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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 19, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." it's a disney world surprise. >> from mickey mouse himself. >> see why after the family photo comes news about their family forever. >> do they clarify that mickey's not adopting them right now? >> i'm living at disney! he's at the edge of a volcano -- >> cool as a cucumber under fire. >> amazing scene as this explorer stands his ground. >> whoa. a stubborn driver has a cop's hand trapped. >> would you mind possibly rolling your window down? >> how the fight gets worse once
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he gets free. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including a back yard pool jump. >> dads and sons doing crazy stuff. >> why dad might need a little practice. >> oh! disney world is a magical place. and these two siblings are about to get a magic show of their own from mickey mouse himself. now, this is the first time that they've been to disney world so it's kind of a big deal. >> can you help me with a magic trick? oh, boy. >> and his voice is so friendly and nice and happy. >> he's a lot taller than he looks on film. >> now, pick a card. >> you hear so much about the disney magic. i had no idea it was really a magic show. >> show it to a friend but don't let me see it. >> you pick a card and mickey's
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got to guess the card he has chosen. >> abracadabra! is this your card? >> no. >> turns out mickey's not very good as a magician. >> wait. here. is this your card? >> nailed it. >> cool. time for the picture. >> awesome. and our friend mickey has something special to share with you guys. >> here's where the real magic is about to happen. mickey has an announcement and it's kind of a big deal. a sign is held up for them. yeah. they just got told their adoption day by mickey. it turns out that this 12-year-old and 10-year-old have been foster kids for three years in this home. and so their foster parents courtney and tom decided it was
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time to make it official and adopt them. >> do they clarify that mickey's not adopting them right now? >> because it's like, i'm living at disney! >> that's got to be such a relief for these kids. they've probably become so comfortable in this home but there was always that uncertainty over their heads. are we going to have to leave? this is awesome. >> not a dry eye in the room. you can see just how happy and thrilled they are that they're going to be officially a family forever. >> wait, wait. it's disney. so we all get to say, and they lived -- >> happily ever after. drones were pretty much created for shots just like this. aerial shots of volcanoes. this is the yasser volcano. you want to be nice and far away to get this shot and just see it erupt. the last place you would want to be is anywhere other than as far away as that drone could be, right? but you know who's closer?
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>> whoa. >> there's no way. >> cool as a cucumber under fire. there's jeff mackly just like, yep. right there setting up a gopro when the thing erupted. you can see the camera shake when the shock wave of gases comes across his lens, he barely flinches. doesn't look like he was in danger of getting any debris on him, any lava bombs on him, but still. that dude knows his stuff. knows it so well that he was just like, meh. >> the truth is volcanoes are very unpredictable. you cannot really tell 100% where some of those things are going to land. that is gnarly. being a police officer must be a very strange experience sometimes. because things can just get a
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bit weird. we'll start in the republic of china. i'll know it as taiwan. the ladies here took off. the police caught up with her. when they did, they asked for her i.d. she handed out the i.d. but immediately put the window up and trapped the police officer's hand. threatening to break that window. this goes on and on until just before they go to smash the window. then they check the back door. >> ma'am, i'm going to ask you get your life together. you did all that and your back door was open. >> now a struggle getting the woman outside. and quite bizarrely, they all slow down and let her make her phone call. she continues dialing, gets back on the phone. think that's weird? i know it is, but there's more. the video ends as she's messing around on the phone like that's the end of it. of course it's not. this went on for three hours, everybody. >> are you serious? >> yeah. you could see now she's
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wrestling with a couple of officers. eventually has to taste the concrete for awhile as they put on the cuffs and she is taken away not before trying one last go to get away from the officers. >> that went on about 2:57 longer than it should have. >> and now for the weird video of the two. we head to china where this fella has been pulled over because he didn't have a license plate. he's getting belligerent and then goes a bit weird. starts bouncing up and down. whatever music is playing in his head, he's loving it. then he tries tootd this. watch this. goes for that kick of the officer. that's when they all jump in to take him down. >> that guy is wilding out. let me be free! >> he then manages to somehow im and they all back off. clearly this guy is a bit weird and he goes on for a full-on dance party in the street.
