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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 14, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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whatever. wimbledon semifinals. 37 year old venus williams. it has been eight years since venus won a wimbledon's singles title but in position to win with shots like that. venus had one ace, but there it is blasting to the body. a winner in straight sets. she will meet magaruso in the lady's fine. "abc7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. it is amazing at age 37 to be this competitive. >> yeah. >> still, i mean, it is remarkable. >> incredible. thanks, larry. "abc 7 news" continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our "abc 7 news" app. our next newscast at 4
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that is our report for tonight. thachkss for your time. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya patel and all of us here. thank for joining us. on "jimmy kimmel live," 50 cent. good night.
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time for great viral videos right this minute. that's one adventurous dude in his -- >> flying inflatable boat. >> the crazy moment he takes flight and soars like an eagle. >> i'm so scared! a guest pops by to say -- >> good morning, hello. >> the story behind the florida surprise. an elephant turns the tables on some tourists. >> he can come through there with that tusk. >> the heart stopping moment they know to stay still. an outdoor proposal. >> it's perfect. >> why love is a slippery slope.
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>> he literally swept her off her feet. >> i don't know what you're talking about. it's a good day to die. >> he said it's a good day to die. hugh is not just kidding, he may look like a mad professor, but he is a lot more than that. >> first time i've flown one of these thing in 20 years. the last time it crashed from 400 feet. >> he found himself a secondhand flying inflatable boat. the last time he flew this was 20 years ago. he's got the thing started. and right from the beginning, it's not going well. there's some issues with the rudder that don't seem to be working well. he bounces into another boat. the good news is hugh isn't a complete novice when it comes to flying. he's been flying six wing planes since 1967. picked up the paragliding hobby in 1997 and is basically
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self-taught. he's got flying experience and experience with cheating the grim reaper. here he goes, full throttle. we got lift off, we've got a problem. no! >> oh. >> back down, not a very pretty landing. basically they forgot to plug the whos into the what's. he goes back at it again. he's got lift. a lot of lift. >> oh, no. >> like, he's going nearly straight up, the thing tips over to the left. hugh is wrestling this thing back and forth and dips around to the other side. >> i'm so scared. >> right. anybody else's stomach hurt? >> he flies and he's turned into a small dot. the cameras have a hard time finding him. hugh comes back in for the landing of his maiden voyage. >> wow. >> a nice soft touch down. >> hugh, you didn't die today. >> wouhat did it feel like?
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>> a bit extreme, that takeoff. >> that extreme takeoff was an issue with the way they had the wing attached to the boat. >> i love this guy. mad professor look on life. >> he's my hero. he's living life the way you should, pushing the envelope, doing things that remind you how alive you are. >> hugh, congratulations on this flight. hopefully you have more and other successful flights with your flying inflatable boat. people head to the cougar national park for these up close and personal encounters with the animals. >> that's exactly what these folks in this car got. the elephant's like. oh, you want to see me? i want to see you. >> oh, man. there is nothing there but like, a roll bar. he could come through with that tusk. >> oh, my. >> just enough to be like, i could mess you up. but i don't do that today.
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carry on. >> his eyeball, this is giving me a reason. give me a reason. >> or just give me a peanut. one of the two. >> now, the elephant's pushing up against that ride. he starts batting those beautiful eyes, okay, okay, don't say anything. >> hey, these people wanted an animal encounter, you got it. >> i really want to face my fear of snakes. >> this is michelle visiting the reptile zoo. >> like most of us, michelle is not very fond of snakes. so we're going to ease her in. >> i'll work my way up. >> first, they introduce her to the smaller snakes. >> it's not going to bite me, right? >> no, it doesn't bite. so why don't you wrap it around your neck, girl. >> it goes good with your skin. >> yeah. i'm sweating. >> we got the medium snakes. >> one is a little bigger than six feet. >> looks jumbo to me, but okay.
