way. >> in 2016 they took a stab at "star wars." now, i don't mean to concern anyone, but there's a glitch in the matrix. as you could see in this video posted to twitter, there in the middle of the street is a doorway. now they're in another world. if you do look back, you could see the city they were in moments ago is still there. >> is this the augmented reality we've all been hearing about? does it look that good? >> yeah. >> no way, really?
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>> no, really. in fact the clues are in the comment of the twitter post. made with ar kit where all kinds of people, developers, have been posting videos for example this one. if you want to see the food you're going to eat in the restaurant before you order it, you can put it on the table in front of you. or if you're really creative, you can create a moon landing in your kitchen. there's the moon, you know, floating out there. keep an eye out for the lander. there it is too. it's coming on in. i think it's coming a little bit lower. >> 60 seconds. >> how freaking cool. >> it's even better. if you want to measure stuff -- yeah. i lost my mind when i saw this one. >> i need that because i get it wrong every time. >> watching all these, i was blown away by the technology on display. i was assuming this is going to be sort of the next next generation. no, no, the ar kit, it's an app. if you have an iphone, the new ios in september when you
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update, you'll be able to do this. >> yea. i've been waiting for this. >> what this is is a bunch of software developers around the world got an advanced copy. they got to basically see what they could create with it. that is what you're seeing on this twitter feet. we'll put up a link to the twitter so you guys can see it for yourself. head to, click on tv show, or use our mobile app. he put something in her sandwich. >> that's wrong. >> how bad can it be? >> next "right this minute." and still to come, max is skeptical of the baby gate. >> hasn't seen anything like this before. >> see what it takes for him to finally come through. plus, why taking on hay bales is a bad idea. >> what did you think was going to happen! it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going.
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provided by -- fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. newcleanse, tone, and refresh.h hazel cleansing cloths. dickinson's® the best kept beauty secret since 1866. for special offers visit walgreens today. when you're at a boxing gym, tko, that's a good thing, right? >> technically. >> okay. not so much for these guys. they're working together trying to lift this board. they pop it up. >> that's not a tko. that's a knockout. >> he upper cut himself. that happened so quickly. >> did anybody ring the bell at that point? throw in the towel. >> the only bells that were ringing were in his head. this next fella had an encounter with hay. >> oh, my gosh!
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>> what did you think was going to happen! wow. he thought that he had the kind of michael jordan air and discovered, no, you're white. >> he gets wrecked. that's like a car coming at him. >> got maybe six inches off the ground. he had 90% of the hay bale to go before he got -- look at that. >> in his mind, he's going to make it over. but perception and reality are two different things and he gets pancaked. >> that was awesome. >> oh, he's winded. one thing i didn't know about yorkies and that's that they were bred to hunt. this one thinks it's enormous. when the yorkie sees that deer -- >> go get him, little fella!
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>> no big fella. >> i'm sorry. big fella. >> as soon as he can, turns into a hunting lion. and charge! but eventually, you know, the yorkie comes back feeling all good because the problem's been taken care of. i got you, momma. >> then a gust of wind just -- bye! >> you just never know with these animals what they're going to do. in this case that's max behind the gate there. and it does not want to go through the gate. hasn't seen anything like this befo before. his mom actually just put it up. she's pregnant having a baby, so they're getting the house ready. >> open the gate. >> and the distress it's causing max is overwhelming. >> like, what is this thing? >> but don't you worry. because max has a big bro biscuit who's actually small bro. >> he's like, i got this. i'll show you how it's done.
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>> after biscuit does it, that's how you do it. >> that's a good boy. a little dancing baby causes a big scare. >> but this was simply an accident. >> now the puppet master behind the viral hit gives us the real encounter. >>
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>> right? >> honestly for me, go back 80 to 100 years, that was the best. do you know what's
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absolutely horrifying? teddy bears and baby dolls. >> oh, yeah. there you go. >> they took my favorite cabbage patch doll and turned it into a creepy thing. >> watch what happens in just a moment. two ladies come around the corner and spot the teddy bear and they're like that's weird. but then they spot the baby. [ screaming ] >> wait. they're screaming even though there's a dude clearly ride there holding it? >> then they take off and continue screaming down the hallway. like they just saw a clown in a parking garage. they're freaked out. the funny part about this video is it was released way back in 2011. it's gone viral, but this was simply an accident. sam is part of a group called metrocaition and they were
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shooting a music video for a song. >> so it wasn't even a prank? >> no. they're just out there making a music video. this whole music video never got put together until that blooper of the ladies screaming went viral. they finally decided maybe it's time to put this music video together and release it. we have sam joining us "right this minute" to tell us more about it. >> hi. >> so what made that clip catch fire and when did it really start to go viral? >> it was over a fourth of july weekend, my brother spends a lot of time on reddit. one of his favorite places is public freakouts. he remembered i had this clip on youtube of this woman freaking out. put it on reddit. i saw it had, like, 60,000 views. >> have these women come up and say hey i've been in therapy for the last five years? >> no. nobody's gotten ahold of me yet. i have no idea who they are.
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they just came around the corner. i was puppeting this thing. i was in the middle of a shot and i didn't want to stop. and they hadn't seen me at that point. so i had this thought if i called out to them, it would be creepy. but the reality of it was that it was even creepier i didn't say anything. then they saw me. and i was like puppeting this baby doll. i'll just explain i'm filming a music video and it'll be fine. i open my mouth to say something and then they scream. and ran away. >> so how has the baby doll clip going viral hepped your music video? >> well, i guess that remains to be seen. because the baby doll just has so much character. my teddy bear that i've had since i was 2, he's a great star. the thing came together. i really hope people like it. that's our show. thanks for watching. has a lot more fun content. check it out or check
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tonight, breaking news. the new interview with president trump. defending his son, don junior saying, many people would have taken that meeting with the russian lawyer. and don junior saying in retro spect he probably would have done things differently, and he could not rule out meeting with other people from russia. also tonight, the new and chilling video emerging. a brutal attack app an m american college grad on vacation overseas, killed in an angry mob. what happened in the moments before. the images coming in right now. the fbi and authorities digging and putting up tents, searching for four young men. a former baseball player, two of them construction workers, and tonight, person of interest now under arrest. severe storms at rush hour after tornadoes already reported and this lightning at chicago's o'hare


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