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local authorities believe what he was trying to do is to feign mental illness though it didn't work on these officers. he was taken down and is charged we vith evading justice. nature has so many incredible animals out there. check out this cricket. you think it's just sitting there. you think did that cricket lay a bunch of eggs and they're about to a ch? >> there's a toad under there. >> you know what, nick? i thought the same exact thing. and i was wrong. >> what! whoa! >> oh, man. it's like out of a james cameron movie. >> look at that thing. >> it was like a hand that just came out of the ground. >> i thought it was a hand. but it's a trap door spider. >> why do they call it a trap door spider? >> because they create a trap door. some don't like the brown ones. this one has created a trap door. they spend most of their lives under the ground just waiting
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for prey to walk by. >> stop! how big are these things? that thing is huge. >> it's only four centimeters. i thought that was rather small, but that's what they say it is. >> we don't need it any bigger. this next video is incredible. this is from the zoo in vienna. >> what is that? >> i think that's a crab. >> but it can't be a normal regular crab. >> this is a sea spider. >> see it's a sea spider. >> you think why are we looking at this one. this is the first one they were able to breed in captivity. sea spiders not easy to breed. they go through four moltings before they start feeding. and it is little. i mean tiny, tiny. it's about 0.2 of an inch right there. >> wow.
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that's a high maintenance animal to look after. a son cares for his mother dressed as a woman. >> and it's the story behind it that is really sweet. >> how his style is winning over the internet and mom. >> wow. and bringing the snow board to the sand. >> i can't believe this works as well as it does. >> see the smooth adventure next.
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you get the power of 10. closed captioning provided by -- and irritation. and get fast acting relief that lasts 10 full hours. that's the power of 10. cortizone 10®. it's a heartwarming story that has been spreading like wildfire across social media and now the rest of the world. it's a story about an elderly
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mum and her child. you can see at the beginning of the video there's mum riding on this scooter thing. there's her child doing what a lot of children do, looking after mum. feeding mum, entertaining mum. but the reason this video is getting so much attention is because the lovely child isn't her daughter. it's her son. and it's the story behind it that is really sweet. you see, when his sister, her daughter died about 20 years ago, their mother reportedly started to suffer a bit of a breakdown mentally. so what he did was, he started dressing like his sister in the hopes that it would help her and it did. she was a lap happier because of it. so for the last 20 years he has lived like this. >> did they also make mom believe her daughter was still alive? >> it's a bit confuse ing. it's not like he's really trying to be his sister.
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but dressing up like his sister, it makes her happier. he now constantly dresses up as a woman. >> how does that make him feel to know his mom identified with his sister more than him? that i would imagine would be a little hurtful. >> a lot of people have raised that up as well. i'm happy again with my daughter but did she not ask about her son? >> they're handling it in a unique way it's hard for us to understand. but it's working for them. he doesn't care about that. he's looking after his mum and she can be happy with life. what else matters? would you rather have sand in your pants or snow in your pants? >> snow. >> sand boarding in chile. i can't believe this works as well as it does. >> yeah! we've seen this place before. it's really cool because these guys can treat these dunes in this area like a snow slope.
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>> exactly. >> the only downside, have you ever tried walking up a sand dune? it is exhausting. one step forward is three feet sliding back down. >> it's brutal. >> i don't think these guys are bothered one bit. they're having a blast. you can see that skyline in the background. epic. >> that's rad. >> you know what else is rad? our buddy. he previously create a video of himself dock launching 25 feet. now he wants to dock launch further. >> we're talking a good 50 or 60 feet here. i'm going to try to dock sock the whole thing. >> what's that look like? this is what it looks like. starting off around 30 feet. let's try it again. he stomps on that dock. >> doesn't have the torque.