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>> that's medium? >> i'm giving him space. >> dude, that thing is huge. >> it's always -- >> it's not going to sucker out, i got this. >> they wrap it around her. >> now ta da! >> all right. level three. >> holy cow that thing has its own room. >> there's two of them. and they wrap and wrap and wrap. by the tend of this she is going to be covered in about 200 pounds of snake. >> that's wild! >> she does a good job. she said it's not as bad as everyone thinks. >> i'm like, sitting there with all these snakes and it's okay. this truly is just another day on the bus. if you notice they're inside one of those really long bendy bus.
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but for some reason, these people have their cameras out and they're recording. so what the heck are we supposed to be looking out for? >> oh, my god! >> yes, it's in two. >> they noticed something was wrong. they must have heard something funky coming from the divider. >> i don't think anybody in their wildest thoughts thought the bus was -- >> i agree. come on. that's cool. that's action movie stuff. >> that's not cool, that's a malfunction! >> you're right. it doesn't appear that anybody was hurt. in fact, you see that lady in the front just runs out the door. >> they grabbed her back like guess this is my stop. now, over to this next video from russia, i don't know what that is? perhaps tons of bugs, they may have been driving for a long time which might be the reason
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they' they're eager to pass traffic. that car that was coming, passes him. now he can go. let's try this again. it sounds like he wasn't the only one that had the same exact idea. >> oh! >> oh, gosh. >> oh! oh. >> still going. >> wow. >> still going. >> that's insane. that's nascar kind of crazy. >> i thought the disaster was in front. i never saw it coming from behind. >> neither did this person, either. that driver had to be taken to the hospital with serious injuries because of this. apparently, an exposed fracture in the leg and several lacerations. you can never be too careful out there on the roads. there are two types of surprises. see, that's one. she hates those ones. the other ones, though, are really good, the super subtle ones. this one right here. she moved from poland to florida. hadn't seen her sister for a year. she's been playing off the i can't make it to florida and waited for the perfect moment to
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go good morning. hello. >> and that's the way you start your day. with nice sweet surprises. >> no. >> i'm going to hit you one of these days. our next video is similar. it's being shot in wisconsin. parker, his first birthday. erica comes in, oblivious to the fact that behind the camera, the one giggling is her sister, lindsay. exactly the same kind of surprise, exactly the same result. hey. >> fortunately that counter was there for her to perfectly set that glass container on. she was about to drop it. >> yeah, it was a real nice surprise, because it was her nephew's first birthday. she goes out there and makes it extra special. a memorial is being removed, but -- >> oh!
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we've had videos and been talking about the intense rain parts of china have been receiving over the past couple week and the effects it's been having. i've got another video and it's crazy. this is in southwestern china where authorities noticed a 65 crack in a rock face. this is kind of what you're seeing. you can hear people shouting to each other. i think it's a warning because they realize this is about to happen. >> that's the whole slab. >> watch this, a little bit later in the video, they come back to the same spot. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, look, it's gone. you can see it here from another angle. this was shot from a couple miles away. it gives you an idea of the scale. >> wow. >> did it damage homes or anything? >> i think there was a home damaged, but i do know that
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absolutely nobody suffered any injuries whatsoever because they got out ahead of this situation. the same can't be said for this next video. they're removing a memorial, that is a memorial to francisco franco, the military dictator. they decided they were going to get rid of this. franco had one more thing he wanted to give to spain. >> they were standing in the wrong place. >> well, the monument fell in the wrong place. it wasn't supposed to fall that way. it was supposed to fall sideways. you can see from this other angle as well. >> oh, no. oh, goodness. >> whoa. >> four people were hospitalized. the most serious, a woman, she broke the tibia and fibula of both her legs. >> it's ironic because it was a franco memorial and he was known for viciously allowing his people to be bombed in the 30s. >> well. he wasn't quite done.
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you're about to have a what am i looking at moment. because what i'm about to show you is a picture. >> wait, what? >> i told you. >> okay. i'm trying to figure this out. is that a person that's been painted to match the background? i don't get it. >> and that is why this is fascinating. this is the work of dana. check out the video that shows her painting on herself. working her face into the background. that building that is there. >> she did this to her herself. that's even more fascinating. and then, what, somebody just lined her up and took a picture? >> took a picture. >> that a crazy and talented. this one is also pretty rad. posted on instagram. this guy paints right on his palm. they're insanely realistic. bob marley painted on his hand. he created this, it's beautiful. then you've got to wash it.
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it's not done. it's not done until he transfers it. he turns his hand into a stamp and creates yet another pretty unique painting. >> i love that. you can see all his palm lines and prints in the art. it really is a piece of him. time to make a splash. not a big one, small splash as you can possibly make. this is a the cliff diving world series in the the azores off portugal. do awesome aerobatics as perfectly as you can. don't forget this is a competition put on by red bull. >> they're probably all perfect. >> not everybody can be perfect. because somebody has to come in first, second and third. if you're the most perfect, you'll grab the top place trophy.
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you can see everybody has to get out there. if you want to be a spectator you need a boat to get yourself out there and watch these people just twist and tumble with precision to make that little doop in the water. >> these athletes got it going on. >> it's really neat. no belly flops at all. here are some of the maneuvers look like they came directly out of a gymnastics gym. these are some of the best professionals in the world when it comes to diving. >> it takes such a spectacular location as well. i've seen this before. sometimes they'll build things for them to climb up where, but this case they went for beauty first and it really pays off. >> do you know what's interesting to me? the fact that they're so precise with their dives, that they're hitting the water, just feet away from other people that are recording. incredible.
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they've got a new filter and everybody is going crazy. like normal. lock your snapchat on to your face and scroll over to the hot dog and then turn the camera back around. bing. this is what you end up with. >> that's the coolest thing ever. it's a dancing hot dog. >> it's like augmented reality. move your camera around. you can make it smaller, you can make it bigger, you can move it around. and it can interact with things around it. which means, of course, the internet has gone hot dog crazy. this hot dog having a great time in a grocery store until -- >> wait! >> where you going? do you want to see a hot dog dog? hot dog bouncing on there. very well-trained dog. the size of the sausage can be intimidating for some. >> you big as [ bleep ]. >> turns out you can get hot dogs at subway, but it's
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dangerous. >> oh, my goodness! >> was that ketchup? >> my favorite is the last one because it's messed up. wait for it. >> rest in peace, hot dogs. >> there you go, if you need more hot dog in your life, you can do it now carb and calorie free. next time you have a little itch in your ear, don't wait this long to take care of it. >> these are awesome. i love these. >> i don't know that you're going to feel that way about this one when you realize what they're pulling out of the ears of this child. >> they're maggots. maggots. >> yes. not one or two. a ton of them. did it go in there and lay eggs? >> yeah. yeah. if you're going fishing, you get all the bait from his ears. >> the kid was complaining of an
2:04 am
ear ache and when he went to the doctor, they found living wiggling maggots in his ear canal. >> that could kill him. >> sure, absolutely. >> that could kill him. >> and i can't believe that they were there that long. i mean, long enough to grow that much. >> well, it doesn't take long for maggots to gestate and grow. >> anytime with a maggot in your ear is too long. >> what have they been eating to get to that size? >> they keep pulling them out. >> they're all really well fed. >> dude, this kid must feel, like, ten times better with each one that comes out. >> authorities say this video should be a reminder to keep your home clean. they believe maybe the trash wasn't cleared enough or it wasn't a clear area. flies, obviously, laid eggs inside the poor kid's ears. >> my ear is bugging me i can't figure it out.
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>> he can hear better and no more ear aches. this couple. >> it's all about the spark and fireworks. >> see why setting up the perfect moment doesn't go as planned. >> is that a sign? it's like literally one
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went dead. >> that's impressive. mark and kayla have been together and here they are in tennessee and mark set it up all. he's on one knee and it's perfect. >> oh! >> he literally swept her off her feet. >> that is not the way you want that to go when the man you love proposes to you. >> maybe do this on solid ground. >> she is standing there. he drops to one knee, pops the question and she's so taken aback -- >> she probably pulled her groin. i don't care, i'm good, no pain. >> you and that ring, man.


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