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needs to go much, much quicker. >> and maybe he needs to jump higher. but for whatever reason, this is just not working. >> oh. >> never mind go any further or longer. so instead, he's going to try something different. that's not working either. he tries and tries and tries on that. >> not going to give up. >> basically this entire video is nothing more than a whole bunch of fails. >> some days you got it. some days you don't. the pranking bush -- >> he going to give that woman a heart attack. >> -- next "right this minute." and still to come, a hard working single mom comes home to a big surprise. >> they redecorated her house while she was at lunch. >> the beautiful gesture that brings on the happy tears. plus a woman shows off her fitness skills, but -- >> she's got company. >> why she won't be the sore one
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promotional considerations provided by -- yhot lidocaine pa. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. can get rough and dry fast, but not anymore. new gold bond pedi smooth, keep feet sandal ready up to 2 weeks. gold bond. we've seen a lot of pranks on this show, but i have to say this isn't the woman you think somebody would pull a prank on. >> i'm from congo. i have two children. i'm single mom. >> she emigrated to the united states from congo. she's lost her parents and her husband due to the fact she's from a war torn story. some pranksters decided to do
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something for her. >> we're with our friend lori who is a designer. we're giving an apartment makeover. our friend introduced us to this young woman. we have her keys. we're going to take her out to dinner and you guys are going to make over the apartment while gone. we'll bring her back home and surprise her. >> she works eight hours a day as a hotel maid. she's doing this on her own. she comes from a different country and is trying to raise her kids doing the best they can. they redecorated her house while she was at lunch. she thought she was being interviewed about being a refugee. >> are they redecorating or giving her things she needs? >> these are absolutely things she needed. she said the only thing they had in their house was a chair. and she is as you would expect, overcome with emotion. >> oh, my god. >> she probably thought she walked into somebody else's apartment. >> her kids are wondering what
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happened here. that friend right there hugging her is the one that told the pranksters about this. the pranksters, this is a praying group of christian believers. they went to lift this woman up. >> to the aquarium and zoo and movies. we also got you a gift card so you can get to gaucroceries. and we put together a check to help you with your rent too. >> that's a huge gift. >> their entire family wiped out by war coming to a new country trying to find your feet. this gesture is going to be a huge thing. >> it reminds you there are kind people out there that want to help other humans. started working out to help with her postpartum depression. she posts videos to instagram to inspire other people. well, she's got company.
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that's her husband. >> you idiot. >> and he decided to try to photobomb her. >> he did. >> well, that bombed. >> man, he just reamed himself. >> don't worry. he's fine. >> i just wanted to jump on you real quick and make sure everybody knew that i'm doing okay from my fall. >> are you sure? >> i just wanted to thank everybody for -- >> if you haven't figured out by now, he's not afraid to make fun of himself. neither is this dad. >> oh, no! >> make it, make it, make it right -- oh! >> face plants into the concrete instead of into the pool. >> that would have been so epic if he pulled it off. >> i'm glad dad's not unconscious in the background. it's a video on how to tell
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if -- >> you're addicted to your cell phone. >> oh, really? >> why these signs don't lie.
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that on a menu. >> and i would pay for it if they smothered it in chocolate. making a splash. ♪
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first of all, i resent this story. i find it suspicious that it was given to me. >> why? >> ten signs you're addicted to your cell phone. >> what's that over there? >> leave me alone. sign number one is you bump into things and apologize. i've done that. >> yeah, you don't apologize. >> you are desperate for a charge if your percentage bar drops below 10%. >> i need an outlet. >> you never know when an emergency's going to happen. you need to be available and connected. >> snapchat is not an emergency. >> sometimes it is. it's funny and tough get it. >> thank you. >> i really need to go now. >> another sign, you risk your life for a signal trying to find that signal so you can connect and push that send button. >> what do you think we should have for dinner tonight?
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>> you can't communicate with people anymore if it's not via text. >> i hate that one. >> i'm not either. i still like phone calls. boom. i'm not addicted to my phone. now you're a huge massive offender if you're with your friends and they're the ones doing the talking because you were like this swiping. >> oh, yeah? >> yes. >> like people sitting at a desk looking at videos and someone's not paying attention, things like that? >> huh? >> can someone text christian, please? >> if you are texting or calling in your sleep, you've got a problem. >> that's just an excuse for the booty call. >> you can check this out on our mobile app which i'm going to check into right now. thanks for watching our show today. wre appreciate it. go to for more entertainment or catch us on the next episode of "rtm."
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tonight, several breaking developments. the bride tob shot dead by police. tonight for the first time what she said in her calls to 911. and a new report tonight on what police might have thought right before the shooting. also tonight, the state of emergency at this hour. the fire out of control. nearly 5,000 already evacuated. and tonight, it's now moving in on one of america's most famous parks. o.j. simpson, the decision tomorrow. and tonight, what we have already learned already. how many votes does he need in that room? and we have one of the former prison guards here tonight. we have breaking news coming in involving president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner. he has agreed to appear before the senate intelligence committee. our team standing by with when.


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